i like it i dont care

i s2g some of the headcanons ive seen/ read about the fnv companions or just, like peoples sort of interpretation or how they treat stuff about fnv in general… you can just tell they dont know what being in navada is actually like. i can just feel it in my gut theyve never camped out in a desert, or camped in general really.
and i seriously dont blame anyone or care for getting it wrong because if i tried to describe boston i wouldnt know the first thing except its like…. cold i guess. rains a lot i hear.


henlo i’m yoshi i’m a photographer™ but my camera roll is full of pictures of lizards bc i am the one true lizard prince and i love all my babies i’m an avid fan of doing whatever the fuck you want and highly encourage embracing who you truly are also i’m here to remind you daily to drink water n you bet i’ll check everyday cus i’m fucking caring as heck buster n i like holding hands n getting platonically snugly while watching movies but most of the time i’m trying to prove we’re not alone in this universe or watching the the xfiles bc uh aliens exist ily brush your teeth 🌱 add me on aim @camisad.o for a spicy pun pls im bored 

little mix stans: constantly rant about how little mix is more than their connection 2 zayn, that they dont need zayn, that sotme is about all their ex’s despite the fact the original lyrics blatantly referenced gigi

also little mix stans: talk about zayn 24/7, compare gigi and perrie, tag zayn in perrie’s shit and vice versa, endlessly cry about a breakup that happened 2 years ago n has nothing 2 do with them, and hype up their faves being ‘savage’ 2 him, and care more about the fact they ‘beat zayn’ than they do abt the fact they won their first brit, i.e. reducing them winning an award to be about zayn LMAO 

like if they r independent women who dont care about zayn or need him for fame or relevance y do their stans feel the need to involve him in everything they do lol

like im sorry. i really fucking hate religious people or anyone that’s neck deep invested in praying all the time. like if you do religion and prayer and all that shit that’s great!!! im happy for you! you do what you want to to make you feel good!!

but dont fucking come up to me and be like ‘prayer will make your life 20 million bajillion times better you know’

i dont believe in prayer. it never worked for me. i never saw a fucking point to it. stop telling me this shit i dont fucking care. if prayer works for you awesome! it doesn’t make me feel better at all so leave me the fuck alone already


tbh ive been in my feelings lately especially with the whole trans rights violation going on and idk i just feel so disgusted with my family which im right to considering they act like they care about me but when i told them this would happen they once again acted like it wouldnt. i dont feel like talkin to anyone for a few days so leave your name, #, and a brief message and ill get back to you in 1-3 days possibly

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Dont yall love how the fandom HATES eileen's suicide and the fight with erza but they love that END is gone cause natsu be like "i dun wanna turn into a demon tho". If it was that easy eileen coulve been like "i dun wanna be a dragon so ima be human now" and BOOM BEEM she turns back into full human. I mean WHO CARES ABOUT NATSU's BS CAUSE THERES NALU RIGHT AFTER IT RIGHT?!? Erza destroying a meteor with half her fucking body broken was bs to u (it is) but natsu wanting to be human is not???

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just curious do you let ppl repost your art? cause i noticed a lot of the art you reblog is like a repost or kinda dubious but i don't wanna be annoying and go pointing them all out if you don't really care >.< (if you do care and it's by accident pls don't feel bad some people find it really hard to tell and i make mistakes sometimes to even though i try to be really conscientious abt it)

omg wait i didn’t even realize??? i pretty much just queue anything on my dash that’s inspiration for me so i never check the sources….. yall…this is so problematic 😭😭 pls do point them out to me anon i’d appreciate it 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

I miss being in twd fandom bc literally every everything got leaked months ahead of time we pretty much had a play by play of every episode before it aired we knew what characters were gonna die well before it happened Riverdale’s a fucking mystery I dont like this…surprise shit….waiting…having patience….not knowing….this is not the lifestyle I know nor do I care for it.

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hey please dont feel like you have to apologize for struggling... i know it feels like you're letting people down (i feel the same way!!!!) but the truth is you're coping as best you can, and you're not obligated to recover or improve right away - take things at your own pace, just do what you need to do. and.. try to stay relatively safe, if you can. i care about you. you're a good person. you deserve to feel okay.

thank you I guess.. //I’m trying not to apologise ahaaaa (:

You sound like a nice person. I hope that you are okay. And I hope life is treating you well. Thank you..

I tend to get annoyed with my business class when it’s at 6:30-9:30 in the evening, but holy crap I really do love learning about accounting. That moment when you already have the math down, and the concepts finally click in your head? And everything starts making sense? And you can create financial statements off the top of your head from beginning to end? That’s my favorite thing in the world omg. Like I’m literally filled with joy learning about accounting, when the hell did I get so boring?

why do ppl mock The Indie Girl Voice™ so much when The Pop Punk Guy Voice™ is one of the worst and most grating singing styles ever