i like how this scene differs from the final product

Vibrant “Natural” Coloring Tutorial

Someone asked if I could make a tutorial on how I color, specifically referring to the last gifset of Luke I posted. I’m going to share a bit of my general coloring technique and a few examples of color correcting. Keep in mind that I take extra time when I make gifsets and, although I color with my same technique every time, I start ALL of my coloring from scratch. There isn’t a PSD I’ve saved. Disclaimer: this is my personal preference for coloring and what I think looks good. You don’t have to agree, of course. Anyways, on to the tutorial:

*This tutorial is for those with a basic knowledge of photoshop/gif making*
**I use Photoshop CS6 and KMPlayer to get my screencaps**

I’ll be showing you how to get from the first gif to the second under the cut:

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demoncat08  asked:

Is it true that there's a longer version of the Clexa kiss?

Okay, I am going to try to put to rest this debate. Yes, there might be a longer version of the kiss out there that is longer DUE TO EDITING (and it probably looks pretty ridiculous). There was most likely 2 takes of The Kiss. Jason said that he had an edited version that was around 3 minutes. Now I think this ‘edited’ version was just different possibilities of angles  and by probably speeding up the kiss and switching between angles. I believe that there were 2 takes of the kiss from 2 different angles = 4 ‘shots’ of the same scene. So, I believe that there were two angles from 1) watching this scene too many times, and 2) from this bts photo of the writer’s booth:

As you see they have the two angles of the kiss and I think that there were two takes of that kiss. Two takes that have the two different ‘starts’ 1) Clarke startled (aired kiss) , 2) Clarke leans in (promo kiss). Now from these two kiss scenes they recorded 2 angles. You only see two on the monitor here, that this is from the ‘second take’ because you have the the frontal view as well as the wide angle. You also see on the right the side view of the kiss when we saw the moment Clarke put her hand on Lexa’s arm 

Take 1: Dialogue + Clarke startled kiss

Angle 1) Over Clarke’s shoulder to Lexa’s face

Angle 2) Over Lexa’s shoulder to Clarke’ face

My guess is that they started the kiss after the dialogue scene between the two of them, and continuing into the aftermath of “i’m sorry’ up until people start yelling outside. Once Clarke ends the kiss you can see the camera’s are back to the over the shoulder POV and not a side view shot (this was taken from the second take of the kiss). 

Take 2: Main ‘body’ of the kiss + promo lead in

Angle 1) Side view of the kiss

Angle 2) Wide view of the kiss behind Lexa

This is what I believe was the ‘main body’ of the kiss footage we saw– including The Nose Thing. In the below gif you can see the side view shot of the kiss, but it has just been zoomed in during the editing process.  As for ending the scene I think that there are two options that could have happened: Option 1) They continue the dialogue up until the shouting occurs, Option 2) they called ‘cut’ after Eliza finished saying “I’m sorry, I’m not ready to be with anymore. But, my guess is that they went with option 1.  

In conclusion, there were most likely 4 rolls of film of this kiss with different angles that can be edited together in different ways. A fan could take the footage that we have and edit it together to make a longer and different kiss due to angles, zooming, etc. NOW, there may have been more takes if Alycia or Eliza messed up their dialogue and had to start from the ‘top’ of the scene where they were kissing. But, I think that it was just the 2 takes. 

I hope this made sense. Eliza and Alycia didn’t kiss for 3 minutes straight, it was due to editing: zooming in, POV changes, etc.that the kiss was longer. They most likely did a LONG edit (that was probably ridiculous looking with different POV changes zooming in, etc.) of the scene testing out how they wanted to edit it for the final product. I have a feeling that we saw basically the ENTIRETY from start to finish of the Take 2 kiss, but only saw the beginning and aftermath of the Take 1 kiss. Wow, I hope this made sense. 

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How to Love Shakespeare: Tumblr style

As I was driving across the state to pick up my son the other day, I was (of course) listening to a Shakespeare production in my car.  I thought up the perfect class: Shakespeare but done the Tumblr way.

We’d start by talking about favourite non-Shakespeare movies and what we like about them.  Based on that list, we’d pick a couple of plays to focus on.

To keep from being afraid of the language, we’d watch a few clips of good actors without the sound to figure out what’s going on without even sound.

Then, we’d live stream a good version of the plays while chatting.

We’d assign parts and do a read-through.

Then, we look at clips of things like Kirk telling Chekov to put on a red shirt and talk about how knowing the in-jokes makes it funnier.

We’d each take sections of the play and look up some back story/vocabulary to share.

We’d have a competition to see who could find the most dirty jokes.

We’d compare key scenes from different productions and argue over who did it best.

We’d write fan fic and talk about what’s character and what’s culture.

Finally, we’d all go to a play together.

No one would ever let an engineer teach Shakespeare, but it seems like it would be fun!

I feel like I’m getting a graduate level education in the plays just from hanging out on Tumblr.