i like how his lips move


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Not today mv

Okay what the fuck i’m not moving at all since i saw it and I’m probably crying and my lip is bleeding because i bit it omg i cannot what the hell how could they do this to us like jimin wtf your pink hair and leather pants and that striped shirt and yoongi with his fucking tongue technology what the hell get out guys tae jesus christ that hair style and look in general and rapmon and hobi dancing and jin and i don’t even wanna start talking about jungkook because how dare u big hit film this devil so close how dare u bighit film this devil in general i don’t wanna see him dancing or smiling or doing whatever he does it literally kills me i’m not okay rn seriously I don’t know what to do anymore i’m just sitting on the couch without moving and i’m shook af what the fuck big hit



You may think he will only fall in love with you if you fit into a list;

If your eyes are a certain color, if your body moves a certain way, if your hair falls in perfect waves.

I am here to tell you that you are oh so wrong.

Instead, he will fall in love with the sparkle in your eyes as you stare at the stars.

He will fall in love with how you sleep with your mouth open, so that he can feel your warm breath against his skin.

He will fall in love with your lips and how they move when you say his name.

He will fall in love with you when you are dancing about the kitchen at one in the morning, baking a cake, whenit feels like you two are the only ones in the entire world.

He will fall for the little things that you never notice, and when he does, darling,

You will realize that people don’t fall in love with those who fit the lists they have created,

People create lists from the ones they have fallen in love with.

-H.L. Fitzgerald 12/23/16

He whispered in my ear the entire night how much he liked me. I was hesitant, eyeing the beer he has in his hand, not trusting his words. The shots of vodka that I took earlier started to catch up to me and so my guard fell little by little. So he grabbed my waist with one hand and pulled my face up into his lips. And I let him.
—  Baby you cloud my judgement and I’m too weak to stop you
simon imagine: i love you, and that’s a wrap

REQUESTED:  ‘i really want an imagine when y/n is really happy with Simon and stuff but then like one day it hit her, she notices all these little things that tell her that he doesn’t love her anymore and then she finds out that he’s cheating and smth like that’

The entire house was silent. Nobody dared to speak. To move, to breathe. Tension filled the air, a thick, vicious substance. The marble of the kitchen island was the only thing separating me and him.

He sat across from me, his eyes focused on the surface in front of him. I kept mine glued to him. 

“How long for, Simon?”

He pulled his lip beneath his teeth, chewing the skin, still not looking up at me. I waited patiently for an answer. My legs shook discreetly against the bar stool; I wasn’t sure if this was down to nerves, or just plain anger. Anger seemed easier to come to reason with.

“I don’t know, Y/n.”

“Bullshit.” I cut him off, my tone full of toxicity. Simon was visibly taken aback. His eyes closed, as if he had just been hit in the face. I silently begged myself to keep up the anger act, knowing this would help the conversation massively. I wanted him to believe that was all I was: angry. 

“Y/n why do you even want to know? How will that information help you in any way?” He bit back with the same poisonous tone, his stubborn ways shining through. 

“Because I want to know Simon, can you not even offer me that decency?”

“Fine Y/n you wanna know! Six months, that’s how long! That better?”

“Six months?”

“Six fucking months. Better?”

My blood ran cold through my veins as realisation hit. I looked him deep in his eyes. “Six months ago…that was when we had the conversation. When I told you I felt like you didn’t love me anymore.”

His face softened, lips parting slightly. He looked up finally, making eye contact and suddenly all the anger subsided. 

“No, Y/n, I swear-”

“I was right wasn’t I?” My voice was soft, surprisingly calm but audibly hurt. “You fell out of love with me then, didn’t you?”

“No, Y/n, I didn’t fall out of love with you then.” It was his turn to hurt. He mirrored my tone, sounding hoarse and uncomfortable. 

“But you fell in love with her.”

Again he focused on the island, breaking the eye contact. I let my eyes flutter shut. It felt as if somebody had sucker punched me in the chest. I wanted nothing more than to climb over the counter and hit him, and then hug him, and tell him I hate him but tell him I love him too. I envisioned that conversation six months ago, how we sat by the fireplace, how I opened myself up to him in all my vulnerability. I wanted to run back in time and sit by my past self, tell her to run, run as fast as she possibly could. I wanted to be the Y/n from seven months ago, before it all went down hill. But in this moment, I am not Y/n from seven months ago, and Simon isn’t Simon from seven months ago and we are nothing but two broken, incompatible souls sitting across from eachother at a table. 

“Did you love her?”

“Y/n, please-”

“Simon answer the question. Did you love her?”

He inhaled, closing his eyes. “Not at first.”

“But you grew to.”


“More than you loved me?”

Laying astray on the table in front of him, his phone vibrated, breaking the silence. He looked up at me immediately and I laughed. 

“That’s her, isn’t it?”

“Y/n are you sure you want to do this-”

“Answer me Simon.”

He stared at the phone, not touching it as the vibration died out slowly. His voice was merely a whisper. 


“Simon did you ever really love me?”

“Y/n are you serious?” Again he looked up at me. His sea blue eyes were glassed over with tears, presumably a mixture of guilt and regret. His voice was louder, filled with passion and shock but still hoarse. “Of course I fucking loved you! You were the first person I ever loved, my first girlfriend, the first girl I introduced to my parents. How could you even ask that? I loved you with my everything.”

It was my turn to avoid his eye as I looked down, watching a single tear splash onto the marble. My lips trembled, chest aching. 

“So what changed your mind?”

“I don’t know, Y/n,” he sniffed, his head turning away, looking around the room. “I wish I knew.”

“Simon,” I whimpered. My entire careless, angry act shattered around me as I hugged myself, wrapping my own arms around me in an act of comfort, something I’d been doing since I was about five years old. “Is it my fault? Is there anything I could’ve done to change your mind?”

“No, Y/n please don’t blame yourself this isn’t your fault.”

“Then why wasn’t I enough Simon?”

I collapsed into tears, putting my head in my hands. Never had I been more ashamed of myself. I wanted to be rude, angry, spiteful, maybe even hateful. I wanted to come here, cuss him out and then leave him speechless and full of regret as I walked away. But instead, I crawled back into his arms, my mascara stained tears staining his t-shirt. I was broken and I knew it. Simon was everything I had ever wanted, and everything I would continue to want for the rest of my life. More than anything I wanted to fight for him - after all, if you don’t fight for what you want, you cry for what you lose - but deep down, I knew it was useless. I would be fighting a losing battle.

I think that hurt the most. Physically I was in Simon’s arms, but mentally he wasn’t here. Mentally he was with her. He had walked out of the door a long, long time ago.

Y/nickname you were enough, you were always enough I swear to fucking God. The problem isn’t you not being enough, it’s me being too much. I’m fucked up, I’m disloyal, I’m a cheat. And you deserve more than that.”

A tear landed in my hair, this time not one of my own. As he held me I became more and more aware of how alien the warmth felt. In fact, it didn’t feel like warmth at all. It was cold, and sad, and lonely. This wasn’t my home anymore and I knew it.

“Simon,” I pulled away, wiping my eyes with my sleeve. “I have to go.”

“Please, you can’t leave like this, this can’t be the last image I have left of you in my mind.” He let the tears flow freely and I bit my lip to hold mine.

“I’m sorry Simon. I need to go,” I picked my bag up off the floor, heading towards the kitchen door. As I reached it I turned to face him.

“I really hope she was worth it, Simon. I hope you change for her. I hope when you hold her it feels so warm, and so right, and so happy. I hope she appreciates your hold because every time you hold her she’s sitting comfortably in the only place I ever called home. I hope she really makes you happy, Simon.”

I wished I meant my words to be bitchy and spiteful, but I didn’t. I meant them to be genuine. Because that’s what happens when you love somebody; you want the best for them. Even if that best isn’t you. 

With bloodshot eyes he looked back at me.

“I love you, Y/n.”

I shook my head. “No you don’t, Simon.”

I just want him once.

Just once.

I just want to know what it’s like.

I want to know the noise he makes. And how his face flushes. And I want to feel his muscles move under my fingertips. 

I want to smell the mixture of cologne and sweat on his chest.

I want to taste his salty skin.

I want to know all the little things he likes a girl to do.

Where he likes to be kissed most. 

Is he a neck guy? A lips guy? Chest? Shoulder? Collarbone?

I want to feel every movement he makes. I want to learn all the intricacies of his body. I want to experience his every little nuance. I want to watch him as he loses control.

And I want to know that it is my touch that is taking him there.

Just once.

How they would kiss (BTS)

You gave me a lot of free reign with this anon, so I did this as how they would kiss in general. I really hope you like this! xx

Jin’s kisses would the sweetest, most gentle kisses ever. He’d be so tender, softly holding your head in place as he moved his lips against yours. And omg, those lips. I can’t imagine a lot of rough making out with Jin very often; his kisses would be more sweet pecks that turn deeper and deeper during a cuddling session. I think Jin would be a very confident, tender kisser, and would always be focused on you.

I think Suga would be a very slow, steady kisser. He’d pull you into him deeply, taking care to memorize every part of your face with his eyes and touch. He’d trace over your lips, cheeks, nose with his fingertips before slowly meeting your lips with his own. There would be some tongue, but most everything about it would still be slow and meaningful. I think Suga would want you to be hyper aware of everything that was going on, and his slow, steady pace would definitely accomplish that.

J-Hope is so fun, and he has so much love to give. I think his kisses would be fast, he’d be a very messy kisser. He wouldn’t be able to keep his lips on yours for long, so expect a lot of cheek, nose, and forehead kisses during your make out sessions. I think J-Hope would definitely leave behind some evidence on your neck, but he’d always be a little sheepish about it later on. There would be lots of tongue and teeth, and your kisses would turn into a heated make out session very quickly.

Rap Monster:
Rap Monster likes to pretend that he knows what he’s doing a lot of the time, especially when it comes to you, so I see him as being an overly confident kisser. He’d always try new moves to “woo” you, but most would just turn into knocked foreheads and blushing. He’d try to pretend like he knew exactly what he was doing, but you’d most always be secretly leading him the whole time. All in all, RapMon would be incredibly sensitive, and forehead kisses are one of his favorite things, especially while cuddling you in bed.

Jimin would be a very shy, giddy kisser. I expect lots of giggles in between kisses from this cutie, and a ton of nose kisses. He’s constantly be smiling and blushing against your lips, every time you pulled his lips against yours. He wouldn’t be able to contain his joy at being able to kiss you, no matter if the two of you had been together all day or if he hadn’t seen you in a week. Jimin would hold you by the waist tightly, pressing you closer to him as he deepened the kiss. The build up to making out would be pretty slow with Jimin, but every second would be worth it.

V is such a little ray of sunshine; everything that the two of you do together would be so fun and joyful. Even holding hands with him would be exciting, for you and him; he’d act like that small show of affection was the greatest thing on earth. So kissing him would turn him into an absolute giddy mess. He’d be such a giggly, fun kisser, and he’d always want to be touching you. Basically, it would seem like V never stopped kissing you. He’d make silly faces in between pecks on your lips, and once the kisses turned deeper, he wouldn’t be able to remove his lips from your skin. Kissing V would be such an experience, and definitely one that you’d want to experience again and again.

Oh, my little maknae. Jungkook would love to kiss you and try new things, and therefore I think he’d be a very over eager, loud kisser. He’s not necessarily messy, but I can definitely see a lot of tongue and maybe a few bumped noses until he finds his rhythm. You’d both still be trying to explore your relationship, and Jungkook always says practice makes perfect; and he’d always be up for practicing with you. He’d love to thread his fingers through your hair when he’s kissing you, tilting your head up to make your mouth more easily accessible for his tall frame, and he’d absolutely love with you reach up and tug on the strands of hair at the base of his neck, causing soft moans to echo into your mouth.

How friends are made (Jason Todd)

You were sitting on your friend’s couch with your legs propped up on his lap. Going over homework that was due in a few days, you spoke up,“Jason, can you go get me some coffee from the kitchen?” You asked.

You heard the sound of lips smacking. “Do I look like your maid? You have two perfectly good legs.” He looked over at you. Just as you were about you speak up again, there was a knock at the door.

Jason moved your legs and went to get the door. “Hey! You’re up, how about that coffee?” You smirked.  Jason rolled his eyes and looked out the peephole to see one of his younger “siblings.”

He opened the door. “Tim, why are you here?” He asked as Tim walked past him and into the apartment. “Boredom brought me here.” He shrugged. “Hey Y/N.” He waved before heading to the kitchen to start some coffee. He was addicted but would never admit it.

You got off the couch and went to the kitchen to get your own cup of coffee since Jason clearly wasn’t going to. “Thanks for starting coffee Tim, Jason was trying to deprive me.” You pouted.

“Too much coffee is bad and I tell you both that.” He mumbled.

“You take everything fun away from her. How are you two even friends?” Tim interjected.

Smirking, you looked at Jason. “Oh, I punched him in the face when he said that a girl like me shouldn’t be in a hole-in-the-wall club. I had to show him I meant business.” You said proudly.

“Yeah then I gave her a high five.” Jason smirked.

“And that is how best friends are made.” You smiled while Tim gave you both a weird look.

“Right…” He mumbled.

Learning To Love // l.h

Originally posted by lipringsandsnapbacks

credit of the original owner of this gif

Requested: yes

Pairing: Luke x Reader

WARNING: Body issues, swearing and self-hatred

Description: When the times of insecurity comes rushing over Y/N, Luke will be there to help her love herself.

“Have I told you how perfect you are?” Luke whispered in your, kissing your jaw. His lips moved slowly to your lips, attaching to your mouth like a magnet attracted to the other. His tongue swirled as his lips moved perfectly against yours.

You didn’t answer him. You didn’t feel perfect. How could you be perfect? Having dinner with Calum and his supermodel girlfriend didn’t help with your confidence. As Luke gently pushed you up against a wall while his hands were moving under your shirt. As his cold fingers touched your skin, you took his hands in yours, holding hands with him and making sure he couldn’t take your top off. Gosh, you felt fat. The food you had eaten made you gain ten pounds at least, you were sure of that. As Luke kissed you, the thoughts were rambling into each other. Why didn’t you have a perfect, supermodel body like Cal’s girlfriend? While you were munching away on your food, she would laugh at every joke and eat her salad like a princess. Fuck her.

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I’m such a fan of how differently each member of the rapper line moves their lips when they rap. It shows so much difference in their performance style and who they are presenting themselves as.

Namjoon has a lot more rounded mouth movements, like he pouts out a lot of his words and they flow together because you can tell he raps the way his mind moves – it makes you want to keep up even though it’s rare that you can.

Yoongi bites his words out of the corner of his mouth often and when he does you can literally hear some like…aggression that is slightly held back and almost mocking the entire situation he’s in – he tells you to sit down and listen.

And Hoseok snarls his words out, bites them out straight forwardly with bravado –he doesn’t need to tell you to pay attention because he already caught it the second he walked forward, he’s amused with himself aka “You’re Welcome”

When He's Ready [a Barry Allen AU] (Pt. 2)

Request: Can I request a part 2 for the Barry Allen AU where him and the reader are talking at jitters but then they go someplace else because of everyone staring and he just hates himself because of his stutter and twitching but you make him feel better.

a/n: if you wanna request some more imagines with this type of AU……cough cough….

Part 1

For the past half hour, Barry and you have been talking. You learned a lot about him; how his childhood was, his friends, his likes and vise-versa. When he finishes most of his coffee, he can’t help his hands from moving. They shake against the table as he attempts to bring the cup to his face.

Accidently, the coffee cup slips off the wood table, spilling the small amount of liquid on the tiled floor, near a pair of heels. The women glares at Barry, puckering her lips. “I can’t believe you almost got coffee on my shoes! Can’t you get control of your limbs?!” she screeches in disgust, loud enough for everyone at Jitters to stare.

Barry can feel everyone’s eyes on him; it’s almost suffocating. His hands twitch, letting the shaking look more visible, so someone could see from across the room. “I-I’m s-so sor-sorry! I-I di-di-didn’t mean t-to!” he cries, stuttering extensively; tears prick at the corners of his mossy green eyes as he hears people snicker.

“I-I-I-I?! What’s wrong with you?!” she spits; Barry starts breathing heavily. That gets your blood boiling.

Frowning, you stand up from your seat, grabbing your mug and swirling the coffee around. In one swift motion, you tip the mug upside down; the remainder of your drink landing on the women’s heels. “Whoops! I’m not sorry.” you sneer, smiling devilishly before putting the mug down. “Let’s go, Barry.” you whisper, gently grabbing his hand and leading him outside.

You spin to face him, noticing his puffy red eyes and sigh. He looks like a kicked puppy. He curls and uncurls his bony quivering fingers, taking deep gasps for air. “I-I’m s-s-sorry, Y/N-” he staggers out, gulping, “I-it wa-s an ac-accident and ev-everyone was l-looking at m-me… I-I’m s-so we-weird!” he grumbles, gazing at his hands.

“Hey…” you whisper softly, shaking your head, “There’s nothing to be sorry for. It’s okay, Barry.” you reassure, “And you are not weird. Not in the slightest.” you smile, gripping his arm; he flinches so you retract your hand. He sniffles but grins at you. “Sorry! I’m a touchy person!” you giggle awkwardly.

His fingers wiggle around his sweater sleeve cuff while his body twitches. It’s not that he doesn’t like your touch… “I-it’s ok-ay, Y/N, I…’m v-ery se-self con-conscious be-ca-cause of my sc-scars… They…l-look dis-disgusting.” he winces, biting his pale pink cracked bottom lip nervously.

You purse your lips, “Maybe one day you could show me them.” Oh, he definitely will show you one day; when he’s ready.

anonymous asked:

What about riding Harry for the first time and all the praise he would give you

He’s gonna praise you every single time, but the first time? The first time you ride him, you’re gonna hear nothing but praise from that boy. The moment you sink down on his cock, he hisses and digs his fingers into your hips. And he watches you move on top of him, staring intently to the place you’re connected. and biting his bottom lip.

“Look at yeh. Fit my cock so well; s’like a glove.”

“Feel so wet and tight around me.”

“Boucin’ on me so good, baby.”

“Can you feel how deep I’m gettin’ in yeh?”

“Fuck, gonna make me cum, love.”

Prince Charming

“We’ve seen something like this before, Dean. Only this time I think the book is enchanted.” Sam stood over Cas’ unconscious body. They’d found him like that, sprawled across the bed on his back. There was a fork dangling from his right hand and a splattered apple pie on the floor.

“So…Snow White?” Dean asked. He moved Cas around on the bed to make him more comfortable. He sat beside him, hand on his shoulder. The angel looked so peaceful like that, the slow rise and fall of his chest.

“You know how that ends, right? True love’s kiss?” Sam shrugged at him.

“Really, Sammy? Come on. We probably just need to torch the book and he’ll snap out of it.”

Sam leaned over Cas and pressed his lips to the sleeping angel’s. Nothing happened. Dean’s eyes were as wide as saucers. “What? Worth a try. I mean, I love him. Not love love but he’s family.”

Dean felt a twinge. Jealousy? Sam just planted one on Cas like it was no big deal. Right in front of him. He wanted to try. He needed to try. He huffed out the breath he’d been holding and bent over Cas. He cupped the side of his face and tenderly brushed his lips to Cas’.

A ripple of energy went through the room and dark, full lashes fluttered open to reveal impossibly blue eyes. Dean stayed frozen, unable to pull away.

“I’ll be damned…” Sam said. “Guys?”

Dean went for another kiss and this time a hand slipped behind his neck. Cas was kissing him back. When they broke apart Dean gasped for breath. “It worked.”

“What worked? What happened?” Cas asked. He still had a hand on Dean. Did he imagine what transpired between them?

“You ate a cursed pie and went to sleep. The curse was broken by true love’s kiss, Dean’s kiss.” Sam explained. “I’m gonna just go and look for the enchanted storybook. You guys probably wanna talk…so…yeah.” Sam walked out of the motel room.

Dean and Cas stared quietly at each other for awhile till Dean broke the silence. “Guess I’m your Prince Charming, huh?”

Mark Drabble #1

Title: Drabble #1 for Mark

Writer: Admin Kay (whats a mark lee @ hope don’t come for me for doing this)

Artist: Mark Lee aka the man with the master plan (NCT)

Genre: Fluff and Humor

A/N: We got a school cancellation so kyun and I will be taking blurb requests all day! numbers and list here

Request: 19&46 for nct’s mark please from @zxtlx

Originally posted by haechannie

“Mark, you’re satan.” I said, stone-cold and dead in the face.

“Why baby?” He questioned, a small smirk dancing on his lips as I sat on the floor.

“How on eaRTH DID YOU MOVE EVERYTHING IN MY ROOM FIVE INCHES TO THE LEFT?” I yelled, my ass hurting like a bitch after completely missing the bed and falling on the floor. “This is some Donghyuck shit right there and you know it.”

“LanGUAGE.” He yelled covering his ears.

“Mark Lee you are almost 19 and you’re about to go on a rap survival show. Get used to it.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“Did Donghyuck help you orchestrate this mess?”

“No…Johnny-hyung did.” He admitted, completely throwing Johnny under the bus.

“You both are dead to me.” I said, emotionless.

It was just a joke baby, I swear.” He said while pulling me up.

“My ass hurts. Don’t think I’m not calling Donghyuck later. I’m coming for your ass.”

He engulfed me in a hug as an excuse to restrain my arms. I thrashed while he snuggled into me. “You love me.”

“Shut the fuck up.”

feels like home

y’all can blame Sophii for this one


Annabeth is pacing.

It’s never a good thing when Annabeth paces, not for Percy at least. It usually means he’s a in a great amount of trouble. It usually means he’s about to get an earful. He can see it brewing, below the surface of her tanned skin, below her furrowed eyebrows and her pursed lips, below the steely glances she keeps throwing at him like knives.

“Hold still,” the poor, innocent Apollo camper mumbles as he moves to stand in front of Percy, gingerly inspecting his wrist and blocking his angry girlfriend from view.

Annabeth makes herself heard then, if she cannot be seen.

“I just can’t believe it. How many monsters have we fought and you’ve walked away fine? We literally walked through hell and there wasn’t a single broken bone in your body. And a stupid skateboard gets you? How many times to I have to tell you to wear safety pads? And don’t tell me they’re not cool because that doesn’t stop you from wearing that stupid hat, Percy Jackson.”

“Hey, I like this hat.” Percy touches the rim of the blue snapback he’s wearing self-consciously. Annabeth peers around the Apollo kid to roll her eyes at him. “And I never said they were uncool- OW, motherfu-”

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Imagine Harrison Wells shooting Barry because Barry got frisky with you

Words: 434

Note: This is dedicated to @grymmfangrunerunner. Thank you for writing a wonderful ficlet (read it here) for me and I decided to write something in return, hope you’ll like it :D

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“Barry, I think we need–” You instantly stop talking when you turned around and noticed Barry was standing very close behind you. Your body couldn’t help but jerk back. You would have accidentally kissed Barry’s lips if you hadn’t moved your head fast enough.

Barry’s hungry gaze lingered on you. Something wasn’t right. Barry would never look at you that way, like he suddenly had a burning desire for you. No, no, no. How could you even think like that? Iris is the love of his life; he definitely wouldn’t have any interest in you. Besides, he clearly knew that you were in love with Harrison Wells.

“What are you doing?” You asked with an unsure tone, letting out a nervous smile and trying to walk away from him.

You pretended nothing weird had happened, but it seemed Barry had other ideas.

“Something…” Barry alluded and you could sense he was slowly approaching you from behind, “I think I should have done…” He gripped your arm and turned you around to face him, locking you between his arms, “a long time ago.”

Barry took a second to look at your attractive red lips before he closed his eyes and pulled you into a kiss.

You were confused, totally confused. Why was he doing this? This Barry was like a complete stranger to you. You slightly pushed him away and gathered your thoughts with a gasp, “Barry, I’m Dr. Wells’…” You wanted to say “girlfriend”, but Barry gave you no time and pressed his lips once again to yours.

But before you could shove him away again, Barry was abruptly twitching and trembling; an excruciating groan coming from his throat. The tremor spread over his body and he slammed on the floor, unconscious.

“Oh my…” You were taken aback, lifting your head you saw Harrison Wells holding a stun gun firmly in his hand, “What did you do?”

Harrison took a livid glimpse of the man lying on the floor before eyeing you softly, “Are you okay?”

“I’m… I’m fine.” You stammered, knowing that Harrison had plenty of reasons for being mad at Barry, but shooting him seemed way too far, “Why did you shoot Barry?”

“He’s not Barry,” Harrison pointed to the man, you followed his direction and saw the fake Barry was gripping a pistol in his left hand, “our Barry is right-handed. This man is the shape-shifter we are looking for.”

“Oh, I knew it!” You let out a relived sigh, the explanation made everything clear.

“And since he got frisky with you,” Harrison whispered darkly, “he deserves all the shooting.”


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Bucky Barnes X Reader

A/N: This is an introduction to a new series I’m starting, please tell me how y’all like it :)

Words: approx. 1K

Prompt: Everyone has secrets.

Warnings: angst, graphic death, psychological damage, swearing, alcohol


“Hesitance is a vice.” A cold voice echoed, “Focus.”

The gun shook in your hand as you finger stopped on the trigger. The barrel pointed straight towards your brother’s temple, your hand barely stable under the weight of both Alexander Pierce and your brother’s gazes on you.

Shakily, you met your brother’s gaze. His lips moved, “Do it. Please. For me.” He begged, his voice ragged. You shook your head, a soft sob leaving your lips.

A hand came down on your cheek, causing you to flinch and drop the gun. Pierce’s face came into view, his lips pressed together into a thin line.

“Weak.” He snarled, “Useless. A fool.” His heel made contact with the butt of the gun as he kicked it over to your brother. 

“Shoot.” He ordered, not an ounce of remorse in his voice as he gave the order that you had refused to follow mere moments ago.

Without hesitating, your brother picked up the gun, pointing it at you. You offered him a small, reassuring smile despite the pounding of a thousand stallions in your heart.

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Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Summary: Isaac x reader based on the song Voodoo by Nick Jonas. It’s up to you what you want to make it about :)

If this is what you call love, I swear I’m better alone. I feel ya claws sinkin’ in, gettin’ under my skin like voodoo

“How do we always find ourselves in this position?”, asking Isaac as the two of you were trying to remove each others clothing upon entering the room. “I don’t know you tell me? Your the one that keeps calling me to come over”. He responded, cheekily nipping at your neck causing an immediate moan to escape your lips. Moving down onto his belt, within seconds it was discarded and thrown god knows where onto the floor.

Legs hit the end of the bed and the two of you fell on top of each other. “Just because I call doesn’t mean you have to actually come over”, you told him as he now worked on leaving his mark, which would disappear soon thanks to having fast healing abilities, the perks of being a werewolf.“We both know why I do though, I can’t stand the thought of someone else sinking their claws into you or vice versa”, with those exact words he gently bit down on your collarbone.“Is that jealously I’m smelling from you Isaac?”.

“You’re smelling a lot of things right now love, like arousal, lust-”, he leaned down and nibbled on your earlobe, “desire”, he whispered the last word as his claws scrapped your skin causing a wave of shivers. It was silent as Isaac moved down plastering kisses anywhere and everywhere. As he got to those certain bundle of nerves, his tongue worked wonders in getting each muscle in your body to relax and tighten all at the same time. Playing with a fist full of his hair, you arched your back as far as you could to allow him much more access.

“You know just because Theo is my alpha doesn’t mean I’m interested in him like that, or that I want to screw him for that matter, because I’m not and I don’t”. Breathing out that one sentence took great difficultly as Isaac wasn’t showing signs of slowing down. He stopped and lifted his head, “But yet here you are screwing me?”. It was cute how innocent he could be at times, “Let’s just say I love the thrill I feel when I’m with you, the sneaking around making sure neither pack finds out. The rush is addictive, don’t you think?”. Travelling your hand down his chest, Isaac smirked and then proceeded to finish what he started.

Panting excessively it was certainly quite a workout that Isaac and you just participated in. Laying down the silence was interrupted by your phone buzzing, turning over to pick up the call the screen read Theo. You turned to Isaac to indicate for him to stay quiet as you pressed the talk button. “Hello”, as you were listening to Theo, telling you that he needed to meet up to discuss a few things. Isaac thought it would be a good idea to start the second round. His warm lips attached themselves to your neck, as if you didn’t already have enough marks, however Isaac had no problem in adding more. With the distraction of Isaac working on your neck and his hands roaming under the sheets, you bit hard onto your lip suppressing a moan. It became more and more difficult to even concentrate on what Theo was saying. Knowing if you didn’t hang up soon this whole secret fling with Isaac would be exposed, and that’s something you didn’t want happening. So cutting the conversation short, you interrupted Theo. “Alright, I’ll see you soon”.

Hanging up the call, you flipped Isaac over. Pinning his hands together he now had a better, clear view of your body which only caused him to smirk like crazy. “That was a risky move, considering it was extremely hard for me to not react. What if Theo noticed?”, you asked Isaac. He played with the bed sheets and slid them inch by inch, not bothering to answer he simply let his hands do the talking and so round two begun.

Running to the meet up point, you were officially late thanks to Isaac and his need to tease you continuously. Opening the large door, Theo was standing back towards you ruffling with what looked to be blueprints. He turned and looked rather unimpressed, but then again you rather him be mad that you were late then have him knowing what, or who, you were really doing. “I called half an hour ago Y/N, why are you so late?”. Approaching the table, the title of alpha sure did get to Theo’s head at times and you were one of the few in the pack that could go head to head with him. “Theo you may be my alpha, but I’m not at your beckon call every hour of every day. I said I’d be here, I didn’t specify when I’d actually come”. Technically what you said was true, all you told him was that you’d see him soon. So in theory you weren’t lying.

Challenging Theo was something not a lot of people had the guts to do, and maybe that’s why he paid more attention to you than any of the others. Theo opted for a smug look, “You know you’re quite witty and quick with that mouth babygirl. And in case you didn’t know I’m pretty good with mine too. So how about we stop talking and find other enjoyable ways to use our mouths?”. Okay so when you told Isaac that you weren’t interested in Theo like that, it was a little white lie. Many months ago if Theo had made this comment you’d have no issue with taking him up on his offer. However, since this whole sneaking around with Isaac started you didn’t want any other man.

"That would be highly inappropriate don’t you think? You are my alpha after all”, you replied. The distance between the two of you grew shorter, and it had all to do with Theo making it no secret that he wanted to close that gap. “Since when do you care if something is inappropriate? I’ve made it no secret that you’re my favourite. Don’t tell me you aren’t curious to see how you and I would collide…so to speak”. He stepped forward one last time and your heart rate increased, you had no idea that Theo would provide this sort of affect. He continued, “I bet it would be wild, sexy, passionate”, Theo dipped his lips closer to yours. If you were to step even an inch forward, lips would meet. The next few words he spoke sent your mind into crazy mode, “We’d be explosive in every way, baby”. With no time to register anything, Theo slammed his lips onto yours.

Shortly after, you rushed out of there not being able to comprehend what just happened. You knew Theo was interested in you, however being kissed by your alpha was certainly a tricky position to be in. Unlocking the door you half expected to see Isaac gone, but that wasn’t the case. He was sitting down on your bed, the sheets a mess from previous activities and Isaac was fully dressed. “How was the meeting? It sure took a while”, he asked with a very tightened jaw and fist. Taking off you jacket, as you walked pass the mirror the evidence of your lips being swollen was evident. Whether that was a combination of Isaac and Theo, or just Theo was too difficult to determine. “It was fine. Yeah since I was late Theo extended the meeting”.

Issac stood up, “Is that right? Does extending the meeting mean having a make out session with you?!”, Isaac exclaimed looking more and more angry with each passing second. “Wait what, you were there? You could of gotten caught! What were you thinking Isaac?”, you shouted back not believing he could be careless enough to risk exposing the two of you.

“What was I thinking?! What were you thinking kissing Theo goddamn Raeken, who by the way you stated this morning you weren’t interested in!”. Isaac had a short temper which meant getting him to listen to reason, was a tough job. “As cliche as this sounds, he kissed me! And by the way it kinda takes a second to register that someone has just randomly kissed you”. Isaac came over and hovered before you with his height, “Well if that’s the case, then how about you call Theo to come over and he can keep you warm at night”. With that Isaac pushed past you and as he walked out, you were left with an undeniable sense of guilt and emptiness.

Ever since Isaac stormed out of your room, which was a few hours ago, you had been having a mentally debate whether or not to call him. Theo however had rang a couple of times, neither of which you picked up. Slumping back down on the bed, the offer Theo extended early that day was tempting. But the one you really wanted to help keep you warm at night was Isaac, no matter how good Theo was supposedly in the bedroom, in your mind Isaac had everything you needed. He knew every one of your buttons to push to make you scream out in pleasure, he knew all the right spots to touch and kiss, he had explored your body, as you did with his, more times than you could count. Both of you synced so perfectly, there was no way you were going to give all that up for just one unsure night with Theo.

Getting up you reached for the phone when there was a light knock at the door. It cracked open and Isaac walked in. “I was just about to call you”, confessing to the boy who marched over and connected his lips to yours. After a minute of a hot make out session, which left you in a daze, he pulled back. When thoughts were all clear again, you spoke. “I don’t understand you left here pretty mad, why-”. Isaac pressed a finger to your lips, “I meant what I said this morning, about not being able to stand someone else’s hands touching you, other than mine. And there is no way I’m going to let Theo Raeken sink his claws into my girl”.

Wrapping your arms around his neck, the feeling of him announcing you were his girl made you smile. “To be honest I’d rather your claws than anyone else’s”. Seeing a grin appear on his face was a highlight, especially after he had been mad hours before. “Good, because I’m done hiding us”, he confessed. Un-zipping his jeans tonight was all about him, you pushed him down onto the bed. Straddling Isaac, you weren’t blind to the fact that you had him wrapped around you finger, he was attached and so were you. And that’s how both of you knew that the other would always come back, no matter what.

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Takeshi, hibari, ryohei and tsuna hc for what kind of BJs really drive them crazy? Like what kind of move makes them lose it? (No pun intended)

~I nervously laughed when I saw this in my ask box thinking; ‘Now how am I going to do that?’ lol.~

admin adelheid


He likes watching you take it slow. The kind of slow that allows him to watch you run your tongue from the base of his shaft up to the very tip repeatedly until he’s completely rock hard for you. His jaw clenches as he hoarsely tells you to just put him in your mouth already. Watching the head of his cock softly disappear between your slick lips makes him lift his hips towards you a little. It always pulls out an extra tremulous moan from his throat when you finally grant his request. Especially when you let him hear you sucking at the head of his cock before you run the entire length of your tongue across that turgid tip.


Surprisingly, he’s not much for blow jobs. He prefers pleasuring you with his mouth and hands rather than the other way around simply because he prefers and feels more in control of the situation. However, if you manage to tie his hands behind his back and get his fly open you will find out he turns into a groaning, moaning mess when you trace your wet lips with the tip of his cock while lightly stroking his perineum. He won’t even have enough breath left to threaten you when you finally make him come so hard he shouts out your name loud enough for people out the door to hear.


Another surprising fact is that Sasagawa Ryohei likes soft and tender kisses from your moist lips when you ambush him with a blow job right after a cold, refreshing shower. The contrast of his cold skin and your hot mouth makes him hard faster than he can moan out your name so you would make sure you’ve just finished drinking some hot tea before you tackle him. You also discover that he loses control and begins to helplessly jerk his hips towards your kissers when you pair your mouth and hand to stroke his cock with gradually growing roughness. His knees give out from under him when you lightly pull at his testicles with your other hand and make him explode in your mouth.


Tsuna likes being asked first.

Having you look up at him with wide doe eyes while pressing your breasts to his firm chest as you beg him to ‘please let you put him in your mouth‘ is a sure fire way to melt that smile off his face and replace it with pure, dark want. Treating the head of his cock like it was your favorite kind of lollipop complete with the popping sounds you make when your lips end a thorough suck will guarantee to make him bite his lip hard. Feeling you moan in pleasure while you’re sucking on his erection coupled with the devilishly light scratches from your nails along his shaft and between his balls is a guaranteed way to get him to call out your name in a trembling whisper.