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Got commissioned to draw Henrietta, a character from @shenanimation‘s Scalie Schoolie (along with a variant expression). Cute character and the second expression specifically was really fun to draw.

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hey !! ok so im like super late in joining the snk fandom (ooops) but i am getting super into ereri and was just wondering if you know of any cool fantasy/magic au fics? sorry to bother you, but i know you've been in the fandom for a while now!!

Oh man this list kind of got too long for me and somehow i still feel like i’ve forgotten so many so if anyone notices a fic that should be on here but isn’t, feel free to add it on ^_^

(These are in no particular order btw)

The Wolf and the Mountain - @bfketh
Summary: Levi didn’t really care what people thought he was - demon, spirit, or god - as long as they left him alone.That is until one winter’s day, when a snow storm deposits an injured wolf-spirit practically on his doorstep.

Time Deprives all but Memories - @appleapplepeach
Summary: Living in a future in which survival is their only victory Levi wonders if there can be anything left to lose.Offered a chance to make things right, he discovers that everything has a price…

The Choice - @appleapplepeach
Summary:  After their return from Shinganshina the survivors are doing their best to pick up the pieces. When someone intrudes on their fragile peace, will it be an opportunity–or disaster?

The Gate of the North - @appleapplepeach
Summary: Everyone knows the Survey Corp is the laughingstock of the military, a place for crackpots and weirdos. It doesn’t have the prestige of the MP or the security of the Garrison. The only people who join are people who can’t fit into modern society.It’s been Eren’s dream to join since childhood. Flunking out of school prevents him from attending military college, and he drifts along in life, ignoring his friends’ encouragement to go back to school or start a career.Levi is the gatekeeper of the Northern Gate, the most important (and most troublesome) gate that keeps the human world safe from interference and invasion. When he receives a letter from his cousin asking him to take on her friend for a summer apprenticeship he agrees against his better judgement.Neither of them is expecting the end of the world.

The Strange and the Usual - lalazee
Summary:  When Eren finds himself stuck in what is essentially a halfway house for supernaturally inclined misfits, there’s no stopping the veritable shopping list of events that leave him pushed closer and closer to ex-exorcist, Levi. But when is it ever that simple?

Be her Valentine - @raindrop-rouge
Summary:  Levi’s not all that great at being a Cupid’s Angel, but Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to redeem himself. It would go a lot better if Eren’s plans for the Angels’ most important day didn’t go directly against his though.

Witch’s Vein and Blood Stains - @monsoondownpour
Summary:  The Survey Corps is in dire need of a new witch after a tragic mission gone wrong resulted in their last ones death. Eren is still young and green as far as witches go, but he has raw talent and a curious mastery over wilderness that Levi can’t help but be drawn to. When circumstances conspire to pit the squad against the same adversary that took Ilse barely a year ago, will they be able to handle the challenge a second time round?

Forbidden Fruit - @monsoondownpour
Summary:  A collection of stories from my Greek Mythology AU where Eren is Persephone, Levi is Hades, and I’ll make everything else up as I go.

Demons and Darkness - @sciencefictioness
Summary:  Levi is a scout, and protects his village day and night from feral yokai, demon like creatures who feast on human flesh. When the chieftan of his village is killed by the beasts, Levi’s father takes over, putting him next in line to lead his people. All Levi wants to do is watch over Mitras with his blade, fighting along side his teacher, who he has been in love with all his life. When he discovers that Erwin is getting married, he heads off into the woods alone to drink and slay demons, trying to forget. He never expects to summon from the darkness a yokai of his own.

A Bird in the Hand - @mongoose-bite
Summary: Little ever changes in the Underworld, and few visit, but the arrival of a single songbird foretells a coming change for both the Underworld and its god, Eren.Spring is here.

Bemused! - @mongoose-bite
Summary: When an artist struggles with his art, sometimes Fate takes pity on him, and sends him a muse.Whether he wants one or not.

Magic does not Make a Garden - @mongoose-bite
Summary: Levi grows his garden peacefully on the edge of the desert, until the day he finds a boy with wings dying of exhaustion and takes him in.

Shooting Unicorns through your Heart - @emiza
Summary:  Eren is a magical girl. He is also very embarrassed over this fact, and the pink and rainbow fluffiness of his outfit, and would rather die than to let anyone see him in his magica glory.
Which is what happens when he climbs into the wrong window at night.

I am the Ocean - @emiza
Summary: Ägir and Ran, brother and sister, were the god and goddess of the ocean. They guarded over the brave Vikings upon their waves, caught them when they fell into deep waters and collected long lost treasures in their names. But as time passed and new gods were born, the world no longer needed the old ones.What happens to gods no one believes in?

Wake Up - @emiza
Summary:  Eren dreamwalks in his sleep and invades people’s dreams by accident. He usually can avoid alerting the dreamer of his presence, but one day he’s caught by a mysterious man whose touch feels like fire. However, the man only thinks of Eren as a figment of his imagination.

A Warm Breath - @ryuusea
Summary: “You’re a human child, aren’t you. You mustn’t touch me then, or I’ll disappear.“One summer when visiting his Uncle Erwin out in the countryside, Eren befriends a mysterious masked man who lives in the forest. They promise to meet every summer from then on.In other words, a story told through summers, year by year, of Eren being a (cute) brat, Levi dealing with said brat, and all the fluff, awkwardness, and strange feelings that come with growing up, despite the limitations placed on their interactions.

Starboy - @perksofbeingawaifu
Summary:  In 1996, my boyfriend Eren Jaeger was abducted. In 2014, he suddenly reappeared. Only, he’s still sixteen and what’s more, he doesn’t remember anything that happened to him during his disappearance. This is a story about first loves, humanity, and maybe-alien boyfriends.

The Stag in the Dark - @perksofbeingawaifu
Summary: After a high school hazing prank goes awry, Eren is forced to work at local “witch” Levi’s knitting shop.

Halocline - @perksofbeingawaifu
Summary:  A lousy vacation puts Eren’s life at jeopardy when he goes for a midnight surf and gets caught in a storm only to be saved by a mysterious creature. Eren tries to communicate with his new friend but it’s hard when you don’t speak fish.

Welcome to the Jungle - @perksofbeingawaifu
Summary: Eren and his crew run heists on magical dispensaries, stealing goods to perform illegal spells until one day things don’t go as planned…

Castle Ghost - @perksofbeingawaifu
Summary: King’s knight Levi Ackerman comes across a mysterious, seemingly abandoned castle. Eren and friends deal with a meticulous, neat-freak ghost.

Joy to the World - @perksofbeingawaifu
Summary: Pastel!Eren and Punk!Levi are the last two people on Earth. So they go to the mall.

The Perfect Temperature for Tea - @missmichellebelle
Summary: "I’m a witch.““Like Harry Potter?” A wry smile twists Levi’s lips as he mimes waving a wand. “Wingardium leviosa.”

Stowaway - @onewhositswiththeturtles
Summary:  Levi is the Captain of The Captain’s Killer, the most dreaded pirate ship in all the Caribbean, which hunts its bounty with ruthless efficiency. For years Captain Levi has dodged the Navy’s most decorated Commander, Erwin, and his attempts at sinking Levi’s ship and coercing him into sailing under the Navy’s banner. It seems that Levi will continue sailing the seas as he pleases, answering to no one but the mood of the winds, until a stowaway with a few secrets of his own ends up on his ship and throws everything in disarray.

And then there’s one of mine, Wicked Grace
Summary: “Please take this seriously,” Armin reprimanded. “The game is like Wicked Grace - played to the death. You must never reveal your cards. When you meet the Empress, the eyes of the whole court will be upon you. You’re safer in the fade with Fear demons.”


Charalgamate and NMT!Frisk belongs to @xxmileikaivanaxx!! ;D

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Andrew and Neil go to an amusement park where Neil gets lost and Andrew *definitely does not* panic and worry, please! You are so amazing!

So like I kind of kept to the prompt??? Amusement park became State Fair, and Andrew and Neil lowkey became all the Foxes??? I’m sorry???

The parking area is already filled to the brim when they arrive. Andrew is pretty sure this doesn’t even count as a parking lot; the large field weighed down by rows upon rows of cars. There are numerous people in reflective yellow jackets using neon orange cones to direct traffic, and Andrew follows the line of cars to the next available spot. Matt’s truck pulls in beside the Maserati, and everyone climbs out, smiles out and wide in anticipation. Families and groups of teens alike weave their way through the cars around them, their chatter and laughter carrying on the breeze. It’s almost enough to drown out the screams and music coming from the Fair.

Despite it only being early October, the air has a chill to it with the sun gone, so the Foxes pull on hoodies and jackets before heading towards the epicentre of excitement. The sky is a pale indigo above their heads, a view stars blotching the inky surface, but the bright flashing lights up ahead are quick to wash them out. With each step closer, the scent of fried dough and spun sugar gets stronger, and seems to fuel the buzz reverberating through the group.

It doesn’t take long to get tickets, and then they’re moving through the entrance gate into the fairgrounds. The lights and sounds are even worse in the mix of things. A cacophony of chaos that grates on Andrew’s nerves and twinges at his temples like the start of a headache. He briefly wonders why he even agreed to come to the State Fair, but he finds he minds a little less when he takes in Neil’s expression. The striker’s face is bright, and his eyes are wide. The start of a smile tugs at the corners of his lips as he whips his head around to take everything in.

“Let me guess,” Andrew starts. “You’ve never been to a State Fair before.”

“Actually, I have,” Neil says. “Crowds like these are a great way to lose someone who’s chasing you.”

“Oh my god; that’s so sad,” Matt chimes in. “You need the full Fair experience, Neil! We’ll start with the Tilt-a-Whirl.”

“The tilt a what?”

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SEVENTEEN (hip hop unit) When They Hit You in an Argument

Hello everyone! So this is basically a pt.2 to the BTS reaction where they hit you in an argument (which will never happen) 

Request from: @taehyungie-lovee (here is the seventeen hiphop version i promised to post! thank you again for requesting!)

Submission:  “Could you do a bts and/or seventeen reaction to hitting you during an argument? Thank you~!”

Genre: angst with a dash of fluff

729 Words

Disclaimer: Please don’t get offended from this theme. This was simply a request in which the submitter (lovely @taehyungie-lovee ) looked for angst! These precious buns would nEVER do something like this!


You had been at home, waiting for nearly an hour for your boyfriend to finally arrive. He had promised to meet up with you three hours ago at a cafe, but he never even left you a text on how he wouldn’t be able to make it. Oh, you were furious. Although this had happened in the past, you simply shrugged it off because you two were a new couple and well, he wouldn’t possibly do this again. That’s what you thought.

When you finally heard a car enter the driveway of your shared apartment, you quickly stood up from the couch and waited once more for him to open the door, a menacing glare plastered on your face.

“I’m home,” he only said, nothing more, nothing less before he walked towards his office. You continued glaring at him with your arms crossed and your fists clenched white.

“Is that all you’re going to say? After you left me hanging for three hours on our supposed date?” you then scoffed, since you felt like you weren’t even a big part of your boyfriend’s life anymore. Not after he became famous and drowned in busy schedules. “Again, this happened.”

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I promise I’ll make it up to you some other time, but right now, I’m really busy-” No, you thought. You weren’t going to let him say this to you again.

“Some other time?” you repeated, nearly shouting. Tears then began to well up before your eyes, blurring your vision of him standing so perfectly before you. “Am I just your hobby of some sort? Is your work really that more significant than our relationship? I’m going to lose my mind! Three hours, four or even more if I had continued staying there! Is this really what I am to you-” it was your turn now to be interrupted. But, not with words.

Your boyfriends had enough with your yelling and so he slapped you. Not one with great force, no, you were fine. But one harsh enough to have those tears fall and stain the carpeted floor.


S.Coups: Although Seungcheol would know better than to do this to you, his emotions suddenly got the best of him, resulting in two broken hearts. He’d quickly say sorry to you and bring you into a useless hug, for that wouldn’t help your anger towards him. Seeing your blank, weeping face, Seungcheol would then kiss the spot where he slapped you lightly and wouldn’t let you out of his arms until you forgave him.

Originally posted by sevixxteen

Wonwoo: This little emo cutie would immediately apologize, and there would be no end to it. He’d probably result in crying too since he couldn’t stand seeing you wail, and you two would quickly make up. Still, even after you forgave him (and both of you were now watching horror movies on the couch) he nevertheless continues apologizing. You two could even be married for a couple years and all of a sudden he’d just say, “I’m sorry for that time I hit you in that one argument. I love you, okay?”

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Mingyu: Mingyu would continue back to his office before hurriedly apologizing, and he’d only fill up with more shame with each step he made. He’d close his office door and just break down in tears, mentally beating himself up at the enormous mistake he made. It would take him a few hours to gather up the courage of apologizing sincerely to you in person, and he would probably include a carton of your favorite ice cream as well as many hugs and kisses.

Originally posted by daihun

Vernon: Being one of the younger members, I feel that Vernon would have a harder time collecting his thoughts and expressing how sorry he is towards you. He would just stand there before you, both of you in shock and pain, and he wouldn’t know what to do. He was afraid that you’d immediately leave him, so he quickly brought you into a hug and cried as he explained to you why he was feeling so lousy and how badly he wanted to see you all day. He’d beg for you not to leave him and would tell you that if he ever did that you again, you had the privilege to make him take you out to dinner each night, which you satisfyingly agreed to.

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GUYS! I’m doing an art project for school and I’m currently collecting team or sports slogans/mottos/encouraging and/or inspiring short sayings or chants! (“Everybody ropes everybody rides”/ “Stand with us” for example)

The league, or no league, sport, country (any language is okay as long as you can provide me with a translation), doesn’t matter! If you know any please reblog this post and add them in the tags or reply to this post!
Even if you can’t come up with any reblogging this post to spread the word would help me out a lot!

(I don’t want them to be too team or sport specific, “insert team city + Hockeytown”, “Sharks territory” or “Welcome to RangersTown” for example are too specific, even the color ones are a bit too specific for my purposes)


do you ever just think that one of the reasons Lance “hates” Keith so much is because he and Shiro were likely friends in the garrison and he was jealous that he wasn’t as close to his idol, whereas Keith was


I know it’s late bringing this up but I thought to talk about it here: Please stop coming to me with asks about the bro//gane AU. The AU honestly makes me feel really sick to my stomach because an anti was petty enough to make that AU in the first place. Sometimes I need the reassurance that the AU isn’t going to happen in canon too and getting asks with people concerned about it being canon doesn’t make the feeling any better. 

Night Life

it is so hard to believe that it is already day twenty of wedif! where the time has gone I do not know. 

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really happy with today’s piece, and I realise it kind of ends on an almost cliffhanger? idk, enjoy!

The rowdiness of the clubs and intense music continued to play as I struggled in the heels I initially chose. Stumbling over the cobbles I gripped onto Calum’s arm, sighing quietly to myself about this whole evening. We only had a few days together and having a few days with my best friend is something I patiently wait for whilst he tours with his band. 

Calum planned for us to go for a meal which I was more than excited to have, sit down in a restaurant, eat some really good food which I’ll end up dreaming about and drooling over in my sleep but that isn’t quite how things turned out. On arrival to the restaurant there had been some incidences meaning they had to close, unavailable to even do takeaway. So, despite this we tried six other places near by and all of them were full. Disheartened with my stomach growling and feet aching we decided to take a stroll through the city as we searched for a pizza place, ending up by the clubs. 

“I’m really sorry.” Calum spoke up and lifted his head, the sorrow clear in his eyes as we walked under street lamps, hitting his brown eyes with such force before being submitted back into the darkness. 

Opening my mouth to say something I heard a couple of wolf whistles, and callings towards me. Glancing back my heart began to beat rapidly as four eyes across the road were clearly eying me up. Pulling my hand from Calum’s arm I tugged my skirt, pulling it down as I felt insecure suddenly and moved my hair to cover more of my face. Sensing my change in demeanor Calum stopped, “Come on guys! That is no way to respect a lady, have some decency.” They merely shuffled away as I saw him balling his hand up into a fist, ready to launch over to them. 

Placing my hand on his arm I called for him to turn back around. As he did the anger melted from his eyes as he held me close, “You don’t deserve to be treated like that, no one does.” He mumbles into my hair as I rest my head in the crook of his neck, breathing in the smell of him that I’d missed. 

“Pizza?” I ask happily as I can no longer ignore the evident growls of my stomach, a chuckle escapes his lips as he pulls away, the noises my stomach make are louder than I first thought. 

Nodding he held my hand in his as we neared the pizza place. Despite the condition of the place we always found ourselves back here whenever he came to visit. Once we had the pizza boxes in hand we got an uber back to mine, and sang loudly and slightly out of tune- only on my behalf, Calum hands down won the singing match (I mean, it’s kind of his job after all.) 

Laughing as we strolled into my apartment, helping ourselves to slices of pizza I began to search my cupboards for something to drink. As soon as one bottle was found, four more followed. Before I knew it the pizza was gone, leaving oil marked boxes along with two empty bottles and two well used shot glasses. 

Glancing around with uneasy vision I giggled to myself as Calum stood there before walking over to me and dragging me over to the open space in my apartment. After much protesting he turned the volume up on the music and we danced like we were in a packed club. His fingertips traced my arms and worked their way across my spine and remained on my hips, moving them against his body. 

We moving in sync, my head tilting towards his as the song came to an end. The smell of pure intoxication radiated from the two of us as his oozing brown eyes appeared enticing, his lips now irresistable. Leaning in I turned to face him, wrapping my arms around his neck whilst his held my thighs as I jumped up and my lips smashed against his. 

Groaning loudly I lifted my head up, unable to think straight or recall the events of last night. The room was spinning as the morning light, or daylight was too harsh to bare. Closing my eyes I placed my head back down on my pillow before turning on my side, knowing how it always eased me whenever I was hungover- what can I say? I’ve had practice. 

Yet as I placed my arm out it hit something with a light thud. At first I overlooked it and closed my eyes again, but then it made a noise and I quickly sat upright. Tumbling out of bed with a squeal I ended up dragging the duvet with me, I was in a cocoon of shame, I just knew it. “Who, who is it?” I tried my hardest to sound bold, like the little integrity that remained would be useful. 

“What are you on about?” My eyes went wide and all I wanted to do was make this cocoon a permanent thing, bury myself inside and never come out. 

The mattress squeaked as the springs were relieved of the weight that suppressed them. Footsteps could be heard as he crossed the bed towards me. A confused, gentle and concerned calling of my name made me apprehensive to open my eyes. Maybe we just fell asleep, we were exhausted from dancing or drinking too much. Perhaps he tried to bring me to bed and was too lazy to move. 

All of my possible ideas were shattered as he stood before me, naked. A small scream sounded from me involuntary and he glanced down, alarmed himself. “Shit!” He spoke up, now both of us wide awake. Whilst he was out of the room I glanced down at myself, yep. Something happened. 

Quickly fumbling around in my drawers I slipped something on, which ended up being a onesie as it was the first thing I could find. I remained cautious to leave my room but curious as to what my poor old bed endured last night. 

Eventually I plucked up the courage to leave my room and slowly walked out into the main room where he sat on the sofa, looking intently at the blank wall. “Hi.” I spoke up, merely hovering by him. Unsure whether sitting next to him would be okay or not. 

“Erm, hi.” He cleared his throat before glancing my way for a split second, then focusing back on the wall. “Do you, do you remember what happened last night?” Turning to face me I could feel my insides breaking, going into self destruct mode. 

Tightly closing my eyes I shook my head as I desperately tried to rack my brain for something, anything that’ll hint at what occurred between the two of us last night. “Unfortunately not.”

“Why unfortunately?” He was quick to reply leaving me stunned. After a moment of silence I sat down next to him, crossing my legs and fiddling with the threading on the inner calf. “Do you, do you regret what may have happened?” I could sense him being disheartened, lifting my head up I saw him observing me more so than normal with a different look in his eyes. 

“I don’t know Cal, it’s not something that I can just be fine with. I mean, you’ve been my best friend since we were three. How can I just wake up one morning whilst you’re on a break from tour knowing that there is a high chance we had sex and solve what this is before you go again in what? Two days?” I scoffed lightly as I struggled to process it all, this being clear to him as he wrapped his arms around my back. My head dropping into his crotch as I adjusted myself to lie on my back, I don’t want to have some flashback to last night being because of that by any means. 

“If you don’t know, or are unsure all you have to do is give me a call. Whatever you decide we can work through it. We always do.” He lightly kissed my forehead, lingering against it as a warm sensation flowed through me, butterflies forming in the pit of my stomach. 

Standing up he headed towards the front door and opened it, pausing before taking a step outside into the real world. Turning around he focused on my face, then on my poor choice of outfit making me chuckle lightly. “I’ll speak to you soon Cal, I just can’t think right now.” Lowering my head I heard him mutter a goodbye as he closed the door, leaving me in an uneasy silence, unsure of my next move.