i like how the one native american kid had a monkey


Dear Justin Bieber fans/BiELiBeRz,

I’m really glad that you support someone who could’ve ended someones life. I don’t think you fully understand the severity of his actions–though I wouldn’t expect you to, because:

  1. You’re probably in middle school.
  2. You probably masturbated to his face for the first time. Ew.
  3. You don’t understand any amount of law and the criminal justice system–otherwise you wouldn’t be supporting some washed up celebrity.
  4. You probably never lost someone from a drunk driving incident.
  5. You think DUI means Drinking Under the Influence (PROTIP it’s actually DRIVING Under the Influence, dipshit; the INFLUENCE is the ALCOHOL and DRUGS in his system!)

Lets review some of the incriminating evidence, shall we? This motherfucker was charged with:

  1. Drunk driving/Failing a sobriety test.
  2. Underage drinking (he’s 19–and for those of you saying ‘oh wahhh he’s just a kid’ uh bitch, once you reach 18 YOU’RE AN ADULT).
  3. Driving without a valid license.
  4. Resisting arrest–“the singer was not cooperating with the officer’s instructions…he was a little belligerent, using some choice words questioning why he was being stopped and why the officer was even questioning him…he allegedly ignored a police officer’s request to keep his hands on the car while he did a cursory patdown for weapons.”

“WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO?! WHY DID YOU STOP ME?!” He had the audacity to ask the police officer who pulled him over this very question. This dickweed had “a flushed face, bloodshot eyes, and the odor of alcohol on his breath” how fucking stupid can you be? He had consumed a good amount of alcohol, he had been smoking marijuana, and even had prescription medications in his system.

“A Miami Beach officer saw Bieber driving a yellow Lamborghini in a race against a red Ferrari in a residential area of Miami Beach…the cars were speeding at about 55 to 60 mph in a 30 mph zone.”

In case you close-minded kids don’t know:

  1. Lamborghini and Ferrari make some of the fastest cars in the industry; what YOU think feels like 55 to 60 mph actually feels like 70 to 85 mph in one of those cars.
  2. Since some of you can’t drive, you also don’t know that you can’t speed in a residential neighborhood–here in Michigan, the residential speed limit is 25 mph. Your beloved Bieber was already breaking the law, with or without substances in his system.
  3. One more time: THEY WERE RACING IN A RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOOD AND COULD’VE KILLED SOMEONE. “It was like, 4 in the morning! Like, who else would be up that early?” Lets see, maybe some parents have a lengthy commute to work and have to leave the house by 4am, or maybe some insomniac needed a brief walk before going to bed. Or, even better, he could’ve collided into someone’s home!

We all know–especially BiELeBeR fans–that he’s done douchy things long before his DUI arrest. To recap:

  1. In Colorado, Bieber decided to pull over into a wealthy neighborhood and take a piss–inscribing his initials in the snow. THAT should’ve been indecent exposure and he could’ve been put on the sexual offenders list–JUST letting you dipshits know.
  2. On January 10th, Bieber was arguing with one of his neighbors in his gated community about some stupid problem. His solution? Egg his neighbors house, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Vandalism and ruining private property is another offense.
  3. On September 30th, this asswaif went to China and had his two bodyguards (or in his case, slaves) carry his lazy no-good self up the Great Wall of China–when they made it to the top, Bieber hopped off the guards and took pics for his Instagram. Mind you, he was ABLE-BODIED.
  4. Then Bieber decides to leave a club through the kitchen, and took a piss in the restaurants mop bucket–Bieber’s idiotic group of followers thinks the restaurant staff ought to feel special for having Bieber pee in their mop bucket.
  5. THOUGH I HATE THE BLACKHAWKS FOR TAKING OUR STANLEY CUP, this turd tramples through the Blackhawks locker room and standing right on the Native American team logo–though he thinks his apology will suffice. Right, fucker.
  6. When he met the Prime Minister of Canada, Bieber thought 'formal attire’ meant a backwards cap, a baggy shirt, a silver chain, and Oshkosh overalls. Uh, what.
  7. Bieber hocked a loogie at his 47-year old neighbor after the father of three kids screamed at him to drive more carefully; he was driving over 100 mph within the neighborhood. “Get the fuck out of here!” he told the man, “I’m gonna fucking kill you!” REAL ROLE MODEL.
  8. He wears pants that make it look like he has a dirty diaper 24/7.
  9. On June 21st, Bieber rents a private plane to take him from Miami to Burbank, CA. The flight was SUPPOSED to be at 11am, due to Bieber’s lack of punctuality, he shows up (finally) at 3pm, and STILL not ready to leave–because he had to track down his second pet monkey. It took 4 HOURS to pick up the monkey, and the plane was airborne 8 HOURS after the scheduled fucking departure. Talk about wasting someone’s time.
  10. When Biebs was visiting the Netherlands last year, he made a point to go to the Anne Frank house. “Truly inspiring to be able to come here, Anne was a great girl…hopefully she would have been a Belieber.” Oh, she probably would’ve, if she didn’t die from typhus in a concentration camp in 1945, you dirtbag.
  11. Being perpetually late starting his concerts. Douche!
  12. This fucker had 20 people assisting him backstage when he was guest-hosting SNL back in February–20 fucking people. One to help him hold a slice of pizza, another to help him drink his Diet Coke. SERIOUSLY?!
  13. Neglects his pet monkey and abandoned his ass in Germany.
  14. He drove a leopard print Audi R8…let that sink in…leopard print. Leopard print. LEOPARD PRINT.
  15. Back in June, Biebs and his crew were disrespectful to a Las Vegas indoor skydiving facility–so much that they were placed on the 'no fly’ list. “A source told E! News that Bieber and his crew arrived a couple minutes before closing, trashed the bathrooms and agreed to handle payment after flying.” On top of that, they didn’t even pay the owner or tip the staff who helped him fly.
  16. Lets not forget this one: he hawked spit over the side of a balcony and onto some poor, loyal fans of his–he then was photographed laughing and pointing at the poor girls below after they were spat on. Douche-y enough, he had JUST posted a pic on his Instagram with the same crowd of fans saying how #blessed he was.
  17. Oh, and he slept with a Brazilian prostitute. Ew.

Despite all of this history this 'kid’ has, you STILL have the nerve to support him? To give him your money? To go to his concerts (that he’ll be late to anyway)? To defend his CRIMINAL actions?!

You would let him spit on your face and you would think it was Holy Water straight from the Vatican, and you would forever say “#BLESSED!!!!!”


If the police hadn’t arrested him, he could’ve either died (which is favorable at this point) or killed an innocent family.

He’s not a 'kid’ anymore. His actions were consciously made, they were NOT mistakes. Biebs is a product of A WASHED UP CELEBRITY and is FAILING to come to terms that his career is slowly closing on him. He is an irresponsible, spoiled, selfish and immature brat who thinks he is entitled to EVERYTHING and thinks he can get away with shit because he’s famous.

HE DESERVED TO BE ARRESTED AND HE SHOULD’VE BEEN THROWN INTO PRISON! The amount of charges he racked up on that night alone was enough to sentence his ass for a LONG time. Include the additional douchebag activities (egging a house, spitting on fans, threatening his neighbor and his family, etc.) could supplement MORE time behind bars.

Fans like you disgust me and the rest of the sane human race. If Justin Bieber gave a shit about his fans, he would’ve made a public statement like a responsible adult would’ve done. He would do the honorable thing and go to rehab; he would also clean up his act.

Truth is, he doesn’t give a shit about you. He never will. He doesn’t honor you as a person, he is never humble about his success and his ego just continues to inflate, thanks to brain-washed fans like you. He doesn’t honor your time or your support, no matter how many pics of his fans are on his Instagram.

You only stay as one of his 'loyal fans’ because you think he’ll change–he won’t. Your parents hate him–so you immediately like him. You’re attracted by his (pathetic) attempts at a 'bad boy’, 'grown-up’ image–and you believe this is how every guy must act, he has become that standard in which you will measure men for the rest of your life.

Honestly, if you’re like this with a celebrity, I’m sure many of you will unfortunately wind up in relationships that will prove very unhealthy. And for that alone, I feel sorry for you.

“He didn’t ask to be a role model!” No one in their life asks to be a role model; you just become one. Through the words that you speak, the actions you take, and the impressions you leave on people–you either become a role model, or you become an asswipe. Being a role model is not only flattering, but it’s also a responsibility.

TL;DR - Stop supporting this douche, stop defending his actions, stop making excuses for him. You’re not his girl/boyfriend, you have no obligation to defend his criminal actions. Have common sense and understand that what Justin did was wrong and his punishment should’ve been way more severe.

IF YOU DON’T LIKE MY OPINION ON YOUR BELOVED CRIMINAL, TAKE IT TO MY ASK BOX, BITCH. I don’t care what stupid shit you have to say in princess’s defense.

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