i like it so much haha


exo’rdium in japan // backstage (about the head bopping in lucky one): Ah, it’s not really so much thinking about it. The reason is….because the main point is this blank expression…it’s just like this….[makes the blank face]….when i’m on stage, it’s just this expression that i’m always doing.

This is the most morbid Lego set we own, haha. (I like how in Lego’s version, Anakin’s still got his original hand – and possibly his legs – he’s just lost his hair and looks mildly put out by all of this.) You can flip Anakin around and Darth Vader, in full suit, is on the other side of the table. 

(This is a set that came out in 2005 when Episode 3 premiered. I’m pretty sure I bought it for my husband when I was in college or around that time, hahaha. Truly, I have grown and changed so much.) 

InuKag Last Day Bonus: Thank You Cynthia

I can’t believe InuKag Week is actually ending today. It’s been such an amazing fun wild seven days, and it’s felt like an avalanche I was snowboarding on from the very beginning on Monday to the last today. 

All the content has filled me with so much InuKag love, I didn’t even think I was capable of loving this ship anymore than I do, but everyone combined putting out amazing effort to post or reblog or submit, it’s almost like we were all together at a week long festival just happy to be around. I’ve discovered so many people from this event, my following list has GROWN exponentially haha. 

Last year I made a post like this thanking the fandom, and trust me when I say none of this is possible without the participation and love of a large group of people supporting us throughout the entire thing. You all are the heart and soul of this machine, and it doesn’t have a purpose without you. 

But this year I want to Thank Someone very special and dear to this fandom and myself:

@inukag aka Cynthia, has given so much to make not only this event, but our corner of the InuKag fandom an incredibly fun and interactive place. Last year when we did InuKag week together, we were both already excited and expectant for InuKag Week 2017, and before we knew it, IT WAS 2017, and she had taken care of ALL the prompts, ALL the edits, she REVAMPED the theme of this site, and from the very start on Monday at midnight, she was checking the tags, answering asks, doing it all while I was sleeping

(And “Family” day btw? I’ve already told you, but it WRECKED ME. Like a damn wrecking ball, Miley Cyrus aside, it ended my life over and over and over again.) 

She can try telling you we were a team today, but if we were a team, she was my leader and I followed a few miles behind in absolute awe. 

She needs 100% credit for this week, and WHAT BETTER PERSON to give credit to for InuKag week if not the sole owner of the canon InuKag url. (Doesn’t get better than this, folks)

Maybe you’ve known her as “towards-tomorrow” or maybe you’ve just gotten to know her these past two years as “inukag”, but I can promise you that if you’ve ever looked up anything remotely InuKag, you have probably liked or reblogged her gifs and beautiful gorgeous edits or analysis essays. Her imprint on this fandom echoes out from years and years ago to the present. 

She’s been patient and tolerant and kind, digging through canon material to explain things to us- us who have no clue what chapter is what. You could ask her “what chapters did Kagome get mad at Inuyasha?” and she’ll pull out annotated pages with highlighted quotes and footnotes. 

This girl spent days and sleepless hours making sure the promos for the InuKag Week 2017 Master Post were perfect- sometimes, sometimes I wish everyone got a behind the scenes look at how she spends meticulous time making sure every frame is perfect, making sure she has the right English verbiage, going through drafts and drafts on her tumblr until she has it just right. Still kicking herself sometimes for it not being as perfect as SHE wanted it to be, even though it’s BEYOND PERFECT to everyone else. 

She spent time thinking “How can we make this as inclusive as possible?”. She thinks of ideas on how to make it so every single person can do SOMETHING as long as they want to and have the means to access a computer or phone. 

This InuKag Week has by and large been even more fun and successful than the last, and I just want to take a moment to Thank You

This fandom doesn’t deserve you, it’s never deserved you. And even when you’re burnt out, even when you’re wondering “is it even worth it”, you pull it through and manage to host an entire week long event that ignites us. 

You are the Queen, and this week would never have functioned the way it has without you. 

(We look professional af Cynthia and it’s all because of you.)

One day you might be making events or sites for big corporate companies (maybe a small indie firm), or sit in a really nice office with a window, and I really hope you remember the impact you’ve made in this VERY LARGE corner of the fandom.

I love you, and thank you thank you thank you. 

There’s still the rest of today to enjoy our favorite Soul Mates, so take a break, enjoy your weekend (what’s left of it!) and look back at all these wonderful people celebrating with us. Bask in it. 


- Until the next sappy long post on this blog, Mod: Lali

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This is going to be so difficult I’m a very boring person lol

Name: someone called me kitsnz in an ask the other day which I thought was cute. So, let’s go with that.

Pronouns: she/her 

Country of origin: straya

Sexuality: I guess straight. I’ve only been with my bf lol

Star sign: scorpio 

First language spoken: english

Other languages spoken: not enough worth noting haha


  1. jumpers. I’m constantly buying them. I would wear jumpers every day if I could. Why do I live in australia? I need to live somewhere cold lol
  2. sweet and salty popcorn (I’m always snacking on it)
  3. rain very very very very very much
  4. console games (specifically ps4, 3ds & psvita) 
  5. character reference sheets. I love seeing how they look from different angles lol
  6. fluid/smooth animation? The opening of YOI gives me an eyegasm everytime.
  7. cartoons. I can’t help it. 
  8. gossip/drama. I’m the worst. I love hearing it, I don’t like being in it lol.
  9. coffee.. but I can’t drink it because it gives me anxiety. So I drink herbal tea lol
  10. listening to podcasts/letsplays/music while I draw
  11. pineapple on pizza (I’m being controversial)

9 dislikes

  1. sleeping (what a waste of time amirite?)
  2. australian netflix… it has nothing (we tried to proxy but they keep blocking us lmao it’s so shit)
  3. satin/silk… the feeling of my nails catching on it makes my skin crawl
  4. how slow I draw
  5. obnoxious/rude people
  6. raw tomato… no thanks
  7. when I procrastinate. srsly the day goes by too fast
  8. jumpscares. They used to give me panic attacks lmao
  9. buying shoes. I’m really picky so it’s a headache.

Other Facts:

  • I caught chicken pox for the first time at 23
  • and I was really mad because I got ONE small pockmark and it’s on my face (above my eyebrow) and I tried so hard to not scratch my face in particular..
  • I’m left-handed
  • I get distracted easily
  • my only hobbies are drawing/gaming and they both take so much time, if I do one I get so absorbed I can’t do the other lmao
  • my current favourite song is ‘something just like this’ by the chainsmokers
  • I was obsessed with two songs and played them all the time while I was drawing a bunch of yoi stuff so now they remind me of yuuri and viktor whenever they play lmao
  • My yuuri song is ‘emotional-virtual riot remix’ by Flux pavillion, Max Koma
  • My Viktor song is ‘Adore’ by Amy Shark (who is an australian singer and this song is great so check it out if you want)

I’m going to tag some peeps so sorry if you’ve done this already lol @sneezehq, @toosicktoocare @usuallyclassytyrant @idiotbless @kushamisukida

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Maya, I love your blog! And Ed fan and you support H&L? Jackpot 😃 I just recently followed you and you're always so kind and patient with people, that's so rare and appreciated! I hope you don't mind me asking, but when was the last time you heard something about Harry and Louis? In any way? Thanks and have a great week x

Hii, really nice to “meet” you, then! Very very much an Ed fan and the deepest Larrie at heart, haha! Thank you so much, I’m super happy my blog is a pleasant, safe space for you! Always doing my best :)

To be honest, I’m still in a position where I actively try to avoid mixing 1D stuff with my private life, but someone here was talking about something Harry had said that totally implied doing a certain thing with Louis just the other day (Friday, I think), therefore I assume everything’s very fine between them! Thank you again, have a lovely week yourself x

What hunk is like

Someone: wow you have so much control over your lion! You have so much precision when you’re cooking! You must have so much control and precision with your life! I bet you never fall over!!

Hunk: *rubbing the back of his neck* oh haha yeah I guess so.

Hunk, literally all the time:

Originally posted by deanslilsammy

”Woah, what’s so funny, dude?”
”Pffftt– Nothing, it’s just- …I kinda hate the hockey dudes a bit lesser now.”

OMGCP Request #5: Happy Fry Guy for tentative-tulip! Thank you so, so much for your warm message… I can’t thank you enough! Hope you like it!

Requests are open (now in both digital and traditional haha), but slow!

I really don’t have much to say or add to anything I’m just here to say that I probably won’t be around all that much. For how long I can’t really say. Just need a breather.

I’m a person that prides myself on being able to find a silver lining and I can’t find any tight now so I’m not even going to try. There has been too much Bullshit lately and I’m not in the mood. Probably gonna concentrate on writing a bit of Fan Fiction, since I have a couple that need my attention haha.

Anyways my ask box and messenger will remain open and I will answer everything as you all know. I’ll accept more challenges for Caryl write ups or meta or anything cause I like doing that. And if anyone wants to rank I’m available..

Much love to all of ya ❤

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kris scares me so much omggggg, you seem really nice though and you are so pretty like sometimes im like "am i really gay?" and then i see your selfies and im like "YUP" (plz dont kill me, kris)

Haha this is so funny. Thank you.

I just got back from seeing Beauty and The Beast and I need to write down my feelings so here we go: 

First of all; I’ve never been a fan of the animated movie. There’s too many flaws and I don’t understand why people praise it so much. It’s not that good as people make it out to be. Therefore I didn’t really think that this movie would do much for me. But it did. I loved it. More than the animated one (If you’re allowed to say that haha) 

1. The fixed flaws. I’m happy that they fixed the flaws from the animated one. Like; how he got enchanted, how the village just suddenly forgot about the castle, the lady who sings “I need six eggs.” “They’re too expensive.” is changed. Etc. (why would a salesman say “They’re too expensive?”)

2. The Beast. I called him “My little puppy” during the entire movie. This movie made him more “Human” than the other one. (Ironic enough) but he felt more like a real character and not just a beast that yells a lot. To be fair, this movie had more running time so it makes sense for the best to have more time to develop but I still liked it a lot more.

3. Evermore! This is the song that cured my depression. 

4. Belle. I liked her more in this one. I don’t know why. She wasn’t that different but I could relate to her more than I do in the animated one. 

6. The scenography. I think it’s right? It had beautiful scenery, that’s what I meant. :) 

7. Lefou got some character development! Yay! 

8. The way the town’s people treated Belle. In the animated movie she kinda comes off as a brat. She sings “the same old people” “Little town, I want much more.” Obviously they’re gonna think she’s weird. But in this one they actually bully her so now I more understand why she wants to leave. 

There’s still a few things I didn’t like though:

1. The whole “see the beauty within” doesn’t really work for me. The Beast wasn’t kind so now he’s just a hideous, mean beast. (Until Belle arrives but it’s still like… she changes him so I guess kindness is there somewhere but still. The concept is too strange for me to fully work.)

2. Belle’s dress. I like it. It’s beautiful and it looks so amazing when she twirls. But… it kinda looks like a prom dress and not a ballgown from a fairy tale.

3. I’m not a fan of when these kinds of movies takes the fairy tale part out. To involve the plague just brought me back to reality and for me it takes place “in a far away land” and not a few hundred years ago. 

I’m probably missing half but overall I loved it! 

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You are so incredibly adorable and seem like a really great guy! How are you still single?

Haha - people tend to be intimidated by me or just not like me physically.

NYC is a different animal - there are a lot of queens here who think they are shit - so much in fact they don’t realize the great men they are losing by being so self centered. And I’ve seen a lot of lonely old gay guys here because they thought they were too cunt to be polite.

So I kind of gave up. I had a great guy for 6 years - just life, greed, money and lust got in the way.

Lesson learned. :)

So now, I’m ready for the next one, but I’ve got super high standards, but not a rude asshole about it.

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they should give richard speight jr more episodes to direct

Me: YES OMFNDB. I love him and his eps so much and I post about it sometimes like, how full my love for him is. Can you imagine though, him as a standard director in the series, working together with Dabb and Yockey?? The perfection of those episodes? Also, he feels the characters and the fans SO SO MUCH like please give him all the episodes thank you

Diana: no i dont think he should direct more episode i think HE SHOULD DIRECT ALL THE EPISODES MOREEE (sorry i get way to excited haha) but i mean the hand thing. The i love you. Just my imagination. Also everything that Rose said because hell yeah. LET DICK LEAD US ALL

(send me and @thedisgraced unpopular or popular opinions and we agree/disagree)

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First off, love your art! Secondly, i was wondering what kind of watercolors you use and if there was some way you used to pick the colors you use in a piece? :)

First off–THANK YOU SO MUCH! <3

Secondly, I use a 36 color Artist’s Loft palette! It is pretty cheap (like $13 or so?) and can be found at most craft stores. I don’t think about color probably as MUCH as I should (haha!)  so I really don’t have a super clever or smart way to answer how I choose them. I just use what the palette has for me tbh haha! Thank you for the questions!

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For the Sunday chat. My Inquisitors are both self inserts. Both elves. One is a stab rogue, and going for Cullen. She feels joy and is full of love and all the sarcastic wit I adore to use. The other is a Warrior - 2 hands , who is going for Solas. I feel like I'm playing her with my depression tinted relationship on- pessimistic , sardonic , feeling unworthy. Its neat to see how the two are progressing. The rogue is much further along. Do you ever notice this kinda of stuff when you play?

Oh yay! What are their names? How do they feel about their clans? What decisions have they made so far?

I know what you mean! My first Inquisitor I played ruthlessly. She was always recruiting people, haha. My Lavellan was more cautious, and she tried to make sure the decisions she made was approved by as many of her Inner Circle as possible. I’m having a lot of fun with my Adaar, too. I’m playing her as someone who’s been thrown into something they have no idea what to make of, and is just trying to get by. It’s fun to see how different the game is when you play it through different lenses!

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do you have any older dnp vids that you really like?? terrifying baby woman is one of my fave old ones from them

i love that one!!!! also the christmas cookies baking video and the blindfolded cat game haha. idk tho, generally i don’t re-watch many of their really old videos bc i find some of their humor quite off-putting lol and their comfort levels in the last couple of years are just so much better, which makes their content so much more enjoyable to me

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Hi Malaya! Which blog do you associate with each BTS member? I associate you with Taehyung because you are both so cute haha and you both love Jhope so much x3

msjdjmdmsmd please this is so cute thank u 💗 :(( i think im similar to tae too jjfijrjskmmskd
hmm im not close w many ppl on this site so 🤢 but

@btsspringday is namjoon bc they both love documentaries and break shit.. did u kno ying broke an oven and microwave… namjoon antics.. also ying would accidentally release the date of her collab early like nj did.. also shes cute as hell like namjoon but nobody heard that.. shes also jin bc shes old like him

@akmv is jin bc shes funny as HELL like jin she makes me burst a lung everyday also ill always remember the iconic cowboyjin url + jins halloween costume also lauren reminds me namjoon too bc she loves taco bell and that namjoon taco burrito video…

@2eok is hobi bc shes the angel of our gc and doesnt bully me abt jimin.. she also takes the best selfies like hob 🤧 shes also jungkook bc shes our golden maknae that everyone lovs and she makes me laff like jjk.. 

also actually all three are hobi bc i love them as much as i love hobi and theyre beautiful like hobi and theyre the first thing i think of when i wake up like hobi 🤢🤢🤢 this turned into a I Love My Friends post srry MSJDJSDJKJD

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I have a YouTube channel and all I seem to talk about is how much I love Youngjae haha, he's so cute and perfect and I just love expressing my love for him! Even if he never sees it I just love saying all I feel about him! He's such an amazing person I love him so much!! >.<

Hi dear,

Really? Wow amazing. So you posted lots of videos of him? Thank you for that. I’m sure if Youngjae see your videos he’ll like them  (◕‿◕) I love him too so much.

My god
Endless amounts of love to @yoichisaohomo and if you all have never heard of her, lemme give you the breakdown
She’s sweet, amazing, beautiful, incredible, comforting, precious, badass, she’s everything you can imagine and she’s absolutely perfect. She plays her character Yoichi very well, probably the best I’ve seen, she’s talented beyond belief with MMD, I can’t do anything like that, haha, I’ve tried!
But most of all, she’ll have your back through thick and thin. She’s so amazing so please go give her so much love on my behalf. I’ve given her everything, and now I want to give her more, so I hope you all find time in your day and kindness in your heart to shoot her a supportive ask, or a kind message, just tell her she’s loved and how amazing she is because she needs to hear it every day, and it still won’t be enough.
Go check her out, everyone! Especially if you’re a fan of ONS~

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Hey there! I'd like to say you make me smile widely everyday from the positivity you spread here in the community :D Two random cents though: Mark's new(?) haircut looks amazing on him, and what do you feel about Darkiplier being called Edward lol XD I consider my second name my alter-ego for some reason and it popped in my mind haha

Hey sweetie.

Thank you so much!! Agh, nothing will beat the floof for me, and if it was pink floof then my life would be complete. I love him being called Edward!!!

Oosh out
Thank you for existing