i like it simple i wanted to keep it that way

Things To Remember This Coming Year:

  • 1. Organization and discipline are two totally different things. Being organized, in whatever aspect of your life, takes discipline and drive. Organization is a daily routine, and developing the discipline to keep yourself in that routine and thrive in it will carry you well in the coming year. Get a journal/notebook/calendar. Decorate it as you wish or not at all–it IS for you after all, so do what you think works best. Set a reminder in your phone or something within view that reminds you to check your planner if need be, and set aside 5+ minutes to do so. This will help you get in the swing of things :)
  • 2. Eat as healthy as you possibly can, but let’s be real, chocolate, candy, chips, etc. gets the best of ANYONE. I say this because I feel it’s best to stress, especially in the coming year, that we’re not perfect. Feed your brain fruit, healthy grains, vegetables, calcium and iron-rich foods, etc., but it’s more than okay to go for that chocolate bar every now and then.
  • 3. Sleep. Netflix will save where you last left off on Stranger Things. Hulu will remember where you were at on your movie. Sleep will not. You will NEVER be able to make up for lost sleep, no matter how hard you try. So set yourself a set bedtime that will get you the best amount of sleep that you’ll need to function optimally the next day. Shoot for 7+ hours. Your body needs rest. Put the laptop and phone away, meditate, count sheep, or whatever it is that will help you sleep…and do so. I can’t stress how much sleep affects mental and physical health, and overall function. Don’t take it for granted.
  • 4. There’s a difference between challenging yourself and overwhelming yourself. I am throwing this phrase at you guys in the form of glitter and positive energy as we speak. This is SOOOOOO!!!! IMPORTANT!!!! Challenging yourself is great, but it has its limits. If you want to take an AP class, by all means do so. If you’re planning on taking 4 at one time, check yourself and ask yourself, “Combined with my other commitments, will this overwhelm me?” It’s a simple question, but it’s a very important one. In college, keep in mind the classes you need to take and how many credit hours you think you can feasibly take on. Your mental health is so important, please don’t wear your pretty selves down ✨🌸
  • 5. Give yourself something to look forward to everyday. It can be big, or small. But I’ve found that finding something to look forward to the next day, whether it’d be cracking open a new book, watching a new video your favorite youtuber put out, making a nice breakfast, etc. can really go a long way. We all need a little motivation to get through the day. It’s in the little things, trust me.
  • 6. Find a hobby. Hobbies are so important. They’re great coping mechanisms and ease the stress of work, school, etc. Take some time to find what you’re interested in and start small. Try scrapbooking, or maybe join a fun club on campus. If you’re into cooking, look up some recipes you wouldn’t normally try and try it! Get funky! Take a dance class or go to they gym. Find what suits you. It will help you in the long run.
  • 7. Love yourself. This is easier said and done, obviously, but promoting a positive mental image of yourself is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Cut yourself some slack. It sounds so cheesy, but go look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself one thing you love about yourself. Do it every morning. Or, write it down in a journal or something. Say it to yourself on the bus. Hang with people that make you feel good about yourself and add value to your life. Do things that make you happy. Listen to new music, reward yourself with a new outfit. You guys are all gorgeous ass human beings and I want nothing but the greatest of self-love for you guys ❤️❤️
  • 8. ...and love others, too. Remember your family, and your friends. They can be your greatest support system. Spend as much time with them as possible. Check in with your friends, hang out with them, be there for them. Be attentive at the dinner table with your family, engage in discussion. Take time to check in on your siblings. If you find yourself liking someone and it turns into a budding relationship, assess if the person will add to your happiness and that it is healthy. Also determine if you’ll be able to provide the time, energy, and care that goes into a relationship among the other commitments in your life. If check, check, and check, by all means go ahead. Have a blast 😎😇

Add more ideas below and keep it going!!! I love you all xoxo

Why Half-Elf Doesn’t Mean Half-Human...

I recently had a Player approach me about playing a Half-Elf/Half-Dwarf Character for My next Short-Term Campaign.

I, being the kind DM I am, told her that I’d be willing to Homebrew something for her.

But when I told her that, she gave me a confused look, and told me that “I though Half-Elf meant Half-Elf and Half-Anything else?”

And that’s when I became a little confused…

After reading through the passages on Half-Elves and their Racial Traits, I’ve noticed something I think is incredible…

Despite saying the words “Human Parent” about 12 times in the Passage, implying that Half-Elves mean Half-Elf & Half-Human, their Racial Traits suggest that Half-Elves mean “Half-Elf and Half-Anything”!

And here’s my look into it, I hope you enjoy!

Ability Score Increase: Your Charisma score increases by 2, the standard for any Half-Elf. But it’s also followed by “and two other Ability Scores of your choice increase by 1.”

So this could as simple as +1 Strength, +1 Constitution for a Half-Elf/Half-Orc, or a +1 Constitution, +1 Wisdom for a Half-Elf/Half-Dwarf.

And if you wanted to be a little stranger, and perhaps go for a Half-Elf/Half-Gnome, Half-Elf/Half-Dragonborn, or Half-Elf/Half-Tiefling, this Ability Score Increase of a +1 to two Abilities of your choice allows for you to show the heritage of both parents.

Age: Age is strange, because many races such as gnome, halfling and dwarf live much longer than a half-elf, but the idea of an extended lifespan due to the heritage of both parents is still there…

Alignment: This depends a lot on the other half of the half elf. A Half-Elf/Half-Orc would most likely be Chaotic Neutral with hints of Evil, while a Half-Elf/Half-Dwarf would most likely be Chaotic Good.

Size: Keeping to the Half-Elf Traits so as to not make it homebrew, your size would be medium.

Speed: Your base walking speed is 30 feet. Which would be almost default for your character…

Darkvision: Almost all races have darkvision, and seeing as how half-elves get it from their elven side, this wouldn’t effect the rest of your character in any major way…

Fey Ancestry: Keeping to the Half-Elf Traits so as to not make it homebrew, your half-elf character, no matter what their other parent would be, would have the Fey Ancestry trait.

Skill Versatility: You gain proficiency in 2 skills. This is great for any Half-Elf character.

A Half-Elf/Half-Orc would most likely gain proficiency in Athletics due to their Strength, and Intimidation, much like the Half-Orc’s Menacing trait…

A Half-Elf/Half-Dwarf would most likely gain proficiency in History, much like the dwarf’s Stonecunning trait.

And if you wanted to create an even more unusual race, this Skill Versatility  allows for you to show more of the heritage of your other, non-elven parent.

Languages: You can speak, read, and write Common, Elvish, and one extra Language of your choice.

So for a Half-Elf/Half-Orc it would be Orcish as an extra Language. For a Half-Elf/Half-Dwarf it would be Dwarvish.

Again… this lets you show more of the heritage of your other, non-elven parent.

And below, using only the half-elf template and a little change to flavor text, is an example of a Half-Elf/Half-Dwarf, with the Traits of a Half-Elf and a Dwarf put together into a wonderful, and technically official, race.

It just goes to show how a Half-Elf doesn’t have to mean Half-Elf/Half-Human…

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BTS’ Kinks Masterpost (Based on Astrology) - Maknae Line

warning: mature content, pure filth ahead 🥀


  • anyone who still doesn’t believe that man’s a dom, listen:

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teaching yourself a language

i’ve gotten questions multiple times about how to start learning swedish and how to go about when starting learning a new language, so i thought i’d make a masterpost about it. obviously learning differs from person to person, especially with languages, but this is what i do to study french, and what i’ve found best works for me

apps to get started: 

if you know nothing about a language a good place to get started is with basic words and basic grammar. there are a lot of apps / websites to choose from, some of the most popular are

  • Duolingo, has the benefit of being free, and has 27 languages to choose from. with Duolingo you start with the basics of “hello”, “my name is” “i am” and it gradually gets harder the better you get. make sure you don’t only use it as an app though, because then you’ll miss the grammar explanations available on the website
  • Babbel, unlike Duolingo Babbel isn’t free, and Babbel only has 14 languages to choose from. starts off similar to Duolingo but with Babbel you get more detailed grammar explanations and you don’t fall into the trap of having to learn long lists of words relating to one very specific subject before learning basic grammar, as you do with Duolingo. In Babbel you can also choose the courses that feel relevant to you, and don’t have to clear a certain course to move on to the next one
  • Memrise, works similarly to the two above. there is a free version but you have to pay to get to PRO level

this type of course is a great foundation for learning a language, and almost vital when first starting out (if you’re learning on your own), but make sure it’s not your only source, and that you’re continuously talking to native speakers, reading, watching movies, listening to the radio and so on to get a grip on what the language is like when spoken naturally

hearing the language:

watching tv and movies

when watching tv and movies you could either do it in two different ways, with different benefits

  • with subtitles (in language spoken), the benefit with this is that you can read a word or sentence and directly see how it’s pronounced, and vice versa. the downside is that this way easily draws attention away from the speech, it’s easy to get carried away focusing on the subtitles
  • without subtitles, the benefit with this is that you have to really focus on what is being said and how it’s pronounced, and you learn to understand the language spoken, rather than just written as in the subtitles

watching documentaries

  • watching documentaries is a great way to learn how to understand the language spoken. the language used is natural and not simplified for people trying to learn it, but it has a naturally slow tempo which makes it easy to keep up with

listening to the radio

  • even if you don’t understand a single word of what is being said when starting, listening to the radio is always a great way to pick up pronunciation. after a while as you get better you’ll start recognizing words and sentences, and you start understanding more and more. listening to the radio is also good as you get to hear how native speakers actually talk, including slang, idioms, buffer noises and other things

listening to music

  • listening to music works in the same way as listening to the radio, but is often a lot more fun! you learn the pronunciation and can sing along. disney songs are usually quite simple and offer written lyrics, so i’d say that’s a good way to start!


reading is one of the most important things to do when learning a language, and has the added benefit of learning about the culture of the language if you read literature from that country (which i recommend you do). i recommend starting with children’s books and cartoons and then moving on to more advanced literature the better you get. you can go about reading in your target language in two ways

  • reading continuously without pausing and trying to understand the words you don’t know based on the context. it’s also good to go back and reread, if you do this chances are you’ll pick up things that you didn’t understand the first time
  • pausing and looking up every word you don’t recognize. doing this won’t really increase your ability to read in your target language, but it can be a good way to build up a vocabulary


writing a diary

writing in your target language is a good way to learn to think in your target language and to use it naturally. i write a diary in french every day, and it’s been incredibly rewarding! but make sure this isn’t your only source, as that could make your language sound quite alien and unnatural. i made a more detailed post about the benefits of writing a diary in your target language which you can find here x

chatting online

chatting with native speakers online is a good complement to writing a diary. it has the same effects of learning to think in the language and using it daily, but when chatting with someone else you’ll be corrected, which stops you from developing bad and unnatural habits in your target language. you’ll also see how the native speakers use the language and which formulations they use. there are two apps, that i know about, designed to let you talk to native speakers

  • HelloTalk
  • Tandem

they both work pretty much the same, you enter your native language and other languages that you may speak fluently, and which language you’d like to learn. then you’ll be matched with people who want to learn your language and who speaks the language that you want to learn


talking is the most essential, and hardest part of learning a language. i practice talking by repeating words from Duolingo and Babbel and reading out loud from books. if you’re using Tandem or HelloTalk you can also video chat and send audio messages back and forth. there’s always the classic way of practicing by talking in the shower or with your pet! the best way to learn how to speak in your target language though would be to go to the country where the language is spoken

i think the most important thing to think about when starting a new language is to emerge yourself in it as much as you possibly can, and making the language a natural part of your day

i hope this post was helpful! if anyone has some other tips, feel free to put them in the comments or in the reblogs, good luck!

Messy Witch App Recommendations

These are some apps I have that I think are witchy related, and I’ll explain each one below. I got all of these for free for Iphone, idk about any other smartphone. 

1. Labyrinthos Academy

This was my first tarot app by Tina Gong which uses the Golden Thread Tarot deck, which is very simple and easy to learn from. This app goes through the cards and their meanings through memorization games. It’s very useful for beginners to learn the basic meanings for each card. There is also a daily card feature where you can log your interpretation, but I never used it much because it’s isn’t the best feature of the app. This one is definately best for using the memorizing games to learn specific meanings. 

2. Golden Thread Tarot

Another tarot app by Tina Gong, obviously it uses the Golden Thread deck. This one’s main function is a daily card where you can log your interpretation. The log also allows you to record your emotional state and specific feelings you had when reading your card. Then you can look at how many times suits or numbers come up in readings, and your most frequent feelings based on week, month, and year. I think it’s a great logging feature so you can keep checking your emotional state day by day. It also has a tarot database where you can look up any card through a search. It also has a collection of spreads. I use these as guidelines for physical cards, but you could also use this app as a digital deck which is also really interesting. What I don’t like about these is that it asks you to write you question after, and honestly, sometimes I forget to ask it before and it messes up the reading. You can also click on the cards after you flip them to see definitions but you can’t do that once you’ve started to log it, so if you forget you can’t go back. Otherwise, pretty good recourse app, I use it to look up meanings from the database a lot. 

3. Luminous Spirit Tarot - 

Yet another tarot app by Tina Gong, this time using the Luminous Spirit deck by Labyrinthos Academy. This is most similar to the Golden Thread app in format and features and function, however, it used a different deck and focuses on teaching tarot through connection with the moon. So for anyone particularly devoted to the moon, I would recommend this one. Instead of daily cards, this app keeps track of the phases of the moon. You come up with a monthly goal or focus and as the phases change you do a full reading about that topic through the cycle. It also asks you to meditate on your question by “charging the moon” where you can really focus on what you need to be asking. It keeps track of your readings and you can use the digital deck, but unlike the Golden Thread, it allows you to look up the meanings of the cards as you write your interpretations and helps you relate them to their position in the spread. This one is best for learning how cards function in spreads and in relation to each other. It also has a database and if you’re not in love with the Golden Thread deck, this deck is more realistic pencil drawings in black and white which has a more soothing appearance. Very simple and useful!

4. Seventh Sphere

Yes, it’s by Tina Gong, however, instead of another tarot deck, this is a Lenormand card deck. It has some short lessons about what a Lenormand Deck is as well as a database like the last two. It has another logging system, more similar to the Golden Thread or Labyrinthos Academy apps than to the Luminous Spirit one. It doesn’t have you meditate on your question beforehand but it gives you a list of interpretations to think about. Because this is a different deck, I don’t mind this set up because it helps me learn each card’s meaning through practice and how to use this set of cards. Also, this deck is gorgeous! Like screw all the other decks I was dreaming about this is first on my list when I get spending money again and want another deck. 

5. Stone - 

So this is the most simple app on this list. It is literally just a list of pictures of gems and crystals and you can click on any and it will show you its properties and a well-written description of it. That’s it. I don’t have my own correspondences for crystals or anything so it’s easier for me to use this. 

6. Planets - 

Okay, this one is cool. This is basically a digital sky. You can hold it up to the sky and move it around and it will show you exactly where all the stars, planets, and constellations are in real time. You can also set it to 2D mode where it rotates like a compass. There is also a section that will tell you the visibility of each planet and the moon, and if you click on each it will give you more details. I think you can also zoom in on planets and stars but I don’t use that much. I recommend for witches who like to time their spells to celestial movements or have a hard time of visualizing or don’t have access to look at the night sky always. 

7. PlantNet - 

This is one of my most popular post on here and it was a goddamn typo. Yes, this is PlantNet, not plannet. I got it, thanks. But seriously this is a super great app for identifying plants on the go. You take a picture of a plant and it searches a database for a list of possibilities of what it could be then, links you to their Wikipedia page. It’s not 100% accurate but it’s cool and sometimes useful. 

8. Infinite Storm - 

This is an audio app that I use for meditation on the go. You can customize the noises, the types of rain, the intensity, if you want thunder or not, and add other sounds. It’s simply lovely. 

9. Yummly - 

I just downloaded this today but I already love it. It’s just a food app but I’m a kitchen witch so, yeah. I have a couple food apps (tasty, pintrest, etc.) but I’m excited about this one. It customizes your feed by your food preferences and you can list your allergies and food you just don’t like. You can add recipes to lists and make a grocery list. You can search by what you’re in the mood for and you can even find recipes based on what you already have so you don’t have to go shopping. I miss cooking and hoping that this will give me a few more good recipies to try that are different than the same 6 that keep appearing on my pintrest feed.

These are about all the ones I have so far that I like. I used to have others but clearly haven’t used them enough to keep them. If you have any witchy apps you love send them my way, I’d love to check them out!

The Problem with Voltron’s Writing

I’ve seen a lot of the fandom call the Voltron writers out, and to be honest, I relatively agree. However, rather, it is not the representation in the show that I take issue with, but its narrative structure and direction.

See, team Voltron has a rather simple goal: to bring peace to the universe. However, up till literally the finale of season 4, we as the audience, have seen no progress being made toward that goal. There has been no hallmarks that we can point to, and say, ‘That was the moment when we got somewhere. The moment the team made a difference’.

The Problem with Progression: There’s none of it.

Season two and three were so promising in breaking free from this loop that the writers keep writing themselves into; in that the characters are written as though they were building up to something ground-breaking, but in reality, it was nothing.

In season two, Zarkon died–the big bad, the biggest bad–died. This threw predictably out of the window, it was different, it was exciting. We had no idea what we were in for.

Season three brought in Lotor, and he posed a very different kind of threat to our heroes. He wasn’t an open book in regards of motives and objectives like Zarkon was. Lotor kept us on our toes as much as he did with team Voltron, dancing rings around them and the Galra Empire. He showed potential, as a threat, as a character, and it sucks so much at Zarkon’s reawakening cut all of that down. I, like many others I imagine, would have loved to see more of the power struggle within the Galra Empire.

Lotor’s arrival was the best thing that was happened in Voltron because his arrival, coupled with Shiro’s disappearance forced something that is fundamental to every narrative.

Character Development: who dis?

Character development, oh my god, this. THIS.  

Four seasons in, and out of our precious cast, I can count the number of times on one hand that I’ve sat there watching and gone, ‘Wow. *Insert name* has really changed’. How many times is that? Twice. There are two satisfying moments of character development in the show thus far.


In season two, Allura has to overcome her extreme prejudice toward the Galra after learning Keith is half-Galra. No one goes to Allura, no one takes her aside and prompts her into it. Allura recognises her own fault and flaws in the unfairness of her attitude toward Keith, and apologises.

This was great. We clearly see that Allura has learnt a valuable morale lesson, moving closer to becoming the best person she can be, and we are proud of her for it.


In season three, Lance makes colossal leaps in maturing. He recognises that Keith is the better leader for Voltron, swallows his (rather bloated at times) pride, and becomes the driving emotional support behind Keith accepting the Black Lion’s decision. Lance continues to be Keith’s right-hand man throughout the season, and together, the two of them move past their childish rivalry, to the point where they are willing to be open up about their vulnerabilities to one another, expressing a deep bond and trust between them.
This was absolutely beautiful to watch. It was no secret that Lance harboured some form of dislike toward Keith, establishing this one-sided rivalry in an attempt to get Keith to recognise him. And now, to seeing how well they work together, and how much they relie on the other, it was truly magically in the department of character development.


While these moments were fabulously well done, that’s just it. These are the only moments. These are the only times in the show when a character’s internal morales/core ideals have fundamentally shifted, and benefitted the progression of the over-arching plot leading toward the end-goal.

You can point to examples like, ‘But look! Hunk no longer gets motion-sickness and is now a kick-ass pilot’. To that I would raise you, ‘Yes, but it never stopped him, did it? He never had to question himself, he just got over it. He never struggled with it, in a way that wasn’t played off to comedic effect.’


Keith with his Mamora arc sits in an iffy place. Every time I think that Keith’s character is getting somewhere, the writers do a U-turn and bash me on the head. 

With the trials of Mamora, Keith comes to the conclusion that he does not care about his heritage, because his role as a paladin is more important, only to have this bold step forward completely undermined when it is revealed that he is half-Galra.

This is one of the reasons why I feel so salty toward season four. By having Keith leave to become a Blade, it completely throws out Keith’s season two and season three character development. Season two has him affirm that being a paladin of Voltron is what is most important to him, and then season four just has him throw away that declaration like a wet tissue. Season four takes season two’s development, spits on it, and then we are left staring at the mess. It meant nothing, all that drama over the trials’ climax, meant nothing, and that is what grits my teeth. That is what I would call bad writing.

The problem with Voltron’s writing is that: there is not enough internal conflict and progression. We are not going anywhere, and when we think we are, we aren’t. Don’t get me wrong, I love this show. I love it’s characters, I love it’s world, and I am mindful of it’s target audience. It’s when it falls flat in these areas that things sting, because we all want this show to be the best it can possibly be. 

Please be mindful that this is a critical analysis, and the opinions expressed in here are my own. 

Thank you for reading.

Ask Me A Question

Pairing: Ben Solo x Reader

Word Count: 3.5k

Warnings: SMUTTT

A/n: Ben’s first time!!!!! okay so the idea for this fic was brought to me by the wonderful @baensolo ! love u

Ben’s steps were hurried but contained to scuffing along the marble floors. His mother kept a sturdy pace, as well as his uncle, but they both had considerably smaller strides than him, leaving him in an awkward rushed walk that could only be taken in half-steps.

“Did you hear what your uncle said, Ben?” His mother raised a brow at him, continuing to walk.

“…I have to be on my best behaviour?” He guessed. His ears had tuned out the monotonous flow of instructions in favour of focusing on the lavish architecture of the Senate building of Chandrilla. The art that hang off the tall walls detailed in chronological order the Old Republic, then its fall, continuing to the Jedi Order and so on.

Luke stopped walking, placing his hands on his nephew’s shoulders.

“All you really need to know is that the Senator needs a good bodyguard. If you can be that for her, your mother and I will be very happy.”

Ben shrugged. “Piece of cake.”

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Ernesto De La Cruz is one of the most interesting Human villains in Disney, right up there with Clayton and Cruella.

(Warning Spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk)

Let me start this by saying that I define human Villains as characters that don’t use magic or powers to do evil, they’re being bad on their own volition using things that every day people can use, and that’s what makes them scarier in my opinion then most of the other characters in the Disney/Pixar Staple of Villains.

The reason I’m starting to think that Ernesto is by far and away a great villain is because he is human in nature. It’s an interesting situation here in Coco with how he’s presented. Unlike other villains, who don’t have a claim to fame in the same sense as he does in world, Ernesto oozes the whole issue of what we see on screen vs. who the actor/actress truly is. We’ve seen in recent years that people equate a person’s character on screen to who they are off screen. Which leads to some very awkward moments for fans and actors alike. Ernesto has that going for him. He’s a person that shows himself to be one way but ultimately is not as he appears. On top of that he died young, making him a character that has the added mystique of people putting their own views and spins on his history, and making him a tragic figure.

In Coco, we are painted a picture through Miguel’s point of view on Ernesto. He’s being forced to not play music and so becomes infatuated by Ernesto and sees him as a larger than life person. What’s interesting about this is that, while the town embraces him, they also seem to be using him as a tool for their own revenue stream. We see with his monument that there are marigolds in there, but they are limited unlike the other grave sites. Clearly, while the town does respect him as one of their “favorite” sons, they also only see him as someone at a distance, an image on screen, a character and not the real person. Miguel ups that, wanting to be like the image that Ernesto shows the public in interviews and movies, and we see that Miguel is infatuated with Ernesto the character that he plays and not the real person who he is.

When we finally do get to the land of the dead, again, we see Ernesto the celebrity, and not the person. People seem to adore him as a musician, but also are using him for their own push forward. To play at his party is a big thing, and Ernesto seems to revel in that celebrity as we see at the party he likes to smooze (to ingratiate himself) with some of the bigger people in Mexican (and Spanish) history. He employees a number of people for his event, much like he probably did in real life, and creates an event where he makes it seem like they are important but he’s clearly the star of the show. This much like the whole town using him for the contest and other events happening during Day of the Dead.

But how much of this image is a cultivated thing and how much is the real Ernesto. I propose it’s half and half. 

Ernesto diving into the water to save Miguel was a legit thing, he wasn’t doing this for fan fair and for the audience it sets him up as a decent person, which, he at first, seems to be. Now does this make him a good person, no by no means, but it does paint him as more human, as we see that he can be capable of doing the right thing. However, this only adds more to the whole fact that he is, in fact, not a good person, but a very narcissistic, cowardly, criminal one.

Taking a look at his actions in film we can see a very different Ernesto in regard to the real person based on his actions and what we have to look back on after the revelation of his murderous act. So where do we even start with finding the real Ernesto, well we have to start off at the beginning of his career with Hector. We know both men grew up in the same town, and given how Hector calls him his friend and such, we have to assume they are about the same age, so likely boy hood friends, or at the very least they knew one another growing up. If not growing up, then at least when they were teens or older.

We know that Ernesto can sing and play on his own, this much is clear from the movies and his actions during the party. This is important as it puts a rather big mark on his reasoning. Ernesto is a good singer and player, but he can’t write his own songs. He can perform Hector’s works but can’t write them himself. Meaning that he was never trained in creating music, just playing and possibly reading it. 

This puts Hector as someone very important to Ernesto’s goals, and he sees his friend much more as a tool and something that he needs with him at all times. During the moment of Hector’s death, we pretty much get that from Ernesto as he pleads with him to stay.

The thing is I think that the fact that Ernesto was good looking, could play, and sing, probably got the attention of a lot of people in town. Unlike Hector who, let’s be honest, while good looking, is still skinny, tall and during the time period that they were alive, would have been seen as gangly and unattractive for a movie star. Ernesto probably, being fed from a young age, that he was good looking, and gifted, became more narcissistic and probably became heavily interested in becoming a star at a young age.

From the look of the flashbacks and the films that we see, we can assume that Ernesto got his start during the 30s and 40s, maybe into the 50s of cinema. It’s clear that the movie style is based on the period of time of black and white cinema, but not so far back that it’s the Silent Movies. 

This means that Ernesto more than likely had the goal, early on, of becoming famous as he felt that he could never just sing for one person, that he had to have the world love him, and that he wasn’t about to let anyone get in his way. This adds a lot to how he is as a person. He’s determined to the point of murder, he’s so determined to be seen as someone great and amazing and loved by all that he’s willing to kill to get to that point and his Ego is beyond the pale.

Which brings us to his actions with Hector. Again, assuming that the two knew one another and were probably good friends, Ernesto more than likely saw talent in Hector and realized how useful to him he could be. If he were to sing Hector’s songs he could become well known, as the songs were amazingly beautiful and meaningful. So the plan more than likely was for Hector and Ernesto to travel to Mexico City or the surrounding area where a good percentage of Mexican movies were being in the 1930s and 1940s. Ernesto most likely didn’t care that much about Imelda and her relationship with Hector outside of the fact that it could throw a wrench in his plans. We get the impression that Imelda probably was not too keen on Hector leaving with Ernesto, who undoubtedly made a plea to Hector about making a lot of money if they became famous to help fund his family.

In the moment when Hector was leaving Ernesto we saw that they were nearly at the goal that Ernesto was looking for. The duo more than likely had traveled for quite some time, as evidence from Mama Coco’s letters. So this wasn’t a simple case of a year or so, this was possibly a number of year that they were on the road preforming. Eventually the fact that Hector was home sick and realized that it was not going to happen for him and Ernesto in regard to getting well known for their music made him want to go home. This is where I think Ernesto’s fears and desires trumped his moral code.

We know for fact that Ernesto pleaded with Hector not to go. Not because he was going to miss his friend, but because without Hector’s music and skills, he was going to not have a way to make it big for himself. It became evident to Ernesto that he didn’t need Hector if he had his song book. So that became the obvious thing to him. Get the book from him at all costs. We clearly see he’s willing to poison his friend, but, what makes it so much worse, is what he does after.

He took the guitar, something that had significance to probably Imelda, Coco and Hector. The fact that he was willing to take the guitar, use the Guitar, and clearly care for it brings to light some info about Ernesto that either makes him out to be a real scumbag even more, or someone that has some semblance of guilt, no matter how small. We know the Guitar was taken well care of. If Ernesto truly hated Hector, he probably wouldn’t have taken it and still took care of it. However, the issue becomes why. The more reasonable thought could be that there was a bit of guilt on his part for killing his friend and keeping the guitar with him was a way of both keeping Hector with him and dealing with that guilt. It was, in some subconscious way, a way for him to say “I’m guilty of a crime” since Imelda, if she saw the movies, probably would have recognized the guitar and, being a clever woman, possibly would have put two and two together as Hector more than likely wouldn’t have given away a guitar like that willingly. We also know that it was put in the tomb for Ernesto, so clearly he did make sure that it was kept safe.

On the other hand, we’ve seen later how much of a jerk he can really be, and that brings us to the fact that he possibly took the guitar because it was worth a lot as a gimmick and had no regret of really killing his friend. I’m more inclined to think it’s the later seeing how cowardly he becomes when Imelda and the others go after him to get the picture. There’s also the fact that his reputation trumps everything else and we also see this in how he talks to Miguel after the big reveal and even before that.

When Ernesto first discovers that he has a grandson, his reaction is interesting. He doesn’t deny it, and embraces it, but the look on his face says that he both doesn’t understand and at the same time is freaking out mentally. It’s pretty clear, given the ladies in the movies, he’s known as a romantic lead, and it wouldn’t be that hard to believe in that period of time that he willingly went to bed with a few different women. This means he’s probably wondering which one he got pregnant, so clearly he probably does have some unknown kids or a child running around if he’s willing to buy Miguel’s story without any proof of who the woman was. He doesn’t even ask about his grandmother. He just goes with it.

Later when he was going to give Miguel a pass back to the land of the living, he points out that he doesn’t want people to know that Miguel is his grandson, as if that would ruin his reputation. It’s made more blatant that Ernesto doesn’t seem to care about anyone but himself, since, rather than sharing all the “love” that his fans gave him, he hoards it and shows it off to Miguel.

 It’s an interesting moment because you realize how alone Ernesto really is since if you go back to the town, while he has a lovely tomb, there is no food or drink or wine on his alter, meaning that there was no one there other than the locals to tend to it. So clearly the town even knew of his attitude if they were not willing to put up more offerings on the alter.

This brings us to the point about his actions with Hector, Miguel and the family during the ending. We see that he is willing to throw both Hector and Miguel into a hole to hide the truth. This begs the question of, who else did he get rid of to keep his face? If he’s willing to kill Hector, then it’s not that big a shock that he could be willing to steal and kill to get other roles and get rid of people he doesn’t want in his life. He throws Miguel off the roof, and pretty much threatens the family due to, what he believes, is his power and influence in this world. Now while I would love to believe that he would be punished for his actions by fading. The problem is that, while there is proof of him being a thief of music, there’s no proof of him killing Hector. This means that there are probably people out there that either don’t buy the idea that Ernesto stole the music, or they don’t care as he went on to become the singer of their favorite songs.

This brings me back to the point that as far as Villains come, Ernesto is probably one of the best human ones that Disney has had in a long while, and I hope that people really do support him in that sense. We need more nuanced villains in stories, and Ernesto probably will be a good start to that.

the-opal-mermaid  asked:

Is Nathan gonna be Ursula and Vlads sugar baby?

Lets be real here, they’re both her sugar babies and they know it. (Well, Vlad does. Nathan just doesn’t think about it)

If I go completely off the crackfic deep end, Vlad is the older, richer guy in his 40s trapped in a hateful relationship with his wife Elizabeth (man, you guys don’t know about her yet) who makes the scathing comment one night that Vlad couldn’t even PAY anyone to love him even if he tried, so in one of his drunken spiteful hazes he downloads an app and scrolls through all the people looking to be sugar babies and he’s just about to give up and throw his phone down cause this was a stupid idea, really, what was he thinking, hell what was he drinking….when he swipes one more time and oh, oh.

Except you can’t see the whole profile unless you match, so he hits the button and watches the bio unfold and Christ, Christ above, they’re a couple and they’re so beautiful it makes his heart hurt. It’s not even that they’re aesthetically pleasing (cause they are, they so are) but it’s the way they look at each other and their bio reads like a lonely hearts add, mid 20s, likes the colors red and green, don’t drink, don’t smoke, but with the added brutal addendum of “hey uh, we’re fucking broke but we’re kind of cute right?” 

And there’s an amazon wishlist and it’s just fucking college books man, it’s just books and fucking ramen noodles and he’s all alone in this giant fucking mansion with all this wealth he’ll never burn through even if he lives to be 200 years old so he just buys all of it, and leaves a message in the gift note area that says “pick something nice next time, ~V.” and moves on with his life, forgetting about it until he gets the thank you notification on his phone two days later after Nathan and Ursula wake up walled into their shitty apartment by all the amazon boxes on the doorstep. The doormat placed delicately on top. Cause I mean, what could go wrong, right?

And thus ensues a love affair through amazon prime. They don’t know who he is except that he has too much money to spend and doesn’t seem to want anything in return. And at first they’re like cool, fine, rich guy who doesn’t need anything from us, amazing, brilliant. Until one night when they’re lying in bed Ursula says,

“do you think he’s lonely, Mr. V?”

And Nathan is many things, many more things than he first realized thanks to dating Ursula (good bye pre-conceived notions of heterosexuality, hello realizing that gender is just a social construct and skittles had the right idea) and he’d never quite been comfortable with the whole Sugaring thing (Ursula is, it’s how she’s paid  for two degrees with no family help) he finds he doesn’t mind it if he knows what the other person is getting out of it. Except for “Mr. V” who as far as Nathan can tell gets nothing but a hefty monthly amazon bill and…yea, it’s been bothering him for a while…and

“I dunno…maybe? I mean…why else do that?”

“I dunno.” Ursula echoes back, chewing thoughtfully on her hair. “Do you think we should like, do something?”

“What, like hack into amazon and find out who he is?”

“I was thinking more posting an invitation to draw him out, see if he responds. But sure, we can do that too.”

Nathan’s nose wrinkles. “What kind of invitation.”

Ursula shrugs again, but her eyes already have that far off look that means she’s plotting. “He’s very formal, in his little notes…I bet he’d appreciate a proper invitation…”

Which is how Vlad, halfway through his lunch in his office (his only free time of the day where no one bothers him at all on pain of death) pauses midway through with a spoonful of tomato soup to his lips, mid scroll through the amazon app on his phone as he realizes their list has updated. It’s an “I want” note, the kind of thing you need to buy from somewhere else and have their address to send, except it’s not a thing. It’s…it’s…

Dear Mr. V.
Thank you for all the lovely gifts, the amazon gift card last month was greatly appreciated. My partner and I were hoping to engage your interests for an evening, or two, just a little something to show how appreciate we are of your time an attention. If you would like to accept this

he scrolls down to the next item, to where the character limit continues,

invitation, please meet us at [link], and input the password. The phrase is your most recent purchase to us. If not then please disregard this note as a simple gesture of good faith. Hope to meet your acquaintance properly soon, kind regards and much enthusiasm, U & N x.”


BTS Reaction ⌲ Falling For You While Being in A Relationship

Requested by Anonymous, “Hello, I love your blog so much! You’re such a talented writer! Can I request a reaction to BTS falling for one of their friends (who is the reader/OC) while they have a girlfriend? Sorry if my english is weird. Thank you and I love you! 💖💖💖”

Jin — It’s been awhile since he realized he had feelings for you and he was terrified. He knew he had to choose one, his best friend or his significant other;  but it was hard for him as he was too afraid to confront his girlfriend and splatter a mess he’d rather not clean up. He loves you, spending every passing day with you and even cancelling meet ups with his girlfriend like she was nothing but a nuisance. His phone always purred with texts whenever he was with you, and once he finally got tired of it one day as he forced the device to slumber when you both went out to eat, you finally ask him about it. “Is it your jagi calling?” You ask with a teasing smile as he blows on his steaming beverage.

“Nah,” he whispers, sliding the phone into his pocket, “it’s no one important.”

Originally posted by yoongichii

Suga — The moment Yoongi realized he was falling for you, he had ended it with his girlfriend right then and there. He wasn’t going to lead someone on when his heart belonged to someone else, and even if you didn’t know about his feelings — he didn’t care in the slightest. He invited you to the studio and dorms plenty of times, and he was smiling more often, teasing you and just basking in the beauties of you when he got the chance to steal a glance. It was one day when you two were in the studio alone, that you finally notice his gaze burning holes into your soul. “What?” You snap, annoyed, and he simply sways his arms nervously as he smiles admiringly.

“I love you.”

Originally posted by minsecretsoul

J-Hope — It was just a simple crush that prolonged as wine overfilled his glass and intoxicated him, permanently drunk on you. Being with you made him happy, but he was way too afraid to leave his girlfriend due to the aftermath — and the cruel reality that you may never return his feelings had obsidian ink dripping into half of his heart. He always left you at abrupt times, never trusting himself around you as his body begged to touch yours, and when he got up to calm his flushed cheeks and fluttering heart, you raised an eyebrow, thinking he was sick. “Are you okay?” The question drips from your lips and freezes him, quickly feigning a smile and refusing to stare you in the eyes.

“Yep.” Hell no.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

RapMonster — “I saw her with someone else.”

He watched you sway your legs as you sat on the bench, staring at the silver marble tiles of the large mall. He could hear you stomach growl and whine for food, feel your confusion slap him in the face as the hurt in your eyes drenched him in regret. “Why did you leave her?” You asked, because you knew your best friend would had a good reason to end things with the one you assumed he loved.

“Because…” he whispered, hoping to anything his ex didn’t do anything to you out of spite, “because I realized I was in love with you.”

Originally posted by jeonbase

Jimin — He couldn’t help himself, and he was even disgusted with himself. His feelings bloomed with each passing day, the floret growing bigger and stronger and refusing to wilt. He is way too nice to leave his girlfriend even though he knew all he felt was attraction towards her, but with you..he is in love with you. Deeply. “Like the stars, you’re beautiful.” He says as you both sit in the back of his truck during the night, and immediately, you become flustered.

“Oh, shut up you ass,” you laugh, pushing his shoulder but he quickly grabs your hand.

“I’m being honest,” a genuine smile forms on his lips as he looks into your eyes, “how do you look so beautiful all the time?”

Originally posted by yoonmin

V — There was something in your eyes that left him breathless, something that glimmered with a distant hope that he had been chasing after, something that made his heart swell in agony..

And it was captivating.

It was during one of his famous tickle fights that he slowly stopped his ministrations whilst being entranced by your eyes, and before he knew it — he was kissing you. It was soft and pure, yet you pushed him away alarmingly, saying, “this is wrong.” But he only pulls you into his chest tightly, never apologizing because he regretted nothing, because he was in love with you. 

“Just let me hold you a little longer,” his deep voice breathes, “please.”

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Jungkook — “You’re not my boyfriend.”

And he stiffens as those words, even if you giggled them, leave your mouth as they used his heart like a punching bag. You’re not my boyfriend. He sits there, slumping into the couch he sits on defeatedly as your eyes settle on Taehyung from across the party, telling him that you were going to spend time with the older man and Jungkook knew where this was going. He was jealous, and he didn’t want you to go, grabbing your arm with such force to keep you seated beside him even if his girlfriend was watching you two from afar. But you were right, he wasn’t yours, you weren’t his and you never will be.

And regretfully, he stares into his lap as he whispers, “I wish I was.”

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

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Not Northside Material - Part 6

Originally posted by veronicadvalle

A/N: This isn’t at all what i planned to happen but it’s okay because when do my plans ever actually…go…to plan? Never! It’s the inevitable contradiction of my life that I crave organisation and yet i am unable to ever keep anything in place. OH WELL ENJOY MY ACCIDENTAL PAIN WRITING!

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 7

Summary: He won’t speak to her, neither of them like it and neither of them know the other is suffering. He just has to manage to stay away from her, that should be pretty simple? … Right?

Words: 2,308

Summary: Serpents, Swears, T E N S I O N, oopsie doodle.

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Masterlist of Sterek Exchange 2017 Fics

AO3 collection

Thank you for every author, pinch hitter, beta and cheerleader for working so hard to make this exchange so much fun and such a huge success!

Please, show some love to the authors in forms of kudos and comments on their fics!

#librarynerd by yodasyoyo | 7k | T

“I’ll likely get far more done in  the group if I’m not distracted watching you with your pen–”

“My–My pen?”

“Pens. Drinking straws. Don’t act like you don’t know,” Derek says darkly.  “You know.”


In which Stiles follows Scott into his Spanish study group, takes one look  at the hot nerd who runs it and then decides to stay… even though he doesn’t  actually speak Spanish.

(Don’t) Work Your Magic by Saori | 6k | T

Stiles is the Hale pack’s emissary in training. He’s good at what he does, and ninety-nine percent of the time he knows what he’s doing. He does. Too bad that one percent is when he permanently links his soul to Derek’s.

Or, not quite a soulmate AU, but it kind of is, which is totally Stiles’ fault.

A Family Portrait In Soft Lightning by Fearful_Little_Thing | 4k | G

Everything was so much easier when  the kids were small. When the kids were small their problems had been small  too. Easily fixed by hugs or hot chocolates, with kisses to boo-boos and ten  minute time outs when they misbehaved.

Now things aren’t so simple and  the problems aren’t so small.

Derek and Stiles love their kids.  It’s just that raising two delinquent teenagers is a lot harder than it  looked.

Adderall and All by IronRoseWriter | 4k | T

From the prompt: Derek can smell amphetemines on Stiles thanks to his  Adderall, but because no one ever thought to sit him down and say “Hey so  Stiles has pretty severe ADHD” he just thinks Stiles does drugs. Cue a super  judgemental misunderstanding.

For Sterek Exchange 2017

And After All by red_crate | 5k | T

The world fucking ended while Stiles was clear across the country from his  dad. He trekked that distance on his own, surviving the elements, fighting  monsters and scavengers. Stiles rescued a goddamn werewolf who ended up  saving him in return.

Blue Eyes by KFlynn | 4k | T

It had all begun with Stiles slowly driving his Jeep along the road, in  the direction of his home…..

or the story where Stiles finds a wolf Derek, takes him back home and  cuddles with him, only to wake up with naked human Derek the next morning;  then they have breakfast and an important talk where they both realise that  they’re in love with each other.

Can’t Start a Fire Without a Spark by Nerdy_fangirl_57 | 9k | T

After the whole ordeal with the nogitsune Stiles struggles with proving to  himself that he can be good again. He starts learning to control his spark in  hopes that he could be helpful to the pack once he manages to channel it’s  power. Everyone thinks it’s a great idea and are willing to help him anyway  they can, but Scott, Scott doesn’t see the point in it.

It’s not like Stiles’ tiny spark could ever be powerful enough to be an  actual asset to the pack.

Stiles just wants a chance to prove himself.

Charm Misdirect by froggydarren | 4k | T

There are only so many times that Derek will go along with Peter’s plans.  He swears there is a last one, and it’s pretty likely that this is it. Really,  it should have been the time when he almost got arrested, or some of the  times before.
 So when Peter asks Derek to be his wingman in Jungle, Derek says no. And  thinks that that’s the end of it.

He’s wrong.

Collision Course by grimmypuff | 5k | T

Roller Derby and Stiles Stilinski: a pairing that should not exist in nature. Add Derek Hale and somehow it works.

Come To My… by Gonardo | 8k | M

It starts out with Derek meeting a new group of people. One standing out:  Stiles Stilinski. So he may seen a little strange at first, but that’s  alright.

Then they are put together for a project. Derek catches feelings. Cue the  pining.

While Stiles looked at other guys objectively, he pretty much thought he  was straight. Boy he was wrong. Maybe he’s just dereksexual.

Can they figure out their feelings in time.

Defenses by inatshej | 10k | T

“Do you know the Molotov Cocktail  café near the station? I think their pastries are the best. We could go there  this weekend.”

Oh wait.

Oh shit.

Oh fuck. He’s proposed a date.

“Sure,” Stiles agrees easily with a shrug.

Immediate friendzoning.

But did he really get friendzoned just now? Can he get friendzoned when  they aren’t even friends?

Does that make them friends? It would be nice, actually-

god, he just feels so lonely at times.

Derek Hale’s Undercover Summer: How to Attract Your FBI-Partner in These 10 Short  Steps (While Also Killing Bad Guys) by the_problem_with_stardust | 4k | T

Written for jennysparkles’ awesome prompt: Derek wasn’t sure why, but if  his time busting the biggest smuggling- and drug-ring in Northern California  had the chance to become a book or a movie, it would be named ‘Derek Hale’s  Undercover Summer: How to Attract Your FBI-Partner in These 10 Short Steps  (While Also Killing Bad Guys)’. It was ridiculous, how killing people  bare-handed turned into a romantic comedy whenever he looked into Stiles’  eyes.

events  may be different than they appear by icarusinflight | 4k | T

The first time Stiles sees the couple, the hot dude is giving the gorgeous  girl a ride on his back through the main walkway of campus.
 It’s pretty dumb

it doesn’t stop him from feeling jealous of them

Feelings He Didn’t Know He Had by StaciNadia | 5k | T

Derek is absolutely not in love with Stiles.

Finding warmth in your arms (I’m not even cold) by Saori | 10k | T

When Stiles and his father move to Beacon Hills, they have to get familiar with new rules. Being a werefox, Stiles sticks out as a thumb in the small town, but thanks for his luck, he’s not the only one. He doesn’t expect that Kira and him will get close to the pack of ‘wolves whose territory they live in, so when they both fall in love with one, it takes him by surprise.

Or, Stiles and Kira are both werefoxes, recently moved into Beacon Hills. They quickly steal their way into the heart of the local werewolf pack.

For  If Dreams Die by veritas_st | 23k | M

“I had a dream about a boy last  night,” Mischief says through a mouthful of pancakes.  His dad points  the spatula at him and he swallows before he says anything else.  “His  name was Derek.  He called me Stiles.  I want to be called that  from now on.”

Forever Young by thegirlnamedcove | 12k | T

“What do you want Laura?” he  groaned, “Why am I up?”

“Because you’re going to pack a bag with whatever’s clean and come with me  back to California,” she fished a folded page out of her back pocket and  handed it over, “Someone is on our territory with a vendetta in mind.”

He accepted the paper and opened it up, smoothing it against the side of  the mattress. It was a picture, printed out from an email, of a deer with a  spiral carved in its side.

Fuel  a Fantasy by Delightful_I_Am | 19k | T

Let it never be said that Stiles wasn’t able to keep his cool when faced  with awkward situations. It’d be right maybe, but it should never be said.

 Stiles gasped and spun around,  eyes finding Derek immediately. The poor guy looked a bit shell-shocked.

 “Oh my god! Dude!” Stiles  flailed his arms and lunged forward, tripping a bit and catching himself on  Derek’s arms. “You have to fake date me!”


Hold the Cheese by sheerpoetry | 3k | T

Derek wasn’t sure how he’d gotten himself into this particular  situation. Sure, he’d gotten used to the pack in his space. But Stiles? He  hadn’t gotten used to Stiles.

 Fluff. Adorable Derek, maybe some pining, Stiles being his flailing, sassy  self. Lydia and Laura would totally be a power couple. Laura is an awesome  big sister. Stiles as a potential Emissary.

I got the first half, at least? ;) Hope you enjoy it!

How Long Will I Love You? by vaguelyobscene | 6k | T

Stiles is finally marrying his boyfriend of 8 years and Lydia makes a surprisingly  sweet offer on his wedding day, but she’s not the only one who seems  determined to make him cry today.

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yoongi scenario | the mystery of us

Originally posted by randomgirlwitharobe

You don’t understand Min Yoongi at all… but then again, you don’t understand yourself very well either… 

prompt: I can’t travel to see my family on Christmas, so I decided to invite you over to keep me company, even though you’re kind of grumpy and a loner…

pairing: slytherin yoongi x slytherin reader

warnings: mentions of bullying, blood and physical violence, mild swearing

requested by @returnofthesquishies | 11.5k words | fluff, angst, Hogwarts au

Min Yoongi is a mystery to you.

With jet black eyes, like windows to an inky sky, and hair blacker still, he gives off the impression that you should stay away. He goes through life at Hogwarts avoiding company, sitting alone, and scaring off even his fellow Slytherins, yourself included.

But Yoongi isn’t all that he shows. He’s more than the blockade of ice he puts up around everyone, showing how little he cares with a curl of his cold lip.

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His Royal Fury

Originally posted by tomhiddleston-gifs

Pairing: Loki x Reader (ft. Tony, Steve, Thor, and Natasha)

Content/Warnings: angst; fluff; implied rape

Words: 1570

A/N: This turned out a lot longer than I expected it to, but… it turned out pretty well. I went a little away from the anon request but it basically follows what was asked:

a Loki x reader imagine where reader is basically getting harassed and she doesn’t tell Loki, and when he finds out he’s furious? Something with the prompt “did he touch you?” and it ends with the guy who harassed reader getting caught by a very angry Loki and lots of cuddling and fluff

Enjoy, guys!

You hadn’t been sure about Loki at first. When he had first moved into Stark Tower - or Avengers Tower, as it was now referred to - you made an effort to avoid the younger Asgardian prince as much as possible. He couldn’t be trusted, and it was as simple as that. At least, you thought it was.

The two of you had bonded late one night, when everyone else was asleep. You had a nightmare, and had taken to wandering the tower, stumbling upon Loki in the library. The two of you had bonded over your mutual love for books, and an uneasy friendship had formed. And from that uneasy friendship, over the course of a rocky few weeks which turned slowly into a smoother few months, something beautiful bloomed between you and Loki. Yes, he still had issues, but you helped him through them. You helped him realize that there were better ways to solve problems then through violence.

You helped him learn how to love again.

Loki was a perfect gentleman, and all that a person could ask for in a boyfriend. Despite his reputation, he was sweet and loving. He cared about you, you were his love and his redemption, and he’d be damned before he let anything happen to you. And if he found out someone was hurting you, well… he’d make them wish for something as sweet as pain.

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❝ You are my paradise ❞

Plot: You and Yoongi fight and he says he hates you. So you decide to give him the silent treatment, but he tries everything to make you talk to him again.

Words count: 5,5k+

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader 

Genre: Fluff 

For anon, I hope you like it cutie! 


Originally posted by seokjins-wings

The thump of the door closed behind your shoulder was the noise that welcomed your return home for more than three weeks.  

The door closed behind your boyfriend without you having time to greet him or spend a few minutes with him.  

At every comeback the situation worsened, you knew at the beginning of your relationship and you remember it again after almost two years. But this time there was something different and you couldn’t understand. Your mind completely filled with thoughts, which annoyed you without interruption.  

The first few days you hadn’t noticed the difference, but now it was impossible not to notice. Don’t notice those little details. Like the absence of his good morning kiss or the complete disappearance during the day, without a simple message or even a quick phone call.  

Your chest was crushed under the weight of the consciousness that you would spend the umpteenth evening alone, with your dog trying to cheer you up and some melancholy song in the background. In short, the dream of every girl of 24 years for her evenings.. Especially when they have a boyfriend.  

“Hello to you too..” Your hissing scattered in the air and your little cub of Jack Russell, the dear and adored Agust D, began chasing his own tail to draw your attention. “Hello puppy,” you whispered gently, lowering and running your fingers on his short and soft fur.  

He barked with happiness but you couldn’t prove any spirit of sharing. Yoongi had disappeared for the umpteenth evening and this began to dig into your heart a bigger hole that was scaring you. In ways that you never thought possible, a fear that couldn’t be explained.  

Since the evening was ruined, you dragged your feet to your room and changed into something more comfortable. The pajamas, a beautiful zebra printed pajamas, was the best solution.  

What could be better than warmth and softness and comfort?? You knew it, but you ignored to say the answer aloud otherwise your mood would have worsened further.  

“D, what do you want to do??”  

The puppy started barking, hopping around the house and dragging behind a little plush, making you smile slightly. At least someone in that house was happy, you found yourself thinking.  

The kitchen, the second place where you were more comfortable after the bed, greeted you as you lit the lights and started thinking about what to eat. You weren’t starving, but from that morning you hadn’t touched food and knowing if you skipped another meal, you would have fainted at the least opportune moment.  


“Hyung sent you some bibimpap and the cabbage kimchi, they’re in the refrigerator.”  

Yoongi’s raspy voice caught you unprepared because you would never have expected to hear it so soon. Thinking that now your mind was playing with your mind to make you believe that everything went well, you wouldn’t turn around and keep looking at the various packs of ramen you kept in the cabinet. For any eventuality, of course.  

Yoongi remained on the doorstep of the kitchen, astonished by the fact that you had totally ignored him. He was back to ask if you wanted to spend the evening with him in the studio because he knew.  

He knew it was going on as always, that he was neglecting you and letting you go. Just as he knew that it couldn’t happen every time, despite living well with that situation your heart suffered the consequences. He had spent whole months to make you really trust him, months that were also useless to him to trust at least a bit of you, and every time he walked away he knew that he cracked that trust. That pushed you to think the worst.  

But now he was there, in the same room, and you didn’t even spare a look to him. And he had to admit that it hurt, but without understanding that it was the feelings that you felt every single time you came home.  

It was the first mistake of the evening.  

He cleared his voice again, but your attention was still focused on your choice.  



The pack between your hands fell to the ground while you jumped, facing him and following your gaze you noticed him on the door. His annoyed look and the arms folded across his chest.  

The dark circles under his eyes, the black beanie and that fringe that now almost covered his eyelids, his clenched jaw, his black irises that seemed somewhat darker. He didn’t seem very happy and you wondered if his feelings could reflect your own.  

“S-sorry.. I was thinki–”  

“What did you think? Ignore me,” he took off the beanie throwing it on the table, “it wasn’t pleasant for me. ”  

You scoffed, feeling the skepticism open a gap in your mind. Really feeling ignored was unpleasant? You’d want to tell him he was welcome in your world, but you’d bite your tongue. A fight was the last thing your mind already full of negativity could endure.  

Agust D, feeling that something was about to happen, began to wander near Yoongi’s feet, but he ignored him and didn’t wash his gaze away from you.  

And you felt vulnerable. Under the indifference and repressed anger that those dark irises were showing clearly. The phone on the table gave a sound and you wanted to hide behind it while avoiding the way he was looking at you. 

And that was the second mistake of the evening.
The moment you stood out your arm to grasp it, something snapped into Yoongi’s mind.  

“Are you kidding? Y/N; I’m talking to you!”  

With your arm in mid-air, you froze and turn your head towards him, observing how the rage was transforming his lines. Angry, but for what? You couldn’t understand, in fact, you weren’t the wrong one.  


“And I came here to ask you to come with me. But apparently, my presence isn’t welcome. ”  

And that was the third mistake of the evening.  

Your arm fell limp, the strength with which you kept him lifted completely erased from your body. The tears threatened to burn on your cheeks, but forcefully you chased them back and swallowed the knot in your throat that had formed in a few seconds.  

“It’s a shame that your presence is an ephemeral thing in these weeks. Since you’re never here and you don’t even deem to recognize the fact that I exist and live in this apartment.”  

The air frozen, you saw him inhaled sharply and with your body, you turned towards him. You felt every part of you tense like a string of a violin, your heart was beating so hard to press against your ribcage as it wanted to get out and run away but you were so tired of his attitude that you had exceeded the limit.  

Yoongi looked at you, his mind now completely fogged. He couldn’t figure out why he was wrong, but everyone knew that anger provokes and makes the worst out of any person.  

With quick steps he came up to you, you knew he could never hurt you, but you stepped back and lifted your hand.  

And that hand, open and slightly trembling, was the only stop for Yoongi. He stopped mid-way, feeling his throat going on fire for the desire to yell at you and the bile corrode his chest. He felt hurt, but he didn’t understand how intense your feelings of loneliness and abandonment were. You didn’t feel anymore that feeling of belonging and it was a feeling that you had hoped never to try.  

“Now I understand why everyone ends up hating you, Y/N.”  

And perhaps that was the worst mistake of the evening.  

Your heart took a note of his words, which with hatred were putting their seed. Yes, many people you had given everything had ended up leaving.  

Making you feel like you were the mistake, the wrong side of the story. But Yoongi.. You never thought he could use your past against you.  

Even the fact that was the anger to make him talk was an excuse. He had no excuse.  

“Goodnight, Yoongi,” you hummed and walked out of the kitchen, avoiding touching him as you passed by. The dog followed you, his ears low and the tail between his short and thin legs.  

He knew, unlike his master, how much you were suffering. He perceived it. Yoongi stood in the center of the kitchen, his gaze pointed where you were standing before. His hands began to tremble, but the error he had just made not yet clear for his mind gripped by anger.  

With a sigh, he stepped out of the room and then stormed out of the house, saying that if that was your way of dealing with a discussion, he wouldn’t have been the mature part in the couple.  

The bed greeted your tired body when you threw yourself on it and the sound of the door didn’t surprise you. Sighing you lured your pillow towards you, hiding your face against the soft material and letting the waves of pain begin to hit you. And you collapsed, slowly, accompanied by tears and the first real wound that Yoongi had dealt you.  


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spoiler alert.

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(joe keery x reader)

request: oh oh oh! Joe Keery meets Y/N when being interviewed and she’s like the camera woman or something and he invites her out on the town with the rest of the older cast and it’s drinks and love, you know! And Y/N ends up at Joe’s hotel room

summary: of course you and joe would bond over something as dumb as spoiling movies and tv shows you’ve (mostly) already seen to each other. weirdly enough, it also kind of is a massive turn on for joe. huh.

word count: 4, 532

a/n: so there are a lot of spoilers in here, but none for stranger things (go figure). but here are the movies and shows that are: star wars episode v, star wars episode vii, fight club, the handmaid’s tale, game of thrones, the sixth sense, 30 rock, harry potter and the halfblood prince. 

At least once a month, you post a picture of you wearing an all black outfit on Instagram with the caption let’s play a game called production blacks or emo (or a variation of that incredibly worn out joke). When you’re filming a live event, it’s all black, even down to your shoes. You can’t count the number of times that you’ve thrown on black sneakers, only to notice that they’ve got a white stripe down the sides. Which means running around the venue, trying to find some black duct tape or a black Sharpie to color it in.

In your college classes, you can remember multiple professors drilling it into your brain - people behind the camera should be invisible, to blend in with the background so everyone forgets that you’re there. On sets with scripted content, it’s a different story. But for anything else, you’ve got to be background noise. And you’re fine with that. There’s a kind of comfort that comes with being able to just settle into the background and watch the action go on around you.

Which is why it’s so unnerving when he noticed you.

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fishofmordor  asked:

can we have something with the reader playing with loki hair + touch starved loki?

He’s never really liked people playing with his hair.

Nor touching him in general.

Maybe it’s a trust thing – the only people to ever have touched his hair are himself, his mother and Thor (only because he’d pulled it on many occasion when they fought as children). Even then, it was reluctantly. 

Many people across his life have touched him though he can never remember a time besides now when he’s craved it.

He realizes it one night on Sakaar. He’s nose deep in a book when you sneak by the couch and touch his head. It’s a simple touch – light and gentle, like a reminder that you’re there. It jostles him from his reading and longing eyes follow you into the adjacent room where you settle in for a bath. It churns something up in his chest nice and deep.

After about an hour, you emerge from the bathroom swathed in a robe sporting damp hair and dewy skin. You’re the most beautiful like this, he thinks, though he’d never say so. No, he keeps his admiration for you tampered. It blooms that way. 

You crawl beside him in the couch, knees bent and resting against his arm. You smell like exotic fruits and flowers. It makes it hard to concentrate on his book. But it’s not until your fingers tangle in his dark waves that he has to abandon his read.

His eyes lull shut for a moment, but you read the emotion as annoyance. Your fingers relinquish their movements and he nearly screams. It’d felt wonderful.

I’m sorry,” you sigh, “I know you’re trying to read.”

He’s silent for a moment, blinking quickly and trying to muster the right words that won’t make him sound weak. Loki swallows heavily. “No, I… I was enjoying it. Distracted by it, maybe, but… the sensation is not unwelcome.”

A smile fleets to your lips – slow and warm – and Loki’s very content when you rest your chin on your knee and resume the slow ministrations along his scalp. 

He wants to pick up his book and continue reading, but… He’s a bit too invested on the way you look at him in the moment and the way your fingers feel carding through his hair to think about much else. 

“You look terrified,” you laugh. Your voice is soft.

Loki frowns. “I normally operate under the guise of ‘you can look, but you cannot touch’ –”

“What’s changed?”

“I’m not afraid of you,” he mutters. It’s a slip of the tongue. A show of his hand. You just frown. “And I am rather fond of you. Even if you’re a bit insufferable when it comes to the sleeping arrangement, dear wife.”

You smile, again, and Loki’s chest feels as warm as your touch.

You’re glad you got stuck on this trash planet with him.

You both slip into a comfortable silence – the drone of Sakaar’s night life hums in the background like an ambient soundtrack – and it’s not long before Loki’s head drifts to rest within the curve of your shoulder. His hands settle along your knees, fingers moving absentmindedly against the warmth of your skin.

“Tell no one about this.”

“What? That Loki, the feared God of Lies, is a hopeless cuddle monster?” you chide, “Never. This is far too nice to ruin.”

He just hums, eyes lulling shut once again.

He’s never really liked people playing with his hair.

Nor touching him in general.

But, you’re an exception.

How To Stick to a Weight Loss (or any other) New Year’s Resolution

How to stick to a weight loss (or any other) New Year’s resolution, according to my sister Kate, who actually keeps her New Year’s goals every single year. Kate has maintained her weight loss and been at her goal weight for 3 years now, but she was kicking ass on her New Year’s goals long before then.

1. Your change must be specific and measurable

If you go into the new year telling yourself “I want to lose weight”, yes, it’s a goal, and yes it’s technically measurable, but it’s not incredibly specific. Kate’s advice on this one is to focus on the input rather than the output. Weight loss is the result of a specific input. How do you plan to lose weight? This is a low-carb blog, so I will give some specific examples:

- Do you plan to stay under 20g total carbs per day? Then you will also need to resolve to track at least somewhat to keep that goal in check. 

- Do you plan to stick to a specific list of foods? For example, staying LCHF, Paleo, Atkins ‘72 Induction, daily, regardless of the number of carbs you consume? You may want to keep a list of on-plan foods on hand in case you run out of ideas. 

- Do you plan to have cheat days, or commit to no cheats? When? Outline these for yourself. Be honest with yourself: if you seem to “fall off the rails” and one cheat day becomes a whole cheat week, you may want to consider not allowing cheat days for yourself, says Kate.

This way, the goal is to commit to changing the habit, which will then lead to the desired output, the weight loss. 

2. Write it down

Write your goal down somewhere where you will see it daily. You can do any of these, or all four of them, or make your own, as long as you can remind yourself of your goals daily. 

- Tape a copy of your goals to your bathroom mirror

- Put a copy in your wallet

- Take a screenshot of your goals and make it your desktop background

- Make a pop-up action item on your phone with your goals daily, that you have to acknowledge before it will clear out

Kate also recommends keeping a personal journal and jotting down notes about your day. Not just your thoughts on your fitness/weight loss journey, but on how your entire day went. Were you emotional? Bored? Restless? Anxious? Did you do something fun and exciting? How did you feel about it? Did you really kick that day’s ass and everything went great? Write it down, and you will be able to start seeing patterns. Kate writes in her journal daily and has for years, and now she is able to look back and see patterns in her own behavior. It is also therapeutic to put your thoughts into words.

3. Tell someone

Tell a friend or family member your goal. You are more likely to stick with it if someone else knows. If you’ve made your goal many, many times and have had trouble sticking to it in the past, and your confidant knows this, ask them to lend you an ear when you’re thinking about giving up your goal. Ask them to be there for you.

4. Track your progress 

Kate has several recommendations for this, all of which she has used.

- Keep a chart or simple tracker in your journal to show what days you’ve stuck to your goal

- Keep an actual physical chart on a wall in your bedroom if you want it to be kept private, or your living room/kitchen if you want your goals to be public to your family/room mates

- Use an online tracker. There are so many different ways of doing this, including HabitRPG, Joe’s Goals, MyPlate, MyFitnessPal, or even making yourself a simple Word document to keep track.

5. Don’t plan to fail

This piece is what diverges from most advice on how to keep a New Year’s Goal, but Kate is the only person I’ve ever seen achieve her New Year’s goals without fail each year, so here goes:

Do not start your year off with a back-up plan. For example, don’t start your year off telling yourself, “I will be on plan every single day. But if I’m not, I will only cheat on holidays and also only when I really really feel like it.”

She goes all-in and tells herself that if she doesn’t make her goal as she has outlined it, then she has failed. And she will have to accept that failure and move on from it. And Kate doesn’t want to fail, so she does a few things to set herself up for success:

- She thinks very hard about what her goal will be. Is it reasonable for the entire year? You can make your goal anything you want, so think hard about how it’s worded. 

- She thinks about what the pitfalls are going to be, and when times are going to be toughest. Kate has recognized in the past that she has trouble sticking to her way of eating when her boyfriend stays with us for an entire weekend, so she plans ahead on what she’ll be eating to ensure that she is not caught off guard. What are your pitfalls? Holidays? Parties? Happy hour? Emotionally bad days?

- She sets a start date for her goal, usually January 1st, and she pumps herself up mentally. 

Now, Kate hasn’t failed a goal in several years. However, if you do happen to not stick to your goal for the year, pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and move on! So you didn’t make your New Year’s goal because you slipped one day? Get right back on the next day! It’s so much more satisfying to say, “I kept my promise to myself 364 days this year. That’s amazing!” than to say that you were really really good on your goal until March, but then you just threw the whole plan out the window. 

Now go forth, kick ass, and tell 2018 that IT better be ready for YOU!

I’m always looking for you
because the minute we met
some pieces of my fractured heart started knitting back together

and it’s impossible to describe 
how much better I’ve become because I found you
that the simple act of being in love with you

oh darling, that’s enough
and all I need is to keep having your eyes on me
all I want is to have your hand tracing my skin

like the simple act can cast away the bruises
like the single oath uttered from your lips
that can send away the shadows

and yes, that sense of rightness that I get when you’re near
is the same one I know you feel when I whisper your name
as though my heart has clawed it’s way out of my chest

—  because it always has belonged to you by Abby S

(death tw) alright. to start? no. it’s not possible that shinee will ever being the same again. i think it’s pretty obvious: shinee, a group that spent their recent years stressing not only their status as five but their intention to continue forward as five for as long as possible, has physically lost one of those five members. they lost one in a tragic and sudden manner and nothing will ever be the same again. it’s just not conceivable. jonghyun took an important part of the group with him when he left us.

the future cannot be predicted. maybe someday the others will feel ready to go on and do a comeback but it wouldn’t be either emotionally or logistically easy, and i think that anyone expecting them to jump back into the game this year are not considering either the level of difficulty or stress that would come along with that idea. jonghyun died two weeks ago. that’s it. it may feel like longer but it’s only been too weeks. people cope and grieve not only in different ways but at different paces and, seeing as we have never spent personal time with any of the other members, there’s no way to know how they’re dealing with any of this right now. while one may be doing okay, another may be completely miserable, and another may still be in denial of what has happened still. there’s really … no way that we can know. even if sm were to release a press statement right now on how they’re “doing” there would be no way to know because, once again, we don’t know them and sometimes people cover up how they’re feeling for the sake of those around them. 

“going forward” is not as simple as wanting to be on stage again. to be blunt: jonghyun never left the group. he passed away as a member of shinee and he’ll always be a member of shinee. this isn’t the same as someone deciding to up and leave their group on a whim or after their contract has expired. for the other members to “go forward” they’d be left with not only the stress of having to figure out a way to make everything they’ve done before now physically work without jonghyun, but to figure out doing so in a way that would not disrespect or erase his memory and the contributions that he made to the group as one fifth, as the lead vocalist, as the main composer and songwriter. it stresses me out even … thinking about having to do something like that so i have no idea how the others would feel having to face it head on. people also have to remember that this is likely another level of stress and trauma for all of them along with other more personal such as: minho having to juggle the long and grueling filming of his drama and jinki having to make tough decisions regarding his enlistment (which cannot be held off for much longer). also, as sad as it is to say: jonghyun, kibum, minho and taemin could barely handle performing at the domes back in september with jinki and they all knew he was coming back eventually. so, i can’t imagine how they’d feel have to perform with jonghyun knowing that he never will again. shinee has always been very dependent on the group being fully together and it … stings to think about so i won’t say much more there.

and i know what your friend means. i’ve already seen comments being made such as: “how does anyone expect shawols to move forward if everyone keeps on talking about jonghyun” or “i wonder if the members are beginning to work on editing choreography or recording new versions of their songs without him” and, i can’t lie, that hurts to see because that, to me, reads more as people seeing shinee as entertainers before human beings (and i’m pretty convinced that the people making comments like that already were never really shawols to begin with).

anyway, to end this response: i won’t be talking about the topic again unless we get official word from sm on what they’re planning to do. i just want one thing to be remembered: jinki, kibum, minho and taemin are not just dealing with the loss of a colleague right now. they’re dealing with loss of a brother and friend. they have to learn to cope with this not just on a professional but a personal level. as for right now i hope that they’re taking time for themselves and that they don’t feel rushed to make a decision regarding the group either for the sake of the fans or of sm / umj.