i like how she just tosses him

I have to give a lot of credit to the actors, because in scenes like that with Melissa and Norman, you can’t take your eyes off of them. Melissa is such a great actress. And Norman, when his emotion comes out, like in the Merle scene I shot a few years ago, you can’t not be affected by it. I did an earlier version of that scene in an earlier cut, when Rick sees her and walks over and says, ‘Did you do that?’ And she’s looking at him with this trepidation because she doesn’t know how he’s going to react, because the last time they saw each other he tossed her out. So in the director’s cut of that episode I took his line out, so he just walks up to her and there’s this great tense moment of, what’s going to happen? And the look on her face — she’s scared. And then he grabs her and hugs her and she laughs. And it was really powerful. And Scott and I — we always have, like, eight things we’ll disagree on and four he’ll win and four I’ll win. So that was one of the ones where he said, 'No, I want the line there.’ But I want to see it in their faces. And the way I direct and the way I shoot the actors, I really want you to be right in there with them.
—  Greg Nicotero, Entertainment Weekly [online] (14/Oct/2014 - edited 17/Jan/2015)

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Kaori gave a small whine and sighed. “Fiiine. Though you’re always working when I’m over its like….never mind.” she puffed out her cheeks and looked over to the TV.

“I need to keep working if I’m going to be as good as Naoya” he said as he kept typing.  His teacher hadn’t given him any work lately but it doesn’t mean he can just slack off.  Plus he wants to show Naoya how much he’s learned on his own.

hell fucking yeah to both. like I’m hoping that she teaches him that she’ll take no shit and won’t be tossed around but remains still loving him u know? cause that’s what I like about them. jokers terrible to harley but there’s always that one part of her that still loves him no matter how mean he can be. that’s what really makes her tragic and relatable to me and omg i just love her so much ugh kill me

Hinami having nightmares after meeting the spine user recalling said dove’s father and how her mother died in that rainy day. Ayato hears her goes to check on her, and sees her trembling, tossing and turning. The moment his hand is on her shoulder to shake her awake the brunette’s eyes fly open and immediately gets onto of him on the floor as her kagune bursts free and she stops realizing that it was all just a nightmare and ayato calmly asks her if she’d like to talk about it as she withdraws her kagune. The duo sit in the kitchen ayato hands her some coffee and she begins to confess and then at the end asks if ayato think she’s weak. He remains silent dwelling in his thoughts his childhood memories before responding with a neutral ‘no’ which relieves the tension in Hinami’s shoulders. 

Oh m a n here’s one of my vocaband headcanons

Ok so like the majestic VY1 is like one of the captains of the flag line and she’s like hella awesome with that stuff while VY2 is one of the brass leaders who plays trombone

So like while VY1 was learning guard stuff VY2 sorta caught on with everything so he knows how to do all that guard stuff so he’s usually annoying his sister (VY siblings yeeeaaaaa) by stealing her equipment and doing surprisingly good with it aw ye

He does shockingly great with the sabre tho



Is the name of this dish

When I was a little boy, I loved chicken legs. My mother was a renowned home cook and however she made chicken, the legs always had the perfect meatiness and juiciness, and were my favorite, whether they were fried or roasted or whatever. I called them chicken bones. It makes sense to me. Just like you don’t eat the core of the apple, the skin of the avocado, you don’t eat the bone of the chicken bone. And there is a famous story about how my grandpa mo insisted that fried chicken gave him hallucinations and nightmares, but I digress…..

I just wanted chicken bones tonight.

So I made some shit up. I tossed the chicken bones in some olive oil and melted butter, salt, pepper, a bunch of fresh rosemary, white wine, rough cut garlic, and this stuff called something. Zhoug. I bought it on a crazy middle eastern/north African spice shopping spree that I accidentally initiated a month or so ago. Cooked em for about ten minutes really high- say 475. Pulled em out and added a lime ring for another twentyish minutes of cooking. Just make sure the juice runs clear when u stab it.

I was really at a loss for a side item when I was concocting my chicken bone scheme. Then I saw these things. Kale sprouts. A blend of kale and Brussels sprouts. I was intrigued and disturbed and lusty. See- trader joes has drawn me in with weird amalgams of foods before. There is, for instance, cambozola- their blend of Camembert and Gorgonzola cheese. It’s amazing and I love it, so when I saw cloned vegetable hybrids….. well, I squeed.

Oh and they are the most awesome shiny food colors of green and purple. They look great on a plate.

I wasn’t quite sure, immediately, how to cook em. Would they be more like cooking kale, or cooking sprouts? What the hell would they taste like after cooking? I decided to start simple with just a simple sautéed with a little butter oil and seasoning…… and then I went crazy. Something about the smell of them made me use fish sauce. I know. But I added what I would call an aggressively flirtatious dash, and it started to get magical. But then it became cloying in scent, as the fish sauce cooked off….. So I countered with a healthy wallop of white wine! As that cooked off, the aroma gave hints that I had a good balance of flavors.

I cooked off about a cup of basmati rice to mix in with the insanity vegetables, and to provide something to soak up sauce and juices.

Come bite my chickenbone