i like it so much haha

touka&kaneki don’t have enough time to see each other as much as they want to, so toukachan enters his room and lays down on his bed, somehow feeling less lonely since the sheets smell like him—sometimes she puts on one of his sweaters—and stays there, waiting for him, until inevitably she falls asleep. kaneki returns very late at night&he’s super tired but then he sees her cuddled up on his bed and somehow he feels sad that she probably spent her whole day in there waiting for him.. he lays down beside her and she wakes up a little, smiling softly when she sees him.

“sorry,” she says. “i was bored so i decided to wait in here until you come back, but i fell asleep.” 

he’s like.. why is she even apologizing *suffers* he hugs her, squeezing her boobsbody against his chest. “Shh, it’s okay. I’m sorry that i made you wait that long..”

she nuzzles her face against his chest, sighing deeply.

“it’s fine,” then, after a long pause, she whispers, “you’re here now.”

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Happy belated birthday to mod-m!!! And also happy birthday inoo!!! If it's okay can I request a fluff Au with inoo as a pet shop owner and (Y/N) is trying to adopt a cat?

Title: Imprinting
Pairing/Relationship: Inoo Kei x Reader
Rating: G
Warnings: cuteness overload, a boy who is more cat than boy
Genre: Purrrfectly fluffy sweetness
Type: Oneshot

Summary: You want a new pet, but how will you figure out what pet  you should get? It’s a good thing there’s someone else who can help you!

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My relationship isn't anything special! (Big space convo!)

So, it just occurred to me… That really, the way daddy and I are towards and with each other isn’t anything special.

Like, it’s just how you act when you care about someone, right? You talk and listen. You grow and change. You remind each other every day that you’re both loved, and that you’re both good people who deserve to be loved. We love spending time together and just genuinely enjoy each other overall. When we argue, we say sorry and both mean it.

And we never stop trying to give each other butterflies, which really only takes an, “I love you so much I’d…” Haha…

Anyway, like… This is how love is supposed to be.

This isn’t anything special or magical; it’s the way things are supposed to be, and we’ve just both had such shit relationships in the past, to us this feels like fucking sorcery, haha, which is sad, but true. Doesn’t make it any less amazing in my opinion though.

Did we both come from abusive relationships that have warped our standards so much that an okay relationship is one where we don’t get into screaming matches where someone may or may not get it hit? Yes. Sad. But true.

Does that make our relationship any less amazing? Fuck no. Like… It’s not just a shit relationship that seems okay because of our past, it’s something amazing.

What sucks is that we aren’t the norm, you know? All my friends are having major relationship issues and are just overall not with people that treasure them the way you should your lover. And I know they aren’t as happy as I am, and that makes me feel so fucking sad and guilty because this is how things SHOULD be.

TLDR; “At least the don’t hit me” is not the standard of a relationship. “They make me laugh more than they make me cry” is not the base starting point of being a good relationship. “They make me feel safe/loved/wanted/needed” is the standard. And not just one of those, all of them. I didn’t just write this to brag about how awesome my daddy is. I wrote this because this needs to be said more. Do not accept mediocrity. Just because it’s the norm doesn’t make oh okay. You deserve the world.

Side bar: As I’m typing this, my king is sending me messages talking about how he can’t wait to get home and hear my voice. Telling me I’m his goddess. That he loves me more than anything. And we can do whatever I want tonight. I’m totally not tearing up, lol. And I feel the exact same way. There’s balance and peace and a level of understanding I never thought possible. THIS. This is love. This is how things are supposed to be.

I think the best part about shipping Sheith is just knowing we have so much canon content to look forward to haha. Like, you just know there’s going to be a whole episode dedicated to Keith angsting over Shiro being gone, and we have their dramatic reunion to look forward to too. Not to mention their backstory which we’ll hopefully get to see.

Even if we’re the underdog of the fandom, the show itself gives our ship the best rewards/content. Hope everyone had a nice Sheith day! \m/

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What's your favorite route in Mystic Messenger and why? Also, Who is your favorite character from MM and why? (The answers can both be different)

As I was typing this, I didn’t realize how long this answer was going to be, so I’ll put it in a read more tab haha

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*same anon who asked for baby Newt & Theseus again* OH MY GOD!! That was ADORABLE!! I can't handle how cute that was & the little story/explanation you gave. "I've been wanting to draw these two again" PLEASE DO! I love Newt & Theseus in fanart/fics so much! And you linked mamin to it too! If they respond I might just die of happiness. You two are my fav fanartists & I get so excited when I see either of you posted something new. I'm still fangirling over the fact you responded to my ask. <3 <3

HELLO THERE! HEHE THANK YOU I’M SO HAPPY YOU LIKED IT Aaaahhh I love writing little tiny ficlets :’D I honestly just like to babble about the characters I love so I end up doing that HAHA I’m glad you find them entertaining!

Aaww, yeaa, she did respond! Mamin is such a sweetheart and I love talking to her about Theseus’ and Newt’s bond

ohmygod, I don’t even know what I did to receive that sort of praise but I am so so so flattered??? I don’t even know what to say??? It’s such an honor to be called someone’s favorite fanartist so thank you so much!

aaaa I actually did a continuation drawing that’s about the small filclet I wrote in the prev post! And I also did another ficlet thing heh

Newt wakes with a shudder, a sudden coldness cloaking over him and a sense of wrongness halting his breath with a shaky gasp. His hands twitch towards the blankets that have been pushed away, eyes still heavy with sleep. It ins’t until he hears the first soft whimper that his body jolts, instantly uncurling from his fetal position. Theseus. His mind registers with alarm that the warmth he had been missing was in fact, his brother’s embrace.

He sits up, face twisting in concern. The sight of his brother’s quaking, curled up form had his stomach knotting itself, and the unnaturally high-pitched whines of distress cut through the ringing silence of the night and right into his heart. Newt reached out a gentle hand to brush back sweat-soaked locks, the other moving to tenderly stroke down Theseus’ arm. His lips formed around his brother’s name, hushing and whispering gentle assurances.

He hated seeing his brother like this, usually so strong and composed, now small and fragile. Theseus was anything but. Newt carefully draped his arm and leg over the shaking form in a manner emulating Theseus’ usual sleeping position; ever the protector. Voice pitched low, he began to hum a soft melody, singing quietly to dispel whatever night-terror had dared disturb his precious family.

Newt may not be able to protect his brother from the real horrors of the world, but here, in their own space, he offers his love and comfort as respite- a soothing balm to ease the wounds inflicted by living. He embraces the role of his namesake, keeping vigilance over the night alongside the moon until sobs die away into occasional soft hiccup and the shudders finally still.

Newt doesn’t have the heat of his brother’s arms encasing him in their protection, but somehow -having Theseus in his arms, safe- he feels all the warmer for it.

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ok this random but what are you favourite part(s) of Daehyun that you love? i love yr blog btw 💚

Thank you so much <33333 I love getting Daehyun asks like these so like bless you lol 

physical appearance or just his lil mannerisms? I’ll do both lol 

Physical appearance: Hands, HANDS, H A N D S, Pillow Lips™, his arms, his smol wrists, his jaw line, his ears and his puffy eyes

mannerisms: When he laughs too hard and covers his mouth, just the way he does it???? idk, the face he makes when someone says something nsfw in the comments or behind the camera, His “haha… HAHAHAHAH” belly laugh when hes genuinely about to lose his shit, his head tilt thing when he’s thinking of what to say next or when he’s over a members shit (usually youngjaes) and his little saliva inhale thingie he does lol 

Personality: When he’s like camera shy when he’s alone cause he’s not use to being without his members, how he’s obnoxiously loud, how he always seems to fidn the camera and take over a vlive, how when he’s annoyed with a member he’s super shady, how he loves babys but will stand up for himself if a rude baby tries to give him shit for something (IE: the twitter situation a couple months ago) how he is actually a super soft boy who just needs to be protected who cares about his family and friends and hypes up all of them and is actually just a smoljellybeanwhoneedsahug

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Good evening! If you don't mind, which terrains are you using for Middleground and Far Valley? I really admire your neighborhoods; they're beautifully decorated, and your lots are so well built and arranged!

Thank you! That’s very lovely of you to say. :D

I can’t take much credit for Middleground, since it’s Plasticbox’s creation and I’ve mostly built on the bones of the town. The download post includes just the SC4 terrain, too, if you’d rather that than the decorated neighborhood.

As for Far Valley, it’s built on Seren’s Devillhillside terrain! A lot of the map around the roads isn’t flat, so if you decide to build on it, you might want to consider using the modifyneighborhoodterrain cheat to smooth it. :) Like I wish I had done, haha.

From Arisha’s Twitter 25 June 2017


Yesterday, I was invited to Shupure-Sakaba ( 週プレ酒場, lit. Weekly Play Bar), and it was a lovely place that I would like to go again!

Everyone who haves not seen this week’s edition of “Weekly Playboy”, please do check it out

It was so fun that it really made me smile haha

From Arisha’s Twitter 25 June 2017


Everyone made it possible for me to spend such an warm and really lovely time.

Thank you very much!!

[Link to the post in the tweet]

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Plain and simple I associate you with Park Jimin. It's not because you are so desperately in love with him (I read your tags lol), it's because I genuinely think you guys would make a cute couple. The most cutest couple tbh. ≧◡≦

JDJEBSAMSB I seriously don’t know what to say just thank you so much anon. It’s an honor to be associated with an angel like Park Jimin. ♡♡♡ You actually think we would make a cute couple?! IFHABADBSSH GOD!! I just can’t speak!! Im sorry anon. I’m just taking it all in. Thank you so much anon! Sorry that I’m weird! ♡♡♡ haha

@jeylovestoblog @the-third-guy-from-the-left @jinssmile @jungkookfortunekookies I’M SHOOK GUYS PLEASE HELP ME!!

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TAG. YOU'RE IT. The rules are to state 5 random facts about yourself. Then go to ten favorite blogs and tell them they are it! *-*

Thank you, I love you very very much! Kinda mad you are so SAVAGE in your story post, tearing my heart apart like geez! ;))

1. I had a pretty bad stutter as a kid and it has come back a little bit since I have started going to university (I slur my words a lot).
2. Went to a performing art school for violin, it was fun!
3. My sister calls me Gina, never my actual name or any variation of it, haha! Inspired by the show Martin of course and now SZA has the song Go Gina and it is my new theme song. c:
4. My middle name is Taryn.
5. I have a black Labrador named Cosmo and a kitten named Agnes.

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I found this blog and wtf???? It's cuTE not badly drawn ily

haha thank you so much!! :>>💕 compared to my actual art its pretty bad and i wasnt expecting this blog to get so much lOve :00 tHaNk you and im glad you like my stuff ;A;

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🍦🎀💚💙🍉🍒🍓😄😁👏✨🎉🖊 (it took me like five years to find all these emojis and I ended up adding random ones haha anyway I hope you enjoy~)

GAY x2

I’m joking, I love you so much DC. Like honestly dude I don’t think I’ll ever stop being your number one cheerleader lmao. And thank you for reading CSM earlier, I get off work at 6 tomorrow so I’ll be able to work more on it. /sigh/


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so like what is the overall plot of turn right after midnight? I'm a bit confused on the details but love everyone so much and would gladly give kieren a peck on the cheek if they were okay with it

haha, ive actually avoided showing the actual plot so far, but basically when the gang arent busy being teenagers, theyre fighting against some weird ass monsters/spirits & trying to figure out what the HELL is going on. also they all have some big personal issues so we get to explore that as well. and kieren is most definitely okay with a lil kiss on the cheek, that boi loves affection

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Thought I had about the Beauty and the Beast AU; all of lances older siblings and parents get stuck in a painting to keep his older influences away from him, and his little siblings all get turned into teacups. he doesn't talk to them much because he's scared of breaking them, and he angsts a lot in front of the painting, wishing they were there to tell him what to do. I also thought of Sister Mariposa being an actual butterfly, or a butterfly trinket.

Ah, I like that! Definitely thinking that all the little siblings are teacups, but I love the idea that Lance is scared to use them because they’re so fragile now. Nicky doesn’t care though because he already has a chip in his rim, haha. It would be a bit impractical to have ALL of his older relatives in paintings, since there are a lot of them. I’m envisioning a full-on family style castle that has not only Lance’s immediate family, but also his aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents. I think over the years he’s gotten a little power drunk and fallen into despair to the point that he doesn’t listen to them anymore. He believes that there’s no way to break the curse because no one outside the castle (that’s Haggar’s rule) will ever be able to see past how ugly and monstrous he is, no matter how his family and close friends who were already here tell him how much they love him. They remember the sweet boy he used to be and it’s painful to see him this way, and they keep telling him he can go back, but he can’t believe it.

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You're not creepy at all, actually it's the opposite! you're too sweet and I think you should go for it and try to call her 💪🏻 you're not going to lose anything by trying to contact her again, if she didn't respond or didn't remember you then It's okay ! at least you tried ✨ Also in my opinion you are a really kind person so if it was me I don't think I'll forget someone like you haha(˶′◡‵˶) (good luck with your papers and study hard 🌸👏🏻 *lmao sorry I sound like a mother*)

Haha omg thank you so much!!! Cries// but you have to know, I hate calling on the phone unless it’s from someone I talk to on a daily basis, like my family and super close friends. Plus, if she picks up and is like “who is this?” that would just– KILL ME LMAOO. I’m not the most eloquent speaker because I tend to slur my words and when I talk fast I have a slight lisp aaaaahhHHH, so I’ll stick to trying to contact her through messaging. At least with that, it’ll sound like I’m calm and composed, even though I’m probably screaming loool. Oh!! I’m glad you think I’m kind haha. It’s actually really hard for me to make friends in real life since I don’t think I’m a very approachable person. Er… actually idk about that, but then again, not a lot of people approach me, so there must be something uninteresting or unfriendly about me. Most of the time, I would be the one to approach someone and I end up talking too much, sharing too much, or just awkwardly laughing– and idk I don’t think I’m all that memorable either since– ok now I’m just putting myself down for no reason! I promise I’m not this pessimistic! I’ve very optimistic, just, in the prospect of making friends in real life (even online) I have little to sometimes no luck since I suck at approaching people lmaoo– Sorry I rambled. But thank you so much again!!! And don’t worry, hearing motherly-like advice and encouragement is always nice. I finished some assignments today, but I have to knock out a paper and quiz by tomorrow. It shouldn’t be hard, but I have no interest on the subject matter. TT  TT

Open your eyes and read fucking manga

Every time i see a post like “why i hate Orihime Inoue” in the tag,i really want to facepalm. Useless? Without her Tatsuri, Rukia, Ichigo, Sado, Ishida and lots of other characters you love so much were ded. Selfish? Oh, are we talking about the girl who healed two arrancars who beaten her? About the girl who had hev powers to protect her friend? A girl who gone to a scarely dangerous world with hollow monster to save her friends’ lifes? Weak? Haha lol, she lost her brother, the only man who loved her, she had no family, she was bulled because of her haircolor… and after these all, she can smile, bright and carefree.
She’s the second main character of the story. Every fucking arc she grwe up, learned smth new and strenghten her feelings for Ichigo. She could say that it’s Con in his body in the first arc, she new, that she could only prevend him and stayed away while battle with Byakya. She trained as much as she could with Rukia to become stronger. She traind even harder to support Ichigo during the timeskip before fullbring arc. Even without her memory, she still loved Ichigo and felt pain when he cried. She healed arrancars, who was beaten by quincy army, she protected Nell, she tried to support Ichigo while his training. She worried about Ishida and was happy to see that he’s not a real traitor. She supported Ichigo in his fight alongside Yhwach - she healed him, she told him to fight, worried about him.
A normal human girl. Not a hero, not a 150-years-old shinigami. Without pawerfull skills, without anything - just with her strenght, love and mercy.
Orihime Inoue… oh, sorry, Orihime KUROSAKI is the best girl that ever could exist. And she didn’t need to DESERVE Ichigo. It’s Ichigo is the one who should be happy because this girl loves him, nobody else.

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Plz explain why you hate Lena dunham so much? I mean she spent years writing and acting in a show to try and break stereotypical expectations we have for girls in todays society and does A LOT of other good shit. I get she can be a bit much sometimes, but i don't understand the hate :S

haha okay yeah sure by using nothing but white girls (and guys) as the main cast members?? that’s so relatable to the poc community; look, I’ve been asked this a couple of times and I’m just gonna link a few sites as to why I can not stand lena dunham:



the ultimate masterlist of why I don’t like her:

And there are plenty of more links but I am not up for starting problems on a KYLO REN/ADAM DRIVER blog; I do rb girls content bc it has adam in it but I do not and will never support lena dunham and that’s that.