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Malvie and Jaylos double date? Please?

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Mal was laying on her bed reading while she waited for Evie to finish getting ready for their double date with Carlos and Jay. Mal, wearing dark jeans, a dark purple t-shirt and a black leather jacket, was already ready to leave. Evie, who actually cared about her hair and makeup, was not ready to go.

But Mal knew that Evie prided herself on her appearence as well as her smarts, so she just called the boys to let them know that they might be running a little late.

She and Evie were going to be meeting Jay and Carlos for a picnic at the Enchanted Lake, where Mal had been on her first date with Ben.

(She and Ben had since broken up, deciding that they worked far better as friends instead of a couple.)

Lonnie, thank goodness, had agreed to drive them, because none of the core four could drive. Lonnie was going to drop them off and pick them up later. She was like a gift from Fairy Godmother.

After a few more minutes of waiting, Mal finally looked up from her book. “Hey E, are you almost ready? We need to go soon.” She called.

“Almost!” Evie called back.

Sure enough. Evie finally emerged from the bathroom looking radiant as ever in a dark blue dress with her hair loose around her shoulders. She smiled. “Ready, M?”

Mal looked up from her book again, looked Evie over, and then moved to get up. “I’ve been ready.” She replied. “And you look absolutely beautiful.”

“Thank you,” Evie said as Mal walked over to her. She grabbed her hand and the two headed to the door. They were going to meet the boys (and Lonnie) out front or the school.

A bit later, they were at the lake, at the same stone pavilion that Mal and Ben had been at on their date. The food had been eaten and the boys were standing in the shallow part of the lake splashing each other while Mal and Evie supervised.

Evie was sitting back on her hands and Mal was laying down, her head in Evie’s lap and reading while Evie absently played with her hair.

It was nice, and aside from Jay and Carlos yelling at each other, it was peaceful.

Eventually, Jay and Carlos took a break and came back to sit with the girls.

“Why don’t you guys come join us?” Carlos asked.

“And risking ruining my makeup? No thanks.” Evie answered.

“She spent like an hour doing her makeup, which looks great by the way babe.” Mal added, setting her book aside. Evie smiled.

“Why can’t you guys just.. chill? It’s a nice day and it’s peaceful. Sit with us.” Mal continued despite knowing her suggestion would be ignored.

Jay and Carlos shared a look. “No thanks,” Jay said. “Evie, would mind if I borrowed your girlfriend?”

Mal sat up. “I swear if you’re planning on tossing me into the lake I will end you.”

Jay held up his hands defensively. “I just want to talk. Chill.” He said, although the mischievious glint in his eyes and the smirk on his face suggested otherwise. Mal frowned.

Evie rested a hand on her gurlfriend’s shoulder. “No, I like her right here.” She replied.

“Thanks babe.” Mal said, laying back down, her head omce again in Evie’s lap. She reached for her book, only to find it was missing. She sat up again and Evie sighed.

“Jay! Give me my book!” Mal demanded.

“I don’t have it.” He replied. She looked towards Carlos, or where he had been, and noticed he had taken off running, her book visible in one of his hands.

Mal got up and took off after Carlos, yelling something about regretting agreeing to this date. Evie sighed louder. Jay just laughed.

The date ended when Mal shoved Carlos into the lake after getting her book back. Evie called Lonnie to see if she could pick them up and bring towels while Jay went to save his boyfriend.


“Of course, I’m simplifying the whole thing. But that’s pretty much what happened! Obviously after this, Flux decided to strike it out on his own, in terms of hives. His old one was pretty abusive. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few other members followed him out.”
Sorry if it’s a little hard to read, let me know and I’ll type out her whole dialog in an edit. And sorry it’s not digital, no tablet. But you deserved what I had of the second half of her story.

Part 1

fire: a maia/isabelle soulmate au in which your soulmate’s scars appear on your body, but in a different colour. | words: 2,630.

Isabelle wasn’t sure how she felt about soulmates.

At first, she had been almost sure she didn’t have one. It wasn’t completely impossible; there were cases (though they were very uncommon) of people who didn’t have soulmates, of people who just didn’t give a fuck about who their soulmates were and chose to date anyone else, of people whose soulmates had changed, and everything in between. However, being one of those people meant that she was uncommon, and she didn’t want to be. Not in that sense, anyway.

But all of those were the thoughts that came to her over the course of time.

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Matt insisted on putting the glow in the dark stars up. :)


Guess who’s a Whovian? Nah, don’t guess, it’s pretty obvious. Anyway I actually forgot to upload the things I did for the convention months back. These badge designs were some from then. Thought I’d best put em up before I forgot again. Have a good day folks! I’ll be around. 


hc that Preston and Nerf’s egg never ran away but rather… Jasper was watching all this unfold from afar and decided that now was as good a time as any for ghostly intervention