i like how i have a tablet but i used a mouse to write

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Your art is sooo good, I love your style and the way you color, and your lines are so clean and smooth. Do you have some tips or suggestions for who's starting with digital.

Thank you so much! I’m really happy that you like my art. :D I’m going to write this post for complete newbies, but I actually have some specific advice for you near the end. I hope you’ll bear with me!

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look, if you’re going to run a website dedicated to civil rights and liberties (and especially if your website deals with disability issues) …

… then you have to make sure your website is accessible for people who use devices like screen readers, adapted keyboards, speech-to-text, etc..

the big one I’m thinking of here is image captions.

If you’re going to put an image in a post, caption it in plain, screen-reader accessible text.

If there’s a link to a reader-accessible version or transcript, put it in the body of the post near the image.

but this is also for things like closed captioning.

Of the many YouTube channels I watch, I can think of only two that have regular, high-quality closed captioning (Tom Scott* and @annieelainey**, if anyone is wondering).

The rest are a sort of piecemeal, hit-and-miss fashion.

Including channels like John Oliver and Samantha Bee – these channels feature clips from network comedy news shows! They have network backing; surely they can assign someone to make sure the YouTube videos have closed captions.

Gah, and understanding that not everyone is able to use a mouse and hardware keyboard at all times.

Some people use tablets (think iPad) because of a disability. Some use a drawing tablet and pen (think what Wacom makes) because those are easier. Some people use voice-controlled mouse and speech-to-text software.

(Kristen Cashore, author of the Graceling trilogy, has written before about how she writes all her novels with pen and paper and then uses speech-to-text software to transcribe them into a computer.)

Some people can only use a keyboard, no mouse or tablet or pen at all.

my point is here that if you want to strive for progress and make that clear in your website, you must make it accessible to disabled people who use adaptive computers.

Do not leave us out of your activism because we can’t access your sites. Many of us already can’t be involved in activism offline because of our disabilities.

Don’t make the internet even more hostile to us. Please.

(I realize that I am leaving a lot of adaptive systems out of this post. If you have more examples of ways people can make websites accessible, please add them.)

*Tom Scott makes videos about science, interesting “Things You Might Not Know,” travelogues, and general British buffoonery.

**Annie Elainey is a disability activist who makes videos about her experiences with disability, race, gender, sexuality, and a number of other issues.

I feel like @annieelainey (obviously), @becauseoftheshame, @thequantumqueer, @wetwareproblem, @petitetimidgay and anyone else who wants to add something might have good points to add to this post. Go ahead!

Edited to add: @spooniestrong has brought to my attention that expecting individual disabled people to keep their blogs completely accessible is ableist because not everyone has the capability/energy to do so. I apologize for sounding like I expected everyone who runs an activism site to make their sites completely accessible, because that simply isn’t capable for many people running blogs on their own. 

 This post was aimed much more towards big sites (e.g.: micdotcom and its splinter sites) that sometimes feature pieces on disabled people without making their content accessible to those people. (A piece on blind activists that has no image captioned, for instance.) I will absolutely hold those and all other large sites accountable – they have the people power to make sure their articles are accessible. 

 Again, I apologize for making it sound like I expected every single person ever who runs an activism site to make their site accessible. Not everyone can and individual people running small blogs for them and their peers should get more slack than big sites who have the resources to do so.

Never be alone - Part 1

This is an intro to what I hope will become something bigger but only if you like it and I have a challenge fic to complete (and others) but I love writing action stuff so I am really genuinely determined to get this written.

There’s a little flashback in italics and this refers to this post + tho I’ve changed little bits of it.  (some is under the cut tho it’s not mega long and apologies for any spelling errors)


“Look at the camera Payne.”   

The way Liam’s surname is spoken, with complete contempt reminds Liam, just for a moment, of when he was at school and the kids who bullied him said it almost exactly like that.

Except, the kids in school didn’t hold a gun in the direction of Liam’s face as they said it.

He doesn’t want to look up but he figures he has no choice so does, though not at the man with the gun or anyone else, well except for at one man and he fixes him with a stare and the fucker being the coward he is looks away and Liam can’t help the bitter laugh that escapes him.

The gun is cold as it’s pressed against Liam’s head for just a moment then he hears.

“Don’t see you’re in a position to laugh, now fucking look at the camera, read the words on the screen and we may just decide to leave blowing your head off for another day or two at least.”

Liam drops his gaze for a moment, shakes his head just to try and show some reluctance and not feel like he’s rolled over like a puppy and then looks up, looks at the words on the screen, and starts to talk.


Zayn’s just put the mug of coffee down on the table and sat down and he’s lighting a cigarette when the message alert sounds on his phone

He’s been waiting for this text for the last however many hours although there’s a voice at the back of his mind that’s saying ‘Well if he can text you then why isn’t he here instead,’ but he still expects it to be a text from Liam.

It’s not.

It’s a message, with an address on it and a time and Zayn’s up and out of the chair before he even registers he’s doing it, taking a sip of the coffee which is too strong and the bitter taste alongside the worry that’s filling his mind make his stomach churn before he stubs out the cigarette in the ashtray.

He picks up the keys from the kitchen counter and his shades from the basket on the table by the door, shrugs on his jacket and slams the door behind him.

The traffic’s quiet at this hour of the morning or as quiet as it’ll ever be in the city, and he reaches the theatre in less than twenty minutes,  this part of town’s always quiet these days, there’s a regeneration project which has stalled because of an inquiry into corruption around who won the contract so he could park right outside the apartment block if he wanted.

He doesn’t, he parks in a small alleyway just around the corner, not even sure why he does it because he’s certain that those who sent the text are watching anyway, but he does it nevertheless.  

Zayn doesn’t get out the car initially, instead he looks down at his phone, thinks of calling Higgins except he’s got a funny feeling that even though he trusts Paul as much as he trusts anyone or not anyone except Liam and a very few others, he knows without even setting foot inside the building, without even hearing or seeing whatever’s to come that the rules have changed.

And that trusting his instincts is more important than ever right now so he pockets the phone, exits the car, looks around him, and there’s no one obvious watching him and he walks towards the apartment block

It’s as he’s walking and he’s only a few steps from the entrance when he hears a beep on his phone, and he looks down and there’s another instruction which tells him to go through the maintenance door on the right-hand side of the building.  

He looks around him just before he walks down the alleyway, there’s still barely anyone in sight, just a few street traders walking along with trolleys loaded with fresh fruit and vegetables and no one paying attention to him.

The door’s open just a fraction as he reaches it, and he pats his jacket just as a reminder feeling the shape of his gun and it helps him breathe a little easier, as he walks into the unlit corridor, his phone sounds again and it’s loud in the quiet of the building and he looks down and sees the instruction and the series of numbers.

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anonymous asked:

Is there anything you HAVE to have nearby when you're drawing other than your drawing tools? Like a bottle of water or music player or something?

So, I have gotten two other asks asking for my work space, gonna combine them all here:


On the left you have my big ol hunk of a computer, middle my beautiful monitor, and to the far right my traditional work table. 

To answer your question first, the main not art things I keep around me are:

#1: My fan, which in these hot summer days keeps me from melting to my tablet. 

#2: The jugs of homemade tea I drink

#3: Comics I keep nearby for reference and paneling ideas.

Now more art related:

#4 I always keep my drafting book close at hand, I write down concepts, script ideas, and draft out thumbnails for my comics in here. It’s basically my brain. I have pages of ideas listed out so I don’t forget them, kinda a to do list. There’s been plenty of times in streams where I realized it isn’t near and have to go out of the room to get it. Cause let’s be realistic, there is no way that you’ll be able to keep all your ideas in your head, eventually they’ll get buried. 

#5: My back up tablet pen, always kee pone near, cause my tablet is 8 years old now, and so are the pens. Sooner or later one thing is gonna give out and I want to be ready for it. 

Now, close up to the other side of things:

#6: To no surprise now I have more tea, earl grey. Funny enough I used to hate these tea mugs with the Mouse on them, absolutely despised them. Until I realized just how much tea could fit into them. Now its my favorite thing in the world to drink out of.

#7: My middle school ipod, it has no real use except for the fact that I can take amazing photos with it. It takes better photos than my iphone! I keep it nearby so that if I need to take a reference photo of something for my projects I can snap it real quick and make a fool of myself. So let it be known now, when I die, destroy my Ipod.

#8: Ruler. I love the more realistic lines that you can get from hand drawn works, and most of the time I prefer to work traditionally. I try to avoid using the computer rulers too much, and instead freehand my linework or use this sucker to help me get a relatively nice looking line. 

#9: My tablet, big boy is over 8 years old and still kicking. He is a massive sucker, a Large Intuos 4 from back in the day. Out of date now but still my absolute favorite thing I own. 

And last but not least my work space for traditional art. I try to keep this one clearer but when I do work here it gets chaotic quickly. 

#10: To the top I have my scanner, it isn’t the largest one out there but it does the job for me, sometimes you have to get a little creative with it though. 

#11: One of my sketch books with work I have been doing this last summer, practice art a 8 a day challenge for myself. Those are some older ones I’ve done, but it is fantastic practice to choose 8 things and just draw them really trying to analyze what they are and how they work. 

So ya, my work space!

Zootopia Fanfiction- Take A Stand: Star of Ceartais Ch. 21- Daddy Issues

(AN/ Hey folks it’s Garouge/crewefox here with another chapter of Star of Ceartais and guess what? This fic has topped over a thousand reviews! YAYYYYY! Thank you all so much for reviewing, liking, faveing, following and reblogging this fic, I really hope you will enjoy the rest of the fic because we’re over the half way mark. As always a massive thank you to the SOC development who helped craft this chapter and who help me every week. Ugh I’m glad I got this chapter out today, I’ve been on my sofa writing this while battling the flu, I intend to sleep after for a solid 12 hours posting this. So without further ado, let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

Here’s the fanfiction.net link…


Chapter 21- Daddy Issues

Team Ceartais had watched their leader, Olivia, enter the Rose Thorn without any trouble but all of them were still uneasy about letting their friend go in alone. Mage was in the shooting star parked in an alley around the corner from the club, ready to pick up the team for a quick getaway. Roar and Andraste were on the rooftop facing the service entrance which was big enough for a medium sized mammal to deliver booze while Bullet and Scarlet were on another rooftop overlooking the main entrance.

“Spitfire’s in.” Scarlet spoke into her comm, relaying the info to the Maid back at the Bunker.

“Good, stay in position and be ready to provide support at any second.” The Maid replied, the sound of her typing away at the keyboard could be heard “Hopefully I can hack the security cameras and get an eye on what’s going on.”

“Keep us posted.” Scarlet acknowledged.

Bullet had set up a tranq sniper rifle, without a scope obviously, on the water tower of the roof she was on, she could sense all the small rodent bodies down at the entrance, smell the alcohol on them and hear their rather lewd conversations, it was no good blocking them out when your senses were super heightened by nanites. The markswoman was laying flat on her stomach, ready to fire at any enemies who poured out of the entrance. “Does this place look sleazy? Because it smells and sounds sleazy.” Bullet asked.

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Business!AU Headcanons for The Squad

I have no clue what this is, but I love this so enjoy. (I also know Alex usually isn’t apart of these, but hush it makes sense)


  • The company is owned by Charles Xavier
  • His business partner is Warren Worthington ii
  • Who is also an investor
  • And their is attorney Erik Lensherr
  • He doesn’t stop by that often
  • While Charles practically lives there
  • He likes to see his company thrive
  • Almost like a father


  • Alex is the Office Manager
  • And honestly, he hates his job
  • Alex always has to stop the younger employees from doing dumb things
  • But his job is also to punish them??? its contradicting
  • There have been so many times when Alex saved them from getting fired
  • He cares but just acts like he doesn’t
  • Alex is done with everything, and no one even cares when he falls asleep in his office
  • Give this man the promotion he was promised
  • And a hug, he needs it


  • Scott is work in the I.T Department
  • Actually he’s the whole I.T Department and by Department I mean closet filled with wires  
  • Everyone is pretty sure he only go the job because of Alex
  • ….It is
  • He’s good at his job even if he’s done with everyone
  • “Peter stop eating and using the tablets you’ll ruin them.”
  • “Warren that’s not what a mouse if for!”
  • “Ororo look, I know the new system sucks, I’ve been trying to fix it from a fucking closet!”
  • Scott does like helping Jean set up her presentations
  • He usually says behind to make sure there are “No technical difficulties.”


  • Jean is totally going to be the next CEO
  • No one ever sees her leave the building
  • Sometimes her and Charles will have late night conversations since they are both still there working
  • Honestly Jean works so hard, and everyone loves her
  • When there’s a new employee everyone tell them to talk to Jean
  • Jean has an office, which Warren let her have
  • He didn’t use it anyways, but “Jean don’t tell anyone…”
  • “Okay Warren, but thanks.”  
  •  Jean actually likes to spend most time of her time the main officer area
  • She likes it better than being alone 


  • Jubilee is the bubbly Human Resources Manager
  • She’s also like the part time therapist and she always knows the gossip
  • Jubilee always tries to have those group retreats
  • And team building exercises
  • “We need to work together! Guys c'mon, please.”
  • No one usually goes, except for Kurt and sometimes Warren
  • Jubilee also knows everything that’s going on
  • It’s kind of scary, she just knows everyone’s problems and random personal facts
  • No one knows how she does it, but its useless to keep a secret from her
  • Jubilee always find out


  • Kurt is one of the interns
  • He is so overworked it isn’t even funny
  • He’s been there for so long yet no promotion and he doesn’t even have an office
  • Just a shitty cubicle beside Peter 
  • Everyone makes Kurt do everything
  • Getting coffees, helping fill out paperwork
  • He delivers the mail, even though there is a mail boy Kurt just does it better
  • Everyone jokes they never see Kurt sit down
  • He just does everything  


  • Ororo works in finance
  • She rarely leaves her office
  • It’s far away from everyone and quiet
  • Peter started a rumor she isn’t even real
  • Most people thinks she’s mean, but she’s really nice when you talk to her
  • Jean and her often bond over spreadsheets
  • Even Warren likes her, he tends to hide in her office a lot
  • Ororo is very composed and professional but everyone remembers the time she got super drunk at the Christmas party


  • Peter is also an intern
  • But he does nothing
  • Everyone wonders why he isn’t fired, but there is a scandal that he’s Erik son  
  • Peter often just pulls pranks, but can be helpful when needed
  • Which is rare
  • He likes to fuck with Scott the most
  • “Okay who tied all my wires together?”
  • But if Kurt asks Peter to drive him somewhere Peter will 100% do it
  • Which is good (or bad) because Peter drives super fast
  • And Peter uses any excuse he can get to leave the office


  • Warren has a job, but no one really knows what it is
  • He really only works there because of his dad
  • But Warren can actually do his job really well but he’d rather not
  • He’d just rather be the office hottie
  • Which he knows
  • Warren does keep a flask in his desk
  • Some people wonder why Alex hasn’t reported him to H.R
  • Rumor has it they were a thing…who knows………….  
  • Warren will definitely stand up for the little guy 
  • Someone once got pissed at Kurt for bringing the wrong coffee and Warren totally didn't get them fired
  • Or slash their tires

Sorry I forgot to post these yesterday, I was busy, but enjoy!!

~ Mac

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm fifteen and trying to get into graphic design. My plan for college is to do Business as a Major and Graphic Design and writing as two minors. I kind of want to do what you do, make cute graphics and sell them on apparel and pins and things. Recently I updated my computer and Windows added this thing called 3D drawing. I'm going to try and practice drawing on that with a mouse. Do you have any tips or tricks for people who are trying out graphic design?


Thank you so much! I’m a bit lost on what to recommend for college since I didn’t study any of what I do at college and I’m self taught . I think studying Graphic design would be great since they’ll teach you (or should teach you) about composition, colors, shapes, etc and also how to use the most common software like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. You would end with a good skill set that you can use for maaany things.

I would recommend to practice in affordable illustration software like Paint Tool SAI or Clip Paint Studio and get a Wacom Bamboo tablet which are also affordable and they are very good and it will last you years and years if you treat it nicely :) and because not all of us can afford those remember: pencil, paper, markers, ink, anything you can get that lets you create it is good and will help you to improve.

Hope it helps a bit! I wish you the best <3

PS: Sorry for not answering all the anons, I try to answer the other questions and I answer most of the out of anon questions and I do that privately so don’t be shy :) Just a few answers.

- Not taking commissions atm

- Sakura and bubble t-shirt had a small restock and I will add more soon :)

Thank you!! <3 

Missing The Flaws - Short Drabble

‘Based upon the buzzfeed article which can be found here.’

Pairing: Bechloe, side Staubrey
By: ReadWriteFangirl
Penned: 18/10/15

Beca wasn’t normally someone who wrote emails. Heck, she could barely write a text message without getting bored and phoning her wife instead (which became an extremely annoying habit when it came to the fact that Chloe was a doctor). But just looking at the glossy prints in the anniversary photo album Chloe had given her - Beca knew this email was necessary.

On the other side of the country, Manhattan to be exact, Stacie was glancing over her girlfriend’s shoulder as Aubrey began to work on the latest photo one of their clients had requested she retouch.

“I don’t feel honest.” Stacie ran her thumb over one of Aubrey’s shoulders as the older of the pair continued to erase stretch marks. “I’m as bad as the retail giants.”

Stacie hated how often she heard those words drip from the edge of Aubrey’s lips. Their female clientele thought it was a great idea to not only spice up their marriage with photos - which neither woman saw wrong in - but they then offered them extra money for Aubrey to put her degree to good use and erase stretch marks, wrinkles, cellulite.

“Don’t hate yourself for this baby, hate society.” Stacie smiled softly as Aubrey pressed Command S on her keyboard, before quitting Photoshop. As a couple who had only had their business for a few years, their studio had opened when they were both twenty three, Stacie herself was shocked at how many women, and the occasional man, wanted to change the images that they would give to their loved ones. It made her heart sink, sometimes she was even ashamed that the craft of digital enhancement paid for their apartment.

The blinking cursor was still annoying Beca as Emily walked through the front door of their house a few hours later. The sixteen year old yelled a quick welcome to her mother before she moved to her bedroom, Beca looking back at the photo album and the missing stretch marks that documented Emily’s growth inside her redheaded mother. She finished typing out the email and quickly sent it off to the business email of the photography studio, not leaving herself with the chance to go back over her actions.

Just as Aubrey was about to shut down the Mac, the mail application began to bounce in its space in the dock. 

“Hey,” Stacie quickly moved the mouse’s cursor to the bouncing application, “hang on a sec Bree.” Stacie quickly pulled her own desk chair from her own desk to Aubrey’s desk, settling beside her girlfriend who was placing her drawing tablet into a draw in her desk, right beside a photo album Stacie gave her for their own anniversary. “Look at this.”

Stacie had opened the most recent email.

Dear Aubrey and Stacie,

Recently my wife and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary, and she surprised me with this gorgeous photo album filled with recent pictures she’d had professionally taken - your business card was tucked in the back.

When I opened the album that she gave to me, my heart sank. 

These pictures… While they are beautiful and you are both clearly very talented photographers, they are not my wife. You made every one of her “flaws” disappear, and while I’m sure this is exactly what she asked you to do, it took away everything that makes up our life. 

When you took away her stretch marks, you took away the documentation of our daughter Emily. When you took away her wrinkles, you took away over two decades of our laughter, and our worries. When you took away her cellulite, you took away her love of baking and all the goodies we have eaten over the years. 

She hears it so seldom, that she actually thought these photoshopped images are what I wanted and needed her to look like. I have to do better, and for the rest of my days I am going to celebrate her in all her imperfectness. 

Thanks for the reminder,

Beca Mitchell.

The two photographers looked over the email several times, before Aubrey broke the silence through the sound of her mouse clicking, photoshopped photos disappearing from her computer as quickly as they were added.

Back in L.A, Beca smiled as Chloe slid into bed beside her later that evening. The redhead had just returned from work, and Beca had missed her company dearly.

“You know that you’re beautiful without photoshop, Chlo.” Beca received a hummed reply. “I returned that album you gave me for our anniversary. The two photographers, they’re sending one without photoshop, so I really can appreciate how stunning you are.”

Here’s a story with Exo’s Lamb Yixing! ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ I really appreciate your likes, it gives me the motivation to write more. c:

——————————-   ———————————-   ——————————-

      Grunting, you carry the heavy box from your closet and place it on the floor next to your bed. With a huff, you bend down and open it up, already knowing what was going to be inside of it.

      You are faced with a picture of you and your high school sweetheart, Zhang Yixing. The two of you had broken it off because he was picked off the street by some famous music company, and you didn’t want to be in a long distance relationship because it was too hard for the both of you.

      It’s been a whole year since then, and you were sure he was some big hit now. You couldn’t confirm it because you weren’t one to listen to music, but you had no doubt of his talents.

      You take the picture frame and set it down next to you, then pull out a binder with his name written across it. There was a giant heart around it and your name was scribbled right below his, with a “4EVA” off to the side. You smile at the memories and dig deeper into the box. Finally, after remembering countless things between the two of you, you find something you had forgotten about.

      You picked up the letter he wrote you the day before he left and open up the envelope. You never read it, in fear of being hurt, but you figured you were apart long enough to not feel any real remorse.

      Inside was a tiny cut-out of you and him at a high school sports game. You were holding hands and you had a big smile across your face. You trace your fingers over yourself, it’s been a long time since you’ve looked so happy.

      Placing the photo on the bed, you take out the one-page letter and begin to read.

         You’re sad that I’m leaving, right? I’m sorry that it had to end this way, I truly am. I loved our Friday nights together, and I wouldn’t trade the amazing memories we had for all the popularity in the world. I will really miss you, and I will think about you while I train to become a star. I hope you change your mind.

      There was a big gap between this paragraph and the next, and you held your breath when you read the rest of it.

      “I’m joining a band called ‘EXO’, make sure you listen to some of our songs! I bet you’ll like them. :)

      The letter ended there, and you sigh and put everything back into the box, already deciding to throw it all away. What was the point in keeping it? It’s not like you will ever need it again.

      All of a sudden, your little sister burst through your door and starts to squeal like a mouse. “_____! _____!! Look! My favorite band is having a live interview!!” She says, waving around her tablet. I shush her and sit her down next to me, already used to her energetic outbursts.

      “Alright, alright! Which band are you into again?” You ask. She gives you an expression of mock hurt.

      “My favorite band is EXO! How could you forget?” Your eyes widen when you reply.

      “Really?!” She gives you a strange look, but turns her attention to her tablet when they start talking. You focus your eyes on the screen, searching for your ex-boyfriend.

      No matter how hard you squinted your eyes, you didn’t see him at all. How many members were in the band? You could only see six, and none of them were Zhang. Sighing, you look away in disappointment. Of course it was just a coincidence that your sister like a band with the same name as the one Zhang had joined.

      Just when you were about to send her out, a familiar voice fills your ears and tears sting your eyes as you look back at the screen. “Hello! I’m EXO’s Little Lamb Yixing!!” Zhang bows and smiles when the crowd screams his name. Even though that was all he said at the moment, you continued to watch and learn a little bit about the members. They were each talking about their ideal girl, and you anxiously waited to hear Zhang’s response.

      You realize that you hadn’t moved on at all, and that seeing him again- even through a screen- brought back your feelings from when he left. You held it all in as you watched though. It was his turn to talk now.

      “What is your ideal type, Lay?” The MC asks him. Lay? Maybe that was his stage name. Lay laughs shyly and scratches the back of his head before answering.

      “Actually, I’m still hung up on a girl I was sweet on in high school.” Lots of eyes widened and stared at him, including yourself. “We were getting somewhere, but then I was recruited by SM and we had to split off.” He says, and many of the other band members give him pitiful glances. Zhang smiles suddenly and looks at the camera. “But! Even though we haven’t had the chance to meet yet, I still haven’t given up hope! In the future, I hope to see her once more.”

      Lots of encouraging cheers erupt from the fans and the MC, and the rest of the show is them advertising their new song. When it was over, your sister sighs dreamily and holds the tablet to her chest, looking up at the ceiling.

      “Isn’t Baekhyun so dreamy?” She asks you. You give her a lopsided smile and shake your head.

      “You’re stuck on him? You dork.” You pull her up and she skips out of your room happily. Just a few more boxes to unpack until you moved out to find a job. Maybe once you had some money, you could go to one of their concerts.

      You grimaced at your own thoughts and mentally slapped yourself. Get over it _____, he’s a big hit now, he probably wouldn’t even notice you in that huge crowd. Sighing, you go back to your closet and bring out another box.

      You couldn’t believe you were actually doing this. You were two people away from getting a signature from one of the EXO members, and your heart was beating wildly in your chest. What if he didn’t recognize you? What if he didn’t care? Swallowing your thoughts as the next person sat down, you stared at him with wide eyes.

      He looked older than you’d remembered- of course, since it had been almost two years since you last saw each other- and you couldn’t believe he was even more handsome than when you were in high school. You hold your breath as the security guard orders the next person in line to move up.

      You remember it’s you and place one foot in front of the other, then somehow made it to the seat without falling over. Zhang looks up and smiles. “Hello.~” You mutter a lame greeting a hold out the picture frame you brought. “Ah, is this for me?” He takes it and smiles, mistaking your lack of eye contact for shyness, and flips it over in his hands.

      He freezes, then he looks up at you. “_____? Is that you?” You finally show your face, and you feel tears on your cheeks. You quickly wipe them away and force a smile.

      “Hi, Zhang..” You say. He looks astonished- and slightly worried because you were crying- and stands up from his seat. “It’s been a long–” All of a sudden, he pulls you into a hug and you would have fallen over if the table wasn’t in between the two of you, but the table did screech and everyone’s heads turned to look at you two.

      “I finally get to see you..!” He sounded kind of excited, and you couldn’t help but smile.

      “Yeah…” You pull away first, and he lets go reluctantly before fixing the table and sitting back down. Now, every girl behind you was drilling holes in the back of your head- maliciously or not- and you were feeling a little overwhelmed so you sat down. “Do I get an autograph or not?” You chuckle when he just stares at you.

      “Ah, I forgot.” He grabs a marker and slides a photo off of the pile next to him and scribbles his name on it, then some more off to the side. “Here,” He says, handing it to me. I take it, and even though I wanted to say more, the security guard pulls me out of the seat.

      “Next!” He says. Before I walk away, Zhang says, “I hope to see you again!” You smile and wave bye and walk away as quickly as possible. The hug he gave you caused quite a scene and lots of the other band members were glancing at you curiously, so you escaped as soon as possible.

      You close your door behind you in a panic and lock it, then hold your breath to listen if anyone was behind it. You hadn’t seen anyone following you, but you were paranoid and wondering if someone had followed you from the fansign.

      When the coast was clear, you sigh and lean against the door, sliding down it and sitting on the carpet of your apartment. You take a look at your signature for the first time since you left.

      He drew a small picture of himself- you knew because of the curly hair- and his name was next to it. But below it was a message you weren’t expecting.

      “_____, text me tonight!

      Your heart fluttered and you held your breath, trying to figure out if you were dreaming. You had wanted so badly up to now to be able to talk to him again, try to work things out, but now that you had the chance to you were feeling doubtful.

      Before you could lose your nerve, you pulled out your phone and texted the number he gave you. You waited for a response, but after a minute you gave up and called yourself stupid.

      Your phone dinged, and you snatched it off the ground and held it up to your face.

      ZYixing: _____! I’m glad I got to see you today!

      You smiled as you replied.

      _____: Yeah, me too. You’ve gotten a lot more popular than when we were in high school.

      ZYixing: Yeah, I noticed.

      You let out a laugh and waited as he sent another text.

      ZYixing: I’m sorry..

      You stared at his words nervously.

      ZYixing: I didn’t mean to leave like that. Could we try again?

      Tears stung your eyes. You wanted to so badly tell him yes, that you were feeling the same way he was, but he was a star now. There was no way his company would let the two of you date, especially with so many female fans. You took in an unsteady breath as you texted your reply.

excess-of-cats  asked:

My family and I still haven't figured out an effective way to communicate with my brother. He can repeat basic words or phrases, ask for specific foods or to watch videos or go to his room, on a car ride, or to the bathroom, but that's really all he has. I think if we could find a way for him to communicate his thoughts to us, we'd all be much happier and less frustrated. Do you have any suggestions?

Hi! Potential methods of communication really depend on how old your brother is and what methods are already employed now. This is going to be a super long one, so more after the break!

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