i like it i like making these it's fun omg

New Home: Chapter 1
HAPPY 50th VIDEO SPECIAL! This is my favorite Steven Universe comic series ever, and I am SO glad to have dubbed it. Due to all the editing, this video took ...

Oh my god someone dubbed it by themselves

I don’t even know what to think like omg


When you and Jackson like each other but Jackson asks you for your friend’s name to give to Mark. You misunderstand and think that Jackson likes your friend so you distance yourself from Jackson. Jackson then gets Mark to talk to you and Mark accidentally reveals that Jackson likes you after which you and Jackson confess to each other~

Guys. GUYS. This was originally 15 texts and I had to condense it because a photoset can’t be more than 10. Tumblr! Why you do this?

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Sarah, have you heard of the leaked passport photos? Some saesang fans got their fingers on them apparently and they have been spreading like wildfire on social medias anD PEOPLE EVEN MAKE FUN OF THE PHOTOS. It's such a disgusting invasion of privacy I want to scream. Since you have a great influence, I was hoping you could help let people know that it is NOT okay to keep spreading these PRIVATE photos

Like they need privacy wth

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Heres my thing. I love the meme you made because tbh. People trying to tell an artist or author to CHANGE what they do for saod person is kidn of bullshit...Like man thats so silly and childish?? Just unfollow that person??? Omg. Like okay so I ship lams ye ah but I also ship jamilton (tbh its your fault and i thank you for it). I also find it stupid when people say you can only have one ship with one character l well Serio u s ly. But its fun that you can take that bs in stride and make a meme!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

okay like i’m okay with taking hate comments like bitch,,, meet me behind wendy’s at 3 because then we are getting serious,,, LMAO i don’t take comments to harshly because 1.) it’s the internet, someone is bound to be a dick 2.) i had worse ngl, y'all are actually nice compared to people in real life ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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More headcanons! Dark makes a low pitched rumbling sound in his chest (like half growl half purr) when he's being affectionate Anti is the only person who had ever heard that sound Anti likes to poke people. No reason other than its fun. They both occasionally like to go out together looking like Mark and Jack, just to make the septiplier fangirls flip out. Dark hates Halloween because of trick-or-treaters, but Anti loves it so Dark puts up with it

omg like dark usually ends up making that sound whenever anti’s stroking his hair or scratching at his scruff omg

i also feel like anti goes all out for halloween. with the decorations, lights, pumpkins and carvings, candy, everything. meanwhile dark just sits back and lets him have it because i mean halloween is anti’s holiday after all. he usually watches with an amused smile as anti scares the kids off wielding his knife and the blood on his neck lmao 💛


Touken Ranbu Graphics (1/?)
↳Yasusada, Hotarumaru and Sayo

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I hate feeling like a novelty. I think that’s the biggest issue with the stuff I see in the tags. The way the word “gay” is overused because omg!!!! Its GAY harold!!!! Its DIFFERENT from that other stuff!!!!

And like….I can see the same post from a “fangirl” and from a queer person….and the queer person refers to something in a relatable way because….that’s our life. And the other post….makes me feel like a novelty, a concept that only exists in a fantasy to make girls feel deviant.

E.g. a simple ship post discussing how the characters….might have some fun times in the shower later. And I’ve seen similar posts like that, and some are fun and nice, and some are like “and they’re getting ready for some GAY fun times in the shower where they can’t believe how GAY they are!!!” and its like….thanks….I almost forgot this ship involving two guys was gay…..I totally didn’t catch on that the sex between two guys was in fact gay. What a novel concept.

I hate it. I don’t have all the right words, but it makes me feel like shit. Every post I see like that turns my stomach.

i really liked reading captain underpants as a kid. it was one of the few book series’ i had access to that didnt speak down to its audience. also the art was soooo much fun. do any of yall remember how theyd have those action sequences where you could flip between the pages to make it look like it was sorta animated? that was so entertaining to tiny gayby me

It was really fun omg even if I’m not really happy with the result but hey I had a good time ♡

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bcs alex would name her gun samuel idk why ok and nickname it sam and just talk to it and its the cutest thing and maggies just like ??????? she'll walk in on her cleaning it and saying things like 'so i tried to make her tiramisu but it ended up falling apart do you think i put too much sugar???' samuel just sounds fun

omg but no I’m in a chat and Alex has a tortoise named Studi that she talks to like this lol

send me sanvers headcanons

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fun fact in berlin its actually illegal to feed ducks bread and we have like river police (usually teens) who make sure we dont feed ducks bread and i honestly thought everyone knew it was harmful to them???

that’s so interesting actually but nooo omg i feel like in america in general (or at least growing up in cali and tx) it’s veryyyy normal to buy bread (ik in cali there would even be places in stores w like day old bread to feed ducks) and feed it to the ducks!! and where i grew up there was a “duck pond” and it was so commonplace to feed it to them, and even passing ponds w/ ducks on the road now i’ll see so many ppl just feeding ducks with bread. i honestly wish i knew it was harmful, i had no idea before today omg!


Wang Yibo for my beloved tsaritsa @babyibo

Awhh Dan’s new video was so sweet and asdgjg he looked so happy (✿◠‿◠) 

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talk about your crush?

she is the sun to my moon. honestly i know how cheesy that sounds but she is the most incredible brilliant beautiful person i have ever met. she lights up my day every time i see her, which isn’t very often but whenever we meet up its like we were never apart. we’ve been friends for almost 7 years and i love her dearly (in a platonic way and a romantic way) and she is literally the purest omg. i’ve known her since i was 11 and wow we have been through A Lot. she makes me feel like the happiest person ever. i went camping with her family in the summer and it was so fun because i really felt like i belonged? we went to the beach everyday and went for walks along the cliffs and slept next to each other every night. one time she got scared by a bat that flew over our heads and wouldn’t let go of me until we reached the campsite. she holds my hand and touches my face and sits on my lap even when there are spare seats. in return i put my arm around her shoulder because she’s so much shorter than me or play with her hair or poke her cheek. making her smile is like a breath of fresh air. her laugh is like the first whisper of spring in a cold dark winter. she is truly amazing

“Emo” this, “Emo” that, it’s NOT some trendy adjective!

Ugh.. it’s rather annoying when youths (and sometimes ignorant adults) just through around the word “emo” like it’s some fad. It’s just stupid - what’s the appeal of saying things like “so sorry my posts have been real emo lately” or “OMG SASUKE IS SO EMO!” (or saying some inanimate object is “emo”…)

I mean seriously?? Just the way kids are just tossing around the term like that so blatantly displays their ignorance! It’s silly, but people are just making fun of it when they use the word like that. Or kids who think they’re using it to be cool like “gawd i’m so emo X3″ is just totally disrespecting the label. not to mention, its highly and falsely stereotypical, and in reality they’re really referring to either the emo-pop image/label OR the scene image/label, but not EMO! most kids probably don’t even understand that emo is just a genre of music, a form of hardcore punk music, not the pop punk and indie rock influenced styles since the 2000′s!

I apologize to sound critical about it, but it can really be cringe-worthy when you find people totally misusing and abusing a word out of sheer ignorance… and to find so many of them subject to believing shit about what the media “claims” emo to be is just sad, but it’s too much. The genre should be better portrayed, more accurately advertised for what it is, not for what the media wants it to be (and has unfortunately succeeded in convincing so many of the fallacies of “emo”)…