i like it better than dry humor etc

ID #34426

Name: Anne
Age: 14
Country: United States

hi there :))

My name is Anne Rose and I am currently looking for a snail mail partner so send cute stuff to now and then.

I looooove learning languages, and am TOTALLY willing to learn yours if you want to write with me. I know a bit of Korean and am challenging myself with Mandarin.

I’m so fascinated by the world so wherever your from, I’d love to hear more about (it’s probably 10x better than the cornfields around here)

I am super people-friendly, can get giddy sometimes, and am really tech-savvy.

However, I am currently only looking for pen-pals.

Preferences: My preferences would be

a) ages near my own

b) people with a dry sense of humor

c) I want to send and receive fun things like candy and stickers

d) welcome to all genders, religions, sexuality, etc and would not like to mail anyone who isn’t.