i like it so much it's my new background lol

Felt like like making a thing for the fic I posted. I did my best but I just cannot get the Lolirock style down. But I DID have fun putting my otp in new outfits. Lol I went nuts with the color filters haha. Also I suck at both backgrounds and shading so please don’t mind them too much. I just wanted it to look like my interpretation of the country Mephisto and Prax may have come from. I like to imagine it as a swampy region, lol. 

In my fic, Talia and mephisto are betrothed (to prevent tge in-canon war Gramorr started) and its awkward and horrible cos he’s super drunk. 

Characters arent mine, but the art definitely is. 

when you wrote a wholllllee new series. [On Hana’s dad’s background] and have no idea where to fit it, or to even fit it in the story.

but i gotta tell you, im dazed as fuck lmao. Ive been writing for three hours and Im like how do my how brain work 

Its not really a background, its only the events leading up to why they fled his home planet. Him and Hana’s mom, and about Hana and the alien stuff going on in the background that Hana is totally oblivious to at the moment.