i like it tho this movie was really pretty idk how i feel about the rest of it

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i think i saw something about ur ask being open for prompts? if so, could u maybe do some post-banging headcanons for the chocobros & their s/o? honestly i am just thirsty as heckity for fluffy, giggly post sex cuddles w the boys whoops 🙈 hope you have a great day & your writing goes super!

i’m pretty sure some of this borders on shitposting but like…i firmly believe in all of this

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  • okay so like….we all know that Gladio can be a Beast™ in bed
  • but like pls also imagine genuinely happy, smiling, laughing Gladio after sex
  • like tbh I think the healthiest thing about Gladio’s relationship is that he and his s/o can laugh and kinda make fun of each other after super hardcore sex

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• really caring
• like he really really cares about you
• but he’s really awkward at first
• he isn’t used to being in a relationship so he’s unsure how to act
• he comes across as a little cold
• like even if he’s rolling his eyes at you he really cares about you
• like the type to laugh at you if you trip
• but also to immediately worry in case you hurt yourself
• probably tries to convince you the small scratch needs a band aid
• really sarcastic with you
• “doyoung why you like this”
• “well, y/n on our first date you told me to relax and be myself and now you’ve been suffering the consequences ever since : -)))”

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Make out w/ Vernon (M...ish)

Admin K: Guys, I don’t write these things often so don’t come complaining saying it sucks ‘cause I already know that. Anyway, just read it lol

pairing: vernon x reader 

genre: smut (Ish? not really..idk) 

word count: 875

Warning: touching, kissing, etc. 

(this gif tho, he’s such a tease) 

“Why are you wearing my hoodie?” Vernon asked as his eyes followed you. You walked over to sit beside him on the couch and instantly rested your head on his shoulder.

“Do you mind it? I just preferred your hoodie over my clothes.” He let out a laughed.

“No, I don’t mind but babe, you should cover up a little more. I know it’s big for you but you should at least wear shorts or something.”

“Relax, it’s only us. And I’m wearing underwear anyway, that’s good enough.”

He wrapped his arms around you and gave you a kiss on the top of your head, making you smile.

He settled for your explanation. “Fine, you look nice either way. Just don’t do this when the guys come over.”

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Big brother!Taeyong

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Request: Anonymous said:hii i saw your wrting with boyfriend chanle and thought is it possible to make something like that but with big brother Taeyong instead? thanks !!

A/N: ajgjlrhg idk if this is what u meant or like a bf chenle w taeyong as ur big bro but either way i hope u enjoy and if this wasn’t what u wanted, feel free to request again!!<3

  • uhm one of the best big bros ever???
  • srsly he’s so great
  • he’s always taking care of u and like all he wants is for u to be happy
  • if u still go to school, he’d always want to bring u to school 
  • man he’d even make breakfast for u and wake u up and all that shit
  • most of the time he can’t bring u to school tho bc of his schedule :(((
  • so he sends u a message 
  • ‘hello y/n i hope u have fun at school, don’t forget to eat and learn a lot!!’
  • w loads of emojis
  • zelghjrhgj i feel like when u two were a bit younger you’d always fite tbh
  • probably fight over chocolate ngl
  • it’s okay tho bc in the end he always gives u a piece of his chocolate so :”)))))
  • taeyong is a protective brother tho
  • he rlly doesn’t want u to get hurt
  • he’s protective but like not too much bc like he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to u but at the same time he wants u to be able to learn from ur mistakes??
  • azjfrhgjrhgjh anyways
  • whenever u come to visit taeyong at the dorms he always makes food for u and it makes the rest of the members hungry ajleghjhgjeg
  • taeyong gives them a bit too ok but like ofc they have to leave some food for u bc u need to eat too
  • he made it clear to his members tho that he doesnt rlly want any of them to date u bc that would be v weird to him
  • it’s not like he would rlly mind that much but it’d just be a tad bit weird for him ljeghjrhg
  • sometimes he invites u over too to watch horror movies w him
  • it’s ok if ur scared he’s gonna protect u
  • taeyong is always giving u tight hugs when he sees u and he’s always like “wow you’ve grown!!!” even when he just saw u a few days ago aljghhzguhr
  • constantly asking u how it’s going w school and w ur friends
  • man u could talk shit about ppl to him and he’d listen to every detail and ofc give u advice on how to handle some situations
  • man whenever u have a bad day he’s always ready to listen to everything and to cheer u up
  • he always brings ice cream and chocolate and anything else ur craving w him
  • sometimes he can’t come and see u tho so he just facecalls u and he shows u what the other members r doing aka fooling around
  • ejrhgjrhg which automatically makes u smile
  • and when he smiles he’s happy bc he doesn’t like it to see any of his siblings sad ok
  • omg sometimes u,taeyong and ofc u and ty’s older sister go out together just to catch up and aljjrhg sometimes taeyong ends up crying bc he remembers all of the stuff yall used to do together but now everyone’s growing up :”)))
  • taeyong is the type to buy u loads of gifts for ur bday tbh
  • especially things that you’ve always wanted or things that u saw at the mall but u couldn’t buy it
  • ajegljrhgjhj he probably make u a cake too if he has time
  • hmmm
  • what else can i say
  • the type to bring u to the dance practice room so u can see him dancing tbh
  • and when u cheer on him he’s v happy and he’d always high five u
  • ok but like w every sibling
  • ofc there r fights too
  • and i feel like most of them would be about his protectiveness
  • which kind of makes him a bit sad, bc he knows he shouldn’t be that protective but at the same time he rlly doesn’t want anything bad to happen to u and it’s just alheljghruhg
  • he’d probably call u and then apologise to u and sometimes he cries when he aplogises jeaghjrhgj ofc u apologise too for being a bit rude to him but everything turns out okay so
  • taeyong likes shopping w u
  • and he’s always asking “does this look good on me”
  • “what about this”
  • and ofc he helps u w choosing out clothes too
  • “no not that one, take another colour”
  • “oooooo yes that’s v pretty”
  • in conclusion
  • taeyong is a really great brother
  • :”))

Requested by: anon
Request: I was wondering if you could write one where spencer gets slightly jealous that Morgan calls the reader baby girl and that sort of thing and have a friendship similar to the one that Morgan and Garcia have, and spencer acts kind of distant to everyone and keeps looking up at the reader idk if this makes sense but then she confronts him and he confesses his feelings just fluff pretty much. Yea I love your writing, thank you sm


You had been working at the Behavioral Analysis Unit for almost three years now. Since you started, you had grown to love each and every member as if they were all part of your family - because they were, really. But you’d always had a special bond with Morgan.
He was your first friend on the team. The first day you met, he’d forgotten your name and just settled for calling you “princess.” He still calls you that even after three years. He was like your big brother. You went to him for advice, when you were having a bad day, you even went to him when you needed to talk about a certain guy in your life. He was always there when you needed him, and you knew he always would be.
You sighed as you took a seat at your desk. You hated paperwork. You glanced up to see Reid jetting through his and shook your head with a smile - the man amazed you. Besides Morgan, Reid was probably your best friend out of everyone else on the team. You two spent the most time together outside of work, and you had plenty of stuff in common, but Reid was too someone you thought of as a brother figure. You didn’t know what you felt towards him, but you knew it was strong and special, and absolutely terrifying.
“Hey, Spence? You should take some of my stack.” You suggested teasingly, pointing to the giant stack of files on your desk and sticking your bottom lip out slightly, earning a smile and chuckle from the man. He didn’t say anything, just rolled his chair across the room to your desk and took nearly half of the stack. Your eyes widened as you shook your head, trying to reach for the files, but he was already rolling back to his desk. “Spence, I was kidding. You don’t have to do those.” You said, sending him a grateful smile anyway.
“I know.” He said, his eyes never leaving the paperwork. “Just make it up to me later.” He added, sending you a nervous smile.
“How?” You asked, raising your eyebrows and waiting for him to suggest some kind of weird movie night at his place. However, you never knew what he was going to say, because before he could answer he was interrupted by Morgan.
“Morning, Princess.” He said, kissing the top of your head and smiling down at you. “Morning, Pretty Boy.” He added, nodding at Reid. Reid raised his hand and let out a sigh, going back to his paperwork with his shoulders slumped slightly. He didn’t talk to you for the rest of the day, or any other day for that matter.
For two weeks, he’d avoided you and the team as much as he could. He didn’t speak unless he was spoken to, or unless it was something important to the case. He didn’t go out with the rest of the team and he didn’t joke around with you like he used to. You didn’t know what you did, but you’d make sure you found out.
“Hey, Spence?” You walked up to his desk and sat on the corner, staring down at the man. “I have to talk to you about something really important. Will you meet me in the break room?” You asked, watching as he sighed and hesitated before finally standing up and following you. When you got there, you shut the door behind you and stood in front of it with your arms crossed.
“Alright, Reid. What the hell is wrong with you?” You questioned, using your best glare to stare him down. “You’ve said about fifteen words to me in two weeks. You act like being around me is the worst thing imaginable. What did I do?” You sighed, searching his eyes for some kind of answer. “If you didn’t want to be my friend, you just had to say it.”
“Stop.” Spencer said, holding his hands up and shaking his head. “It isn’t that, I promise.” He added quickly, sighing and looking at the floor.
“Then tell me what it is!” You laughed. You just wanted to fix whatever had went wrong. You missed Spencer. “Talk to me, Spence. Please?”
“Alright, fine. I like you, Y/N. A lot. And it’s pretty obvious that you feel nothing like that towards me…I mean, I’m no Morgan. So, I thought that by pulling back, it’d be easier to get over this feeling…” He admitted, finally meeting your gaze and swallowing thickly.
You didn’t say anything. You just stepped forward and wrapped your arms around his neck. Soon enough, you felt his arms wrap around your waist and you smiled, pressing your face into his shoulder and sighing contently. “By the way, I like you too, Dork.”


I hope you like this! If not, I’m sorry! I tried, haha! I’m sorry it took so long. I’ve been so busy with school and just a bunch of other things!!

If you like this, send me requests! If not, I appreciate constructive criticism! Please be nice tho bc im a v sensitive bean ://

Thank you! I love y'all! xx


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  • WELP there we go my fave meme boi
  • and grease ball
  • but even if he looks like a total flirt and grease ball that’s not totally how Jun really is and you know it
  • he love love loves skinship, especially hugs
  • loves giving backhugs and resting his head on your shoulder
  • maybe whispering something in your ear
  • he loves hugs more than kisses tbh but still loves kisses
  • just any form of skinship because I’m a firm believer that Jun isn’t all to great with words
  • or maybe it’s the language barrier who knows?
  • anyways also speaking about languages he won’t like teach you Mandarin unless you ask for it
  • but boy would he love to teach you, it’s like he doesn’t wanna push you 
  • but if you already know (some) Mandarin he will MELT the second you speak some
  • even if the pronunciation is a little off (or totally wrong)
  • even if you never mentioned a word Mandarin he would love to learn some little bit phrases of your first language (if it isn’t mandarin that is) to surprise you
  • which you would also LOVE and his pronunciation will most likely be horrible to not great but it’s the thought that counts
  • he’s a person that would kiss on the first date def
  • have I told you he loves to cuddle?
  • PDA is something strange for Junhui tho like he won’t mind the slightest if you’re cuddling while the members are in the room or idk even his parents but when you go out he might get a little shy when just holding your hand
  • because he’s like, everyone, they know we’re a couple now 
  • and idk with ppl he knows well it’s no problem but even when nobody is looking at him on the streets it’s strange to him
  • 아주 SIN TIME
  • okay so I believe he is a switch in being dominant or submissive 
  • but making out, we were talking about that it’s not that smutty in here
  • I think he isn’t that fond of using tongue altho on some days when he gets real passionate as his dick it can get pretty messy like sloppy and aggressive almost
  • like how do I describe making out with Jun without sex tbh it seems like connected
  • probably because if he gets to steamy making out it’s def at least feeling each other up 
  • but I do also think he has a soft kissing side but that’s like slow sweet kisses almost never with tongue like just sweet long kisses he’s feeling romantic or lazy then
  • maybe both
  • dates for Jun are either totally doing nothing and as lazy as can be or like an amusement park no in between
  • c-can you see he’s my bias atm?
  • will def do those very extra and cheesy moves but totally for fun
  • like the classic yawn at the movies and horrible pickup lines
  • sometimes beyond cliche, sometimes dirty as hell and sometimes just silly 
  • “Do you have a map because I got lost in your eyes” 
  • “Wanna try an Australian kiss? It’s like a french kiss but down under  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)“ 
  • “Are you a vampire? Cause you looked a little thirsty when you looked at me” 
  • just him being lowkey funny 
  • more like background funny like you can basically have a whole convo with just facial expressions
  • and just like when someone does something stupid he’ll look at you like “that dumbass am I right?”
  • all the inside jokes
  • inappropriate comments all the time
  • like when you slap his shoulder for making a stupid joke or something he’ll whisper “Oooh kinky…”
  • also like when you see something totally unappealing, unintentionally dirty or just ridiculous either of you will be like “Rrrr sexy”
  • like he fits a shirt that’s like 2 sizes too small and looks more like a crop top than anything else 
  • which is something he does just to get a laugh out of you
  • you both end up laughing way too hard 
  • or when someone of seventeen makes a horrible meme face and that members starts blushing because “D-did you just…?” 
  • and you both have to explain like no no this is just our kind of humour don’t get embarrassed I wasn’t hitting on you
  • we all know he’s the most immature member of 17 (DK ranked his mental age as 1 lmao rip)
  • so this means v v immature jokes as seen above but he also has this side where he just has deep convos 
  • also the moments when he’s 100% serious is when he says he loves you
  • like he might be smiling maybe even giggling but you know from the tone of his voice he’s not joking for the slightest
  • besides being the fluff funny bf I know he’s not a kid 
  • he can sometimes be very flirting in a seducing way 
  • like he’s actually the king of seducing and he knows it
  • he can sometimes has a some ego and you might have to ground him from time to time
  • moving away from the serious stuff
  • random texts at even more random hours
  • like sometimes just a picture, no description or reason so just a pic of idk a pretty building to a horribly funny meme
  • it’s because they made him think of you
  • but he wouldn’t tell you that if you didn’t ask
  • Jun is for a lot of things a guy like ‘you didn’t ask sooooo I didn’t say/do it’
  • just he’d be a great bf don’t convince me otherwise


Others in the Boyfriend!Series:

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who hogs the duvet

both. they both so they end up. tangled and hot and sweaty and stuck.

who texts/rings to check how their day is going

lance does. he’s gross n romantic n probably thinks abt keith all day. keith is Overwhelmed. “nothing has changed since you last saw me” “yeah but how is your day going? what’s happening? is it fun?” “no….” “u suck at this” “u suck” “i do ;)” keith shoves his phone in his bag and doesn’t touch it for the rest of the day

who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts

lance. probably. handcrafts mixtapes and all sappy shit. while keith’s like. “happy birthday. i didn’t know what to get u but i found these socks and they were blue and had little cacti on them which i thought was kind of funny so i got them for u?” lance wears them until they fall off his feet

who gets up first in the morning

they both like to lie in late and sleep longer than they should (lord let them rest) but eventually lance will because he needs to start his Morning Routine. get that skin glowing boy

who suggests new things in bed

uhhhhh. they both. are like. not great at . suggesting they kind of just try to shyly nudge things in a new direction and then the other one’s all “wait wait wait– you’re into that?” “yes..?” “LMAO THATS SO WEIRD” “we dont have to if u dont wanna” “no get ur ass back on this mattress i wanna do it too babe im sorry”

who cries at movies

lance is probably the more likely of the two. but keith gets really messed up about animal movies. he may not always cry but he gets so distraught.

who gives unprompted massages

lance does. keith tries sometimes, but he’s not very good. leave lance’s bony shoulders for hunk to knead out.

who fusses over the other when they’re sick

lance more effectively so. he has his mum’s soup recipes and knows how to look after a sick whiny guy after seeing her handle him and his brothers. keith tries to return the favour but his soup is sloppy at best and he doesn’t know what else to do but hover uselessly. “don’t worry about me, pretty boy, i just gotta sleep it off.” “u sure?” “yes. u can go do ur own thing.” “u dont need anything before i go?” “i mean if u want…a cuddle would be nice.” “ok a cuddle i can do that”

who gets jealous easiest

they’re both prone, but probably lance?

who has the most embarrassing taste in music

like…..i was gonna say lance but then i thought about keith and all his emo anthems so

who collects something unusual

keith doesn’t mean to but he has a lot of junk? he doesn’t know how he got most of it, but “it might be important one day”

who takes the longest to get ready

lance. though keith can take a surprisingly long time to choose an outfit

“i don’t get it. why does it take you so long to pick the same black jeans and shirt every day?” “these aren’t the same jeans and shirt!” “they are! they’re black! like the ones you wore yesterday, and the day before, and the day before–” “no, yesterday my shirt was lighter grey! and these jeans are tighter, don’t pretend like u didn’t notice that! plus these ones have the tears in the knees that i like.”

who is the most tidy and organised

neither of them tbh. their shared apartment would look like something out of an apocalypse movie set. their friends would be disgusted except they’ve also seen pidge’s place and, well, in comparison to that, anything is clean.

who gets most excited about the holidays

lance because he actually like. had a family that celebrated stuff with him. but as they go through the years together, keith learns the excitement too. the holidays become really special to him; that time he can spend with his friends and family and watching lance be so happy and cute with his family…he Treasures that.

who is the big spoon/little spoon

i couldn’t decide for this so i Phoned A Friend and she showed me the light:

“i feel like it would be a competition to see who gets to be big spoon 85% of the time. the rest depends on if one is feeling down or sick or wanting comfort or something.”

+ he’s loathe to admit it but lance secretly loves being little spoon as well so he’s never too upset if he loses the Big Spoon Wrestle

creds to my loveliest @something-something-lemonade

who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports

they’re both v competitive but probably lance by a slim margin (though keith generally wins Everything)

who starts the most arguments

listen……friend…..have u seen the show

who suggests that they buy a pet

a dog follows keith home one day. “he followed me.” says keith. “i didnt know how to get rid of him.”

“I LOVE HIM!” lance cries, throwing himself on the dog. “HE’S BEAUTIFUL THIS IS THE BEST GIFT YOU’VE EVER GOTTEN ME!”

what couple traditions they have

whenever they go somewhere with prize-winning type games, lance always always plays until he wins something for keith. also on fb for birthdays they always try and one-up each other to see who can find and post the most embarrassing photos/quotes

what tv shows they watch together

listen they watch space documentaries and reality tv and whatever show is the new big thing on netflix they watch everything and they eat chocolate cake while they watch and lance always ends up with his legs over keith’s lap when they’re finished their cake and put their empty plates on the floor (more than once, lance has trodden on a plate while getting up during an ad break to get more snacks/pop to the loo)

what other couple they hang out with

we don’t know many other characters in the voltron ‘verse, but obviously the rest of the paladin gang and any of their significant others. tho normally they just hang out with pidge and hunk, like a friends thing

how they spend time together as a couple

just being around each other. out and about together, staying in together. something as simple as grocery shopping is it’s own little fun game when it’s just the two of them with shopping carts and long aisles to race through. going out for take out, gaming, they probably go to the gym together and compete over weights and Everything else. they do the household chores together and ride around on keith’s motorbike/in lance’s car and they pull faces at each other in the mirror while they clean their teeth. i also have this vivid mental image of them just. chilling on the couch in various Touching positions, quietly on their phones, showing each other memes or vines every so often. they end up lying on top of each other talking about the alien conspiracy documentary they watched the other night or about this new uni assignment that lance is dreading having to do. idk just. all the little things.

who made the first move

i mean…….if we aren’t counting canon things: lance…but only after he Knew For Sure keith was Gay.

who brings flowers home

lance is the gross romantic he brings home the flowers “some yellow roses to brighten up your day!” “are u friendzoning me?” “what? no i bought u flowers! im being Gay” “yeah but yellow roses are for friendship” “oh..i… No im not– besides– how do u even know that since when do u care about flower meanings?”

who is the best cook

keith burns everything whereas lance has a binder full of his mother’s home recipes so you tell me

Diego Luna Filmography Exploration Part 1 of ?

Y Tu Mama Tambien
VERY GOOD MOVIE. Weird though in ways I was not expecting and the fast talking voiceover reminded me a lot of Amelie even tho this voiceover was sad while the Amelie one was like ‘there was a fly and a dog ate the fly and then the dog got hit by a car and survived and traveled to Canada.’ But overall this was a MUCH sadder movie than I expected but I enjoyed Diego and Gael Garcia Bernal immensely (I have Rudo y Cursi from the library I’m watching that tomorrow). There was a humor throughout the film but also a deep thread of bittersweetness. Maribel Verdú as Luisa was stunning and wonderful if maybe a touch unrealistic(or maybe the most patient woman on the planet idk she puts up with a lot). Overall it felt like a snapshot of a culture that I do not know very well and it was wonderful to see that captured on film.
8/10 Charolastras.

Open Range
This is a very cheesy western. Very VERY cheesy which a lot more time spent on Kevin Costner’s angst and man pain than was remotely necessary. Diego Luna has a secondary role as a field-hand? A ranch-hand? He helps Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall herd the cows. And his name is Button…why yes you heard me right, BUTTON. As in 'cute as a…’ It’s a ridiculous name but I did recently watch a movie where three brothers were named Kid, Son, and Boy, I shit you not, so there are worse names I guess? Anyway BUTTON has some cute scenes with fellow herder man Mose, played by Abraham Benrubi(look him up you will certainly recognize him from things). Button is supposed to be 16, he acts like he’s 12 and after some cute pouting and a weird scene where he is cleaning his feet???? Some shit goes down and he ends up being kind of a damsel in distress. He’s injured and spends a hefty two thirds of movie unconscious. There’s good stuff in this movie kind of? Annette Benning is a nurse and she’s kind of a badass here and there. Michael Gambon is the villanous leader of the town who just fucking HATES cow herder people so obviously shootouts and such ensue, thats most of the plot. Be warned a dog gets killed in this movie so if that turns you off anything ever skip this. Honestly the movie is worth it for me just for this scene(I hate that they are condescending on his first language but his line delivery cracks me up)
5/10 weird feet cleaning scenes.

The Terminal
This was more of a rewatch but its what made Diego Luna stick in my memory to begin with and like…this whole movie is like a cup of hot cocoa(the kind with the tiny marshmallows). It’s very cute and easy and almost comforting in its sweetness. The basic plot(for those who perhaps weren’t alive back in 2004) Tom Hanks plays Viktor Navorski and he hails from the fictional Eastern European country of Krakhozia(the rest of the world is the same btw this takes place in 2004 New York there’s just a tiny made up Eastern European country). And after he lands in New York with a mission to keep a family promise, Krakhozia undergoes some sort of revolution and his country is no longer recognized as a country or something? Basically his visa and passport won’t work. They can’t send him back to his country or let him into ours so he ends up living in the airport and cute shit happens. In the year 2017 this film maybe has a few minor problems. Just the general way women are written and discussed and even sweet, sweet Diego wants to break Zoe Saldana like a 'wild stallion.’ The bulk of his storyline is that he is in love with Zoe Saldana who playes Delores Torres, a security person who stamps visas and papers and things and also she’s a Trekkie ahaha this was 5 years before the first Star Trek reboot film. They put that detail in just because Saldana is a Trekkie which is great. Stanley Tucci is still my favorite and he is great in this film as the head of the airport guy who cannot stand the presence of Viktor in his precious airport. Catherine Zeta Jones is kind of a love interest for Viktor and it’s pretty contrived. Also thanks to subtitles I now know that Viktor speaks Bulgarian but there’s a scene where he is able to very easily communicate with a dude speaking Russian…I have a feeling that would not work not all. But in the end it’s a cute and charming Steven Speilberg film, so an easy recommendation for anybody else making this journey into Luna’s filmography. His role is a secondary one but he remains fairly present throughout and is very cute, even in a terrible orange jumpsuit.
8/10 fictional Eastern European countries

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights
The crown jewel of Diego Luna’s filmography before Rogue One. I’m sorry I can’t hear your objections over how much I love this GARBAGE MOVIE. It’s terrible. Literally the worst and Diego Luna is so cute and charming in it please watch it immediately. Laugh at the weird postcards to Havana opening that’s so cheesy it should be removed from the history of cinema. Enjoy the whitebread love interest that’s supposed to be ANY KIND OF COMPETITION to Diego Luna’s Javier Suarez. A Cuban boy whose brother really cares about the Cuban revolution that’s happening (because this takes place in the 1950s and that was a thing that was happening), meanwhile Diego Luna just wants to DANCE. And I say let him. Watching Luna wiggle his little butt, and also dance quite competently was an unparalleled delight. Don’t expect this movie, set during the Cuban Revolution that led to Fidel Castro taking power, to have ANY OPINIONS ABOUT THAT THING…because OH LOOK ANOTHER DANCE MONTAGE. The fact that all these character’s lives will get precipitously worse after this movie ends is not even an after thought, let’s all dance to MYA INSTEAD. This movie is meant to take place during the 1950s but the soundtrack is Mya, Jazze Pha, Christina Aguilera, and The Black Eyed Peas and it’s hilarious (it does have some time and location appropriate music but they do their big dance number to MYA I LITERALLY CANNOT EVEN). This movie is from 2004 but it DEFINITELY has that 90s feel to it. Not to mention the weird/dumb moments the movie just doesn’t care to deal with. There’s a sequence where Diego Luna and The Girl(played by Romola Garai from The Hour and good BBC shit) get accosted by the cops and she gets away but HE DOESN’T. Is she worried about her new love interest at all and whether he survived that run in with the cops? NOPE TIME FOR A CUTE DANCE PRACTICE MONTAGE. Then he SHOWS UP with a small bruise on his face and he too ENJOYS HER CUTE DANCE PRACTICE…this movie is terrible please watch it. The plot is literally nothing. Patrick Swayze ACTUALLY SHOWS UP FOR AN EXTENDED CAMEO WHICH IS HILARIOUS. What happened to Baby? Is she still in a corner? DONT WORRY ABOUT IT. January Jones and John Slattery from Mad Men are in this which is a funny connection. Romola Garai has been good in things since this movie but there are certain scenes where she comes off as wooden or blank. After you’ve watched it feel free to send me an ask about how much you enjoyed this trash experience.
9/10 Cute dance montages(ignoring all political and social ramifications of these real life events)

And for those who are more familiar with his Spanish language work feel free to give me recommendations. I know he’s directed one or two films so those are tentatively on the list. Right now I’m just picking based on Rotten Tomatoes scores and only half of his work from Mexico even has a score.

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If I wanted to play/watch/? Fate how would I go about doing so? Like where would I start

Well the easiest way to go about it would be to watch the Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night [Unlimited Blade Works] anime, idk about Zero but Stay Night is on crunchyroll and the dub is on netflix apparently. You can watch then in any order, Zero comes first chronologically but Stay Night was written first so it doesn’t really matter and both orders have their merit. There’s also an old anime and movie of Stay Night from 2006 and 2010 respectively but those are terrible don’t watch them unless you’re drunk off your ass.

After that you can basically do whatever in any order tbh, most fate/things are only connected in that they play in roughly the same universe and use the same magic concepts, and there’s so much of it that nobody in their right mind expects you to have read/played/watched everything or even the majority of stuff. Most instalments have a bunch of cross referencing and even reusing of side characters going on but none of it is central to the main storyline.

Literally any post on how to get into Fate/series will always come down to “you really gotta play the VN” tho so. Please play the VN if you have time. It’s pretty long and heavy with three routes that have to be played in order for the best result but there’s so much good content in there that just didn’t make it into the anime (if only because the anime is only one route). Make sure you get the rerelease though, it’s called Fate/Stay Night [Realta Nua] and lets you play the routes in any order, and it removed the infamously terrible sex scenes (unless you’re into that in which case feel free to get the original im not kinkshaming)

There’s a lot more fate/stuff to get into but Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero are the most central and the most accessible so I’m gonna list the rest under a cut

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화양연화 on stage : prologue theories by Admin Thirst

Since there has been many theories regarding the prologue and mv and all those, myself and the other admins have been keeping a close eye on people’s take on it. I myself have came up with a few theories that I am going to boldly claim today. At some points it will probably make not a lot of sense (and I do get too excited and get carried away a lot of the time), and yes I will admit that my thinking into this have probably is built upon all the other theories I’ve read online (forgive me but i do not remember where and from who i’ve read from so i won’t be referencing them, but god bless everyone of you who posted their theories online, theyre amazing and honestly very inspiring). But hey, I’m just sharing my take on it. If you think otherwise, feel free to drop me a message and we can debate about it! And at times if you think I’ve got the fact wrong then please do correct me. At the end of the day, these are all just our guesses and nothing has been confirmed right? (yeah screw you BigHit and Bang PD-nim for toying with our patience and curiosity ㅠㅠ)

Okay, let me stop this crap-talking and start my theory.

OK so I would like to point out the order of the events that happened. I was hit with realisation when Admin Hay pointed out that the timeline of events that happened was very confusing. Yes, I have to agree with her. But as a drama student, I am guessing that this is all just an act by the playwright to make us even more confused as to whether the boys are dead or alive. After all, the MV of I Need U only showed one part of the truth, and most likely the ending (?) of each boy. However, the prologue, and let me repeat it once again, the prologue is a teaser for 화양연화pt2 album, as well as the events that happened prior to the MV of INU. Of course one could argue that ‘prologue’ is referring to the events that happens before the actual 화양연화 on stage thing, but – (Idk i cannot explain)

Let’s assume that Yoongi Namjoon Hoseok Jimin Jungkook have died from the INU MV, and we shall call them dead5. Tae is taehyung, and Jinnie is Jin.

AND FORGIVE MY HIDEOUS UN-HD SCREENCAPS i am too lazy to do any edits or shit bc im so hyped up to type all these theories i’ve had. :> screencaps are from the eng sub of the prologue: http://youtu.be/4N7oPqkf6sw

1. Dead5 dies from INU MV. I won’t go further into the reasons why they committed, because that would take me forever to understand why exactly, but assuming that either for love or for some personal reasons that they did in fact commit suicide and all died already during the time period of the MV.

2. Taehyung kills the man and consumed by his guilt, he commits suicide by jumping off. This is actually from the end of the prologue, where Tae is standing on top of the metal building thing.

I think this is when Taehyung and Jin were the only two left alive (a point I read off someone), therefore Jin looked the most concerned when Tae climbed up the metal building thing - he doesn’t want to lose another of his brothers. 


apologies for accidentally screencaptured jinnie’s derp face…

I’m not saying dead5 wants Taehyung dead, but they weren’t too worried when Taehyung looked like he was ready to end his life. Taehyung’s smile could also mean, “my brothers wait for me, I am coming”. 


I mean, c’mon that is such a cheesey scene from films no? (and I’m not trying to diss the vid as well, but his smile most likely meant that bc it’s such a common gesture used in films). I won’t say dead5 is persuading him to die, but at least they make it known to him that no matter what they’ll always be there for him.

And why do I say Tae and Jin are probably the only two left alive at that point? Because Taehyung looks only at Jin before walking up the metal shit. 


Why didn’t he look at the others too? In the end they are really close friends so does that mean he doesn’t care about the others? No. I would boldly say that dead5 don’t even exist - they’re ghosts. or spirits or wtv you call them. Plus, tae dying = reunited with dead5 so why worry about hurting spirits when you’re most likely going to hurt Jin, who is alive and you’re probably his only person to rely on, to cling on.

So, why would the screenwriter put that at the end if it happened earlier? I can tell you many screenwriters and playwrights love to use flashbacks to begin a story with, and why? Because it hits the audience a lot harder than narrating it from the beginning to the end. It makes sense if you think about it this way - starting off with ot7 being all happy and bonding together, making great memories, and then BAM! taehyung commits. pretty sad right? screenwriters are building the happiness and warmth, comfort in you and then with a depressing scene as tae committing, your emotion drops to a low. And as you think that’s the end (referring to the end credits), as you think OH GOD WHAT DID TAEHYUNG JUST DO—- screenwriters hit you with another BAM! why isn’t yoongi in the polaroid? what does that mean? creating more ??????? than there already are floating in your heads. I feel ya all sista, THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME. WHY ISN’T IT OCTOBER ALREADY. OCTOBER IS SO FAR AWAY. I feel ya.

3. Taehyung wakes up on a worn out mattress in the middle of a dried up pool, in “afterlife”. You might think, hey but there ain’t afterlife. It’s a god damn movie, everything is possible. I will boldly say that Taehyung decided to commit not only because he wanted to escape from his guilt, but he also knew that dead5 would be waiting for him. And yes, ok he didn’t exactly wake up on the mattress but he did open his eyes when dead5 arrived as if he had just woken up. Maybe realisation hit him that he was dead? IDK. But I want to point out that notice how dead5 is always together, in a sense that Jin nor Tae were with them in majority of the time. Dead5 were jogging together in the bushes towards the emptied pool, knowing that Tae was there. perhaps they were heading to find him and welcome him? because theyre reunited? They did say “You can smile as long as we’re together”.


Taehyung definitely looks a lot happier, and smiles a lot more than before he committed (which is in the end).


Also, isn’t it weird how jin never appeared until jungkook says he’s over there. Jin is also stood in a pretty secluded area, with the video-camera in hand. I wonder if he’s actually filming them or if he’s watching over the videos and reminiscing the time they had together (This was a point I read from another user). Nonetheless, Jin never really participated in what the dead5 + Tae was doing, he was so focused on the film thing. He even took group photos without himself. What???


apologies jiminie i couldnt screencap you LOL

4. Finally, Jinnie is left all alone because Taehyung committed and so did the others. He is only left with the film tape and all those shit to reminisce his time with his brothers. I’ll also point out that the video footages do look kind of creepy, as if it’s from a CCTV or a spirit detector or some shit. IDK, but they don’t look natural to me, but wtv. It could just be Jinnie’s video-cam or the format of his vids are old.

Another thing is, remember the BTS TRILOGY EPISODE 1: BTS BEGINS?????????? AND HOW JINNIE’S POSTER WAS THE ONLY ONE WHERE IT’S SUPER DEPRESSING AND ALL THAT SHIT BC HE’S TAKING PILLS AND NOT SMILING??????????? IDK if this has any relation to the new album pt1 and pt2, but IT MAKES SENSE TO ME. Jin is delusional (therefore he needs medication), because he sees his dead friends. perhaps he’s denying the truth that they died? idk. another thing is dead5 + tae looked really happy, doing what they like in the BEGINS posters – they’re being freed from the pain of living and reality, and enjoying afterlife maybe??? IDK, this whole part is entirely a random guess because i am still so stubborn about why jin’s poster was so depressing + we have yet to have an explanation for that. do correct me if i am wrong with the explanation to his poster part tho, and if you could do link me the explanation? x

OK so that’s done with the timeline and the part of my theory where I’ve given most thought about + most confident to share. But I also have little pieces of other theories here:

  • None of them really talks in the whole god damn 12 min long video, except Jin. The way they express is by expressions or body language. On one special occasion though did Namjoon write on the mirror, saying “You Need To Survive”. I know this will not make sense, but there is a possibility that Taehyung cannot really see the others when he was still alive. I know he was interacting with them, but IDK. I can’t find a reason why Namjoon would randomly write that. I assume the message was meant for Tae. (btw min yoongi put thAT GOD DAMN LIGHTER AWAY FROM YOU JESUS CHRIST) HOLD UP. I WAS WRITING POINT 2 AND I FIGURED OUT NAMJOON’S MESSAGE WAS PROBABLY MEANT FOR JIN, NOT TAE. BC THE REST ARE DEAD AND ONLY JIN IS LEFT ALIVE, NAMJOON TELLS HIM HE NEEDS TO LIVE DESPITE THE CIRCUMSTANCES IN FRONT OF HIM. so this all camping shit probably happened after taehyung died.
  • When Jin asked the rest of the boys “Should we go here”, while holding the washed out polaroid, the others only replied by nodding instead of by words. Also in a bit later during the driving scene, if you look carefully you can see that Jinnie was the one driving. This could mean that all these camping and beach trips weren’t actually ot7 hanging out, but Jin going alone while hallucinating that his brothers are still with him - or that he could see their spirits. IDK. Choose one that suits you best lol. He helps dead5 + Tae to take the group pic but himself is not in it - I wonder why. 

In korea the steering wheel is on the right hand side, same with hong kong (our city). namjoon is seated in the passenger seat at the front, which is on the right; yoongi and hoseok are in the backseats, and maknae line is on the back of the car. that would leave jinnie in the driver’s seat.

  • There is one thing I am confused about thought. Jinnie did a selfcam thing, and they were all filmed. IDK what that meant, and why were they recorded if none of them showed up in the polaroids.

  • Aha. Lyrics of “Butterfly”. Not sure if everyone has seen the rough translation to the lyrics of “Butterfly” yet, but if you put it into the context of the prologue, it sounds awfully like it is sung from Jinnie’s perspective. Should we analyse each line, in context of the prologue, to the best we can?

Admin Hay found this from suga_world on instagram.

dont think about anything, dont even talk about anything. just smile at me” – sounds like Jinnie is denying the deaths of the boys, right? he only wants to capture their smiles, and the happiness of being together.

I still cant beleive this, i think this is all a dream” – again, jin is trying to deny that theyre dead. why? simple. attachment and the genuine feeling he has for his dear friends, if not brothers.

don’t try to disappear” – i think this is relevant to the prologue as to how jin is always holding the video-cam, trying to capture every moment of the boys because he, in his consciousness, knows that they will soon fade away because theyre nothing but images in his head/spirits who don’t belong in the human realm.

is it true? is it true” – i think again, he is denying the truth. the truth is too painful for him to bear and to accept, therefore he is questioning whether this is the truth. if this song could be used in the perspective of jin in this whole hwayeonyonghwa, i think this questioning definitely make him sound like he is mentally disturbed.

“will you please stay here? will you promise me? if i touch you would you fly off? would you break?” – ok so, let’s say the boys were in fact spirits. if jinnie touched him, would they just vanish into thin air bc they never existed in the first place? like how we probably think spirits would disappear? idk. this is a pure guess again.

i’m scared, i’m scared” – isn’t this exactly what jin is trying to convey? he is afraid of losing his best friends, and yet he lost all of him one after one. this is also why namjoon left the message for him, telling jinnie that he “needs to survive”.

can you stop time? when this time passes would this time become nothing?” – idk, but ‘nothing’ sounds to me as if jin is left alone and lonely, and without his friends therefore he has ‘nothing’. he wants time to stop so that he can cherish this moment, where he can still see his friends/be with his friends.

would you forget me?” – again, let’s just pretend jinnie was the only one left alive. jinnie is indeed looking over at videos bc he misses his brothers. why did he take so many vids? bc he was afraid that one day, after their deaths, he would forget them. of course the whole prologue thing and how he held to the flowers (white flowers may i add. i’ll disregard the whole suffocating death theory for jin, but white flowers are mainly used for memorial purposes – are those flowers supposed to be for the boys? i wonder) in the INU MV, probably showed that he won’t forget about them. but what about for the boys? they’re in afterlife, and they would be reincarnated to the next time – that means they will have to forget about jin, no matter how much they don’t want to.

That is probably all I have so far (and all I am confident to share). Then again, I am up for a debate about different opinions, because it’s fun to know how one piece of artwork could be interpreted in different ways. Have fun theorising 화양연화 on stage : prologue :)

PS have a cutie patootie the love of my life aka park jimin <3 oh how i wish i could go on a road trip around korea with him :(((((((

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Hi~~ Can you do the skinship timeline with Jimin, please? :) Thank you! ♥️

I haven’t started writing or even thinking about this yet but I predict I will die of bias feels midway. SO. Lets get started. This is going to be long.

Holding hands: everyone knows jiminnie wants to hold hands and he will definitely really want to hold hands – so much so that he will practically be…I don’t know how to say this…hungry for it? HE’D JUST REALLY REALLY WANT TO HOLD HANDS SEE everything else be damned and he really really wants to do it as soon as possible because he strikes me as the type to want to show off to the world HEY LOOK THIS IS MY GIRLFRIEND with the help of PDA and literally the only thing that would probably be a halting factor would be the fear that he’d come off as too pushy and that you’d leave him because of that which hah why would you because excuse me um Park fucking Jimin but back to the point. He’d think and think and think and just about kill himself over how badly he wants to hold your hand but IS THIS THE RIGHT TIME HAVE YOU PROGRESSED ENOUGH WITH YOUR RELATIONSHIP?? Eventually it’ll get so much he’d just ask you like hey can I hold your hand? Which you wouldn’t refuse because like I said, PARK JIMIN and then he’d give you this smile this really cute heartmelting smile that reminds you of a kid who you just gave candy to and then he’d reach out shyly and take your hand AND HE’D BE SO CONCERNED ABOUT IT TOO LIKE WHAT IF MY HAND IS TOO SWEATY OR CLAMMY BUT I CANT GIVE UP THIS OPPORTUNITY and it’d be so awkward and so embarrassing and you’d practically feel the awkwardness and the insane amount of happiness radiating off of him and basically here starts the time where your hand practically belongs in Jimin’s

Hugging: skinshippy boy who just needs all sorts of physical contact BUT JUST CANNOT BRING HIMSELF TO INITIATE IT– he’d gather up all his courage to hug you when you’re not looking but just then you’d turn and smile and he’d feel it all drain away and he’d hate you so much for reducing him to such a desperate state. He’d keep trying to convince himself hey its okay she wouldn’t mind BUT OH GOD WHAT IF SHE DOES until eventually he finds himself sitting next to you watching a movie or something and he just stretches and does that arm around hug thing AND HE TOTALLY DOESN’T MEAN TO but you think he did it on purpose because he wants to hug you and you’d shift until you’re leaning against his shoulder AND THAT IS WHEN HIS BRAIN PROCESSES WHAT IS HAPPENING oh she’s leaning against me and my arm is over there and oh shit oh shit oh shitttttt and then he’d force himself to pull his arm down until it’s around you and you’d snuggle closer and then he’d just be elated like I HUGGED HER FUCK YEAH I’M THE MAN

Kissing: I think this won’t take much time tbh. Most likely he’d take you out on what would be like your fourth maybe fifth date and you’d just be sitting there and laughing about something and he’d lean across the table and kiss you – yes in front of everyone – and you’d just be so shocked and embarrassed and happy and he’d apologize to you like I’M SORRY I COULDN’T HELP IT and you’d just smile and laugh at him and everything would go back to normal but he’d spend the rest of the date being worried about it until he leaves you at your doorstep and you stop him when he turns to go by pulling at his collar and kissing him full on the mouth. He’d definitely make some greasy comment about it like “you just cant resist me at all can you” (to which you should be sassy and reply with “you cant resist me either” and tease him very sexually – I’m sorry back to the the point..) but he’d be shy about it and would still be shy with every kiss you give him for a really long time after that and he’d TOTALLY be into giving you small cheek kisses in front of the rest of Bangtan (something that would embarrass you, disgust them and give jimin an ego boost)

Cuddling oh baby he’d want this so quickly he wouldn’t even wait too long he’d be all for showing up at your place on what he deems are “good cuddling days” and he’d just sit on the couch/bed and pull you with him and wrap the blanket around you and tell you how much he loves you and just give you these really cute kisses and make greasy comments (he’s so famous for that jimin you shitface) and you’d just really love him so much at that point you’d kiss him all over his face to see him grin shyly at you and basically cuddling with jimin would be something you would look forward to every week ALSO I THINK YOU CAN MOST PROBABLY GET HIM TO AGREE WITH WHATEVER YOU WANT HIM TO AGREE WITH YOU ON WHILE CUDDLING because skinship is jiminnie’s weakness and he’d do anything for you at that point

Making out this would take time. He’d think about it frequently but he wouldn’t really dwell on it as such. It’d be a thing he’d expect to happen sure but it might not necessarily happen in a relationship. It’s a semi-sexual thing to do and he wouldn’t want to go too far with someone he might not really last with. He’d hold out as long as he can and I think he’d probably wait for at least 5 or 6 months before he just cannot hold himself back one day and it just happens. He’d DEFINITELY be intensely greasy about it oh my god he’d so so so smirk at you when you part all breathless and panting I can almost imagine it—it’d still be pretty infrequent at first but then as your relationship progresses and you become more serious about the thing then I guess it’d get more of a recurrent thing

Sex would be a HUGE deal for him. It’d be something almost taboo until you’re at a certain point in your relationship. Tbh I think Jimin would actually be the most aware of the sanctity of sex - that’s just my opinion tho, that sex is a kind of sacred act, people might disagree with me on this, but I feel idk that Jimin would agree that sex is a big big big thing. It wouldnt necessarily happen in a relationship, like with making out. He’d actually sit and weigh the pros and cons of going that far with someone – are you the right person? Has your relationship gone that far? Would you be okay with it? Is HE okay with it? Eventually, when he decides that sex with a certain someone is something that he’d actually be okay with at a certain point in time, he’d still delay the matter and most probably hint something about it, until he finds out that you’re okay with it too. Now there’s mutual consent and he can actually go ahead and have sex with you. And this is where his greasiness and teasing starts oh god there would be no end. He’d get his fair share of teasing from your side, sure sure, no doubt about that but he’s so cheesy god help me he’d be so gentle and sexual and inappropriate at every moment of the day. He’d go for sexting at first – when he knows you’re in public – before slowly progressing to phone sex and basically just telling you how much he’s desperate and just you wait and then eventually naughty touches during cuddling which would also be taken outside of cuddling and in public, LIKE EXCUSE YOU JIMIN GET YOUR FUCKING FOOT AWAY FROM MY PRIVATES WE ARE AT A RESTAURANT—but the actual sex would be carefully planned and gentle and cautious. First time. Second time. Third time. And now you are in for a regular feeding of your sex drive get your vaginas ready goddammit jimin how dare you destroy me like this

I knew I’d die. Hello guys this is my soul.


Tbqh the whole Raven Gang is LGBTQ+ and in a big polyamorus relationship w/ each other. 

Blue Sargent is genderqueer (maybe genderfluid but probably genderqueer) pansexual and probably aromantic (if she’s not aro she’s pan but she just reads aro to me) like she loves her partners v v much just. Not romantically. No one is in danger from her kiss b/c lol fuck romantic feelings bye. The first time Blue presents as a boy (also I just realized I need art of her in a Blue-ified Aglionby uniform) in front of the rest of the gang Gansey looks at him and goes “James is a good, solid name, isn’t it?” and Blue yells indignantly b/c Gansey has named him twice now and he can’t just keep naming him things and Blue is a perfectly good, gender-neutral name, thank you very much. I honestly don’t know what he’d try to call Blue on nb or extra-genderqueer days. Maybe by their name imagine that. (Do any of the rest of the gang ever call Blue “Sarge” or “Sargent” I can’t remember). Everyone quickly learns that presentation =/= gender and that they should ask Blue what pronouns to use rather than trying to guess based on that day’s outfit, esp b/c sometimes Blue wears dresses on his boy days. 

Noah Czerny never identified w/ gender strongly to begin w/ and then they died and woops there went the last remaining scraps of gender identity they had. So yeah they’re agender aaaand panromantic demisexual. And just for clarification I’m not just going ghost=ace-spectrum b/c ace-spectrum ppl aren’t any degree of dead n there’s no association but Noah just seems demi to me. They just didn’t seem very interested in their gf while they were alive n Whelk even referred to Noah’s gf as his which implies that he interacted w/ her more than Noah did. However, due to a fic I read, I also hc that they kissed all the rest of the Raven Gang before the polyamorus relationship started so like. They’re good w/ kissing but the rest takes them a while to be okay w/. 

Ronan Lynch is super super gay. The gayest. I’d love to make him even the tiniest bit bi but no. He is not into girls like at all and he and Blue are 100% bros. I mean they team up on the other three like hell (come on just imagine them grinning at each other while they absolutely wreck Adam) and idk MAYBE kiss now and then to fuck w/ the others (esp Gansey bless his heart. Noah’s p unfazed) but they aren’t rly into each other. Oh, also trans. He’s been trans since he was a little boy and I mean. His dad can dream anything into being he wasn’t about to get all bothered by his middle child turning out to be a son. Also someone in a fic described adult Dad Ronan as singing soft rock ballads to his daughter and this is 100% accurate and perfect and I should probably find this fic to recommend it but oh well. Also he is just as gentle w/ Adam romantically as he is w/ Chainsaw n if u think he isn’t then u can meet me in the pit tbqh. 

(Edit: The fic in question is Hook, Line, and Sinker by @incorruptusronanlynch and 10/10 would recommend b/c Dad!Ronan is too presh 4 this world)

Richard Campbell Gansey III is definitely bi. He’s clearly in love w/ Blue but come on if u think that he hasn’t wanted to kiss Adam or Ronan at least once (Noah’s kissed everyone for various reasons somehow) then hoo boy I do not know what to tell u. Or swooned over them. I’m not completely sure anyone’s a swooner in this group but if anyone is it’s probably Gansey. I can’t decide what I headcanon his gender to be. I want to say he’s nb or maybe she’s a trans girl, but I’m also absolutely here for cis!Gansey that is just constantly baffled by everyone else’s trans adventures. I don’t really have a lot of headcanons about him being nb, just that he’d be comfortable just having his own gender outside the binary and going on about his life and his Search for Glendower. If she’s a trans girl then I have a lot of headcanons even tho I’m not sure they suit as well. She ignores her Gender Feelings for a long time just b/c she’s focusing on other things n she’s so busy and then when she realizes “Wait I’m a girl” she keeps it to herself b/c of her mom’s career but when she eventually comes out her mom goes from being neutral on LGBTQ+ rights to advocating them n her family is just rly supportive n since they’re rich they’re like “Time for Gender Conformation Surgery!!!” and honestly I don’t think Gansey would want that and it takes her a while to explain that not all ppl want GCS n honestly yeah she has dysphoria sometimes but this is her body, damnit, and she’s keeping it. N maybe she starts HRT and maybe she doesn’t but as far as presentation goes Ronan dreams her up breastforms that are better than anything manufactured and any wig she wants n so on n so forth so if she wants to get dolled up she can and honestly I think she still loves suits n getting them fitted and wearing ties and also if she dresses too Classic Southern Belle she starts to look like Helen n she loves Helen but that doesn’t mean she wants to look like her so yeah. N I guess she’d hate being called Dick even more b/c she knows it comes from Richard (somehow?) but it still feels like they’re referring to her by the body part she likes the least.  N she’s still called Gansey b/c Gansey is Gansey is Gansey. Also she gets a little happy glow every time the rest of the Raven gang refers to her by her proper pronouns and as a girl so they make sure to go out of their way to do it and after she comes out she’s a little more welcome at 300 Fox Way and they help her figure out how she connects w/ and identifies w/ womanhood a bit more.

Adam Parish is biromantic, leaning more towards gay, and ace. Starting at Aglionby was an adventure b/c he disliked most of his classmates but at the same time so many pretty boys gosh golly. He experiences aesthetic attraction a lot (esp to Ronan’s tattoo and Blue’s outfits and Gansey w/ his glasses on) but not sexual attraction and he’s not sex-repulsed so much as sex-meh but messing around with his partners is fun most of the time so eh, what the hell. When he is feeling kinda sex-repulsed either it becomes time for one-on-one bonding time w/ another member of the gang or everyone keeps their clothes on and has a big cuddly movie night and there’s at most some cute gentle kissing and lots of cheek-rubbing and nuzzling. Also he’s nb. He prefers he/him/his pronouns but being a boy felt like his skin didn’t fit right and he was just forcing himself into it for his father’s notions of masculinity and for Aglionby, which just oozes maleness. He’s much more comfortable around the Raven Gang b/c they don’t make him be a boy. 

Also Maura and Persephone and Calla are in an open triad and Maura is bi and Persephone is ace and Calla is a lesbian and idk it’s very possible that Persephone and/or Calla are trans women. 

If you have different headcanons I am 100% open to them and would love to discuss (esp if u think any part of this is problematic) unless u want to tell me that everyone is Cis and Het and the Canon Says So, in which case congration u have made everyone more trans and more gay by default and also go back and reread b/c Ronan’s crush on Adam is 100% canon and also can be seen from space. 

(I kind of want to also write about my hc’s for BDSM/kinky stuff but that is not related to LGBTQ+ stuff at all and also probably even less people want to see that than want to see this so I’m not gonna make anyone kind enough to sit through my gender/orientation headcanons read the gross NSFW stuff so I’ll just make that a separate post if I make it at all)