i like how me trolling turned into me giffing 5ever and a half

I reblog a bunch of Frozen gifs and photosets because, in my honest opinion, it’s that kind of movie - it’s better on tumblr than it was on screen.

It’s funny that Idina Menzel voiced Elsa, because to me Frozen suffered the same problem as Wicked - it starts off with a strong first act, with a misunderstood suffering girl who decides to throw out society’s expectations of her in a grand “fuck you, come and get some” song that lets everyone know that she’s done, goddamit, done with their bullshit and sets up this awesome story of how she’s going to kick ass and take names!!! and then the second act completely fizzles out, and she’s just as she ever was - scared, isolated, confused. Plus, the rest of the movie made it clear LiG was NOT a power anthem but was actually Elsa literally running away from her responsibilities… like, that’s not cool at all. That shouldn’t be applauded lmao

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