i like how these ones turned out

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Let's turn the tables from this sad news day & shipper week (my heart goes out to all in London & all you girls who have been personally threatened here. Events like today remind us not to take threats lightly. Stay safe <3) & have some superficial talk to change pace. He always looks good but am I the only one excited to see Sam beefing up again? He seems to be building muscle w/ workouts he's doing + how he looks now compared to a year ago when he was super lean. Bring on the arm porn S3!

Very well said, sweets. These are some sad, scary times both out there in the world and on these Tumblr streets. 

As far as the superficial, I’m a double cheeseburger kind of girl, so some extra muscles are just fine by me. 

Two all-beef patties and special sauce? Yes, please.

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Sangbum semi-public sex hcs?

Oh boy *rubs my naughty little hands together* here we go…

Sangwoo definitely fucks Bum in the backseat of his car in a parking garage similar to the one they part in when they went shopping, or in the parking lot near/on his school’s campus. He viciously teases Bum the whole time about how he’s just like an inexperienced teenager, always fumbling for Sangwoo’s cock. Bum still gets really turned on even though it’s tight fucking in the car and Sangwoo isn’t super concerned about Bum’s comfort.

I sort of wrote about this in my one fic, but I also headcanon that sometimes Bum will do something while they’re out that Sangwoo will find cute and kinda sexy and Bum will find himself dragged into the nearest bathroom or dressing room if they’re near a clothing store so that Sangwoo can have him suck his dick. 

Whether he’s aware of it or not I think Sangwoo definitely gets off on doing semi-public stuff… if they go out to a restaurant he’d be squeezing Bum’s thigh under the table or moving Bum’s hand over his dick and making him rub him through his clothes, things like that. It always makes Bum really anxious but Sangwoo know he can bring him around by just getting him turned on enough that he forgets to be worried that someone will catch them.

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Hi: I just finished watching the Tale of Two Rulers videos, and oh my god I loved them! The soundtrack was amazing (was that all original?), great sound effects, and the voice acting was fluid and effortless. I enjoyed it! Great job! I can't wait to see more of you and your team's work :-)

We used like 5 tracks from the Warcraft OST but each one was from the second part, all the other music you hear IS completely original! You should check out our composer ClefferNotes on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ClefferNotes

BUT THANK YOU I worked super hard on it and even though it’s not getting nearly as many views as our other videos I still had a blast getting everyone together for this project- I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

so uh, i updated my download link to go through a ‘tou’ page first, and tbh i’m so proud of how it turned out i haven’t had this much fun with html stuff in ages ;-;

anyway, what you see is what you get- if you want to edit any of my original meshes (which i think is like one jeez i can’t even remember) feel free to do so, sky’s the limit!

Grace (And Artificial Coloring)




“All he does is sleep,” you said, staring at the prostrate figure of Lucifer.

“Sounds like you,” Dean said, flipping the page of the magazine he was looking at.

“Hey, I do not sleep all day,” you said, nudging Dean’s leg with your foot. “I’ll have you know that I haven’t slept past ten in the past year.”

“I meant the snoring.”

At that moment, Lucifer let out a snort, turning over slightly.

“How much longer do you think he can stay like this? Graceless?”

Dean shrugged. “Cas said it wouldn’t kill him… he’s still got some of his grace, y’know.”

“Yeah, but not enough to make him a full-fledged angel. He’s surviving, but just barely.”

“Why do you care so much? It’s Lucifer, for crying out loud. The devil himself.”

“The devil was an angel before he fell,” you noted, watching as Lucifer’s face scrunched up in sleep. You wondered what he was dreaming about. “He can be a good person.”

“And I can dress up in a tutu and call myself the tooth fairy,” Dean said, pushing himself from his chair.

“No one’s stopping you from doing that!” you called after him.

Lucifer stirred at the sound of your voice, his eyes cracking open. “What are you yelling about?”

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

Lucifer pulled himself into a sitting position, pressing the heel of his hand against his eyes.

“Can I get you anything? Food? Drink?”

Lucifer shook his head. “I don’t need to eat, Y/N. I’ve told you–”

“I know. I’m sorry. I just… don’t know what to do.”

He gave you the side-eye. “You don’t have to do anything.”

“Well, I certainly can’t sit around here with my thumb up my ass. There’s already three people in this bunker doing that.”


You thanked the salesman for the ingredients and quickly exited the sketchy shop. Pulling your jacket around you (more for a sense of comfort than to protect against chill), you made your way to your car. On the drive home, you kept wondering if this plan… this crazy-as-shit plan… would actually work.

Back at the bunker, you began to combine the ingredients, watching as they bubbled on the stove, a strong stench filling the kitchen. You were incredibly thankful that the Winchesters had stepped out for a few days.

“What the hell is that?” Lucifer said, stepping into the kitchen, hand over nose.


Lucifer stepped over to the stove, peering into the pot. “Please tell me that’s not supper.”

“It’s not like you eat anyway. But no.”

“So what is it?”


Lucifer stared at you. “Is that the name of the dog you’re attempting to turn into–”

“I’m not gonna eat it!” You pulled the ladle from the pot, holding it out to Lucifer. “But you are.”

“Excuse me?”

“It’s grace. Artificial, but it’s supposed to work just like regular grace… I think.”

Lucifer pushed the spoon away. “I don’t think you’ve thought this through.”

“Don’t you want to try and get better?”

Lucifer paused. “What are the consequences if this doesn’t work?”

“I, uh… didn’t… didn’t find any sort of consequence…”


“Okay, so there’s a slight chance of death if it goes wrong. But it’s very slight. I got all the ingredients and followed the directions… well, at least those I could read.”

Lucifer sighed. “Well, anything to get out of this hellhole.”

“It’s not that bad,” you said as Lucifer grabbed the spoon and slipped it into his mouth. You watched his face screw up in disgust, heard him trying to control his gag reflex. Seconds passed, minutes.


“Don’t go into the culinary arts,” Lucifer finally said, his voice hoarse.

“Is your grace restored?”

Lucifer reached over and grabbed a knife, dragging it across his palm. The skin opened for a moment before healing. “Huh.”

“Told you it would work.”

So it has been announced that Katie is now a series regular (which means she gets to stay for another 3 years), so yAY!

I can’t wait for them to show how Kara tells her/Lena finds out about our cute reporter’s secret identity. And I just wanna show you another of my headcanons for the big reveal (this one is far more realistic than the ripping shirts thing I promise).


So Kara has been preparing herself for this moment. Lena needs to now, because Kara doesn’t want any lies or secrets between them — it would be hugely hypocritical of her after what happened with Mon-El, because she knows what it feels like when someone you thought you knew and you trusted turns out to be a liar. And she knows that Lena deserves better than Kara lying to her or keeping things from her. They both deserve it. After all the toxic relationships, the betrayals and the disappointing parents, they both deserve to have a healthy truthful relationship, even if it’s just in the form of a friendship. Because they’re closer than ever and Kara still feels like being with Lena is a breath of fresh air.

So when Kara presents herself in the CEO’s office one night —Lena has stayed working late, as always, and probably has forgotten to eat anything in the entire day—. She says that she wants to tell her something, but her words barely come out of her mouth in a whisper, failing her, so she decides that it’ll probably be easier if she just shows Lena. So Kara slowly puts her purse down on the floor, frees her hair from the ponytail she is wearing and, finally, she takes off her glasses.

She doesn’t say anything, she knows she doesn’t need to.

But a few long minutes go by and Lena hasn’t still said anything. Instead, she ​just slightly arches one of her perfect eyebrows.

And then, to Kara’s confusion, the CEO laughs. “Oh, you’re telling me you are Supergirl. Like I was waiting for you to actually say it, though.”

The wrinkle on Kara’s frown grows deeper along with her confusion.
“Y… You knew?”

To that Lena smiles like Kara was some king of funny looking puppy and lays back on the back of the chair, a smirke on her lips that makes her look mild and incredibly self-confident at the same time.

“Of course I knew. You might have me whipped, but i’m not stupid nor blind. Specially when it comes to you.”

And then she winks at Kara before looking down at the paperwork on her desk and resuming what she was doing before she was interrupted by Kara.


“Is anyone dead?”
“Does tired count?”

“Noct another one out~”

I’m done with these stickers!!! :3 So that’s a total of four stickers I have

So yeah. Two FFXV stickers and Two BOTW stickers. I’m glad how they turned out. 

I’m still in a bit of trouble with money so if anyone wants to purchase these, I would be more than happy to give them to you. PM me and we can work something out since I never really done something like this before. and thanks in advance to the ppl who reblog this or like. It means a lot to me having people enjoy what I draw.

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I got this totally crazy idea for a s5 parallel where the bmol - all monsters should die are the heaven - apocalypse parallel while Dean is on the run because he is considered a rouge hunter teaming up with cas and Crowley making them the tfw parallel. in this case "some Monster deserve to live" putting Dean kind of in the cas position in this constellation as he is the odd one out as a hunter. This is so crazy it probably won't happen but I kind of felt the need to share. sorry

Yeah… idk, it might not happen on an epic scale but it does sort of feel like that’s the mood going on right now, doesn’t it? :P 

I don’t know about how good it would feel for Dean to really turn on his family though because of their choices - he’s going to go along with them even if he doesn’t agree, so he can protect them or at least argue it out with a much better understanding of what sort of awful they’ve gotten themselves into. If he was actually on the run he’d be miserable if he was a rogue hunter but Sam and Mary were still on the inside of it all. Also their loyalty would easily switch back to Dean (I hope) if he could convince them he was in such trouble and would be proof enough about how bad the BMoL are - I’ve seen some speculation they might hurt him or capture him but have to keep it deadly secret from Sam and Mary because obviously they’ll be liabilities if they thought something truly awful was happening.

It’s an interesting idea and would probably make a better fic because you/whoever writes it can suspend disbelief on Sam and Mary not finding out and Dean being a rogue hunter for much longer than they’d want to do it on TV…

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What about Jen and Darregg's first photo? Taken by a fan, I still have my doubts, not about that their relationship fake, same was with her and Chris and it turned out to be a pathetic fauxmance

You can say they were setting a timeline (they were sitting on the patio, in open air, on a busy NYC street) and wanted to be seen or a lunch as friends.

There is this really curious little thing that @findingyellowumbrella shared with me before she disappeared (come back I miss you) about a company called Prey Tell PR. And how one girl claimed to see Jen and Darren out to dinner the night before the lunch pic surfaced and the tweet was liked by one of the strategist who works at Prey Tell PR.  The girl who saw Jen and Darren is followed and friends of the PR girl.

And in May another girl from Prey Tell PR tweeted that Jen was in their offices. 

I don’t know what it means, Findings always let me work things out on my own and never revealed much about what she thought but I tend to think it’s interesting. 

someone replied to one of my warrior cats post like “YOURE A FURRY” and i was genuinely distressed that they shouted at me like that but then it turns out they were yelling at their friend who had a long winded speech in the tags of the post about how they werent a furry even though they liked warriors


Here’s how the 1.5 gal turned out :) Nothing but plants right now, still trying to decide if maybe a nerite snail is a good idea, especially since it has no lid (it broke, lol) and my teeny driftwood piece hangs out the top and I kinda like the look… Might just keep it as is lmao. Don’t wanna wake up one day with a snail on my face or something.

Right now I have some S. repens, cardinal plant, anubias nana, and two moss balls in there. I tossed in the shrimp pyramid for extra decoration since I couldnt fit one of my pieces of cholla wood in there (and I was too lazy to go chop it into smaller pieces…) annnnd I think it looks pretty good??? Idk I’m proud of it lmao

I was gonna order some java moss to turn the driftwood into a “tree” but I think I just like it how it is :)


Original artist is @jo6su6

I really like how this one turned out. 

Some lapidot ideas. I really like how the top one turned out🙃🙃🙃🙃btw guys I am doing the otp challenge thing just not in order. So this is #16 and I’m pretty sure the kissing thing was #1.


“Once a king or queen of Narnia, always a king or queen of Narnia. May your wisdom grace us until the stars rain down from the heavens.” ― C.S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe