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okay so like as a Broke Bitch something i always loved about taylor was that you didnt need to spend a shitton of money to feel included in the fandom. you had the t party and then she started interacting with us online and inviting us to secret sessions and it was all so goddamn incredible and something no celebrity id heard of has ever done before but goddamn, the international fans really drew the short end of the stick here and i feel so bad for people who are upset that the world just seems to be against poor people and on top of that you got the taylor minions like ‘but she has done…. so much for us…. she sacrificed herself…. so that we could get the good shit but you couldnt…. dont be an ungrateful bitch’ like fuck off with that. sometimes its not your fuckin place to shoehorn yourself into those conversations

Didn’t Jack brainwash his mother into keeping him? Isn’t Jack ultimately responsible for the death of his own mother? So how is Jack innocent anyway? 

This whole Kelly situation –the more I think about it, more it grosses me out. I mean, the show presented and used Kelly as a literal broodmare, what’s with her entire purpose being to birth Lucifer’s son. The whole arc was misogynistic (truly, not like Charlie’s death)and horrible no matter how you slice it, but hey, I don’t see many fans protesting over Kelly’s fate. In fact, I don’t even think many fans remember her anymore. 

I wonder why?

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omg in courtney's insta story you can hear jinkx in the background say "our favourite story to tell from last year's heels of hell was me going 'wait alaska, you're dating gabe-" AND THEN IT CUTS OFF

i KNOW i love my parents


I’ve only known matt for a few hours but if anything happened to him i’d kill everyone in this room and then myself


Oh, why you look so sad?
Tears are in your eyes
Come on and come to me now
Don’t be ashamed to cry
Let me see you through
‘cause I’ve seen the dark side too

“I’m not afraid,” Adrien says to her, softly. “Are you?” 

more fanart of inking indigo by my dearest carmen!! @matchaball

i love her writing with all my heart and it always inspires me to draw the most. love you carmen i cant wait for the next chapter!!

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