i like it better this way so


i have many witty captions for this:

“noses are important”

“family portrait”

“not fit to scale”

and of course “how many people combined do you think they’ve seen die?”

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top 5 haikyuu fan videos?

I’m OBSESSED with fan made and crack videos, I’ve basically watched all youtube has to offer, but there are some classics that everyone should watch:

1. Oikawa Tooru - Gay or European? This is simply a piece of art and the most accurate haikyuu video I’ve ever seen. A MASTERPIECE from the beginning to the end, especially with Suga, Tsukki, Kenma and Iwa. I’ll never get tired of watching it. 

2. 50 Shades of Haikyuu. A remake of the Fifty Shades Of Grey trailer featuring Hinata as Anastasia and Kageyama as Mr. Grey. I go nut every time I see it it’s just perfect and way better than the original pls take my money and MAKE THIS HAPPEN

“What was he like?” “He was polite, intense, smart…Really intimidating.”

3. Mean Girls | Haikyuu!! Trailer. What happens when you put together Oikawa, Kuroo and Tsukki? This video is so well made I’ll literally make you fell of the chair believe me

“I’m sorry people are so jealous of me, but I can’t help it that I’m popular” is the most Kuroo quote EVER

4. Haikyuu!! Trailer - 10 Things I Hate About You. @haikyuuliberos​ made this and this is all you need to know about it. WATCH IT

5. Wiggle-Kuroo Tetsurou. If you feel like dying of the best death possible, watch this video of Kuroo dancing on heels. This is the reason why I don’t sleep at night tbh it’s….a spiritual experience

Hope you had fun with these and thank you for your message!

Ask me my top 5 things!

I’m 100% supportive of the transition of Bum being a sympathetic character to a pitiable one. I know it’s causing some drama and some Koogi bullying, but narratively, I’m stoked. 

But it mostly may be out of a selfish desire to understand Bum better, and I had trouble doing that before the release of chapter 19. Because at least now I get where he’s coming from, and this dichotomy between the Bum who wants to be free of Sangwoo and the Bum who simply too dependent on Sangwoo is so much clearer to me.

It’s no wonder at this point, because Sangwoo is the absolute closest Bum has EVER come to feeling even close to emotionally met. I wouldn’t say satisfied, but from his perspective, someone is meeting him at least part way to feeling cared about. 

Like, to the point that if Bum were to magically escape Sangwoo, I’m completely convinced after a while he would willingly return to him in order to chase after that feeling of acceptance. 

I would be down to see that happen. 

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Hi! I want to get my friend into Bts and I want to ask your opinion on what videos I should show her ( just a few). I already showed her music videos for their title tracks, but now I want to show her videos that show their personality like in the bangtan bomb videos or maybe their V apps. There's just so many I can't decide!

Hey!!! Ohhh, it’s nice to know you want to introduce your friend to BTS, and way better that you want to show them a bit about their personalities, you’re right there are a lot, but let’s see. You can start by showing them this post i made where i talk a bit about each of their personalities (it’s kinda long, but the response was positive, everyone liked it) and about videos i suggest watching

1. Weekly Idol. This is the funniest one ever, hands down the best, they have the chance to be super extra in this variety show. Ep1, Ep2 & Ep3

2. After School Club. It’s supper funny and they also get the chance to talk about them and their music as well, definitely worth watching. Ep1, Ep2, Ep3 & Ep4

3. Run BTS! It’s a must watch. Ep1, Ep2, Ep3, Ep4, Ep5, Ep6(pt.1, pt.2), Ep7, Ep8, Ep9, Ep10, Ep11 +Bonus (RUN BTS Live in Thailand)

4. BTS GAYO. A must watch pt.2. Ep1, Ep2, Ep3, Ep4, Ep5, Ep6, Ep7, Ep8, Ep9, Ep10, Ep11

5. BTS in NAVER STAR CAST. My god, this is so cool, they have a bunch of challenges to complete and games to play, it’s so funny. Ep1, Ep2, Ep3, Ep4 & Ep5

6. BTS Festa. They record one each year for their anniversary, this is amazing, it’s long, but they joke with each other a lot. Ep1, Ep2 & Ep3

+Bonus (Halloween Party w/ BTS)

+Bonus A few bangtan bombs worth watching as well 1, 2, 3, 4

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Why do you see socialism as being better than capitalism

Let’s be honest here, the right wing worked very hard to vilify socialism and tie it to communism. They were so successful in their campaign that when we talk about socialism today, what we are really talking about is Capitalism with a broad social safety net. We generally are not talking about ceasing the means of production or anything like that. 

But I don’t inherently believe that any one system is better than another. I see many systems with wonderful benefits that can all be gamed to enrich a small segment of the population. No matter the system in place, humans will find a way to fuck it up. 

The idea then is to reward the behaviors you want, punish the ones you don’t.

For example, if you want businesses to reinvest their profits, you have high taxes on business and large incomes. Those high taxes will likely not result in much higher tax revenues for the federal government, since many businesses and their wealthy owners will push that money back into the business rather than pay taxes on it. But that means larger business investments, which flush huge amounts of money through the economy at once.

This whole show just turned into a freaking Spanish telenovela

I have decided to keep my art farts over at instagram instead so surprise, surprise (not really) this blog will go back to being a simblr again, I guess. 
It makes more sense this way. My friends and artists that I like are more active on instagram and it just feels more casual to post there for some reason.
So Tumblr will be for TS4 and Instagram will be for drawings/personal stuff.
I’m not too difficult to find if you would want to find me. (*ꈍ꒳ꈍ*)

it’s so often that people refuse to actually reflect on their behaviours or actions in any serious way, even (especially) under criticism from people they’ve hurt. I think that comes from a place of “oh, I know myself better than other people, I know I’m a good person and that the things I’ve done were acceptable” but like. there isn’t any intrinsic good or bad inside people, or if there is it doesn’t matter. people are comprised of their actions.

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Photoshop is horrible to use while making gifs, this site is way better and gives you some other special effects, it's free too :D ezgif(.)com

ooooo thank you i’ll check it out in a little bit! 

for now though im going to revel in feeling proud of myself for not punching a hole through my laptop screen while teaching myself how to use photoshop, like i have the worst temper, it’s a miracle my laptop is still in one piece. so i want to celebrate it

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If DR3 were to be made into a game, I would rather it be made into a sort of Adventure Game anthology-style story like Corpse Party Book of Shadows, where each chapter focuses on a character's point of view like DR3 focused on specific characters. It would be an experimental style just like DRAE, but could do the alternating chapter format so much better.

Yeah, I like that idea! I think that would be a good way to handle the different factions too, since the 76th Class’s struggles have very little to do with the 74th’s, which only vaguely intersect with Kizakura’s, etc.

Since we could have a part from Mitarai’s point of view, we could also get more insight into his relationship with Tengan and learn why Tengan believes that his Hope Video is the only way to end the conflict.

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ooooh your whole idea with mermaids being bigger than humans makes sense. So like how much would the average merperson weigh??????? And how much does kyo weigh???

They usually weigh depending on the waters they live in, like the ones in cold arctic waters are usually way heavier so they handle better the cold (Kyo should be way bigger in every sense but since he lived in that zone but now that he is in an aquarium then he lost weight and his will to live C’:)
But I guess mermaids are usually big and strong thanks to swim so much idk xD

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Hi, update from the person with the crush problems! They know now! The figured it out when my friend was asking them questions. They said they don't know if they like me that way yet, my friend said she made him promise not to make it awkward tho. I trust her tho, and who knows, maybe it will happen. Thank you for the advice. I thought about it and if push comes to shove I'll have to talk to them. Thank you Min!

OHH!! I’m so glad things ended up calm qwq
and yeah, who knows whats gonna happen in the future, but i have a feeling that things will get much better from now on.
Geeee you dont have to say thanks, but im just a butt typing stuff out, its okay! T wT

Good luck!<3

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Oh Ya by the way. How are you? Are you eating and sleeping enough? Have you made more banana friends? Have you been keeping up with your kdramas? Have so been spending too much time scrolling through Jungkook pictures again?😂😂😂😝😝😝

It’s getting better ^^ I actually have time to breath and eat decent food loll 😂😂😂 I wish it was like this more often thoo :(

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Omg sin nights are my fav, can you do Rhys and amren because I'm curious😂😂

Alright wait a minute I know I said I was done with Sin Night requests but YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA HOW LONG I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO SEND THIS IN SO HERE TF WE GO

Okay so you know how Rhys canonically invited Amren into his bed and she laughed? CHANGE OF PLANS. SHE SAYS, “…I suppose I have nothing better to do tonight.” And he just FLIPS, like loses his cool seductive composure for a full 3 seconds and she just grins at him wickedly and he is already regretting this decision because SHE MIGHT KILL HIM?

So AMREN leads the way to his chambers barely sparing him a backwards glance, flinging the door open with her magic as she strips casually. Rhys is PANTING, like Amren terrifies him but also arouses him to no end and his lovers are usually intimidated by him and his power (rightfully so) on some level, but Amren could not give less of a fuck.

She’s naked at this point and he’s just staring with his mouth open and she lays back at the edge of the bed, spreading her legs slightly. He’s frozen.

“Well?” She asks, and he meets her silver eyes. “It’s not going to lick itself.”

And then Rhys is jumping into action and he is UNDER PRESSURE OKAY Amren is way older and more experienced than him and he KNOWS this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and he better not mess it up. So he jumps right into it, using his mouth and his fingers and he is controlled and intentional with his every movement and she tastes like fire on his tongue and she’s??? Actually into it???

He goes hard as a rock at the sound of her deep moans and he knows she means them because Amren would never give him or any other lover pity moans of any sort and that only spurs him on more. She grabs his hair HARD and he kind of yelps against her sex and she just chuckles wickedly, arching her back. He uses both hands and his tongue on her and when she comes his room SHAKES and her whole body arches.

She takes maybe two breaths to collect herself after she comes down from the high and then she’s sitting up. Rhys is staring at her wide eyed with his lips swollen and she chuckles. She pats him on the cheek, leans down to inspect his hard on, then just nods and stands up, stepping around him easily.

“Don’t even think about telling those other three idiots about this. They won’t believe you.”

She disappears and Rhys just stares open mouthed at where she had just been standing.

She was right. They didn’t believe him.

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I really enjoy the way you draw Yuri and Otabek, and I'm so freaking excited to see more of the mafia AU. It was all I could think about the other week. Stay wonderful! <3

Omg thank you so much dear, that really makes me feel better today, so thanks so much… I’m really glad people like the mafia au 💕 once Otayuri week is over I will get to work on the next page of the comic so hopefully next week I’ll have another one to show!!!!

honestly there’s always this sense of inadequacy in my min d like it never feels like i’ll be good enough t o achieve what i want and to do well in school or be significant in any way idk why i put myself down so much but ??????? it just feels like i’m Not Great in the grand scheme of things n everything else is a lot better than me??? 

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I wanted to tell you I love how you write every single headcannon ;; honestly the way you write Saeyoung and the others is completely amazing and the way you portray them has brought a big smile from me quite a lot of times hah, you're the reason I started a headcannon blog of my own because I got inspired and was given courage for writing my own stuff ;v; please take some time for yourself if possible!! Don't force yourself too much and take care! I hope you feel better soon mamapeño♡

Oh my gosh I’m…literally going to cry rn thank you this means a lot to me like 😭 I love you and I’m so glad that I inspired you like ???? That’s amazing and just wonderful I’m so proud of you!!!!!