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I remember. You do. For that, I bring you to the scales. Come. ||  In life you believed in nothing, you will go to nothing. You will be done, there will be darkness. And peace? There will be darkness.

American Gods

ALSO when Ed and Oswald were talking about Oswald loving Ed and all that in the cells Ed kept saying he DIDN’T love Oswald, not that he DOESN’T. Those are two very different tenses, so…!

A Teru piece for @marirosmo‘s birthday!! 💛

starting... to... putter... but...

only… two… more… fics…

One of which is complete and utter smut, the other of which is complete and utter fluff, so like.

Pushups, then back to the grind.

• Severus Snape Appreciation Month •
Day 20.  A scene you wanted to be in the films //

*closes laptop*

*takes bus to closest airport*

*buys ticket to Nepal*

*spends two months climbing Mount Everest*

*ascends to the top, with patchy beard and hollowed cheeks*

*stands at edge and clenches fists*

*screams out in the vast void:*

Having Hanbin as your bias and Jiwon as your bias wrecker feels a lot like dating the sweetest, most perfect boyfriend and cheating on him with his sexy best friend… I feel incredibly disloyal

I always think about how if Hopper cut open wills body and it didn’t turn out to be fake that would have sucked so bad. Like oops sorry lol I thought this was an exact fake replica of a dead boys body placed by corrupt government men trying to cover up a hole that leads to another dimension that was opened by a telekinetic eleven year old girl but it turns out I was wrong, okay bye!

au where the hamilton fandom who so claims to respect alexander hamilton actually acknowledges the fact that alexander hamilton had a lot of physical and mental problems and that he made an actual handful of deplorable and gross mistakes that negatively impacted many people’s lives

Neil probably thinks he doesn’t need anesthetic when he goes to the dentist to get work done but realizes very quickly it doesn’t matter how much shit he’s been through. Those drills fucking hurt and won’t be in his mouth until they numb him up. 

Happy Birthday to the brilliant, stunning, amazing love of my life, my heart, my Queen, my love: @latinalightwood. I’m sorry it took so long for me to finally put this up, but Spotter is finally up and I hope you like it.

I put up the story on AO3 because it’s almost 19k and putting it on here would mean editing would definitely be a bitch, plus reading that amount of text on Tumblr would be crazy.

Find the link below:


I don’t feel like Laura didn’t REALLY love Shadow.

She clearly did, but, because she was so depressed and shit, she just.. couldn’t go through, you know?

Like, it’s hard to love someone fully when you feel like nothing makes you happy and life is just so unfulfilling. It’s hard to try and grasp it. But I feel like she did love him, just not as much as he loved her.

I get it, because I experienced it. I know how it feels.

And it’s hard. Laura needed help. She really did.