i like how i coloured it


based on some of these Actor!AU headcanons that the amazing @serahne wrote as suggested by an anon!

Seriously… I wasn’t able to stop thinking about the headcanons that I had to doodle something about them. I like GoT but I’m not very good at drawing fantasy-ish outfits, yet I was attached to the idea of Komaeda in that setting;; i uh.. don’t know what this is.

littlelostspirit  asked:

If you dont mind me asking, how do you blend colours when painting in photoshop? Yours seem so smooth that not any of the smudge tools could compete. I watched some of your speed paints yet i cant figure it out

Hi! My blending technique is nothing special haha basically i take a brush, smack some colours on and then i begin colour picking and going over the same areas over and over again until things are smooth! Like this:

Things in my pictures are never 100% smooth, they always have some texture (like the example above) but I paint it in such a zoom that at the end they do look smooth. Sometimes when I need things to be completely smooth (and we’re talking, like, glass smooth) I use gradients or the soft round brush. Hope this helps :)!

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hand color anon- i have sai and i usually use the magic wand to fill in my art but it needs solid lines to actually work, so like how do you color yours? sorry to bother you

so i colour totally outside of lines then clean up afterwards. when im done its just blobs of colour outside, if its pretty simple or loose i’ll erase by hand. 

otherwise to keep the lines loose and messy, i duplicate my lineart and draw over the gaps in that layer until everythings blocked in with the wand tool

then i erase all my colour outside the lines and go back to my first lineart layer

hope this helps

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Hello! I just wanted to tell you that I love the art of your graphic novel and I can't wait for the next update! In a post you said you like reading comics. What's your favorite comic book/graphic novel?

Thank you so much! I’m glad you like the art style of Golden Cages!

Yes, I love reading comic books!

My absolute favourite is Orange by Benjamin Zhang Bin. Benjamin is one of my favourite artists, I love how he uses colour! His other books (Remember, Flash, One Day…) are also great.

Orange chafes at her parents’ callousness, the banality of her girlfriends’ ambitions, and the pressures of school. Orange’s feelings vacillate between rage and emptiness–until she meets Dashu, whose mysterious presence just might give her something to live for.

W.I.T.C.H.! I grew up reading this series and I still love it. The animated series is also great! Elisabetta Gnone, writer of W.I.T.C.H. and Fairy Oak, is my main inspiration when it comes to fantasy.

The story of five teenage girls who are chosen to be the new Guardians of Candracar, protectors of the center of the universe from people and creatures who wish to cause harm to it. For this purpose, powers over the five classical elements have been given to them. The new guardians are Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, and Hay Lin, whose initials form the title acronym “W.I.T.C.H.”

Sky Doll by Alessandro Bucci and Barbara Canepa (same authors of W.I.T.C.H.). It’s amazing. This comic is just different ❤

Noa, a so-called Sky Doll, is a life-like female android without rights, who exists only to serve the State’s needs and desires. But when Noa meets two so-called “missionaries” who aid in her escape from her tyrannical master, all hell breaks loose for our cyborg siren as she uncovers clues that she may be much more than just a robotic toy.


Commissions officially open and start on February 2nd!

To compensate for exams and all, I’ll really only be taking in 3 for the roster/line up. If you’d like to check out my art, go through the #Caleb Crow tag on my blog, or even click here to check out my pharmercy ask blog! (there’s better art there I swear)


  • My discord: Caleb Crow#6441
  • My Email: awesomeminecraftdragon@gmail.com

Payment method:

  • Paypal

I reserve the right to deny and/or close commissions at any time given for reasons that may or may not be explained.

How do you find the total price?
eg. You’d like a full body coloured sketch. Full body is 25, and sketch is 5, and with colour is another 5. Your total will be 35.
Pick what you’d like for me to draw and tally up the amount. I left as many variable pieces as possible for more style options and such.

Backgrounds vary depending on the difficulty and detail. A simple colour background can be free!

I DO NOT TAKE LYRIC VIDEO COMMISSIONS. Commissions for videos/animatics are CLOSED.
The deal with NSFW is I will not be drawing porn. Nudity (to an extent) is alright. Suggestive themes are also alright. Outright porn and/or sexual scenes will not be drawn, and turned down immediately.

If you aren’t interested in buying a piece, a reblog would be super helpful!

Thanks a bunch for reading and checking this out!

I hate how the lightsabers look in Star Wars Rebels.

I mean, look at them. They’re so fucking thin and spindly it looks like they’re weilding icicles.

In the films they always had girth. Here they look so damn light and tiny it irks me.

They look like the equivalent to stacking colouring pens together to make a sword. And anyone who ever did that as a kid knows they’re flimsy as fuck and in one swing it breaks apart.

Stuck In The Dark - Kylo Ren (Soulmate AU)

Originally posted by howaboutmyqueen-reylo

( @chaostheoryy )Request: Kylo Ren has always seen the world in black and white. While people around him praised the beauty of reds and greens in the galaxy around him, he saw nothing but shades of gray. That is, until Crait. There, on that salt covered planet he saw you and suddenly he could see just how beautiful everything could be – the red soil and the blue skies. So this is what it was like to not be alone in the dark.

Please don’t plagiarize my work - I spend a lot of my time writing, copying and pasting destroys that. If you want to repost my work. please ask first - but even then I might say no.


All it took was one look. One single glance and suddenly Kylo saw the pure colour of your eyes.

He had no idea who you were - he’d never seen you before. Never in his encounters with the First Order had ever seen you. You were a ghost to him, never before seen with his own eyes. 

But oh God, had Kylo wished he’d searched for your earlier.

Your eyes were beautiful, a colour Kylo had never seen - how would he have? - and a colour he couldn’t even begin to describe. Kylo didn’t very often find himself speechless, very often Kylo had the answer to everything. He was, after all, now in charge. But the sight of your rendered him speechless, his voice gone.

Everyone noticed but Kylo didn’t care - you brought a world of colour to his world of darkness.

There was only one explanation - one that made sense. In this world of soulmates and darkness, you had to be - to be his soulmate. You didn’t notice Kylo, how would you? He was in a ship, floating above the ground as multiple ships he’d ordered flew at your base. There was no way you’d see him but something told Kylo you sensed him.

Kylo found himself mesmerized by you, stuck at the sight of you staring up but then a hand fell on his shoulder and he was pulled out of his trance. Hux appeared before him and suddenly Kylo saw the greens of his eyes - he felt like fool, focusing on the eye colour of Hux’s but he couldn’t help himself. It was the first time Kylo had ever seen the colour green, and yet, somehow, he knew the name.

People around him, barely friends - he couldn’t call them that - had found their soulmates. They hadn’t described to him, they weren’t friends after all, but Kylo overheard them. Talking about the wonders of colour - such a simple, trivial thing and yet they found themselves blown away. Kylo had thought them fools but now he understand.

It was mesmerizing.

Ignoring whatever Hux had to tell him, Kylo spun back round, peering up at the sky through the small window before him. It was… was amazing… Kylo doesn’t think he’d ever used the word.

His eyes fell to the battle below and saw the white, then the red unsheathed beneath it. Kylo understood now - he hadn’t, but now he did.

And somehow, Kylo couldn’t even begin to explain it - and he saw a lot of questionable things a day - but Kylo met your eyes and it was like you were looking back at him. Miles away, Kylo met your eyes and he knew, just by a hunch, that now your world wasn’t so dark either.

“Kylo,” you had whispered, breathless and so low no one could hear.

“What was that?” Finn asked, pausing and turning to you in confusion. His brows furrowed at the sight of you so mesmerized and taking a gentle step forward, he set a hand on your shoulder. “Y/N?” You flinched, turning to him. “You okay?”

You nodded, slowly and hesitantly but nodded before glancing back out. The eyes were gone.

“Yeah.” You mumbled, “yeah, just fine.”

Finn smiled, albeit reluctantly. “Okay, great, we should-”

“Yeah,” you nodded. “Right behind you.” Finn ran off, heading to an X-wing and you paused just before turning, searching for him but you couldn’t find him. You waited, waiting for a confirmation and then you found it.


let me know what you thought?
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Dear Mary,

The world seems to have gone still. These summer days keep dragging on like centuries, getting longer and longer each day. Whenever I take Harry outside, to the garden, everything is quiet. There is nothing but silence. It seems as if Marlene and Dorcas went, and took everything that is alive and living with them. James grows more grey by the day. His colours washing away like a photograph. Harry is the only light he sees. Perhaps, for me as well. Sirius is not himself, but how can I ask of him to be. Remus visits us as often as he can. He puts up a brave and happy front, for our sake, I know, but I see the sadness in his eyes. That same sadness has made its home in my soul too. Peter has become different to us, alien. I do not blame him. At times like these, there is no room for long-term happiness. Sometimes it feels as if I’m living in a dream. A terrible, horrifying nightmare I will wake up from in a second. I will wake up, and there you’ll be - sleeping, in the bed next to mine. Dorcas will have already gone, on the roof, watching the sun rise. And Marlene will sleep until noon, when we will start jumping on her bed, waking her. We will meet in the common room, and we will all go to the lake together. I dream of that lake. I dream of the eight of us, spending our lazy sunday afternoons on its shore. I dream of picnics in the forbidden forest, those loud quidditch games with our group split down in two: the four of them on the field, and four of us yelling words of encouragement. I remember it all. And I dream of us every night, hoping it were not just a dream. I cannot help but wish you were here with us, Mary. The world seemed to be a better place, when we were all together. Perhaps one day, maybe one day it will all be alright again. I hope you are well, my solar companion.

Yours solemnly,
Lily                                                                                                          28 August, 1981

Getting out of bed only to see my mum and little brother both making paper swords, she was cutting all sorts of coloured paper and telling him with a few adjustments it’ll look better etc but what I’m getting at is she was really into it, her main focus was on helping him making it better and I just sat there looking at her just thinking that these are the stuff we take for granted, little things like this we never appreciate nor ever truly understand how amazing our mothers are 💔

Treasure your parents before they leave this world, I’m telling you that we’ll regret it. They do/have done so much for us out of love without us knowing, and the truth is no one is really ever going to love you like your parents do, especially your mother.

pcy-anti  asked:

what are some of your favorite taemin songs musically?

as always this is just my personal taste!!

ace- this song is literally what got me into kpop omg its so god tier. i love all the jazzy chord tonalities and colours, how the tonic keeps switching from major to minor. i dont think ive ever heard a chord progression like that in my life.. i also love how the second verse is completely different and uses descending chords, it feels like youre kind of just slowly falling into the void. i love the thick vocal harmonies too and i think this type of song suits taemins voice really well, its slow and sexy

play me- i love the finger-click sample and the soft electric piano tone, it has such a warm, calming mood. the bass drum constantly plays this dotted-quaver-semiquaver pattern, which is really cool because it sounds like a heartbeat and thats what the lyrics are about. theres so many other subtle things going in the instrumental, like the off-beat guitar plucks, the sliding bass, and the vocal sample. and the harmonies in the prechorus are sooo nice :( the tempo and warm synth chords kind of remind me of red velvet’s kingdom come

guess who- jdsjsf so when this came out i was listening to the album in public and couldnt hear anything until the scream and it scared me lmao. but i love the whole dark vibe, particularly the bass/guitar and the heavy drum beat. its like a spooky disco song. i love the minor second intervals in the bass and how it’s used again for the chorus. i also like the vinyl scratches, glass smashing and other little sound effects before the breakdown its fun

move- it reminds me a lot of guess who because of the dark bass/synth tones and simple, heavy beat. idk if im just influenced by the mv but it sounds so cool and vogue.. it almost has a 90s house kind of vibe? especially with the use of piano. i love that reverse piano effect, and the warped bass. i think this whole electronic dark sound really suits taemin so i hope he keeps going with it

sexuality- GOODBYE I FORGOT TO ADD THIS DSJDSJFK ok it sounds 50% like guess who but it has more 80s vibes. the background vocals are really good. the harmonies in the chorus complement the main vocal really well also this song is just kinda wild

crazy 4 u- i love the instrumentation at the start, theres a piano and finger-clicks and a temple block and even a timpani ?! whoever produced this really wanted to make sure they used interesting and unique percussion samples lol. theres some weird vocal things in the background too, if u listen closely theres a guy just going yeaaaa hey yeah and some heavy breathing??? i love the use of triplets too, and i like how it goes into major for the second verse. the last chorus is really interesting bc they weaved in parts of the second verse. also the synth tones and the piano make it sound like it couldve been off the 1of1 album! its a very shinee-sounding song

heart stop- i love the chord progression and the samples used, especially the warped vocals. that high-pitched clang percussive thing is also really interesting, it’s almost like a pitched-up cowbell. ive never heard that kind of sound being used in this genre before. i also love the complexity of that bass drum rhythm, im guessing its supposed to mimic a heartbeat going out of control?  and the sampled strings at the end are so cool. oh and i LOVE seulgis voice in this we need more collabs pls thank u🤧

honourable mentions:

flame of love- the instrumental with the violin and guitar is so pretty and i like how its in triple metre. i love how the chorus finishes in major too. it has that traditional japanese sound because it uses a japanese pentatonic scale called the minyo scale, which skips the 2nd and 6th note of what would otherwise be the western diatonic scale

thirsty- mzmc made this one, and i love the dark spacious vibe that they seem to include in all their songs. i like all the different synth samples, and the use of 1-5 intervals in the vocal part leading into the chorus.

until today- i love the deep dark growling bass contrasting with taemins soft high voice, it reminds me of thirsty. the strings sample in the background is nice too. the instrumental is amazing but taemins voice is really the best part of the song 🤧

day and night- nothing crazy really happens but i love the acoustic guitar and the noodling in the background, its so relaxing to listen to. i like how taemins voice stays mellow for most of the song. the octave harmonisation is really nice. and i love the use of chromaticism as a motif.

do it baby- the warped guitar sample reminds me of a luhan song lol. not too sure on the rapping parts so i mostly just like the chorus

stone heart- i love when the beat switches up. rhythmically it’s complex and fast, but it’s still relaxing bc the timbre of everything is very soft, like the pan-flute and the female vocals (i wonder who that is ??)

mystery lover- the combination of triple metre, the music box thing and the use of chromaticism gives it a creepy vibe. probably a reference to little susie by mj? but yeah its nice and tbh a lot of the press it album had some sort of halloween vibe to it lmao

When I was a kid, each speck of dust glowing in the sunlight looked like a tiny, glowing sun, so I told my little sister they were sun-babies and the sun was letting them down to play.

I also thought that pink and lavender-coloured cotton candy were sugared clouds harvested from the sky at sunset/sunrise by airplane (the little one-man, old-timey fighter ones, like… a biplane or something).

I saw how they were really made later on, but that was even more magical!! Somehow granules spinning round and round, very quickly, turn puffy and soft???

Autumn’s Calling

Autumn’s early breath.
Why do you make me ache?
We take up this dance every year.
And I always walk away the loser.
But not without being wiser.
You make the earth smell cool and inviting.
With your beautiful rainy nights.
You paint the leaves brilliant colours.
Before dropping them to the ground beneath my feet.
Like every other season, you have your majesty unrivalled.
Yet you take such a heavy toll on my heart.
You feel cool, but not bitter like your cousin winter.
And you’re not as innocent as spring.
The nostalgia you bring, a longing for home I’ve yet to find.
How you highlight when something fades it comes back again.
I don’t know what it is, or why it is.
Every year though, it returns as the heaviest season.
Still, my favourite as it will always be.
Maybe someday you’ll stop this heart wrenching call.
‘come here, come home’
Perhaps someday I’ll understand where you’re trying to take me.
For now, my dear.
I await that first cool breeze when summer is upon death’s door.
When you’ll try to take me home again.
Hopefully this time you can.

Pauper Deck Tech: Mono-Black Devotion

[you can see every deck tech here]

Hello & welcome to this weekly deck tech! This week it’s time for some Pauper with a deck that I like very much: Mono-Black Devotion. If you’ve been following me for some time you maybe know that black is my favourite colour and the I love Mono-Black decks, and this deck shares a few cards with the first deck I’ve ever built, so I like it very much. The deck is very cheap and very linear; you want to play some cheap & efficient little black creatures, backed up with a few cheap removal spells and then have a big finisher. It’s pretty solid, especially for the price. We’ll get right into it and see how it works.

Using the Devotion

I remember playing this bad boy alongside Pack Rat in standard and it was so much fun. The deck was really cheap and right up my alley! In this deck it works just as fine; you want to play a bunch of small creatures that have a good devotion to black and then cast this on turn 5 or 6 to drain your opponent for a ridiculous amount. It might not kill then on the spot but it’s usually still enough to win the game, at least on the next turn or so. This is probably still one of my favourite cards to be honest.

Other Threat

It’s no secret for any pauper player that Gurmag Angler is one of the biggest threats in the format. Getting a 5/5 for 1cmc is insane, especially since there isn’t anything bigger than this, besides the Tron deck. I wouldn’t play a full playset of these, but just like 2 is often enough to close off the game in most cases. It’s a really strong card & I love it!

Not Quite Hypnotic

This neat little ghost works really well in here since it goes nicely on the curve and gives some good utility to the deck while also applying some pressure. Making your opponent discard a card and then beat them in the air over & over again is really good, especially in a forma that doesn’t tend to have much flyers.

Foul Friend

As another flyer, this card really helps applying pressure and gives some good devotion for your Merchant. Granted, it drains you of 2 life when it comes into play but it shouldn’t really matter as you’ll be applying the pressure during the game so your life total doesn’t matter as much. I really like this card to be honest, it’s really efficient.

Shadowy Friend

A very underrated card in my opinion, I used to play this card every now & then back in the days; having a 2/2 unblockable for 2cmc is nothing to scoff at. It gives some nice devotion to the deck and pressures your opponent’s life total nicely. Very solid card overall.

Fallen Empire’s Finest

This is one of my favourite cards in magic’s history! The only person I used to play against as a kid was my older brother and he tend to play Mono-White decks, sometimes with a splash of Blue, while I was pretty much just playing Mono-Black. This card was the bane of him, he hated it so much, I could just stomp his decks with this amazing card. Granted, it’s not as great as I remember it, but it’s still solid in this deck; giving some nice devotion and being alright by itself.

Zombie Boy

Another card I’m very fond of, this skinless beauty sums up Black Aggro decks perfectly. You don’t mind losing 1 life per turn as long as your opponent is losing 2 per turn. This card applies pressure early and does a damn good job as it. Your life is only a resource, don’t forget that.

Devotion to Removal

A neat little removal spell that can give you some devotion for your Merchant. You can either just get rid of a creature, or you can shrink one and drain your opponent for a bit more later on, it’s your choice! It’s really cheap and works very well in the format.

Boggles Hate

This is just a good piece of removal that becomes insane against Boggles. In a normal match up this works nicely since you get to drain your opponent as well as taking care of a creature, though you don’t get to choose it, but Boggles deck often only have 1 hexproof creature so this really hits them hard. I think it’s good enough to run in the main deck.

More Removal

This neat little card has seen a couple of prints over the years and has always been very solid. With this you can kill pretty much any creature from the format, which is amazing for only 2 cmc. It also gets around indestructible, which isn’t much of an issue in pauper but still. Just a solid piece of removal that fits nicely on your curve.

Hateful Mana

I really recommend running a couple of Bojuka Bog in your mana base to take care of graveyard decks while not affecting your deck building at all. There isn’t really a reason not to run this in your land base, it just works so well.

Sideboard Options

I recommend having some hand disruption in the sideboard to take care of certain threats you wouldn’t normally be able to deal with, or that you want to deal with before they hit the board. Cards like Duress, Ostracize or even Hymn to Tourach are all great options. You can also run some more removal spells, that’s really up to you, but Evincar’s Justice is really good.


That’s it for this week! I hope you guys enjoyed this deck tech as much as I did, because this deck brings me back to my old deck as a kid and I really love it. This deck is pretty aggressive, while still having some good answers and a solid finisher. I don’t think it’s really popular in the format but it’s really efficient and a whole lot of fun to play! If I missed anything let me know. I’ll see you guys next week for an EDH deck tech!

anonymous asked:

hi!! i love your blog and ur new url omg!! i was just wondering how you got your blog's title to do the colorblock thing?? it looks rlly cute!! thank you, lovely <3

Hi! Thank you so, so much!

The colour block thing was really simple - I vaguely remembered a very old tutorial about something similar, but the actual method I used is really basic. I just wrote my text in that black colour, and using a clipping mask, I just started randomly making colourful squares on top of it with the rectangle tool! I rotated some of them, like on the letter Y to fit its shape. That’s it, I really don’t have a lot of patience, haha.

I was tagged by @antivancorvo, thank you very much honey! ♥ 

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  • How tall are you? 168 cm
  • What colour are your eyes? greyish-turquoise
  • Do you wear contacts and/or glasses? none
  • Do you wear braces? I used to wear them for 3 years in highshool, now it’s thankfully behind me [ugh, it was awful, don’t get braces, kids, better have weird teeth than suffer the pain for years]
  • What is your fashion style? casual / elegant, I love wearing suits with flannels and converse trainers, also any shirts in general + a choker is my jam, I like wearing leather jackets and shorts with over-the-knee stockings, black is the fave colour
  • When were you born? 23. 4. 1997
  • How old are you? this year it’s going to be 21 [rip me, I’m old and unsuccessful, but at least I’m fun. ha.]
  • Do you have any siblings? a younger sister.
  • What school/college do you go to? MUNI in Brno, Czech Republic [and I love it]
  • What kind of student are you? If it’s an important subject or something I’m really into, I give it my best. I try to get the best marks from these, as I’m a huge perfectionist, but if it’s just something more meh, I just try to pass it, whatever mark I’ll get. I also study in advance before finals and do stuff on time. Mostly.
  • What are your favourite subjects? I ‘m majoring in religious studies so basically anything that has to do something with scientifical study of religions is my jam. I really liked the lectures about medieval christianity. Also buddhism lectures were fun, tho final exams were not that great. I’m more interested in the medieval period and christian heterodox movements and the inquisition [que the monty python’s ‘nobody expects the spanish inquisition’ gif]
  • What are your favourite movies? What We Do In The Shadows, The Hobbit movies, King’s Speech, BRAVE, etc. [I’m gonna punch myself because I definitely forgot to mention some, didn’t I]
  • What are your favourite pastimes? playing video games, drawing, listening to music, chilling with my best friend
  • Do you have any regrets? if only one…
  • What is your dream job? writer [u said dream job not a realistic one]
  • Would you like to get married? only if I get to wear converse trainers and black leather jacket with my casual white dress, thank you
  • Do you want kids? How many? zero, please
  • How many countries have you visited? about four [Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and Italy]
  • What was your scariest dream? about returning to high school and doing my finals again [it happens much more often than I would like], it’s not the scaries tho, once I had a dream about children having their faces stolen and made into a pie, so… [my mind is the scariest place in the world]
  • Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other? love is an overrated bullshit and only causes pain well, yeah, I have a pretty strong crush on my good friend and don’t want to have these feelings pls delete them so yeah, I would like a bf, sign me up for that shit
  • Put your playlist on shuffle and without skipping list the first 15 songs
    boii, it’s time for my fabulous music taste again

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WHATS YOUR FAVOURITE SONG(S) TO SING/HUM: lately its been a couple of songs from camp rock alkudsf (also i listened to the goblin ost all over again recently and it brought back so many feelings i wanna cr i)

WHATS YOUR FAVOURITE FLOWER/TREE/PLANT (ALL 3 OR WHATEVER YOU HAVE AN ANSWER TO)? god im so glad its not the american spelling of favourite  mm i really like carnations?? willow trees are the true aesthetic and any flower thats a pale yellow colour, ill fall in love with

FAVOURITE COLOR(S): tardis blue, soft purple-y, black (to wear)

WHAT DO YOU ALWAYS DOODLE (IF YOU EVER DO)? ive been trying to practice anatomy and stuff lately so theres been a lot of lips and noses everywhere on my papers lmao

HOW DO YOU TAKE YOUR COFFEE/TEA? IF YOU DON’T LIKE THOSE WHATS YOUR FAV WARM DRINK? i drink neither (unless french vanilla counts, in which case i only add like half a spoonful of sugar since i like having a bitter aftertaste) waRM MILK FTW IM SO BASIC BUT IDC PLS STAN MILK

FAVOURITE CANDLE SCENT? anything sweet/? ive never really thought about it tbh


WHAT PERFUME DO YOU WEAR, IF ANY? my natural scent aka sweat

WHATS YOUR GO-TO DANCE MOVE WHEN YOU’RE ALONE? alone? just generally swaying to the music ig once in a while i’ll take out a broom and use it as a mic during a particularly powerful performance tbh im more of a dramatically sings along kind of person than i am a dancer 

FAVOURITE QUOTE? we’ll be in full bloom at the end of these hardships


FUZZY SOCKS OR HOUSE SLIPPERS? fuZZZYYY SOCKSSS i loB socks with a passion no one understand why not even me


WHATS YOUR FAVOURITE EYE COLOUR ON OTHERS? any, it doesnt rlly matter, eyes are meant to be looked into not looked at 

CHEEK, NECK OR NOSE KISSES? nose kisses are so cute and sweet but wow neck kisses?? god tier?? (not that ive experienced any but just the thought yk afdkjfdsa)

WHAT DOES YOUR HAPPY PLACE LOOK LIKE? alone, drawing or just staring off into space, smile on my face even though theres nothing funny happening, just because im happy in the moment


DO YOU EVER WANT TO BE MARRIED? IF SO, WHAT COLOURS WOULD YOU PICK FOR YOUR WEDDING THEME? idk tbh, (my sexuality kind of makes me wonder who id end up with, and if my parents would ever approve if i told them), but i mean when i was little i did wanna get married. id chosen red and silver as the colours. 

CURSIVE OR PRINT? print, my cursive looks chicken scratch so



FAVOURITE WEATHER? grey days, warm rain

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How tall are you? around 170 cm

What colour are your eyes? greyish-blue

Do you wear contacts and/or glasses? I wear glasses, and I could vomit when I see someone put their contacts in so yeah. glasses.

Do you wear braces? not anymore, I wore them for like, 3-4 years during high school though

What is your fashion style? whatever I find comfy but also nice enough to wear in public :D I tend to stick to darker colours, I love wearing dresses and loose sweatshirts.

When were you born? 1995, July 3rd

How old are you? 22 T_T

Do you have any siblings? I have a little sister

What school/college do you go to? ELTE at Budapest, Hungary

What kind of student are you? I can be really excited about stuff I’m actually interested in, but otherwise I just want to pass what I have to, I’m not a perfectionist. I like to be prepared to everything though, but sadly I usually just don’t have enough time to revise everything meh.

What are your favourite subjects? I really liked the lectures about the ancient civilizations, even if the exams were not that exciting. I also had one about shamanism, which was pretty cool.

What are your favourite movies? LOTR movies, even if they are not perfect, I like them anyway.

What are your favourite pastimes? gaming and doing artsy stuff

Do you have any regrets? nah, I don’t think so. I think I’m okay.

What is your dream job? freelance artist yay

Would you like to get married? yesss

Do you want kids? How many? yes, I’d like 1 or 2

How many countries have you visited? ummm… I’ve been to Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia and Italy ^^

What was your scariest dream? oh man. I have recurring nightmares about driving, because I’m very scared of it.

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other? yeah, I have a boyfriend and he’s awesome

Put your playlist on shuffle and without skipping list the first 15 songs

oh boy here we go

  1. Edguy - Lavatory Lovemachine
  2. Axxis - My Father’s Eyes
  3. Irie Maffia - Utcára Kockák
  4. MIKA - Happy Ending
  5. Jesper Kyd - Wetlands Combat (From AC2 soundtrack)
  6. Halestorm - I Am The Fire
  7. Nightwish - Song of Myself
  8. Avenged Sevenfold - This Means War
  9. Hozier - Foreigner’s Blood
  10. Avantasia - What’s Left of Me
  11. Amorphis - Perkele
  12. Trevor Morris - Calling the Inquisition (oh boy)
  13. Edguy - Sacrifice
  14. The Glitch Mob - Fortune Days
  15. Halestorm - Amen

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