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~Jump Rope Buddies!!!


Nct dream reaction to their s/o being born in 00 or younger

MARK- This boy would be so caring! He’d always want to make sure you’re alright and we’ll. He loved that you were younger than him and would think of you as so SMOL. He’d always be by your side to protect you from things that’s weren’t that big of a deal.


-I don’t need a scarf Mark! Besides I’m a big girl I don’t need you to tell me what to do

-Big girl? you’re the youngest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!

-Mark what are you talking about, I’m not even that much younger than you. *laughs while walking away*

-*Raps a scarf around you* See now, you won’t be cold *kisses your cheek*

-Aw Mark *Blushes*

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RENJUN- He’d be so cute with you! He loved that you were around the same age. He’d keep your relationship on the down low when you two are around other members but as soon as its just the two of you, he wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off you. 

-Y/N you know you’re so cute right *heart eyes*

-What are you talking about Renjun, we both know that you’re the cute one in this relationship

-*looks at you in disbelief* Are you crazy? Look at you! *squishes your face*

-hmm Stopppp! 

-*starts tickling you*  Say you’re the cutest one here! Or I won’t stop! 

-Hahaha Omg Renjun stop! *Starts fidgeting from him tickling you*

-Say it Y/N *tickles you even more*

-Okayokay *Hahaha* I’M THE CUTEST ONE HERE! 

-There you go *Stops tickling you* Was that THAT bad?

-No, it wasn’t that bad *looks away*

-*kisses you* See you’re the cutest

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JENO- you two would be so cute together and everyone would tell you two that. He’d walk you places to make sure that nothing bad happened to you. He’d take car of you so well, since you were younger. He’d always have an eye on you. 

-Jisung do you know where Y/N is?

-Um no sorry

-God where is she? Maybe something bad happened to her!?

He would look everywhere for you, hoping that you were alright. 

-Y/N! Where were you! I was looking everywhere for you!

-Jeno i told you I was going to the washroom 

-OMG never do that again I thought you died! (He’d be super dramatic) 

-Its been 5 minutes!

-Okay, now that you’re here! wanna go to the fair? *smiley eyes* 

-UM k. This is sudden

-*kisses you then grabs your arm and drags you away to the fair*

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HAECHAN- Honestly you two would have a love-hate relationship, you guys would insult each other like every second of the day. Mark would hate you guys so much, always making fun of him. Haechan would always say things like “I know you love me” and just cheesy things like that

-Hey Y/N can I ask you a question?

-Sure what is it?

-Why do you like me? *He’d tilt his head to the side like a cute lil dog*

-Well um..

-*Cuts you off* actually I know why, I mean look at me, how can you not like me? 

-*blinks at him*

-I mean I don’t even know how you can keep your hands off me! 

-HAECHAN! you can’t just say things like that! 

-Well if it makes you fell better, I’ve fallen for you too Y/N *literally falls*

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JAEMIN- Although you guys were dating you guys would act like BFF. Always by each other’s side, always laughing He’d treat you almost like a little sister. Like all the other boys he’d always want to protect you. ( But lately, with Jaemin’s herniated disc you’d be taking care of him)

-Y/N I’m fine! You can go home, it’s okay

-No! I need to take care of you! I still have soup for you!

-But I had all the soup! And it was SUPER good, but Y/N you have to go home and sleep, it’s late

-Okay fine, but only because you want me to. If it was up to me I’d stay with you the entire night, so that you wouldn’t be lonely.

-Your health is more important than my loneliness. 

-*kisses him on his forehead* Bye babe, sleep well

-Y/N! *You look back at him* Love you 


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CHENLE- This lil ball of joy would be just the sweetest. Always making sure that you were happy and taken care of. He’d love calling you cute nicknames that made you smile. Which would make him smile, JUST A LOT OF SMILES

-Hey Y/N *He’d say singing* I bought you something! 

-Chenle, you don’t have to buy me anything. 

-*Shows you a bouquet of flowers and chocolate* Here you go Y/N I remember you telling me that these was your favorite flowers *smiles at you*

-Omg Chenle! You shouldn’t have (all you could do was smile at this ball of sunshine) 

-And I got you the sweetest chocolate cause you’re the sweetest girl *heart eyes*

-*kisses his cheek* you’re one of a kind Zhong Chen Le

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JISUNG- He’d be a little shy around you when the others are around, but he’d be super open with you then the doors are closed. Although he’s the maknae and he’s usually the “baby” of the group he’d still be protective over you. 

-Wait Y/N don’t do that! You might get hurt! 

-Jisung.. I know how an oven works…

-Okay fine, but when you’re done can I lick the spoon? *cutely blinking at you*

-Sure Jisung, but don’t touch that bowl, its hot

-Hehe you don’t want me to get hurt? *blink blink*

-No i don’t, now here’s your spoon

-Yummmy this is so good! Who’s it for?

-It’s for you, now can I actually finish this? So I have something to give you later

-Okay sure I’ll pretend like I didn’t try it yet *blows you a kiss*

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Just a little fun fact for you guys, all our admin are born 00 or younger 

-Admin V


When you and Jackson like each other but Jackson asks you for your friend’s name to give to Mark. You misunderstand and think that Jackson likes your friend so you distance yourself from Jackson. Jackson then gets Mark to talk to you and Mark accidentally reveals that Jackson likes you after which you and Jackson confess to each other~

Guys. GUYS. This was originally 15 texts and I had to condense it because a photoset can’t be more than 10. Tumblr! Why you do this?

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happy valentines day, pals!!! this is a list of the wonderful people ive gotten to know through inuyasha, and boy there’s a lot of them! under a read more to keep from flooding dashboards so read on to see me use words like “i love” and “like” and “omg” and “!!!” 1000 times!

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Do you happen to know "V for Vendetta?" If not, I do suggest you look into it! He just seems rather comparable to Arsene Lupin as much as I know of the latter so far?

Yes I do!! I haven’t read the comic, but I’ve seen the movie and they seem a lot alike! For the most part, they’re both VERY brilliant, they both mean well and they strive to do what’s just, but their methods don’t abide by any restrictions other than their own.

That being said, even though he’s pretty eccentric, I don’t think Arsène would be too fond of killing because it’s ‘far too brutish and unnecessary for his taste’ lol, and V tends to be more extreme with his methods (understandably so), but other than that, I think he has quite a few similarities with V! Good call, anon!! ^^

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Sarah, have you heard of the leaked passport photos? Some saesang fans got their fingers on them apparently and they have been spreading like wildfire on social medias anD PEOPLE EVEN MAKE FUN OF THE PHOTOS. It's such a disgusting invasion of privacy I want to scream. Since you have a great influence, I was hoping you could help let people know that it is NOT okay to keep spreading these PRIVATE photos

Like they need privacy wth

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Hi hello! Random anon here to tell you that your Chat Finds Out fic is slowly making me die inside. It's SO GOOD! Awkward Adrien must be rlly fun to write, cause it's fun to read owo

Hello, random anon! I’m glad you like my fic! But pls don’t die i’ll lose a reader

And omg you have no idea how fun it is to write Awkward Adrien bc I have not written a fanfic in ages and suddenly I have this multi-chaptered fic in my hands full of just Adrien being awkward af?? Because it’s so fun??? I just like messing with him so much omg

The boy needs a lot of help—-

Here is a bonus doodle of Adrien wearing that sundress:

He’s a handsome, strapping young lad, after all.


Touken Ranbu Graphics (1/?)
↳Yasusada, Hotarumaru and Sayo

❈Requested by digital-wings | Insp x | taken from wikia character page

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Do you have any tips with making friends on Tumblr? I'm so lonely :( Every time I talk to a simblr it's always too business-y and very professional. I've been trying to get the chat on through asks but I never get a reply. And I'm very awkward. Maybe my messages are too awkward. I think I'm too weird and stupid for this community :(

hey anon :-( don’t be discouraged!! lots of people (including me) say omg make friends it’s fun - and it’s easier said than done tbh. i recommend talking to mutuals like someone you can almost feel the chemistry with (you like each others posts) and start out by commenting or sending them asks. then progress to messaging and stuff!! good luck and you are definitely not stupid :-(

Chris Kreider #1

Anonymous said: Can I ask for a Chris Kreider imagine and can it be about him taking his kids to team practice and the guys making fun of him cuz there are like five or six of them and then the reader pops up and she’s pregnant again!

A/N: literally i was like ‘who is this guy again’ and looked up his tag and was like ‘omg its the guy who used to kiss talbys helmet!!!’ lol well i hope u liked it :) also writing this was a different POV was weird and sorry if it was weird to read or anything

Word Count: 1,730

The fact the Kreider family was big wasn’t new news. So knowing the four kids would be skating around the ice rink, the oldest three in their hockey gear, everyone was happy enough to have the little ones on the ice. With practice over, a few Rangers stayed behind and hung out with Chris and his kids. 

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i was tagged by @imeightout to do this moodboard (?) tag thingsjdks idk ahhh thank you for tagging me!! this was fun to try to make a moodboard…props to those who make them omg

hwiana lives on yall

hwi as a boyfriend is such a concept ;-; i feel like he would be the dorkiest & sweetest bf ever :/// i feel so soft rn & its 3 ampwjrowksla

i tag: @supersaiyum @ilysanha @velvetjjks @leeminpuppy @j1hunn @princechani @yangtaes

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I hate it when a fandom doesn't treat actors/writers/etc like humans. News flash, they have their own emotions and thoughts and do other things besides that one thing you worship them over!! And I don't care if you are all like "omg (blank) is daddy af" to your friends, but saying where you know that person can see (like the live chat you mentioned w/ George) makes people uncomfortable! Stop it! Jesus. Sorry for rambling but it's true.

I understand what you mean, we don’t mean to dampen your fun, but also be aware that the actors may not want to be associated with the fans if they continue to disrespect their privacy and personal boundaries yeah?

  • <p> <b>My sister (doing Edgeworth's voice):</b> Damon Gant was right!<p/><b>Me (doing Phoenix's voice):</b> Actually, I'm Wright *finger guns*<p/><b>My sister (still in Edgeworth's voice):</b> I will kill you<p/></p>

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imagine got5 playing matchmakers for markjin. Like, they'd get a little tipsy while Jinyoung was out filming and they got him to confess that he likes Jinyoung 'a little', so they all play cupid for the two clueless dummies. Yugbam would set them up to have dinner together, Jackson would talk to Jinyoung about what kind of guy he likes and even Jaebum would stand there with his stone-hard face by the door saying some shit like 'imo you should date someone tall and trilingual. no. i swear.' 1/2

And sweet as sugar Mark just gets SO flustered whenever he’s alone with Jinyoung. But one day BamBam takes it to the next level and he ‘accidentally’ pushes Jinyoung while they’re walking down the stairs and Mark grabs his hands to save him. Omg and Mark is totally the type to take care of Nyongie when he’s drunk and complaining about boys. I’m soft pls talk to me feel free to smut it up 2/2

dfgjdkgthnj i love this so much its so cute :( i love imagining markjin being annoyingly obvious around the members lmao like being ridiculously affectionate & close at times it isnt needed logdkrhtjrth imagine bambam and yugyeom making fun of them. i love 

anyway there’s actually a fic like this but i cant remember the name of it omg,, but all of got7 try to get them together but the whole time they were already together kgjketh its soo cute but omg,,, drunk jinyoung complaining about the members is adorable like..imagine him pouting, leaning into mark like, “they wont leave me alone they keep saying i have to date someone who is tall and multilingual but i like you instead :(” and mark is  like a blushing mess at this point and then he’s like, “they’re talking about me jinyoungie” and jinyoung is like “but ur not tall?” osigjetgrthj and mark tries 2 act all offended even though he knows he’s smaller than jinyoung but jinyoung kisses his cheek to make him feel better 

but,,t,,, cause of the members recent antics mark feels ~confident~ so he kisses him properly and jinyoung ends up super shy and its so SOFT AND CUTE aaaaahhh and they basically just kiss and yugyeom walks in from his room & catches them and he screams and before they can even say anything he’s like BAMBAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and he wakes up everyone up and tell them the news (tag urself im yugyeom)

New Home: Chapter 1
HAPPY 50th VIDEO SPECIAL! This is my favorite Steven Universe comic series ever, and I am SO glad to have dubbed it. Due to all the editing, this video took ...

Oh my god someone dubbed it by themselves

I don’t even know what to think like omg

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??? Im only just realizing that the reason antis like broganes is because of racist reasons omg I like broganes bc its fun to think about... not because I think theyre actually brothers. just because theyre "last names" both have 'gane' in them does not make them brothers..... I just... I feel so dumb jfc its a fUN HEADCANNON THEYRE NOT ACTUALLY RELATED IM

I used to really like the concept of a brotherly sh/eith AU but antis have just ruined it by turning it into something really racist which is a massive shame