i like it so much it's so adorable and funny

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any hcs for Lucas with a very smol s/o? UwU like 5''1??



-Lucas doesn’t really care about height in a s/o. It does have its advantages, though.

-He finds great entertainment in placing things on high shelves cause he’s an asshole

-It’s not unusual if he picks you up and moves you to the side

-Lucas could ask you to move but nah. It’s funny when you get annoyed at him.

-He’s like 6′0″. YOU REACH HIS CHEST.

-Marguerite adores you so much.

-Jack meets you and just sweeps you into a hug. HE LOVES YOUR HEIGHT.

-Lucas uses you as an elbow rest 

-He gives you lots of unnoticeable head kisses. Sometimes you feel them and look up to see Lucas in the opposite direction, an unnoticeable blush on his cheeks

-Lucas really doesn’t do PDA, but that means you get even more attention in private

-If he has an episode, I guarantee that Lucas will pull you into bed with him and just hug you, his whole body curled around you.

-If you stole his jumper, it would come to down to your mid-thigh and would look very baggy on you.

-Lucas is WEAK for you in his jumper

valentines day follow forever

hey its your pal sosie putting together a mini follow forever before i go to sleep. this is kinda super last minute so if i forget anyone just like,, yell @ me or something

in no particular order, all the users that Im Lov: 

@prettyoddcorktree - lana you’re the queen of edits and the queen of art and edits and the queen of MY HORT <3

@frictioninyourjeans - ESSIE i love you so much you’re adorable and funny and you dont give yourself enough credit! b*nch im lov u. also you’re beautiful did i mention that?

@pmvstump - jasmin you’re so cute. you’re a soft friend and the bestest softie ever. also MAJOR mobile theme envy

@cspnz - you’re the COOL MUTUAL max ur blog is great and your art is amazing

@paxamdykes - sofia you’re also cute as f*ck and so nice and supportive! i love u sm!!!

@lesbianfob - rosa first of all you’re nice and sweet and really funny and i hope u have a good day <3. You’s a Good

@pinkishpoppy - vic + the gang: you’re all super funny and your blog is Quality Content 

@zombietwink - wayward you’re the Best Soft Boy i lov how we became instant friends from when we first talked. ur cute and i Beleaf in u

@pstumph - jaden! we dont talk much but your blog gives me major blog envy and your lov for Meagan is so relatable,,, we’ve got a lot in common so if you wanna talk just hmu :D

@ruberiot - Cee you’ve got that Top Notch Content. your art is honestly so beautiful i hope you meet the Bubby someday and show it to him 

@reemus - karlie i didnt see ur new url until now congrats its almost canon!!! you have no idea how much i look up to u and your blog ty for being there so i can scream about HP w/ you

@hungrylikethewolf - mysaren not only do i love your hair but your aus are Top Notch 10/10 

@cobravevo - desi we dont talk much so this is ur invite to come into my inbox and scream at me all day lol. you’re super cool btw! 

@handyurley - the one true Andy stan. no one else has ever loved the boy more. Congrats my dude

@weekndz - Zuz you were like my second mutual ever or something you’re super cool and unapologetically you, keep doing your thing

@astxria - ari youre so sweet and soft thank u for putting up with me sdfghdfgh 

other cool people (and some non-mutuals):

@blackcvrds / @srarrynight / @trohmann / @trohmans / @saverockanroll / @peachwlw / @vansdays / @silkdress / @patroh / @sapphicatthedisco / @ictsgn / @trippingeyes / @gniasfs / @westcoastrohman / @coffeesforclosers / @galactickilljoy / @hjdann223 / @sayonarabuckaroo / @room93ep / @supernovajosh / @caffeinecxld / @absentloverz / @theballadofmonalisa / @fobz / @gabeybabywhy / @hesitantaliengee/ @anaander / @prettyboypatrick / @alwaysfob

sorry its such a mess, i think that’s it for now! hope u all lovely ppl have a good day/night/whatever 

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lmao did you notice magnus just tossing the bag from alec's gift onto the floor. why does that little action amuse me so much?

Oh my god I’m completely obsessed with that moment!!! You’re right, it’s such a tiny thing, but I think it’s hilarious. He gets the gift out of it and just IMMEDIATELY tosses the bag without even looking at it. Like, he didn’t calmly discard it or set it down, he just THROWS it. Magnus, my dude, he took the time to wrap that up all nice for you??? That was a nice bag???? There might have been something else in there???????

Nope. He just chucks that shit over his shoulder to look at his fancy present. I love it. I love him. Iconic™

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his adorable reaction acting embarrassed just made me love him even more, i didn't know it was possible but omfg how cute and adorable he is i wanna hug him so fking bad

ASDFGHJHGF OOOOH BOYYY I KNOW like this asshole is always going to come up with ways to make us fall even harder in love with him no matter how much we try to fight it… he’s just too fucking much (and he knows it)

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I don't have a tumblr and I'm not sure how I found you guys, but I always kind of assumed you guys had like ten thousands followers, and I was completely floored when today I noticed all of the comic pages gets only about 15 notes. Completely. Floored. The art and expressions of the comic is phenomenal and I can always find something to laugh at in every panel. So I guess what I'm saying is- you guys deserve waaay more. Thank you for producing this and making me laugh on tough days <3

mama: oh my goodness thank you SO much!!! yes, we’re not super popular but we adore each and every one of our followers!

we’ve only posted 49 pages, so we’re still thrilled at all of the positive feedback!!

and im so glad you find our comic so funny! scripting is new and very difficult for me, so im delighted that you enjoy it :D

its asks like these that keep us motivated to make more pages

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Hey I just wanted to say that I absolutely adore your art and think that you're super talented! I kinda expected you to have even more followers than you have now already haha

Hiiiii diekami!!!! Thank you so much~! That means so much to meeeT\<\T✨

That’s so flattering to hear ;<; My twitter idk what’s going on over there it’s like a hot mess lol hopefully I can keep gaining more peeps to tune into checking out my works & my internal screaming on my various social media accounts  :’)


i love u so much? like literally i adore u. we’re like almost the same people its so fucking funny and like i always sometims just wanna hit you up and show you or tell you something caus talking to you is so fun but i dont cause im a puthy. anyways youre so funny and cunt i always love seeing u on my dash and u saved my life with ur astrology advice.

why are haikyuu episodes so good oh my god

like Knb will sort of bore you if you’re not that invested in the team or if the descriptions get too much, Free! isn’t really about the sport lol, but Haikyuu is always fast-paced and peppered with light-hearted fun and humor. 

I really think Haikyuu is the best sports anime just because of the atmosphere it produces.

Like ok, it can be really funny and adorable and you really fall in love with its characters and that’s excellent.

But there are those moments where things just get really intense and it’s like a death match struggle between two equally relatable teams. 

It’s just-gah-best sports anime, sorry Yowapeda. 

Hyoyeon is amazing as a dancer and person, Sooyoung is so so gorgeous and funny, Yuri is sexy *_* , Sunny is adorable bordering on sexy ^_^, Tiffany’s eyesmile xD its soo pretty, Yoona is kind and so cute, Seohyun is just perfect ;_;, taeyon is lovely with her smile, her voice, her everything, Jessica is beautiful like a goddess. New sone here, but I think the fandom needs a reminder of why they fell in love with snsd. This is why I did, I love them so much (esp sooyoung :p)

Okay, soI found out that im SO obsessed with this amazing thing, called “Droplets”. At the very beginning i was thinking that its just some cool fanciction, but now it becames literally the part of my life and im so glad that its written so well, interestic, funny, and just amazing, because im so in love with this fanfic, thank you author!!
And i just read 21st chapter, and this was so.. Hard, and i was crying a lot and stuff..also it inspired me to draw just adorable baby Anita, she is like the best here,after Marco and Jean!! I love her so much,and im sorry if she is not what she look like in authors head, because i can imagine her just like this <3(dont forget that on her apron is a firefly, as a memory to happy times with Marcos dad)

fic edit series: the things that we find - bek / backbackforward

The guy is watching him with a funny expression that disappears so quickly Louis must have imagined it. It’s late; he’s projecting. “Have a good night,” the guy offers, smiling at Louis. “Thanks again for the tip with the timetable.”

“My pleasure,” says Louis, because I’m probably going to wank to your smile isn’t really appropriate. “Thanks for the concert.”

“It was a one-time only deal,” the guy shouts after him, waving and grinning, and as Louis finds a seat on the bus and falls into it, he can’t stop himself from thinking fuck, I hope not.