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HS Quotidien Interview

Hi folks! Here is a transcript of Harry’s interview with Yann Barthès. I didn’t want to spend too much time on it, so I apologize if there are a few typos. However, I moonlight as a lyrics transcriber so it should be pretty accurate… This includes a bit that was cut in the replay version, so don’t be surprised. 

YB: Welcome to Paris.

HS: Thank you.

YB: How are you?

HS: Um, good. I’m good.

YB: Can you answer in French? Comment ça va? (= how are you?)

HS: Umm, I have… a little bit…a tiny bit… Très bien. Et toi? (= very well and you?)

 YB: Well, very well, thank you. Thank you very much for being here. We always start interviews with international stars with this question: can you give us your five favourite words in French? Or a sentence that you know in French? I was told you know some.

HS: “Comment vous-faîtes un café si délicieux?” (=how do you make such a good coffee?)

YB: Ah, ah, ok.

HS: (mumbles something I can’t understand) It’s all I have.

YB: Do you often use that sentence?

HS: … no. Yes! Yeah…

YB: Who or what comes to mind when you think of France?

HS: …. um… best people I’ve known… I think *her* (points to a fan). And then I guess…Fabien Barthez.

YB: (slightly surprised) Fabien Barthez, yes. (note: he is a French footballer who played in the 90s) So Harry, you are 23 and you are one of the biggest pop stars in the world. You know that everyone is watching you very carefully (note: the French expression YB uses, which is not mean, kind of implies: waiting for you to trip or fail) with your new album, Sign of the Times. Why did you choose this song? Why Sign of the Times? It’s very far from what we expected from you.

HS: Yeah, I think I, uh, I wanted to… I always liked music that makes me feel something and I, you know I think…writing it, I kind of felt something and wanted to put that out. I think it is a good indicator, um, for me of what the album means to me. So that’s why I wanted to go with that first. I think.

YB : Billboard Magazine wrote that this single is, I quote, “one of the most ambitious song in pop music of the past decade”. Not bad… do you have friends at Billboard?

HS: (cute little laugh) I don’t know anyone at the Billboard.

YB : Upon listening to it, we think of David Bowie, of Queens… Who else inspired you?

HS: Um, I mean…. I think, I think, everyone, anything, any song you’ve ever listened to growing up or throughout your life that you’ve enjoyed (…he then says something I can’t catch) so I think a lot of different things but I think, uh,  I wanted to… I wanted to just write, and see what came out …. and see, you know I didn’t know what I sounded like, to make an album, so the process was as interesting for me as I think it will be for people listening to the album for the first time.

YB: Do you know any French singer?  This is a trick question… and don’t say Serge Gainsbourg!

HS: I know Woodkid.

YB: Woodkid?

HS: Woodkid, yeah. He directed my music video so, uh…

YB: Why did you choose him?

HS: Um, I just think, I think his videos are amazing. I think he is a really, really talented guy. And I love French people. So I wanted to work with ‘em.

YB : (makes faces at Harry) When you are in Spain, you say that you love Spanish people…

HS: No? Great tie, by the way. Good tie.

YB : Really? (looks for the label for half a second) Uh, it’s French.

HS: I’m sure. Wouldn’t be a Spanish tie, would it?

YB: Can I see your loafers? I was told you have great loafers. (zoom in on Harry’s Gucci rainbow shoes). Wow, yeah. What is it? It’s not French, it’s Italian. (a fan in the audience then says it is Gucci).

HS: It’s not, no.

YB: It’s from the European Union.

HS: (laughs) Probably, yeah.

YB: It seems like everything is very easy for you. Has everything really been easy for you?

HS: Um, was what simple?

YB: Well, your life. You have a dream life. With 1D.

HS: Oh, I mean, I feel very lucky to be able to be making music, I feel very lucky to able to make this (points to his album) and I feel very lucky today being in France (… says something I don’t understand…) singing this song. And uh, yeah, I can’t complain.

YB: And what was less pleasant?

HS: (pauses)Um… I don’t know.

YB: One thing…

HS: Um, I think, I think when you care so much about something it’s hard to get to a point where you feel like you’re finished. I think you always feel like your adding, like you wanna add something to make it better. So I think the hardest part was getting to that part and be like, ok, it’s finished. Um, yeah.

YB: You said in the May issue of Rolling Stones that a big part of your album was inspired by a women. (Leans forward and asks sarcastically) Really?

HS: No, I think, I think, honestly, I think the album is much more about me than it is about anyone else. I think if I said the album is about a woman, it kind of feels like… and I…uh, I don’t know, I put a lot of work into it so I don’t feel, I don’t feel like it revolves around a woman. I feel like, it is a lot about me and things like (??) Yeah, I feel like it’s more about me than about anyone else. (makes a cute sassy little face)

YB: How do you navigate going from a group adventure, being in a boyband, to a solo career as an adult?

HS: Um, I mean, it’s been a lot of fun, I think. You know, we were very lucky to get to do some amazing things. And at the moment in our lives, we’re at a time when everyone is trying their own thing and having a good time. It’s been amazing to see everyone do so well. So if I can, kind of, do as well as the other boys, that would be amazing.

YB: Do you talk or text them everyday? Whatsapp?

HS: I don’t have that. But yeah, we talk, yeah. Yeah, absolutely, yeah. It’s uh, and everyone’s been bringing stuff out and it’s been, it’s been a lot going on, so it’s been… it’s been a good time.

YB: Here is the album cover. Can you describe it? Why this photo?

HS: Yeah… Um, so… (cute little sound) I worked with, um, I worked with a photographer, Harley Weir. I’m a massive, massive fan of her, of her work. And uh, it was an amazing opportunity to get to work with her and I think she’s incredible. And I felt like, this was what I wanted…

YB: Why is it pink? Why the water, why the back? Why…why?

HS: (shrugs)

YB : It’s beautiful! But why pink for example?

HS: I dunno man.

YB: (fakes surprise) Really? That, you don’t know?

HS: I don’t know. Um, I don’t know. I don’t think I’ll ever want to…

YB: (interrupts Harry) Some say it is the colour of rock’n roll?

HS: (pauses). Apparently so. I dunno. I think, I think, it means something to me and I think if it means anything to anyone else. I wouldn’t want to take away from that by explaining it. I think the cool thing about stuff like photos and art is you can just leave it, you don’t have to explain it.

YB: So everyone can see whatever they want, is that it?

HS: Yes, exactly.

YB : Have you seen that? (shows a video of fans reacting to Sign of the Times). Your fans film themselves listening to your song for the first time… So there are some very relevant analysis… (the video continues to play out) Do you read what people say about you on social media, here on YouTube, or Twitter, or Instagram. You use Instagram, right?

HS: Yes, I use it a little bit. (To the crowd that sounds sceptical) Yeah, I use it a little bit! I mean I wish everyone was having as good a time as the girl that was (makes vague arm movements). That, that’s what I do when I listen to it. So…

YB: Do you do your own Insta posts, with your own fingers, or is it someone else?

HS: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I do mine.

YB: Do you still vote in Redditch?

HS: …in?

YB: Redditch.

HS: Where I was born? I don’t live in Redditch anymore.

YB: So you don’t vote there. When was the last time you voted?

HS: No, London, yeah.

YB: Do you have an opinion on Brexit?

HS: Um…

YB: Welcome to Europe by the way!

HS: Thank you very much, thanks for having me. Um, I mean I don’t… I don’t really comment on politics. Um, to me I think anything that brings people together is better than something that keeps people apart. Uh, that’s, yeah…

YB: And yet, you do support legal equality. Man, woman, heterosexual, homosexual. It is politics, isn’t it?

HS: Um, I don’t know, that doesn’t feel like politics to me, I think. Stuff like equality feels much more like fundamentals. I feel like everyone really is equal. That doesn’t feel like politics to me.

YB: Do you know that your fans are very fetishist. They know every tattoo, every piece of jewellery you have, they have a heart attack when you cut your hair. So clearly, here, you are playing on their nerves. Today, you are playing on their nerves.

HS: (a bit coy) Ok. Is it?

YB: Yes, of course. (shows pictures of Harry’s tattoos) Yes, clearly. What is your favourite tattoo?

HS: Um, I think uh… probably, I don’t know actually.

YB: What is the last one?

HS: The latest is this one, there (points to the Arlo tattoo). And this guy (point to Jackson). And this guy (points back to Arlo).

YB: Jackson?

HS: This guy (point to the bottom of the bee? I’m not sure). This guy (points to another tattoo on his right arm, off camera, and then to the rose).

YB: (laughs) All at the same time?

HS: Yes, it is close. (it is what I hear but the French interpreter translated it by “there is a lot”)

YB: And your hair? What’s the deal with your hair? How many tons of hair products have you used when you were in 1D (note: in French, there was no connotation of the 1D era being over or not)

HS: (sigh) Yeah, like a lot. I think a lot, yeah.

YB: You are in the next Christopher Nolan movie. It’s called Dunkirk.

HS: Yeah.

YB: How did you end up there?

HS: Um, I auditioned.

YB: There, there we see you (as images of Harry in Dunkirk are shown on screen)

HS: There I am. Yeah, it’s me. Um, yeah, I auditioned. Um, yeah, it was great, it was an amazing experience. It’s gonna be a really cool movie.


YB: Harry, it feels like we’ve known you since you were just a kid. The world discovered you in 2010 on the seventh season of X Factor. (shows a clip of Harry’s audition) So in this video you are alone but Simon Cowell, member of the jury, has an idea. He puts you together with Zayn, Louis, Liam and Niall and you become One Direction. You are the one who came up with the name One Direction and the five of you sell millions of albums. One Direction is quickly considered as the new Beatles, you fill the biggest avenues in the world, the whole planet talks about you. When you travel, we feel for your eardrums… you become the pride of the UK. Prime Minister David Cameron even makes a cameo in one of your videos… you sing in front of the Queen… but in 2015, bang!… Zane leaves the band. The fans can’t get over it… but they can rest easy now, one of their favourites is on the cover of Rolling Stones, he will be in the next Christopher Nolan movie, plays Mick Jagger on SNL… but what you don’t know is that we already met in 2012 (shows a clip of Harry talking in French)… you were doing promo in France… and now I have questions for you.

First, when you are in the car (Harry is shown on screen surrounded by a crowd of fans, trying to get to his car) and fans are coming at you from everywhere, do you see that? (shows a photo of faces squashed against a window).

HS: Uh, I think I actually lost my shoes that day. And then I got in the car… I got in the car and I was like, I don’t have any shoes (… note: I can’t make out what he says next.)

YB: I have a second question. Do you always do that before going on stage (shows a clip of Harry and Zayn having their teeth and nostrils checked out). Do you still do that? Shall we do it?

HS: No.

YB: Really? You won’t do it?

HS: (shields himself with his hand and shows YB his teeth and nostrils) Thank you. 

YB: What is the weirdest question you’ve been asked in an interview?

HS: Um… Mm… um, I think it actually was a French interview. I got asked if I would uh, if I would pee in a sink.

YB: Why, indeed, that is weird!

HS: It was the first question!

YB: Well, it sets the mood!

HS: Yeah

YB: And what question do you never want to hear again? Did I ask it?

HS: (turns to where the audience is giving suggestions) Which one? Oh, crush.

YB: What?

HS: Crush.

YB: Oh, that… (makes a heart of his hands) Ok, good. I haven’t asked that. Phew. Do you know that at a young French writer has just published a novel about you? It’s called « Styles », it’s published by Jean-Claude Lattès. It is a novel about the writer’s obsession with you. It’s in French so well…

HS: Aaah?

YB : You can translate it. I’m giving it to you

HS: Is this true?

YB: It is true. He dedicated it to you. Jean-Claude Lattès is a very serious publishing house. It is called “Styles”. So read it.

HS: Thank you

YB: Thank you very much Harry styles for coming on our show. His first self-titled album comes out on May 12th. Thank you very much, have a good trip back


I really loved that interview. I thought Harry was very relaxed and it was lovely to see him having a good time, laughing and interacting with the audience. I liked that YB addressed Harry as an equal, joked and was interested in what Harry thought as a musician and as a person. All in all, it was very respectful and set the record straight on many RS controversial points.

Also, there a was segment later in the show called #fakenews and one of the joke was someone saying “Harry Styles doesn’t make real music” and then getting slapped across the face and a big #FAKENEWS coming on screen! 

God’s Plan   By: Y. Black

Wow, I can’t believe it. You here. Look at you so beautiful. I been so anxious just to see your face. Damn look that’s my nose on ya face. “Damn it feels good to have you.” Cole said it best. These tears of joy one day you’ll have the pleasure to know. It’s crazy to know half you is exactly me. All these emotions, I’m beside myself. Look at the queen that birth you. She’s amazing and she’s going to love you unconditionally. She did so well. She’s so strong I hope you get that part of her traits. I never fathomed I’d be a dad, a surely to not be blessed with a beautiful woman like your mom to create a life with. And look at you head full of hair. Lungs blaring throughout the maternity ward. I guess you wanted the world to be sure of your arrival. Trust me baby for you there are no rivals. I just wish I was around to be your idol.
It would kill me to know I can’t raise you. Daddy won’t be there to bathe you. Show how much of a joy you are to see. Can’t admire your beauty as you sleep. Can’t stop looking at you all I see is me. Then I’m rushed with all thoughts of what won’t be. I won’t be there for your first words, or watch you stumble after your first steps. I had plans on teaching you to ride a bike, daddy daughter date nights. I poised to put my pride aside for you. There wouldn’t have been no doubts, you’d know daddy loves you. My entire reason for being would have be altered. But I’ve been robbed, no you’ve been robbed. Better yet we’ve been robbed.
They stole me from you my little angel. I had no clue I would only be allowed to be a spectator of your amazement. I hate this for us. It’s crazy, because I was out already spoiling you. See you had your momma craving Popeyes biscuits, a Chic-Fil-A samich, and to top it off her hood ass wanted an Arizona. I was on the home stretch, just needed to make it to the corner store and head home. Straight to the back, the lemon tea was awaiting me. I grabbed a fruit punch for me since I couldn’t resist.  AS I turned back I heard the familiar click clack. A nigga had Shareef hemmed up, meanwhile I’m on stuck in the back. “Who else in this store? Why the fuck you keep looking in the back?” Shit, I’m just tryna make it to you mommy, and I’m caught up in the middle of an armed robbery.  My heart was in my throat. Scared to breathe for fear a nigga might choke.
Then I heard it, ears ringing. Slight stinging. Looked down like damn nigga shot the fruit punch out my hand. Shit had my whole T-shirt red. But it didn’t explain why a nigga was feeling light in the head. All I could think about was you. How gorgeous you are. How you were already my everything. Then it hit me, my baby girl was going to have to live a life without me. I kind of felt like I was incessantly drowning. But I, looking at you from the other side you’re everything sweet pea. Just wish I was there to show you what you mean to me.


Come To my

Come to My Japanese ver.

Love Box

Love Box Japanese ver.


GG BE Japanese ver.

GOTTA TALK TO U   !!!!!!!

GOTTA TALK TO U Japanese ver.


YOU HOOOO!!! Japanese ver.

Let’s Talk About Love - feat. G-Dragon & Taeyang  

Strong Baby  Okay why it doesn’t even have HD!? I am so done-,- So song was made in 2008, and got HD in 2010 -,- Seriously?? Strong Baby HD

Strong Baby Japanese ver.


V.V.I.P. Japanese ver.

I KNOW with IU   bonus I Know - Seungri ft. IU [Fan MV]  

I KNOW with May J.  Japanese ver.


MAGIC Japanese ver.


WHITE LOVE  Japanese ver.

The Feelings Painted In The Sky      MV

WHAT CAN I DO     I want to say that person who made make-up there…really..You could not do better??

WHAT CAN I DO  Japanese ver.

GOTTA TALK TO U (Hard Remix Ver.)  

GOTTA TALK TO U (Hard Remix Ver.) Japanese ver.


Open Window (feat.G-DRAGON)

Next Day  LIVE!!!!!        Next Day MV  

Seungri & Daesung - Big Bang Songs Medley  YES

Only one person

Seungri & Daesung Just Like Big Bang MV  

Gone (Justin Timberlake cover)

Like I Love You (Justin Timberlake cover)  

Why, When, How  

N'sync - Pop  

Sexy Back(Justin Timberlake cover)

lovestoned(Justin Timberlake cover)

“haru haru" 

Seungri singing EYES NOSE LIPS  

Seungri singing KWKKST on R00m $h@re     !!!!!!!!!

Seung-ri singing  omg

Seungri singing GD’s Who You

Big Bang’s SeungRi sings AKB48’s Heavy Rotation  !!!!!!!

Big Bang - Seung ri’s audition ( day by day )  

TOP, YB, & Seung Ri - Pop Ur Collar 

Seungri sing hwangholhan gobaek

seungri - love

Seungri sing 3 Bear   LOL

Snow Flakes [radio]

anonymous asked:

So can you tell us why you love Minyoon (leader line) so much?

huehuehuehue. c:

Alright anon, let me take you on the magical extraterrestrial journey that is the Minyoon ship. Buckle your seat because this is gonna be super duper long.

First of all, look at this:

He just kisses Mino randomly. No context or anything, just a random friendly kiss LIKE WHO EVEN DOES THAT???? THIS IS THE FIRST LEGIT KISS IN WINNER AND MINO DOESN’T EVEN REACT he’s just like “don’t kiss me~~~” like it’s just natural like Seungyoon just randomly kisses him all the damn time. HOw can that not make you wANNA FLAIL

AND HOW CUTE IS THIS OMG ;__; Look at how comfy Seungyoon looks in Mino’s backhug ahhhhhhhhhhhhahhahhahhahh

Look at these dumb dweebs and their dumb swag dancing omfg how cute is it that they just randomly do swag dances together I’m so-



Okay now that I’ve got your attention, time for some serious reasons. Because I like being serious about my ships lol.

So first of all, I like both of them as individuals because I feel like they are the two members with the strongest performance and musical background, but what makes them such a great pairing is how different their backgrounds are, with Mino’s hip-hop and Seungyoon’s rock/acoustic. They’re such an unlikely pairing, but when they come together to compose/write lyrics/create music, they have the potential to be such a powerhouse duo when it comes to music, and that kind of potential is what drew me to them. Mino’s deep and powerful rapping and Seungyoon’s strong and soulful singing really set a solid foundation for Winner’s style as well - sentimental, but strong. And you can really tell from the composition of “Different” that these two have such collaborative potential, since they composed that song together.

Second, I know some people don’t like to call them “leader line” because the leader switch was a really heartbreaking thing, but I see “leader line” as a very fitting way to describe their positions. Seungyoon’s obviously a great and very responsible leader, but I feel like Mino really is the right-hand man. Seungyoon’s there to do supervising/nagging/responsible stuff like composing and writing, while Mino is also there to lighten the mood/make things fun/as well as write and compose, so they balance each other out so perfectly. They seem like such co-leaders, it’s really amazing; I like to think of them just like GDYB - GD being the strict leader, and YB being the right-hand man who is just as important.

I LOVE HOW THEY ARE BOTH SUCH SENTIMENTAL DWEEBS. Mino makes it so clear that he loves Winner with all of his heart, saying things like “I love us, Winner” and “I found home with Winner” (and he even put “god bless A team” as his kakao status way before Team A even won). And I don’t have to start with Seungyoon, he’s always looking out for all the members, nagging them but still remembering to mention in any interview possible that they are special and talented and worth it all. So when you put these two together it’s such a total cheese fest because they really do act like the mom/dad/protectors of Winner, since they have so much love to give. They both give so much, and that’s what I love about them.

And finally, I just love their interactions so much. After the leader switch, I’m sure that things became strained and awkward for the both of them - but you can honestly tell that they bonded so much since then. They have this really cute relationship - like they’re not best best friends but they’re really getting there and seeing them start to trust each other more and come closer and goof off more is really endearing. I feel like Minyoon is like 2seung without all the dissing, and Minhoon with a bit less hyper-ness. They’re such a fluffy bro-friendship kind of ship, and I love that.

I feel like they take care of each other sometimes. From the airport photos Mino and Seungyoon seem to take care of each other a lot, fixing each other’s hats and clothes and it’s just adorable to see. That time at the airport where Mino gave Seungyoon an earphone and then started getting him to hiphop-dance with him to the music was soooooo cute. Anyway to wrap this up, I love Minyoon because they’re so different, because they’re a powerhouse duo in music and in the studio, because their relationship is sweet and brotherlike and so cute with all their selcas and hugs and teasing and fun, and because they both seem to care for each other and think highly of each other. Seungyoon gave Mino lots of support during the leader switch, and Mino also makes it so clear that he’s thankful for Seungyoon, and now you see that kind of care turning into a sweet and silly friendship, and it’s all just really endearing.

Also look at this isn’t this so cUTE!!!!!





Hi VIP world. I am Chantal from the Netherlands. This year I graduated from college and my parents generously gave me a 1-week vacation in Seoul. I admit Big Bang, and my bias Seungri, is instrumental in my choice of destination. Sorry for this long fan account, but I promise you this is juicy.

It’s my luck that my Polish friend is currently an English major in Seoul NU. We share a common love for BB and we spent a great deal of my trip hanging out with super duper hardcore VIPS. My friend, who’s somewhat wild, made friends with official VIPs after she attended the Dream Concert back in 2009. I believe they are the type of fans Jaejoong rants about because they are sort of stalkerish. I planned my Seoul trip very well, and communicated with a small group of Korean BB fans prior to my trip. 

So we spent 4 days as undercover/stalker/spy fans because we hung around YGE and spied the members’ cars to wherever they went to. Yes. I became a sasaeng along with 4 Korean teens and 2 unnies (they were 25 yrs old and have been fans since 06). They were official VIPs and have patterned their schedule with pretty much all their free time spent on fanning over the boys, staking out in YGE, etc. They even told me I should have went on March and April so that I could have maximized my stalker plans.

To organize this, I divided my account in the following: stalking YGE; bars in Hongdae ang Kangnam: Korean VIP insider info on BB. YES, I WAS ELBOW TO ELBOW WITH THREE MEMBERS, BREATHING THE SAME AIR, DANCING TO THE SAME MUSIC, DRINKING THE SAME ALCOHOL in the same bars.

Stalking YGE

YGE is not so big. Contrary to the pics, I was pretty surprised to see that it wasn’t as big as I expected. However the security is really strict because there are 2 men on the look out almost all the time. We staked out about 5-7 meters away from the entrance. At least 10 other fans were doing the same thing we did in all those days, and we were a big group. You see cars come and go all the time, but rarely will you get a glimpse of YGE stars. However we were really lucky because in the four days that we hung around, we saw at least 1 BB member. 

On the first day we saw the girl from SG in a black van. She’s not so pretty, but really sexy. At around 9 Youngbae came with his manager! He’s really short! I think I was as tall as his chin, and I am only 63 inches tall. But he was so fashionable that morning, like he had a gig or something. He wasn’t very friendly to the fans but he smiled. He looked tired. I was content just looking at him, but damn the Korean fans are so aggressive I tell you. They all surrounded him and shouted like crazy it wasn’t even funny. My friend and I stayed behind cuz we didn’t know how to react. After about ten mins or so, a couple of them got signatures and they shouted like crazy for YB that the security reprimanded the crowd.

The next morning we staked out the same time, and we arrived the same time as Youngbae and Jiyong. They were in a white car, sedan style and Jiyong was driving. The fans went crazy and my friend and I also joined them. However both of them were not in the mood and they didn’t even look at us. If I was a new person I would have been offended because the looks on their faces were kind of…. disgusted? But just like the Korean fans, I understood. I expected some of them to talk badly or something, but damn their devotion and loyalty was no joke. It’s like they knew of the moods of the boys. Anyway, we waited for another three hours and lo and behold, Ji and TOP and YB went out to ride a black van. It was all so fast all we could do was call their name. YB waved at us, and I’d like to believe he wanted to be nicer from his attitude earlier. GD was still smug and frowning. Sadly the Koreans said that GD was naturally snob. If he was friendlier, they would have been more surprised. I asked if they found it unappealing or ugly, but they said that was Jiyong’s charm. They said GD was the cold guy who everyone likes, but those who don’t will think why they like him for being rude. I didn’t get it at that time, but my interpretation was GD was the kind of college heartthrob who didn’t give a john tesh if people like him etc. And the Koreans are crazy about him for this attitude. Anyway, the k-fans mobbed the van like crazy to get their attention! Since my friend and I were the odd ones out, we chickened out again. Luckily, TOP waved his hand, and magically they stopped surrounding the van. It’s like they were waiting for even the slightest attention. CRAZY!

On the third day, we were fresh from our night out in Hongdae (where we saw Ji, TOP and Panda), so we stalked out later. We chose to go to YG at 4-7 pm so we can go straight to Kangnam. Again, we saw GD and he was riding a small black car, if I’m not mistaken it was a Chrysler because of the winged logo. It was different from the white car he was driving yesterday. Anyway, like usual he snobbed the fans but some of them surrounded his car anyway. He was stuck so he waved for security, pulled the window, and he signed some shirts and other stuffs but he didn’t even smile. But mind you, the girls still cried (one teenager was really crying so much). I was starting to get pissed at Jiyong because he was so unfriendly, and the Korean unnies told us GD changed over the years. They said that back then, GD was very sweet and endearing, but they observed that after his solo album, GD became distant and cold. From there I understood. I don’t regard myself as an expert, but I just graduated with a degree in Psychology and I can see through what the fans told us. Of course I’m not saying it’s true, but from their stories, it seemed GD became really aloof and quiet to the fans after all his controversies in 2009. He mentioned in one interview that after all the issues from his solo album, he learned to keep his head down right? Poor Jiyong. That day we also saw Psy and Kang Hyejung in their respective vans. However, I don’t really know them so I can’t say anything. Some fans were rudely calling Psy’s name though, he waved at us, and you can tell he has a kind nature because of his very kind face.

On the fourth day, we stalked out again in the morning and I didn’t sleep properly. I wish I did because that was the day when I finally got face-to-face with SEUNGRI! In the two past nights we stalked the boys in night clubs, I only saw Seungri from a distance of about 10 meters or so. BUT THIS TIME I GOT SO CLOSE! It was around 10 or so, I wasn’t sure, when a black car arrived (all boys have black cars according to the Korean fans. YB’s Mercedes, GD’s Chrysler, Dae’s Audi were black, and even TOP’s Hyundai was also black). GD also had another white luxury car which was either Bentley or Chrysler, didn’t get to confirm. Ri was in a black sedan type Jaguar. I thought it would be Teddy or maybe YG himself because it was so flashy. BUT IT WAS PANDA! He’s driving a black Jaguar! WE MOBBED HIM AND I DIDN’T EVEN THINK TWICE! He got out of the car and it was like a Valet or something. HE STAYED! Unlike GD, Seungri was soooooooooooo warm and so close and so happy and so charming and so… maybe it’s my bias talking. SORRY! In the past three days I stopped myself from attacking them, but this time I didn’t! I RAN TOWARDS HIM LIKE THE OTHERS! Maybe because of my camera, or my caucasian features, but Panda said “No pictures please, no no no no. Okay?” HE WAS SOOOO CUTE! I said “Sure, sure, but please sign this, I’m from the Netherlands!” “Ooh Netherlands. Waaaaaah. So beautiful.” I DIDN’T KNOW IF HE WAS SAYING THAT TO ME OR MY COUNTRY O MY john teshING GLORY! He signed my hanky and my notebook. He’s soooooo nice! He signed as much as he could. And at that moment I just stared at him and smiled and I thought to myself maybe I am a really good person for being able to have met them like this. Oh also we saw Psy again and this time he was driving.

I met Seungri 2x, G-Dragon 4 john teshing times, TOP 3x, and YB 2x. I’m so sad I didn’t get to see Daesung. But like Korean fans said, Dae was “hiding.” Yup, my friend said that their exact words translated were “hiding” and “making peace.” I interpreted that Dae was making amends and was embarrassed to look at the fans. Poor Daesung. I admit it made me a little sad that the boys (esp. GD) were having a little too much fun in bars, while Dae was “making peace.” But they have a life. More on that later.

Oh wait, my mind is a scramble right now, so allow me to give their physical impressions on me now before I blab more later.

TOP: Tall, fashionable, FAIR SKINNED AND SMOOTH! and sooooooooooooooo GOOD LOOKING EVEN FROM 5 meters away!

YB: Short and really muscular. However, he’s not scary muscular. He was pretty small-framed and really little.

GD: Extremely good-lookin, and he’s not even my bias. His skin is also smooth and quite silky (or oily?) I don’t know, it shined from smoothness, if that’s possible. AND HE IS RIDICULOUSLY EXTREMELY FASHIONABLE from head to toe. Of the five, he’s the one who screams “celebrity.” OH DID I MENTION HE SMELLS SOOOOOOOOOOOO FREAKING GOOD. It’s a mixture of perfume, smoke and alcohol. Sorry, GD drinks. BIG TIME.

Seungri: SO john teshING HANDSOME! I can’t even. The cameras don’t do him any justice at all! He’s not too small like YB, but not too tall. I think I was on his neck? HIS SMILE AND EYES ARE KILLER I CAN DIE FROM HAPPINESS NOW!

Night Out in Seoul

Okay, here’s were it gets dirty. The following posts contain lots of following around, stalking etc. The K-fans got an insider info that Seungri was going to NB, a YG-family bar. One of the K-fans had a connection (she was 32 years old and still likes BB) so it was easier to enter. It was so expensive to survive the night. SO PRICY IT TOOK MY DAILY SAVINGS FOR THAT TRIP! And it was the weekend! Okay, so the Koreans knew that NB was packed on a Friday night so they told us that the best way to make sure we got close to the boys was to stalk them from YGE or the apartment or in some places. We divided into groups. We stalked the YGE building which we just left about 5 hours prior. Man in that 5 hours all I did was visit Lotte. So we were not lucky because we waited outside YGE until 7 but they weren’t there. They weren’t in the dorm either. But some K-fans tipped that Ri left the university at 7:30 with friends. So that group in Chungang was the one who stalked Ri’s cars. We got to Hongdae at 8 and entered at 9. The Chungang group wasn’t there yet, so maybe Ri wasn’t there too! 

In NB, it was so difficult to enter. They had ID system, security check etc. Wow. NB cost 15000 won for entrance alone! And drinks inside were expensive. But it was a good bar with good music and party people. Didn’t expect Koreans to be this party ready! There were hundreds of people inside, and it got so difficult to look for celebs. Koreans said the celebs would usually wear clothes that hid their faces, but they said that JYP and some rappers and idols also frequented the place. I was on the look out for any 2PM or Beast members, but I couldn’t find any because it was so packed with people! Anyway, there was a tunnel at the back where VIP (as in important people) enter, and the Koreans were tipped that a huge number of celebs were entering. It was heavily guarded but you could definitely see who was entering.

The next minutes would be the most shocking moments of my life. First I saw was a very familiar tall man who was wearing shades and scarf on the neck. MOTHERjohn teshING LORD IT WAS CHANSUNG OF 2PM! Oh my lord. Instead of partying I kept my eye on Chansung but he entered a VIP room somewhere on the second floor. I don’t know. I lost him! john tesh! Anyway, if Chansung was seen I was positive I could see Seungri too! Damn what was taking him so long. So the hours went and I didn’t see anyone, but the Koreans said that some famous rappers also entered the place. What surprised me was how no one went crazy like a wild fan upon seeing some stars. It’s like a normal place where those celebs were comfortable. I guess bars are really like that there in Seoul. Anyway I had the dance of my life when the fans went crazy because someone came again. It was a very pretty girl in some shiny jeggings and awesome hat, the kind of Lady Gaga hat that covers half your face. I didn’t recognize her, but the boys were going crazy. She was accompanied by three other fashionable girls, and I thought maybe it was 2NE1? Or maybe miss A because there were four of them. Damn even I knew that was too good to be true. We walked closer and the Korean fans were murmuring like crazy, and I only understood that when my friend went crazy. My friend would only shout for a female idol if it was SNSD. AND BAM! She said it was Yuri! john tesh MY LIFE. I was already going crazy from knowing that 2 Korean idols were in the same bar. I asked if it was Yuri with other SNSD members, but no, they said it was just Yuri with some friends. I lost her again, john tesh. She went to the second floor. I was always on the look out on the second floor because celebs were there.

Okay so the Chungang group called us and said they lost Seungri’s car and that they couldn’t enter because the club was packed. Poor them. If I was with them I wouldn’t have entered. Okay I don’t know how to write it anymore. My mind is scrambling. Anyway, lots of other celebs came according to the K-fans, and I didn’t even know most of them. I didn’t see them, but the Koreans said it was Heechul and some other idols. I didn’t know who, but I just knew it was Heechul. DIDN’T SEE THEM OKAY, just writing what the fans said.

The night went on, and I think it was already past midnight when GOD HAVE MERCY BIG BANG CAME. It was just GDTOPSEUNGRI. They entered the front door like ordinary people, not at the back like Yuri and Chansung. The Koreans said BB members are everyday sight in NB and Hongdae, so there was really no point in entering the backdoor. GDTOP loved to party! And you can see GD moving to the music. The Koreans stopped us from mobbing them (which was ironic since they were very pushy in our YGE stakeouts). They said NB was a YG-club, and mobbing BB may get us thrown out. Anyway, I was surprised to hear foreign music, mostly heavy-based hip hop, which GD rapped into. He was so into it. Unlike the moody and reserved Gdragon from the YGE bldg during mornings, club Jiyong was energetic and fun. TOP, like always, was calm and swagger. Like the other celebs they went to the second floor, and that’s when we decided to shell out some more money just so we can enter the second floor. 

The second floor was mostly social people with drinks and near the bar. YOU COULD TELL THERE WERE RICH PEOPLE IN THERE! And GOD HAVE MERCY THERE WAS A BAR! I guess we got it easier because we were foreigners, because they were usually strict in letting ordinary-looking Koreans. Okay, like the ground floor NB2’s second floor was also packed, but with younger, less energetic crowd. THEN I SAW THEM! They weren’t in a room yet, SR was ordering drinks in the bar. I wanted to run to him but the bar was packed! I couldn’t. GD and TOP entered the VIP room, and yes, TOP WAS SMOKING. 

Okay, I don’t know how to put it in words so I’ll just summarize.

- Seungri dancing with girls (MINDjohn teshED)

- Gdragon drinking and drinking and drinking and smoking and drinking

- Seungri and Chansung talking in the bar like close friends. YES, close friends

- TOP dancing animatedly with boys, he never went close to girls, but there were extremely pretty girls entering and leaving their VIP room


- GD coming out of the VIP room with his hands on a girl’s shoulder, and SMOKING.

- GD dancing and singing to 2012

- GD passing by me to go to the wash area, and I SMELLED HIM! HE REEKED OF NICOTINE, but damn there was that mix of perfume. 

- GD and Yuri greet each other

- Big group cheers with those idols, Yuri and TOP seemed familiar with each other IDK

- Heechul’s group leaving at around 2, I saw that Beast guy and some idol girl (the fans said it was a miss A member, they were speaking in Korean I didn’t understand) and his group did this manly arm and hand and back thing with TOP and Ri and Chansung inside the bar. TOP and Heechul seemed friendly. Heechul and Yuri laughed. I don’t know.

- All night Chansung and Seungri were together with some guys. The others weren’t cute.

- GD became hyper at around 3 and danced with all girls, even Yuri. Seungri was laughing maniacally

- I don’t know where TOP disappeared to, but the last time I saw him he was holding a beer.

We left the scene at 4 am and they were still there, but we were so tired and so tipsy already. I think I spent about $100 the whole night, it was crazy. I COULDN’T BELIEVE THAT I SAW THREE BB MEMBERS PARTYING IT UP LIKE THERE WAS TOMORROW IN THAT NOISY BASEMENT BAR! GOD DID I SAVE THE WORLD IN MY YESTERLIFE?!?!?!

Next stop was M2 techno club in Kangnam. We had insider stalker information that some members would drop by the district on Saturday night. There was debate among Koreans on which club in Kangnam, since there was another NB club there, then there’s the famous Qvo club. It was around 7pm when some unnies confirmed that it would be M2. Okay so I’m getting tired so I’ll just summarize the 2nd night life

- Only GDTOP came with a huge group of fashionable boys, with some oldies (K-fans said it was Teddy and Kush, but I didn’t see, so I’m just writing what they told me). Around 3 – 5 other friends were tall and good looking with celebrity aura, didn’t know them

- That night, there were lots of underground rappers in M2. Koreans said the Cho guy was there, as well as the 2 supreme team guys, and I THINK I saw Simone? Was it Simone or Simon? I think I saw him. He’s good looking in person. No interaction with YG fam though.

- GDTOP was in a public space group table, not a VIP room. It must be a VIP table because they were being served, they didn’t order in the bar

- Lots of smoking and drinking


- HOLY MOLY GDRAGON WAS GETTING HOT AND SEXY WITH THIS KOREAN GIRL WITH A FOREIGN MIX. NAUGHTY! No kissing, just dancing and lots of whispering and flirting.

- TOP loved beer. He drank beer most of the time

- One of their fashionable friend was making out with a girl.

- Their table requested some English songs, and the DJ dedicated it to them and they all went WOOOOOH and toasted and drank like they were in a contest. I’m telling you TOP was wasted!

- GDTOP dancing in the middle with girls and boys, they were really in with the party crowd.

We left early this time because M2 was so jampacked and reeked of alcohol and cigarette that I somehow got sick towards the end. The music was not base-heavy, but percussion heavy so I was so deaf by 2am. So yeah. When we left, GD was still with girls, TOP in the dancefloor, and their group still enjoying the night scene.

It was like a dream. I didn’t expect to actually be able to see all the boys, and more so Gdragon, in the flesh. Anyway. I’m tired and there are still lots of things to be said.

Insider Information from Korean VIPS 
(more on GD because those Korean fans, like most Koreans, are G-dragon biased)

* G-dragon is very close to his family. He bought a car for his sister, and bought an apartment-for-rent business for his parents (who are both really old) . GD also renovated their house in Seoul and bought properties in Apkujeong and Itaewon.

* GD is religious. He always went to church with his family, but lately he went alone or with friends.

* GD is a ladies’ man. In night scenes, GD is often scene with a large group of girls, and he is very friendly towards them.

* GD smokes and drinks very openly, no discretion.

* GD has a prince personality. HE IS COLD and RESERVED, but NOT rude or proud. Korean fans said they grew to love the seemingly arrogant persona of GD, but they said when he is in the right mood, he is a touchy idol (don’t get what “touchy” means).

* GD has a large group of friends who are all extremely good looking and rich

* GD has 3 cars, 2 often seen, 1 only in display

* GD is very close with Bom and CL of 2NE1, he was once sighted shopping with Park Bom, and having ice cream with CL.

* GD is also very close with Yang Hyunsuk. They share an older brother-younger brother relationship. G-dragon once gifted YGE a very expensive watch.

* GD is known to be close to Yoobin of WG and Nicole of Kara. BoA and GD are also friends. GD was often sighted with Tiffany, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon and some other men in NB Apkujeong. 

* GD and Yuri are casual friends.

* GD was once sighted with Beast’s Junhyung and Hyunseung in Myeongdong district.

* GD didn’t finish college, but was once enrolled in Kyunghee majoring in classical music. He dropped out even before school started. This was after he dropped out with Dae in their first university.

* GD has no formal music education, but he and Teddy enrolled in online American universities

* TOP is a mama’s boy. He bought 2 villas for himself and his family. His dad is a military officer who earns a lot. Choi family is very rich. TOP’s sister owns a series of clothing businesses.

* TOP has had 2 cars but never renewed his license.

* TOP and GD almost have the same set of friends, but he has his own Dongguk friends, who are mostly guys.

* Unlike GD, TOP is not too close with girls, but when he gets serious, he is. There were sightings of TOP with just one girl in multiple night scenes. He’s had 5 girls so far according to stalker information

* TOP loves shopping around in public places

* TOP is close with Heechul and Siwon of SuJu, Nich of 2PM, Jaejoong, Hyungjoon, Yunho and Hyunseung.

* TOP is very very close to Park Bom, Gummy, Park Hanbyul, the girl from SG, and the partner of Junpyo. He also shares a relative closeness to the dancers of YGE.

* Taeyang is religious. He is always in church.

* Taeyang always dances. He has a underground dance team in Kangnam, and is a part of a regular dance crowd in all Noisy Basement clubs.

* Taeyang is friends with all Brown-eyed girl members, Lee Hyori, Siwon of Super Junior, Sooyoung, Tiffany, and Hyoyeon. 

* Sighted with Yuri and Seungri in Chungang district

* Seungri is rich. He owns a house and businesses in Gwangju. Aside from the school, he also owns a restaurant in the province. He is a businessman.

* Seungri is really really really close with Goo Hara and IU. He has been sighted with these two girls multiple times. He is especially often shopping with Hara.

* Seungri is always in a group date with university friends, including Yuri. He and Yuri are really close inside and outside classroom. However, during the last semester there have been no sightings of Seungri and Yuri together, unlike before.

* IU, Seungri, and Thunder are trios who always eat and dine out together.

* Seungri has had 2 idol girl friends.

* Daesung is very religious and quiet. He has the least public sightings from all members. He is very close to his church friends.

* Daesung has had 2 cars, both audis. He hasn’t finished university but went more often than GD

* Dae has a house and 1 apartment villa in Apkujeong.

* Dae is almost NEVER seen in bars and clubs. He doesn’t usually go on a night out.

* Dae is a volunteer in Church, and has been mostly sighted in outreach and charity programs in schools, communities, and other churches.

* Dae is also very close with producers and directors for SBS and MBC.

* In Big Bang, GDTOP is seemingly the closest because they are often seen together in night scenes and events, and also in shopping.

* GD and Seungri are usually seen eating out

* GD and Bae are only seen in YGE and bars.

* YB and Dae are close because of church, and they also shop and eat together.

* Teddy and Kush are often seen with Tae and TOP.

* During concerts, Taeyang and Seungri would always greet some fans in the backstage.

* In live broadcasts, Seungri would usually give out freebies for VIPS.

* Korean fans said that in Korea, YGE is hardcore. I said that some international fans think of YGE as trying hard and poser, but they said that in the underground scene, NB and YG is notorious. They even said that “NB defines Seoul’s night life. YG Entertainment, its artists and its music is hardcore.” Apparently, almost all “underground idol rappers” have once started their gigs in NB1, NB2, and NB Gangnam.

* VIP, as a fandom, isn’t united. They said that they act mostly on their own, or in small groups, unlike SM fans who supports in bulk.

* Big Bang has lost current popularity, but they are a household name in South Korea. Seoul’s rich and elite, THEIR WORDS NOT MINE, only know Big Bang when you ask them about Korean singers. 

* In 2008, even the poor and the middle class liked Big Bang. But BB’s difference from other popular idols is that you can also make rich socialites buy their albums without shame. Korean VIPS pride themselves that Big Bang transcends the income inequality of fans and supporters.

* Korean VIPS said that their fandom is relatively smaller and less active than other fandoms, so most of BB sales are divided from fandom and casual fans. South Korea supports Big Bang. And most especially, G-Dragon.

* Korean VIPS said that Big Bang are unlike other idols. They are not showy with fans, they don’t do fan meets, YGE has long forgotten about organizing the official fandom, but multitudes of VIPS still stick to Big Bang in the quiet.

Okay, I wrote out pretty much all I took note of and remember. These are all first hand experiences and insider information from Korean VIPs/stalker fans. This took me all night to make so I hope you guys appreciate it. Now I know I may come of as too know-it-all, but I just got lucky in meeting hardcore Korean Big Bang fans. Thank you. BIG BANG IS LOVE!

source : chantalmeijerVI@twitter
via: juang_bb@soompi

anonymous asked:

I used to be a ToDae shipper when I first join the fandom around 2013 eventhough I quetly root for DaeRi but since I barely see any interaction between them, I thought they are impossible to paired up. And then I have hiatus for 2 years from BB and Todae and then recently while leasurely checking daesung tag on tumblr, I saw their holiday in hawai and went wtf when this all happen. I mean when they got that close and start freaking out by myself. Can you tell me their closeness timeline?

OMG I was the same, when I first joined I was definitely a ToDae shipper mostly because the whole year was just full of Top and Daesung interacting. But Daesung and Seungri have always been my fave so I always looked forward to their interactions as well. I could never ship them romantically though - I just love their friendship so much. 

In terms of a timeline it’s hard to do simply because it’s hard to delegate certain times that they were close or gotten the opportunity to become close. However I can point out instances both on and off camera’s from 2012 until now simply because that’s the timeline i’m more informed and comfortable in and I haven’t really been there in the beginning.

However some major points in pre 2011 are: 

- BB first win - Seungri comforts Daesung
- Daesung & Seungri  mc’ing Music Core 
- Intimate Note 
- Their Diss Song to their hyungs -  What better way to become close :)
- Shouting Musical + Interview 
- Shouting Director mentioned Seungri crying after hearing about Dae’s Accident
- Night After Night - Daesung shows his ‘Protective of Seungri’ side (x) (x)

- Daesung says if it wasn’t for Seungri he wouldn’t have come back + his         
  compromising point with Seungri (x)
- DaeRi appear together on shows after Japan Alive Tour ended (x) (x) (x)
- DaeRi also do some Radio Shows Together (x) (x) (x)
- Smartphone Police (x) (x)

- Daesung turns up for SR fanmeet and celebration for LTAL on oricon
- The epic LINE chat  
- Seungri helps choose some songs for Daesung’s Cover album (x) (x)
- Seungri shows up for Daesung’s first ever solo tour 
- Daesung mentions Seungri a lot in his D’scover interviews (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)

- Seungri shows up for Daesung’s D’slove Concert
- Daesung visits Seungri in Hospital

- Holiday Together in the US
- Spotted together at clubs 
- The hugging! MADE movie shows us how close they both are with each other!
- Sakigake Eight shows us that Seungri really watches everything
- Went shooting together

- China fan meets - Daesung decides to feel up SR 
- Japan fan meets - Dae smacks Ri Butt!
- DaeRi’s letter to each other (x) (x)
- Joyful Collab Stage (x)

One thing I haven’t mentioned in the timeline is all the MC’s DaeRi did (along with YB) during BB tours. I feel like for an MC to run smoothly they would have need to have gotten together to try and make a fun and interesting talk show. 

I’m aware that by now i’m just pointing out instances where we see them interacting rather than the actual opportunities of when they got close. But I feel like these are the instances in which we can see how close they are - enough to initiate some type of touch (whether its a hug or a grope) but also instances in which they really do respect each other and are close friends. They’ve been on holiday together, cosplayed together, watched each others stuff and danced to each others songs. Plus Seungri always remarks how cute/sexy Daesung is and Daesung always remarks on how Seungri will always belong in BB and that he loves him. I hope this helps ^_^

When BB goes to the Military 8


GD: I need a latte. Made of diamonds
Military: Ready, set, go!

And now, the finale:

GD: Oh my god Youngbae that it not where your hands are supposed to be. but I understand, I am beautiful, and princely so I forgive you.

Military: has he always been like this?

T.O.P: there’s a story about his birth. It says that he came out dabbing the sweat off of his forehead with his wrist and fixing his hair in the reflection of the doctor’s glasses.

Military: whoa.

T.O.P: It’s true. If you want to get him out of the jacket, make him sweat so he’ll have to wipe it off. or else, it burns him.

Military: You’re lying.

T.O.p: I bet you two week of wifi

Military: Deal.

Military: GD! Run to the end of the course and back!

GD: why?

Military: Gucci just came through.

GD: *is gone”

YB: hey choom king! Help me.

T.O.P: sure- WAIT

T.O.P: When did you two get out?

Seungri: I told Daesung to run his nose down my back. It’s so sharp that it cut the jacket clean open

Daesung: I used to use it to cut GD’s diamonds. It’s how we became friends.

T.O.P: hey, can you do me?

Daesung: sure

T.O.P: *is free*.

Seungri: where’s GD?

GD: *panting* where’s the gucci?

Military: hey, GD, i think you’re a little sweaty.

GD: what


GD: I can’t dab it!

Military: looks like you’ll be missing Instagram fro a week lol

T.O.P: just wait

GD: *Struggles against jacket*

GD: *jacket snaps open*

GD: *furiously dabs forehead*

Military: HOW!

T.O.P: he was just born like this.

Military: he’s like a prince.

T.O.P: No. Princess. He has the dress and everything. 

YB: can anyone get me out of this jacket?

Watch on bigbanggisvip.tumblr.com


Full translation of Daesung Phone Call

(requested by anon)

From 27:00 to 33:42

YB: Ah, I think Daesung is…

DS: Hello

YB: Gonnichiwa~ 

DS: Gonnichiwa~

DS: Wait, are we just doing this?

SR: Hello?

DS: Hello?

SR: Is this Daesung from Bigbang?

DS: Yes, this is he

SR: Please sing for us

DS: This sudden?

SR: Yeah, please sing a song for us

DS: Your eyes, nose, lips. Your touch that used to touch me~

YB: As expected, you’re great

SR: You’re great

SR: We’re broadcasting live on Starcast right now, so please say hello to your fans

DS: Hey Everyone! Just like last year, I greet you from Japan again.

DS: This is Daesung~

SR: Yeah~ Round of applause!

YB: We told our fans that you are really popular in Japan right now, and that you are having a tour concert.

YB: How are you doing? What are you doing these days?

DS: Just like what you said, I’m touring in Japan

DS: And I have a concert in Sapporo tomorrow so I’m staying at a hotel in Sapporo

SR: Oh~ So you’re at Sapporo

DS: Yeah

SR: Did you eat a lot of delicious food at Japan? And are you doing well?

SR: It’s been a while since we last met

YB: I know right

DS: Right. Actually, I’m eating well and doing fine.

YB: We just introduced you, but in your opinion, how popular are you in Japan right now? You’re really popular, right?

DS: Me?

YB: We don’t know exactly how popular you are, but we do know that your popularity is no joke in Japan.

YB: We said that your popularity could be compared to Yon-sama’s, and that you’re huge in Japan

YB: It’s even more than that, right?

DS: No~ It’s not that great and it’s just… really, really, really… it’s all thanks to my fans

SR: You’re talking to us from Japan, and our main person today is Taeyang hyung

SR: Taeyang hyung’s Eyes, Nose, Lips is really popular… what do you think?

DS: I always look at stuff about him on the internet

DS: I saw that your naver viewers went over 130,000!

DS: And that it’s the first time ever for Naver Star Cast!

DS: Why, why, why

YB&SR: You’re right, you’re right

SR: It did go over 130,000 viewers!

YB: It’s still increasing right now

DS: Although our bodies are far apart, our hearts are always together

DS: So I always check news about you guys

SR: Isn’t Daesung hyung preparing a new album too?

DS: Ah, I’m preparing something. So I think maybe July…. ah, I’m not sure yet but I will try to prepare a Korean album too

YB: You received a starcast award for being the member that our fans want to see the most

YB: Your Korean fans would really like to see you on Starcast

DS: Ah, I can’t really hear well right now…

YB: Can you hear us now?

DS: I can’t really hear you

SR: Can you hear us?

DS: Hello?

SR: Hello?

DS: I can hear you now

SR: You received the “Please appear (on Starcast)” award

SR: You can appear on Starcast sometime, right?

DS: Ah, really?

YB: When you’re album is released

DS: Yeah, maybe when my album is out. I’ll be really grateful if you guys invite me next time.

SR: Good luck with preparing for your Japan Tour and we’ll make sure to go see you too!
DS: Okay~ Come

SR: I don’t think he sounds very happy about that?

DS: No no~

YB: Can we come?

DS: Yes, come~ come~

YB: Anyways, thank you for answering our call although you’re busy

YB: And lastly, please say something to our fans. Our fans really miss you.

DS: I also really…  Well, I wasn’t able to promote a lot in Korea, so I’m very sorry about that

DS: I’ll work hard to prepare something, and I’ll meet you guys with a good album, so please support me a lot

DS: And everyone in Korea seems to be in the <Eyes, Nose, Lips> craze

DS: I also gain strength from that, even though I’m far away

DS: So I’m very happy about that and Bigbang from now on…

YB: Daesung-ssi! I have something that I’m personally curious about

YB: You use大(Big)聲(Sound) for your name, right?

DS: *misunderstands* No~ I use大(Big)聲(Sound)!

DS: Psy hyung gave me this other nickname…

YB: That’s what I said, I said大(Big)聲(Sound)!

DS: It’s not大(Big) 姓(Sex)! It’s大(Big)聲(Sound)!

(T/N: The Hanja characters for Sex and Sound have the same sound, “Sung”)

SR: We never said大(Big) 姓(Sex)!! What are you talking about?!!!

DS: Isn’t that what you said?

SR: Not, Sung(姓)meaning sex but Sung(聲) meaning sound! 大(Big)聲(Sound)!

YB: I asked you that! Why are you talking about something that we never even asked about!

DS: I couldn’t really hear well, the phone is…

SR: I understand that you’re lonely right now because you’re alone but…

YB: I hope you guys don’t misunderstand

YB: There was a misunderstanding

YB: Daesung’s name uses大(Big)聲(Sound). It is NOT大(Big) 姓(Sex).

SR: Anyways, thank you so much, Daesung hyung. Let’s meet up soon~

DS: Okay~

SR: Okay~ Rest well!

DS: Okay~

Note: The complete subbed video will be uploaded on bbvipchannel soon so please stay tuned! 

Translated by bigbanggisvip 

Please take out with credits! 

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Could you do a gif set/pictures of how they'd like to cuddle(I know youve done that one) or sleeping positions they'd like to do?

I couldn’t find gifs for sleeping without it being cuddling, and since there were gifs of cuddling here, I’ll just do pictures:

Hope these were okay!!!!

None of these pictures are mine! Credit goes to owners.


External image


External image


External image


External image


External image

-Admin A

I just can’t with how hunched over Top has to be to look the same size as YB. He looks like that creepy uncle at the cookout that comes over to talk to you about what you e been doing with your lil boyfriends. This man is gonna have so many back problems when he gets older, tho omg. (But @top please bring back this long hair okay?)
YB is for some reason pointing at his dick and looking like he’s about to murder someone. Probably G who is refusing his kind embrace.
G looks like he as about to stab YB for thinking he’s allowed to touch him. His face is like “look at this peasant. Who does he think he is?” And then of course we’ve got that hat like scrambling to get away from his overly chemicalled blond head.

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Hi honey! Could you do Bigbang reaction when another idol says that his gf is their ideal type please? Thank you <3

Wow, this sounds juicy ;) Let’s do it!! (I’m assuming this is a private relationship)

BIGBANG reaction to another idol saying their gf is their ideal type:


Originally posted by orange-unnie

Jiyong would keep his cool, especially in front of another artist. Yet, on the inside he’s thinking, “Aish.. this idiot has no idea…”. I’m sure he doesn’t really care though – you’re already his.


Originally posted by yar1

Youngbae would actually be quite shocked at the fact he said it so boldly AND in front of him … Of course you guys are keeping the relationship on the low, but he would still show some flares of jealousy and play it off as cold and aloof and just warn this other artist that he “heard she’s taken”

YB: “you like her??.. that’s cool… I heard she had a boyfriend.”

Other artist: “How do you know hyung?”

YB: “me and y/n are very close.”


Originally posted by orange-unnie

Daesung would keep his angelic face smiling, even though it was totally fake. He would act all, “wow, really? you like her?? you sure???” But on the inside, he’s wondering, “what did he say? Did he just say my jagi’s name?… on TV?! ..” then proceed to call her to see if you knew about this.


Originally posted by top-eyecandy

We all know T.O.P is always in lala-land when he’s on shows, so hearing your name quickly grabs his attention. When he finds out that this artist chose you as their ideal type, he’d silently stare up the artist and just start thinking, “Does he really like my y/n?” He’d stay silent unless spoken to, yet keep a light attitude so know one catches on. Once he arrives home to you, he’d casually bring it up and ask if you guys hang out


Originally posted by seungri-yay

This sassy ass panda wouldn’t even care. He’d be so blunt, it’s crazy. He would be a little surprised but if another artist were to say they liked you he’d just say,

Gri: “Yah! You like y/n?”

Artist: “Yea, she’s really gorgeous~”

Gri: “What a coincidence.. I like her too.” 

MADE in Toronto Fan Account

Part 2 (Part 1)

So after soundcheck, we could stay in the pit if we liked, or go back out to the concourse for merch and food. We just stayed where we were to keep our spot. Luckily the 2 hour wait didn’t seem long, they played Big Bang MVs (and some Nonagon and Moon Shot ads).

The arena filling up!

The concert started right on time at 8. All my fancams can be found here. Now on to my thoughts of the concert.

There’s no accurate way to explain the feeling of seeing Big Bang in person to someone who hasn’t yet. It’s weird. It’s like I’ve only ever seen them on a screen, and even in HD videos, they were still pixelated to an extent. Seeing them in person is like a whole other level of clearness (obviously lol). I know they have stage makeup on and all that, but their skin just looked immaculate and so so smooth from what I could see. Interestingly enough, their size wasn’t a huge shock to me? They weren’t any shorter than I expected them to be, although they were up above me on a stage so my perception of their heights could be off. GD and YB in particular were the ones who stuck out the most to me as being tiny little things. 

I’ll start with the maknae because I felt he had one of the stronger initial impressions for me. HE IS SO SO SO MUCH HOTTER IN PERSON. And the way he carried himself, I think he had the most “rock star” air about him over the others lol. His stage was amazing (although hard to watch because of the flashy backlighting), and he had this insane dance break ugggggh. I was surprised though by his level of fanservice, which was a bit less than I had honestly been expecting. He riled the crowd and got people laughing, but I thought he’d do more along the edges of the stage and stuff? Youngbae and Daesung got him beat in that department, atleast during this concert imo. His MC parts had me laughing though in his usual maknae style xD

Daesung is definitely :O in person too, his body is perfection in those tight pants ;-; And his voice. HIS VOICE. Incredible. Completely filled the arena and I’m so happy for all the cheers he got. Which reminds me, there was a very….enthusiastic Dae stan in the pit with us hahaha. I hope he saw her because she screamed and jumped so much for him! Also, his English is getting really good??? His pronounciation is excellent and even though his speech was pretty much scripted, it sounded very natural and he looked comfortable talking and playing with us ^^ He got a few extra heart beat skips from me that night too.

Youngbae, omg, like you do not know how much energy this man has until one second he’s on one side of the stage, and the next, he’s way on the other and you have NO IDEA how he got there. He was all over the place, and first to come up the side stages during sound check and any other performance that didn’t have a strict choreo. His voice too was on point, ENL was amazing and I was happy that the crowd knew most of it and sang along too! He pinky promised us all that Big Bang would come back and I’m going to hold that to him. OH, and I thought it was the cutest that he seemed so passionate for Canada haha. I think we suit him, he kept going on about how quiet and friendly we were haha. I wish they all could have stayed longer to enjoy more of it.

Top is beautiful, but idk if it was just me and the fact that he naturally doesn’t interact as much with the audience, but I felt like my connection with him wasn’t any different than it was before from just watching him on screen. I also didn’t have much oppertunity to see him up close though as the only time he really came to second stage was during the encore. Doom Dada blew my mind however (and the freaking firework explosion at mass media scared the shit out of me), although it was unfortunate that I was beneath the moving stage for most of it and couldn’t actually see much :(

Lastly, Jiyong. I still don’t know how I feel about seeing him in person. I was expecting the kind of revelation that I had with Seungri and YB, but if I admit it to myself, he was more similar to Top for me. Maybe my head just still hasn’t processed it yet idk, it doesn’t feel real. Like Top, he didn’t do as much fan service (although when he did, he tends to aim it all on one person and I’m sure they’re no longer living because of it), so it’s kind of like you have to be lucky with him to be the person he chooses to smirk at or throw a smile. He walked by me several times, but didn’t really look near me. But I’m not disappointed either. I really think my head just hasn’t let me realize yet he was so close to me x) (And maybe, maaaaaaybe, the mullet kept me from having total heart eyes, which is really superficial but, did you ever invision seeing your bias for the first time with a mullet?). Performance wise, he was 100% what I expected. Jiyong really knows how to work his talents and have this amazing presence on stage. It’s like you alway know where he is, even if he’s not the one in the spot light. Poor boy though, he goes from Zutter, to Good Boy, to Crooked, to Sober, with maybe a 60 second break between Crooked and Zutter, and that’s IT. Idk how he does it. I was watching one of my fancams and realized that he didn’t sing an entire chorus of Crooked but I can’t blame him at all, because those first three songs are so fast and have a lot of choreo; proabably needed to catch his breath :(

One thing I was super happy about though, was that he seemed happy. Even when the others were talking, he was watching and grinning and he really seemed to enjoy being there on the stage with the other four, if nothing else. You can tell he loves them and is watching them with this knowing eye, to pick up after them if he needs to, or guide them along. That’s when his real leader quality shines. His MCs weren’t as lively as the others because he lets them have all the fun and then he’s the one that gets down to business in his talks, mentioning the upcoming full album and such. He really takes his leader position to heart. Plus his cute little slurry mumbles are T_T

Overall, the concert was beyond worth it and I would go again in a heartbeat if when they come back some day. I would have gone to a second concert if it had been an option, to really cement in what I’d seen as everything just went by too fast and was a big blur of memories. I’ve waited 3 years for those 2 hours and now they’re gone. I told Ben it was a bucket list thing, but rather than moving on and scratching it off, I’m just going to change it to “see Big Bang again”. So that’s what I’m waiting for now, the day when they announce their next comeback and tour. As long as they are Big Bang, it’s possible, so I’ll wait and hope until whenever. And I love them now even more than I did before.


(A: The Fliptones|C: GD,The Fliptones & JHart|L: GD)

[YB] You were making a sad face

Just like mine
Won’t you stay with me

[GD] A yo what’s up baby girl 
You’re more beautiful especially today
How have you been doing
Two of us are now awkward
Just, I just wonder
This, everything feels strange
To make you feel not-uncomfortable
Pretend to be cool, talk to you

Making jokes with charms
The mood is going high
Sometimes I’m serious
But you think I’m not
It’s funny, Before we know there are empty
Wine and Tea
It feels like it’s filled fully in
There’s something 

Was so lonely 
You know how I feel
I have been waiting for all day long
Hoping to push me away on purpose
Pretending to be strong
But you’re more delicate than anyone
My Darling Darling

[YB] You were making a sad face
Just like mine
Won’t you stay with me
Come to me
Though your lips are saying no
The eyes said that you want me
Won’t you stay with me
Come to me

[GD] (Got me some brand new..)
Just like old days,
Only us two is walking the streets at night
Like a couple who would be thought as actually intimate
By anyone who has seen
In the club crowded by many people, we two rubbing our bodies
Hey did you maybe flirt
with me a little bit

You’re drunken in alcohol, I’m
Drunken in your eyes nose lips and body
I’m paralyzed by your breath
Which is whispered in my ears
So now 
Baby I will take you home 
For the last time, just for once again
I’ll hold you tight

That balcony, it was an early morning
Do you remember, you shook your hands
On that day, we looked
So perfect
But when I turned back, I was alone
Again, Falling Falling

[YB] You were making a sad face
Just like mine
Won’t you stay with me
Come to me
Though your lips saying no
The eyes said that you want me
Won’t you stay with me
Come to me

Please, let me make you stay in this moment
Without any words
After tonight
There will be a new day beginning
There’s only you for me
My love is only you
Hey don’t hesitate
Just like this, Stay with me

[GD] For worse or for better 
[YB] Just stay with me forever
[GD] For worse or for better 
[YB] Just stay with me forever

[YB] You were making a sad face
Just like mine
Won’t you stay with me
Come to me
Though your lips saying no
The eyes said that you want me
Won’t you stay with me
Come to me

Translated by: huisuyoon@twitter.com

but wtf seriously don’t get mad at fans getting pissed off at yg for unfollowing bom and seungri on insta. look at the four he’s following - dara, yb, gd and cl. like damn i love all of them but wtf yg is a fucking ass. bom and seungri always get shit for everything no matter fucking what they’re always brought down for everything and yg following their instas was like hey it’s fine its cool that their ceo follows them but him unfollowing them just shows his fucking favouritism. yeah we dont know how close and shit they are but seriously for us who dont know what happens behind the scenes it was nice seeing him follow them for a while. but in the end bom and seungri get shit for everything so yeah dont get mad at bom and seungri stans for being fed up