i like it so much haha

i try not to upload so much of my own stuff but if i don’t, i’ll forget to later on, haha

anyways here’s rivalship pic #853009902134 but this time, they’re in their 30s/40s :^)

just my interpretation– i guess seto would chop off his Anime Mullet and yugi would grow his hair out and stop dyeing it :’) (bc i mean…,. no one’s born w natural tri-colored hair..)

also bonus shtty process gif :’^)

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omg i love the playing card idea with mugman's soul! you're so frikin creative and talented!! i love your comics and i can't wait for the next one!❤️🔥(sorry this isn't really an ask lol)

haha! aww thank you so much! ;u; I am glad you all like the idea! <333 (And it’s no problem at all! xD )

So, I’m doing @no-strings-puppet‘s community event. It’s not like my followers don’t know that much about me, but there may be a few new ones who don’t know me as well. So this one’s for you! :D

1. Name, Age, Country?

Catherine (Cat for short) because I prefer my middle name online, I’m 26 a the moment, and I live in the most original country ever: the United States. Pennsylvania to be precise. 

2. Appearance?

Basically my icon only fluffier. I’m not shy revealing what I look like if you have nothing to do.

3. Hobbies?

I’m really into art and writing. I also like making people’s day randomly. I don’t do much else. :)

4. What is your dream job?

I’m doing it. I’m a preschool teacher for late 3 to early 5 year olds, and I love every minute of it <3

5. What kind of shit would we find in your bag?

Potato chips, a sandwich container, mustard, spoons, band-aids, tissues, hand sanitizer, pencils, pens, an eraser, a notebook, water, fingernail clippers, Burt Bee’s Vanilla Chapstick… what a teacher learns to be prepared xD

6. How would you describe your personality?

At face value, I’m “nice” and sweet. I prefer to be quiet and listen. I’m also very giggly. I enjoy helping others, and I feel bad if I upset someone by accident. Fame doesn’t phase me, and I’d rather get to know my followers than worry about the numbers.

To those who get to know me, I’m honest and hopefully humble (which is why it feels weird to describe good traits about me honestly haha!) I take joy in the little things and appreciate things most people take for granted. I prefer working hard to make the world a better place over writing a fantastic story about my accomplishments. 

I’m also very critical of myself, and if I don’t feel like I’m doing 100%, I am harsh on my creations and actions. I am forgiving to a fault, unless you hurt those I’m close to, to which I’m very cold and cutting no matter how good of friends we were. I could care less about drama, but if I feel they’re words people need to hear, I will share them. I enjoy tasteful dark humor, more so satire than dark humor, but it’s a huge part of my sense of humor. I’m also rather sarcastic, but I make a point for people to know I’m being sarcastic so I don’t offend people (mostly in real life, because sarcasm doesn’t come across well in text).

7. When did you find Jack’s channel?

Back in March of 2015. Actually, @scribbly-of-the-scribbles got me into him. I mean, I watched a whole bunch of Wade in the past (he’s still one of my faves) but that’s all I would watch. I found Jack to be loud and vulgar, and I didn’t care for it.

But then I sat down and actually watched some of Jack’s stuff, and I enjoyed it! I liked how he’d slow down and appreciate the little things in the game, such as music or design. His energy made me feel good. Now I watch him every night before I sleep. Can’t have ghosts in the house if there’s someone screaming all night long, haha!

8. Put in order your top 3 favourite Egos!

*sweats nervously* I uh… don’t care much for the egos *ducks and runs away* but if I had to choose one it’d have to be ze good doctah!

9. Favourite/ most nostalgic video/series of Jack’s to watch? (Multiple answers are fine, I know I’ll find it hard to answer)

Really enjoying his Cuphead playthrough! I also love Night in the Woods, Bendy and the Ink Machine, and Undertale. 

10. Would you describe yourself as an active member or a quiet member of the community? If you’re an active member, what is your favourite part of what you do? Do you write fanfiction? Fanart? Theories? Or do you just enjoy chatting with others?

I am… somewhere in the middle.

I love drawing and writing with Jack as a central character. Usually it’s alternate universes more than anything. 

I say somewhere in the middle because Jack is not the only person I create for, and a majority of my friends I met through other communities. I think I’m most well know in the Jacksepticeye community, but I got on the radar of the Markiplier community despite me not being able to draw Mark for beans haha~

I will never turn away anyone in the community who wants to talk to me though :)

11. Some other facts about me:

  • I lick off all the flavoring of chips before I eat them
  • I eat everything a certain way, usually by pulling everything apart, and eating one part of the meal at a time (in order of my least to favorite thing)
  • I am a claustrophile (I enjoy being in small spaces)
  • I eat barbecue sauce on my mac and cheese
  • I manipulate my voice to sound like cartoon characters when I’m bored with varying degrees of success
  • I can’t sleep unless I have a small pillow on my head
  • I’m very into Hopepunk
  • Bees are the bees knees

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Gemma what happened??????? Did you accidentally tell your joe you run a smut blog????? If so hi joe!!! Don’t be scared of us 😂😂

Haha no it’s so much worse!! Ok so, today’s the birthday of Joe’s dad and after we took a nap he went back to the office (workaholic in the house) and I made a quick stop at his parents house to drop off a present etc. I have to say, I’m really close with his sisters and all and they’re like family to me so when his mum was preparing dessert I offered help. My hands were literally covered in dough and my phone just went off!! So I asked his sister if she could check who’s texting me & she was like “my brother asks if you feel better” and I casually said “yeah you can reply if you want”… ten minutes later my phone vibrated again. I asked her to read it to me because I was still full on the baking & she read out loud in the kitchen (in front of his aunts, cousins and sisters!!!) “He says: ‘Great. I know who’s going to have a lot of sex tonight’ and then there’s the heart eye emoji”…..his mum just looked at me and said “and now all of us know who’s going to have a lot of sex tonight” …..FUCK MY LIFE I CAN NEVER LOOK AT ANYONE OF THEM AGAIN I HATE HIM

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hi sofie! i'm also from sydney and i'm about to go to disney world for the first time in around a week (staying for five days). i was wondering if you had any special tips? small things i might overlook, places i shouldn't miss, vegan food i definitely should try, etc? i've watched quite a few youtube videos & am trying to gather all the info i can but i feel like i can only really trust you. :') any advice would be appreciated; thank you so much!

haha I’m very appreciative of that!! vegandisneyworld blog and their associated instagram page are the #1 source for food, especially as there has been A TON of options added in the past year since I was there. read through their posts in-depth, make a list on your phone of the options in every park and resort so you’re prepared, that’s what I did. just make sure you get dole whip, try and get the vegan tonga toast at kona cafe, grab a vegan red velvet cupcake from sprinkles and of course, visit erin mckenna’s bakery at disney springs. one as for my must sees, you need to get a reservation at the beauty and the beast restaurant, it was so amazing! the food was average, but it’s the setting that is really worth it. just make sure you book dining as far in advance as possible, you’d be shocked how fast things book out. one thing I missed out on due to there being no reservation spots left was the drive-in themed restaurant, so check that out cos it looks so awesome. the 50s themed restaurant is a must if you haven’t done it before, but if you’re very shy and don’t like attention from strangers maybe skip it haha but it’s always a blast - get the vegan strawberry shake, not the chocolate. there are some really special experiences & tours you can go on that cost a extra, such as the wild africa trek at animal kingdom, where you clime rope ladders over crocodiles and see a ton of exclusive behind-the-scenes type things, it’s absolutely amazing and worth the money. portions of the proceeds of every ticket go towards animal conservation so I think it’s a good one to support, you also get to choose where your donation goes at the end to help save an endangered species of your choice. the vegan food they prepared was also delicious! basically check out “events and tours” on the website for those, they have various ones at different parks, check reviews before booking. as for rides, you have to check out the relatively newly renovated stand-by queue for peter pan, it has some sweet interactive stuff that was in my vlogs and it was so magical. so skip the fast pass on that one, there’s lots to see in the line. go on test track as many times as you can, it’s really just one of the most fun rides in disney world, same goes for rockin’ rollercoaster. then there’s the classics like big thunder, twilight zone, etc. but it’s worth going on mostly rides that are exclusive to disney world. soarin around the world is also a must-do ride. Frozen was pretty cool if you can get a fastpass, but it’s not the most memorable ride. and if you have experienced many sydney new year’s eves which I’m sure you have LOL don’t panic about missing fireworks. so hard to get a seat and they’re never as spectacular as the level we’re used to. we also just couldn’t deal with the crowds and having to wait at least 2 hours in advance for a good view after a long day, it’s more worth getting a dining package where you’re guaranteed a good seat (something I plan to do next time). 


Not even gonna lie. I spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON THIS FIC–way too much for it to be considered a flashfic for sure lol Not even gonna say I’m sorry cause I’m NOT haha I had so much fun writing this and then making Yama-chan into the beautiful woman he would be lol It wasn’t nearly as hard as it should have been to be honest.

At any rate, there are two versions of this oneshot–the Yamachii version and then a “non-romance” one where there’s nothing about that kind of relationship in it for those who don’t like that kind of thing. My sweet Nice, @n10cfyd​, is for sure on the Yamachii team so…that one is for you darling!!

Title: Boy Bits (non-romance version)
Pairing/Relationship: Yamada Ryosuke x HIMSELF/HERSELF lol I can’t.
Rating: R
Warnings: Language
Genre: Umm…Au Crack? I have no idea–gender swap

Summary:  Ryosuke wakes up and realizes there’s an issue with his ‘boy bits’ lol

You can read the ROMANCE–YAMACHII VERSION {HERE} (but incidentally, that wouldn’t be a M/M fic now that I’m thinking about it, would it? lol I have no idea lol this is very confusing!)

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I mean, I can't tell you to like your art since artistic woes are something all drawers share, bur your art cheers me up when I see it on AA. It's adorable. Your lines are great. Also, unrelated to your art skill though, I love how you shut up idiots on that site. You go!

omg, i was just about to be like “Oh no you know me on AA” haha <3 But im glad you’re cool<33 Thank you so much, it really means a lot to me and it makes me so happy <33 bless u<3


Not even gonna lie. I spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON THIS FIC–way too much for it to be considered a flashfic for sure lol Not even gonna say I’m sorry cause I’m NOT haha I had so much fun writing this and then making Yama-chan into the beautiful woman he would be lol It wasn’t nearly as hard as it should have been to be honest.

At any rate, there are two versions of this oneshot–the Yamachii version and then a “non-romance” one where there’s nothing about that kind of relationship in it for those who don’t like that kind of thing. My sweet Nice, @n10cfyd, is for sure on the Yamachii team so…this is for you darling!!

Title: Boy Bits (Yamachii Version)
Pairing/Relationship: Yamada Ryosuke x Chinen Yuri
Rating: R
Warnings: Language, M/M relationship (non-graphic/implied)
Genre: Umm…Au Crack? I have no idea–gender swap

Summary:  Ryosuke wakes up and realizes there’s an issue with his ‘boy bits’ lol


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hey hey!! so i heard you love a good oc talk?? first of all, lemme say; your designs are what inspired me to make a class of dr ocs, so like... thank you so much?? i. i love them. but, i have a shsl luckster in my class! idk her name yet, but you know how naegi p much has consistently good luck, and komaeda has fluctuating good and bad luck? my oc has constant awful luck; until she starts using different charms and symbols of luck, and it all does a drastic 180, with fantastic luck! good talk ^^

Ooh thanks for sharing!! I feel bad for this bad luckster haha…though the charms seem like a cool addition! I’d love to know more abt her :0

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honestly the fact that u and tony-stark-saved-marvel are into naruto really pleases me,,,like idk naruto was i think my first fandom (maybe hp?? or maybe they were concurrent?) but like? idk I love seeing all the sakura love and just naruto in general on my dash again haha

omg @tonystark-saved-marvel we’re the heroes the naruto fandom deserves. 

thanks so much dude! tbh its really crazy because naruto was my first fandom too (and lol yeah either that or hp i dont remember they totally happened at the same time) and the sakura love really snuck up on me! I just….she just…amazing

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SHAN LISTEN, I’m still new to Kpop and you come out with updates after updates, gone on hiatus, sorta came back, AND STILL DOING UPDATES. ARE YOU TIRED?! PLS TAKE A BREAK. Bc I’m tired just reading them, pls only update bc you want to. We thank you.

sjdlfgkjsdlfkg ANON! Haha I was just talking to someone about this the other day, I’m actually one of those weird people who work well under pressure. Idk what’s going on, I’ve been putting in sixty hour weeks at work but it’s like my mind is on GET SHIT DONE mode. I’m a contrarian. In times of peace, I’m not nearly this productive. ANYWAYS, I’m going home for American thanksgiving next week - so I’ll get some rest then :)) thank you so much for your thoughts and love 

plus today I’m going to wander over the the art museum… then maybe the american writer’s museum. SOLO DAY FOR ME AND MY NERDINESS

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I’m 100% sure Viktor asks Yuuri more than once if he’d want to continue training in bed while being at the rink in St. Petersburg 8)


IT (2017) dir. Andrés Muschietti

You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. You’ll float too. YOU’LL FLOAT TOO.