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Harry Styles Praise Kink

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Inspired by this ask from @permanentcross here

Harry’s plump lips touch Y/N’s gently as he thrusts two fingers roughly in and out of her. Y/N’s body moves involuntarily with each thrust, and a quiet moan comes from her lips. 

“Yeh like that?” Harry asks. Y/N nods, her eyes tightly shut in pleasure. Y/N clenches around Harry’s fingers, and he can tell that she is close. 

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a sky paint study from when marnie was there, my favourite film ♥

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i've been following you for a while and it does seem like you favor and support the maknae line a lot more than the hyung line...

I’m not sure what you mean by supporting the maknae line more because I’m the gal who still hasn’t watched Hwarang, that variety show Jungkook was on with the burger fiasco, or the one Jimin and Hoseok were on about sewing pants. And I don’t buy fan goods so I don’t even support one line more with my money. 

But, if you mean supporting them on my blog, I probably reblog more pictures of the maknae line because Jimin is my UB, Jungkook is almost always second (except when Yoongi pops in like “Hey, time to swerve”), and Taehyung was my UB for 2.5 years but that doesn’t mean I don’t like hyung line. I think I’ve been pretty open with the fact that I run through lanes like I’m drunk and playing Frogger. And, if you consider each chapter of Mr. Min as a separate unit then I have written more for hyung line than the maknaes. Not to mention the next series I’m starting is Seokjin and Namjoon centered.

Regardless though, I think this entire thing about which line people stan is a bit ridiculous. I’ve seen people insult the maknae line fans by saying the kids have more fans because it is “easier” to stan them so hyung line fans are more dedicated or “real”. And, vice versa, I’ve seen hyung line stans be insulted for being “too smug” about rap line’s influence in album productions. Just…all around the entire thing is ugly and pretty immature imo. I love all the members for different reasons. Stanning any one particular member or line doesn’t make you a better fan or person than anyone else. So basically…

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black sails meme: (3/7) relationships ⟶ flint, silver, & madi

I did not kill Captain Flint. I…unmade him. The man you know could never let go of his war. For if he were to exclude it from himself, he would not be able to understand himself. So I had to return him to an earlier state of being. One in which he could function without the war. Without the violence. Without us.

me: *sees that someone always has something to say about whatever harry does, wears, drinks, thinks, or says*


also me: ~treat people with kindness~ 🙃

Jihyun Kim/V x MC Headcanons

I have no explanation for this, other than I’m hopelessly in love with Jihyun Kim and I really wanted to do this as the self-indulgent trash that I am. I hope those of you that read it enjoy it, and that I’ve done him justice. Under the cut because this became way longer than I thought it would be;;;

Also note: Mild Good End V route spoilers

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Hello darling! May I request 11 & 12 with Eggsy, please? Thank you ❣️

Eggsy Unwin + You want to cuddle…with me? + You fell asleep on me, so I put you in bed.
A/N: ngl I totally forgot this was in my inbox and I know I technically didn’t use the prompts as dialogue but 11 is there in essence and well 12 is there, just differently. Enjoy though!!

When you woke up at four a.m. your plan was to get cereal and wander around the house for a bit, until sleep hit you or Merlin did. But that changed when you cut through the living room and found Eggsy awake. One of his arms was curled around a bowl of popcorn while the other was tossed over his eyes. He sent you a tired and lopsided grin, arm falling to his side. You returned his smile, ignoring the way it suddenly became hard to breathe.

“Can’t sleep?” He asked hoarsely, placing his bowl down and turning on his side.

“No, thinking too much.”

“Same.” Eggsy sighed, while you took in his features. He looked younger when he was tired, softer expression and that tough facade he held up had withered away, as if the sleep plaguing him was too strong for a front.

“I was just gonna get something to eat.” You said, filling the quiet air as he hummed.

“You could stay y’know, down here with me.” Eggsy suggested, fingers tapping against the fabric of the couch. You stared a little dumbly at him, silently asking if he was serious. It wasn’t that much of a secret that you liked Eggsy, but it was a secret that he liked you too. “C’mon I could use the company ‘cos god knows I ain’t falling asleep anytime soon.” He mused, before you gave him a reluctant nod.

And your back was currently pressed to his broad chest, your fingers brushing over his arm that had drifted over your waist. Eggsy’s chin was rested atop your head, the warmth he radiated making your drowsy. You sat in silence, occasionally sharing looks as the stupid early morning movies played. Eggsy would laugh occasionally, a low unrestrained kind of laugh that reverberate through you. He was the first to notice your eyes growing heavy and the yawns that started to pull from your lips. You slouched further into him despite the warning signs telling you to just go to bed. 

Soon your hand rested on his and in your sleep deprived state you caved into your own wishes. You suddenly rolled over, one of your legs nudging between his and your nose brushed against the column of his throat. Eggsy’s jaw clenched as you pushed yourself against him, breath and lips fanning over his skin as you exhaled, eyes fluttering shut/ It took him a moment to relax his thoughts that were erratic as was his breathing. When you didn’t wake up and your fidgeting ceased he smiled. 

And Eggsy, being a little selfish, decided to stay like that for a small eternity. Your body felt so right against his and he wanted to relish in the moment. You shifted, head dropping slightly and your hand that was cradled chest slide up Eggsy’s stomach and under his arm. You pulled yourself even closer and Eggsy could barely breathe. You stayed like that before the room started to lighten up, signalling the arrival of morning. Eggsy carefully sat up, making sure not to disturb you as he climbed off the couch, and picked you up. You instinctively curled closer to him as he carried you, making sure not to bump your knees or anything on the walls. After finally getting to your room Eggsy placed your down with the same care. His hand came from the back of your neck to the side of your face, cupping one of your cheeks as he leaned over and let his lips scath over your forehead. You sighed contently, rolling over as Eggsy straightened up.

Part of him wanted to climb into bed with you, while the other part told him to let you sleep. One day he’d get to be in bed with you and he’d wait for that day as long as need be. So instead he snatched an already opened enveloped and flipped it over, scribbling on the back. He smiled once again at you and your peaceful expression.

He left with haste and in a few hours you awoke. You groaned as the sun slotted over your face and your heart began to race as you whipped your head around. Familiarity set in when you realized you were in your room. You wondered if you imagined going downstairs and cuddling with Eggsy because you really had no idea how you ended up back in bed. That was until you noticed the envelope on your other pillow. You picked it up, eyes widening as Eggsy’s messy handwriting was scrawled on the page,

You fell asleep on me so I put you in bed. Thanks for hanging out with me, hopefully we can do it again….maybe as a date?

- Eggsy

How Merlin lost his hair

Ok so. If i’m being honest. I’m pointing the finger of blame for this at @kingscunt who egged me on. This is a not as quick as i thought drabble about a young harry n a young merlin bein shits. well mainly harry but,, u get it…..i figure we could collectively do with some crack………………..

Harry Hart was a little shit. A fucker with a shit-eating grin pasted on his face as he back-chatted his boss and swore like a sailor as he detonated the 5 extra hand grenades he had managed to smuggle on his mission. This was a fact known by everyone who had ever worked for any branch of kingsman - especially those who had met him. The fact that he had always been a little shit was perhaps less known and for some, even contemplating the idea that he had once been even worse was enough to bring them to the point of tears. But that’s not to say that it didn’t have its advantages.

Harry Hart, one of the most exhausting Galahad’s to ever grace the doors of the agency, was and still is the reason for over half of the recent additions to the kingsman rulebook as well as Merlin’s hair loss. He was responsible for the latter in a much more direct way than most people assumed.

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Thistle successfully did a Stand For Exam for a strange person today!

i really wish socializing was easier, like physically getting out and connecting with other people. and this probably comes off as really whiny, but it is literally the hardest thing for me, and i know, just get out there and DO it but….look. im an adult, a disabled, mentally ill, neurodivergent adult and its really fucking hard to find people to just do causal things with because i don’t even know where to start

all the “suggestions” i’ve gotten from people around me are “go to bars/clubs” which isn’t my scene, at all, or just go out and talk to random people on the street i don’t know how to do that??

how do ““normal”” people make friends after highschool/college? like where do you meet people for casual, non romantic friendships outside of a work, school or alcohol based setting? really. i am honestly asking