i like how much oliver respects john


I have no idea what to say about this episode. 

Or, “I have so much to say and no idea where to start because shit.”

Let’s start small: I had no idea that Felicity was VP. I was shocked when I heard Ray introduce her as such. Am I proud of our little angel face? Absolutely! But it hurts me deeply that QC is no longer QC. 

Still on a slightly smaller scale: John. Diggle. I officially name you the patron saint of Olicity. This man and his truth bombs. I love that he went to Felicity - and I love that Felicity shut his ass down! I mean, she heard what he was saying. She saw his point and then promptly waved at it as it flew past her and out into oblivion, and I respect that. No one can dig Oliver and Felicity out of this situation except Oliver and Felicity, no matter who it is or how hard they try. But I do like that Digg tried. More than that, I like that Digg was pretty much after Oliver the whole episode. He knew that Oliver wasn’t okay and he knew why, and he did his best to get Oliver to understand and admit that as well. I’ve changed my mind, John Diggle is the patron saint of Olicity and patience. 

And now - Once more unto the breach, my friends.

One of Felicity’s greatest powers is her ability to make people believe through the sheer force of her own belief. That woman can change the world with nothing more than the strength of her will. That moment at dinner, where she talks that guy into selling Ray his mine? She was wonderful (and millions of kudos to EBR for her stellar delivery and acting in that scene).

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