i like hyperbole as you can see

•So the cutest thing happened

•I’m in the theatre classroom

•along with like 40 other students

•we are not in class

•because we are Rebels

•just kidding, the absence is excused, we’re all in drama club and have season tickets to a theatre company

•miss financial literacy to watch plays? Yes please.

•we are jamming to pippin, our upcoming musical

•the drama club events planner instructs us to divide up into our assigned cars

•we dub my car “the party car”

•the director of the theatre department walks in

•she is adorable

•I love her

•everyone loves her

•now, she loves Harry Potter


•really fucking loves Harry Potter

•she has Harry Potter merchandise

•the ensemble scene for the upcoming Shakespeare festival is pretty much a crossover fanfiction between Harry Potter and Julius Caesar

•she makes probably 500 Harry Potter references a day

•that’s a hyperbole

•but you see my point

•words can’t describe how much this woman




•she starts going over the plan to get there

•she is in the middle of telling us where to get our tickets

•when suddenly

•a flash of purple

•a hat?

•someone sprinting into the room

•"TROLL!“ He screams


•he stops running full speed to collapse/faceplant in front of the director

•right at her feet

•professor quirrell?

•is this real life?


•I cannot see his face

•and despite understanding the Harry Potter reference

•I have no idea what is happening

•everyone around me is starting to freak out

•what is happening?

•the director is shocked

•she is red

•what is happening?

•people are talking all at once

•they know what is happening

•I do not

•I am very confused

•so are the freshmen I’m driving

•but I am a junior

•I feel like I shouldn’t be confused

•professor quirrell stands up

•our director hugs him

•it’s adorable



•the director turns to us

•"in case anyone doesn’t know, this is my husband

•who does not live here

•who I was not expecting until later"

•no wonder I am confused

•I am new among thespians at my school

•I have never met her husband

•everyone else has

•I am making a gross noise

•the noise girls make when they see cute animals

•I am not the only one

•everyone around me is making the gross cute animal noise

•even the boys

•one guy feels the sudden urge to hug someone

•people are hiding their face in their hands

•the entire situation is unbearably cute

•her husband tells us to calm down

•she was in the middle of talking

•she tries to continue what she was saying before

•"I can’t, I’m all flustered now"

•and that’s how my theatre directors husband surprised her in the most Harry Potter and thespian way possible

Beside You x Luke Hemmings

Word Count: 1307

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Language

Much love.. 

This was always hard. He hated leaving her alone; it crushed him. She didn’t deserve to be left when Luke went on tour, she didn’t want him to go and he didn’t want to leave. Though it was difficult, they knew it was inevitable. He was in a new town everyday but he had always promised he’d come home soon. All he wanted was to hold you in his arms but to more so be right there beside her.  

Just as the American leg of the tour had started Luke began to feel it. He had talked to her everyday without fail but it wasn’t the same, in his heart he simply wanted to come home.. But he couldn’t. 

His stress levels were through the roof, he was restless and irritable from a chronic lack of sleep. Luke would stay awake in the depths of night just thinking about her and everything she had said, though the thing that crushed him the most was what she had said before he had gotten on the plane before tour, “Don’t ever leave…" 

She knew it then that he’d had to leave too. It was insane that they could be underneath the same stars and communicate everyday and felt so close but so far away, at the same exact time. He sat in his own sorrows, isolating himself from the boys, putting on an act for their performances.. Inside he was a mess. She was the only thing that made Luke happy. Cal, Mikey and Ash knew Luke felt alone but they didn’t realize that it came to this extent. Luke had become fed up from their prolonged separation. He no longer wanted her to sleep alone and he was about to change that. His timing couldn’t have been better, the band had just received their first break on tour. 

 Leaving the boys a note, Luke packed his bags in what seemed to be a minutes time and he was gone. He drove himself to the airport praying that he could get a flight out to her that night. Throwing one of his bags over, his shoulder, pulling another behind him, he rushed through the airport which was nearly vacant due to the current hour of night. His long legs carried him toward the ticket desk in a matter of seconds. He realized he’d be paying a ridiculous amount due to his unpreparedness but that didn’t bother him. As long as he could be with his girlfriend he would be much beyond content, money was tangible, his love for her wasn’t. 

 Luke’s eyes wandered as he scanned over the list of upcoming flights. He smiled as he saw a direct flight listed to her city. The woman at the desk adjusted the small scarf around her neck before she spoke, “Hello, how may I help you?” He cringed at the energy she expressed within her tone. Luke couldn’t fathom how to anyone could be so lively at one in the morning. “Could I get a ticket for the next flight out to (Y/City)?" 

He’d asked with a hopeful smile on his lips. The woman’s face softened, "Sir, I’m sorry, that flight just filled. We don’t have another available until late tomorrow evening.” His heart dropped at her statement, 

“Wh-what, that’s- no..” Luke dropped his head onto his arms that rest on the counter. “Would and indirect get me there quicker than the one tomorrow?” He lifted up his head as he spoke. The woman smiled as she clicked her computer mouse, typing several things into her computer, “I’ll see what we can do.." 

 The clicking of her fake nails onto the keyboard seemed to echo throughout the airport. Her eyes grew larger before she spoke, "That flight to (Y/City) just received a cancellation!” Reaching into his pocket Luke pulled out his credit cart and license, not ever bothering to check the ticket’s price. Soon Luke held his ticket and carry on in hand, his other bag had just made it through security and was set to be placed on the plane. 

He was beyond anxious as he approached his plane gate for a flight that was set to leave in only a matter of minutes. Over the loud speaker Luke heard the words that he had yearned for, “Flight 146 to (Y/City) now boarding.” Luke handed his boarding pass over to the flight attendant who was just as cheerful as the woman at the desk. Though she gave him a simple smile and was much less aggressive as she wished him a nice flight. He smiled, not at her hospitality but at what awaited him at the end of his travels. 


(Y/N) herself, lied awake. She needed Luke’s arms around her waist and struggled to sleep without he broad stature against her frame. Tossing and turning would’ve been an understatement in regards to her sleeping, or lack of. She felt so alone and vulnerable in this state. 

(Y/N) played every one of the boy’s songs on repeat just to hear Luke’s voice for a few seconds. She wanted Luke home, she needed him more than ever. Her phone lay on her nightstand, the urge to call Luke was so tempting but she resisted it considering they’d talked only hours before. (Y/N) turned her back to it all, forcing her eyelids shut as ‘Beside You’ echoed within the room, Luke’s vocals tantalizing every fiber of her being. 


 Luke nervously fumbled with the house key as he attempted to unlock the door to his beloved home. It wasn’t the fact that he loved the house for materialistic reasons, he loved the house because of the girl who was lying asleep in it. He felt his heart race as he entered, locking the front door behind him, dropping his bags directly next to him. Taken aback by the sound of his bags hitting the floor he took cautious steps toward the bedroom not wanting to wake her. As he reached the open door way he simply stopped and stared. 

She looked so peaceful as she slept, small breaths escaped her lips, her chest would rise and fall in the slightest manner. It killed him to see her sleeping alone yet he didn’t want to disturb her, yet he needed nothing more than to be beside her. Luke stepped over toward the bed and sat near the crook of her knees. His hand made way to her nearly bare back, rubbing it softly as he spoke, “Princess, I’m home.” (Y/N) battered her eyelashes as she woke gently from her slumber. 

Her eyes flickered open as she took in her surroundings, “Luke,” she muttered softly. Tears flooded her eyes as she sat up, “Luke!” They were happy tears. Her arms enclosed around his lanky body, squeezing tightly than she ever had. “(Y/N).. I had to come home." 

Luke placed a kiss on her forehead, his hands raked through her matted bed head, "I needed to be here and I know you needed me too..” (Y/N) buried her face further into Luke’s chest, her tears turning into sniffles, sniffles turning into laughter. She abruptly sat up and giggled as she gripped onto Luke’s shirt, “I honestly thought I was dreaming and I feel like I still am.." 

He smirked, his nose crinkling as he laughed, "I’m here now (Y/N); home, and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.” She instantly pressed her lips to his, pushing him down until his back lay against the crinkled sheets. “I’m so relieved your here. I missed you so damn much.. I hate being apart from you.” As she rolled onto her side Luke’s arm made way to her face, brushing away a stray hair, “I love you Princess.. And I’m just relieved that I can finally wake up beside you.”

For the person who asked about être accro: It does indeed translate as “to be addicted” or “to be an addict” and can be used in the literal, concerning sense or the light-hearted hyperbolic sense, just as it can in English. 

Je suis accro aux drogues. - I’m addicted to drugs. (I have a serious problem and need help.) 

Je suis accro au chocolat. - I’m addicted to chocolate. (I really like chocolate and I eat it too much.)

Also, take note of the grammar here, because it can be a little confusing! 

être accro à (qqch) - To be addicted to (something).

Je suis accro au sucre. - I’m addicted to sugar.  

être un(e) accro de (qqch). - To be a (something) addict.

Je suis un accro du chocolat. - I’m a chocolate addict.   

The first one (être accro à) is more common by far in my experience, but they’re both valid. 

This page is definitely too crowded, but I like dense comic scenes so hopefully it’s alright.

ADA’s signature dreamscape is fun stuff. Usually humans can’t see all of it at once because it’s actually a four dimensional hyperbolic shape, but there are concrete tunnels that travel in right directions to space as we know it and you can end up in some weird places. It’s perfectly safe though. All watched over by machines of loving grace and all that. Just don’t hurt the rabbits on purpose.

Certain domains are blocked off for security reasons, and that’s where these guys are now.

I wonder if all you gif makers out there understand how important your gifs are in relation to fanfiction. I’m a writer, and like all writers, I get stuck for various reasons, but sometimes the right gif comes along my dash and the light bulb comes on and a thousand rainbows appear and the end to a story suddenly blossoms in my brain with the sound of a thousand trumpets.

Thank you, fandom gif makers!

I’m always willing to accept a little hyperbole but...

I realize that there’s one big misinterpretation between what most people I see are thinking and what I thought: 

When they said, “That’s what you said the last fifteen times,” I thought they meant the Doctor had done that specific scene fifteen times. As in, they ran into the Black Archive, and it took fifteen tries for the Doctor to talk Bonnie and Kate down. And most people seem to think that the whole scenario (ceasefire breaking/factions/UNIT mobilizing…) had been done fifteen times. 

I can certainly see that … but I like my interpretation better because Occam’s Razor if nothing else. Two years is a very short time to cram in all that.