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Here have two gays guys being dudes

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Hello, I was going through your tags (on the recommendation of @notbecauseofvictories) and I was just curious what your favorite monster/human romance media is? Books, movies, even fanfic, I've just been trying to find some good media about it for a while now and it's hard to slog through Google results. Thank you in advance!

Hey! here’s a real incomplete list of some monster romance media:

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and here’s an old list of Beauty and the Beast adaptions that I like


6 ≡ riley matthews & auggie matthews (8.98%) 

“riley is my sister. i’m her only brother. and her only brother is telling you whatever happens, don’t hurt my sister.” 


See? Under control.


3² Jin

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Any anime you regret watching? If you say Kiss x Sis we will know you are lying.

Hmm, Rail Wars

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It was in fact offensively bad. Like so bad that it actually made me upset that I spent time watching it, and that I thought it was ever going to get better. That is time that I will never get back. 


okay but the ending to the @bmc-switched-au would be really nice??

So @greedfma and I decided to do an art trade on the concept of Greed as a human and our takes on that!

The one thing I especially loved about the original FMA versus Brotherhood was the concept of the homunculi being created as a result of trying to bring back a person and I always wondered who Greed was beforehand since we know about a few of the others such as Envy and Lust.

Here’s my headcanon put shortly: Greed, or at the time, Garen Nicholas, was from a middle class family originally. His father worked at the local university where he eventually went. They were not incredibly rich but they were decently well off. He worked his way up after their deaths and earned his title as an aristocrat. He was afraid of death and age more than anything which his lover at the time, Dante, would take advantage of and offer him the opportunity of immortality. The disappearance of Garen Nicholas came without any notice and unbeknownst to everyone in that city Dante took his life and gave him a new existence. He died at the age of 27 and was reborn as the homunculus now known as Greed.

College Au Pt. 2

•As soon as he took step out of that college, he ran to his car and slammed the doors shut. Holding the steering wheel tightly that turned his hands white, his body shivering with fear and anxiety.
•Why must this happen? Always something will bring his mood down, but never like this. This was something different all together, this was taking something he loved dearly and disposing of it.
•Lance rushed to the hospital, a two hour drive from his college, and sped through lights and signs without a care in the world.
•All that mattered is that he had to reach his family and see the truth for himself. Was his baby bro really gone? His little Hermano?
•He knew his brother had terrible Asthma, the highest level to be exact, but he also knew that it wasn’t covered like other things. Cuz it’s not as lethal, even tho he has the highest case of it.
•Stupid hospital! Stupid government! If ya just helped cover it, make it easier on us family, maybe. Maybe he would’ve survived?
•He stared with tear streak eyes, his mind somewhere else.
•He heard a long honk that woke him up into reality and caused him to swerve.
•I need to focus, focus on getting to the hospital and then if it’s true. Y-you can cry when you get there.
•The clouds overhead grew grayer the closer he drove to the hospital. As much as he loved the rain like his…baby bro, he was not in the mood for it. Cuz now it’s gonna be a constant reminder of losing him.
•He arrived to the hospital, saving himself 20 minutes with all the speeding he’s been doing. But he didn’t care, all that mattered was to get to his baby bro.
•Running into the hospital he rushed to the front desk and immediately asked for his brothers room number.
•With barely any chance to speak he got the number and ran towards the elevator.
•Walking down loud halls and busy doctors, he approached the front of his brothers door. With little hesitation he knocked.
•The first thing being his sister dragging him into the room and pulling him into a hug. Her tears staining his clothes.
•"I’m s-so sorry H-Hermano…h-he he is g-gone!“
•"I know… I… I know.”
•He looked up, staring at the bed of the bed, blinded by watered eyes and sadness. His mother weeping like he’s never seen her weep before, his father was staring out the window, while his sister clung to him like there was nothing else to hold onto. And he? Well. He stared off looking at his brother, sleeping soundlessly. At least his brother is gonna be in a better place.
•He’ll find peace… just like we can.

It’s patch day, you know what that means: tag those spoilers

just a friendly reminder to tag your living story spoilers since not everyone will be able to play the patch right away. #spoilers #gw2 spoilers #living story spoilers are what i usually use and have blacklisted, personally.

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Kinda crackish, but what do you think of the theory that Shiro and Keith used to be rivals?

Hmm,,, I don’t think I’d say “rivals” exactly? Because, Keith doesn’t actively seek out that sort of thing. Lance is the one who decides they’re “rivals” and keeps needling and provoking him until Keith starts to snap back; Keith only gets so competitive with him because he’s baited into it. And even then, by season 2, he’s more so trying to mitigate the whole rivalry thing, trying to bridge the gap between them–apologizing when he upsets Lance with his blue lion comment, promising to stay far away in the pool, not even objecting when Lance calls him a hothead in BOM. Anyway, I don’t see a sheith rivalry happening since I don’t think either of them would really instigate it. 

What I can imagine though is that maybe Keith wanted nothing to do with Shiro at first. We know Shiro really changed his life, but there are a great many people who are adverse to change. It means dragging you out of your comfort zone, forcing you into uncharted territory. Just by simple virtue of that alone, Keith might have resented him. Maybe Keith had difficulty adjusting to garrison life at first, and Shiro tried to help him out–which Keith took as an insult. That sort of thing could feel patronizing, humiliating; he doesn’t need help, he doesn’t need anyone. 

Keith saying that everyone else gave up on him is monumental. Here’s someone who’s been abandoned and turned away time and again, who has never known a single person willing to stay with him. And then along comes Shiro with his warm smile and careful temperance, and maybe Keith hates that. Maybe he’s sick of disappointing everyone and always being left behind, hates the idea of letting someone get too close again. Shiro just seems too cloyingly good to be true, and Keith doesn’t dare let himself believe it. No sense getting his hopes up when it always ends the same, when no one’s ever stayed–

But Shiro is determined, and somewhere between breaking records in the sim and amidst quiet murmurs of “Patience yields focus,” he worms his way under Keith’s skin.