i like how i coloured it

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How do you choose the perfect colors for your arts ? ;w;

haha im glad you enjoy my colours…honestly i dont think i have much of a method? i just use my vague knowledge of color theory and then just mess around until the colours look…ok. to me. hafdfsd. sometimes i’ll make palettes out of photos that i think have nice colour combinations though? 

most of the time colour picking i just feel like this tho

I loVE TH I S !! !

Yuri holds a bouquet of roses. As everyone knows, roses are a symbol of love, and depending on the colour depends on the kind of love. Here, Yuri holds a bouquet of all colours - because Viktor loves him in all ways!! Yuri has helped Viktor in so many ways and shown him all kinds of life and love.

And. . I like to think that Yuri chose Viktor’s rose for his lapel. I mean I’m not entirely sure on how marriage ceremonies work so maybe he is meant to chose it, but anyway. What one colour could he choose? In the end, he decides to go for a colour that isn’t in his bouquet at all.

The blue rose is a symbol of mystery.. it’s not natural in nature and so suggests the attainment of the impossible.

Yuri had been starting to believe he would never skate on the same ice as Viktor, let alone MARRY him…

These boys ;;^;;

(Not to mention that it matches his new husbands eyes!)

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How do you design such pretty dresses for your characters? I can't even dress one of my ocs let alone all the other characters you do! You are so awesome

hi anon,

thank you! i’m glad you like them. i normally look at stuff in my fashion tag or just think of shapes + apply detail and sections of colours according to what would look…nicest orz

i’d suggest you look at fashion blogs or concept art of characters that have a similar look and make a list of what they’re wearing exactly (e.g. jacket, hoodie, shirt, belt, jeans, sneakers); even something small like belts or visible socks make a difference

This amazing piece is a gift from @j3rry1ce! Without getting too sappy, she’s my best pal and this was absolutely incredible to receive! <3

It really looks like it could be AWW’s cover (and maybe it is…)! Every part of the image came to life spectacularly. Considering the original size of the piece, it’s mind-blowing how many characters and details she included, all of them important to the story.

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I asked my boyfriend what colour I should dye my hair in the summer and then said “well I don’t want to dye it that colour if you don’t like it” and he replied “it’s your hair do what makes you happy” and it made me realize how much in the past I tried to please other men instead of doing what made me happy

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Question about your (im gonna spell it wrong) synthesia: what do you mean when you say a certain key is a specific colour? Like, how do you see that?

There are two types of synæsthetes (people with synæsthesia), projectors and associators. Projectors legitimately perceive the colour (or smell, or taste, or whatever it is), so in the case of sound-colour synæsthesia (a.k.a. chromesthesia), a projector would literally see the world tinted a different colour when they hear the sound associated with it. I’m an associator though, and it’s a little harder to describe. The best analogy I can come up with is it’s like how people (especially as children) automatically associate animals with sounds they make, like “cows go moo”, “cats go meow”, “frogs go ribbit-ribbit”, etc. except with synæsthesia you’re not taught it in primary school, you just automatically know. Frogs, of course, don’t go ribbit-ribbit, and Eb major isn’t really dark red (or any other colour you’ll pretend it is, sue meera and ana) but in an associator the two are simply linked.


^ This is the original screencap.

^ The screencap is cropped to 540 x 275 px.

^ Here’s the first adjustment layer out of three: ‘curves’

^ This is the hideous phase because he looks like an overcooked banana.

^ Correction, THIS looks like an overcooked banana.

^ Whereas, THIS one looks like an unripe banana.

Here’s a few more examples of how ‘curves’ work.

I don’t have the exact values here so it’s mostly hit and miss.

I have two things in mind when I mess with ‘curves’, bringing out the shadows and the cheek blush. Also, notice how the colours seem to focus on Adrien rather than blend with the background?


But what if I don’t want to use curves and just straight to ‘selective colouring’?

You can still get a beautiful colouring, but the colours will pop out even more if you use curves to define the colours. See how it looks as if the sun bestows its sunshine to Adrien? He’s glowing!

I mean, yes, ‘curves’ does make Adrien looks like he has a serious case of banana overconsumption, but ‘selective colouring’ makes up for it.

Next part is on ‘selective colouring’ and why my eyes hurt a lot in this phase.

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Hey for that art thing!! www furaffinity net/view/22989345/ I've been trying to practice backgrounds so any tips on that would be helpful!!

hi koby! wow, i feel like i have just been given a bag of sweet treats…the colour scheme is most vivid! i think it can be really tricky to make a colour scheme from the primary colours, so that you pulled it off so stylishly and harmonized is very impressive !! it is so a fun and happy piece that makes you smile, especially me because i love a good crab ! 🦀 and you are definitely making a good step into the wild world of bgs! 

this is how i like to think of them. i explained it like this to a pal once so i hope it makes sense (i dont know if im any good at that haha) but if you break it up into plane chunks, it makes it seem not too daunting. you can focus on it just ‘ok, what can i put to fill spot a? spot b?’ another way is just to make random shapes wherever and however you want to put stuff in the composition…and then fill them in with what the shapes reminds you of ! (and of course, what fits the piece) 

i probably look like you –maybe not
all of you, but likely some of you.
maybe just a small portion. like an
entire suburban area of nearly a million people
kind of small. but that does not
automatically mean that i understand
speak write read eat smell drink
like you. it does not mean that i
must respond to you in which ever
language and dialect you choose
to begin conversation with and then
condescend me for not understanding.
that look: “what? you’re brown! how can
you not understand?! you must!”
but must i? here’s a different episode
from my immigrant diary, of people
of so many different ignorant shades
demanding that i learn their language
for their own benefit when they care not
to learn my mother tongue bangla in return.
a young man demanded to know today
where i was from and i lied and canada
and he said, no really, and i replied firmly,
yes really, only to be asked “no, your background.”
the background of my computer is the
fucking ocean and i’m sorry that we
do not share the same language but
i cannot give you any damn concessions good sir.
—  nav k, ignorance in brown

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I'm agender, and I've never really *understood* gender. I've always been like, it's something people feel, right? Could you try to explain gender to a genderless person lol

yeah, its just something thats… there. like, for some people its a sense of community/id’ing with that group, like for me being jewish, like….. i always have that community and connection with other jews even if i just met them, like its just there, something we share

i dont think thats how it is for most ppl (like cis + trans combined, bc many cis ppl dont think abt gender its just inherent for them, i think for trans ppl a higher percentage would feel the sense of community thing)

i think for most ppl its just… there. idk something else quite the same that i can relate it to, but like if youre synesthetic (sry all my relatables r autistic lol) how some letters/number/days of the week just are a certain colour, or taste, or have a certain personality. or how you listen to your favourite song and its so energetic and PINK and !!!

idk, if youve ever had anything that you just know is something, but you couldnt really explain it to other ppl, like you ever hear of those people who for their whole lives knew exactly how they were going to die? like a really horrible car accident or something really specific like a freak medical thing out of nowhere? and then it happens? like some stuff you just know in your bones?

or even. i always felt like some belong or Right to the lgbt community even when i id’d as cishet lol, but it just… felt like mine idek.

sorry if this is totally helpless and that it got really long.

followers please add your gender descriptions!!! -emma

vanilla mocha latte

also my short writing for taehyung. hope you enjoy, and as usual, feedback is much appreciated! -sen

summary: taehyung gets tired of his customer not enjoying their coffee

genres: fluff

word count: 1.4k

warnings: -

Originally posted by jeonbase

People drink coffee for many different reasons. Some do it for the caffeine. Some do it to proof themselves that hey, I’m an adult and I can drink it like one. Some just genuily enjoy the taste. For Taehyung, it was the latter. He loved the bittersweet feeling on his tongue, the rich and thick taste filling every bit of his mouth. He had learned to love every single last bit of coffee, the making as well as the actual drinking. The smell of fresh coffee beans, the way the milk changed the colour from the pitch black to a soft brown. How holding the cup warmed even the last cell in his fingers. So when he heard he got the job as a barista in his favourite coffee shop, life could’ve not treated him better. Managing college life while running off to the coffee shop to start making coffee again sure was stressful, but Taehyung loved every bit of it. He had one friend at work if his boss wasn’t included, and the café was calm, but crowded enough. Just enough people to make the coffee the way the customers wanted, but that Taehyung wouldn’t get bored in work either. 

It just just another Friday morning. His Fridays were relaxed - he only had afternoon classes, so he could spend his morning making coffee and revising for future exams whenever he had the break for it. Still, the greatest thing about Friday was by far this one particular customer. She came in the morning, precisely at 8:15am and always ordered a black coffee. She always took the first sip in the cafe, and her facial expression was always the same. Disgusted, but pulling your way through it. At first Taehyung, thought it was his fault, maybe his coffee wasn’t good enough? Had he done something wrong? What if she hated his coffee, and would never come again. That would be a pity - Taehyung would never say anything but he did recognise beauty when he saw that. He had learned her name quickly, and through some small talk he had learned a few facts about her as well. It didn’t take him long to realize that that wasn’t that she didn’t like his coffee. She just didn’t like coffee, at least not when it was black. Most people would let it go - if the customer always orders something, it’s their fault if they don’t like it, right? Taehyung didn’t think that way, though. If she didn’t like black coffee, he would make her experience better.

The Friday morning was moving forward like it was any other day. Taehyung was already serving some of the first customers, making them a cup of joy and adrenaline. His focus was still on the clock. It was 8:11, not much longer until he could change her experience with his passion. Tick, tock, tick, tock. The clock was moving at an desperately painful speed.

The bell on the door rang, and Taehyung heard the familiar steps. He turned around from the milk bottles, seeing her face again. Her hair was framing her voice, her lips pouted again, when she looked at the board behind Taehyung. He knew what she wanted to understood, but maybe she just playing with the idea what would it be like if she ordered something. 

“Good morning, Taehyung. How are you?” she asked him when she noticed him standing in front of her. He answered with a polite smile.

“I’ve been good. College is a pain in the butt, but other than that, life is good. You’re good as well, I assume? College isn’t too hard for you either?” He asked. She giggled - god, how cute could one be? - and Taehyung grabbed a cup for her.

“I’ll take a black coffee”, she said, out of habit. Taehyung lifted his left brow.

“Are you sure? You know, Y/N, I’m not blind. I can see you don’t like the drink I make you”, the man laughed and looked at her expression. She seemed a little taken aback, but collected herself. She chuckled and shrugged her shoulders.

“I’m sorry, it’s not your fault, you probably make amazing coffee and all”, She said as she apologized and Taehyung shook his head again, interrupting her.

“Listen, I understand. I’m not mad. It’s not a bad thing not to like black coffee. It took me a while, too. But I figured that you could make yourself feel better on a Friday morning, and I could make you better coffee? Does that sound alright?” Taehyung asked, smirking at the girl. Her cheeks were coloured with a shy, pink blush, and she nodded.

“What kind of drinks do you like, then? Spicy? Sweet? Think of it through like… Hot chocolate, or Starbucks, I guess”, Taehyung told her and her eyes were turned back to the board located behind Taehyung’s back. She tilted her head, showing a little bit of her neck. Taehyung stole a glance at it. There were no marks, so there’s a higher possibility that she was free.

“Well… Uh. Does this sound too girly?” The girl asked and Taehyung immediately stopped her from speaking any more.

“No. Listen, coffee can’t be too girly. No drink is too girly. Who cares, what you drink? It’s yours anyway, so just choose whatever you want”, he smiled widely, keeping eye contact with her. She blushed even harder, and nodded, making up her mind.

“Well then. Is the vanilla mocha latte good?” She asked and Taehyung felt his boxy grin grow wider and wider.

“If you like sweet things, yes”, he said and the girl nodded, agreeing with his assumption. Taehyung smirked and wrote the girl’s name on the cup.

“Vanilla mocha latte it is. That should be 3.20, if i’m correct. It should be ready pretty soon, you can wait where you usually wait, alright, Y/N?” He asked and flashed the square smile again. She nodded. She started to fish money from her bag. She found her walled and poured out all the coins to her hand. She counted them and her face dropped.

“I only have 2.80 at the most, look”, she said while pointing out the money in her right hand.

“I guess I’ll just take the black coffee then, I only have money for that”, her. face looked disappointed. Taehyung felt his insides twist and shook his head. This was his only chance today.

“No, no, listen. Listen, I have an idea. How about you give me the 2.80, and you’ll pay me back with a… Well, let’s call it a date. If that’s okay. If not, you can juat return the money to me next week, forty cents won’t do any harm to our business”, Taehyung grinned and took a careful look at the girl’s expression. He was getting himself prepared for a negative answer - but he was pleasantly surprised.

“That sounds awesome. What time do your classes end?” She asked and Taehyung’s cheeks hurt from all the smiling she caused. His senses clearer than ever and the only thing he wanted to focus on was her. She had actually said yes! How? 

“At four. I can come pick you up at your dorm, if you’re alright with that”, he said and the girl nodded, happiness making her eyes twinkle. Absolutely adorable.

“Thank you, Tae”, the girl said, the nickname being used for the first time by her. Not that he minded - he actually loved. It confused him. Maybe it was sign? Maybe they were a step closer to each other? 

Taehyung didn’t take long on the drink, but he put more effort on the than what he had done ever before. When he finally finished the drink, he quickly walked over to her, where she was waiting patiently. Taehyung handed over the cup, and maybe accidentally, maybe on purpose, his fingers stayed a little longer on hers. She smiled and looked at the cup. She chuckled at the phone number Taehyung had written for her. Taehyung smirked to himself and she took a sip. Her face told it all.

“You like it?” Taehyung asked and she nodded, excited about the new carnival of flavours.

“Yes! God, why hadn’t I tasted this before?” She giggled and Taehyung couldn’t help but laugh along with her. How resistable can a girl be?

“I need to make it to my morning classes, but I’ll see you tonight, yeah? I’ll text you the address”, she proclaimed, her smile never leaving her lips. Taehyung nodded, understanding. She showed Taehyung one last smile before she walked to the door and out of it. He kept looking at her, even when she was out the door. The sunlight made her hair glow and a smile formed on his lips. This time, his heart wasn’t only warmed by coffee.

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Ok but i find it so funny that Harry was doing his sad fakedeep black&white aesthetic forever & now everything's in colour. He's so extra about how bad 1d was & how he's a "new person" now. It's so laughably over the top, he's acting like he was literally caged and now he was freed from the confines of "that band"

literally i hate him so much. and the sad thing for him (and the boys honestly) is that hes still known as the face of one direction. thats not going to go away lol, especially since hes doing 283846252 different things. like, what does he want to be known as? hes dramatic and pretentious thats what i get!

I was tagged/Thank you @lithiumgrayangel

Top 10 Songs I’ve Been Listening to Lately (with hyperlinks to each song)

1. Leona Lewis- Lovebird

 I love that song. Escpecially right now when everything is coming to life becouse spring is already here in Poland. I love going to park and listen to that song. I don’t know how to say it but I just feel free as a bird listening to that song.

2.  Jennifer Lopez - I’m gonna be alright

It’s an old song but I like to go back in time. I remember I listened to that song a lot.

3.  Hans Zimmer - Hoist the colours

I love that song from Pirates of Caribbean

Yo, ho, all together,
hoist the colours high.
Heave, ho, thieves and beggars,
never shall we die.

Yo, ho, haul together,
hoist the colours high.
Heave ho, thieves and beggars,
never shall we die.

4. Thomas Bergersen - Children of the Sun (feat. Merethe Soltvedt)  

5.  Within Temptation - Shot In The Dark

6. Wiedźmin 3: Dziki Gon - Kołysanka o Niedoli

This is cover done by TheAgnesism . I love how she do it. I just wish that CD Projekt Red release the full version of Lullaby of Woe in Polish but oh well. We have cover done by someone else.

7. Nikki Yanofsky - I believe

This is very inspirational song. It’s from Olympics 2010 which take place in Vancouver, Canada. I love this song ever since and like to listen it from time to time. Like for example last week.

8.  Pink - Just like fire

9.  Kelly Clarkson - Walk away

My attitude currently:

I’m looking for attention
Not another question
Should you stay or should you go?
Well, if you don’t have the answer
Why are you still standin’ here?
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Just walk away
Just walk away
Just walk away 

10.  Kelly Clarkson - Mr. Know it all

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You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.

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How did yot into larme or jfashion in general? I love your style!!

Hello there,

Well I have had an interest in J-fashion since I was probably around 10-11 years old. Back in primary school I remember (going back to 2003) we used to have those old big white computers and I remember I would use Yahoo for any rubbish like “Hello kitty” print outs, I was a big Hello Kitty fan due to my aunt who used to wear tshirts with it on so I gained an interest. But I remember coming across these vibrant colourful Harajuku outfits in the Yahoo images. So naturally I was lured to them, yet at that time there was no caption telling me what or where these originated from so I never really found out properly.

Up until 2005 when I started my second year of high school and I was reading manga more, I used to always buy the books and dvds. Naturally I picked up on things like certain fashion groups in Japan like Lolita, Gyaru, Visual kei ect. I just thought they were really interesting because it isnt really the norm to see them here in the UK. Well it is sort of now because there are Comicons and such but I didnt ever see them back then at all.

I used to own Sims Urbz on PS2 and there was that part in the game where you had the Harajuku section! I remember buying colourful leggings, going to China town for hello kitty and Kerropi bags, buying these bright beads from Claires Accessories and just teaming up crazy outfits to try looking like one of the characters out that game haha! 🙈 I never wore them outside though.

I think gradually over the years through being on sites like Fanart-central, DA, Crunchyroll, Xanga ect I just found more people who liked Jfashion, Japanese culture, anime, games… ect and I learned about different things. But I have never really immersed myself into any of these Jfashion subcultures properly. I will admit before my emo/mosher days (I was one of them!) I was a bit of a big “weeaboo”. Maybe a part of me, my childish side still in for all time sake? But not so much anymore. Honestly…

I do love and admire Larme a lot though. Its a much more relaxed fashion. Its cute, dark, inviting and beautiful. The models look like little pin up dollies!

I love how mature yet cutesy it can be. Its everything I wanted from Jfashion to be fair. Im not one for Lolita or Fairy kei… those are abit extravagant for me personally.

Larme just has a nice balance. I remember seeing it ages and ages ago somewhere on Google and I tried finding it but it wasnt as well known compared to it is now? So I gave up and until I came across the user Saramari who gave a good insight into Larme and I saw her bits and bobs I was so glad! It was the fashion I had seen and had been searching for! 😍

I would say I am slightly involved with the Larme community but not so much. I don’t upload many outfit posts, I would like to but there isnt anywhere in my room fitting for space to do set ups. I have no one to really take pictures of me outside and I dont dress in Larme outfits everyday. When I do its quite casual? I cant walk around in cutesy heels or platforms as id like to - Im rushing around. Just busy really… I dont have the time to spend getting dressed up. When I do is usually when I take selfies haha!

In the future I will try featuring more of myself in outfits and such. But for now Im content with just buying pieces, collecting the magazine, having a nosey at others outfits and getting to know other people who are into Japanese fashion too! Not just Larme but anybody, its always nice! 😊

But thank you very much for the compliment and apologies that this is a bit of a long reply! Im currently in bed tapping away… I do tend to ramble a wee bit! However, I do hope this has answered your question! 💗🎀


BLOG RATES as promised ♡

So I believe I said a while ago that if I hit 500 followers I would do blog rates? Well since then my follower count has reached 530+ followers and I feel confident enough to finally do it!

Send a ♥ to my ask box along with a lil fact about yourself! Like maybe what your fav colour/character/animal/etc is, or how cute your pet(s) are, or just how your day is going! In return, I’ll rate:

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  1. morning rituals: listening to music?
  2. biggest fear: I have no idea yet..
  3. cloudy or sunny: cloudy
  4. a band you didn’t like at first but grew on you: I think Nightwish..I love them now..
  5. song stuck in your head: Suffragette City by Hazel O’Connor feat. Simon Le Bon.
  6. unrealistic dream: be an astronaut..
  7. dream superpower: talking to animals.
  8. any regrets?: yeaash
  9. superstitious?: a little I guess
  10. something that makes you feel alive: watching Duran Duran concerts on youtube..
  11. favourite genre of film: Sci-Fi and fantasy
  12. favourite movie: right now is “The Giver”
  13. favourite season: Winter
  14. favourite colour: Black,dark green and generally dark colors
  15. favourite foods: Pizza,soups etc.
  16. worst habit: headphones on..all the time!
  17. how many countries have you been to?: non mate..

I tag anyone who wants to do this!