i like how it says gave his life

Teddy Remus Lupin

Teddy’s birth as seen by Lily, James and a very jealous Sirius

Sirius: I don’t like babies.

Lily: You almost died of happiness when you first held Harry. You even cried.

Sirius: *hissing* I did no such thing because I don’t like babies.

James: *grinning* Maybe it’s just this one baby Pads.

Sirius: Shut it, Prongs.

Lily: Another war baby, I hope his fate will be different.

James: It will be because this time the war will end, Lils.

Sirius: Tell me when it’s over.

James: You had begged to be there when Evans gave birth?

Sirius: I was young and stupid.

Lily: Aren’t you being a little bit too dramatic? You should be happy. It’s Remus for heaven’s sake.

Sirius: *sarcastically* I’m so happy that the love of my life is having a baby from my cousin’s daughter.

Lily: When you say it like that..

Sirius: *impatiently* Well, that’s how it is.

James: *excited* He is here and he looks like a handsome potato.

Lily: Oh this is weird.

Sirius: What is weird?

James: Let’s just say all those cousin marriages took it’s toll on your gene pool Pads.

Sirius: What the fuck are you talking about?

Lily: *quietly* He looks like you.

Sirius: You have got to be fucking kidding me.

James: Um, yeah, no.

Lily: Can I ask something? How will they know if he’s a werewolf or not?

Sirius: Full moon, there’s no other way to know. *pauses, stares at the baby* He really looks like me.

James: I think there’s another way.

Sirius: No, there i–

Lily: His hair is becoming ginger?

Sirius: *relieved* IS HE A METAMORPHMAGUS?

James: Apparently.

Sirius: It’s impossible to dislike him and I’m trying really hard.

Lily: Teddy.

Sirius: What?

Lily: His name is Teddy Remus.

James: *laughing* Oh, now that’s cheating. Harry James, Teddy Remus I mean, come on Moony.

Sirius: He always thought he couldn’t ever have a child because he wasn’t entitled to it being the monster he is. I tried to tell him maybe thousand times, look at his face.

Lily: You like Teddy, don’t you?

Sirius: Of course I like him, I love him even. Look at how Moony’s face lit up, I haven’t seen his eyes glow like that in years.

James: Now, he has a reason to survive.

Lily: Did Remus just apparate from the side of his new born baby and wife?

James: He did, where is he Pads?

Sirius: He’s at the Weasley cottage where Harry’s hiding.

James: He is scaring the living shit out of them.

Lily: *smiling* Ah, I missed excited Remus.

Remus hugs Harry.

James: *longingly* Hug him for us, too, Moony.

“You’ll be godfather?” he said as he released Harry. 

Lily: *starts crying* Merlin, Remus must you make me cry? 

James: *his hands in his hair* My son is the godfather of my best friend’s boy. I never knew I wanted this until this moment.

Sirius: *sadly* He will be a better godfather than I ever was.

James: Pads. we chose you. Me and Evans. We chose you because we knew you were perfect for it and you did everything you could.

Sirius: Yeah, I got myself locked up in Azkaban.

Lily: No one is blaming you for that, not us, not Harry.

James: Harry loved you even though you had two years together, you were his Paddy and he was your fawn. I wouldn’t have even dreamed of making another person the godfather of my first child.

Lily: *staring into distance* We were going to have enough kids for each one of you to become godfathers but you, you were the obvious first choice. You are James’ brother, please stop feeling guilty about this. 

James: *trying to cheer Sirius up* Let’s enjoy this moment mate, imagine how punk rock this kid would be.

Sirius: *softly smiling as he’s staring at his hands* Very.

Lily: Come on let’s just watch Remus before the dark times start again.

Sirius: Yeah, you are right. To Teddy Lupin then.

James & Lily: To Teddy Lupin.

Bruh it's just butter

lol today I was ringing up this couple and they bought a little tub of butter in the country crock brand I think? After I scanned it the man starts going if at me about how our store doesn’t carry that brand of butter in the stick form. And I gave the generic oh that’s weird I don’t really care response, usually keeps people quiet.
Well then he starts raising his voice saying that he’s talked to every manager at this store and “I’ve emailed corporate hundreds of times telling them to stock this butter in their stores!!” He went on and on the whole time I was stuck standing there and it was unbelievable. Like it’s butter what’s the big deal dude why are you so angry??? It’s butter! Get a life! Corporate doesn’t care!!!!!¡¡

When I think of Magus showing his cat eyes to Alec for the first time, I think of that scene from Tangled where Eugene sees Rapunzel’s glowing hair. At first he’s like bITCH WHAT THE FUCK?? HER HAIR FUCKING GLOWWWS??? But in the end it doesn’t matter if she has magical hair or not because he loves her and basically gave up his life to save her. Same goes for Alec, he may be taken back by Magnus’s cat eyes at first, but he’ll be lost in how mesmerizing and beautiful they are, he won’t know what to say and the sight of them makes Alec fall deeper and deeper in love with him. Magnus would get all insecure and try and hide it bc he absolutely despises his warlock mark and is afraid Alec is going to be mortified and run off just like everyone else he has been with bUT HE DOESNT AND HE NEVER WILL. Alec just tilts Magnus’s head up so their eyes meet and Alec gets so lost in those golden eyes and is thinking “holy shit this man is so beautiful in every single way I love him and I’m so glad he’s mine.” He covers Magnus with soft little kisses and tells him that he’s perfect and nothing could ever make him run away, nothing could ever make his love for Magnus fade away and this was supposed to be a cute little comparison and now I’ve made myself sad

“Don’t Underestimate What A Person Can Do To Protect Those They Care About”


“All she has ever wanted is a child!” Loki yells at the Healers as you sit solemnly in the waiting room.  “If you have exhausted every single method-”

“We have no idea if this kind of thing will even work,” the doctor emphasizes.

“I gave birth to a horse!” Loki roars.

And the Healers fell silent.

“If my carrying the child will ensure that my wife obtains what she wishes out of her life, then that is what shall be done,” Loki states as he straightens his posture.

“And how shall this child be conceived?” a nurse asks.

“Like every other child, of course,” Loki says as he begins to change right in front of their eyes.

“Long enough to give birth,” he assures them as he turns for the waiting room.

im going to take a nap but before i go lemme just say that i love jackson with my entire heart and i really appreciate everything he has done to be in the place he is right now :( like sometimes we rly take for granted how mentally strong he is, especially when we talk about his pre debut days… like he rly gave up of a life he had built since he was 10 to go to a foreign country he didnt have clue about its language, its culture or its people… he would face xenophobia on his daily basis, he would have to deal with his loneliness in the first months of training bc no one would want to be w him and in the end of the day he would still call his parents saying that he was alright and happy and lie about having a bunch of friends when he would cry in those fucking stairs while everyone else were asleep bc he was too stressed and hadnt anyone 2 vent with… i mean u can rly see how much he loves fencing and how much it makes him happy even now, and u can also see how much he misses his family and how emotional he gets if u talk about his mother, so i cant even put in words how hard it must has been for him to let go of what he loved… nd forreal i rly hope he knows we see and admire these things even when hes super humble abt it and tries to hide it…. bc if he didnt have go through all of this, he wouldnt have touched so many people’s lives, including mine lmao so yeah im so so grateful and i love him to pieces 

Is it just me or has Enzo done nothing but put Bonnie’s life in danger? The pills, were arguably accidental. But because of his refusal to tow the line and act like the obedient soldier he gave up Sarah and Bonnie. So, I have to agree with Damon on this, this whole mess with Bonnie being in danger wouldn’t be a thing if Enzo had just at least acted like he’d turned off his switch. At least until they could figure out how to break her hold. Just saying.

Vampire Diaries Series Finale

First of all, how come even though I know that this episode was going to be terrible, I was still seriously disappointed at the end. Like seriously Julie Plec has one talent and that is screwing over every single fan possible and writing shitty story lines and destroying characters. My, that is quite a list!

Let’s start with the bad stuff, shall we?:
- STEFAN. I knew that he would die but still a small part of me had hope that it would be Damon who rightfully died instead of Stefan who doesn’t deserve this. And how dare Julie Plec try to make it all heroic by saying that he gave his life for Elena and Mystic Falls. That was not heroic it was just plain stupid.

- “This is my story” said by…Elena? Um… no… this is Stefan’s story and his diary so why did they try and make it seem like it was Elena’s story all along. They got a bunch of other characters to do diary voiceovers but not the one person in which it actually would have made sense? Go figure.

- The elusive Katherine Pierce. Honestly I felt like Nina’s performance of her was actually quite lacklustre. It didn’t radiate the usual self-entitled superiority and cockiness that usually comes off Katherine. Her character seemed a bit stiff to me. This may be just me but I was really disappointed because I couldn’t wait to see Katherine again so when we did it felt too weird.

- Also the quote that Katherine said “that’s for me to know and you to dot dot dot”. That was a quote said by Damon in season 1. If this was intentional then that was weird and slightly cringeworthy and it makes no sense because Katherine wasn’t even in that scene when Damon said it. If it was unintentional then that’s hilarious because it shows yet again how useless Julie Plec is.

-Bonnie Bennett. I think we’re supposed to be relived that she didn’t die and tbh I am but WHAT THE HELL. They literally left her all alone and walked away without looking back even once. Caroline- her supposed best friend- could afford to waste time to call her husband but not to quickly call her best friend just in case she died trying to save their asses. AGAIN, I might add.

-Caroline Forbes. I’m not a Steroline fan but I still felt so bad for her. Even though I don’t ship them like crazy doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate how badly she must be feeling right now.

- “[Damon] is the better man.” LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE.

The Good Parts (and there weren’t many):

- Klaroline. This scene showed perfectly why I ship them. Klaus understanding yet again that Caroline needed her space and just reminding her that when the time comes he will be there to love her as she deserves. Frankly I’m glad that Julie Plec didn’t do more with that simple scene because she would have ruined it.

- Stefan and Lexi. This friendship has always been my favourite in the show which is surprising since we only see them interact for about 8 episodes (just shows the quality of the other friendships that were supposed to have been developed over eight seasons). It was adorable and simple and I felt so happy to see it.

-No Delena scenes. Thank God, I didn’t have to endure their vomit inducing ‘love’ scenes or I might have just barfed all over my screen.

All in all, it was a terrible episode and it seriously felt way too rushed and not like a proper series finale. Hell, it didn’t even feel like a season finale. Goodbye TVD, I loved you once but then KW left and with him left any hope of a decent show. You will not be missed Vampire Diaries so good riddance to you.

Vikings sentence meme.

“You have your father’s eyes… unfortunately.”
“He searches for your death.”
“What are you preparing for?”
“For everything, there is a season, and a time for every matter under the sun.”
“Don’t take any foolish risks and don’t get separated from the others.”

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Yoosung's Confession
Mystic Messenger
Yoosung's Confession


MC: Hello? Are you okay to talk right now?

I am! Totally am.
I actually had something to tell you…
Listen carefully, okay?

One… two… three…
I love you.

I’m so happy that I can protect you.
You gave me so much strength by believing in me.
I feel like I’ve never been more useful in my life… I can finally be the knight who protects his loved one.

MC: I love you too, Yoosung.

I know. I can just tell by how you breathe.
But if you say it out loud… you’re so adorable!! God… I wish I could just run to you and hug you…
I want to see you more now… Ugh… Nope! I need to wake up.

…I’ll call you again. Have a good day, my love.

Honestly my biggest problem with the Catholic stuff in Daredevil isn’t that the priest was wearing the wrong color stole in that one scene, it’s that Matt Murdock’s Catholicism is all about angst and guilt, which is a major stereotype about Catholics, at least in the US.

And yes, sometimes being Catholic means striking your breast and saying mea culpa but just as often it means sitting in Eucharistic Adoration completely dumbstruck by how beautiful the Blessed Sacrament is or praying the Joyful Mysteries or singing Alleluias or any number of other ways of rejoicing in the fact that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, so that whoever believes in him shall not perish but shall have eternal life.

We’re not likely to see Matt Murdock do any of those things.

But, like I said, he’s the only show in town right now when it comes to Catholic superheroes.

You know what I find hilarious? How (basically) everyone is slating the Sharon and Steve kiss by saying it was ‘unnecessary’ and ‘there was no build-up’ and that it ‘literally came from nowhere’, and yet all I can think about is that if a similar situation were to happen in real life, i.e. Sharon Carter saving their actual arses by stealing the Shield/Sam’s entire ‘bird suit’ from the CIA and giving it back to their rightful owners, (when they needed it the most) despite what might happen to her own career/life. I’d kiss the everloving shit out of that woman too. Did it fuck come from nowhere. 

Also, Steve clearly had some feelings for Sharon since he met her in CA:TWS because how else would Sam have recognised her at the funeral? Sam never met Sharon in CA:TWS and yet it was he who saw Sharon first and nudged Steve. He knew who Sharon Carter was, and he also knew who Sharon Carter was to Steve. So let’s not even pretend that Steve hasn’t been talking about the cute nurse, who wasn’t really a nurse, from across the hall who he liked flirting with four (? who even knows timelines any more) years ago.  

anonymous asked:

You ever think how David is likely the only adult actively trying to be involved in Max's life?

okay buddy so first of all, how dare you.
second of all,

real talk though, the relationship of david and max was one of my favourite aspect of camp camp from the very start - and it still is, aside from the characters themelves and theoryzing.
and what your saying is pretty damn true as far as i’m concerned. david probably IS the only adult who is trying to be a part of max’s life, and is probably also the only adult who ever gave him positive attention. and max is pretty horrible at reacting to it - boy likes his personal space and his hair unruffled and he just won’t believe kind and happy people actually exist -, but that’s because it’s probably that unnatural to him.
having an adult in a positive role in his life is so unusal and unacceptable for him, that he’s actively going out his way trying to prove that david just can’t be this happy. and while i personally believe david has his issues and max isn’t exactly wrong, the fact that he’s so obsessed with proving that david is hiding something/will snap if tortured long enough and show some kind of true colors  says everything.
max realizes that the way his parents probably act aren’t normal. but instead of trying to consciously accept that, he just normalizes it - and according to those norms, david is the weird one out. i do not think max is denying any of his problems, but it’s just easier to accept that everybody is shitty.
the additional fact, that i’m pretty sure if max was in some kind of trouble and had one phone call, he’d probably had david as his first contact who’d give a shit about it is just the icing on the cake.
(tbfh i do not think david realizes the role of his in the life of max - as a semi-regular caretaker and all - but he’s doing good enough. i’m proud of him.)

Ok so i know a lot of people were kinda frustrated with how zigs character is developing but i have to say i’m quite fond of it. Not because i support his violent tendencies but i love that they gave him a real life flaw. As someone struggling with bpd i know what its like to be the person who’s quick to anger and even quicker too regret that anger, yet having too much pride to show it. I can really connect with this character and it makes me really want to see him develop more, simply put i think this flaw makes him so much more interesting to me. The basic trope of boy meets girl, boy falls for girl and has to woo her can become trite. I can really get behind the mc supporting and loving zig and being what he needs despite his clear flaws and watching him heal, until he’s capable of being what she needs.

MARVEL FANCAST MEME (1/?) Callan Mcauliffe as James Steven Rogers

You’re always gonna be my baby boy, my love.” Her red lips pulled into that beautiful smile as she kissed his cheek. “Sixteen years is nothing, it’s not like you’re already so close to leaving me and going to college and  starting your life.” Peggy softly chuckled as tears fell from her brown eyes.

James smiled at his mother and took her hands. “Ma, don’t say that.. I know you gave up a lot. Raising me on your own, putting your work hold, it was hard I know and I just wanna say … I love you. I don’t know anything else that could explain how much I do.” He hugged her tightly as she silently cried. They pulled away and James wiped the tears that stayed on his mothers cheek. “I’m always gonna be your son and you do good to remember you’re always gonna be my favorite girl, ma.”


After Steve had supposedly perished in the plane crash, Peggy had found out she was pregant with her super soldiers baby. Peggy stays a working agent of the SSR until she became too pregnant to continue but went straight back to work when James turned one. Peggy often wished Steve were there to see their son. Their handsome baby boy. Peggy made sure James grew into the kind and selfless man his father had been. Peggy is a hardworking single mother until James turned ten. She married and has her second child by the time James turns twelve.

On James’ sixteenth birthday, a group of heavily armed men in black clad suits kidnap James in his home and Peggy helplessly watched as they took her boy from her. Peggy didn’t know then, but that was the remnants of HYDRA who’d been dead set on creating more super soldiers to carry out their heinous deeds.

James was experimented on numerous times by Dr. Zola and others where he was held in a HYDRA facility then frozen for future use. In another twisted turn of events, James was shipped off for other HYDRA scientist to evaluate but the frozen cargo was lost somewhere during delivery, never to be found.

Peggy never stopped searching for her golden boy. But after many years of dead ends and no sign of her oldest child, she once again lost another part of Steve and Herself.

First of all, it is my first tattoo ever and i am so proud of it.   I’ve never planned this tattoo until The New Broken Scene event. At there, Ashton made a speech which is made me feel so happy. He talked about how much we are important, our feels are important, that we are not alone. And after that he started to talk about this symbol. He said “The fans are one half of the heart and the band is the other half.” Then Michael completed his words, “And the music is safety pin."   I don’t know why but it hit me so hard. Somehow it made me realise again how much this band changed my life. i can say without a doubt that 5SOS found me at my most hopeless times, they took my hand, lifted me up on my feet again and gave me hope. Everytime my heart hurts, they made me laugh and made me feel better. They are like a shelter in front of me against my demons. And i am so thankful to these boys for saving me everyday. For giving me hope, for making me laugh.  I will never forget what they mean to me, every single of them. Even if i start to forget, this tattoo will be there to remind me. It will remind how many terrible years i survived, how much strong i am, and who helped me through. This tattoo is a reminder, a hope, a promise. And i am so proud of it.  


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whenever I use to think of dan and him saying “I didn’t have a best friend for the first 18 years of my life” it would make me so wonderfully happy. seeing how happy phil has made him and all the things in his life that are all there because of phil. the life they have made each other. and it gave me hope. that I could one day find someone like that, for me. but now I’m older. past 18. and it’s silly to think that it’s too late. but sometimes I feel like it is. like I’m so completely helpless at making friends that I could never possibly be able to have something like what dan and phil have. 

he didn’t ask to be thunder
or to lose the girl
or to wear the crown.

he promises that when she comes back,
he’ll hate her and
his wrath will break the bones
of their forest,

and he’ll curse the day
she ever gave him
something to lose.

he practices how he’ll
say her name like it’s burning
his tongue and how he’ll
walk away from her more
metaphorically than not.

he stares at the night and recites,
this is on you and recites,
we were in this together and recites,
you are blood and regret and nothing i need.

[mom, what do you think patroclus said to achilles
when he found him in another life?]

knees buckled and eyes closed, he recites,
i’ve missed you.

—  bellamy || naiche lizzette

My sister was saying she didn’t like how my brother couldn’t stay out as late because of his dog and that she would only consider a dog until she “gave up on my youth” and I’m just like

Watch: iKON’s Jinhwan Cries as “Mari and Me” Cast Says Goodbye in Final Episode

iKON member Jinhwan shows how much the variety show “Mari and Me” has meant to him when he can’t hold back his tears during the finale.

At the end of April 6’s final episode of “Mari and Me,” the guys talk about their experiences on the show and their feelings as they say goodbye. Seo In Guk says, “I thought it would be really hard to take care of the animals. It was the first time in my life doing something like that. But they always gave me as much as I gave them. I think I learned a lot while I took care of them.”

Shim Hyung Tak comments that it was a period of healing for him, and he was really happy while filming. As the others talk about what they’ve learned from the show, Jinhwan is clearly trying to stop himself from crying.

iKON’s B.I then says, “This was the first variety show for Jinhwan and me, and filming it was very healing for us. I hope that we can live in a world where animals and humans co-exist and feel close with each other, since we are all the same.”

When it’s finally Jinhwan’s turn, he starts to speak, but then apologizes because he’s so choked up he can hardly talk. “I wasn’t going to cry,” he says. He tries to start talking again, but is too emotional to express himself. Seo In Guk reaches over to comfort him, and Shim Hyung Tak says sadly, “We’ve all become so close.”

Jinhwan tearfully says, “It’s just so sad.” He then adds, “I hope that this show made everyone who watched it feel happy and gave them a time to heal. Thank you so much.”

Watch the touching video below!