i like it i dont care

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y u hate jiraiya

bc of the obvious reasons ?? his character is the gross pervert old man trope, he makes naruto do the sexy jutsu for him when hes twelve years old and makes naruto incredibly uncomfortable. i remember he said how he thought konan would be hot when she was older. he had once stolen all of narutos money and used it on drinks and women. sakura doesnt like him either.

hes technically narutos godfather and closest thing to a family member and yet he doesnt come back to konoha to raise him even tho he knew narutos parents both had died 

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I genuinely hope you find happiness in England, and I hope the nhs can help you- free healthcare rocks :> <3

ME. FUCKING. TOO. this year has been a /catastrophe/ for me as someone chronically and mentally ill and not getting the healthcare ive needed…

man like the month i just spent in London w Sam was so good and it was so good FOR me…before i left i was so sick, i didnt think id be able to do ANYTHING while i was there…but it was amazing, being able to be with someone i really loved, who wanted to help me manage all my problems without any complaints (they went and bought a ton of food that i could eat before i even got there bc i have weirdly specific dietary needs lmao) and it was just. so nice. we were able to watch out for each other and we both benefitted from it so much. i was still sick, i still had pain and fatigue and anxiety but i also had THEM and they didnt hold any of my disability against me even once. and after a relationship where i was routinely manipulated as a result of the help i needed just to live with my illnesses, it was…world-changing.

and if i could get good health care ON TOP OF THAT boy oh boy we are in business i might actually be able to really focus on my art again and start living the life i WANT 

my mom thinks depression is contagious and the reason im depressed is because of my best friend who i met 3 years ago but she knew i was depressed before i met her and just,

this is dumb. and im done with all this. 

why do ppl mock The Indie Girl Voice™ so much when The Pop Punk Guy Voice™ is one of the worst and most grating singing styles ever

steve isnt ‘glowing with patriotism’ hes just so pale hes practically reflective

NCT is awfully quiet right now and I’m afraid they might drop something out of the blue and I’m absolutely not ready for that. Imagine chillin in your room, reading a book/listening to music and finally having the time of your life but then you receive a notif from them with a teaser and you just-