i like how i drew the wings


3D printed dragon! Finished, finally. The photos really don’t do it justice–how smooth the joints are, how the crests/spikes on the head came out. Someone who saw it in person actually recognized it was based on a crested gecko without being told.

It’s based on Oak, the dragon from Dragonoak. Or, perhaps more accurately, it’s based on Oak, the author’s crested gecko, but with bat wings. He’s even licking his eye, like a gecko!

I drew it basically freehand in Fusion 360, using mostly the sculpt tool but also sketch and loft and a few others, based on reference photos of crested geckos (mostly Oak but sometimes google image search) and bats.

I printed it on a Lulzbot Taz 6, out of ABS. I have some previous versions, especially of the un-winged gecko but also the first print of the dragon (which didn’t come out great–it was a slightly faulty machine) where I did an acetone wash to make it shiny and to smooth out the print marks, but those tended to lose a bit of detail and this print came out so nice I decided not to risk it.


no reposting/removing my signature/artist comments thnk you!

This is based off of the talented @y-annah florist/tattoo au, which I am always a goddamn sucker for. They haven’t shown what kind of tattoos Keith has yet so I just kinda winged it, hope that’s ok! 

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While I was out for the weekend I brought my books and drew a lot of Taako’s 👌

I don’t think I’ve ever headcanoned a character with dimples before, but he needs them pls


That’s right, I’m back at it again. With wings this time! And legs! (Pixie boots were kinda a given)

Heh, but yeah. Last picture I drew for you, I was so grateful that you actually responded to it. And I’m.. again.. very blunt. Though, I’ve been giving it a lot of thought lately in how I’m going to say this, but I should really stop over thinking for my own good and just say it.

Your art inspires many and kinda speaks to me in a weird way. Like.. shows your personality a bit. The little #tags you write, here and there, are quite enjoyable and sometimes even make me laugh and/or smile. 

I don’t know you, but I can tell you’re an amazing, kind, talented, and over all great person. I’d love to get to know you better. Though I’m pretty sure I’m to shy to do this kind of thing like.. ever. I can’t shake the feeling that we could be pretty great friends.  

Sorry for my overly awkward and pretty awful proposal to initiate a friendship, but it’s all I got.

Well that and bad puns, but that’s about it. <:0)

I wish I can tell him how to earn his wings but I’m afraid he’ll end up hurting himself and become like me if he ever gets injured.. what should I do..? -Rubi
When I become a siren like my Big Brother Ruby, I hope he’ll teach me how to get my wings! I can’t wait to sing! - Autumn

[I drew something that was kinda related to a post of Amelia not letting Faith do that sirenating (ithinkitscalled?) On @emo-rock-tale or the @siren-legion blog I think?]

(Autumn and Ruby belong to Saltvenian!)

(And Autumn’s wearing his big brother’s siren mask =w=b)

Ok it’s been at least a year since I drew my last wing tutorial, and by some gods of irony that was my only post to become popular (even though I only ment for like 3 people to see it). This is my updated and slightly less shitty lesson on how to draw wings that dont look like they’ve spent a fucking week in a blender on high.

Also I’m throwing this in every tag that’s currently reblogging my old tutorial.


Artists of the Ffxiv community, hear me out.

SO. You know how anima weapons in FFXIV are now “living” things and have corporeal forms (which appear like glowy little fairy shapes much like the models for the Elementals)? Well, I got to thinking… The quest even has you pick whether the voice your weapon has sounded like a boy or a girl to you… So I began to imagine them as little pixie/fairy-like creatures in their corporeal forms. Aaand THAT lead me to thinking of what their faces would look like and how they might have different personalities. Basically, I think they would look like children and then gradually mature as you fight with and develop with them. Pointy ears and wings and stuff because the model they use in-game has very pointy/jagged edges!

TL:DR I drew my own, now lemme see yours pretty please? ; v;


ALL RIGHT GUYS HERE IT IS - my @asanoya-secret-santa-2k15 gift for @bisexual-nishinoya. One of the prompts was Asahi and Noya meeting in Noya’s first year, so I decided to do a little comic for ya. :D

Also… I just want to say that I rEALLY liked the other prompts you gave me… so yeah… I miiiiiight have plans to do at least one more of them. if I can figure out how to draw wings man I will be on top of that

I hope you have a lovely holiday!! :D ♥

Drew my husband favorite character

I forget how long this actually took, but I started this around the time that I reblogged that photoset of Sun smiling soooo this took under 2 hours??? Not bad (ovo)b Then again, it was straight from sketch to greyscale to color, so there’s that.

Maybe I’ll post a process gif to my Patreon? who knows ;U