i like how she just tosses him

I also love how Emma asked Hook for rum, which has usually served to cast him in desolate, desperate light. His drinking problem has been casually tossed in his face plenty throughout the series. But never really by Emma. In fact, she has always been happy to share a quiet drink with him, and in a way has used it as a bonding point between them. And last night, she sought it out again, sought out their little shared ritual, and he obliged. (I also like that while we don’t see him drinking nearly as much these days, she still knew he keeps that flask tucked away, just in case. Ever the pirate.)

But unlike the Hook of old, he wasn’t just content to share a quiet drink with her, but he instead shared a quiet conversation. And unlike Emma of old, she was receptive.

It’s just such a tiny thread in their relationship but one that is rather lovely and warms my heart to see continue to evolve as they do.

Title: sharing is caring

Rating: K+

Summary: As Gajeel stood there frozen stiff, he realized that his idea of a practical joke had backfired.

Word count: 1,637

Warnings: gajevy, future!fic, humor, gajeel being a dad, halloween pranks, sickening fluff

I blame this entirely on the fact that Halloween is coming up. Also I’ve been having a huge Gajevy craving recently and I haven’t written anything for them in forever so…here!! ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ

Gajeel grinned as he dumped the plastic bag of candy wrappers onto the living room floor, snickering to himself as he scooted them around. He placed them strategically all over the floor with relish, imagining the comical look of outrage that his daughter would give him, how she would stomp her feet and glare just like her mom.

Levy, in the kitchen, sighed and shook her head. “Gajeel, that’s a horrible trick to play on her,” she chided as she sipped her coffee.

“Hah?” he snorted at his wife, tossing her a look over his broad shoulder. “C’mon, it’ll be funny as hell.” The iron dragonslayer propped his hands on his pajama-clad hips and surveyed his handiwork with a sense of accomplishment and a nod.

It looked perfectly disheveled…as though someone had stayed up all night eating candy.

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“How much duct tape d’you think it’d take to tape one of us to, say, a ceiling?”

Alan sat up from where he had been happily lying on the blue shag carpet, just generally getting in the way. Gordon caught the tennis ball Alan been tossing up into the air and mimed taking a bite out of it.

“Me or you?” Alan asked, springing up to try and snatch the ball back. Gordon sidestepped him.

“You, I guess. You’re lighter.”

“Okay. So maybe…five rolls? How many do you have?”

Gordon threw off the far-too-big-for-him-and-probably-virgil’s-hoodie he’d been wearing with a flourish, and then held his arms out in front of him. He had about six rolls of duct tape on each arm.

“Nice fashion statement.” Alan said, making another go of getting his tennis ball back. Gordon faked one way, then dashed round and dropped the ball down the back of little brother’s t-shirt.

“Okay-okay-okay, so, you’re in?”

Alan scrambled after the ball as it dropped out from under his shirt. 

“Yeah. Let’s do this!”

Virgil found them sometime later. He’d been out for a walk on the island, stopping every so often to sketch the odd bird. It was a real exercise in getting stuff down quickly.

He’d need that, when he dragged himself through his bedroom door, ready for a mid-afternoon nap if he could get one in. He didn’t even notice the fact that Alan was taped to his ceiling until he heard a deceptively casual ‘hey bro’ come from above.

Gordon waved to him from behind the doorframe.

“Nice blowfish impression, Virge.” He said. “What do you think of your new ceiling fixture?”

“Wh-how-why? Gordon. Why. Alan. How did he talk you into this?”

“Dude, I didn’t have to. He said yes right away.”


“I thought you were all about the pursuit of knowledge, Virgil.” Alan said, nonchalantly. His face was very red. “This was all for science, duh.”

Right. I gotta get you down.” Virgil said, rolling up his shirtsleeves.

“Good luck, it took me like three hours to get him up there.” Gordon said, bending down to pick up an off-cut piece of tape. He stuck it to Virgil’s back as he watched big brother size up the challenge in front of (above) him.

“Gordon, he’s turning purple. How could you think this was a good idea?” Virgil said, getting closer to inspect the situation. Alan stretched out his fingers and just managed to brush the top of Virgil’s head. Gordon stepped back, raising his hands in surrender.

“Hey, I never thought it was a good idea. Oh, hold on. I think he’s slipping.”

“I got it.” Virgil said, gritting his teeth.

In one particularly ungraceful motion, Virgil leapt up and ripped Alan right off the ceiling. He took a fair bit of ceiling with him on the way down, and it, along with Alan, collapsed in a heap on top of Virgil.

Gordon dragged Alan up and out of the room before Virgil could go full-hulk.

Since the Gillovny is strong today, I’ll share an observation that’s stuck in my brain. The Cutting Room second encore during the bridge where David steps out and turns his back to the audience, angling himself at Gillian and dances in a way that’s.. IDK the word? Okay I do but I don’t wanna label it because I hate labels. So she sees him step out and she turns her head fast, correction tosses her head, as if she knows what’s coming. And then (what gets me most) her face when she looks at him. Talk about staring at someone through lowered lashes, man. It’s like live-action fanfic. Then his face. That tiny smile I don’t think I’ve ever seen him give someone OOC. Then how he slides back to the mic. It’s just a lot a lot a lot. 

 Gifs of this moment, anyone? 

I had this awful dream and the main part is pretty personal but there was a bit in the beginning where I had this mouse that could turn into an enormous armadillo and it would get attached under the car and fly???? and usually u just toss it toward the car and it’ll turn kind of like how u just toss a cat anywhere and it’ll be ok but this time it didn’t ??? And he got really mad at me for dropping him and he hissed at me as was so angry I thought I was gonna die but suddenly mine comes crawling out of my purse and I realize this is a completely different armadillomouse and I’m crying bc this random one is so pissed and I’m afraid and mine consoles the other one and is like “man it’s ok she’s sorry” etc like they’re Pokemon or some shit and I’m still crying and then that part ends

like wtf


  1. rey can speak to teedo the scavenger, understand bb-8 and chewbacca, like just how many languages does she know?? my girlfriend is so smart and i am so proud
  2. finn and rey excited talking about how cool their escape from jakku was continues to be the Cutest Thing Ever
  4. maz kanata has a gigantic stone statue of herself over the entrance of her castle and honestly??? same
  5. on the bridge han does not miss a beat when kylo ren says “will you help me?” like straight away he says “yes anything”. i’m so emo everything is terrible
  6. at the end when rey is kicking kylo ren’s ass she is so amazing?? like she is literally just striding towards him, not even bothering to hold her lightsaber up in a defensive pose because honestly?? at this point she knows he has nothing on her. she is so confident and amazing and i am in Love

Wow Hook, just wow. That is just a character trait they’ve never bothered to change, isn’t it? Hook is horrible on many levels, true but you’d think they’d lighten up on his complete and total disrespect for women. As Hook was walking around doing his evil crap, it really didn’t faze me because I expected it from him. I even expected him to be as cruel as he could be to Emma. But calling a woman he’s supposed to have loved so much he’s spent hundreds of years trying to avenge her “soiled,” that stuck out to me. It just smacks you in the face how little he now cares, if he ever did, for Milah as a person. He wasn’t like “I’ll make you feel what she felt when you crushed her heart” to Rumpelle, he was like “I would’ve tossed that piece of ass back to you when I was done with it.”

How anyone thinks he’s worthy of Emma’s, or any hero’s, affections is so well beyond me, I can’t even.

I have to give a lot of credit to the actors, because in scenes like that with Melissa and Norman, you can’t take your eyes off of them. Melissa is such a great actress. And Norman, when his emotion comes out, like in the Merle scene I shot a few years ago, you can’t not be affected by it. I did an earlier version of that scene in an earlier cut, when Rick sees her and walks over and says, ‘Did you do that?’ And she’s looking at him with this trepidation because she doesn’t know how he’s going to react, because the last time they saw each other he tossed her out. So in the director’s cut of that episode I took his line out, so he just walks up to her and there’s this great tense moment of, what’s going to happen? And the look on her face — she’s scared. And then he grabs her and hugs her and she laughs. And it was really powerful. And Scott and I — we always have, like, eight things we’ll disagree on and four he’ll win and four I’ll win. So that was one of the ones where he said, 'No, I want the line there.’ But I want to see it in their faces. And the way I direct and the way I shoot the actors, I really want you to be right in there with them.
—  Greg Nicotero, Entertainment Weekly [online] (14/Oct/2014 - edited 17/Jan/2015)
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I’m officially done with Twisted. I’m done.

It’s not even about the ship anymore, it’s about them treating Lacey Porter like she is shit. I see this all the time on every soap opera. Blondes always win while the dark-haired girls or black girls get tossed to the side. The writers are fucking sick.

They made Danny chase Lacey, break up her relationship with Archie ( and he’s expelled so she’ll never see him again), make her get exploited in a sex tape with her boyfriend in the privacy of his home, make her an outcast, make her lose all her friends, and for what?


Everyone is developing as a character and here is Lacey, just thrown to the side. I just can’t.

I refuse.

I’m done. Twisted will not be getting my ratings. This fan is over their bullshit.


Creepypasta #313: The Other Red Meat

I’ve always been pretty good at cooking. Mixed flavors and spices that create mouth-watering aromas always filled the air around me. Steak was my favorite meat to cook, so juicy and inviting, it was like cooking art. Whenever I made steak with my wife around, she was right there next to me just admiring how I worked. Medium rare was the best, still bleeding a bit that it squirted into your mouth with every bite taken.

That was the meat of choice for tonight’s dinner, steak. I decided to try something different tonight, to surprise the wife since she loved my steaks so much. The way it sizzled and popped on the skillet was sometimes mesmerizing, maybe that was part of it.

Our dog whimpered, sitting at my feet. I smiled and tossed him some of the stringy pieces from the plate of raw meat on the counter and he gratefully devoured them.

As soon as my wife gets home, she’s going to be so surprised! I just know she’ll love it; she always does!

By the way, did I mention we just had a baby…?

Credits to: NobleCeltic

So there’s a lot of anti comments going around (again) about how Swan Queen shippers should stop complaining and be happy about whatever throw away LGBT couple is coming up. And I will even momentarily set aside the argument that side characters are not remotely satisfactory as representation as I ask these people: Let’s say Neal came back. Somehow, he’s back. Emma realizes she’s always loved him and leaves Hook. Should CSers not be upset? I mean, they still have Regina and Robin, or Rumple and Belle, why isn’t that good enough!? Do you see how stupid that argument is? Because one has nothing to do with the other! And then there is there the fact that not every LGBT viewer ships every LGBT ship. Just like not every straight person ships every heterosexual ship. Shocking, I know. And if you really, truly think that a tossed together same sex pairing is anywhere on par to a couple that has seasons worth of interaction in nearly every episode (I’m not even talking swan queen… I’m talking the canon couples that are in our faces every damn day) then you are literally just ignorant. Like, if you can’t pull your head out of your ass to actually consider what you’re talking about, maybe you just shouldn’t be talking about it at all.

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He had been waiting, patiently. All those years were NOTHING for him. Only a short moment drifting by as he was waiting to put his plan into ACTION…

A small laugh escaped his lips. Of course he didn’t have to ask, he was well informed about how the Crown Prince was feeling. Death had learnt to observe and wait before taking any actions. He had seen the effect of the Emperor on Rudolf, how he treated the young man and he had seen how she first fought for her son, just to toss him aside like a toy.

   It was amusing him…humans were such fascinating creatures

      “Oh Rudolf, I wanted to her it from you, before I would tell you myself in what a miserable situation you are in. Trust me, I have seen how your parents treat you. They don’t understand you…they never will.” His voice was gentle, caring. It was nearly too easy for him to pretent he actually wasted any thoughts about Rudolf’s well being.

bettervillains replied to your post “I was thinking today about Tony and Helena interactions and how Tony would totally let her binge eat all the food they had, and then teach her how to blow smoke rings and she would be fascinated by his silver tooth and want to know how he got it and Tony would just be like a big brother and I want them interacting so bad!!!!!!!!!!”

tony seeing helena’s scars and she’s not sure how he’s gonna react and he just shows her the scars on his knuckles from fights, like “we’ve all got battle scars, kiddo” and musses her hair and she’s like tossing her hair away like “do not do this”

Years later, Tony has chest surgery, and Helena is sitting by his bed when he comes to afterwards. She sets her hand on his, right on his busted up knuckles, “Old battles, new scars, brother sestra.” And he smiles groggily. 

When Sarah picks him up later to drive him home, Helena is nowhere to be seen and he’s not sure if he dreamed her or not. 

I love how Jason is constantly trying to get Nico to talk about his feelings. But, like, Reyna’s just not going to put up with that kid’s self-pitying shit.

Like, she’d just, toss his scrawny pass over her shoulder and force him out into the sunlight.

“You’ve got friends, Nico, alright. Weather you believe it or not people care about you and love you and don’t want to see you hurting. So you’re going to go out and have fun. And that’s not a suggestion.”

@withering-spirits​ // 🌙

Limus was most assuredly not expecting someone to sneak up on him. He’d already begun consuming a nearby cat by the time she arrived.

Turning to face the woman, he quickly spat out the creature, tossing it to the side as it scampered away. “Limus friendly, don’t hurt.” he mumbled, as childishly innocent as he could muster. He’d yet to really talk to anyone like this…for a while anyways. “I’m a spirit, very friendly, just hungry, sorry.” Well, it was a partial truth, as good as any. With how hungry he was…he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to beat someone in a fight right now. He felt so drained, he needed something.

It’s a sickening sight to see the hindquarters of a cat hanging from the creature’s mouth. Surely Kabegami would hate to see a sight much less to know that someone was going about eating her patron animal. Something Yumigami would keep secret from the smaller goddess, even as a chuckle passed her own lips.

“Caught you at a bad time, have I? Dear me… Lucky for you I have no intentions of fighting. I am Yumigami.”

She crouched closer to his height, observing the little spirit. Where did it–he?–originate from? Yumigami found herself curious now.

mephhius  asked:

Ah, yes. Rose getting gangraped and then kidnapped to be a tranced up hostage while her baby is tossed around is just one of the many amazing things about FMA 03. Don't forget Dante (our main villain) basically telling Ed she's going to rape him, but worry not, it's all part of the show's true & dark brilliance to show how EVIL and TWISTED she is.



This is so stupid. I’m glad I never watched more than a handful of episodes of ‘03. Geez how can anyone like this? This is just awful. Like wow. It takes Fullmetal Alchemist and pisses all over it.