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  • Steve: i hate the stupid outfit, i am a glorified puppet, i am a dancing monkey, and i am wearing tights, couldn't even give me a nice cotton/nylon blend for pants
  • Bucky: hey, steve babe, ur umm, ur gonna be keeping that outfit right?
  • Steve: i have always loved the outfit, i wouldn't want any other outfit, i'll wear the tights all the time, i don't even need other clothes

Daryl Dixon’s puppy headbutt | Carol 5.01 “No Sanctuary” // Rick 7.08 “Hearts Still Beating”

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Christmas 5 years ago...

I just realized what Mycroft had to deal with at that time:

1.) Bond Air / Coventry conundrum

2.) Sherlock’s melancholy because of Irene Adler’s death

3.) Moriarty

4.) Eurus

5.) Running the UK (more or less)

People CLEARLY don’t give that man enough credit. Holy wow!!

philkas @ pride

okay so i havent seen this done and i wasnt feeling like doing an actual fic but i have so many headcanons about this

  • philip is the one that initially brings it up. he doesnt even ask lukas to go; theyre just hanging out and he mentions that its happening that weekend. 
  • he isnt expecting lukas to ask if he could go. he agrees, of course, because all he wants is for lukas to be able to accept who he is. 
    • lukas is shocked he even voiced his wanting to go. but part of him wants to go somewhere where absolutely everyone is okay with who he is.
    • he knows that being gay isnt inherently wrong; he knows its the homophobia he grew up around/internalized
    • he cant help but be excited. terrified, but excited. 
  • lukas ends up talking to rose, who tells him that shes going, and taking this girl she kinda likes, and some other kids from school are going, too. 
    • all of a sudden lukas is exposed to other lgbt people at school. theyre accepting and seem to just get it
    • anyways, they all plan to meet up for the parade and walk around and see everything 
    • “its your first pride we have to go all out”
  • lukas doesnt want to dress up or anything, but when rose shows up to philips house the morning of with two black shirts with rainbows on the front, lukas takes it. he puts a flannel on over it, and laughs when philip comes out wearing one of his flannels, too. 
    • rose has on a shirt proclaiming Pan Pride
  • before they leave, helen and gabe come down the stairs outfitted in rainbows head to toe
    • Gabe has a love is love shirt on
    • philip is kinda embarrassed, but the minute she sees Helen’s shirt (im not gay but my son is) he just gets this giant smile on his face.
      • philip didnt grow up around homophobia, not the way lukas did. it was around, but in the city, being gay wasnt as taboo. 
      • still it isnt something he ever broadcasted. he definitely didnt have his mom walking around with a shirt like that.
      • but here is helen and gabe, and theyre supporting him and his dumb boyfriend, and they accept him for who he is.
  • so they get there!! and lukas is super overwhelmed. its bright and loud and there are so many people. theyre all happy and theyre dancing and lukas can feel the excitement radiating. 
    • he’s never been open about being gay like this. he didnt even think it would be something he would ever be okay with
      • hes getting there. but he isnt quite there yet
    • anyways!!! he sees all these people (girls holding hands with girls, boys holding hands with boys, etc)
    • there are people kissing and laughing and dancing and lukas has never felt so okay
    • he super tentatively reaches over and takes philips hand. philip just looks over at him and gets this tiny smile on his face. he doesnt say anything, of course, but he pulls lukas into the crowd
    • gabe and helen end up talking to a set of lesbians who recognized gabe from the vet.
    • in the middle of the parade, rose catches a beaded necklace and gives it to the girl she came with, giving her a huge smile. 
      • eventually the two sneak away. philip and lukas see them kissing in an alleyway, the rainbow paint that was smeared on Rose’s cheeks now all over the other girls fingers
    • they meet lots of people. sometimes they ask lukas if philip is his boyfriend, and he doesnt hesitate to say yes. yes, he is. isnt he adorable?
    • it isnt just new for lukas. philip is happier than hes been in weeks. standing here, surrounded by love and acceptance, he doesnt even remember what if feels like to hurt. 
    • ryan kane, his mom, the cabin, all of it goes away.
    • it goes away because lukas is holding his hand, and kissing him in public, and giving him that goofy smile philip loves so much.
    • and it goes away for lukas, too, because he feels more loved than he ever has. he feels loved by philip and by his friends (new and old) and he feels loved by every other member of the lgbt community. 
      • on days like today, theyre all a big family. happy. free. proud
      • and that, that is everything. 

alex danvers is my star. i would lie down on burning hot coals for that woman. she is strength and determination personified. i mean, ever since kara arrived, alex has felt so inadequate. she’s never felt like she measured up, and even now she still worries about being a disappointment. but alex danvers is supergirl’s hero. kara zor-el, who can fly, lift an airplane, and shoot lasers from her eyes, looks at alex with respect and admiration. not only because she’s her sister, and not just because of her work for the deo. no, alex has always been kara’s hero. ever since they were kids and she realized what an amazing listener alex is. since alex protected her from the bullies at school. since kara, dropped onto a foreign planet, looked at her new sister and saw something familiar mirrored in alex…a desire to protect. but what gets me is that alex sees these amazing traits in kara…her strength, her bravery, her selflessness. but what she doesn’t see is that so much of what shaped kara into the superhero she is, came from watching alex.


I thought, I saw a man brought to life //
He was warm, he came around and he was dignified //
He showed me what it was to cry //

Leo ∞ Taurus ∞ Pisces ∞ Gemini

Well, you couldn’t be that man I adored //
You don’t seem to know //
Seem to care what your heart is for //

Sagittarius ∞ Capricorn, ∞  Cancer ∞ Libra

So I guess the fortune teller’s right //
Should have seen just what was there //
And not some holy light //

Aries ∞ Virgo ∞ Scorpio ∞ Aquarius


I need you to talk to Ellie, and to Morgan and my friends, and-and-and – and tell ‘em… I don’t know, I– Look, if I’m supposed to be dead just say something… that will make it okay, that will make ‘em feel alright.


❝I’m no longer that weak little girl who wept in her bed. Because my brother and everyone else came for me. That’s reason enough for me to fight in this nightmarish world. Innocence, if you can take my feelings and covert them to power to protect everyone, then I will follow you. I’ll follow you until the end of time, wherever you may lead. But…In the end, you must promise to let me return to my brother’s side. So I’m begging you, please say, “take care”. Because I want to laugh and say “I’m home” again.❞

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Hey Yall

read sharp zero


I don’t remember when I drew all these x)

Well… I was wanted to say that I really love Lyndon. I think for me this character is important. Why? That’s a little bit hard question and I have few answers on it… but I won’t tell it in public, hahah, sorry :)

(these words was planned to be in post FULL of Lyndon, but things comes different cuz I love all Dez’s kids ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

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I'm new here and I've gotta ask, if Undyne and Alphys are swapped, then how come Undyne looks like she's in better shape than Alphys? I only ask because Alphys looks like she's fat instead of muscular.

Well, Alphys muscles aren’t sculpted like you typically see muscles on models and in movies/Tv shows, but doesn’t mean she is fat. She just isn’t “cut.” Just like just because Undyne is skinny doesn’t mean shes “fit.” 

Muscles actually used for strength don’t look like you would typically think they do. Most the things you see in movies and all that are “for show” muscles and while yes, they are strong, they aren’t nearly as strong as muscles meant for pure strength. This lovely lady here

is a woman who has built muscle purely for strength and Alphys is modeled more after someone like her. Alphys doesn’t build muscle for show, she builds them to kick butt and because of her natural body type and stature, she ends up looking more like the lady above. Alphys is thick and short, more compact. So she can come off as “chubby” sometimes when really she isn’t at all. 

Shes definitely got muscles. They just aren’t “chiseled” like you typically see, as my husband puts it. Shes also got wide hips and thick stomach muscles. I need to draw them one day just because swol women make me happy. 

Even if she truly had more body fat, she could still be fit and strong af, making her a powerful Guard Captain. Like a sumo. Those guys can be scary.

And trust me, Undyne in RB isn’t fit. She’s just lucky enough to be one of those people whose always skinny. She’s strong enough to lift some machinery, but ends up using other machines or calling DPB or Alphys to come help her lift the heavy things. She doesn’t have much muscle really. Though sometimes she wishes she had the proper motivation to build up some.  

Sorry this was so long. You know when you see a long post from this blog, it’s 99% of the time from me or I had a big hand in it. I can’t keep things short to save my life. 

~ Sol


Erin being a Badass Action Hero ™ + Abby’s heart eyes (Ghostbusters)