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monster falls or relativity falls?

Well, normally I’d say Relativity Falls but I already drew one and a half stans, so that seemed like cheating…

I like unicorntaur Mabel for this AU, I always thought it went better with the twins-being-similar theme – Stan and Ford are both winged creatures, Dipper and Mabel both are basically centaur variants – plus it’d be really sad if Dipper was terrestrial and Mabel was aquatic.

(I have no idea who came up with this AU? But if someone tells me I’ll edit and give credit)

Soooo this is just a random self pondering post, the ones on the left are my first ever drawings of Oikawa and Iwaizumi, and on the right there’s more recent ones, just to compare on how I’ve chanced my look with them. 

….I gotta say I kinda like the new Iwa and the old Tooru hahaha, maybe I should mix old and new Oik’s. 

Here’s a curveball, what if I drew them a bit closer to how they’re in canon:


I decided to redraw this picture of aphmau entirely. But no color because this took to long as it is with just sketches also I’m not even sure how I want to color it.

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Takama-Gahara here, I have for you a question. How draw good dergs?

Oh I’ve got you covered:

and there you have your  F E R O C I O U S    B E A S T

But in all seriousness, instructing people on how to draw imaginary creatures is a bit hard, for me at least. A lot of my learning process is based on winging it until it looks okay and makes even a little sense anatomically. I try to look at animals like birds, bats, reptiles, dogs and horses and combine traits of their anatomy into some sort of a mess of a creature. So I’d instruct you to simply start with looking into basic animal anatomy and trying to learn how animals actually work. 

There are tons of tutorials that are way better at explaining things than I’ll ever be and they can get you started. Back in my day when I started drawing I was inspired by Todd Lockwood and his art. His creations gave me a good base to start building my art from. I studied the way he drew and shamelessly copied parts of his work until I felt comfortable enough to draw and try different things on my own. 

Not being too ambitious when you start out is pretty important, do some simple designs, kinda like the drawing above. Just drawing some simple lizards with bat wings is a good enough start! And remember to practice, practice and practice some moreヾ(´▽`;)ゝ


Summary: Youโ€™re getting ready to train with Castiel whenever you beg him to show you his wings. Much to your surprise, his wings are ticklish.

A/N: This is the one that won the vote! Hope you enjoy!!

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Fluffity fluff. A little bit of suggestiveness (No smut) the reader punches Cas in the face (Sorryy)

Word Count: 1.2k

Originally posted by ardysgurl

โ€œLet me see them, please?!โ€ you begged as Castiel dragged you into the training room.

โ€œY/N, weโ€™ve talked about this-โ€

โ€œI donโ€™t care! I wanna see them!โ€ You were half teasing and half being serious.

Castielโ€™s shoulders slumped in defeat. He knew he would have to eventually, he was just embarrassed as they didnโ€™t work how they were supposed to anymore. His wings looked like they should, they were just broken.

He pulled himself out of it and turned to you- โ€œIf you can get a hit in on me, then fine.โ€

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Chaos.exe has stopped working

A small pegasus caused the program to stop working correctly. Discord will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

Alternate: Big Noodle is Caught Off-guard by Smol gf and Proceeds to Blep in Confusion

Blue Bloods

Jimin x Reader

Royal AU

Genre: Smut/Angst

Words: 3.3k

Youโ€™re head of the committee, a six-person council of royalty that determine whether or not people live or die, based on the crimes theyโ€™ve committed. Itโ€™s not easy, especially with an arrogant Park Jimin at your side. Literally.

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How to make (decent) feathers with craft foam!

Hello fellow cosplayers/crafters! 

So today, I was asked how I made my feathers for my Griselda (Odin Sphere) wings using craft foam and… well… I was on mobile and Tumblr ate it.

So I’ll make one with pictures! It won’t be that great but oh well…. It’s only a small tuto…

What you need:

  • Craft foam
  • Scupting tool/exacto knife/cutter (something to make creases)
  • Scissors or a cutter (to cut)
  • Hot glue/hot glue gun
  • Acrylic paint or spray paint (whichever you prefer)
  • (optional) White primer
  • (optional) Glitters

STEP 1: Cut the feathers.

Be creative. Make ovals ones, banana shaped, whatever you want them to look like! I drew templates on paper and traced over them because I wanted them to have a specific form. Cut them with scissors or a cutter. I used scissors to have that sort of angle and irregular borders.

STEP 2: Make patterns.

You want it to look legit, right? Well, you got to put effort and patience in it! To guide my blade hand so it doesn’t look like a mess, I crease a line in the middle to know where the center of my feather is. Follow the shape, don’t make a straight line or it won’t look natural! 

Next, make diagonal lines toward the line you just made. You can make both sides symetrical or you can be irregular like me. Be creative!

STEP 3: Add details!

Now that you made them look like this, they look like leaves, right? Don’t worry! We’ll fix that with an exacto knife! Cut little triangles on your feather just like when you split the little hair on a real feather! It’ll look better and more feather-ish.

STEP 4: Hot glue details!

It looks ready to go, right? Wrong! See that white line on this real feather?

Well, you want THAT. So use hot glue on that line you made that you thought useless! Be very patient because you can easily mess up! Hot glue tends to love making air bubbles or huge SURPRISE LUMPS! So be slow, go back and forth and if you mess up, rip the glue off and start again.Try to loosen up the trigger at the end to have a smaller line.

ALSO, be mindful that hot glue leaves small dingly hot glue strings if you don’t clean it off well! it can drag your feathers together and mutate them or even flip over on your desk and that’s just the worst thing you’ll ever experience.

Be careful not to burn yourself like me!!!

STEP 4: OPTIONAL Prime the feathers!

This step is optional but recommended if you don’t use spray paint to color them. Why? Because the hot glue doesn’t like acrylic paint and it’ll still be visible even if you put multiple layers. So prime your feathers with whatever white primer you like IN A WELL VENTILLATED AREA. Let it dry. (Mine took 20 minutes to dry but just follow what the instructions tells you depending on your brand.) You can do both sides or add an other coat, but I didn’t because I’m lazy.

STEP 5: Painting the feathers!

Here comes the fun part! Use some acrylic paint or spray paint to color them! Obviously, you know how to use a can of spray paint, so I won’t bother explaining this. You want to do it with acrylic? GREAT! So get your paint ready and start mixing the colors you want! (I recommend priming your feathers first because of the hot glue problem and you’ll need 2 layers of paint if you didn’t prime them)

Apply a first coat of your base color on your feather. Move your brush on the same direction as the lines you did so you don’t see random vertical lines, plus, more realistic!

When it’s fully dry, you can add highlights! I usually add a lighter shade of the base color all along the feather line thinggy and spread to the outside of the feather but not all the way! Then I add a darker shade on the upper edges of the feathers because you know… it’s nice.

If you don’t want to add glitters, you’re done! Congrats to you!

STEP 6: Add glitters!

You want to feel like a princess? Or you just like sparkling things…? Then let’s add glitters!! I got mine really cheap at Walmart. (Martha Stewart crafts. Be mindful that these makes your feathers just a LITTLE bit darker)

What I like to do is start from the feather line and spread it towards the outside and add a few on the borders. Put a few on the feather line to have that extra spark! And like painting, go the same direction as the diagonal lines to avoid the lines.

Sparkles got in the creases? AWESOME. It’ll be extra sparkly!


Now assemble it however you like with hot glue. It made nice wings like these or a pretty headdress that I never posted!

*Be aware that the feathers will easily bend because it’s still craft foam after all! 

**You can do the same process on the back of the feather if you’d like.

***The thickness of the craft foam depends from sheet to sheet! I got some who were thinner than others. I got mine at my local art supply store OmerDeserres and they were very irregular (8.5x11 sheets) compared to the ones I got at Walmart. (I think they’re 5x8?? but it comes in packs of 50!!! )


Oh boy, here we go! What a finale! I’m so so excited for next season (looks like we’re finally gonna see Homeworld! And learn a bunch of stuff!) Let’s go bit by bit so I don’t miss anything (or, well, to reduce the amount of stuff I forget I wanted to mention, haha), so this’ll be a little long

It’s funny that Steven is eagerly awaiting new pants when he always wears the same pants. And also it’s really sweet of Amethyst to offer to hang out by the mailbox for the delivery so Steven can go do something else to take his mind off it.

Also also, it’s just. Way Too Cute how Garnet and Pearl are making a sandcastle for crabs. Like, not for Steven’s benefit, since he wasn’t there, but just for their own enjoyment. They’re so enthused about it and Pearl excitedly shows it off to Steven and Amethyst and it’s just. I can’t help thinking about how these are ancient alien warriors just getting so much joy from building a tiny castle for crabs. It’s so cute. I love them so much.

I like to think Onion had brought Sour Cream to meet his seasonal friends and that’s why Sour Cream already knows about that spot in the woods.
Also, like, we already knew Sadie was an adult but I don’t think the show has really stated it plainly, just implied (specifically in “Sadie’s Song” when they were talking about her birthdays), so that’s cool.

I liked the bit where they all attempt to draw Aquamarine based on Steven’s description. I love knowing how characters would draw, I think it says a lot about their personality. 

Connie - Anime-style, ‘cause of course, with guidelines and asymmetrical eye sizes (just, totally how I drew at that age)
Amethyst - “going for a feeling” impression not really accurate but still with all the important details (wings, eye gem), also it appears to be a dog
Pearl - Says she can’t draw but drew a very detailed drawing that is also way overdramatic and fancy. Also she’s the only one who signed her drawing
Garnet - Drew herself, because she loves herself. Can’t argue with that and also it’s an adorable self-portrait.

I quite like Aquamarine and Topaz, I was thinking we’d probably see a small Gem like Aquamarine soon, since they kinda teased that in “Adventures in Light Distortion”. I’m curious what the specific role of an Aquamarine is, since Pearl is very freaked out by the mention of one and comments that she and Topaz must’ve been specifically sent by the Diamonds. Plus, that wand of hers is really powerful. Also she makes mention that she has perfect memory, which is potentially significant. Topaz is interesting, the way she sticks the humans in her fusion is mildly horrifying. I like her ‘headphone’ style gems, which also kinda look like the warp pads?

I think calling back to “Marble Madness” when Steven made the list of humans was really clever and I gotta give props to the crew for that! Also I loved seeing Alexandrite again, even if it was just for a little bit

Anyways, yea, super super excited for the next episodes! I reckon we’re gonna learn a whole lot from this adventure, about Gems, about Homeworld, and about Rose Quartz. Can’t wait!

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UT/UF/US skells SO works at an animal shelter and comes home with a carrier full of newborn kittens/puppies that need to be fostered! How do the boys react/help out?

//hoo boy. long one. but i do love puppies and/or kittens!! let’s do this B) 


  • He likes puppies/dogs. Thinks they’re amusing and he loves the fact that they always just seem ready to snuggle and play.
  • But he seems to favor the kittens more and they all pile up on top of him. It’s actually kind of weird how much they like him? Lots of catnaps.
  • (Buh dum tisss)
  • Do not expect any help. The most this lazy butt will do is keep the kittens out of your way for a while and sleep with them snuggling up to him.
  • Ok maybe he’ll help feed them (And give them baths and take the pups for walks) but otherwise he just loves giving you a hard time.


  • “MORE DOGS?????”
  • “WAS THAT BONE STEALER WHO STOPS BY ALMOST TWICE A DAY NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU???” ( even though he leaves the annoying dog food on the porch everyday)
  • He actually loves the puppies. Will protect them with his life and cuddle them to death.
  • Helps out with every single thing he can. 


  • “the fuck is this?”
  • Tries to act all cool and aloof.
  • A kitten comes up to him and nudges his hand and he doesn’t know what to do.
  • “the fuck you lookin’ at??”
  • He ends up snuggling every single one. They trample him.
  • Upon being caught napping with all of the baby animals: “uh…s’not what it looks like .”
  • Will probably only help with feeding them. He loves giving the kittens milk and watching the puppies scramble to the food bowl. It makes him laugh.
  • Almost cries when you have to give them back but puts on a brave face and only sniffs and wipes his nose angrily.
  • “yeah whatever..don’t even care.”


  • He bends down cautiously to pet it. He’s not sure yet what it could be capable of.
  • “CAN I WEAPONIZE THEM?”   “No…”  “I SEE…”
  • He’s kind of quiet about the whole thing and keeps asking you questions.
  • He’s actually  little afraid to mess up but will do what he can to help…only because you asked though!!
  • He does like how soft their fur feels though.


  • He is ECSTATIC
  • He wants to help with EVERYTHING
  • And he is so excited to play with them oh my gosh.
  • He lets them steal one because he just can’t say no to those little fuzzy faces.


  • uh…babe?
  • They are so tiny he’s honestly afraid of hurting them….
  • He handles them super delicately
  • He’s always sleepy warm (i mean always) and they snuggle into him.
  • He melts, oh my god
  • If you go out of your way to ask him for help he will but he usually just chills and sleeps with the tiny things cuddled on his chest and torso.
  • He loves to give tiny tummy rubs and chuckles at all the little antics they get up to.
With Wings

Warnings: Drugs

Y/N was walking with J towards the VIP section of the club. She pulled her dress down a little even though no one would be able to know she was on her period. Meanwhile J was walking behind her and he noticed a loose thread from the bottom of her dress. He furrowed his eyebrows and bent down to give it a pull. As soon as he did, Y/N screamed and slapped him in the face. He was shocked as she went running toward the bathroom.

“The hell?” J looked at Frost, who was pinching the bridge of his nose.


“Shut up, Frost!” He went after Y/N, ready to yell at her for embarrassing him in his club. When he stormed into the bathroom, some girls screamed and ran out, eliciting an eye roll from him.

“Y/N, doll, you have some explaining to do.”

“Go away, you idiot!” He heard her sobbing, and angrily pounded on the stall.

“Open up, or I-” Y/N opened the stall and glared at him, her eyes red and puffy.

“I want to go home.”

“No, now” He grabbed her and pushed her up against the wall, growling in her face. He had to admit that he loved it when she acted bitchy. “Apologize to daddy.”

“Get off of me! Take me home, right now. I swear I’ll walk by myself-” J sighed, finally figuring out it wasn’t the playful kind of bitchy.

“I have something to take care of, after that we’ll leave.”

“Can you ask one of the dancers for a pad?” J looked her up and down, horrified, and immediately put distance between them.

“Oh.” He left and Y/N rolled her eyes.


Y/N watched as J twirled the bat, wondering how long this would take. She was standing behind him at a safe distance, scrolling through her phone to ignore his little monologue. He paced, making little dramatic movements with the bat, and even practiced his swing a few times, enjoying the scared look on the guy’s face.

“I thought we were friends, and then you just sell me out like that? “ Taking a practice swing, he swung the bat back and felt it collide with something. He turned around to find Y/N on the floor, her eyes blinking rapidly.

“You okay?” He asked, timidly knowing that the smallest things made her angry during this time. “Baby?”

All he received was garbled words and she tried to stand. Her head was spinning, and she managed to get to her feet. J turned back to the guy, smiling widely.

“See how tough my girl is?” Y/N fell back over as soon as she was on her feet, and threw up all over J’s shoes.


She woke up with a terrible headache, barely being able to sit up. Her stomach and her head was killing her, so she just started sobbing into the pillow. It was a miracle she was still with him. She felt something hit her back, and then another hit her leg. When she looked over she found J in the corner throwing Hershey kisses at her.

“What are you- ow.” She clutched her head, new tears making their way down her cheeks. J guilty walked over and placed a bag of chocolate on the bed, using his arm to push it out to her. It looked like he was making an offering to the gods. The thought made her chuckle, and she clutched her head again in pain.

“How’s your head?” The anger came back to her, and she sat up, placing her head in her hands.

“You hit me.”

“You were standing too close, doll-”

“I was standing at a safe distance! Maybe if you would have just shot the guy like a normal person, you wouldn’t have hit me.” She yelled at him, making him growl slightly. He tried to keep it quiet, knowing his limits.

“Oh my god.” She said, shaking her head.


“You hit me with a baseball bat and publicly pulled out my tampon. I’m surprised every woman isn’t a fucking lesbian. Men are so clueless.”


“SHUT UP! You have no idea how much I want to hurt you, and you have the nerve to tell me to be careful? Oh no, please, don’t get the bat.” She said sarcastically. Her chest was heaving and she couldn’t stop the tears.

“Oh god, not the tears. Baby, I’ll go make you something to eat. Would you like that? Do you need wings?” He hurriedly got a pad and drew wings on them, chucking them at her from a safe distance. She laughed through her tears as he brought up past memories.

“Can I have a hug?”

“God, baby, no you’re disgusting.” He said it in a soothing voice, like it was a reasonable excuse. It only made her cry harder.

“Here, I’ll go make you something. Do you need Lysol? Another heating pad? FROST!” He ran out of the room, yelling for his henchman to start the car.


For the hundredth time J stood staring at the feminine hygiene aisle, glaring at the variety of pads. He remembered Y/N mentioning something about tampons, so he picked a box up. 100 tampons? Does she need that many? Thinking to himself, he nodded. He felt someone staring at him and found a woman giving him a weird look.

“What? What are you looking at? SHUT UP!” She hurriedly left, and then he realized she could help him. “Wait, come back!” He ran after her, in his star boxers over his batman stockings.


“The ones with wings.” He aimed his gun at the shaking lady, and she grabbed a box of pads and handed it to him.

“Tampons. The tampons with wings.”

“T-that’s not a thing-”

“That’s not a thing? That’s not a thing, that’s not a thing? Apparently it is a thing, because my girlfriend wears them. Are you implying that my girlfriend is wrong?”

“Well, yes-” A shot to the head silenced her, and J sniffed the package of pads.

“These aren’t even the scented ones.” He threw them at her body while looking back at the shelf. Back to square one….


Frost watched as J angrily walked to the arts and crafts aisle, and he shook his head as he came out with super glue and feathers.


J walked to the cash register, which he now had to start paying for the groceries because Y/N always demanded to see the receipt after finding out he was lying about paying for them. He threw the package on the belt before handing the nervous looking employee five hundred dollars.

“I need your cocaine.” J said nonchalantly while looking behind him at the packs of cigarettes. He growled when he didn’t see any drugs.

“Boss, they don’t sell that.” Frost timidly pointed out, causing J to roll his eyes and dramatically exclaim,

“Why don’t you just drag my balls through a field of broken glass? What is my girl going to use now? Do you know the monster that comes alive when-”

“Boss, she could use Ibuprofen-”

“Last time that was the wrong stuff. She told me not to get that again. Or maybe it was not to do that again…anyway-”

“Actually, she said not to get another ‘heating pad’. You know because you set the bed on fire-”

“Frost, interrupt me one more time and I’ll drag your balls through a field of broken glass. Get my girl some cocaine.” He angrily walked out, leaving Frost to call an old contact and an employee with a very nice tip.


Y/N held an ice pack to her head while sniffling. Excitement shot through her when she heard the door open.

“Did you get me more chocolate?”  J sat on the corner of the bed and placed a bag of chocolate on her tummy.

“I couldn’t find the right medicine, so I got you some of this, just in case you’re upset.” He handed her a zip lock bag of some of his cocaine and she groaned.

“That’s sweet, J. If I ever need some I’ll let you know.” He nodded innocently.

“Did you get the heating pad?” J shook his head again.

“No, I didn’t want to get the wrong thing and I couldn’t find it. I also remembered what you told me last time about making things with fire.” He played with her fingers innocently, like a child.

“And what was that, J?”

“Don’t use my ideas to make things because I’m not a normal person.”

“That’s good. But remember, it’s not bad to not be normal.You’re bad, and that’s okay. You’re not good, but there’s no one else I’d rather be with. You know that right?” He nodded and she felt him kiss her hand.

“What else did you get?”

“Tampons with wings.”

“Tampons with…what?”

“Wings. Like you said.” He reached into the bag and pulled out a tampon that had feathers attached with superglue.

“They still might be drying, be careful.” She took the tampon from him, giving him her best smile.

“Wow, J. That’s uh, very creative.”

“I messed up again, didn’t I?”

“No! No, you did fine. I’m flattered that you’re so thoughtful. But for future reference, it’s pads with wings.”

“Oops.” J’s eyes widened. Sorry, lady.


J placed his pillow on the couch and was getting ready to lay down when Y/N’s voice stopped him.

“What are you doing?” Her voice cracked.

“Oh” He pathetically pointed at the couch.

“You don’t want to sleep with me?”

“I mean, you’re…..bleeding.” If she wasn’t upset she would have thought it was cute that he didn’t like seeing her blood, or her hurt in general. But instead she covered her face while she sobbed and retreated back into her room.

“Baby, you’re angry with me! I thought you wouldn’t- shit.” He went after her and lifted her up before she could go in the bathroom. He placed her on the bed and wrapped his body around her so she couldn’t move.

“Do you want your wings?” She shook her head as she continued to sob, and he rolled up her shirt.

“No! I’m bloated.” J ignored her and pressed his lips to her belly, blowing a raspberry before tickling her.

“Still beautiful, though. What movie do you want to watch tonight?”

He ended up holding her in his lap as they watched the movie. They fell asleep, with J’s hand massaging her stomach as she snored on his chest. At least she knew she would have all of the right supplies, Frost always snuck them in her bathroom when J wasn’t looking. Y/N peeked one eye open to see J sleeping above her and found a shadow sneaking out of the room.

“Thanks, Frosty.” She whispered, receiving a thumbs up in return.

“Frost, sneak into my bedroom one more time and I’ll shove those tampons up your ass.”

Frost winced. His thumbs up faltered and morphed into a thumbs down, earning a giggle from Y/N and a grumpy J reaching for his gun.

Pearl the foreshadowing artist?

For some reason or another I kept thinking about Pearl’s drawing of Aquamarine.  I began to realize how this person Pearl drew has feathered wings, a roundish head, and this angelic grace to her… She kind of reminds me of Angelite.  Like not to pat myself on the back because there are clear obvious differences between Angelite and this drawing, but the general concept is there.  And aside from the jokes from the Pearlapis community saying “This is of one of two times we have some sort of Pearlapis content” I kept thinking the possibility that this could be foreshadowing for something that might involved Pearl and Lapis.  And we have seen some very subtle foreshadowing that most people did not expect such as how “Mr. Greg” Greg and Pearl had yellow/orange and blue lighting over them respectfully that foils the relationship between Jasper and Lapis, and foreshadows Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond.  Hell, even Rolando’s remarks that were dismissed in the past turn out to be true! (e.g. human zoo comment anyone recall?).  Plus looking at the drawing she is wearing ballerina shoes (similar to Opal with her tip-toe feet and the Pearl’s outfit stemming from a ballerina as well), she is sad (Pearl and Lapis do get emotional quite a lot), and has ribbons (which Pearl and Lapis are the only Gems that incorporate ribbons to their design).  Even my partner @hatteri commented how Angelite is likely a Pearlapis fusion of some sort as she compared the color scheme of Aquamarine and Moonstone noting they do not exactly mach the overall color scheme for a hypothetical Angelite fusion.

If the show does make an episode concerning Pearlapis in someway and feature a fusion similar to this, to Angelite (as well being named “Angelite”) or mixture of both - essentially if I get this right, then I will eat a Carolina Reaper and post the video of it on here.

The Poweress

Warning: Smut (kind of), language

Word Count: 1997

Author’s Note: This sucks. My bad. 


The beginning of newlywed life should be filled with love, happiness, and bliss. She was neither happy, nor blissful. Nor were she in love. Being forced to marry a territorial madman that claimed  to be “a king of the people”  was not something that evoked the sought after feeling of happiness. 

Sighing for the umpteenth time since waking up from her slumber two hours prior, she stared out of her massive, floor to ceiling window. Keeping as quiet as possible, she watched the sun rise, fearing that her newly appointed hand maidens would become aware of her consciousness. It had been a mere thirteen hours since she’d falsely spoken the words “I do”. She meant nothing of what she’d said at the alter, (may the goddess Syss forgive her for lying), but she had no alternative. It was either put on a brave face and lie in front of two kingdoms for the good of her people, or leave him standing at the alter. Not only invoking his wrath, but also the wrath of her father, the man responsible for ripping her away from the man she loved to be the sole savior of her kingdom. She did what she had to for the ensured safety of her people. 

Sighing yet again, she returned to her bed, where she’d spent her wedding night alone, and waited for the hand maidens to knock quietly on her bedroom door. When the knock finally came, she had drifted off to sleep. She mumbled a slurred “come in”, and rolled on to her side, back facing the door. “Your Highness”, Marta, the head maiden greeted her as she entered her chambers with two other women. She said nothing in response, still deeply saddened about the fact that she was now the wife of a man she couldn’t stand to be around for more than a few seconds. “Master Jeon sent us to fetch you.” She said quietly. Still, she said nothing, staring blankly at the off-white walls in front of her. “Your Highness?” Her voice was closer this time, and she knew Marta was approaching her bed carefully in fear of being reprimanded. She wasn’t the type to to yell at the staff for being too comfortable around her, a royal. 

“What does he want?”
“We don’t know, ma’am.”

Another sigh, and she pushed herself into a sitting position. She might as well get used to being summoned by her husband. He wasn’t the kind of husband that treated his wife like his better half (which, she most definitely was). He was the kind of husband that treated his wife as if she were a member of his staff. She wasn’t his wife, but his property. He’d made sure that it was made perfectly clear where she stood in this business partnership. Because that’s what this was, a business deal. She didn’t marry him because she loved him. She’d married him because it was her duty as a princess to do so.

Throwing back the heavy duvet, she swung her legs over the side of the massive, cherry wood bed and lowered herself onto the cold marble floor. Marta sprung into action, snatching a pair of velvet slippers from one of the maidens behind her, and dropping to her knees in front of her. “Your Highness..” She rushed to say, dropping her head in a bow as she lifted her feet into the comfortable house shoes. She was still very much put off by the fact that the staff here were so doting. Back in her own kingdom, her father made sure that the help felt like they were part of the family. She did everything on her own (for the most part). But here, she couldn’t do anything herself. She felt uncomfortable with how things were set up here, but no matter how many times she’d told the maidens that she could do it, they continued to do everything for her.  Once the slippers were on her feet, Marta stood and cast her gaze to the ground, “We drew a bath for you.” 
“I thought I was being summoned.” She said with a little more venom than she’d intended. “You are, ma'am.” Marta didn’t say anything else, so she let it go. 

Leaving her room smelling like oranges and vanilla, she was ushered to the west wing of the palace, where King Jeon’s bed chambers were. Marta rapped on the thick wood of his door, and backed away in a low bow. Panicking, she whirled around wide-eyed, “Where are you going?!” Marta didn’t answer. Instead, she left her alone in the long hallway to wait for King Jeon to answer the door. “_____________.” Hearing her name called her attention back to his door, where he stood with his weighty-looking robe half open. “Come.” He commanded, stepping back and giving her a little bit of room to enter his room. He shut the large door behind her, and stepped around the short train of her own robe to stand in front of her. “Did you sleep well?” He asked with a curious look painted across his hard features. Up this close, she noticed things she hadn’t picked up on before. Like the scar on his cheek. She’d wondered where he gotten it, and how long it’d been there. “I slept fine.” She cut out, looking away from him. “Good.” He sounded amused, which irked her. There was nothing funny about this situation. Nothing at all. “I wanted you to be well rested for this.” The same amused tone dropped off his tongue, making her skin crawl. She knew exactly what he was hinting at. The consummation of their marriage. She was hoping that she could skip this whole step entirely. She didn’t want this, not in the slightest. Unfortunately for her, Syss didn’t answer her clearly selfish prayers. He stepped closer to her, close enough that he was within arms reach. “Untie me.” He commanded. That’s right, commanded. He did not ask, because he never asked. She ground her teeth in anger, lifting shaky hands to untie the loose knot on his robe. With the knot pulled free, the robe fell open, revealing a body that seemed to have been chiseled out of the finest of marble. Taken aback, she gasped and stumbled backward, hand over her open mouth. She didn’t know what to expect, but that surely wasn’t it. 

With a smirk full of confidence, King Jeon lowered his hands into the massive pockets of his robes and cocked his head to the side. Her eyes roamed over his body, taking in everything. She could tell that he took pride in his body, making sure that the muscle was evenly distributed throughout. From the hard lines in his abdomen, to the clear cut muscle of his thighs. She struggled to breathe around the cloud that had settled in her chest as her eyes traveled back up to where she had tried to ignore. “Come here.” As if she’d lost control of her own body, she moved toward him carefully eyes still on him. “Your father promised me that you were untouched. Tell me now, was he lying to me?” She gulped, and shook her head “no”, lifting her gaze to stare into his eyes. This was technically true. She really was untouched as her father had so adamantly demanded of her. But there was nothing in that command that said that she couldn’t do the touching. She distinctly remembered several nights in her former home where she’d called a certain stable boy to her room to have her way with. True to her word, she allowed no room for the  stable boy to touch her, but that surely didn’t stop her from giving him the suck of his life every time he entered her chambers in the dead of night. 

“Let me see you.” King Jeon demanded, pulling her out of her steamy memories. Without much hesitation, she yanked open her robe, and let the thick material fall from her shoulders to pool around her ankles. Despite the incessant urging from her father, she didn’t try to lose weight before entering into this un-holy matrimony. She was happy with herself, and so was the stable boy back home that shan’t be named. King Jeon inhaled sharply as he looked her over. She was sure he was shocked to see that she wasn’t as fit as the many layers of shape wear led him to believe. An iconic line from a movie she’d repeatedly watched as a child rang in her ears as she watched him watch her, “We hide our flaws until after the wedding.” Although she didn’t see her weight as a flaw, that’s exactly what she did. She hid what her body truly looked like until after the wedding to appease her father. In the months where King Jeon had courted her prior to their wedding day, she wore several layers of uncomfortable “fat sucking” shape wear that hid the rolls and cellulite perfectly under her designer clothes. She smiled in smug satisfaction at the look of surprise that King Jeon hadn’t even tried to cover up. Soon, his penetrating gaze became invasive, and she felt far too exposed. “King Jeon…” She called to him, and his gaze flickered up to hers. A dangerous light flickered in his eyes, and she felt uneasy. He licked his lips and lifted a hand to rub his chin, “I hope you didn’t think I’d be put off by your fluffiness.” He chuckled, the dangerous light in his eyes dancing wildly like an out of control flame. 

Secretly, she had hoped that much would be true. The look on his face told it all, he was turned on by her regardless of what she looked like. “I want you to sit at the head of the bed with your legs open.” Choosing to be obedient, she climbed on to the bed, struggling a bit to lift herself onto the high rising mattress. King Jeon climbed up after her, situating himself at the foot of the bed, eyes on her the whole time. They sat across from each other, and her breathing became even more labored. Why am I uneasy? She thought to herself as he continued to watch her. He still hadn’t removed his robes, and being the only fully naked person in the room was starting to get awkward. “Touch yourself..” He breathed, gaze falling to the space between her thighs. He sat with his legs pretzeled in front of him, hands holding on to his ankles, back as straight as a board. Being the only naked one was far less awkward than reaching a shaky hand down to her womanhood to please her spouse. 

“That’s it…” He whispered, licking his lips, eyes never leaving her. She moved slowly, hand still shaking uncontrollably. She breathed unevenly, unsure of everything. “Just like that, _______________.” King Jeon said in a barely audible tone. She flushed under the attention, skin becoming hot as she maintained a steady rhythm. When he finally looked up at her, her heart skipped a beat. He said nothing at first. Her fingers paused over her now slick folds, and she waited, barely breathing. “No, don’t stop, _______________.” Resuming, she tried to give herself an internal pep talk. This was definitely going to happen, it was already happening. She might as well go along with it willingly. “Had I not had to abide by the rules set by your father, I would’ve fucked you a long time ago.” The sudden confession caused her to hiccup in shock. She stared at him wide-eyed, unable to fully process what he’d just said to her. “I knew from the moment I laid eyes on you, that I had to have you.” He smiled at her then, his bright, white teeth flashing at her. He licked his lips again, the hungry look in his eyes growing in intensity.

“And now I have you.” 

[to be continued]

This is my main character, Wind Seeker.
She spends her free time studying magic and hanging out with her friends. All around a fun character to be around, but can be overwhelming at times, as she is very open about a lot of things. TBH if you have any sort of magic she will attempt to write it down.


character submitted by @wingsofsilver

Your character is very well drawn, the only problem I have is the wing anatomy. Wings can be hard to draw. The way you have your feathers overlaying looks more like sheets of fabric laying over each other. I drew up a very basic diagram on how a wing should look. I’m not the best at drawing wings so I would recommend looking at other references. I also tweaked your color palette a smidge. Your purple is VERY purple and it clashes with the saturated green eyes. I dulled them down a bit so they flowed together a bit more. I hope this helped :) Also I really want that ‘Hot Damn” shirt XD

Not a Feather Out of Place

Summary: Wing AU. Shiro needs some help preening his wings, but itโ€™s often times easier said then done.

Notes: @4theroyalty because their tags on my wing au head canons were so enthusiastic.

โ€œYou missed a feather.โ€

โ€œI did not!โ€ Keith huffed.

His wings flared slightly behind him, fluffing up a bit with his annoyance. Shiro shifted his wing to make it easier for Keith to work on, not quite hiding the way the corners of his mouth quirked up as he glanced at Lance. From his perch on the back of the couch behind Shiro, Keith couldnโ€™t see his face anyway.

Lance smiled back slyly.

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