i like how it turned out

I wanted to add the full version of Kii deeply thinking. For a parasite, he turned out super cute in this–

Mob!! (Performance outfit reference) [¼]

Alright y’all time to bring back an old AU (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Insp: [Outfit] || [Music] || [Pose Ref]

More on this AU: [Read] || [Other art: 1 // 2 //]

[Others from the esper squad (coming soon): Ritsu || Teru || Shou]


Today’s finished project: “How to Warp” feat. Peridot! 💚

Some time ago I stumbled over this awesome song and thought to myself - “Why don’t I animate Peridot dancing to this?”.
Well, today I finally did it. Enjoy! 💙

Original Video: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm27061830

I’m gonna come out to my dad today.

I’m friggin’ terrified. SO many people have to me that I’m overreacting but they’ve all been cis straight people while all the queer people I’ve told agree that it’s always scary no matter the odds. So I’m not sure if my fear is justified or not but it’s paralyzing me and I just want to get it over with. At the same time though I have this weird urge to ‘save’ my life right now so that if it ends badly I can ‘go back’ and stay in the closet forever but like, that’s not possible in real life?? It’s incredibly frustrating….

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my boyfriend broke up with me and i dont know how to tell any one person because im like obviously devastated but also embarrassed for thinking someone actually! liked me. romantically. outside of the internet. irl if you will. im dead inside. he told me he couldnt imagine us together in the future and was holdin that in for the past 3 weeks apparently. that his honeymoon phase ended way too quickly. and like shit that’s totally valid but lowkey pisses me off that i was fawning over him for those 3 weeks, ignorantly fantasizing abt our future together, and he couldnt even imagine us together in a month. anyways now i have to figure out how tf im gonna tell my mum considering this is the first time i’ve had any of my family know abt someone i genuinely liked and it ended so shortly and abruptly (my brother knows!!! my family friends know. thanks mum for telling them lmaoooo!!!). like wowzers!!! i set aside my entire weekend and turned down plans from friends for you and now i get to spend my only free day doing homework and being alone. thanks. im so. excited.

Keith, always twice as anxious before a fight after he starts dating Lance because he’s not used to worrying so much about losing one specific, important person like this, dragging Lance away somewhere private to celebrate their victory just in case there’s not a next time