i like it so much it looks so nice because of the highlights

I bought 4 lipsticks, 1 contouring stick, 1 highlighting stick (this and previous items all NYX), 2 Tony Moly foam cleansers ($4 on clearance!), an eyelash curler, and some eye shadow (Ulta brand) from Ulta yesterday.

I used the contour and highlight sticks this morning, and it doesn’t scream “OMG CONTOUR” so I’m happy. I know it’s the thing now to contour all to hell, but I prefer looking mostly natural.

I’ve used the Tony Moly Brightening Foam twice so far, and I really like it. My face seems to get cleaner with it than with the Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Face Cleanser. The foam is nice, kinda thickish but soft. Not much else to say about it at this point.

The lash curler is by Japonesque, and it’s a different design than what I’ve always used (aka cheapo metal Revlon). The regular metal curlers pinch the outer edges of my eyes, and I can’t get close to the roots with them because of that. With this new curler, I get all the way to the roots! Dang. I don’t know if I like the result from doing that, but I also pressed really hard on the lever on my first eye–FYI, don’t press hard. XD It’s not necessary. Even with a gentle press, I get a very dramatic curl. I’m happy so far!

okay we all know that Nursey is a Hipster™, so i’d like to think that when he and dex go to nursey’s parents’ place over holidays (becuase his parents are rarely home anyways, and some time alone is nice), nursey pulls out his ukulele and sings songs like Stand By Me and Ease while dex tries not to smile too much and scoffs at his stupid hipster boyfriend. i like to think about the summer sun hitting nursey’s skin just right, making him even more beautiful, catching on his highlighter and in between the webs of his hair. i like to think about dex glancing over with a grin as his circle lense glasses reflect the light, his hair looking almost golden at the ends. and time seems to stand still, because this is perfect, and neither of them are going to forget this stupid little moment.