i like how i coo over her like she's a child when she's old enough to be my mom

Prompt: Reader introduces Bill to her family and she’s nervous and stuff

Warning: Nonetheless 

Note: I have another fanfic similar to this called “Home Bill Skarsgård x Reader” but this time it’s the reader introducing Bill to her family. Enjoy! =3!

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You were so stressed out as you drove Bill down to your mother’s house where most of your family was waiting. You had already called her the night before telling her not to freak out like when you told her you were dating a hot Swedish actor that is from a family of well known famous actors.

When you told her that she freaked out like as if you just told her you were pregnant with twins.

Which you weren’t!

That was also another thing you had to remind her, no mentioning children. Apparently your older sister having a baby wasn’t enough for her.

“Babe, calm down, your going to break the steering wheel.” Your boyfriend said placing his hand on your knee.

“I know I’m just…stressing out a little.”


“You know why. My mom is crazy and she’s probably gonna be constantly asking about children and our life and-”

“(Name), it’s alright,” Bill chuckled, “My mother was the same way but she behaved and was nice.”

“Yeah but your mom and family weren’t huge fans of me since I’m not famous.” You sighed heavily.

“Calm down, everything’s going to be okay. Okay?”

You nodded biting your lip and Bill squeezed your knee. You gave him a murderous look and he smirked but pulled his hand away. At least that helped ease your nerves a bit to let it out that you were incredibly scared and nervous af.

You saw your mother’s house and pulled into the driveway biting your lip to the point where you were sure you could taste blood. Bill casually stepped out and you followed him over to the door.

He took your shaking hand and entertained your fingers with his giving you an assuring smile. You knocked on the door in a certain pattern you used to use as a child and sure enough it opened to reveal your mother.

Instead of the wide smile and nearly popping eyeballs you were expecting she had a gentle, timid, sort of motherly like smile that seemed true.

“Oh thank god my baby’s back home.” Your mother cooed pulling you into a desthcrushing hug.

You squeaked in surprise and blushed as she rubbed her cheek against yours and gushed about how she had missed you so much. Bill mean while looked like he was trying really hard not to laugh making you glare at him.

Eventually your mother pulled away from you and noticed your guest in your room, “Uh, mom, this is my boyfriend Bill.

“My, I’ve heard many wonderful thing about you.” Your mother commented holding her hand out.

He accepted it and shook her hand wincing at how tight and stern her handshakes always were which made you smirk a little. Bill pulled back his hand and tucked it into his pocket before any bruises could show.

“Come in, come in.” She called.

You stepped in and took your shoes off at the door knowing how your mom threw a fit about getting dirt in her house. Bill followed and kicked off his elegant dress shoes matching his equally elegant dress suit.

You thought it was a little bit of overkill but hey, you wanted to leave a good impression. You lead him into the living room and sat down on the couch with Bill following your lead.

Your mother set down a plate of cheese, crackers, and pepperoni with grapes. You quickly reached over and took off a grape well Bill looked unsure what to do wether this was a test or not.

He decided to eat anyways and stacked a cracker, a slice of pepperoni, and then the cheese slice before taking a bite.

“So, how’s your life going?” Your mother asked aiming more towards your boyfriend.

The air was tense as Bill slowly stiffened before saying, “Uh…well we aren’t in debt and we both love each other dearly.”

“That’s good.” Your mother chuckled.

It looked like he past the first question.

“So any thoughts of children yet or…”

“Moooom, you already have 3 grandchildren!” You whined.

“I know but…well you go me there. So you both love each other?”

You both nodded.

“Risk your lives for one another?”

Bill nodded but you replied back, “Weeeeeeell….”

He gave you a shocked look and you chuckled and replied, “Nah, I love you too much Bill.”

The man smiled and turned his attention back to your mother. That was how it was for the rest of the day. Just tests from both of you making dinner and answering questions correctly.

It seemed mom loved you both together.

As a probably final test you and Bill slept together in your old room that still had all your possessions inside. He had his arm wrapped around your waist as you slept not making much if any noise really.

Your mother was standing in the doorway watching you both sleep with a smile on her face, “Yep. They’re perfect for each other…

…Now I just convince them to have kids.”

Epilogue: Sorry if it seems rushed I went to the mall with my grandfather and when we came back home i was once again blind sided when he said that his friends were going to come over to see me so I wasn’t able to be alone to type for hours and I was so exhausted. Thanx for reading now I’m going to bed ;3!

Prompt: Naegi and Kirigiri with Saihara as their child (PS this is spoiler-free and I haven’t played/watched the game so excuse me for mischaracterizing)

A/N for @qosic a WAY belated birthday gift. Dude, I love you so much that I would write naegiri for you. Thanks for being awesome and I hope this will be enough for your forgiveness at my late greeting.

Another Detective in the Family - naegiri with child saihara

When Saihara was born, they never talked about his talent.

Instead the parents cried and cooed at a healthy baby born and how they would protect him and shower him in love. Whether or not he had talent was not a concern of theirs so long as he was happy. Makoto did joke before that he wished their son didn’t inherit his luck if that counted as a discussion. Kyouko was still smooth as ever when she calmly mentioned that their son would most likely inherit his hope. They both blushed at that, him more so than her. It was nice and peaceful and all was right in the world in those moments.

When Saihara grew up, he inevitably showed talent.

At first it was just interest in his parents’ works which then developed into skill. He solved his first mystery when he was four and the culprit was his father who ate his mother’s pudding. It was an easy first case but he had been proud over debunking his father’s alibi. He had a feeling that his mother knew all along but just milked the situation for his father’s reaction. The next time they went grocery shopping, they bought him extra pudding as a reward.

From then on, he pursued mysteries with a wonderlust. He solved them left and right and he grew bolder with each success. It seemed as though he was already set on the path of being a detective just like his mother. However, unlike his mother, he didn’t become cold and distant in his work. He took after his father when it came to being social. He was friendly enough and made sure that everyone was at least  comfortable around him. His mother made no comment on his work ethic and his father cheered him on. He would make them proud.

At the tender age of seven, he was a prodigy.

A prodigy that was still babied by his parents just because they can.

“Mom, I have some news.” He declared as soon as he caught sight of her in the living room.

“Really?” Kyouko asked although judging by her tone, it sounded rhetorical.

Saihara’s smile immediately turned into a scowl or at least it was supposed to be but it came out as a pout. “You already know, don’t you?”

She hummed playfully. “If you say so then what ever gave me away?”

This was a test and he just knew it. Ever since he started showing interest, she also began to train him in subtle ways. Sure it was fun at first but after a few years, it got old fast. Well more like annoying since they were easy and she knew how he felt about the easier tests but still handed them out. Her excuse was that it was to drill in the basics but he knew better and that she just wanted to tease him.

He took a moment to reorganize his thoughts into a concise explanation. “Well you’re early but not too early. That provides just the right time frame for you to meet auntie given his schedule. However, the incriminating evidence is that your blouse has wrinkles around the shoulder area that could only be acquired by someone placing their arms there in a hugging manner. And you never let anyone but auntie do that. Given auntie’s nature, I have no doubt that she already told you about the news.”

Kyouko stared at him, her silence carrying judgement with every passing second. “Nice try.” She curtly said.

“Nice try? Not well done?” He asked incredulously.

“It’s not a bad induction.” She shrugged. “However, it is incorrect.”

“Incorrect?” He gasped. It was like a blow was dealt to his gut.

“I learned about the news from your uncle this morning. Everything else, I planned and planted.” She explained in a collected manner and then surprised him at the tenderness in her touch when she patted his head comfortingly. “It seems that you have much to learn since you were deceived easily.”

“It wasn’t that easy. I’m going to see through it next time.” He grumbled and covered half of his face in embarrassment.

“There, there.” She smiled as she continued to pat him.

Makoto came home shortly after and gave both of them warm hugs. “How was your day, Saihara?” He affectionately brushed his hair.

“M'fine.” He mumbled though he did not pull away.

“Oh, Kyouko. It looks like you already know about the news. Did uncle tell you?” Makoto said when he turned towards her.

“Seriously?” Saihara’s jaw dropped. “How did you even find out about that? I thought mom was the detective between the two of you!”

“I have my fair share of experiences at solving mysteries.” He winked at his son. “I just might be better than you.”

“How??” He squawked at how infuriatingly talented his father was. “At least tell me how you figured it out!”

“A lucky guess?” Makoto just laughed at his son’s scrunched up face. “Just kidding, kiddo. I actually saw them when uncle delivered the news.”

Saihara practically fumed. He was played by his parents. Twice! “I hate you both.” He grumbled.

“Love you more.” Kyouko giggled.

“Love you too!” Makoto chuckled.

Despite Saihara’s weak protests, Makoto pulled the three of them together in for another bear hug which Kyouko obliged. He ended up smiling with them and although he did laugh, he refused to acknowledge that out loud. More than the thrill and satisfaction of solving mysteries, he thought that it was moments like these that topped his list. Here, in the safety and warmth of his loving parents. He forgets and forgives them for teasing but they would never let him forget that he was their beloved son.

When Saihara looked up to his parents, he didn’t think of talent since all he saw was love.

Imagine babysitting with Chris.

A/N: This is based off a prompt from an anonymous request and I think it’s so superbly adorable that I might actually make this the sequel to the ‘Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts’ mini-series. If you’ve read the mini-series, you’ll know the reader is a screen writer and they got married after she drunkenly admitted she was ready for the next step. You can read it here (I’ll link it as soon as I get home) but you don’t have to, this should be able to standalone as its own mini-series. So shall we?

Chris waited by the front door with the stroller and your baby niece in his arms, while you filled Dodger’s food and water bowl and made sure everything in the house that needed to be off and locked was. You were babysitting your eldest brother’s one year old for the week while he and your sister-in-law were out of town. Your parents had been the first choice but Chris begged and pleaded for the opportunity, bugging your brother so much that it finalized his decision to leave Phoebe with the two of you instead.

But Chris’ persistence wasn’t the only reason; your brother said and you quote, “the man’s going to put a baby in you soon, you might as well have some practice.” You laughed but you knew he was right. You had been with Chris for five years now, married only for one but already discussing the possibility of starting a family; a subject you’d unknowingly brought up before you even got proposed to when you were drunk, but since then there had been serious conversations about it.

The only reason the baby making hadn’t started was because of you, you were still unsure and stalling; Chris knew which was why he asked to take care of Phoebe. You didn’t know that but you knew you’d eventually have to stop talking and start doing, you and Chris weren’t getting any younger and both moms from either side were itching for you and Chris to join your siblings in the Parent Club; your two brothers- James, who had a son and a daughter; Scott, who had a daughter; and Chris’ oldest sister- Carly, who had two sons and a daughter.

“Hurry up, Aunt Y/N.” You heard Chris addressing you with a childlike voice to appease your squirming niece. “We’re getting really bored over here and we want to go out. Don’t we, Bumble Bee?” He cooed and bounced her, drawing small giggles from the one year old. “We want to go outside, yes we do.”

“I’m coming,” you called back as you grabbed Phoebe’s diaper bag from the kitchen counter. You checked the contents yet again, unsure if giving Chris the job of stocking it was the right decision. “Chris-” you narrowed your eyes at the small Ziplock of Gummi Bears. “What’s this?” You held it up and his eyes narrowed in confusion at your question.

“A Ziplock of Gummi Bears?”

“I can see that,” you chuckled. “Why did you pack them? Phoebe can’t eat these yet, she’s one.” You told him then realized when he laughed. “You packed them for me, didn’t you?” You asked then chuckled when he nodded. “Well- we’re leaving them behind,” you said and placed the bag on the nearest table. “I don’t need the distraction when we’ve got a ton of Christmas shopping to do, and a child to watch. Trust you to pick the busiest time of the year to offer our babysitting services.”

“Like we’d have any trouble with this angel.” He said then poked her tiny palm with his stubby finger; she wrapped her hand around his finger then laughed when he did. “She’s so adorable,” he told you, brushing her brown locks out of her chubby face. “I am so glad we have her for the week.”

“Don’t speak too soon, my love. Let’s not forget that it’s only been a few hours.” You reminded him as you walked over, tucking the diaper bag in the basket compartment under the stroller. “She’s an angel now ‘cause her daddy just dropped her off. She’s still unaware she’s stuck with us for the week, but once she realizes that- all hell’s going to break loose and you’re going to be wishing you had let Scott and Lexi take her to Mom’s instead.”

“You clearly don’t know how much I like kids,” he defended.

“You clearly don’t know how well I know my niece,” you countered.

“She’s my niece too, Y/N.” He rolled his eyes at you then turned to smile at Phoebe, who was too busy playing with his hand to flash him one of her smiles. “And I love her to bits, which means- she could kick, scream, and cry, and I’d still think she’s perfect.”

“Hold up.” You pulled out your phone from your back pocket and opened the voice recorder app, pressing the red button to start the recording. “I would just like it on the record,” you told him and he chuckled softly. “You know, so that when she does kick, scream, and cry- you can deal with her without complaints.”

“Fine.” He wrapped his free hand around your wrist and pulled your phone closer to his mouth. “Hey Future Chris, Past Chris talking. I’d just like to remind you that we said Phoebe could kick, scream, and cry, and we’d still think she’s perfect. So don’t you dare complain 'cause you know how much we hate it when Y/N gets that smug gleam in her eyes.” He smirked at you and you chuckled. “Don’t worry though, Bumble Bee’s an angel. I’m sure we’ll have a great week with her despite what Y/N says, she’s a pessimist.”

“Shut up,” you laughed and turned off the recording, saving it before slipping your phone back into your back pocket. “Let’s go because we’ve got a lot of Christmas shopping to do and I want to get it done before dinner.”

“Yeah, let’s go!” Chris cheered in a childlike voice, making Phoebe laugh and you smile.

• • • • • • • •

Chris pushed Phoebe in the stroller while you did the shopping, it was the same every year- not the stroller pushing but the you doing the shopping. Every Christmas since you became his significant other, he’d pass the responsibility of shopping for people in his life over to you; he wasn’t bad at it, you were just better and he was just lazy. The only people he shopped for now was you, his mom, and yours because- well, he couldn’t make you buy your own present and he was a huge momma’s boy.

“Oh my God,” you heard Chris gasp and you turned around, smiling when you saw what he had in his hand; it was a little baby reindeer onesie. “Tell me your heart didn’t just melt a little,” he pouted and you chuckled. “We’re definitely getting this.” He said and tossed it in your basket.

“Chris,” you chuckled and pulled it back out. “We don’t need this, Phoebe’s the only baby in the family and- I’m pretty sure she’s already got one of these at home.” You hung it back on the rack but he took it back down, giving you serious puppy dog eyes. “Chris, no.” You laughed. “What are we going to do with that?”

“We’re going to have a baby of our own and dress her or him in it,” he answered and tossed it back in your basket. You sighed but made no effort to take it out, knowing he wouldn’t let up. “We’re already talking about it, Y/N. Collecting cute little outfits and knick-knacks for our future child is the next step.”

“You really need to keep it down,” you chuckled softly as you joined his side. He wrapped an arm around you, pushing the stroller with one hand while the two of you walked down the Baby Clothing’s aisle. “Let’s not forget we’re not normal people, the last thing we need is one of your fan girls overhearing us talking about having babies.”

“I’m pretty sure we’re already going to make the front page walking around with Phoebe,” he chuckled softly and smiled down at Phoebe who was smiling up at her uncle. “A lot of strangers already think she’s our child, won’t be long before someone recognizes us and tweets about it. I think that blonde lady back there felt like she knew me but wasn’t sure.”

“You do look different in person,” you nodded.

“Still, we’re going to get caught eventually,” he said and you rolled your eyes. “We always do,” he reminded you. “How many times have we had to stop to take photos or sign something? Even you, Miss Screen-writer, have had to sign a copy or two of your scripts.”

“Yeah-” you pursed your lips, “how do people just have that on hand? It’s weird,” you said and he chuckled. “But we’re not going to get caught this time, everyone’s too busy shopping to bother with us. And- you and I, we’re going to keep our hats on,” you tugged at his NASA cap and he chuckled. “The most- we pretend to not know what they’re talking about and be a cute little family of three. We are getting a lot of compliments.”

“Here comes one now,” Chris whispered in your ear, beckoning his head at an older couple smiling at the three of you. “Hi there,” he greeted the old lady who was cooing at Phoebe; she looked up at the two of you and smiled, nodding in acknowledgement. “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas,” her husband said with a smile. “You two make a very good looking couple,” he complimented, making both you and Chris smile. “And your daughter is just beautiful, much like your wife. You’re a lucky man,” he nodded at Chris and Chris chuckled softly.

“What’s her name?” The old lady asked.

“Phoebe,” you told her and her smile widened.

“That’s my daughter’s name,” she told you and you smiled. “Your girl is just beautiful, she has your eyes.” You chuckled softly because it wasn’t the first time you’d heard that; Phoebe had your brother’s eyes and you looked a lot like him. “Just one girl?”

“We’re planning for more,” Chris answered before you could tell the lady the baby actually belonged to your brother. “How could we not when the first one turned out so perfect?” He said then smiled at you; you stifled your chuckle but nodded in agreement.

“We hope everything works out for you, you’re a beautiful family.” The old lady complimented then took her husband’s arm. “Merry Christmas,” she said. The couple smiled at your little family of three once more before returning to their own shopping.

“We’re a beautiful family,” Chris repeated, beaming. “What’s that- the eighth one in two hours?” He nudged your arm, grinning like an idiot and making you laugh. “Can we please have a baby of our own now? Like- no more talk, we’ve talked enough. Let’s just have a baby already,” he practically begged.

“Get through this week and we’ll see.”

Stay tuned for Here’s Part 2, inbox me if you want to be tagged.

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Blue Man Group- Request! John Wick x Reader

Request: So! The basic idea is that John has a secretive associate, they have worked together a few times but he dosen’t know much about her. It turns out that she has worked out an agreement that while she is away she can leave her daughter at the hotel. One day John finds out about the kid (Either because he saw her running around the hotel and caught her or he heard a yelp from an empty room and he goes in only to have an 6 year old try to fight him) and he takes it upon himself to watch the girl until her mother gets back.


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My Babe's Impressions of FFXV Characters

So my babe @actualdannyfenton knows nothing about Final Fantasy and they gave me their impressions of Final Fantasy XV characters that I sent them and had me crying. Here they are~ 

Noctis Lucis Caelum: “Look I know I said I outgrew my emo phase but MCR just released that new logo and MOM LISTEN TO THE NEW LOGO”. 

Prompto Argentum: This man spends at least half an hour every morning doing his hair like that. If he doesn’t have time he slaps some gel in it and sticks his head out the window for a similar effect. He shops at Hot Topic but would never own up to it. Probably got those gloves from his emo little sister’s closet. He’s constantly saying he’s not gay but anytime ‘BUT MOM IT’S MCR’ shows up his heart melts a lil. 

Gladiolus Amicitia: “Look man I’m not gay but twenty dollars is twenty dollars”. He probably acts super tough but he has a pack of Capri Suns in his bag at all times and probably had like seven Tamagotchis growing up. This man is the Mom Friend. He kept his old DS and still checks on his Nintendo Dogs at least once a week. 

Ignis Scientia: “Alright class please turn to page 284. Jordan, turn to page 69 (;”. Me, an Intellectual. He probably stabbed a fork into a socket on a dare in middle school and kept the hair because some chick said it looked cool. This dude got bullied so hard in middle school and every night he said to himself “I’ll be their manager some day” and now he works at the local CVS and gets into fights with people on the internet over mundane things. 

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret: This girl keeps trying to impress 'BUT MOM MCR’ by faking to like his interests but in reality only 'Me, an Intellectual’ likes her and she’s PISSED. She has a septum piercing and anytime someone breathes in her immediate vicinity she feels the need to talk about it. “I’m Vegan.” “Okay coo-” “I’M A VEGAN EVERYONE SHOULD BE VEGAN VEGANS ARE THE ONLY DECENT PEOPLE ALIVE VEG-”. 

Ravus Nox Fleuret: He wears a really long cape that gets in the way of everything he does and anytime someone asks why he keeps it on he says “it’s for aesthetic” very dramatically while flipping his hair. He cares more about how he looks taking over the world than his actual plan. He didn’t start trying to destroy everything until his hair was at the perfect length and wound up missing a perfect opportunity but he passed “my bangs are so uneven I can’t be seen ruling the world with imperfect hair!!!”. He puts on eyeliner every morning without fail. 

Aranea Highwind: This is Camilla from Fire Emblem but with gray hair. Loves with a burning passion but kills just as easily. “Oh you’re sad sweetheart? Who do I need to kill to make you feel better? I’ll go get the axe”. She’s a great friend and gives excellent advice but should anyone cross her she makes them wish they were never born. She probably has a thing for MCR Boy too but he’s not too happy about it. 'Me, an Intellectual’ probably thinks he’s so much smarter than her but she could wipe the floor with his whiny mansplaining ass in chess. Best friends with 'I’m not gay but twenty dollars is twenty dollars’. 

Regis Lucis Caelum: Probably MCR Boy’s dad who just needs a break. He thinks his troubles are finally over until the new P!ATD album drops. He has never seen a child wear jeans so tight. Rumor has it that if you hear a loud rumbling noise from the castle it’s just him sighing because MCR Boy just found a new FOB song. He doesn’t know what a Tumblr is and everyday he thanks the lord for that until his son comes in and says “dad if I get 10,000 notes on a post will you take me to Warped Tour”. 

Ardyn Izunia: Gwaine from Merlin but with purple hair. Probably has some fancy European accent. Every character is in love with him except for 'Me, an Intellectual’ who hates how he so flawlessly gets everyone to love him. Kicks ass while still having perfect hair. He probably sold his soul for the hair to stay so well sculpted in battle. “L'Oréal: Because I’m worth it”. 

Iris Amicitia: “Sure, Jan”. She just came here to see her friend 'Septum Piercing’ but 'Me, an Intellectual’ showed up and is complaining about how women are taking over and she just has this fucking face. She has so much restraint but her bullshit limit is almost reached and she’s about ten seconds from punching 'Me, an Intellectual’ in his fedora wearing face. Always a sweetheart but she has her limits. 

Cindy Aurum: “Call me whatever you want for having my tits out but you’re the one who was looking”. Self-confidence goddess who inspires everyone around her to love themselves. A literal sunflower. She’s like 79% gay. She might seem a little dim to some people but get her talking about something she cares about and holy hell is she a genius. Let’s people make their own assumptions about her so she knows who her real friends are. 

Cid Sophiar: Old Man Jenkins. He acts like a super grouchy old bastard but deep down he cares about his misguided MySpace grandchildren. Probably makes them care packages for the road but says they’re from Lesbian Self Care Goddess. “ TAKE YOUR ATTITUDE AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS have fun on your adventures kids be safe call me when you get there AND GET A DAMN HAIRCUT”. 

Cor Leonis: A girl broke up with him once ten years ago and he’s been locked away writing sad emo poetry about how nice guys finish last ever since. Watches romance anime exclusively and has a Hatsune Miku body pillow. Probably a Brony tbh. MCR Boy needs help finishing a quest but he won’t stop talking about how he was “so CRUELLY friendzoned and how LIFE IS POINTLESS without the LIGHT OF LOVE I mean I bought her dinner and wasn’t a total ass WHAT MORE DOES SHE WANT”. 

Nyx Ulric: Gray haired Draco Malfoy. Rich boy spoiled and groomed to be evil all his life but he’s really just naive. Has no idea what’s going on 99% of the time but he’s just trying his best. Doesn’t really agree with the shady things going on but he’s smart enough not to question Old Man Aesthetic Cape. Eyeliner Villain is probably his dad. Also probably a giant douche canoe but if you call him out on it HIS FATHER WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS. 

Gentiana: Her dad is also Old Man Cape Aesthetic. She’s trying so hard not to slap the shit out of his overdramatic ass and take over the world herself but she has appearances to keep up. Also probably tried to recruit MCR Boy to the Dark Side with her magic womanly wills but he’s too gay for Hot Topic Lord for that to work. Probably the only one in the entire game with half a brain cell. 


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Goodnight Moon (Calum/4)

In honor of @wivesosluke and @malumshighlight and their domestic!5SOS Blurb Night! I’ll try and write the ideas I’ve got for the other three boys as soon as possible! Hope you enjoy the 2.9k of Dad!Calum below. Let me know what you think?

(Song is ‘Goodnight Moon’ by Go Radio. Kudos to @clummyhood for the awesome CTH-playlist they shared earlier this week!)

  1. Scene 1 - Hospital room: Y/D/N was born less than two hours ago

And don’t go to bed yet love, I think it’s too early
And we just need a little time to ourselves
If my wall clock tells me that it’s 4 in the morning I’ll give it hell

Calum’s sitting in the heavy chair he’d dragged from the corner of the room to your bedside, your newborn daughter bundled up in a pink blanket and carefully cradled in his arms. Y/D/N had just been fed when he managed to pry her out of your arms and into his. She’s sleepily blinking up at her dad who she’s meeting for the very first time.

“She’s got quite the grip on her daddy,” Calum chuckles quietly. “Takes after her mommy in that way, if you ask me.”

“I’ve never heard you complain, buddy.” You mumble. You’re exhausted, having been here since six o’clock last night. It’s almost four in the morning now. You close your eyes, hoping for some shut-eye before the cavalry would show up, no doubt bouncing off the walls in their excitement of meeting the newest Second of Summer.

“Y/N?” He asks softly. You hum, but your eyes stay closed. “I think she’ll have your eyes…”

“It’d only be fair; don’t you think?” You mumble. “She’s your spitting image: I’d be disappointed if I’d carried her inside me for nine months, only to realize that there’s no way of telling she’s mine apart from the stretchmarks…”

“Shut up,” He grumbles. “You’re beautiful and the mother of my child: no one will ever compare to you.”

You peek an eye open, smirking. “Who knew you becoming a dad would turn you into a giant sap? What happened to Calum Hood, resting bitch face™?”

“I repeat: shut up, Y/N,” Calum blushes, looking down at his daughter. “Open your eyes for me, though?”

You whine. “Dude, your kid took eight hours to worm her way out of my uterus: can’t you let me sleep?”

“Fine, fine,” Calum mocks. “Our daughter inherited my favorite feature of yours, but curse me for wanting to admire that magical gift bestowed upon us…”

You smile, opening your eyes and looking at the father of your child. “You’re a drama queen, Calum Hood.”

“Too late, Y/N Y/L/N: I’m afraid you’re stuck with me.” He grins self-satisfied.

“Only for the first eighteen years of her life, Hood.” You smirk. “Will pass by in the blink of an eye…”

Calum’s mouth falls open at your sass.

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Full Circle

Even with Vaylin’s defeat and the neutralizing of Zakuul, the Force had not led Satele Shan back to the Jedi Order. She had lingered on Coruscant for a time to aid in the relief efforts after the Fleet’s attack, and Jace had tried to convince her to stay around- him, the Chancellor, and most of the surviving Council. But her call led her away from the Republic after only a few months and back into the wilderness.

Now she lingered on Dantooine, with Darth Marr for company as per usual. The quietness of the planet was peaceful and calm, even with the old echoes of the Enclave ruins a few kilometres away. In the shadow of her old ship, Satele sat cross-legged in the grass, the weather too pleasant to bother with rebuilding her campfire. After a lifetime of service to the Order, this retirement was peaceful.

The peace was broken by the whine of a ship entering the atmosphere. Satele looked up and frowned when she saw a sleek vessel break through the clouds and make straight for her location. The ship looked to have been Imperial in origin, a little old but well maintained. The former Grand Master rose to her feet as the ship landed near her, far too close to be a coincidence. Who would have found her out here, much less have come hunting?

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Can you write something about Emison's baby taking their first steps?!! 😍

sorry this has taken so long! I hope you like it xx

Bacon was burning and Emily was sure she could smell orange juice spilling across the table. Ali was chasing their three month old puppy around the living room because, for some reason, Emily had insisted it was a good idea to buy their son a dog for his first birthday. Needless to say, it wasn’t.

“Come on, Chester” Ali said for the hundredth time as he refused to drop one of Finn’s blue teddy bears who, after seeing his puppy steal straight from under his nose, had erupted into loud and painful crocodile tears. “Em! A bit of help?” Ali snapped as she lunged forward, spinning on her ankle and almost flopping to the ground.

“I’m already burning breakfast, babe!” She yelled across the room as the smoke alarm started blaring. Hurriedly switching of the gas and chasing to grab the nearest tea-towel, wafting out the smoke as Ali neglected to discipline the dog, instead opting to attend to their screaming child who was strapped into his high-chair.
“Here we go, baby, no need to cry” Ali cooed as she bounced him up and down on her hip as Emily frantically put together three plates of (burnt) bacon and eggs. “he won’t stop” Ali chanted in a sing-song voice, taking over from Emily at serving breakfast and passing her son over to his mama.

“Hey, Finny” Emily said calmly, desperate to eat something. She rocked him gently as his tears began to subside, his nose catching the attention of the bacon that was waiting for him “that’s it, shush for your mummies” She muttered as she kissed the top of his head, a thick amass of brown hair tickling her chin. Eventually, he quietened down enough to be put back into his chair, his eyes eager for the food that lay waiting for him.

“How are you already the favourite mom?” Ali moaned as she poured ketchup over her charcoal bacon. Emily chuckled as she cut up her sons food, playing airplane with him as he grinned at the movements.

“I don’t think it was me, it was the food” She laughed, raising her eyebrows until Ali shot her the smile she knew her girlfriend loved so much.
“He definitely takes after you then” She teased. Together, they ate, completely content at the unusual morning peace that had settled around them. Chester had even fallen asleep in his basket, placing the teddy bear at the foot of Finn’s chair. At the look on his puppies face, Finn started bawling again, his arms reaching out as he begged to go and see him. Ali quickly lifted him up and placed him on the carpet in front of the dog, where he sat happily, curious and curiouser as he ran a chubby hand across Chester’s golden fur.

“Can I have a cuddle before you go to work?” Ali said, her lips tugging down at the corners teasingly as she sat on the couch. Em smirked, reaching for Ali’s hand who dragged her down to the sofa.

“You never have to ask” She said, kissing her softly as she wrapped her arm over her shoulder. She sighed heavily, dreading the day at work and wanting more than anything to stay here with her girlfriend and son. That’s when it happened. Ali’s breath caught in her throat, her whole body freezing. Emily’s eyes immediately shot to the dog and the little boy in the corner, and for a split second she feared that the worst had happened. She searched for a sign of blood or cut as she heaved herself from Ali’s embrace at sprinted the few meters that separated them, Ali close behind her.

“Wait” Ali said, placing a hand tightly on Emily’s arm as she pulled her back “he’s  fine. Look.” And so she paused, leaning back into Ali’s arm who steadied her. Finn had grabbed onto Chester’s body, bent over him as he carefully propped himself up on his own two feet. Emily could feel her heart beat faster as Ali took out her phone, a tear brimming in her eye as her grasp on Emily became tighter, both supporting each other in the shock.

“He’s-” Emily began

“Sh” Ali cut her off “don’t jinx it” They watched with bated breath as Finn let go of the dog, his own expression one of complete confusion but also joy as he stood supporting his own weight. Ali bent down, Emily too shocked to move, and held her arms out to give her son a target. “that’s it, baby” she whispered. He frowned briefly, sticking his thumb in his mouth and chewing. “Come on, Finny” she tried again “one foot in front of the other” For a second, his beautiful hazel eyes met her blue ones and he smiled. Flickering his gaze between both his moms, Emily now finding the strength to join Ali on the floor with a huge grin plastered on his face, he laughed. Neither of the girls said a word as his feet started moving slowly, like they were rusty. But at least they were moving.

“Oh my god” Emily exclaimed under her breath as he moved closer to Ali’s embrace “Oh my god!” She jumped up as he fell into Ali’s arms, and they both erupted with cheers, smothering him with kisses.

“You did it, Finn!” Ali called, holding him close to her chest as he giggled at all the attention, Chester now waking up again and barking at all the commotion. “you did it” she muttered, handing him to Emily who jiggled him in the air, causing more laughter from all three of them.

“He’s growing up” She mumbled, handing him back to Ali who graciously accepted him, kissing her on the cheek.

“Too quickly” she added. Emily nodded, reluctantly letting a tear fall from her eye. “Look at you, you big softie” Ali teased, bouncing Finn up and down because she couldn’t bare to let the laughter stop.

“Shut up” Em said back “love you” She muttered, smirking as she grabbed her bag for work.

“Love you too” Ali said, nodding towards the door “go. You’re gonna be late” And so, with all the pain in the world, Emily continued her day, as if the most ground-breaking and mesmerizing thing on the planet hadn’t just happened.

Sugar - An AU No Powers fic

AU: No Powers, School fic, Family fic:

Characters: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Clint Barton, James “Bucky” Barnes, Sam Wilson, Janet Van Dyne, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, Wanda Maximoff, Pietro maximoff, Carol Danvers, T’Challa, Peggy Carter, Angie Martinelli, Maria Stark, Howard Stark, Obadiah Stane, Nick Fury, Phil Coulson, Maria Hill, Melinda May, Ororo Munroe, Shuri, Thor, Loki, Darcy Lewis, Edwin Jarvis, Ana Jarvis, Dun-E, You, Butterfingers, JARVIS, Helen Cho

Summary: It all began with Angie passing on her love for broken things to Tony. She prided on being a fixer and Tony, being her No.1 fan, quickly learnt that there was something amazing about fixing things. Then things became stray animals and animals became stray family and that became something more complex, but still, it’s amazing. It gives him a happy high when he fixes things, like a sugar rush.

Part 1:

Tony was four when it first materialized in a considerably big way.

“Oh no” Peggy shook her head firmly as she eyed the grumpy little thing lazily glancing up at her from the luxurious lap currently holding it, “No, absolutely not. I stand my ground. This is not happening.”

“English really, look at him,” Angie gazed at the bundle of disinterested fur scratching at her skirt, “He needs us. He loves us. He was made for us. He has us written all over him.”

“He has ‘cat’ written all over him,” Peggy pointed out, holding her girlfriend’s latest object of attention in faux contempt, “And we have 'humans with busy lives’ written all over us. Really Angie, this is on the apex of monumentally problematic ideas.”

“Tony likes him,” Angie grinned slyly and Peggy bit off the groan threatening to spill out. Of course Angie had involved the four year old human-cub in this already.

“Maria is going to mind this terribly,” Peggy reasoned like the mature adult who was trying to keep her goofball girlfriend from dragging in a mini hell’s spawn into the already complicated setting they had.

“We got Mimi’s permission,” Angie said brightly and Peggy cursed Angie’s cousin and Tony’s mother for being an absolute putty.

“What did he say exactly?

"The usual,” Angie shrugged with a cheeky grin and Peggy huffed.

“I don’t see what’s broken in him,” she said with a squinted evaluation of the British shorthair who was now doing some analysis of Peggy for himself.

“Not everything broken can be seen, English,” Angie tutted with a frown, “His heart is broken.”

“And you told that to your nephew who has gone and caught himself your madness of fixing things?” Peggy sighed and Angie considered the question for a smart reply.

“Well, this time he told me that and you should be ashamed of yourself for calling a child mad, Pegs, honestly,” Angie held out her hand in front of the cat and let it sniff her fingers disdainfully.

Peggy snorted, “Right,” she raised an eyebrow, invariably impressed at the cat’s decision to like Angie back if his light purring was any indication, “Now, what do you plan to -”

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Fluffmas Day 19-Meeting Santa (Hamilsquad x Reader)

A/N: Wasn’t really sure how do this prompt but I gave it a shot so I hope you enjoy!

“Have I specified how dumb I think this is?” asked Alexander.

“Yes, five times already and that’s just for the time we’ve been in line.” You said, not letting Alex’s grinchyness damper your holiday spirit.

“Don’t listen to him, babe. He’s just jealous that you’re going to sit on another man’s lap.” commented Hercules, smiling at Alex’s pouty face.

John chuckled. “She’s not sitting on another man’s lap—”

“I’m sitting on Santa’s lap!” You cheered, eye shining bright in happiness. Your bobbing up and down as you bounced with excitement.

“This is so embarrassing…” grumbled Alex.

“We’ve done more embarrassant things though and it has never stopped us before.” stated Lafayette.

You and your boyfriends stood out like sore thumb in the line that had mostly kids and their parents. You were okay with standing in line yourself to get a picture and meet them by the exit, but they had insisted on going with you. Alexander because he was jealous, Hercules because he was protective, John because he wanted some pictures of you with Santa, and Laf because he was curious.

“Stop be such a Scrooge, Alex.” spoke Hercules, slapping Alex on the back of the head.

“I’m just saying this is kinda childish. You know…” Alex leaned so the surrounding kids couldn’t hear him. “That Santa Claus isn’t real, right?”

“Of course I know that, Alex! I’m not a child!” You pouted at him. What did he take you for! “This is Christmas tradition for me!”

Your boyfriends stared at you for an explanation. You sighed, pulling out your phone to show them the old childhood pictures your mom had sent to you.

“Awww, you were so cute as a baby~” beamed John, cooing over your two year old self. “Look at those chubby cheeks~”

“You were so plus petit as a fille!” commented Laf.

“Look at this one! She doesn’t have her front teeth! Bet you asked for those as a present that year!” joked Hercules.

“You had braces!” Alexander couldn’t contain his laughter at your shy metallic smile that dominated your preteen years.

“Enough laughing about my awkward years!” You spat. “The point is that my parents always took me to get a picture with Santa ever since I was little. This will be my first Christmas away from them and…”

You had to leave them when you moved to New York and were so busy with college and working that it was too expensive and too late to go home for the holidays.

“……I wanted to send them the picture to let them know I carried on the tradition.” You looked away trying to hide your blushing face.

You were quickly enveloped in a giant group hug by your boyfriends.

“That’s one of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard.”

“You should have told us sooner, babe!”

“We are so honoré to do this with you, mon belle.~”

“I’m sorry for being so obnoxious and judgemental.”

After peeling them off you, because they were making a scene. You quieted them down and moved through the line to go get your picture.

Later you got a call from your mother about how funny the picture you sent was, saying how she really liked John’s dabbing pose.

Lily’s Hey Jude Lullaby // Dean

Summary: Dean was always the one to deny help when he needed it but when his wife and his separated when his daughter was a few months old. Life went down hill when Anna walked out on Lily officially. It left Dean with a full time job as both a parent and a career. What will he do?

Characters: daddy!dean x reader, Becky Rose x oldersister!Reader, Lily Winchester (OC), Sam Winchester, Anna Milton (mentioned), Bobby and Castiel Novak.

Words: 1788

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or the characters. Nor do I own any gifs, images or songs used.

Warnings: Fluff and Becky’s stalker tendencies (mentioned)

Author: Caitsy

Tagging: At the end. Let us know if you want added or removed on anything.

A/N: This was completely adorable to write. Requested by @komunyska


Prompt List

Originally posted by dark-dagger

Dean was going to rip his hair out because Anna, his now ex-wife, had sent a invitation to her shot-gun wedding. It was sent to both him and Lily as if to spite him. He didn’t even know since she had left her daughter behind with documents to prove it.

It hurt more when the name on the invitation had his childhood best friends name on it. James Castiel Novak, he had to take another glance because it stated his first given name. Up until third grade when Castiel left they had had three other James in their class so he was called his middle name.

Cas had lost touch with everyone here and he wasn’t one to have a social platform nor was there an address. Dean didn’t think that Cas knew he was marrying his best friend’s ex-wife. Dean didn’t know if he should go with his daughter because she wouldn’t remember it. For godlike Lily’s only a ten month old baby.

“Sh. Baby.” Dean said rocking his little girl to sleep, “Daddy’s got you. I’ll always be here for you.”

Not wanting to put her down but knowing he had to get some sleep for the early morning tomorrow. He had to be at work at six in the morning due to the important client coming into work and it was important because after he had to get over to the shop.

“Night sweetheart.” Dean said kissing the sleeping baby on the forehead before laying her down. Dean smiled watching his daughter smile in her sleep before he turned the night light on and left the room.

He was tempted to get a beer but he was trying to cut back for his daughter and he had forgot to pick up more. He was barely floating with caring for his daughter while also holding down two jobs in order to himself pay off his student loans. Despite landing a cushioning sport scholarship he had had to pay for his last year once an injury costed him the scholarship and a sports career.

“Time for bed.” Dean sighed going around the house to double check the doors and windows before checking the alarm.

Once he was in his room he stripped down to his boxers with a t-shirt. He had to get in the habit so when his daughter was older she wouldn’t run into her daughter wearing little clothing. He stretched before falling sleep with a picture of Lily being the last thing he saw.


Dean was making breakfast when Lily’s cries had Dean racing off towards her room. She was standing up in the crib with glassy eyes, sweaty skin and sneezing. He groaned picking up up out of the crib.

“You had to pick this day to be sick.” Dean sighed trying to soothe her, “I have to find a sitter. There’s no way Jo will let you in the daycare.”

Lily curled into his arms while he rubbed a hand over his head and carried the fevered baby downstairs. He had one option that would gladly looking after her so he punched in the number. He was making faces at the grumpy girl before his mother’s voice answered.

“Dean? Is there something wrong?” Mary questioned. His mother’s caring voice did the usual job of calming down Dean. She was up always at his time by habit.

“Lily’s sick and I don’t know anyone that can help. Mom I have to be at work at six and then I won’t get off for a longer time. Bobby gave me another shift.” Dean exclaimed soothing his daughter with exasperation.

“Oh honey.” Mary sighed, “I can’t look after her. I’m sorry but your dad and I already have plans.”

“Oh. I guess I can ask Sam and Sarah.” Dean pushed a hand through his hair again.

“Did you forget? They took the week off to go see Sarah’s parents before the baby is born.”

Remembering how his brother was telling how the family about the pregnancy in person didn’t help the situation. Dean growled in annoyance trying to remember anyone that could help him. He was drawing blanks because almost everyone would be working or lived in a different state.

“Give me a minute.” Mary mumbled placing the phone in the crook of her neck as she began going through the organized papers, “Becky, you remember her, she had an older sister about your age. She’s a elementary teacher so she’s on holidays now.”

“I don’t know. I’m not comf-“

“Dean, I know the girl.” Mary said not surprised at Dean hesitancy, “Give her a call okay?”


You were clicking your tongue not knowing what to do with yourself on the first day of summer holidays. It wasn’t warm enough for swimming nor did you feel like being around a lot of people. You were about to call your younger sister when the phone went off.


“Is this Y/N Rosen?” The deep male voice questioned.

“Depends on who’s asking.” You cautiously said.

“I’m Dean Winchester. My mom is Mary Winchester. She said you could help me.” The man, Dean, said, “My daughter came down suddenly with a cold and won’t be able to go to daycare. Is there any possibility you could look after her?”

“How old is she?” You inquired crossing on leg over the other.

“She’s just about one years old and rambunctious I will admit even at this age.” Dean admitted, “But she’s my Lily-pad.”

You bit your lip before agreeing to the information and gave your phone number with instruction to text his address. You got ready quickly before packing a bag to keep the young child interested and occupied.

The house you saw was small with a few toys laying in the front year that looked as if  they had been abandoned. You parked before strolling up the door, you gave yourself a pep talk before knocking. Even here you could the shrill scream of a child and fast paced feet that belonged to the man that had opened the door. Holding said child in his arms.

“I’m Y/N Rosen.” You said putting your hand out for him to shake.

“I’m Dean, thank you so much for doing this.” He sighed in relief, “Didn’t you drag your sister away from Sam?”

“She still likes him.” You muttered rolling your eyes. Your little sister was a pain in your ass and she had graduated high school. She still shouldn’t be wrapped around her childhood crush, “The amount of pictures have dwindled.”

Dean shook his head remembering how Becky Rosen was with her brother. She verged on stalker if both Dean and you were honest with yourselves. Becky didn’t even know about Sarah but with the amount of social media Sam blocked her on it wasn’t surprising.

“Who’s this little cutie?” You asked playfully making paces at the young child.

“This is Lily. Numbers and information is in the kitchen, there’s take-out menus sitting out if you want take-out or a frozen pizza.” Dean quickly said passing you his daughter, “Lily’s food is labeled and I made a sheet explaining what times to feed and what she needs.”

“Well planned out.” You chuckled. He sheepishly nodded before he was practically running to the nice car he owened.

“I’ll see you at around eight tonight!” He shouted practically speeding out of the driveway.

“Your dad is silly.” You laughed to the little girl. She giggled before pulling on your hair.


The day went by fast with Lily being content until in the last afternoon, she was screaming herself hoarse. You had given her medicine for the fever along with a soothing bath but nothing was calming the little girl. Her bedtime was creeping closer but nothing helped.

“Lily, come on. You need to sleep.” You muttered following what you saw your mom do when Becky was like this.

A bottle always helped and for awhile it worked for Lily but not anymore. You were having trouble figuring out what to do that you had no idea what time it was. You had turned on the radio in her room before you decided to sing to see if it would soothe her. You smiled when the song “Hey Jude” came on.

Hey Jude, don’t make it bad
Take a sad song and make it better
Remember to let her into your heart
Then you can start to make it better

Lily started to calm down more and more as the song came on. Her eyes were trained in your area.

Hey Jude, don’t be afraid
You were made to go our and get her
The minutes you let her under your skin
Then you begin to make it better

You were smiling largely at the the baby when she started to coo along with you but it was the new voice that had you blushing. Dean was home leaning against the door frame and singing.

And anytime you feel the pain, hey Jude, refrain
Don’t carry the world upon your shoulders
For well you know that it’s a fool who plays it cool
By making his world a little colder
Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah

Lily was asleep in your arms when Dean finished the small part. You both stared at each other as the song went on as if there was a new light in both of you. Dean carefully took Lily out of your arms to tuck her in before he grabbed your hand to take you downstairs. He pulled a beer each out at the table.

“My mom sang that to Sam and I when we were kids. Sam didn’t enjoy it as much, he wasn’t one for the good songs.” Dean said taking a long sip from the bottle, “How was she?”

“Her fever went down but I gave her some medication before she went to sleep along with what you said to give her.” You smiled admiring the caring father. Yours had walked out on the family was a twenty-something secretary with large boobs and a smart brain apparently.

“I forgot to mention she only calms down hearing the first half of Hey Jude.” He chuckled shaking his head, “Mom says she takes after me almost too much.”

“She’s a sweet little girl.” You sighed. Dean tilted his head seeing you in a different light and it scared him.

“I have a question. You’re amazing with my daughter and I would like to know if you would like to grab dinner sometime?”

“Are you sure?”


“Well it’s date.” You laughed before talking more about your lives.

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Hi~ If you are still taking requests, would you mind doing one about Elizabeth and Jumin's Mc become very close? And when Mc gets pregnant, she is very protective of her belly, scratching anyone who touch it? Thank you~ ^-^

Hello hello! Thank you for your request, it’s very cute! ^^ I hope you like it, it’s kind of long I think so hopefully it’s okay lol 

Mc and Elizabeth got to spend quite a bit of time together, since Jumin always had to go to work, and it would usually be just the two of them alone in the penthouse.

Elizabeth is very affectionate, friendly and curious and would always follow Mc around and meow for her attention. Elizabeth would always try and get attention from Mc either by always sitting on the counter trying to see what she is doing, sitting on Mc’s lap when she tried to read, or sitting on Mc’s keyboard when she tried to work. Either way, Mc loved spending time with Elizabeth, enjoying her lying on her lap as she purred happily while she pet her.

Hell, even some days Mc would play with Elizabeth by running around the penthouse and then hiding in random places, with Elizabeth prancing not far behind and eagerly looking for her, meowing. It wouldn’t be too long till Elizabeth would find Mc and immediately want attention, Mc would giggle and then go find somewhere to hide again, it was always humorous.

Sometimes Jumin would see their antics when looking at the security tapes and would chuckle to himself, so that’s what the two are up to while he’s away? Cute.

Elizabeth would always with Mc no matter what, insisting on cuddling her as she watched tv, read, worked on the computer, everything.

So one day, Elizabeth seemed to be reacting to Mc differently. She would purr and give her a look like she knew something, and would cuddle up against her but especially around the tummy. Though Elizabeth was always affectionate Mc did notice something was different, she carried on as usual until she felt sudden nausea, running to the bathroom to throw up.

That was weird, Mc thought, Jumin went over to her to see if she was alright, and called the doctor when he found that Mc had thrown up. Mc of course insisted it might be nothing, but Jumin would have her see the doctor anyway.

Mc continued to have the nausea in the mornings, and always needed to go and throw up. Jumin would hold up her hair and rub her back in worry, this seemed frequent but only in the mornings, he also noticed Mc started to feel grossed out by certain foods but also to the smell of coffee. He figured it was linked to the nausea.

Elizabeth meanwhile, sensed what was really going on almost immediately, since pets can sense a change in body chemistry as well as behaviour and posture.

Soon enough Mc found out she was expecting!! She eagerly called Jumin and told him the exciting news, she was laughing in happiness and smiling so brightly, she already had the tender soft look in her eye, the look of motherly love. It was not long before Jumin arrived and she immediately went to him and hugged him, he spinned her around as she did and they both were just so happy, laughing. When he stopped the spin and lowered her down they rested their foreheads against each other as they looked into each other’s eyes, this was the happiest moment of their lives and they were sharing this moment with each other.

Jumin stayed at home and dotted on Mc, always wrapping her up in blankets and cuddling her to him, stroking her hair and of course immediately updating staff and heightening up security, he also had a nutritionist set up the best diet plan for an expecting mom and would make sure everything is perfect.

Of course, Jumin learnt quickly that you cannot control what an expecting mother eats, Mc’s odd cravings always took him by surprise.

Elizabeth, meanwhile, was always by Mc’s side, cuddling her and purring. Elizabeth would always lie over Mc’s belly or place her paw there, even Jumin had to get permission from her to place his hand over Mc’s belly as well.

So Mc had both Jumin and Elizabeth fawning over her now.

Soon the rest of RFA knew, Zen was almost knocked off his feet at the news, in complete shock but soon became like an overprotective mom and lectured Jumin that he better take good care of Mc or else, but otherwise was very happy for them. Yoosung was also shocked but very happy and congratulated them, finding it so cute and romantic that they’re starting a family now, seriously he was like weeping that’s how happy he was for them. Seven, oh gees, he was also very surprised but VERY excited, he was already planning what fun things he and the child would do together and how he would be the super fun uncle to make up for Jumin’s boringness, of course he was joking but seriously he wanted to play space rocket game and just pretend he was a space rocket taking the kid around, the rest had to tell him to calm down but either way he congratulated them. Jaehae was also shocked at the news since, to be honest, the rest of the members were still getting used to Jumin having emotions and falling in love with someone but now they’re expecting?! Everything was progressing so much now, but she was very happy for Mc and told her that she’s always here for girl talk, even if she doesn’t know much about it.

V, actually visited them to congratulate them himself, and he actually spent the whole day hanging out with them while he and Jumin laughed about their childhood as he V shared some stories about how Jumin used to be like, and would tease Jumin on how he sometimes is the same now. He told them he was very happy for them and praised Jumin that he had come a long way from since he was a boy, when it came to love and family and also with showing his emotions.

Jumin was pleased to spend time with his childhood friend like this, like he used to all those years ago, it almost felt V was a bit more like his old self for a while. V soon bed farewell and gave his well wishes to the expecting couple.

As the pregnancy progressed, the RFA threw Mc a baby shower, of course Seven insisted on decorating everything and everything was over the top, he even added some space decorations here and there with stars, the members apologized on his behalf but mc didn’t mind at all.

Elizabeth was with them and Zen voiced his concerns if it was sanitary to have an animal around Mc when she was pregnant, what if the furball gives her something? What if the fur makes her sick, what if the baby has an allergy to cats but they just dont know it yet?

Of course, he voiced all this well staying to the far side of the room, staying far away from Elizabeth.

Mc apologized that Zen has to deal with his allergies now, she suggested that maybe Elizabeth best stay in the other room but she supposed Jumin thought it’d be funnier to let her do as she pleased. Jaehae and Yoosung had a bit of war flashbacks when it came to looking after Elizabeth since her and her fur were such a handful, Jaehae helped take some of the fur off Mc as she sat on the couch with Elizabeth cuddled against her round belly really affectionately.

“Aaw, it seems Elizabeth is just as excited about the baby, Mc, maybe she considers the baby hers as well?” Yoosung joked, finding it so so cute, he knew animals would know exactly what’s going on since they can pick up the scent if something has changed, and they become very protective and affectionate over the pregnant person, this happened for a number of reasons but he knows that they can smell the change thanks to the hormone changes. Yeah, him studying animals to become a vet was coming in handy.

Of course, Seven came along, bee lining to them when saw Elizabeth. “Oh, Mc, congratulations! I hope you like the decorations, don’t worry I plan to be the fun one with the little one, we can play all sorts of games! Also to make up for Jumin’s dullness. What? I’m joking I’m joking of course~” He laughed nervously as Jaehae shook her head at him, yoosung also looking unimpressed at him, typical Seven. “Aaaw my precious Elly, looks like you’re going to be the second mom!” he cooed to the cat, who watched him like a hawk, visibly guarding Mc’s belly from him.

“Can I touch her belly~? Please, pretty please??” Seven asked the cat, jokingly reaching towards Mc’s belly before being swatted away by Elizabeth, he laughed since he didn’t intend on actually doing so, yoosung laughing awkwardly too. “It seems Elizabeth will make an excellent guardian, she knows who to keep away.” Jaehae commented, amused as she pushed up her glasses.

Of course Mc was okay if anyone wanted to touch her belly but

If any of the others wanted to touch Mc’s belly they’d have to go through Elizabeth first, Yoosung sat next to Mc and let Elizabeth sniff his hand thoroughly, testing if he was a threat or not. He scratched behind her ear which made Elizabeth purr fondly, she seemed to remember him when he took care of her and therefore she considered trust worthy enough, though she still watched that he was gentle when he did touch Mc’s belly.

Yoosung in the mean time was blushing since omw this was surreal! Seven whined how come yoosung get’s Elly’s blessing.

Elizabeth didn’t hesitate allowing Jaehae to feel Mc’s belly, since she trusted another female and of course, was well acquainted with Jaehae due to her having to look after Elizabeth so many times in the past.

But Zen stayed on the far side of the room, even as he congratulated Mc and how she was glowing. Seven decided to continue to tease Elly, slowly bring his hands toward Mc’s belly and quickly jerking it away when Elly lashed out her paw at him, he kneeled down so he was at Elly’s level and made his fingers crawl on the sofa as if he was sneakily trying to get passed her. Elly’s tails flicked as she watched his hands like a hawk, swatting at it if it got to close, he always jerked his hand back and then tried again, but eventually Elizabeth walked forward to him at started swatting at his head until he backed off.

“Good job Elizabeth.” Jumin said as he walked up to Mc and kissed her on the forehead, looking at Seven who was acting as if he was broken hearted, “Why doesn’t she trust me~?!” he sobbed, but they all told him he knew why which he chuckled and feigned innocence.

Imagine being Chib’s daughter and having a baby with Juice

Originally posted by sandm1827

You were sitting on the wooden table top of the picnic table, the baby carrier sat on the section of bench between your feet as the 7 month old baby boy slept peacefully, as you waited anxiously for his father to be back in your arms. 

“Baby, are you here?” He called through the house as you held the papers Tara had just given you no less then two hours ago. They read as follows… 

            [Y/N] Telford 

           Pregnancy blood test results- positive 

            Come in monthly for check ups and begin a prenatal vitamin supplement. 

              Estimation of fetus development- two and a half months. 

 Attached to the paper was a black and white photograph of your baby… The baby you had and were still making with one Mr. Ortiz 

 "Babe, there you are.“ His smile lit up the room as you lifted your head from the ultrasound and smiled at him. 

"Hey, you’re home early." 

"Listen I gotta tell ya something.” He knelt in front of you and placed his tan hands on both knees, “I gotta tell ya something too." 

"Ok you go first.” Juice always did this, he would always want to hear about your day, or your news first, and he would listen to every word, and then you would do the same to him. 

“I’m pregnant.” You whispered and turned the ultrasound to him, and watched as his normally tan face became pale. 

“What’s wrong Babe?” You asked as his eyes grew and he looked at you, “I’m going to Stockton, along with half the club." 

"Aunt [Y/N]!” Abel shouted as he bolted from the car as his mother collected Thomas, who was the same age as your son. 

“Shhhh Abel, Jensen is asleep still.” You responded as the small toddler went on his tip toes to peer into the baby carrier at the little sleeping boy who wore a tattoo sleeved motorcycle onesie and the charter’s baby hat that Gemma had specially made for all the redwood original babies. 

“Sorry.” He mumbled out as he pulled himself onto the bench and then on to your lap. 

“It’s ok, are you excited for Daddy to be home?" 

"Yessssss.” He exclaimed with a giggle as Tara set Thomas on the bench next to your foot and son. 

“Hey mama.” You said, trying to imitate Gemma the best you could. 

“What are you now Gemma?” She asked with a smile as the queen herself pulled in. 

“I sure as hell hope not, and if I ever do I want you to put two in my head okay?” She chuckled softly as she sat next to you on the table and slung an arm around your shoulder, “Honey, you are never gonna be that type of old lady, now if I become like her, then I want you to put two to the back of the head, agreed?" 

"Agreed.” You whispered as the queen’s heels clucked against the pavement. 

“You’re what?” You asked, your smile fading as his words sunk in. 

“I’m sorry baby. It is club business, but I want you at the club house when all the shit goes down." 

"How long?” You asked as he reached up and brushed a piece of hair behind your ear. 

“Jax said the deal he signed was for 14 months. I’m going to get out baby, and then the three of us will be a family." 


"Jax will be back with the bitch soon, we gotta go. I parked my bike in the garage already, when we get out someone will come by with the van to load it up okay?" 

"Yea.” You said as he took your hand and headed towards disaster. 

“You ratted?” He asked Jax as you all stood there in shock, the whole team was there, transporting van, cop cars, the ATF bitch and her two guards, and the whole club. 

“I’m sorry brother. I had no choice.” Jax yelled as he made eye contact with you, causing you to run at him and hug him before anyone could move. 

“You keep him safe you hear me?” You whispered as you felt a pair of hands grab your forearm. 

“Yea [Y/N]” He whispered back as Dirty Phil pulled you back, causing you to attach to Juice’s side.

 "Oh Jax, you had a choice, you just made the right one. Unfortunately for you though you also just labeled yourself as a rat. Cuff him.“ The bitch ordered, "and everyone else on the warrant." 

Juice pulled you closer, knowing his name was on that paper and kissed your temple. 

"I love you, both of you. I’ll call once I get the chance.” He whispered as your eyes welled with tears. 

“I love you too.” You muttered out right before the police ripped him away and throw him against the car, and patted him down. 

 Afterwards you sat at the bar, a cold glass of water sat in front of you as you thought of the next year. And then Chucky looked at you and started to hand you the phone, “It’s Chibs." 

"Hey Pops.” You said as you wiped your cheeks. 

“They’re dead, Jimmy and Stahl. Are they…" 

"Yea, I’ll have Chucky call…" 

"Nah lass we will, it will be alright though. No need to worry about Juicy Boy." 

"Daddy… I’m pregnant.” You whispered into the silence of the phone. 

“Has he seen Jensen yet?” Tara asked as the crowd slowly grew. 

“No, he told me that Stockton was no place to be bringing a baby, and that he would see him once he was out." 

"So this is a big day for three reasons.” Tara smiled as Lyla walked towards you, leaving Ellie, Kenny, and Piper to mingle with one another. 

“How are you two?” Lyla asked, she knew you and Tara had a ounce of jealousy towards the blonde bombshell, for she had her man for the last 14 months, even though he was with the others when they got caught, and she was getting married. 

“Good.” You and Tara answered in unison as Lyla sat on the table on the other side of you and looked at the small boys in both your’s and Tara’s arms. 

“I wish I could have a baby that small again, I give you both a lot of credit, I know how tough it is being a single mom these days." 

"Well Lyla you could have a baby too if you didn’t…” Tara started, you knew the direction she was trying to go. 

“Well Lyla thankfully we had a lot of help from each other, the club and you. I don’t think I could ever thank any of you enough.” You interjected, as she smiled at you, thankful that you stopped Tara. 

“Honey just you accepting my maid of Honor request is thanks enough.” She said as she held her hands out, triggering you to place your son in them, as his godmother stared at her. 

 "Do you mind if I walk around with him?“ Lyla asked 

"No, I am sure he will love it, but when the boys get back, I’ll need him back.” You smiled as she walked towards her own children, no doubt to let them all spoil Jensen. 

“I know you don’t like her much Tara, but she is becoming a part of this family." 

"I bet the marriage won’t even last that long, I give it a month before she cheats on Ope." 

"I was hoping for three.” You laughed as Thomas smiled at you. 

 As he smiled you heard the rumble, to others it could be mistaken for thunder rolls, but not you, or anyone else at this club house right now, those were motorcycles of all different kinds. Each belonging to a different member of the Redwood Original charter of SAMCRO. You stood on the bench and watched as each black beauty entered the lot, greeted by the cheers of the crowd. 

One bike caught your eye though, it was near the back of the group. Before you could even think you leapt down onto the concrete floor and dashed towards the party, searching for the man who caught your eye. When you finally saw him in the developing crowd of crow eaters, old ladies, friends, family and members, you went running and collided into his chest. His arms immediately wrapped around you and placed a kiss on your hair. The scent you missed so much overwhelmed your nose; leather and generic manly body wash scent. You lifted your head and looked at his face, his eyes were covered by his sunglasses but you knew they were shining, a huge smile spread across his face as you smiled back. 

“I missed you.” You whispered into his kutte. 

“I missed you too babe. I missed my son too." 

 And then it registered, Lyla still had Jensen, you turned to see that she was hugging Opie, no baby in hand, your head whipped towards Tara or Gemma but neither had him either, you were about to race to Lyla and ask who had him, but then you saw your father, who was pointing at you both. 

"Aye laddy, there is your father.” His Scottish voice said to the small child, who looked so much like his father. 

“Now I can only imagine that you are excited to met him, so here he is.” Your father came closer and handed Jensen to him. 

“Look Jensen it is Daddy.” You cooed as Juice took Jensen , a tear running down his face as he held his son for the first time. 

“Hey Jensen.” He whispered as held him close, you were now standing with your father, whose arm was thrown over your shoulder, “I think he will make a fine father.” Chibs whispered to you as you smiled at the sight before you. 

“Yea. I think he will, if not he has a kick ass motorcycle club who can teach him the ropes.” You joked as Chibs smiled also. 

“And kick Juicy boys ass if need be." 

"I think he will do fine daddy.” Your father pulled you a bit closer as Tig came over to ya, “There’s my favorite old lady!" 

"Uncle Tiggy!” You cheered as you embraced the man with the crazy blue eyes and curls, “Didn’t bring some butt buddy back from Stockton I see." 

"Now girly, you know I am not the kind of man to make some one think we are more then sex.” Tig smiled as you laughed. 

“That doesn’t explain though why you have one ex wife and two crazy kiddos.” You smiled, knowing that behind his glasses he was rolling his eyes. 

“So where is my godkid? Figured you or Juicy would have him." 

"Juice has got him, he…” When you turned though Juice was no where to be seen, “not again.” You muttered as you looked at your father, hoping he saw the duo leave. 

“Jensen started to fuss, he is inside now I think, or at the table.” Chibs smiled as you huffed. 

“Jesus I am being an awful mother today.” You exclaimed as you started towards the bar, leaving Chibs and Tig to talk. Sure enough Juice was seated at the bar, you leaned against the beam and watched as Juice spoke to him as Jensen tried to hold his own bottle. 

“Listen Jensen, I know I have been gone a few months, and that I left mommy all alone to take care of you. But I promise, I am not going to go anywhere, for the next 18 years I am all yours, for you and Mommy and my club are my number ones and nothing will make me leave you again little man. I love you both so much, and one day I will maybe ask mommy to marry me, but for now I will just focus on you, and being a better daddy then mine was." 

"So this is where you took our son?” You pushed off of the beam and walked behind the bar and stood across from him and your son. 

“Yea, he was fussing a bit so I figured I would try feeding him." 

"Well I must say this kid can eat. Got his father’s appetite, or Bobby’s." 

 "He is pretty perfect babe.” He said as the bottle emptied and was taken away from Jensen. 

“I am shocked he hasn’t cried yet just because you are holding him. Normally he wails if anyone new goes near him." 

"Maybe that was why he was fussing, because of the…" 

"Oh no he would be like loudly sobbing if it was that. He was probably hungry, he ate before I left the house like two hours ago." 

"Really?” He exclaimed as you chuckled 

“I’m telling ya the kid can eat." 

"So I was thinking.” Juice said after a few minutes of silence, “that we head home, get some family time in before we have to go to a wedding." 

"I like the way you think, I got your gifts too, they are at home for ‘em." 

"I really did miss you, and your awesomeness.” Juice smiled as he slipped out of the stool and carefully carried Jensen to the car seat, which was still on the bench. 

 Before getting in the car your arms wrapped around Juice again, who returned the action. 

“I love you.” He said as you looked at him, his sunglasses back over his eyes, he leaned down a bit and kissed you for the first time in months. It was a tender kiss, but even in it’s tenderness showed just how much he needed you. 

“I love you too, and I can’t wait for nap time.”

  Part Two

Sonamy Prompt Request

World: AU (Alternative Universe - in otherwords, not canon xD)

Couple: Sonamy (older. much… much older, lol!)

Summary:  phoenixsaloverIt’s fine if you want or not to write this Prompt it’s a very cute and maybe this might sound cannon with modern since they are older…and who know time changes…. Here’s the Idea: It’s like in the future, Amy is missing somehow but Sonic didn’t even panic like everyone else and said “She went with Cream and Vanilla for a rest for 6 months” (Along time but hey, it would be awesome that kind of Vacations) and Amy came back with 4 tiny Babies Hedgies in a Baby carriage. Were all “What is the world happen?? Who these newborn babies mother?”  Amy would confess “Me ofcourse” and everyone would wonder who the father was , here comes Sonic the Hedgehog saying hello to the group going directly to Amy , Since he isn’t a very affection character he just , what you call? Rub on the cheek by cheek and peck on her cheek making her blush. And looking at the babies with new look on his eyes…and at that moment everyone know who the father is, plus everyone have their mouths to the ground. ahhaha! xD (Ah there was a time Sonic did went to the hospital since with his SPEED he can get anywhere, and assisted to her labor, Sonic might be a great Friend to support his friends and I believe he would try to comfort her knowing she’ will be in pain). What do you think? XD

Author’s Note: I.. will see what I can do XD I’ll do my best! I’ll have to fiddle with it and change it for purposes of making sense and being plausible, but thanks! :D


The reunion of the original team was about to take place, and Tails was excited to see all his old friends again! He had become a successful entrepreneur and had a very successful business, creating inventions for a new future.

He adjusted his tie and tried to look presentable, going to the spot they all designed to meet.

As far as he knew… Knuckles had a family now, trying to teach them the ‘echidna’ way of things, and preserve some posterity since he was the last of his kind. Guardians in training, you could say.

Cream and her Mother went on Vacation recently, and apparently, so did Amy, though he wasn’t sure if they all went together, he figured that was probably the case.

Sonic, unsurprisingly, was unheard of for some time.

Tails had kept in contact with everyone, mostly, but was really excited to see Sonic again.

When the event finally took place, everyone showed up, except for Sonic.

“When do you think he’ll come?” Cream asked, sipping her cup as Tails looked a little worried.

“He’ll be here. I know he will!” He sounded confident. “Afterall, I know he carries a phone now. Not sure why.” he shrugged. “But he said he’d be here.”

Suddenly, the team turned as Knuckles was rounding up his kids in his arms, looking like he had his hands full with rambunctious children, until the door came open and Amy walked in with a baby carriage. “Sorry! I’m sure we’re really late!” she apologized, and strolled the carriage over to the table.

“Ah! Amy!” Cream raced up and hugged her. “You’ve been gone for so long now!”

“Haha… yeah… funny story.” she hugged her friend with a sweatdrop, knowing she would have to explain.

“Hey, Amy!” Tails walked over, before staring down into the baby carriage. “Woah! Whose are these?”

She giggled, but then gave him a funny look. “Isn’t it obvious? I’m a mom of four now!” she happily stated, “Just like I always wanted~ Well, I would’ve wanted a few more, but this will do.” she moved her hand in and lowered the blankets.

Four beautiful hoglets all fidgeted in their sleep.

“Awww~” Cream cooed out. “They’re adorable.”

“Y-y-yo-your married?!” Tails exclaimed, turning to her.

“Em-hmm.” Amy nodded, showing off the ring. “It’s been a while…”

“Y-yeah… no kidding…” his hands sweat a little, what would Sonic think..?

“Hey guys!”

The three turned around, as Sonic was swarmed by little Echidnas that leapt onto him. “UNCLE!!!” they cried out.

“Hey! What have I said about jumping on people!” Knuckles scolded, stomping his foot down, but they seemed to completely ignore him.

“Ugh… they’d listen to their mother…” he groaned, bending over as if giving up.

“Hey, Tails!”

“S…Sooonic!” Tails also leaped, but was careful of the kids.

“W-woah! Haha, missed you too, buddy!” he wobbled in place a moment, getting his balance.

“I guess I should get used to this…. afterall…” He moved the kids and Tails off of him to walk over to Amy. “I’m sure they’ll all have my speed and your strength.” He stood by her, and looked down at the carriage, before making funny faces as the hoglets laughed slightly in their babyish way.

“…W…What do you mean… your speed and…” Tails pointed his finger to Sonic, then Amy, then the carriage.

Three little dots formed in his mind’s eye, and he used his finger to connect them, forming a heart, as the two smiled and leaned closer together.

Amy kissed Sonic’s cheek as he leaned back, surprised, and then looked away with a nervous smile.

“AHHH!!! You two really tied the knot!!!” he exclaimed.

Sonic and Amy looked back to him, shocked he hadn’t figured it out sooner, but then Sonic put an arm around Amy, looking away and scratching his nose with his other hand. “W-well… A guy gets older Tails…”

“New adventures arise~” Amy gave Sonic some flirty eyes as he drooped his eyes and looked embarrassed.

“Something like that.” he admitted quickly, before Knuckles swung an arm over him, making him wobble away from Amy and remove an arm from around her.

“Hahaha! To see you hitched! I never thought I’d live to see the day! Hahah!” Knuckles teased, before leaning in closer, “Hey… if you ever need advice, I’m here for you, okay?”

“Uhh.. uh-huh?” Sonic nodded, but seemed more confused on the gesture than anything.

“Wow, Amy! You really got your man in the end.” Cream smiled up to her, so happy for her.

Amy put a hand over her face, blushing. “It just shows that with a lot of work, effort, and a whole lot of perseverance, you too can have your dreams come true~”

“You forgot about being pushy and annoyingly persistent too.”

She summoned her hammer, her eye twitching.

“What was that?”

“Haha! Kidding!” Sonic motioned his hands out, and took one of the kids quickly out of the carriage, “You wouldn’t hurt someone holding a baby would you?”

“PUT HIM BACK.” her motherly instinct triggered and he immediately put the child back to safety.

“Hmph! I told you! You can’t speed around with them till they’re old enough to withstand your whiplash!” she scolded, and tucked the babies back in nicely.

He pouted, folding his arms and motioning with fish lips over to Tails as a side comment. “She never let’s me play with them.”

“That’s probably best.” Tails sweatdropped. “W-wait, am I just readily believing all this!?”

“Yeah, it takes some time, Tails.” Sonic closed his eyes and patted his friend’s back in comfort. “I had to wake up and realize that Amy was my wife a few times before it really settled in.”


“Honey! Joking! Come on?” he once again held his hands out, trying to calm her down.

“That really happened though, you jerk! You woke up one morning and screamed my name as if you were surprised I was there!”

“Eh-heh… old reflexes of fleeing from you die hard?” he put his pointer fingers together, pressing them up against the other in nervous, awkward truth…

But he knew what would come out of this.


Sonic jogged around the room as Amy chased him, making the others have a good laugh.

“It’s a wonder they fell in love.” Tails rolled his eyes.

“Not really…” Knuckles, holding a little girl, looked up towards the corner of his eye, an awkward sweatdrop as he remembered the woman he married to be someone he used to spat with all the time too…

“Not that unlikely…”

(Isn’t it funny how the couples who fight the most end up married? I love that xD)

Baby Bumps and Bad Connections

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been able to write anything but my old dad Harry series has been inspiring me with tons of ideas while on the FP hiatus. Hopefully this makes up for the weeks of waiting. Just some fluffy stuff for your Tuesday evening. xx

“Lift’er up more, can’t see her toes,” Harry tells you, peering desperately through the spotty skype connection.

“You’ve seen her toes!” you argue, struggling to lift the wiggling two year old high enough on your lap for the camera to catch them.

“Miss those little feet, she still got the polish I put on her? Still have Daddy’s nail polish on, Angel?” Harry coos at your daughter Stella, smiling widely when she grabs for him again through the screen.

“Daddy, I wan’ pink now,” she tells him seriously, shoving her toes toward the camera and almost giving you a heart attack having to catch it.

“But purple is Daddy’s favorite, you’re supposed to wear purple till I come home remember?” Harry tells her patiently, smirking when she gets an attitude laden little pout on her lip.

“I’m almost home, then you can have pink okay, little love?” he coos, looking at you for a little back up.

“Just two more weeks, lovey. Before the Christmas pageant,” you tell your daughter sternly and then more warmly, “want to put on your costume so you can show Daddy?”

Stella nods violently at the suggestion, clambering off the couch and toddling her way into the playroom where her various recital costumes were stored.

“Now lemme see my little bug,” Harry says more softly, the tone he’d taken on with you once he found out you were carrying his second child.

“You just did,” you teased, winking when he rolls his eyes and tugs on the blunt edges of his hair.

“My SON! Christ, woman!” Harry feigns annoyance, and you can tell he’s trying to see clearly through their not so great connection.

Your bump isn’t spectacular yet, just five months in but he’s making himself known. Still Harry stares in awe, a melancholy look flashing over his features when you lift your tunic to reveal where his son is nestled.

“Wish I could rub it,” he says sadly, pout forming on his perfect features and furrowing his full brows contemplatively, “He givin’ ya any trouble?”

“As much as expected, not as bad as his sister,” you tell him, both of you reminded of the horrible morning sickness that Stella’s pregnancy had plagued you with.

“Maybe it gets easier as they come,” Harry says thoughtfully, a comment that makes you tug your shirt down violently and lean in toward the camera.

“You’ll never find out, coz I’m not letting you do this to me again, Styles,” you hiss, glaring at your wily husband through the screen. Harry’s regretted having to be gone for so long, but as these things went, he’d been committed to his filming schedule twelve months prior to you learning about this pregnancy. Surely, you couldn’t expect him to end such a big commitment but you were still sore you’d spent the last three months playing single mom while growing a human inside you.

“Aw, love, don’ be like that!” Harry pleads, “Lemme just chat with my boy for a minute.”

You roll your eyes but oblige his bizarre request, Harry always had been an odd one.

“Hey little man,” Harry cooed through the screen, “It’s yer Daddy.”

Just the soft tone Harry’s taken on melted you immediately, making you merely putty as he continued to speak to your little bump.

“I need you ta take good care of your mum alright? She’s got a hard enough job with your big sister and she doesn’t need trouble from you too. An’ if you’re a bad boy then Daddy won’t get his special welcome home present, which he really really needs.”

“Harry!” you admonish, giggling at the innuendo that stemmed from your last skype session two nights ago. It had been severely less PG and definitely not meant for little ears.

“I’m dyin love,” he groans quietly, aware that their daughter is somewhere in the house but not able to keep mum about how much he misses everything about you.

“Just tell your son you love him, my belly’s getting cold out in the open,” you tell him instead, smiling privately when he slips right back into dad mode.

“Love you my little bug, can’t wait to see you.”

Just as Harry is finishing, Stella comes bounding back into the room. Her little candy cane striped dress slipping off her shoulders and the outrageous red bow clutched in her chubby fingers.

“Daddy! Daddy!” she’s calling as she halts abruptly in front of you, holding the bow out for you.

“One second, baby. Let’s put it on right so Daddy can get the full effect, okay?” you tell her gently, fixing the rhinestoned straps and pulling her loose curls into a small ponytail to wrap the bow around.

“Here she is,” you shout for dramatic effect, smiling widely as your daughter turns around and throws her arms out dramatically as if to say ‘ta-da’

“Wow, Angel!” Harry exclaims, “You look just like a candy cane! I wanna eat you up!”

Stella giggles and squeals, “No eat me!”

“Alright, alright,” Harry tells her as you pull her up into your lap again. “Are you going to be good for Mumma?” 

“Yes, Daddy,” Stella says sweetly, wiggling her butt back to lean against her mother’s chest. It’s often that the toddler forgets there’s now a baby in the way and she can’t have her favorite spot for a while. Instead of pouting though, she leans forward, until you get the hint and plop her onto the floor to resume playing with her toys.

“I’ve gotta go,” Harry says solemnly, “Next scene’s in 10.”

You feels heartbroken each time, but know you shouldn’t pout. Know it’s not fair to make him feel guilty when you’ve done this drill so many times before. Instead you just nod at him understandingly, and call Stella up to say goodbye.

“I’ll call you tomorrow, okay?” Harry tells her and she agrees happily, easily distracted by her toys on the floor shortly after.

“I love you, Baby,” Harry says softly, and you share a look that says more than words could. A look that has your eyes welling with tears that you try your best to blink away.

“Don’ cry, love,” he whispers.

“How do you know I’m crying? The connection’s spotty!” you defend yourself but Harry just laughs.

“Cuz I know you,” he grins, “and cuz I’m gettin’ misty too.”

“None of that, I love you too, Harry.”

“Be home soon,” he promises and you nod, wishing more than anything to be able to reach through the screen and poke his dimple like always.

“We’ll be here,” you tell him and his face splits into a grin so wide it looks like it hurts a bit.

And you will, no matter where life takes your little family, because you are each other’s home.

New to the family

@charliechaplin2blr Sorry for the delay, here you go! Although it’s less Hak-Mundok and more Son family.

Title: New to the family
Characters: Hak, Mundok, Tae-yeon
Summary: The day Hak met his little brother

“The people of Fuuga will be your family now and they’ll protect you from evil people like your parents did. You can relax here, got it?“

To his surprise, it worked. The child showed him a shy smile as he curled up on his lanky lap. Hak felt relieved, even though the kid was immobilizing him. So much for grabbing a grapefruit.

"Are you my family, too? My big brother?”

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My First Kiss Went a Little Like...

Sehun/ Hunnie x OC
Genre: Fluffy First Kiss Feels
Soundtrack: (x) and (x)  
Anon Says: Could you do a scenario where Sehun and you are best friends and you find out you both like each other and he’s your first kiss so he teaches you how to kiss? 

my answer is yes anon, yes.

Originally posted by ohbaekhyuns

      You met Oh Sehun at the age of five, him at the age of seven, lanky, pale, and more than a little on the awkward side. To be completely honest you didn’t like him at first because he was


kid, the kid that all adults fawned over because of his annoyingly pretty face while you were that girl that could slip on a pair of pants and nobody could ever tell the difference. It was summer, your favorite season because the sun would accompany you for a little longer before saying its goodbye behind the golden horizon at around 8:00P.M. every evening. But this particular evening was different as your mom rushed you into the running bath and scrubbed you clean of the the day’s adventures, shoving you out before you could form bubbles with your baby fingers. She rummaged through your closet of ruffles and lace and surfaced with a wad of polka dots, and before you could utter a world of protest, slipped the offensive material around your body. Disgruntled, you sat there with your arms crossed as she yanked your hair into curly pigtails on each side of your head, complete with matching bows and all.

“Mama, what’s all this for?” you inquired as your fingers found the expensive texture of your mother’s skirt and tugged with insistence for an answer.

“We’re going to dinner with our new friends honey,” she answered as she breezed by, passing on a soft scent of jasmine, it was feminine and beautiful, just like her.

“They have a little boy several years older than you. Won’t you try to be good friends with him for Mama?” she cooed before fixing your already perfect bow.

“Daddy says boys have cooties,” you responded immediately, quite proud you remembered that minuscule fact.

“Ah, yes, I need to have a word with your father about that…” she giggled and you decided that you would at least


to get along with him. 

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