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Not ENTIRELY related to EU but I was wondering - are there moving liminal spaces? Like the feeling that seems to follow your car during long drives at night? Does something go off, strange and weird when students break curfew to go into town and buy beer, truck stalling and needing to be pushed - from the back - from that pocket of strangeness that follows the truck, hanging off of the bumper like cans after a wedding?

I feel like this is less a question for Elsewhere and more a question for any tumblr users from the American Midwest. This seems like a very American Midwest problem.

My own inclination is to say yes, there are absolutely moving liminal spaces, and they follow you.

Lance McClain as the Team Medic

Woohoo more Lance headcanons cos I love my son.

I am 1000000% sure that he would be the team’s emergency medic and would be responsible for anything that doesn’t require a healing pod.  Why?  

1. He comes from a large family (and I like to think he’s an older/middle sibling) so he’s probably had plenty of experience patching up people.

2. He’s empathic and caring.  Lance wants to soothe away other people’s pain. He’s gentler than Pidge, more cautious and careful than Keith, less squeamish than Hunk and better than Shiro with people.  He would make the perfect medic.

3. He feels useless and wants, more than anything, to feel like a valued member of the team.  Realising he’s a good medic would help him feel integral to Voltron.

4. It gives him an excuse to patch up Keith (the Klance is strong) and make sure he’s a-okay cool beans and to grumble at him for being reckless.

5. Water is the element most frequently associated with healing and Lance is literally its guardian..

So, what if Luna starts calling the chocobros by their nicknames (Iggy/Glasses, Prompt(?)/Blondie, Gladio (what is even Gladio’s other nickname)) without realizing it because thats how Noctis calls them. Realizing she did, she gets embarass but they complete accept it and are actually glad about it.

And Noctis just like: Yes good, my wife and friends becoming friends.

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Even before I had any idea what my romantic orientation was, I was a social outcast because I was "too much of a prude" and always got told that I needed to get laid. Only straight people who've never been around asexuals think we're anything like them. We get called out for being different. We're dehumanized for it, too. I certainly was. Never ending jokes about me being a 'robot girl' followed me for years. We aren't straight. We never have been. Why can't people just see that?

Real answer? Because accepting that we’re not straight would upset the model they’ve constructed about…the entire world, more or less, and force them to reevaluate and revise their worldview and the models through which they understand it, and that’s a scary prospect, so people who are unwilling to do it instead cling desperately to their old ways of thinking despite the overwhelming and mounting evidence that they’re wrong.


Let’s take this a step further where in further means over the line.


Canonically they believe they’re the only sentient beings in the world with souls. So if their idea of ‘soul’ equates with the modern idea of the immortal soul in western culture, which I’d say it does, how readily would a pearlcatchers disregard the personhood of another in a high stress situation?

Not having a soul essentially removes the personhood aspect meaning that pcs are more likely to a) dismiss wrong doings toward and concerns of other dragons because they are less, for lack of a better term, human, and b) commit heinous acts toward and regarding other breeds because their soullessness makes them morally negligible.

Pearlies are dangerous. They’re dangerous because in their minds, you already don’t matter. Just another beast.

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Do you think Disney is less restrictive with some of their talent compared to other? Dove Cameron was able to be in Barely Lethal while being on L&M and Joey Bragg was able to do more risque stuff too.

Idk. Not sure who the second person is, but isn’t Dove like 21 now and was like 19 when that movie came out? I feel like maybe they release their death grip when the actors are 18+. But regardless, I think while Disney still micromanages, it’s not as bad as it was during the Miley/Demi/Selena era.

by FAR the most under appreciated dc animated shows are The Batman and Static Shock.
The Batman is adorable, well written, well acted, and so much fun. bruce is in his early less dark batman days, dick and barbara are hilarious and cute and really make the show. unpopular opinion but i like watching it more than batman the animates series.
Static Shock is legitimately one of the best cartoons ive ever seen. virgil might be the most all around likable protagonists on tv. the worldbuilding is smart and realistic. but its big strength is its willingness to tackle social issues in a genuine and meaningful way. not to mention that static is one of the few not only black superheroes, but who has his own show that never shies away from being about being black. its the only superhero show ever written /for/ black kids. its a very good show doing very good things.
appreciate The Batman and especially Static Shock!!!!!

Venus Perihelion : Page 15

There is so much on this page that I could possibly *like* and then other parts of my art are just NOT WHAT I WANT. BUT IT’S OKAY THAT’S WHAT I’M DOING HERE I’M TRYING TO GET BETTER.


IT’S GONNA BE FINE THERE ARE 40 MORE PAGES TO GET BETTER ON … I guess this is both the destruction and salvation of comics. Or of any lengthy written work occurring in a sequence. The beginning will always suck, and hopefully the end will suck slightly less.

here’s a list of things i personally want to see in the next AOS movie

and, because “if you want something done, do it yourself”, 90% of these things are going to be included in ST:M

  • chapel and rand and m’benga
  • chapel as a doctor
  • jaylah coming back as an intern on the enterprise (during summer break?)
  • uhura and scotty should pair up for a fight scene
  • continuity!!!! make the events of the previous movies be acknowledged and affect the characters in the next movies!
  • like, i don’t know. remembering that kirk died in STID?? and spock had to watch? sure, STID is far from a masterpiece, but it still exists, it’s still a part of the storyline and therefore at least the most dramatic plot point should be acknowledged
  • seriously, death is not some sort of weird personality trait
  • less action and more heartfelt conversations
  • more scenes where characters just sit down and chat because they’re friends - basically, allow them to be people
  • zero gravity. guys, you’re in SPACE, show me at least one scene where there’s no gravity on the enterprise. bonus points for using it for both comedy and action
  • female antagonists
  • someone saying spock’s full name
  • winona’s return
  • sarek’s return
  • winona meeting sarek. preferably with kirk and spock present
  • spock calls kirk his t’hy’la!!
  • so many TOS quotes i want to hear. “let me help”, “you almost make me believe in miracles”, “if there are self-made purgatories, then we all have to live in them”… and many many more
  • a storyline that’s both a stand-alone and a to-be-continued. make people want to see the sequel with continuing story - this will make the plot bigger, allow it to be detailed. plus i love when i’m watching a sequel and it’s obvious that it was planned from the very beginning, not just squeezed out to make money - and the continuation is clever, not forced, and some details get new meaning, etc, etc. it’s just a good feeling of visible effort and planning. well, it’s a request for all the sequels out there, not just star trek
  • media, outside world, and their reactions exist
  • the enterprise crew has got to have fans! maybe someone wants to make a movie about them and it’s horribly incorrect! maybe companies produce weird merchandise! articles are written, both praising and hateful!

a lot of this stuff applies to movies in general, yeah…

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Shoma not on your radar of hate now? ;) With the same GOEs for other elements and the base value of the two lost combinations he would have scored 119 in TES. His total score, with 91 in PCS (if it were clean it would have been higher), he would have scored 210 in the FS and he would have beaten both Yuzu and Nathan. His 3A's are beautiful, not that far from Yuzuru's, and he always gets good GOE as well. Oh you better believe it. Mr Loco is going for the kill.

More like less on the radar of my asks :P

I’ve spoken at lenght abt GOE bullets points, so my game for you: which bullets did Shoma hit in his jumps last weekend?

PCS wise, I’m going to open an official reclaim on behalf of Patrick (:

About Volume 3 and other things

First of all I wanted to thank you all, this wouldn’t be as fun without all your participation. It keeps surprising me how much fun this has been. :D

Just like I did after Volume 1 I’m going to take a small break before starting Volume 3. Last time’s break was involuntary but I think it helped me enjoy the second season even more. Unlike last time It’ll probably be less than a week but I’ll keep you updated.

Meanwhile, and feel free to completely ignore this :v, there are a couple of things I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts about:

  • Discord, yes or no? I wasn’t sure last time someone asked me about it but after joining a couple of servers it doesn’t look as time consuming as I feared it’d be and it could be fun.
  • I have been thinking about liveblogging something else in parallel with RWBY (on alternate days). I’m probably not going to do it but if I do, any suggestions?
  • What do you think overall about the liveblog? Too many gifs? Too many posts? Too boring? 

Thank you all again for reading and see you next week!

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do you think Iran should be more or less involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Personally I think less, far less.

I support the Palestinian cause & I think every country should but not the way the Iranian government does. Funding extremist groups & creating the deaths of countless civilians (on both sides) isn’t helping Palestine it’s just making the situation worse & escalating the violence. So I’d much rather they be less involved if they’re not going to actually help & contribute in a good way.

Furthermore the Iranian government isn’t pro-Palestine (they’re more anti-Israel than pro-Palestine tbh & they’re not the same thing) for the right reasons. They don’t want to liberate Palestine for the sake of Palestinians, their narrative is purely religious. If Israel wasn’t a Jewish state they wouldn’t have any problems with the occupation. Iran is currently occupying eastern Kurdistan & some parts of Baluchistan so it’s not like they’re against occupations & the oppression of indigenous peoples. Most countries that claim to be pro-Palestine just exploit the cause for their own interests.

Andalite busker
  • Samtalksfunny: OMG I bet there's at least one Andalite who came to earth and couldn't figure out how to get money for food and started like... busking
  • Cavatica: Oh nooooo
  • Sam: morph-dancing on a street corner for donuts. I want the story of that Andalite
  • Cavatica: Ax contacts them like "We privide you a STIPEND."
  • Sam: "But the human food known as cronut is prohibitively expensive!"
  • Sam: "Have you had cronut, Prince Aximili?? It provides both the mouth-pleasures of the common donut and the flaky texture of a croissant!"
  • Cavatica: "I prefer to have both a croissant AND a donut. It may seem less efficient, but let me assure you -- more food is better."
  • Sam: "I agree! That is why I require more money!"
  • Cavatica: "You are not approved for an alien work visa -- this is a diplomatic gaffe I now have to deal with. Please cease your unauthorized employment activities."

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❤ do you know any books/videos for drawing and witchraft? like a mix of both. i mainly want to learn how to do basic anatomy and combine my art. do you have a list of favorite (tumblr) art styles or artists? do you have a witchsona yourself or a favorite witchsona from others on here? how do you feel about art witches? do you have any ideas to/with mix art witchcraft with celestial witchcraft? sorry for all the questions. i really want to see more of this!! love and kisses from a sleepy anon. ❤

hmm, not really. the more specific you get with witchcraft, the less material there is on it fast. 

i like @debbie-sketch a lot! i really admire her style and wish i could do it lol

i actually draw witchsonas for commission sometimes, i have a couple of myself tho, they’re all tagged #witchsona.

i think art witchcraft is really cool and unexplored, but i know @gardenlovepoet works with it, you could check them out and talk to them about it 

i think sigils are a good starting point for art and witchcraft to merge, but it can also mix with poppetry easily

hmm, for mixing with celestial witchcraft, you might look into sculpture realted art or using the constellations as sigils


I’ve been thinking a lot about downsizing. About minimalism. About living with less. In recent years, I’ve felt like a walking cliche calling myself an aspiring minimalist, but as some dear friends of mine can tell you, it’s been life changing to identify the clutter in my life. For so long, I only had the ability to muster strength to examine physical clutter, but more recently I’ve been turning inward, looking at the emotional clutter, the mental clutter. I’ve started going to therapy, which is always a good decision and I encourage everyone to pursue it, if you’re able. And I’ve been thinking about a lot of things that I want to downsize in my life.

-Self-hatred, low self-esteem, doubts, fears that I’m not worth it.
-Time consuming mindless media, particularly my Facebook feed.
-Over-processed, sugar-filled junk food.
-Coffee. It gives me stomach aches, yet I persist.
-Cheap and unfulfilling ‘stuff’ that just ends up in my house.
-Paper and plastic packaging that goes to the landfill.
-The time that I waste and squander.
-Toxic, unhelpful doctrine that’s been shoved at me for decades.

The list could go on.

Following graduation this June, my partner and I will be downsizing to a studio apartment and he will be investing in an out-of-home office space. The reasons for this change are partly financial, partly to emphasize a work/home separation, partly to switch the focus to my partner’s business for the first time since its birth, partly to fulfill my dream of actually living small.

Starting in March, we’re going to be playing the every popular #minsgame, in which you get rid of the number of items that coincides with the date. So, on March 1st, you get rid of 1 thing; March 2nd, you get rid of 2 things; and so on and so forth. If anyone is interested in joining me, please let me know! I might start up an Instagram page to track my progress.

In all the stress of life’s upcoming changes–being out of school for the first time since age 5, finding my first full-time job in a field I love, moving to our studio, continuing to find balance and routine and rhythm that works for me–I’m excited to have something fun and productive and unrelated to schoolwork to keep me grounded.

Sending love and light and happiness out to you all!

Almost a year before we had started high school, I had been at her house, the both of us eating breakfast and playing music way too loud.  Emma’s older sister had come downstairs with the phone.  We’d turned down the music, and my dad had been on the other end, waiting to tell me in a broken voice that my mom had died in a car accident.


Well then.

I guess that prompted a week of crying herself to sleep.

See, with that context, the line gets a lot less stupidly immature and more like what I discussed regarding skilled trolls. As a former best friend, Emma knows exactly where to prod.

Emma’s sister had given me a ride to my place, and I bawled the entire way there.  I remember Emma crying too, out of sympathy, maybe.  It could have been the fact that she thought my mom was the coolest adult in the world.  Or perhaps it was because we really were best friends and she had no idea how to help me.

Once upon a time, when Emma was still a decent human bean…

I didn’t want to think about the month that had followed, but fragments came to mind without my asking.  I could remember overhearing my dad berating my mother’s body, because she’d been texting while driving, and she was the only one to blame.

…is this the incident Danny was narrating about? He got angry at her and since then he hadn’t seen her because she was already dead.


At one point, I barely ate for five straight days, because my dad was such a wreck that I wasn’t on his radar. I’d eventually turned to Emma for help, asking to eat at her place for a few days.  I think Emma’s mom figured things out, and gave my dad a talking to, because he started pulling things together.  We’d established our routine, so we wouldn’t fall apart as a family again.

It all ties together!

It was a month after my mom had died that Emma and I had found ourselves sitting on the bridge of a kid’s play structure in the park, our rear ends cold from the damp wood, sipping coffee we’d bought from the Donut Hole.

ADD tangent of the day: In the Steven Universe episode Shirt Club, Buck Dewey attempts to order off-menu at the Big Donut, only to be told (by employees and several signs) that they only sell donuts. But in other season 1 episodes, like Gem GlowLion 3: Straight to Video, Joking Victim and Future Vision, we’ve seen that they do sell other wares, such as ice cream, lunches packed by Sadie’s mom, and yes, coffee.

Krixwell Liveblogs, for all your “Steven Universe plot hole talk in the middle of a grieving process flashback” needs!

CW WL Trading

Let’s be honest, you didn’t slot on those because you liked the color.  You slotted because they’re a hot CW and you wanted it for trade fodder for your WL for later.  I just wish you all (yes all because there are too many of you who do this shit!) would be honest at least.  It would make you less of a twat.  It’s hard enough to get releasers to release more than one batch, and then you twats have to swoop in and slot on shit that you don’t even want to use, you want it so you can trade it for that fucking hard to find shit on your wishlist as evidenced by the “I don’t need CSC now though so I’m not accepting that for them.”  Fuck those of us who really wanted that color in the first place, right?  

Fuck you if you do this shit.  Seriously.  F U C K  Y O U!

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So I'm writing a character who always keeps his eyes hidden and it's a huge deal whenever he uncovers them. I am, however, stuck on what his eyes should look like or how they fit into his character. Any suggestions?

Well it’s always nice when a characters eyes reflect their personality (so bright piercing eyes when they are perhaps a darker character, and soft eyes that you could lose yourself in as a more positive character).
Based on the fact that they cover their eyes, I’d imagine them to be quite shy? If so a mix of colours would probably suit them best. As it shows they have different sides than the one you may spot immediately.
However if they are a stronger character, piercing eyes like blue or green would work. And if they are a softer character (perhaps leaning towards the hero side) hazel is always a good colour to go with, or even a less striking shade of blue (maybe mixed in with grey).

If anyone has any other advice feel free to comment! Hope this has helped! :)