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a lil dumb comic of my d&d warlock attempting a v dangerous ritual bc of course he would!

Sugar Sweet | 5 |

word count: 5.4k

genre: lots of smut, fluff & a tiny bit of angst at the end



part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 6

a/n: i’m so sorry for the wait guys! work has been stressing me lately along with some personal issues but i appreciate your guy’s patience. the next chapter will already be written out but requests will be taken care of before i post the next so please continue to be patient until then and check the schedule if you’re wondering about it.

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Here’s a very smol piece of the Hunter x Hunter animation that I’ve been working on! Sorry if it’s really super pixely, I’ve been working on a small canvas so it looks kinda grainy on a portable device. On a computer it looks decent though. I plan on resizing it so it doesn’t look grainy like that but I’ll do that when I’m actually done with it lol



This one is about my cat because I’m predictable.

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i think it's really cool&interesting that katie mcgrath never actually trained to be an actress, but she turned out to be really good anyways! do you know of any interviews where she talks about learning to act or stuff like that?

Hey anon! Sorry for the delay!

I am always really excited to see when fans realize how far she has come as an actress, especially without training. I have a couple sources here where she mentions her experiences and how she got started and started to come into her own.

I’ve got my tea so I could sit back and do a little digging from some old ones I have saved. Most of these were from her time on Merlin.

From the wardrobe assistant to superstar: How Merlin actress Katie McGrath stole the show - In the first half, she explains how she became and actress and jokes about being a nightmare for those in wardrobe (2009).

Katie McGrath Talks Merlin - Katie briefly discusses the exciting yet daunting task of playing Morgana, what drew her to the role/series, working with Madonna, and the biggest challenge of being an actor (2011).

Katie McGrath, Merlin - Katie talks a little about her talent in playing good vs. evil, and scenes that are the most challenging for her (2012).

‘Merlin’ Katie McGrath Q&A: ‘I’ve been privileged to be part of this’ - Katie discusses gaining confidence as an actress while playing Morgana, learning from actors such as C. Morgan, A. Head and C. Dance, and working with prosthetic make-up for the first time (2012).

Slasher’s Latest Suspect/Victim: Katie McGrath’s Sarah Bennett - Katie talks playing a female character in horror, how she got the role, the challenges of not reading as Morgana, and a future where she may no longer be able to rely on her eyebrows and jawline for work! (2016).

@ that last one… she knows… and she tortures us anyway!

Hope these help! Happy reading!

Far From Boring

Requested.  @clarissarae13
Who: Chris Evans
Quote: I turned out liking you a lot more than I originally planned. 

[Y/N] loved her job, it was what made her get up in the mornings. Although, her job wasn’t the only thing that put an extra pep in her step, it was the fact that she got to see Chris as well. Now, she knew that it was extremely unprofessional to fall for the actors but she fell prey to his charm and got swept away. 

She sat in the costumes department trailer, a pencil behind her ear while another laid in her hand. Tilting her head to the side, she sketched a few more lines and sat back to criticize her work. Frowning, she dug around in her pencil box and snatched an eraser and took away more lines than she had added. 

She looked up at the sound of knocking and Chris walking inside. A smile was instantly plastered on her face because let’s be honest, she could never not smile when he was around. “Hey you.” 

Chris mimicked her smile, “Hey.” He always sounded so calm and collected, it drove her crazy. For once she wanted to hear him get tongue tied but she felt like she’d never see the day. 

Waltzing over towards her, he passed by dozens of outfits that she had put together for the movie. Peering over her table, he nodded in approval. “I’m liking the new suit.” 

Throwing her hands over the sketch, her brows knitted together. “Now Chris,” she scolded, “You aren’t allowed to peek, we talked about this.” 

Shrugging, “Yeah but,” moving closer, his hand moved towards the middle of her back, “I’m kind in with the head of the costume department and I don’t think she’d mind at all.” 

Quirking a brow, she scoffed. “I think we might have a disagreement on that one, buddy.” 

He chuckled, moving so close to her that all he had to do was lean down and kiss her lips. “I bet you that she wouldn’t.” 

Closing her eyes, she brushed her lips against his, “Mm, well you might be right but her boss will kill her if she lets you see it before him.” Pecking him real quick, she pulled away and motioned towards the door. “You may have a free day but this gal doesn’t so, shoo shoo.” 

Chris faked a frown, “But I’ve missed you. Can’t I spend my free day with my favorite girl?” Looking around, he snatched a random feather boa that was just laying on a mannequin, “I can be your assistant.” Wrapping it around him, he laughed alongside her. 

Shading a part on the sketch, she giggled, “Absolutely not. You’d be very distracting and,” focusing more on the drawing, she pulled the pencil from behind her ear, “they still don’t know about us. What would they think if our bosses found you in my trailer?” 

Chris huffed, “Can’t I be ‘friends’ with the people who help make the magic happen? I’m a very friendly, fun loving guy, [Y/N]. I befriend a lot of people.” 

“Don’t pout, that’s how wrinkles form.” She instructed, laughing at his expression.

Standing in front of her again, he forced her to look at him. “How about you and I hit up that vintage French restaurant tonight for dinner.” 

“Chris,” [Y/N] warned, she didn’t care to go to dinner with him but she didn’t want to jeopardize the professionalism on his part. 

Shaking his head, Chris’s hands reached up and cradled her face. “I don’t care what they say, [Y/N]. If anything it’ll be a nice story of how I’ve found the person I can spend the rest of my life with.” Pressing a warm and tender kiss against her, he smiled. “When we first met back on Winter Soldier, I thought to myself how much I was going to like you.” Kissing her again, he looked at her with a heartfelt look, “Its just  I turned out liking you a lot more than I originally planned.” 

Sighing, “I don’t want this to affect your career. Dating the costume designer sounds a bit boring than a beautiful actress or model.” 

“I’d take boring any day and [Y/N]?” His brows furrowed, “You are far from boring and absolutely beautiful, breathtaking.” Pressing his lips against her forehead, he asked again, “So that restaurant?” 

“Eight o’clock.” She said firmly. “And Chris?” 


“Get out before I throw you out.” She gave him a cheeky grin as he shook his head and chuckled. 

The Flame Alchemist - fanart. I recently finished reading the FMA manga and I’m obsessed again with this freaking story.

I’ve been trying to draw Mustang for probably more than a month now and I finally made it. I’ve scrapped like 10 paintings of him so far jfc. Apparently the secret was to lay off the complicated lighting and just relax and draw. Anyway, not much else is needed to be said here. I like how this turned out and drawing the ignition glove was super fun^^ (i didn’t get to draw the lizard though :( ). Anyway, feels good to be back *single sparkle*

Made by jiyu-koya. Please, do not repost, do not remove source.


Kakairu couple icons! Feel free to use. Please do not edit into a different chara or use as a base. Thank you! : )

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ARE U READY FOR THE BBMAS BC I AM. even if bts doesnt perform... i will just be happy bc its a new opportunity they get to experience for the first time and they’re the only kpop band to ever ?? make it that far after just FOUR years like wow we should all feel like proud parents.

ME AF BUT IM ALSO SLIGHTLY NERVOUS??? MOSTLY OF THE SUSPENSE. IM ALMOST SORT OF VIBRATING TO ANOTHER DIMENSION?? But for real though I’m so proud :’-(((( even if things don’t turn out how we expect them to be tonight, I just hope they enjoy the show and get to talk to their faves and get smothered w love from everyone

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH !!!! I got the prints today !!! They’re like SO PRETTY ! I’m happy how they turned out ! I can’t wait to ship those to their respective owner ! Thank you so much for your support so far I’m SO HAPPY and I’m SO excited to actually design more print ! I’ve SO MANY planned in my head omg !!! AGAIN THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!

so let’s talk about this “cheeky cheeky idea” dan mentioned recently on his live show.

i have seen people either shrug it off or flip the fuck out thinking that it’s him coming out or some shit like that and honestly some people are taking it way too far and getting into fights with other people about what this video is about on different social media platforms. here’s the thing. dan announced this out of the goodness of his heart and there are fans taking advantage of that little thing he said and blowing it up into something much bigger. and it’s gotten a little out of hand so i just wanted to make this post before people went bat-shit crazy. it’s alright to ship phan, it’s alright to not ship phan, it’s alright to have your own opinions about this “long time coming” video. i’m not saying you can’t. but what i am saying is that while you have your own opinions, don’t get butthurt when other’s disagree with yours. if you think it has something to do with his (and phil’s) personal life that’s great!!!!! if you think it involves his professional life, fantastic!!!!! but don’t freak out and be so quick to fight people that don’t think the same thing as you. the phandom can be a really really sweet place full of nice and caring people that help each other out but things like that are making us get a bad rep and turning things somewhat sour. and the boys don’t want their fans fighting or flipping shit on each other, imagine how that would make them feel knowing that that’s what their fanbase has come to. so please, take this rant into consideration and spread the word. RESPECT EVERYONE’S OPINION AND DON’T BE SO QUICK TO PICK A FIGHT WITH PEOPLE. thank you.

Eddie Vedder trending on twitter fucking freaked me out. Turns out its because of these jokes or whatever. Pretty disrespectful, i’d say. Joke about it later. Chris died. It’s his day. We should be mourning him. He deserves that attention. You guys know how much i love Ed and i really really hope he leads a long healthy life but it’s not about him today. It’s about Chris and his poor family. Just put yourself in his wife’s or kids’ place and imagine how they’d feel seeing all these people joking and saying shit like ‘thank god it’s not eddie vedder’.
Rest in Peace Chris.
We love you ❤❤

tfw not too long ago, you were watching reruns of season 1 and steven was just some goofy, naive little kid who messed up missions and could barely be taken seriously, but now, after stevenbomb 6, you’re thinking about how much he’s grown, how much he’s been forced to grow, and be thrust into these dangerous situations all because of the repercussions of being rose quartz’s son like he didn’t ask for this, he just wants to be a normal boy that lives a normal happy danger free life with all of the people he cares about safe and happy, but he just…can’t have that. not now anyway. and it’s gotten to him so much that he just made the riskiest and most impulsive decision of his life and who the fuck knows how it’ll turn out and I am so scared for that boy’s safety and I just


I usually ruin stuff by linearting them and probably won’t have the time to for a while soo uh have some messy sketchy color test WIP of designs of the Fierce baes! 

Basically, an updated version of this design I made for my FD RP BlogAnd I actually did my research this time to emphasize their contrasting Western-Eastern Warrior style, because I drew the last one without any research and we all know how that one turned out OTL

For the sake of keeping things simple: (AU-ish headcanon) Fierce Deity with Dissociative-Identity-Disorder and his dark version who did some Tetraforce and hero shit as Hyrule’s God(s) of Eternity. 
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You want it, you got it! This had to be the most requested fusion I’ve had so far, like 5+ messages. I liked how this fusion finally turned out! I might dub this one “Shepherd” but it doesn’t last for long, its not a stable enough fusion…yet. I actually need to explain why this took forever.

At first, I couldn’t see Rung and Fortress Maximus fusing at all. I was thinking of a scenario of Fort Max asking Rung to fuse with him to try and see if it could help with their sessions. Mainly because Fort Max doesn’t want to speak of his past and think that fusing is an easy way out of it. Unfortunately Rung isn’t on board with the idea because it violates the doctor patient relationship and goes against a major rule in the psychiatrist code. I just didn’t think it would make sense that the two would fuse.

But then after a couple of weeks later, I had a thought of Rung being willing to break a rule to help someone who is too traumatized to talk about a certain memory. (Not sure what the name of that particular disorder is but it definitely has a name.)

So yea….I ship them now…. :3

P.S. Rung isn’t wearing his glasses because his glasses do have an affect when he fuses and didn’t want his glasses getting affected. (see the Rorschach fusion)