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The Revelation™


Finally I made myself a child unit!
(Look at all those beta-haircuts lol)

Here’s some short trivia about her

  • She adores cute things like her mother, but doesn’t admit it (and fails)
  • Also can’t handle compliments
  • probably a tsundere
  • Has high respect for the Nohrian Royals + Generals of the Nohrian Army
  • She strong
  • Very confident, while her mother is a little shy pie
  • Mercenary class - prefers close combat
Kuromyu Vincent

I planned to write this post like 300 years ago but I somehow forgot about it until now lol

So Vincent’s debut in Kuromyu was in Lycoris 2014 where he looked like this:

And his debut turned out to be a bit controversial, as Editor Kuma recalled in a tweet, when fans sent messages complaining how Vincent’s hair looks different from the manga. Here, Vincent’s voice was also different (probably by someone from the musical cast but he was uncredited).

So in Lycoris 2015, they got Vincent’s anime voice actor Okitsu Kazuyuki to read his lines.
And they also found someone else to play him.

Someone new from the Lyrocis 2015 musical cast.


And in Musical Kuroshitsuji: Noah’s Ark Circus, where Vincent had an even more crucial role to play in the flashbacks, Furukawa Yuta again played Vincent Phantomhive(’s silhouette) while taking on the lead role as Sebastian Michaelis. Do check him out when the DVD comes out in April.



[tries to remember what I look like with glasses]
[low key hopes my roommate doesn’t notice me taking selfies]
tbh I do post a lot of selfies for someone with approximately 0 self love lmfao
Tryin to be more comfortable with my face maybe ✨

*imagines someone liking me even though we had the smallest interaction two people can have*

i made a sona, his name is kae and he is a demiboy, so he/they pronouns please! 

(and @daveactualstrider do u think he matches my aesthetic well?)


“Hey, Ashe, a) how do you get your hair so fluffy?” Anon (part 1)

I let it do what it wants for the most part. Because I sleep outside a lot I have to keep it from matting but other than that I don’t really do anything?

“& b) why you so cute gurl?”  Anon (part 2)

Markus has said that to me a few times.. I don’t really know? 

anonymous asked:

YOOO look at seb's side profile and tell me he doesn't occasionally look like an angry tortoise or turtle or smth. I'm 1000000% convinced that if he was an animal looks-wise that's what he'd be lmao

okay well this is the signal that it’s time for me to go to bed


let the flames of your passion grow.


My absolute favorite thing right now is this lovely sculpture that I purchased from the talented artist, @hannibabies (also know as @sadpunkhamlet). Modern art at its finest!