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Oikage/Sakukage for the shipping thing you recently reblog.

omg im in tears ;_; faves ;_;


Who’s more dominant: Kageyama

Who’s the cuddler: Both act shy about it but they end up completely entangled every time >///<

Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: Kageyama is the big spoon even during kitaichi years just imagine smolberry grabbing that cute tsundere senpai with that focused frownshfjasf im gonna die lol bye

What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: DO I NEED TO SAY IT :’D They set/spike for each other all the time, when it’s Kageyama’s turn to be the spiker Oikawa sometimes jokes that he wishes Kageyama were an ace so they could be the ultimate power couple a perfect duo at all times ;_; 

Who uses all the hot water: Oikawa =_= he likes to sing in shower too, for 40 minutes, kageyama has no idea how anyone can take that long

Most trivial thing they fight over: Kageyama accidentally revealing certain facts while Oikawa was Trying To Look Cool To Others and Kageyama not getting when others flirt with him so he doesn’t evade it very efficiently and Oikawa is the jealous type, so in their “fights” mostly Kageyama being oblivious is the culprit

Who does most of the cleaning: Both share

What has a season pass on their dvr/Who controls the netflix queue: Oikawa. He gets addicted to series fairly easily while Kageyama is like “Ok but… they’re not.. real?” while Oikawa cries over Doctor and Rose You have no heart, Tobio-chan! I married a monster!”

Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: Oikawa again, Kageyama notices things like that after they are repaired (Oikawa facepalms at his selective attention)

Who leaves their stuff around: Oikawa but it’s only because he has just too many stuff, he buys a lot of things and he’s a hoarder whereas Kageyama likes throwing everything out (sometimes he accidentally throws Oikawa’s unnecessary shit out lol)

Who remembers to buy the milk: Kageyamasdhjfdj

Who remembers anniversaries:  Both do ;_;

Who cooks normally: I don’t think neither are particularly good at it (kageyama is a disaster) but Oikawa likes the notion of being able to cook delicacies so he tries sometimes

How often do they fight: they bicker moderately but in a cute way which usually ends with them going at it on the couch then cuddling otherwise they don’t fight much

What do they do when they’re away from each other: They’re rarely apart since they’re in the same team too (oikawa is the captain and kageyama is the official setter in the national team) but they have the tendency to call each other fairly lot

Nicknames for each other: lol they revert to “tobio-chan” and “oikawa-san” to joke around sometimes

Who is more likely to pay for dinner: hmm equal, can’t decide

Who steals the covers at night: oikawa gets cold ok =_= also tobio-chan has no sense of temperature ;_; it’s not his fault ;_;

What would they get each other for gifts: kageyama would have a hard time with this but in the end he would come up with something so sentimental oikawa would cry and kageyama would be baffled (like finding the replica of something oikawa lost years ago and he mentioned like maybe once), oikawa always brags about his ability to pick the best gifts for everyone, he would take notice of kageyama’s needs and wants and find the most expensive and extra thing he can of that category and kageyama would be like ‘wasn’t there a more logical option’ appreciate him better u pragmatical dummy

Who kissed who first: Kageyama kissed him 

Who made the first move: Oikawa made it too obvious, Kageyama went for it (kissed him outright lmao)

Who remembers things: Oikawa is that ‘will remember unnecessary details about everything and angst about them for the next 20 years’ type but they both remember the important ones, especially Kageyama surprises Oikawa all the time with how much attention he’s paid him even before they got together 

Who started the relationship: Well, first move was a success? :’D Although it shocked Oikawa a bit

Who cusses more: Kageyama

What would they do if the other one was hurt: D: dont do this to me goddamn ask meme D: they would try to keep calm for the others’ sake but ;_; im gonna ignore lol im so sickly sweet with the OTP and it’s hard for me to handle bad things about them -__- which is funny bc normally im nasty and dramatic

Who is the dirty talker: Oikawa, but a only bit. He wants Kageyama to participate (more) but he doesn’t talk much during sex which infuriates Oikawa sometimes :’D

A head canon: i have so many about them omgsajfhsd Oikawa likes and fears paranormal things and gets clingy when he watches scary movies so Kageyama always offers to watch one and Oikawa can’t resist the temptation and Kageyama loves it (♡‿♡✿)


Who’s more dominant: they are more or less balanced for the most part, especially from outside but sakusa is way more intense than kageyama in a lot of ways, i see him as the type that would want to have all the information and control the situation so he’s sort of “the shadow boss” (but not in a mean way)

Who’s the cuddler: sakusa, but acts casual about it

Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: Sakusa is dead set on being the big spoon 

What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: again.. do i need to say :’D also they are the ultimate power duo of ‘Genius Setter/Super Ace’ fite me >)

Who uses all the hot water: Sakusa may or may not have a cleaning ritual that requires him to start over if he skips one step accidentally I actually really don’t want one of my faves to have ocd or ocpd but err ..canon hints at him being pretty neurotic in any case

Most trivial thing they fight over: when one misremembers something about a game bazillion years ago. Sakusa is stealthily the jealous type but it usually doesn’t turn into actual fighting, more like him trying to feel kageyama out about it, who continues to be oblivious about most interactions

Who does most of the cleaning: Sakusahdsajfshdjg (he also gets reaaally pissy if Kageyama’s ‘help’ isn’t up to his standards)

What has a season pass on their dvr/Who controls the netflix queue: They basically don’t watch tv other than matches

Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: They freeze to death Sakusa

Who leaves their stuff around: Kageyama does it on “regular” levels but Sakusa being neurotic makes him a sloth in comparison

Who remembers to buy the milk: Kageyama would never forget that but Sakusa never forgets anything sooo

Who remembers anniversaries: Both do

Who cooks normally: Again, Kageyama is a disaster but Sakusa is only marginally better so they eat outside or take-out (one of them is fussy about where they eat, guess which :’D)

How often do they fight: An actual fight? Rare. But they challenge each other on court A LOOOOT. Otherwise their “disputes” are mostly Sakusa trying to feel him out regarding things he feels paranoid about and if he doesn’t get good answers he reacts quite easily whereas Kageyama is mostly oblivious to the root of the issue and they end up bickering like that circling the actual nonproblem

What do they do when they’re away from each other: Both are in the national team so they’re rarely apart but they act fairly independent. Mostly bc Sakusa doesn’t like showing too much emotion and Kageyama already has the emotional depth of a teaspoon

Nicknames for each other: they aren’t the type for that lol just regular first name usage applies

Who is more likely to pay for dinner: both

Who steals the covers at night: neither get cold much lol they often throw the covers off the bed

What would they get each other for gifts: practical stuff mostly

Who kissed who first: sakusa did and kageyama actually hadn’t thought about him like that before and had no idea about sakusa liking him. also: they were actually living together at that time bc kageyama had transferred to itachiyama and a certain someone was just too helpful for his own good (HAHA. yes. my not-so-secret desire.)

Who made the first move: sakusa as stated above bc im very into the notion of directly kissing people rather than confessing to them with words like a decent human beingsahfjsdhfd

Who remembers things: Sakusa, who also holds grudges. Pretty violently. And forever.

Who started the relationship: Kageyama had to think about it for a while after the “incident” but they ended up together soon enough

Who cusses more: can’t decide, both do, just not overly much

What would they do if the other one was hurt: >_< im putting a stop to this question -__-

Who is the dirty talker: neither talk too much actually but Sakusa, significantly more than Kageyama bc pretty much everyone talks more than Kageyama in bed LOL 

A head canon: After the nationals, Kageyama was offered a transfer to Itachiyama and he accepted after an angsty process (angst in karasuno’s part ofc lol get rekt) in which, Sakusa meddled in favour of it a lot obviously, then he so very kindly (!) offered him to move in with him (lol) then things escalated (≖‿≖)

1/14/2017 mode of Uroboros @ Zepp Nagoya (day 2)


let’s go

first of all. it was SNOWING AND FREEZING ALL DAY. i’m surprised we all survived. kyo tweeted right after the show telling us to be careful going home and not to catch a cold. he CARES

ANYWAy setlist was as follows:

Doukoku to sarinu
Revelation of mankind

Sustain the untruth

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