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Victor is naked. On top of the Empire State Building.

“Victor,” Yuuri says, horrified. “Get down from there!”

“Is this better than Chihoko, Yuuri?” Victor demands, twisting every which way to try and get to the construction platform that leads to the very tippy top. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by how terribly naked he is, despite it being socially unacceptable and also being fifty degrees outside, with winds reaching twenty miles per hour.

Or if he is, he simply doesn’t care. He’s long dismissed the security guards calling out to him, too.

“Who’s Chihoko?” Yuuri asks, exasperated. “Never mind, come on. Victor. You have a meeting with—”

“Oh, and I bet Chihoko was never late for meetings when you booked them for her, too, yeah? Just like Chihoko probably took you here to the—oh, fuck!”


Yuuri watches as Victor slips on a metal covering, falls. It’s as if it’s happening in slow motion. Yuuri can only watch in horror, but at the last second, he wills his feet to move and suddenly he’s bolting forward, arms outstretched.

“Oof.“ Victor lands in Yuuri’s arms. He huffs and ducks his head into Yuuri’s neck, speaking into it. Yuuri shudders, from the cold or from the way Victor’s lips brush against his skin or from the way Victor’s everything brushes against his arms—Yuuri doesn’t know.

“I bet you caught Chihoko the same wa—”


Chocobro Cuddling Headcanons

(I seriously have no idea where I went with any of these. There is no theme. Ardyn killed it with his sense of style. who even wears fedoras anymore??? Totally not me.)


  • After he gets over the initial shyness and awkwardness, Noct is seriously like the best cuddler ever and his s/o is just like “how????
  • Is it because he sleeps so much?? His s/o honestly does not know. Whatever it is, he always knows the best positions (get your mind out of the gutter)
  • He’ll cuddle up to his s/o or vice versa and then he’ll wrap his arms around them and wow, he’s really warm
  • Always knows the right time to cuddle, which is all the time
  • Sometimes his s/o will drift off into a light sleep and Noct will take the opportunity to trace his fingers along his s/o’s skin and any scars they may have and tell them how beautiful they are, how lucky he is to have them. 
  • His s/o heard him one time and told him “thank you” in a sleepy voice
  • He had to look away because his face was so red
  • Once took his s/o away from their job just because he wanted to nap with them
  • He was the prince, it’s not like their boss could really do anything, right?
  • Correct
  • His s/o’s boss didn’t say anything the next day expect very politely asking if they could do some extra hours that week. They were fine with it and apologized after accepting.
  • Its happened so many times now that their boss just gives them a stare, they can tell how many more hours they’ll have to do through the bags under their boss’s eyes.


  • Loves cuddling but also hates it??
  • He just melts into his s/o’s arms when they hold him and loves it he gets to bear hug his s/o and bury his nose in his s/o’s neck and their smell and their warmth and gosh he just loves his s/o so much 
  • But he’s always so self conscious and worries about whether or not he’s holding them too tightly, whether his hair is messed up and is making him look odd, concerns that don’t even pertain to that moment and so many more
  • His s/o just takes all of that away though
  • They can calm him down and store all of his worries and concerns away with a few words and a loving embrace
  • Clumsy af
  • Will totally let his hands wonder without his knowledge and touch something that will get him some choice replies 
  • His s/o will probably just laugh it off to be honest, they’re chill with it and just chuckle at how red he gets
  • When it isn’t his s/o, Prompto will cuddle up to anyone he’s comfortable with, i.e. Noctis, Gladio, Ignis (me)
  • All three have woken up at least twice to find Prompto wrapped around some random part of their body
  • Ignis had to peel him off of his leg to prepare breakfast


  • Almost always the big spoon, he can’t help it, he’s a big guy (if you know what I mean)
  • Loves holding his s/o in his arms
  • Hands travel, a lot
  • Who needs a blanket? Gladio is basically a giant heater. His s/o’s feet do get cold a lot though so they like to have something on them
  • Gladio is the reason his s/o has to cuddle up to him when they sleep together. He’ll purposely take up the entire bed by bending his limbs into at the weirdest angles and laying on all of the blankets until they agree to. By then they’re trapped in his arms (why would you even want to leave though?)
  • Hums a lot when he’s hugging his s/o. There’s never really a reason or even a coherent song, he just does it
  • One time he just kind of rolled over and fell asleep. Not good times for his s/o
  • Just imagine the 6″ 6′(198cm) (holy shit, he’s 6″ 6′, holy shit) man boulder casually crushing his s/o
  • He wasn’t asleep, he just wanted to mess with his s/o
  • “Sorry s/o, didn’t mean to hurt you. I do really like the sounds you were making, though” Some weird combination between a laugh and a growl and a purr and it’s just…I’ll let you interpret it
  • “Gladio, you almost crushed my lung, I need a doctor, not a dick.”


  • Ignis wasn’t much for anything very physical when he and his s/o first started dating. He never got the chance to really experience that many romantic relationships with how busy he always had to be.
  • But HOO BOI can this man get romantic!
  • I won’t get into the specifics now, but since his s/o can’t always spend as much time with him as they wish, simple yet extravagant surprise will most often be waiting for them.
  • Later into their relationship, when both are much more comfortable with each other (the time it takes for that always depends on how long they knew each other beforehand) and Ignis is too tired or neither are feeling up for going out, Ignis and his s/o will usually just bundle up together on a couch or bed and talk about their days. 
  • His longer-than-average limbs (and something else…I’m not sorry) will surround his s/o and they would arrange themselves on his chest (okay, not their entire body, I don’t even know how that would work) and often play w/ his hair. 
  • Iggy will often take his glasses off and close his eyes, allowing himself to enjoy the presence of his s/o
  • They like to trace his scars, especially after the occurrences following the crystal, only when he allows them to though, Ignis is very self conscious about his scars.
  • Ignis just likes to give in sometimes. He just wants to be able to let go, have the stress leave him for just a spell, and be content for once. He always has at least five things going on in his mind at once that need to be planned and perfect; not counting anything involving the prince/king (Pring? Pringle. Noctis is a Pringle). At times the man just has to let his s/o unbutton his collar, hold him close, and whisper sweet nothings into his ear. He just needs to relax

(So much italicization, is that a word? If it is, I like it. I am really having trouble with words today, more than usual.)

We’re Still Good

Written for:  Hazel & Dreamer’s 1k/2k Sammy Says writing challenge

Tagging: @impala-dreamer @idreamofhazel

Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean, and Cas

Words: 4,033

Prompt: “We are far from perfect, but we are still good.”

Warnings: Angst, Language, Canon-typical violence, slight fluff

A/N: Congrats to both of these lovely talented writers and all their very well deserved followers. This quote is actually one of my favorite Sam quotes. I wanted to kind of keep the quote in its context and the story seemed to work better in my head than written. I’m not 100% happy with the finished version but I hope you do like it. Italicized words are flashbacks. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Summary: The British Men of Letters make their first moves against the Winchesters using the one person who cares about them the most…you.

     Slipping into the bunker through garage had been easy enough. It was a little after one am so you knew Sam was definitely asleep while Dean was probably too drunk to put up much of a fight. You took the gun and knife he’d given you making your way to find the Winchesters. Personally, you wanted to make Dean watch as you killed Sammy just to see the look of betrayal on his face. Or make Sammy watch as you made Dean relive every torture he’d known in hell. The possibilities were endless at this point it really depended on who you found first.

     Dean hadn’t been in his room so he was probably still drinking in the library, which gave you ample time to get to Sam and tie him up. The door opened quietly as you gazed upon Sammy’s sleeping form. You slipped the knife back into the sheath on your thigh and moved closer to the bed with your gun pointed at Sam. “Sam?” He murmured turning away from you and you laughed before delivering a hard kick to his kidneys jolting him awake and into the floor. “Glad you’re awake, Sammy.”

     Sammy bounced up quickly raising his arms in a defensive position before looking at you in awe, “Y/N?” Sam dropped his arms in confusion, “Where the hell have you been? We’ve been looking for you everywhere! It’s been weeks.” Sam moved toward you and you brought the gun up causing him to stop. “Y/N?”

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All I Want for Christmas is You (Tony Stark x Reader)

Request: Hey I was wondering if you could do an imagine for me about Tony Stark based on the song “All I Want for Christmas is You” with a whole lot of fluff.

Requested By: @missminnie-123

Word Count: 830

Warnings: None (unless you count fluff as a warning)

A/N: I loved this request because TONY!! I feel like Tony doesn’t get enough love here, so I was so glad to see that you requested Tony! I hope you like it, and just to let you know, the italicized words in like the middle of the imagine is a flashback. Also, (H/C) means “Hair Color” and (E/C) means “Eye Color.” Well, enjoy!

Originally posted by iwantcupcakes

I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need. Don’t care about the presents, underneath the Christmas tree…” Smiling to yourself, you hear your favorite Christmas song of all time come on the radio: All I Want for Christmas is You. As the song continues, you dance around your shared house, singing along loudly to the music. Picking up decoration after decoration, you start to hang them in various places. Standing on your tip-toes, you stretch to hang the mistletoe up on the archway. Nodding your head, you smile seeing all that you have accomplished in such short time. 

Tony’s POV

Walking up the steps of my home, I pause, hearing music: “And everyone is singing, I hear those sleigh bells ringing.” Smiling, I shake my head while walking through the door. Trying not to make a sound, I set down the groceries that I went out to get for baking cookies with (Y/N) later. Walking silently through the house, I follow the music until I see (Y/N) dancing along to the beat, singing loudly along with Mariah Carey.

Her (H/C) hair was swaying with her as she moved gracefully around the house, hanging up decoration after decoration. As my eyes traveled up her body, I see that she is wearing my sweatshirt, with the word Stark inscribed across the back of it, causing me to smile. How lucky am I, I think, watching the girl I love dance around our living room in nothing but that sweatshirt and some shorts. Sighing, I lean up against the wall as I think back to last year’s Christmas…

There she was, all bright eyed and beautiful, at 6 a.m. in the morning. 

“Tony, wake up! It’s Christmas!” She shouts, jumping up and down on the bed. Groaning, I roll over, pulling a pillow over my head. 

“It’s too early. Why are you even up?” I ask begrudgingly.

“Because it’s Christmas!” She yelled, bouncing one last time before falling to her knees. Peeking out of the pillow, I see her bright (E/C) eyes shinning down on me. She gently pulls away my pillow, scooting closer to me. “C’mon, Tony. It’s Christmas! Lets go see what presents we got!”

Smiling, I nod, causing her to light up. “First, give me a kiss,” I add, causing her to smile wider. 

“Of course, anything for you,” She whispers, leaning down, brushing her lips against mine. Smiling into the kiss, she pulls back all too soon, leaving me frowning. “C’mon! Lets go!”

Dragging me down the stairs, we soon found ourselves sitting around the tree with wrapping paper scattered around us. 

“Well, I think that’s it,” She sighs, sitting back among her gifts from family and friends.

“Are you sure, baby? I see one right there,” I say, pointing out a small wrapped box under the tree. Smiling once more, she reaches under the tree, pulling out the box. “Open it.”

Tearing apart the paper, she opens the box gently, revealing a beautiful diamond ring. (E/C) eyes wide, she looks up at me, to find that I am kneeling.

“(Y/N), we have known each other for many years, and while those years were tough, with the Avengers and all, I am glad that you were the person that was there with me through it all. (Y/N), I love you so much and um, would you like to hang out and annoy each other for the next fifty years?” I ask stumbling over the last few words nervously. Looking at her, she has tears in her eyes and her mouth is slightly agape.

“Anthony Edward Stark, are you proposing to me?” She asks, wiping tears from her eyes, giving a smile.

“’Spose I am,” I say smiling back. Nodding her head up and down, she throws her arms around my neck, hugging me tightly.

“Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!” She shouts, pulling back to kiss me. Pulling apart, I slip the ring onto her finger. 

“Merry Christmas, baby,” I say, smiling so big.

“Merry Christmas, Tony.”

“Tony?” I hear (Y/N) call, pulling me out of my reverie. 

“Yes, baby?”

“Oh nothing, you were just staring off there. Remember something?” She asks, walking up and wrapping her arms around me. I follow suit, grinning.

“Oh, nothing, just the day that you decided to become Mrs. Stark,” I say looking into her (E/C) eyes. Grinning back, she nods along.

“One of the best days of my life, besides marrying you.” She replies, grinning. “It was perfect, really,” She starts after a few moments of silence. “That Christmas Eve, when you fell asleep, I remember thinking about how all I wanted for Christmas was you,” She explains, making me smile wider.

“And did you get everything you wanted?” I ask, looking at her.

“Everything and more, Mr. Stark,” 

“Then I’m glad, Mrs. Stark,” I respond, leaning in slightly, barely brushing our lips together, “Because that Christmas Eve, all I wanted for Christmas was you too.” 

Red - Part 8

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - You Are Here - Part 9

[Note: Okay, I couldn’t wait for tonight… But since I’m posting from my phone while at work, it might come out looking a little funky and I can’t italicizes or bold words like I usually can. This isn’t a very long chapter but it’s an important part in Aurora and Eric’s plot. I hope you guys like it. Tagging @elaacreditava and @dreamingoffandomscenarios.]

Rating: M for Mature (swearing and mild violence). Please enjoy!


Both Lyanna and Jaime barely made it on time for their training class. Aurora was sitting on the floor in the corner of the gym stretching her legs when they both walked in and joined her. Judging by the looks of them, they probably had about the same amount of sleep as Aurora did, or less… Jaime was still wearing the same outfit as she had to the club the night before, and her eyes were squinted and her face drawn tensely. Aurora guessed she was probably suffering through an awful hangover. Lyanna had at least managed to change clothes, but she had pulled her hair back into a sloppy bun, and Aurora noticed that the jacket she was wearing didn’t belong to her. It was several sizes too large, and Lyanna was practically swimming in it. 

“Long night huh?” She quipped when they began bending at the waist to touch their fingertips to their toes. 

Jaime grimaced. “You could say that. Don’t remember half of it. Guess I had fun though, because look-” she turned around and lowered her jeans just enough to expose the back of her hip. Aurora snorted when she saw an angry-looking black bird inked into Jaime’s smooth skin. It was still red with irritation, and swelling. 

“That is the most condescending bird I’ve ever seen in my life,” Aurora could barely contain her laughter. Jaime shook her head in mock disappointment with herself and pulled her pants back up. 

Aurora looked at Lyanna, still sniggering. “What about you, huh? Any horrible permanent regrets?” Lyanna’s face immediately began glowing in that ‘I just had the night of my life’ expression that her friends had come to know so well. “No regrets here!” She sang in a bubbly voice, pushing up the baggy sleeves of her jacket so she could grab her feet properly. “You know that guy that was checking me out at the club? His name is Ricky. He’s a guard up there around the Leaders’ offices. Let’s just say, he patrolled a few things last night.” Lyanna had to cover her hand over her mouth to stop from bursting out loud. 

They both turned to Aurora then with an excited glimmer in their eyes, “What about you, you sexy little temptress? I saw you leave with that bartender,” Lyanna winked, but the smile on her face disappeared when Aurora hesitated. 

“Eh, he wasn’t so great. He was a sleazebag.” Aurora dismissed it with a wave of her hand and focused on twisting her torso from side to side until her back crackled. Jaime and Lyanna both frowned, but understood that it wasn’t the right time to probe for more information. 

Aurora smiled though, letting them know she didn’t feel as bad as they feared she did. “No worries though.” She wanted to tell them about what happened with Eric, but realized that would have opened up an entirely new map of questions, ones that should have been answered days ago. They would have been upset if they found out Aurora had drunkenly kissed the Dauntless Leader and never told them… But not as upset as hearing that he had yelled in her face. Aurora considered telling them about her morning with Four as well, but someone walked loudly into the room before she got a chance. 

“Alright, initiates, listen up!” Aurora’s head snapped up and the sound of Eric’s domineeringly loud voice made her heart sink. “I have no doubts that you’ve all probably been slacking off the past week in my absence. But rest assured, I’m back now and today is going to make up for every single lesson that I did not oversee.” He stood with his hands held stiffly behind his back, cold grey eyes sweeping over the room. Aurora fully expected him to lock her into one of his notorious death glares, but he didn’t even look at her at all. She knew he could see her though. Her fiery red hair was impossible to miss. He was ignoring her on purpose. 

A collective groan filled the room, but Eric ignored that too. 

“To start off, I want you all running laps. No breaks, no walks. Whoever falls behind or stops running is going to be cut from the ranking and will be on the streets by the end of the night.” The initiates gasped and Aurora’s eyes bugged wide with shock. Surely he had to be joking. He seemed like the type to find humor in such twisted threats. But it was obvious by the flare of his nostrils and the tightness in his jaw that he was far from joking. 

“Can he even do that?” Lyanna whispered skeptically. Aurora could only shake her head with disbelief. 

“Now, initiates!” Eric snapped and everyone jumped to their feet, taking off in one large group towards the track that circled around the massive room. Aurora was already dreading it before she was even halfway through the first loop; she had absolutely no energy to spare for this, and she couldn’t help regretting choosing to stay awake and warm up instead of laying down for as long as she could. Hanging out with Four didn’t outshine a few more hours of rest. 

Jaime was struggling to keep up. Aurora could only imagine how shitty her best friend felt after a night of such heavy drinking. Eric stood at the center of the room, watching each initiate for any flaws or if they weren’t running as fast as he wanted them to. 

Without warning, he looked straight at Aurora, “Initiate! Why are you running so slow? Got something else you’d rather be doing?” 

Aurora didn’t even know what to say. The blood immediately rushed to color her neck and face scarlet, and those running behind her glanced back at her over their shoulder. She kicked her legs faster, but it only made her more tired.  

Only a few minutes passed before Eric spoke up again. “Initiate!” Again, it was directed at Aurora. “Why are your legs so stiff? Have a long night?” 

Are you fucking kidding me?! Aurora’s mouth fell open and she gave him the angriest glower that she could possibly muster. He looked so smug, he didn’t even try to hide it. 

“Someone is in an especially sour mood today,” Lyanna huffed as Aurora ducked her head down and only stared at the track beneath her feet. A million things were racing through her head but all she could think was, Why is he doing this? Fortunately, she managed to keep up in the middle of the group. 

On the fifteenth lap around the room, everyone was beginning to pant and Aurora was sucking air in through her teeth. The delicate chill of the underground gym was making her lungs feel like they were on fire. 

Eric finally seemed satisfied, “Enough! Stop running.” The initiates wasted no time planting their feet firmly onto the ground and Aurora had to stop herself from resting her hands on her knees and heaving for breath. A light sweat was beading on the nape of her neck. 

Before everyone had caught their breath, Eric approached them from the other side of the room. The glimmer in his eyes was sinisterly amused. Everyone was weary of what he would do next. He allowed himself to scrutinize every single person before turning once more to Aurora. 

She felt sick when he looked at her. 

“I’m not done with you yet,” he told her darkly. “Run four more laps.” 

Aurora only stared at him with astonishment. This was personal. Was he still angry about what she said to him last night? Because it was docile compared to what he had growled in her face. She was drunk, she couldn’t even figure out why things had gone down the way they did. Was he psycho?! 

With bitterness all over her face, Aurora drew in a long, shaking breath and set off alone down the track while everyone else watched in silence. Despite her exhaustion, she willed herself to remain standing straight and keeping her shoulders back, head held high in defiance. He was not going to win. 

When she finished, Eric simply turned away from her. Aurora knew he wasn’t completely content, but she was relieved that at least for now he wasn’t shouting at her. She didn’t dare to rejoin the group, instead choosing to linger towards the back, out of his direct path. She was safer that way. 

Eric instructed each of them to find a partner and start practicing their high kicks. Aurora chose Jaime because they each had equal amounts of energy- that is, none- and it wouldn’t be so hard to keep up with her. Jaime started kicking first while Aurora held her hands up at face level to give Jaime a target. Given Aurora’s less-than-intimidating stature, Jaime didn’t have to work very hard to meet the goal. 

It was ten kicks, and then they rotated so that it was Aurora’s turn. Jaime was at least five inches taller than she was, so Aurora practically had to jump to reach Jaime’s hands. It was almost comical, like a dog leaping up to get a treat that was hopelessly out of reach. 

On her tenth kick, Aurora went to trade places with Jaime, but a booming voice stopped her. 

“I don’t think so,” Eric sneered. “Do four more rounds.” 

Forty?!” Aurora blurted on reflex. She instantly regretted it. Eric’s eyes flashed and he came to stand directly in front of her. She had to bend her head back just to look at him. There was a seething danger there, and it was hard for Aurora to swallow. 

“Is that a problem, initiate?” He was daring her. Would she stand her ground? That small voice was back in her mind, warning her not to do or say something she couldn’t take back. 

“No sir,” she growled back at him, maintaining his glare with one of her own. His eyes narrowed fractionally but Aurora knew he was too good at keeping his composure to turn this into a scene. The entire room was deadly quiet while the other initiates held their breath in anticipation. 

“Good. Now do four more rounds.” 

Aurora turned unwillingly back to Jaime, who grimaced sympathetically at her. Eric remained standing right next to them, refusing to give them space or back away. Aurora barely made it to forty kicks. Her thighs were screaming with pain and her rear end cramped so bad, just the act of standing still was excruciating. She felt as though her legs were being stabbed. She wanted so badly to stand up to him but knew it would only make things worse for herself, so she bit her tongue. 

“What’s going on, Aurora? Did something happen between you two?” Jaime whispered when Eric turned his attention elsewhere. 

“No… I don’t know why he’s being like this,” but Aurora’s voice wasn’t convincing and Jaime didn’t buy it. She chose not to pursue it though. 

The rest of training was grueling. Eric still didn’t let up, though Aurora wasn’t the only one he began calling out. It seemed that whatever had him in such a sour mood, it was only getting worse. No one was immune to his temper. Aurora was ashamed that each time those eyes locked onto someone else, she was thankful that it wasn’t her. 

They weren’t allowed to break for lunch today. Eric demanded that they train all the way through the day, insisting that they needed to make up for whatever Four had them doing in his absence. He said their physical initiation test was coming up and no initiate would fail if he could help it. He demanded perfection with an iron fist, and for the first time, Aurora was doubting herself. 

Eric finally ordered for them to stop and clean up for dinner, Aurora breathed an audible sigh of relief. The tension was so thick, she felt like it might suffocate her. She could feel Eric’s eyes on her back as she tried to file unnoticed out of the room with Jaime and Lyanna, but she was not so lucky. 

“Aurora.” It was a single quick jab, like the flick of a wrist at the end of a punch. Aurora froze in her steps and with her back still turned to him, took a deep breath. She didn’t want to face him. She didn’t want to talk to him. She wanted to pretend she hadn’t heard and sprint for the dorm. 

Jaime and Lyanna hesitated as they looked back and forth from Aurora to Eric. They wanted to do something, to help in some way, but they were useless. 

Aurora tried to pull on a smile, but they could tell that it was entirely fake. “It’s fine guys, I’ll catch up with you later. Save me a seat okay?” Jaime nodded and reluctantly exited, looking back uncertainly until she was out of sight. 

Aurora forced herself to turn and face him. Let’s get this over with already. “What do you want, Eric?” 

He hadn’t expected her to make the first move. He approached her slowly, the heels of his boots tapping methodically as he took his time to stand over her, like he were playing a game and she was the unfortunate pawn. 

The first smile graced his lips that Aurora had seen all day, but it was the grin of a deadly predator and it only made her stomach churn uneasily. There was no friendliness there. 

“Where did you get those cuts on your hand?” The question was so unexpected, Aurora had to take a step back. 

She blinked, brows creasing. “I got them this morning… When I was training…” She was suspicious now, wondering in what direction Eric intended to go with this. It was so frustrating that every time she expected him to start on one thing, he diverged to another. 

He nodded, but Aurora could tell he was up to something. “Before breakfast? With… Four?” 

 Ah. There it was. 

It was so ridiculous, Aurora couldn’t stop herself from laughing out loud. “Eric! Are you jealous? That I ate breakfast with Four?” Her amusement made Eric’s eye twitch. Careful. 

“Don’t be stupid, Aurora. You have no idea what is going on here.” His words were frosty and camouflaged with aggression. A snake poised to strike. 

The amusement was quickly gone from Aurora’s face. “Then what is going on here, Eric? You kiss me for no reason other than what- you can?- And then you come at me like I’ve done something to you? I don’t owe you shit. I don’t have to explain to you why I have certain friends. I don’t have to submit to you just because you’re in a bad mood. I don’t have to-” 

Eric lunged forward, snatching her jaw in his hand so tightly that she couldn’t even close her mouth. A sharp yelp pierced out of her, but she was instantly frozen with fear. The pain on her lips sprung tears to her eyes. 

“Let’s get one thing clear,” he snarled inches from her face. She screwed her eyes shut but he forced them back open with a painful jerk of his hand. “I can do whatever the fuck I want. This faction answers to me. You answer to me. Your friends answer to me. You better get used to it sweetheart, because the only way that’s gonna change is if you’re dead or Factionless, and then you know what? I also decide if and when that happens.” 

Aurora couldn’t form any words at all. She wanted to thrash around like a deer caught in a snare, but his tight grip prevented it. Her adrenaline was already pumping, preparing her for a worse assault she felt could come at any second. His hands were so powerful, a sickening thought occurred to her that he could completely break her jaw if he wanted to. 

When he finally let go, her hand reflexively went up to massage the already-forming bruise on her cheek. She could only glare at him, though the fire had gone out of it. “Why are you doing this?” She whispered desperately. The worst part about all of this was that she couldn’t understand. She had never done anything, never tried to undermine his authority or insult him. How was this version of Eric so different than the man she had drank whiskey with in the empty cafeteria? The man who had given her back the knife she had stolen because he knew she didn’t feel safe without it? Her miserable green eyes betrayed the turmoil she was feeling, but she couldn’t tell if he noticed-or cared- at all. 

Eric didn’t answer for a painfully long amount of time. He only stared down at her, his face totally unreadable. Then finally, he answered. 

“Because you fascinate me. And because I can. I don’t want you hanging around Four anymore… If it’s extra training that you want, you can train with me. Every morning, five o’ clock. There’s still a lot you need to learn.” With that, Eric looked away and turned to leave, and Aurora was stuck standing in the middle of the gym feeling like she had been dropped onto another planet. She didn’t know which way was up and which was down.


Neon Genesis Evangelion + A Lot Like Birds (2/40)

A Satire of a Satire of a Satire is Tiring

Just Give Me a Reason

Originally posted by mavahart

Request: Hey! Your writing is A1! I was wondering if you could grace my life with a Bellamy imagine based on the song Just Give me A reason by Pink?

A/N: I have never done anything like this before (like incorporating lyrics into a piece) so I hope you guys like this :) The italicized parts are lyrics!

Word Count: 810 

You didn’t know what to do anymore. It’s been like this for weeks, and you were at an absolute loss as you paced around the tent you and Bellamy shared. He wasn’t there, again; you were up all night worrying about him, again. He’s been leaving more and more as tensions started to arise between the Sky People and the surrounding tribes. You understood that he was only trying to save his people, to save you, but his goodbye kisses became shorter and his absences longer. You didn’t know how much more you could take.

You and Bellamy had been together longer than your time spent on the ground. It’s been four years- four years of laughing, fighting- four years of memories. You cherished these memories more than anything because the more time you spent on the ground, the more Bellamy drifted from the Bellamy you used to know.

As you started to tear up and your pacing became more erratic, the front flap of the tent opened. Bellamy entered the tent, his shirt ripped and his face dirty and bloody. “I didn’t think you’d be up. Is everything okay?” He asked. His eyes searched yours and noted the faint redness that accompanies tears. He didn’t say anything about it, though.

“Worried, that’s all,” You whispered, trying to pass off as cavalier. You sat on the edge of the bed and wrapped your sweater around you tighter.

“You don’t have to worry about me.” He responded in a coy, quiet voice.

“Have you seen yourself lately? If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were the Grounder’s punching bag.” You huffed, rolling your eyes. The conversation was always along these lines. He said he was fine, you knew he wasn’t. His pride was too big for him to admit his pain. That’s something Bellamy used to never think about.

“Yeah but they look worse than we do.” He retorted. His face morphed into his signature grimace, in which he did the jaw thing that usually turned you on. Right now though, you just wanted to punch that look off his face. “What’s going on? What’s wrong?”

You straightened your spine and looked into his eyes oh his eyes were once filled with hope and pride, and now were filled with pain and death. His eyes pleaded with you and reminded you what you were fighting for in this relationship.

You said what you were feeling anyway. “You’re never here anymore. There’s nothing more than empty sheets in this bed, and when you are here, you talk in your sleep…about-about the things you see out there and it terrifies me, Bell. I worry about you every goddamn day, but you just walk out of the gates like it’s nothing, like you aren’t risking leaving me behind.”

“I’m trying to protect you!” He yelled.

“No you’re not Bell! If you were trying to protect me, you wouldn’t leave me alone every night. You wouldn’t push me away. I loved you so much for the past four years. Our relationship has broken because you’re too busy saving the world to worry about me!” You cried, spitting every word with such ferocity, you marveled at how you’ve kept these feelings inside for so long.

He was astounded- that you said that and even worse, that you felt like that in the first place. “I-I didn’t know you felt like this.” He stammered.

“Yeah because you’re never here,” You snapped. The tears still flowed from your eyes violently. You guys had fought before, but never, ever like this.

He drew a deep breath before speaking. His voice started out confidently and then wavered as he continued. “I’m sorry, Y/n, I never meant to make you feel like that. But if you think I’ve stopped loving you…I’ve never stopped.” You looked up at him. His face had changed to the face he looks at you with when he was filled with love and sorrow. That face meant he meant what he was saying. He continued, “My dear, we still have everything. I still love you like I did the first time I saw you. I’ve gotten so caught up in my work, and I never meant to neglect you.”

He crossed the room and held your face in his hands. His hands were rough and calloused, he smelled like dirt and sweat, and his face was beaten and bruised. Yet, you still leaned into him and closed your eyes. You opened them back up to look into his eyes again.

We’re not broken, just bent. We will get through this, like always. I love you Y/n L/n, and I have never stopped. I’ll make this right, I promise.” He leaned in and placed a light kiss on your lips. He backed just enough to place his forehead on yours.

“You can start by taking a shower.”

anonymous asked:

how do you do all that fancy word placement and text? can you show us how to?

yeah homie i gotchu

first i start with whatever text i wanna make fancy or whatever

then i tag the post and separate the text to different lines if that makes sense

next i italicize and bold all punctuation. i used to not do that but i started doing it when i rp and it just makes periods and such pop out more i guess idk i just like it

next i’ll bold/italicize/underline/strikethrough certain words that i think need to be emphasized

then i go ahead and make the text small by clicking the gear and going down to text editor and changing it from ‘rich text’ to ‘html’ like so 

then i type <small> after the first <p>

then i change it back to rich text and that’s about it then i post it

if you wanna know how to do more fancy shit to it, just message me and i’ll make another post