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First off, gggggod I frickin’ love fics about characters being mentally manipulated or altered into sleeper agents, as well as just characters who are double agents (Which probably explains why Saddleback is so perfectly poised for that trope) so if you know a good fic with that, shoot me a link, please, but either way, I can answer this here! (So i don’t clutter up my RP blog initially.

Also because I find talking about the development and evolution of characters super interesting! Like, I love asking people where their OCs come from, and I love making OCs with people’s help, because it’s such a different process for everybody?

For the most part, when making an OC, there’s usually a couple of different ways I do so. I like character design and worldbuilding so for me the process is pretty natural, you start with a handful of features you like and go wild from there, building up on them bit by bit until you start having a real character come out of it. This is really the core of OC building, for me, is knowing what you want in a character and making it into a full design.

But also, a lot of times it’s because you want a specific thing…but there’s no canon character that fills the niches you want. Or if there is, you don’t particularly like how that canon character is treated/viewed/shown in canon material. This winds up happening a lot with TFOCs for me because…well…shit, even with the patently ridiculous amount of Transformers Characters there are, I don’t always want to use a canon character or be constrained by canon.

(Even when I do use canon characters, it’s easy to notice that I generally make my own versions of them because, for one, I never feel like I’m using characters perfectly In Character if I do canon versions, but also because I just like messing around with variables way more than people who are better at writing characters as they appear) (Examples I particularly like here and here) (Or just that project where I’m literally making my own TF Universe over here)

For Saddleback, she actually was originally one of my first TFOCs, initially named Badge (ancient post seen here) who had a very different sort of personality, although some parts of it were perserved. I never really used her, and eventually, while going back through old OCs I found her design, loved it, gutted it out and repurposed it into the character she is now!

But where did Badge come from?

Badge initially had bits of Prowl and Jazz in her design, and seems to have largely stemmed from my desire to make that sort of classic “enforcer” type of cybertronian, while making them a small, curvy minibot (because listen I’m gonna be real honest here I like it when characters are short and round like me) and tinkering with design aspects. Throw in a hefty dose of making a “naughty cop” character, and she became a TFOC to tinker with.

Now, as a rebuilt character, Saddleback has also absorbed traits from TFA Arcee and TFA Shockwave (both of whom I also have RP accounts for, and played for some time) - becoming an Intel Ops agent with a penchant for getting the information she needs at whatever price, and in some ‘verses she has a life as a double agent amongst Decepticons (a sort of reversal of the Longarm/Shockwave thing)

Like a lot of canon characters I have fun putting her in different universes and, just like canon characters, I have a lot of fun tormenting her for entertainment.

So yeah, thanks for letting me blather about OCs and how they’re made for me. As far as I’m concerned, an OC (particularly OCs in various canons) are sort of the monster amalgamations of bits and bobs from media and other characters, made of headcanons that never panned out and design ideas you want to see used, all smushed together.


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who's your favorite character from cowboy bebop? (i watched it bc u did and im like so deep in cowboy bebop hell) mine is spike

It’s amazing right? Definitely Spike. So cool.

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Which are your top 5 BC scenes and why?

Okay these are in chronological order and nothing else because putting these in order any other way would be too hard.

1) The moment with Atom in the woods, because it essentially undercuts everything you expect about their characters and in doing so reveals who they truly are without undoing the character work that preceded it.

2) Day Trip! The entire episode, really, but especially Bellamy’s reaction to “Because right now I don’t feel like being around anyone I actually like.”  It’s a relatively light moment in a fairly deep episode, but it tells us so much about their relationship at that point in time.

3) The Hug in s2, because that is the official shift from “we are co-leaders and maybe-friends” to “You, Bellamy Blake, are my Official Favorite Person” from Clarke, and Bellamy’s reaction (relief, joy, and a bit of wonder) shows us how much she means to him too.

4) The fight in Hakeldama because as gut wrenching as that is, it was also a really clarifying moment in their relationship.  It was Bellamy admitting how much he needs Clarke and Clarke realizing that her perception of their relationship was skewed.  It broke my heart but it put them (eventually) back on track to being each other’s Person.

5) The List/Hand Nuzzle.  Because Bellamy Blake using his survival as a bargaining chip to get Clarke Griffin to agree to survive is a fucking lot.  And the fact that they capped it off with hesitant-but-intimate touches makes it even more.

Honorable mention #1:  When Clarke tells Bellamy to go into Mount Weather and that she was being “weak” by not wanting him to go, mostly because of the way Raven and Octavia’s eyes immediately snap to Bellamy because by that point it’s really fucking obvious he’s in love with her and everyone is really worried about him.

Honorable mention #2: The Beach Hug, because “Emotionally Vulnerable Bellarke” is the best of all bellarkes.

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Pff- When ever I'm reading lazytown fics or anything I'm just like " Holy shit, this is actually really deep and interestin- Annnd its not finished"

Lazytown fanfics are a thing??

Well, that’s not something you hear every day.

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hi you'll have to forgive me if u have ever done any but have u ever considered doing serious film reviews on letterboxd? not that yours arent already good and all bc i love the jokes but i would rlly like to hear what u actually liked abt a movie, y'know? u come off as having seen so, so many movies that there's no way u dont have thoughts that dont expand past a joke, y'know? idk. i would just really like to hear ur thoughts on movies more often on there

this is a really true point to make hshsjdjskdh. i have done serious reviews, but only a few times. the truth is that about half of the time i finish a movie i have absolutely nothing deep to say about it? like, many movies are just ok, and i don’t love them or hate them and therefore don’t have much to say, and that’s kind of where my one liner joke reviews came from. plus i prefer discussing movies, especially among friends, rather than just writing paragraphs on what i personally thought. i’d be happy to talk in depth about movies when i get asked on here though!

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name: sekaiya
nickname: kaiya, kai, rae
gender: this is confusing bc like?? am i nb? or do i just feel disconnected from my gender bc of mental illness?????? but anyway she/her that’s all that rly matters to me, it’s not a huge concern tbh
star sign: aries
sexual orientation: world’s biggest lesbian
height: about 1.7m i think?? give or take a few cm
hogwarts house: gryffindor
fav colour: idk i love like??? pastel yellows and pinks and blues and purples but i also like really bright/deep reds so
fav animal: wolves, dogs, horses etc. also my Fave Animal is radagast the known demon so. i guess lizards should be here too
average hour of sleep: like anywhere between 2hrs and sleeping for the whole day i can’t average it
cat or dog person: dog !!!! cats are amazing and i love them, but they make me sneeze a lot and dogs make me super super happy
favourite fictional character: alec & magnus tbh??
# of blankets I sleep with: no specific number tbh like usually just a sheet if it’s hot but other nights just however many are on my bed
fav singer/band: i don’t have a fave but y’all know i love troye
dream trip: honestly just….getting in a car and driving without a destination in mind ???? but like i can’t drive so i need a girlfriend to go with me
dream job: i kinda would like to still get into some kind of writing maybe?? like screenwriting probably but i also really like web design
when was your blog created: my first blog in like 2012, this one in 2015 i believe
what made your create tumblr: i think my sister told me about it?

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Mornings in St. Petersburg 
or alternatively titled: Viktor Nikiforov’s Instagram is A Katsuki Yuuri Appreciation Account

Raise your hand if you got all these cool goals and ideas you wanna do that keep winding up on the back burner because the daily grind of Life in General™ exhausts you, making it near impossible not to give in to simple, cozy pleasures instead

happy holidays \o/

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I love how Sportacus is never even slightly surprised when it turns out to be Robbie causing all the trouble around town. I’m like 80% sure he’s playing along with Robbie’s schemes at this point tbh 



“You can travel back in time, but you can only travel back in time.”