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The Legend of Korra Rewatch: The Last Stand—► {Korra & Kuvira}

“Don’t pretend you know what it felt like! The Avatar is adored by millions! I was cast aside by my own parents like I meant nothing to them. How could I just stand by and watch the same thing happen to my nation, when it needed someone to guide it?”

“You wanted to create a place where you and your people would never be vulnerable again. I may not have been an orphan, but believe me, I understand what it feels like to be afraid. After I was poisoned, I would have done anything to feel in control.”

Meta: Mako's Fear of Emasculation

Back when Book 2 was airing, I remember seeing a lot of disapproval with Korra, at least during the first half of the season. Perhaps the pacing did us a disservice. Having a full week to reflect on how “stupid” Korra was for “still” trusting Unalaq in between the first few episodes may have undercut her characterization a bit, and only highlighted her missteps. But it wasn’t her handling of the Civil War plot that drew the most criticism…it was her treatment of Mako and her romantic actions. I was never a shipper back then, nor did I really find Makorra compelling in any respect, so their fights didn’t bother me. But I did think Korra was being a bit overly antagonistic and making some big fuck-ups in general.

Upon rewatch, however, I’m finding myself very much agreeing with Korra, both in her handling of the WT politics and in her relationship with Mako. I’m not saying there weren’t missteps, but given the information Korra had, she made the best choices she could. And yet every step of the way Mako acted as a horribly unsupportive boyfriend.

I made this post expressing my disapproval at Mako’s behavior, because I didn’t remember just how antagonistic he was in their fights. “Remembrances” focused on their issue being their jobs pitted against their relationship, but it was more than that. Mako was outright accusatory and callous towards Korra. And it’s not to say she didn’t throw some personal attacks his way, of course. Korra’s just as responsible for their fighting and overall incompatibility. But given how insulting Mako’s comments were to Korra, the fact that he is the one who dumps her is just flooring. I guess Mako felt like she was making his job harder, but rather than engaging in any kind of constructive conversation or explaining his own viewpoint/feelings, he opted to screech at Korra about how badly she kept messing everything up. Twice.

It wasn’t until 2x06, “The Sting,” that I began thinking about Mako’s actions in the context of a psychological need for Mako to place himself as the protector and to feel useful. Given his background, this makes sense and is sympathetic. He was orphaned at a young age, having nothing and needing to care for Bolin growing up. “Protector” is a natural role to him. But it seems that it’s also something that feeds his ego. Ego isn’t inherently a bad thing, don’t get me wrong. Yet Mako’s treatment of both Korra and Asami, and how it did happen to play out with very gendered dynamics suggests anxiety relating to emasculation.

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Don’t pretend you know what it felt like. The Avatar is adored by millions! I was cast aside by my own parents, like I meant nothing to them! How could I just stand by and watch the same thing happen to my nation when it needed someone to guide it? 

You wanted to create a place where you and your people would never be vulnerable again. I may not have been an orphan, but believe me, I understand what it feels like to be afraid. After I was poisoned, I would’ve done anything to feel in control.

So I was rewatching Korra Alone and like...

“And now I can’t dress myself…”

Korra can’t dress herself 6 months after the incident which probably means she needed assistance to shower when she first got injured as well… so who helped her with these tasks you ask?


Asami totally saw Korra naked.

I’m not gonna turn this into a fantasy Korrasami smut post. My point is that this is probably why Korra only wrote to Asami and felt comfortable telling only Asami what she feels like.

Asami saw Korra at her most vulnerable. She’s helped her get dressed, shower, move around Air Temple Island, cook for her probably and many other tasks. I’m not saying the boys weren’t there for Korra, I’m saying that Asami has seen sides to Korra that the boys will probably never see, even if Makorra does happen. Korra is the type to want to do things herself but since this incident, she was forced to let Asami in, forced to let Asami help her. It might’ve been awkward at first but now, I’m pretty sure if Korra needed anything, Asami would be the first person she asks.

Just like how Zuko knows Aang better than anyone (and yes, better than Katara too because some things you don’t really feel comfortable talking to your spouse with), Asami now knows Korra better than anyone in more ways than one.

I’m not saying Korrasami is canon but like it’s totally canon. And not in a romantic kind of way, but in a “I’m here for you no matter what happens” kind of way. If you don’t ship them romantically, you at least gotta love their friendship.


Hands down the best dialogue in the entire franchise.


Kuvira: Why would you save my life? After everything I did to you?

Korra: I guess I see a lot of myself in you.

Kuvira: We’re nothing alike!

Korra: Yes we are. We’re both fierce and determined to succeed, sometimes without thinking things through. 

Kuvira: This wasn’t how I wanted things to end. If you all just surrendered, none of this would’ve happened!

Korra: You brought this on yourself. Messing with the spirit vines, acting like a dictator over your people. You had to know what you were doing wasn’t right.

Kuvira: I was trying to help my people! Su turned her back on the Earth Kingdom… You were gone! I had to do something!

Korra: I think I get it now.

Kuvira: You don’t understand anything about me.

Korra: I do. Su told me she took you in when you were younger. It must’ve been so hard being an orphan. 

Kuvira: Don’t pretend you know what it felt like! The Avatar is adored by millions. I was cast aside by my own parents like I meant nothing to them! How could I just stand by and let the same thiing happen to my nation when it needed someone to guide it?

Korra: You wanted to create a place where you and your people would never be vulnerable again. I may not have been an orphan, but believe me… I understand what it feels like to be afraid. After I was poisoned, I would’ve done anything to feel in control. 

The Deepest Bond

Okay– I’m about to lay-out a very very very very unpopular and hated idea, but I need to get it out of my head.

WARNING if you don’t like or understand Kuvira then this post will be a hard one for you. No this is NOT A FANFIC!! It’s an analysis. 

1st– I’m super happy and grateful that Korra x Asami happened. That’s a big, no, HUGE step in kids tv in America and it finally happened!  With the main character and a woman of color. BRAVO!!! Thank you so much Bryke!!

Okay I’m not a shipper but I always enjoyed the thought of Korra and Asami being together because they fit so well very very well. Asami was the counter balance to Korra. Their relationship would foster growth and enlightenment (I’m not saying that will not still happen). The next part is a post I posted over a year ago. You have to understand my old post to understand why I feel so strongly about my next topic: 


1st- I do not hate Mako. I really don’t!!!!!! I think he is a SWEET guy really. He has problems but who doesn’t.

Now- to me Korra x Mako are supposed to be THEE pair. Right? That’s who the avatar has picked and Mako likes her back. So match made in heaven  (at least for the avatar)? Not really. They are way to much a like, like they are the same person really only one is female and one is male. So they have the same short comings, same reaction to things and are both still very immature. They bring nothing of value to the table for each other. It’s like two left feet. I feel the only reason they are together is physical attraction. I’m pretty sure they both think they are hot and same for each other. Korra is the avatar (how do you turn that down) and when Korra met Mako she was in awe of him being a great pro-bender. He was an idol to her (not in a bad way). It felt more like this:  Korra “A great pro-bender- wow.”  Mako “The avatar- wow.” Now they did become friends but what confuses me is EVEN THOUGH Mako did like Korra when she came up missing and he completely flipped out- that reaction felt very out of place. If Mako liked Korra from the start like she liked him- why did he even start a relationship with Asami?! I’m pretty sure (even though Asami was the one that pursued Mako at the start) Mako did not have it in his mind that Asami was going to help with the championship. I do feel like Mako got swept up in the fact she was very pretty. To be honest if I liked someone like Korra and had not told her yet- I would not start a relationship till I had, but that’s me. Mako makes very poor judgments but so does Korra. Yet with Korra she has the tools to get out of them, Mako not so much.  So Mako and Korra- super cute together but compatibility is a struggle a BIG struggle. Korra and Mako are no way opposites.

Korra x Asami. I do not like this pair because they are a same sex pair. That’s not it at all. This pair works because they are opposites with enough similarities that the attraction works. They rarely say anything negative about each other (except when Korra referred to Asami as prissy). Hah. Anyway. Also Asami was pretty much great for Mako, why would it be any different for Korra. Mako and Korra are the same person thus Asami is a great match for Korra as well. Plus Korra and Asami ended up having respect for each other. I have not seen much of that between Korra and Mako. Asami brings maturity and dept to the relationship. She is not hot headed and is very calculating.   I feel like Asami brings the type of respect, affection and reassurance that Korra needs to be able to grow. Asami possesses all of that. I’m sad that they met each other due to a love triangle plot (blame the writers). I feel it should have been the other way around, that Asami should have almost hit Korra, instead of Mako. Not that Asami would have asked Korra on a date- but it would have started their friendship and it would have more meaning to it; that Korra and Asami were meant (destined) to meet and be friends. That Mako, Bolin, and Asami were MEANT to be with Korra- to help and support; to be her true friends. 
Asami at this point in the story is the only one that has the qualities and depth to be Korra’s love interest. 

I wrote that post in the middle of Book 2.

But… but I did not know how to explain my feeling that when Book 4 started airing I was not so keen on the idea of Korra x Asami. Like it almost felt odd. I didn’t know why till the finale and then I understood. Korra out grew Asami. It feels like Korra x Asami was a book or two to late. Not that people have to be together because it promotes growth– but you should be in a relationship that does that or at least the avatar should. To me Korra balanced herself and grew so much, which is great and makes for a stronger and better relationship. Yet Korra’s growth was so much that it off-set Asami. I blame the writers again for not giving us more time to believe in Korra x Asami or show it. There have been hints all along but still needed more than what we got. Oh and the creators say that the avatar only falls in love once. So that would mean she has always been in love with Asami. So that means that she was never in love with Mako???  At the end of Book 2 Korra would have never said that to Mako if she was never in love with him. Now if Asami had hit Korra instead of Mako then I’d almost say YES Korra had always been in love with Asami. I believe Asami actually liked Korra long before Korra ever came around to her– but that’s another story. You could argue that even though Korra liked Mako– it was not true love and Korra did not find that till Asami. You could argue that but guess what – we never got to see that! 


Now I feel like Korra and Kuvira  are Yin and Yang to each other. Two sides of the same coin yet still different. Very Capricorn and Cancer (earth and water).  ** "yin yang", are concepts used to describe how apparently opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. Yin and yang can be thought of as complementary (rather than opposing) forces that interact to form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the assembled parts. They cannot exist in isolation.** Remember Korra and Kuvira were both isolated and that hurt their inner growth.  NOW I think Kuvira needs Korra more than Korra needing Kuvira but that’s because we get next to nothing of the full extent of Kuvira’s inner workings. There HAS to be something there if you are being compared to being like the avatar and then the avatar telling you the same thing. 

All of that brings me to say this– the best match for Korra, Book 4 changed Korra,  is Kuvira. If they had brought in a new character like Kuvira but less tyrannical their dynamic together would have been off the chart. I know people are going to flip and say ‘that’s like dating yourself, and that’s not true Korra and Kuvira posses different personalities, traits and backgrounds. They are very much the same yet still very different. 

True this does not ever have to be a romantic relationship. Would they work? Yes. They would be a power couple for sure.  Their dynamic is so strong, super strong, like next level soul mate 'we just opened a spirit portal together.’ That’s deep.

**them clashing opened a new portal, as in Kuvira’s weapon and Korra’s avatar state and Korra having compassion for Kuvira = new spirit portal**

What made me think of all of this? The Korra and Kuvira interactions in the spirit world. They were both showing their vulnerable sides and you know that’s something neither of those two would do at least not to that level and certainly not if each one hated the other. There was more emotion and understanding there then we have ever seen with Korra x Asami (even though Asami always does say wonderful things about Korra).

^^If I showed you this image and you have no pre-knowledge of the show. What would you think? ^^

When Korra caught Kuvira and she was just holding her there (she could have just sat her in the flowers, or even just caught her by the shoulder/arm or just put her hands up to just keep her from falling to the ground) no she just held her. We have never gotten a shot (screen take) like that, not someone laying in Korra’s arms as she gazes at them. *yes Korra caught Lin in book 3 from hitting the concrete– but they did not show a scene of Korra gazing at Lin in her arms*  It was very intimate, not necessarily romantic but almost felt like it, but it was just a depth that we have not seen from either of these two.

When Kuvira jumped up and pushed Korra away. It was Korra’s reaction that was the most interesting.  Korra did not jump up from the ground quickly, Korra’s reaction was very slow almost like a hurt, like a rejection. I can see Korra makes a slight face but it’s the body language I was watching (Korra’s body language is the most telling about her). Also when Korra sits back in the flowers while talking to Kuvira and telling her about how she understood her and felt, in that scene Korra  seemed so open and vulnerable. A beautiful beautiful scene. Very intimate, soul searching and deep.

 These two in that moment had a understanding of one another, there was a bond. Kuvira might not have said much but watch her face. (Besides with Kuvira you always have to watch her face because it’s the most telling thing about her).  These two were on another level while in the spirit world almost like soul-mates minus the fact Kuvira was written as an enemy.   

I know Kuvira could not have been endgame for Korra due to the fact she was a villain, but that’s the depth and deep bond I’d love to have seen Korra’s love interest have.

Like I said I’m glad Korra x Asami are endgame and Asami is smokin hot, sweet, a great friend and a great fighter. Yet there is something very deep about Korra x Kuvira. If not soulmates then they most definitely have a soul bond. That’s not something to be ignored. I still say soulmates due to the strength of the bond = spirit portal and big YIN and YANG aspect. I would like to see these two become friends and I hope they show Korra going to visit Kuvira in jail. Kuvira really has no one and Korra understands her the best– so I hope Korra does become a friend to Kuvira. Also I know Kuvira is/was in love with Baatar Jr, but the same things apply to them just like Korra x Asami.  

**SIDE NOTE: Soul mates may never become a romantic interest/relationship – but they are one of the most deepest bonds you can have with a person** 

Korrasami Book 1-4 Analysis/Musings/Headcanons

So, now that we know this is the end game, I was reflecting on their relationship over the show as a whole. I think knowing these two women end up in love and walking into the sunset spirit portal together can help color or make sense of their interactions.

We know from Bryan and Mike’s posts that Korrasami wasn’t planned from the start, but rather grew organically out of the writing process, and only became consciously penned in during the second half of the series. For that reason, as characters, the growth of their emotional bond might seem hard to understand. But that’s where my character analyses/head-canons come in! Hopefully this post explains a few things, or fills in the gaps in a way that seems logical and consistent with their characterization.

Warning: it’s lengthy (originally written 12/20/14, updated Feb 2015).

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Ikkin’s (Mostly?) Complete Compendium of Korra-Kuvira Parallels

Recently, I’ve seen a few people saying that the parallels between Korra and Kuvira were limited and mostly surface-level, which made me start considering how many parallels there actually are between the two of them (spoiler alert: it’s probably more than you think).

Anyway, I looked through all of the scenes in Book 4 in which Kuvira either participates or is the topic of discussion, found the ones that related to Korra, and noted where the points of comparison actually were.  Here’s what I found:

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Korrasami: "Why Can't they be FRIENDS?" [Anon Ask]

If you have truly read my “Korrasami-Makorra Hand Parallels” post then you wouldn’t be asking me that question, anon. 

I haven’t been feeling well and seeing negativity on the Korrasami tag hadn’t helped my mood so I’m just going to go straight to the point.

You can believe whatever you want. You want to see the hand gesture as “platonic/sisterly” then that’s your prerogative. If you wish to ignore the evidence that I and many others have brought forth, then by all means, ignore them. But what you should never do is try to impose your viewpoint on us and invalidate ours. Yes, you can choose to view Asami holding Korra’s hand as nothing more then a friendly gesture but based on evidence taken from the SHOW ITSELF, there is a HIGH PROBABILITY that it was anything but that. Since I know you won’t even bother to go and really read my “hand parallels” post, I’ll give you an abridged version.

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I just wanna say how much I loved the positioning of Korra and Kuvira in the finale.

I mean, look at this:

I read a fanfiction a long time ago (from a different fandom) and in it one of the quotes were something along the lines of “don’t sit down, I’m not worthy of being higher than you” and this scene just reminded me of it. Everyone talks about the symbolism in the Avatar franchise and I think this is one of the most beautiful ones.

Look at Kuvira, just look at her. She’s defeated. She’s remembering every shitty little thing that’s happened to her. And this specific screenshot was when she was yelling at Korra because she doesn’t know what it feels like to be an orphan or to feel vulnerable to life.

Kuvira was a woman who felt unwanted by her parents, unwanted by her “adoptive” mother. She feels casted aside, and she probably holds some anger towards the Avatar. Why else would she throw in the comment of, “the Avatar is adored by millions!”? Korra was trying to talk to her about her being an orphan and not having parents, but Kuvira said “adored by millions”. She didn’t say “don’t pretend you know what it felt like to be an orphan because you never were one!” To me, I feel like Kuvira never felt anything but rejection in her life up until she became the Great Uniter. So, if you look at it from Kuvira’s point of view, she is literally lower than Korra. Her emotions, her mindset, her body… just her.

But then, Korra connects to her and tells her she understands her regardless. She tells her she knows what it’s like to be afraid and that she would’ve done anything to be in control.

And Korra comes down to her position, indirectly letting her know that she isn’t alone. Something about Korra getting on her knees and literally getting on the same level as Kuvira just gets me every time. To me, her comforting Kuvira and opening up to her about her past, wouldn’t’ve been as effective if she were still standing because she still would’ve been “looking down” at Kuvira, you know? Had she been standing, I feel like it would’ve came off as “yeah, I struggled too yet I’m still good, what’s your excuse?” kind of thing. But Korra isn’t like that. She brings herself down for her.

It’s as if Kuvira is seeing Korra - the Avatar/most powerful being and the one who is “adored by millions” - at her lowest as well. She sees that just because Korra didn’t struggle the way she did doesn’t mean she didn’t struggle at all, and that Korra isn’t judging her - she’s just trying to connect with her.

(I’m horrible with words and I can’t figure out how to project my thoughts about this scene on here but I’m pretty sure you all get the gist. You can say that I’m “over doing” this analysis or that it was “more convenient for them to be positioned as so” but I still stand by how much I love the symbolism in this scene.)

anonymous asked:

Who is your favorite lok character?

That’s a good question. Right now, I love all the characters (yes, even Mako). and since i saw lin’s hairdo at varrick’s wedding especially so, like DAMN

I think the character that I respect the most would have to be Korra. She’s come such a long way. Remember back when she used to rush headlong into situations she could barely understand? Remember when she used to threaten to kill people? Remember when she used to chase after people who were already romantically involved with someone else? Do you remember when she used to be really unlikeable? I do. I’ve gotten into my fair share of trouble by being verbal about it, too.

There was a time when Korra could not and would not want to understand her enemies. When there was conflict, she had an astounding lack of introspection. In Book 1, she actively fought a counter-culture movement by harrassing protestors. In Book 2, she threatened to have a judge’s head bitten off if he didn’t answer to her interrogation (it turns out he was guilty of taking a bribe, but Korra’s bloodlust really shone through in that particular scene).

Book 3 turned that around. Korra shows compassion in the very first episode (funny how as soon as she breaks up with Mako she becomes a way better person. Almost as if they really DID bring out the worst in each other. How weird) and displays self-sacrifice for the greater good. She’s still hotheaded and impulsive (ex. nearly attacking Ryu when he refused to join the Acolytes), but there is a drastic improvement in her problem-solving skills. She mirrors Aang, especially in the last episodes.

Her trauma that is carried over from the end of Book 3 and into Book 4 is what allows her to become an entirely new person. Of course, the writing of her trauma is handled with much better care. In Book 1, her trauma was losing (most of) her bending to Amon; that was tackled with the care of a four year-old. She didn’t have bending for, like, a day before Aang made a weird and random appearance and gave her back her bending. Then she made out with Mako and was given the ability to bend BENDING. God, I hated the finale of Book 1.

Now, compare that disaster to what happened in the beginning of Book 4. The first eightepisodes, at least, were dedicated to Korra healing. She was strung up and pumped with mercury. She was forced to enter the Avatar State against her will and forced to lose control of her body. She almost had the air ripped out of her lungs. These events severely hurt her and the narrative allows Korra to be vulnerable. Korra Alone really shows this when we get a look at how she tried to heal under Katara’s tutelage. Key word being tried; it didn’t work. They didn’t try to rush her out of her trauma. Rather, they let her ride it out in such a gritty and honest way. She suffered for three years trying to reconnect with herself and, even when she purges herself of the poison left swimming in her system, she is not miraculously healed. There are no more miracles left to save her and she has to rely on herself, something Korra has never really done. Sure, she’s confident in her ability, but she has always lacked confidence in her emotional and mental strength. Recent events have allowed her to become self-reflective and strive for strength of character.

And when she is finally able to overcome the trauma and face battle without suffering from gruesome flashbacks, the consequences of her journey of self-discovery are apparent. No longer is she naive and impulsive. Now she is levelheaded and shows great compassion for both sides. She tries to reason with Kuvira twice. That’s TWO MORE TIMES than in the past when she would hit first and ask questions later. She even acknowledges her past impulsiveness by saying that fighting was something the “old me (Korra) would do”. Violence is now the last resort for the Korra of Book 4. But when violence is necessary, she is calculated in her assault. When she held Baatar Jr hostage in episode 11, she refrained from physically torturing him for information and instead withholding him from Kuvira. Her only fault here was that she underestimated Kuvira’s ruthlessness. When the final battle arrives and she pretty much has Kuvira beaten, she risks her life to save Kuvira. Not only that, she sits down and talks with her. Tell me, would Korra of Books 1 or 2 have done something like this? To make it easier for you, no, she wouldn’t have. She probably would have kicked her ass.

Korra has shown the most dramatic progression of character in the whole series and I am so proud of her. She’s come a long way from where she started. She went from being a cocky, overpowered brat, to a vulnerable victim, to the benevolent, selfless leader that she was meant to be. She looks back on past mistakes, reflects on them, and then attempts to improve herself. She goes through tragedy and her hope rightfully wavers for the audience to see, but she comes out a better person. This may be the end for us, but for Korra this is the start of a bright and new future. Moreover, she’ll face it with her successful genius of a girlfriend, Asami.

And that is why Korra is my favourite character.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I feel that in their relationship Korra is whipped, as in, Asami has the all powerful Avatar master of all four elements wrapped around her finger. I think my head cannon stems from Asami's emotionally mature, relatively calm, and level-headed problem-solving personality compared to Korra's innate derpy-ness (despite her character dev in S4). What is your assessment on this?

Well. To start, the “despite her character dev in S4” is kind of a big point. A lot of Korra’s growth as a character came as a result of her encounter with Zaheer (and yes, she certainly did learn lessons from S1 and S2 as well) and her 3 years in isolation, which is also when she came to discover her romantic feelings for Asami. So you can’t really neatly separate Korrasami from the way Korra acts at the end of the series and insert in the “derpy” Korra we saw in S1 and 2. I’m not saying Korra doesn’t act like a huge nerd sometimes…of course she does (as does Asami).

While I do think that Korra can behave rather awkwardly in social situations (and we see Asami compensate for her when that happens), that’s not the dynamic between Korra and Asami. There was nothing derpy in Korra suggesting their vacation together at the end. In fact taht was Korra taking charge of the situation, finally explicating her feelings, and allowing herself to be the one who was vulnerable, at least in that instant.

Secondly, we’ve seen time and time again how well these two balance each other. I’ve written odes on it. If by Korra being whipped, you mean that anything Asami wants she’d get, or that Korra would simply “give in to her demands,” I just don’t really see that being how they interact. For one, Asami isn’t very demanding of Korra. She got upset with her once (hopefully I needn’t defend this again) for a complicated and understandable reason, but then quickly moved on, later telling Korra there wasn’t even a need to apologize. That’s a mature dynamic. Otherwise, we’ve never seen Asami ask anything of Korra. 

Frankly, the reverse is true too. Korra doesn’t ask anything of Asami, but she gives and receives unconditional support freely. They both do, because it’s a very emotionally reciprocal relationship. 

I do think that Asami’s calm, level-headed, pragmatic approach to the world helps balance out Korra’s (at times) rash behavior (hayo airship), though when it comes to the interpersonal stuff with them, Korra isn’t a bull in a china closet. They’re both incredibly sensitive to the other’s needs and provide a good balancing act. Not to mention, from what we’ve seen, Korra’s no longer rushing headfirst into things without thinking them through. She’s decisive when she needs to be, but we also see her weighing her options. And now she’s in a relationship with like, the world’s most strategic thinker, which can only be a good thing moving forward.

I suppose there will be headcanons where like, Korra wants watertribe noodles and Asami wants Kuang’s Cuisine, and Asami gets her way? But IMO they’re both pretty considerate and have a strong sense of justice, so for small things like that, I could even see it being like “well I picked last time, so…”. And also, those micro-interactions do not a relationship. We’ve seen Asami support Korra and listen to her feelings and we’ve seen Korra do the same. They’re balanced.

My "Dark Avatar Korra" Theory

Considering the revelations made by the last episode, it’s clear that Dark Avatar Korra isn’t just a hallucination.  Normal people might not be able to see it but it seems like spirits can, which heavily suggests that it’s at least partially spiritual in origin.

(Of course, there appear to be hallucinatory aspects to it as well – it’s unlikely that Dark Avatar Korra possessed the woman in the Earth Rumble fight, and Korra’s pool of “mercury” turned out to be mud)

There are other hints to its spiritual origin, too.  Its rapid, almost teleportation-like style of dodging and moving during its fight with Korra in the swamp called to mind the Owl-Faced Spirit from 2x01.  Even the name the crew gave it – “Dark Avatar Korra” – evokes the idea of a dark spirit equivalent to Korra.

So, let’s consider that option – “Dark Avatar Korra” is the dark form of the Avatar Spirit.

That shouldn’t be possible, of course.  The Avatar Spirit is Raava, and she’s comprised of near-pure light by her very nature.  Or… well… that was the case during Wan’s era, when Raava’s dark counterpart was kept trapped in a tree.  By spiritbending Vaatu, Korra effectively recombined Raava and Vaatu into the connected spiritual dyad they were always intended to be, with Raava dominant.

If Raava and Vaatu were recombined into a connected spiritual dyad, though, it seems plausible that, as a set, they’d be vulnerable to external shifts in energy in a way that they weren’t when they were separate.  Jinora was able to restore Raava by introducing a large amount of spiritual light into the immediate surroundings.  What would happen to Raava’s dominance if darkness were to be introduced into the Avatar Spirit?

I feel like it would be kind of cheating if Korra’s problems with Dark Avatar Korra were purely spiritual in origin.  However, that need not be the case, considering the way in which we’ve seen human emotions affect spirits in the past.  Korra’s trauma and the resulting fear awakened a massive amount of dark emotions in her, and it’s possible that those emotions could be poisoning the Avatar Spirit.

This would, I think, explain how Dark Avatar Korra acts.  It frightens Korra, but it doesn’t attack her until she demonstrates hostility of her own… at which point, it acts to bind and destroy her, the way the dark spirits of Book 2 did.

There are two ways we’ve seen of dealing with dark spirits that we’ve seen.  The first is spiritbending, which seems like a rather brute force solution.  If Dark Avatar Korra is a poisoned Avatar Spirit, using spiritbending seems… really risky.  The second is the version we saw only in A New Spiritual Age – she needs to use her own inner light to realize that the “dark spirit” really isn’t that scary after all.

That’s what I think is going to need to happen.  Korra needs to, once again, find the light in the dark and, by doing so, find healing.

Korra Finale Musings

Alright, now that I finished posting long essays about heteronormativity and postmodernism, I can finally talk about the episode as a whole. Sorry to any who were annoyed with my Korrasami vomiting yesterday, but as I said, that was a culturally important thing that we witnessed. Photo recaps are coming too…I have a good number of scenes scripted. Will be in two parts because I don’t feel like uploading 200 photos in one go.


Anyway, as always, my musings:

  • I liked that Asami’s hummingbird mechs were their “only hope” for a bit, because when Varrick and Asami presented it, I thought it was so adorable naïve. Can you imagine how epic the battle would have been if Kuvira hadn’t destroyed their entire stock of them?
  • Wu and Pema were everything this episode, absolutely everything. She was like, entertaining people with hand puppets and he sang their way to rescue. I loved the badgermoles…great bit of nostalgia thrown in there. Pema is such a background character that at least she got a couple of humorous scenes. And as always little touches like the engineer grumbling about being kicked off the stand…just perfect
  • Meelo’s paint idea was good, but they could have kept throwing more stuff at the head even after the windshield wipers went off. Or if they’re trying to blind it, maybe have Suyin and Lin bend metal around its scope? I just feel like they had a lot more options against it.
  • As someone with an engineering background, Mega Maid drove me bonkers. I didn’t understand its mechanics with Kuvira metalbending it around, and it was so freakin’ nimble for something that size. The tow cable and hot-foot really should have done something, not to mention Kuvira should have been tossed around every time it crashed. The fact that her crew doesn’t all have severe head trauma is amazing.
  • I guess Opal’s fine? They glossed over the injured.
  • Suyin and Baatar Jr. was very, very believable for a mother/son. He done fucked up. So why was she so dismissive of Kuvira at the end? Well, Kuvira was the one who just destroyed the fucking city. Baatar was only a follower, and Kuvira is about 1000x more culpable for everything that happened. I think it’d be lunacy for Suyin to be like “we’re cool.” I do really, really want a comic of Su escorting Kuvira to prison and what (if any) conversation they had. That relationship seems so complicated and was really glossed over.
  • Aww, Varrick’s story about his chickenhorse was supposed to be romantic for Zhu Li. I’m sad he got interrupted.
  • Mechanics aside, the fight was animated beautifully. Just seemless and exciting.
  • As soon as Asami told her dad she loved him, I knew he was a goner. But there’s no other ending he could have had. Also, wow, Asami. You’re the most self-sacrificing and just good human there is, because he tried to kill you. Like, legit. I am not going to let that go, and I don’t see how she could, but it made for one hell of a moment (and she wasn’t majorly sidelined!).
  • That said, how did Hiroshi know anything about the Hummingbirds and Mega Maid? And did Asami never notice the plasma cutter in her office? The narrative is more important than those nitpicks, but comeone…
  • The action inside Mega Maid was great. I love that Mako got a heroic moment, because kid was in need of it. Bolin’s had his moments more recently. I also started laughing like a crazy when Su and Lin were like “we can do damage from the inside!” and then just indiscriminately started tearing apart the ship.
  • Korra vs. Kuvira was fantastic. That girl clearly got over her PTSD and it was just really cool, fluid fighting. Between two women. Like, my god. This isn’t something you get a lot, especially on a kid’s show.
  • Kuvira’s gun moment needed to happen, but like. I dunno guys, I still have issues with Kuvira as the big bad. She was an orphan so she was scared about being vulnerable, makes sense. She can’t communicate her emotions in a positive way obviously. But rising up and being a dictator and the prison camps for immigrants? It just was such a leap.
  • Korra’s handling of Kuvira and that conversation was a beautiful moment and so mature. Major props to Janet Varney for her voice acting…she’s been on point from the start. And seeing Korra’s emotional development over 4 seasons has just been fantastic. This was truly great, great television.
  • You guys know my thoughts on the end and Korra stepping into the next chapter of her life. I guess I can talk about that wedding, but it was just so full of camp and fan-service (in the best possible way) that there’s little more I can add.
  • When Korra told Tenzin she “needed” to go through that with Zaheer to be compassionate, I disagreed with her, but I could see why Korra as the character felt that way. She sacrificed herself for the Air Nation prior to her injury, so clearly the girl is empathetic. But this goes back to Korra Alone, when Katara told her that Aang found “meaning in his struggle.” Korra asked her what she would find, and Katara was like “dunno, but won’t it be exciting?” This is Korra’s punctuation mark on that moment, and this is where Korra felt she landed. It was beautiful.

I can’t believe it’s over, and I’m sad as hell about it, but it was also the perfect ending. I think this is a show that’s going to have a marked impact on TV for awhile, especially kid’s TV. It pushed every boundary it could and had such a wonderful character arc that I don’t see how people couldn’t love it. I can’t wait to rewatch it knowing where it’s headed (I find rewatching/rereading things always is very rewarding), so I can just soak in the wonderful, wonderful narrative that Bryke gave us for 4 seasons.

anonymous asked:

You've come around on Masami 2.0?

Not in the sense that I ship it or want that pairing to work out. It’s pretty obvious that thing is set to self-destruct from the get-go.

^Btw, that is her post-kiss expression. Just to be clear.

What I mean is that I’ve come around on it in terms of the narrative. It helped flesh both of them out, and showed us a very fallible Asami, who was in danger of being considered a bit “too” perfect by some. Episode 2x06 we see her going to extraordinary lengths to save her company from bankruptcy (giving vehicles away to gang members, for instance), lose “everything,” and fall back in with an ex because of her emotional vulnerability.

For Mako, it stroked his (*cough* male *cough*) ego in all the right ways while also serving as a distraction from his breakup with Korra. Even though he was the one who ended things, I think the Makorra implosion confused him, and he truly didn’t understand why they were fighting so much. Asami, on the other hand, is an appeaser; when she thinks Mako is acting all stressed and unreasonably, she goes to his apartment to see how he’s doing and make sure he’s okay. I think that might be the “type” of girl who would have satisfied Mako more back then, but the issue was a lack of chemistry due to the fact that they’d both rather be with Korra. Even if Korra didn’t exist, Asami (in the long term) would need someone more in-touch with their own feelings. Additionally, we see Asami continually take great pride in her own capabilities, bragging to Korra about how she can handle herself in one of their first interactions. I think Mako’s “big strong protector” MO would have grated on her eventually.

What did Masami 2.0 do for Mako? It certainly didn’t paint him in a better light, but I think it was necessary for the narrative to put that final punctuation mark on Makorra and demonstrate why they’re incompatible, while also making it clear that both parties would still care for one another. 

One thing that confuses me about Masami 2.0 is the people who argue that Asami is “predatory,” as if their only interactions are the kiss at the end of 2x06 and then their scenes in The Guide. The ease at which the two talk/flirt in 2x10 suggests to me that they were messing around in between that time, but either way Mako is clearly receptive to Asami’s affection. They both know it’s a mistake, which is why they both deny it to Bolin, but at the end of the day it’s the distraction they both want. It’s just…emotionally real. And wonderfully flawed.

So that’s what I mean by “come around.”

anonymous asked:

Even though I think that Korra and Asami definitely take turns being big spoon/little spoon, for weeks after Hiroshi's death, (after the first and biggest wave of the grieving process) Korra has to be super-protective big spoon because Asami feels so vulnerable/fragile, and feeling Korra wrapped around her is the only way she can fall asleep at night because Korra's what's holding her together

yep, i hardcore support this one, i also think that korra just likes holding her so she’s usually the big spoon regardless, and she also gets too warm when she’s the little spoon so even if asami’s the one holding her, by morning they end up switching in their sleep

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Bryke said one of the themes in Book 4 is forgiveness. There is one clip from the trailer that a lot of people speculate might show Zaheer's prison. Do you think she's going to forgive Zaheer?

I could see something like that happening.

The thing with Korra, though, is that forgiveness is actually pretty natural for her.  She doesn’t hold grudges like Katara did; she forgave Tarrlok immediately when she saw him in Amon’s prison, seemed to pity Noatak after his mask came off, and was disappointed that she couldn’t save Unalaq.

For someone like Korra, it seems more likely that she’d struggle to let go of the feelings of helplessness that he’d provoked than that she’d struggle to let go of anger.  I can’t see there being any personal hate there so much as the impersonal desire to destroy the source of her feelings of vulnerability that we sometimes see in her.

When people shit on Mako and blame him for everything that happened between Team Avatar

Yes, Mako handled his situation with Asami and Korra in a shitty way and he had to be called out on it, which I’m glad they did in the last episode. But it seems like everyone just lets Korra and Asami off the hook for the shitty way they dealt with things too, which is completely unfair.

Korra handled things really badly, namely acting on her feelings for Mako even though she knew he was already in a relationship, and then blowing up at him whenever he tried to give her his support or rationalise things. And Korra had just as much to do with their break up as Mako did. They were both totally immature and just not ready for a serious relationship. Korra was too hotheaded and irrational and Mako was too much of a people pleaser.

And Asami didn’t help the situation either. Yes, Mako and Korra were broken up, and Asami “technically” wasn’t doing anything wrong, but it was morally shitty of her to kiss Mako knowing that he had just broken up with Korra and that they were all feeling upset and vulnerable. Even though they weren’t best buddies, Asami and Korra were still friends and she was not respecting Mako and Korra’s relationship or her friendship with Korra (just as Korra hadn’t done the same when Mako was dating Asami).

And tbh, if the roles were reversed and it was Mako kissing Asami after she had just gone through a break up with a mutual friend, y’all would be shitting on him and saying that he was taking advantage of her vulnerability and being a shit friend to everyone. So let’s stop pretending that Asami is a perfect princess, because she’s not. Neither is Korra. Nor Mako.

(And like yeah tbh I was really disappointed that Mako tried to invalidate his relationship with Asami to justify his actions - I don’t think that it was consistent with his development since Book 1 and I think that Bryke gave him that line just so Wu, Grandma Yin and Tu would have a cue to call him out on his mistakes and explain that he’s too much of a people pleaser, but whatever. I’m glad he admitted it in the end and it just means that he still has some maturing to do, just like everyone else.)

I am not justifying Mako’s bad decisions, but it is totally unfair that he gets all the blame for the shit that has happened between these characters. I get that Mako stuffed up more than the others, but if you try to justify Korra and Asami’s actions by saying they were confused, stressed or upset, or in any way negatively affected by the situation, and you don’t give Mako the same benefit, you are a hypocrite.