i like how everyone is just going along with him

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hello! i don't think i've requested this before (please forgive me if i have!!), but could i request a sort of "friends to lovers" au with joshua from svt? thank you so much for your time!

find friends - to - lover!seungcheol (here)

  • you and joshua met at summer camp in middle school because you two were the only kids who actually read books on the bus ride to and from the camp ground
  • and literally all the other kids spent the time playing games or shouting but nope. you and joshua sat by each other, silently, reading
  • and you two,,,,,,just kinda naturally became a duo,,,,,,,like you were always partners for sporting events and helped each other during arts and crafts
  • and it was cute,,,,,,,,all the counselors thought you guys were adorable and the other kids would call you the shy couple but you and joshua,,,,like,,,,,,,you just became inseparable
  • and throughout the years you supported each other as friends until you know,,,,,,you guys started to come out of being shy and stuff and funnily enough you and joshua got into the habit of being like sorta competitive when it came to school
  • and you guys just got inside jokes about out-doing the other person,,,,but like all in good fun??? never seriously or in a mean way
  • you also gossip with each other like,,,,people see you and josh and are like woW such diligent, polite students but LOL you and him have your fair share of savageness
  • but it’s totally a bestfriend thing where you meet up to get coffee to study but in reality you spend time quizzing each other and complaining about shitty professors while also reminiscing about the past 
  • “joshua remember when you got 100 on our first chem quiz as freshmen.” 
  • “yeah, what about-”
  • “remember i got 103 because i did the extra credit (—:”
  • “,,,,,,are you really bringing that up? do i have to remind you of what else happened to us as freshmen? mainly what happened between you and that hoshi ki-”
  • “oK JOSHUA SH”
  • but as much as you’re jokingly being sarcastic with each other you truly care about each other and ,,,,,that’s why when joshua tells you he’s got extended family coming over,,,,and they’ve literally not let it go about him not being in a relationship and so,,,,,,,,if you could pleaSE just fake date him for this dinner,,,,,,,
  • you say yes,,,,because how can you say no???
  • only problem is the minute you show up the hongs are all like fiNALLY YOU Two ARE DAting,,,,,we always knew it would come to this!!!!
  • and joshua’s mom is nudging you because,,,,,,hey she’s been trying to get joshua to make a move since long before and joshua is like m OM
  • and you’re both sitting at the dinner table,,,,and yes it’s awkward but you’ve been to their house so many times that somehow??? it’s not
  • like it actually feels super,,,,,,nice and natural
  • because you know joshua and his family and even his extended family don’t seem hard to get along with at all
  • and for most of the dinner,,,,,,you forget that it’s fake
  • the smiles you and joshua share,,,,,the joking around with his parents,,,,,,,
  • it’s all something you’ve done before but ,,,, when joshua grabs your hand and brings it to his lips as a show for his family,,,,,,you can’t help but feel your heart race
  • and his lips are so warm on your skin
  • and before you know it you’re looking at joshua’s profile,,,,how pretty his eyes are,,,,,how he’s got such handsome features,,,,,, how he’s not the shy boy at camp but ,,,,,,,,, the drop dead gorgeous best friend of yours
  • who probably could date anyone,,,,,but,,,,,choose to have you by his side for this
  • and you’re like arguing with yourself because no,,,no he chose you because you’re his best friend,,,,he could trust you not to mess up in front of his family,,,,,,but then again joshua has other friends,,,,,to ask,,,,,,,,
  • and you can’t help the sinking feeling in your stomach when the dinner ends and joshua’s mom is encouraging him to walk you home
  • and you’re going along the sidewalk in silence and joshua is like “thank you for helping me tonight,,,,,,seriously they wouldn’t get off my back”
  • and you try to strain out a laugh because ahh yeah this was all a joke,,,,,,a lie,,,,,,
  • but as you get to your front door you’re like “joshua i-”
  • and he’s like “wait,,,,,,i just,,,,,,,i have a question,,,,”
  • and you’re like,,, what is it??? and he’s like “well i was thinking about how everyone was like,,,,,, talking about how they expected us to date,,,,,do you think that’s true?? that we,,,make a good couple,,,,,”
  • and joshua’s cheeks are pink,,,,eyes flicking around from you to the floor and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,oh
  • but you’re like “i mean i guess we are - we fooled everyone in your fami-”
  • but he shakes his head and he’s like “i mean,,,,,do you think we,,,,,,we could be something more?” and you’re like “,,,,,,,if i say yes will you think that’s weird?”
  • but joshua looks up and breathes a sigh of relief and he’s like no,,, not at all,,,,,,i thought i was the weird one for thinking tonight was so,,,,natural,,,,
  • and you look at him,,,,,still dressed up a bit because his mom had made him put on a tie because of formal dinner attire or whatever,,,,and the way you’ve only seen joshua flustered when he was a shy kid ,,,,, and how cute it looks on him
  • the unsure,,,,stuttery joshua,,,,,,,you’ve missed him
  • and you take a step closer to him and joshua swallows and looks down at you and you take a hold of his wrist and lean in and he closes his eyes,,,,,,,,,,
  • but you kiss his cheek and you’re like “how about we go on a real date soon,,,,,,” and joshua is like sure,,,,where??? and you shrug and you’re like “surprise me,,,,whatever you choose will be fun. im sure.” and you give him a little wave as you go inside
  • and you almost fall over yourself when the door closes because oh my god your best friend,,,,,might be your boyfriend very v e r y soon
  • and joshua is still standing frozen on the spot, hand over the spot where you kissed him because,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh my god his best friend,,,,,might be,,,,,,,the One,,,,,

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Since I'm forever grateful for your "My Big Fat Russian Wedding" headcanons, what are your headcanons for "My Big Fat Japanese Wedding"?

I actually headcanon Yuuri’s family as being rather small, really just Yuuri and Mari and their parents. Of course, that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a Big Fat Japanese Wedding. There was definitely a Big Fat Japanese Wedding.

The Big Fat Japanese Wedding happens because the entire town of Hasetsu takes it upon themselves to host a huge banquet-style wedding reception for Yuuri and Viktor. They’ve already been legally married, both in Russia and Japan–and had their Traditional Russian Orthodox Wedding Ceremony Courtesy of the Nikiforovs, but the people of Hasetsu (And Yuuri and Viktor for that matter) want nothing more than for the beginning of their lives together to be full of the blending of their cultures.

I’m not saying Surprise Wedding Party…but Surprise Wedding Party.

Yuuri watches his father and Mari carrying pounds upon pounds of fish through the onsen and he’s like “???? um ok” and Hiroko gives a halfassed explanation about a large group being booked for the coming week.

Yuuri is manning the front desk for a few hours and someone calls in asking what time the cake for the reception on Saturday should be delivered.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” says Yuuri, frowning at the schedule. “We don’t have a wedding scheduled this week.”

“Yuuri-kun? Is that you?”

“Yes,” Yuuri mumbles. “Masamune-sempai?” Masamune Kawasaki was a year above him in high school; Masamune-kun’s mother runs a patisserie on the other side of the river; everyone in Hasetsu buys their wedding and birthday cakes from her.


“Who was that?” Viktor asks, because he’s been spending his time lounging in front of the front desk and probably indulging some internal fantasy that he’s seducing the receptionist or something. Yuuri might be married to the man, that doesn’t mean he understands what goes on in his head.

“I think it was my old sempai,” Yuuri mutters, staring with a frown at the phone. “He said it wasn’t him, but it sounded just like him. How strange.”

Mari sends Viktor and Yuuri along on many a fool’s errand. There is an owner of a hardware store in Fukuoka who is still laughing about the time a white-haired foreigner came into his store and with the utmost confidence asked if he stocked left-handed screwdrivers in a heavy Kyushu accent.

The wedding itself is, as expected of a town like Hasetsu, large and noisy and flawlessly executed and literally everyone Yuuri has ever known is there. Even Phichit, who flew on a red eye from Bangkok to be there and even resisted Instagraming the whole thing these are the things I do for you Yuuri.

Secretly, Mama and Papa Katsuki know that their gift to Yuuri and Viktor wasn’t just the party–they have watched their son stress about two different legal wedding ceremonies and a religious ceremony in Russia and know that what he needs is a party he doesn’t have to worry about at all.

Also as a gift to their son, Mama and Papa Katsuki retire from the party early so that Yuuri feels comfortable cutting loose a little. Judging by the fact that Yuuri pitifully asks everyone to whisper the next morning, and that Viktor is wearing one of those flowy scarves to hide his neck, they figure their gift was a success. 

Underrated lines/details from Beauty and the Beast 2017 (spoilers obviously)

A few (okay maybe more than a few) moments, lines, and little details I adore and feel deserve more recognition… (I’ve seen the movie three times thus far but it has has been a few days since the last viewing so I apologize if the quotes are not exact) 

 - Dan Stevens’ mannerisms in the opening dance as he flits from one partner to another looking like a rococo Jareth

 - Just how cramped the village feels bringing a visual contrast to Belle’s “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere”

 - the fact that the village “library” was in the church 

 - the way Gaston is able to still appear to be strutting his way into town while on horseback 

 - LeFou’s “It’s never gonna happen, ladies" 

 - Maurice "It’s a small village. Small minded…" 

 - the body language* when Gaston is talking to Belle
 *how he traipses over her garden(I physically winced every time at the veggies being trampled), how pointedly she locks the gate and he reaches around to unlock it, the little gesture to his hips as he talks about her having children, how he grabs her skirt as she is clearly trying to get away, the way she holds to door closed until she is sure he is gone. All of it!

- the way Belle frustratedly throws the chicken feed on the ground with that "URGH!" 

 - "Do you know where we are Phillipe? Because I don’t…” seriously Maurice was just wonderful 

 - how Maurice paused a moment at the castle to look at the helping hand lanterns because those were an homage to Jean Cocteau’s 1946 Beauty and the Beast 

 - Lumière and Cogsworth “A man of taste!” “He was talking about me!" 

 - How worried Cogsworth seemed when Belle picked up Lumière and carried him off but couldn’t do anything about it 

 - "Do you want to be a man or a mantle clock?”

- “Oh master! You’ve returned!” Cogsworth’s panic and Lumiére’s laugh 

 - Lumière’s movements in general. Especially the way his coat moved. 

 - Mrs. Potts “you can’t judge a person by who their father is now can you?” and the look Beast/Adam gives her. Really Mrs. P? Not fair. 

 - his forced cheery “will you join me for dinner?” And his confused look back at everyone to see how he did 

 - Lumière singing louder as Cogsworth tries to shush him during Be Our Guest  

- Cogsworth later belting out “COURSE BY COURSE!” in Be Our Guest. Ian McKellen did not get to sing nearly enough. 

 - the moment Lumière is dancing in a bit of fabric as he sings “life is so unnerving for a servant who’s not serving” feels like it is meant as an homage to the dance “Lamentation” which is a nice touch 

 - the fact that they never told Belle that learning to love/earning someone’s love would break the curse so that she didn’t unconsciously develop feelings out of any attempts to free the castle. Her feelings were genuine. 

 - Belle’s reversible bodice on the blue dress! (All of her costumes really. All of the costumes in this whole movie!) 

 - Days in the Sun melts my heart. Audra McDonald’s voice gives me chills! She is so wonderful 

 - “Your village sounds terrible!” And “What do you say we run away?” The look on Beast/Adam’s face is just so hopeful and sweet

 - The look on his face when Belle says “let’s go home" 

 - How LeFou kept paying people to go along with participating during Gaston. He pays the band to play and later it looks like he pays someone to let them dance on the table. 

 - I know everyone is talking about Evermore but seriously Dan Stevens is amazing. *side note I think I read somewhere that his wife helped him prep for singing Evermore since she herself is a singer and a vocal teacher and if that isn’t just the sweetest thing I don’t know what is*

 - Maurice’s little sound effects as he tries to remember how the tree fell as they look for the castle. 

 - Maurice being an A+ dad and shutting down any notion Gaston had that he would help Gaston marry Belle 

 - Just how much of a guilt-ridden cinnamon roll LeFou was over leaving Maurice in the woods. "This is a pretty nasty storm. At least we’re not tied to a tree out in the woods…” And the relief in his voice when he sees Maurice in the tavern 

 - Agathe’s expression as Gaston says “no offense” after completely writing her off as a credible source. 

 - Père Robert “He needs a hospital not an asylum!" 

 - Maurice calmly handing the picked lock to Monsieur D'arque as Bell rides off, her ballgown fluttering to the ground so she can more easily ride
"She’s always been strong willed. Do you have children?” There goes my daughter riding away half dressed to save her cursed boyfriend. Lol, kids right? 

 - Cadenza’s little “ouch” when Gaston abandoned LeFou during the battle for the castle 

 - the fact that the staff still had smudged makeup from the beginning of the movie because they’ve been objects and couldn’t change outfits or wash their faces like Adam could while cursed 

 - The costumes at the end during the celebration dance! Where can I purchase a knock off of that rose dress because it is so beautiful!

  This turned out to be much longer than expected. I probably still left things out. Thanks for baring with me!

Yes ma’am

Request by @marvelhpaprendice: Hi! This may come out of nowere! But i love your Bucky fics! So i have a request to make! Could you do a one shot where Bucky and the reader hate each other (not really hate, like hate with sexual tension beetween them) and one day, as they watch a movie, they feel the tension that they make and just give in to each other? Thank’s!!!!!!

Summary: Your blind date goes wrong and you find yourself watching a movie with Bucky despite how much you two despise each other.

Warnings: Smutty smut, really small angst. 

A/N: I did this request right away because the messaged me personally and I honestly forgot about the requests in my asks. I’m going to get to them, I promise. I’ve just been extremely busy with school. I’ll try to work on a few tonight and tomorrow if I have time. Thank you all for being so supportive of my Bucky x Reader fan fictions! I love getting feedback, whether it’s positive or negative, both help me improve my writing and story telling.

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i will never be over how cute class 1-a was while eating together in the mess hall???

  • shouji’s so big that he takes up as much space as denki and kirishima combined (and he’s eating with his mouth hands omg)
  • todoroki pointing at something in front of kouda like??? is he asking for something?? either way the idea of them chatting is adorable
  • sero having Absolutely No Table Manners At All
  • i love that mina and aoyama are sitting next to eachother; she might talk over him all the time but she’s the only one he really interacts with, it’s cute to think they might be friends
  • kacchan still sat next to izuku, which i adore
  • you can see??? toru’s food go down which is mildly terrifying and amazing
  • iida sittin there with his face stuffed full of food, how Uncouth

seeing the way everyone gets along and the little groups of friends that are always evident is just really cute and i love that horikoshi made this class feel like an actual close-knit class of students

The Date


I let out a long sigh after checking my phone for what seemed like the hundredth time in the past five minutes. It wasn’t anything fancy really. Just a beat up flip phone that had been in my family for what I assumed was generations. Playing with it did help with my nervous energy but now I was exhausted. Was he really not going to show up? I checked through my texts again, hoping to see one from him, but alas, there was nothing.

The restaurant that we had chosen was nice enough, not too overdone. It had a modernish rustic kind of feel to it. But most importantly it didn’t require me to wear a dress and that’s really what counted. I’d dressed up in a white crop top with black and white striped flowing pants paired with my favourite choker and sunglasses. The outfit was perfect for a hot summer day, but now as evening quickly approached, a chill began to set in the air.

Fiddling with the neatly folded napkins was a nice way to ignore the pitying glances of those around me. I flipped my phone open again. 6:01. I gritted my teeth. As much as I tried to fight it, I was getting annoyed. Like spit at your feet and flip you off kind of annoyed. Out of the corner of my eye I can see the same kindly waitress who has asked my order twice in the past hour already. This time I was debating on just getting a takeout and taking a cab home.

“Would you like to order now, miss?” A knowing glint was in her eyes. I smiled thinly at her, hands in a death grip around the water glass as I brought it to my lips. “You know what, thank you for asking Theresa, but I think I’ll just leave.” That’s right. I’d been here so long I even knew her name without needing to glance at the silver tag clipped at her chest. “Why don’t you get something to take home first, dear?” she suggested. “It’s on the house.”

This time my smile was genuine. “Thank you,” I said. I knew what I wanted without even looking at the menu. I’d spent my first hour waiting here memorizing it. If they needed a new waitress I was sure I would get the job without even blinking. “I’ll have the chicken fettuccine alfredo, please.” Theresa scribbled it on her notepad then looks up to smile at me. “I’ll be back in a few minutes, you just wait right here.”

“It’s not like I have anything better to do,” I mutter as she walks away. I sighed again, this time at the irony of that statement. Thankfully the wait for my food wasn’t long. Theresa handed me the bag. I thanked her again and rose from my seat hoping to scurry out the door without anyone staring at the miserable girl who’s date didn’t come. It wasn’t working. I could feel hundreds of pairs of eyes on me. My cheeks heated in anger and embarrassment. Perhaps I would use my time while eating to plot how I would make him pay for this. Ignore his texts all week maybe. Or I could post an embarrassing photo of him and tag all our friends. Hmm, so many options.

I was so caught up in my revenge plot that I didn’t even notice the boy who has sunk into the set across from me in the booth giving me an apologetic smile. He shook out his leather jacket and placed it beside him. “Sorry I’m so late, babe, traffic is crazy right now,” he says loudly enough for the whole room to hear. My eyes must be as wide as saucers as I gape at him. “I’m Cal, by the way. Just go with it, yeah? Whoever didn’t bother to show up is a complete dick,” he quietly adds. I force myself to relax for the eyes still watching us. I guess I had to go along with whatever the hell this was. My hand tightened on my bags, prepared to bolt if this stranger was really just a jerk who thought picking on me would be funny. Relax, breathe. “Of course, I understand. But you’re here now and that’s all that counts,” I say smoothly, fighting to keep my voice from shaking. What the hell kind of situation was this? I cursed in my head. Trouble seemed to trail me wherever I went. My response silences the whispers and giggles. The words sounded warm and charming though I felt anything but.

Say something else Mare, the poor fool is just sitting there looking at you. Oh right. “I’m Mare. Mare Barrow,” I introduce myself to this odd stranger. Well odd was one word for him. Another was jaw-dropping. Stunning. Hot. It was unfair how attractive he was with that glossy black hair in a messy bed head kind of style that suited him paired with warm amber eyes that looked like flickering flames when they hit a certain light. He had a nice stubble along his cheeks and chin and was dressed in a casual green sweater and blue jeans with his brown leather jacket. His lips curled into an amused smile when he noticed me checking him out and I blushed furiously. Something about him was oddly familiar and I couldn’t put my finger on it.

“Don’t be embarrassed about it. If we’re being honest, I was checking you out too,” he says nonchalantly. Under the table I pinched myself just to make sure that I was awake and that this wasn’t some crazy dream. But it wasn’t. This was a crazy reality which was even worse. What’s so bad about being on an unplanned date with a hot guy? a traitorous voice inside my head whispered. Well, I couldn’t argue with that logic. Cal settles into his seat looking strangely relaxed. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he put his feet up on the table. He casually sips on some water while I gawk at him. “Well,” he sighs, “I suppose you have some questions.” “Umm, yeah?” I say in an its so obvious tone.

“What’s your full name?” He purses his lips at that one. I can’t hep but feel slightly suspicious at his reaction. “Okay, you caught me. My real name isn’t Cal, it’s–” he hesitates, silent laughter dancing in eyes. “It’s technically Tiberias Calore the Seventh, but that’s kinda long so people just call me Cal.” He seems nervous while speaking and it take everything I have to not burst out laughing. I didn’t know why his nervousness was so endearing to me. “What about you Miss Barrow? Is that your real full name?” he asks me. Cal rests his chin on his hand while observing me.

“It’s Mare Molly Barrow, but I mostly ignore the middle part,” I confess, shrugging.  "Second question, what are you doing here and why are you helping me?“ He grins at me, waggling a finger. "Nuh uh, that’s two questions.” I roll my eyes. “Well I as going to ask you sooner or later, and may I remind you that you’re the one who jumped in on my non-existent date, so I get to ask the questions here how I like.” Cal doesn’t seem fazed by my response at all, in fact, based on his expression that he approved it. Like he was expecting me to bite back.

“I expect no less from you,” he says, that same infuriating yet adorable mischievous smile plastered on his lips. Goddammit Mare, stop staring at his lips. Once I register his words I feel my face scrunch up in confusion. “Expect?” I repeat, dumbfounded. “Do I know you?” He chuckles at my confused expression. I narrow my eyes at him, hoping to place his face. I knew I recognized him, but from where? He lets me puzzle it out, watching and sipping on his water all the while. A one-night stand perhaps? Nope, I didn’t do those. A friend of a friend maybe who I didn’t remember? “I’ve got nothing,” I finally sigh. 

“We used to go to the same high school,” he shakes his head in mock hurt. “I can’t believe this. You don’t remember me.” He has to be lying. There was no way that I could forget someone that attractive. “When did you graduate?” I ask him, watching carefully for any sign of a lie. “Last year. I was captain of the senior football team,” Cal says, this faraway look in his eyes, like he was reliving it in his mind’s eye. Perhaps he was. A faint flash of a memory flitted across my mind. I was up in the bleachers with Kilorn watching as a game took place below. It was my first time going to such an event, and all I remember was wanting to go home. I didn’t even notice when the captain scored thee winning goal, but I pretended to cheer along with everyone else. I was sophomore when he graduated which is likely the reason I didn’t remember him much, other than that. "How did you recognize me?“ I ask him, suddenly aware of the thought. Was he a stalker or something? Or just really good at remembering people?

He notes my tense posture and his face softens. "You don’t need to be afraid of me, I’m not going to hurt you.” I don’t relax. His jaw clenches and he gives me a strained smile. “How could I forget the girl who spray painted the principals car?”

 My shoulder stiffen in surprise at his words. Ever so slowly my lips part into a smile and I laugh. Cal watches me, smiling as well. It was genuine, soft crooked smile that tugged at my heart. “Oh my god I can’t believe you remember that,” I groan, hiding my face between my hands to conceal the red blush flaring on my cheeks. Slowly, softly, he takes my hands in his and I stare at him. He blushes as well at my struck expression. “Sorry, I just…I think your blush is…” He fumbles with the words, tripping over them. “You look really beautiful and I–” He stops when he sees my wide eyes. “Ugh that came out wrong, sorry–” he says, looking very much like he would love nothing more than to crawl into a hole and stay there. “You don’t need to apologize,” I tell him softly. He smiles hesitantly. “And thank you.”

“I’d always wondered why you did it,” he muses. “That’s what puzzled me about you.” I stare at him in wonder. I had no idea that he’d even knew my name, much less thought about me often. “I’ll tell you if you answer my questions and stop avoiding them,” I say. “Alright,” he agrees. “I came to visit my friend on his first day of work here. I hoped to see him, but I haven’t, which probably means that he’s doing a terrible job at this and I need to yell at him.” “But,” he adds, “I’m sure his boss has that covered.”

“Secondly, I came over here because you looked sad and slightly pissed. Well actually, more pissed than upset,” he laughs. That fades as he turns serious. “But I heard people whispering and…” He looks down, fiddling with something. I had a feeling he was trying to avoid my gaze. “The things they were saying were terrible, so I thought maybe I could help out this girl that they were talking about.” I wasn’t sure I was breathing normally anymore. It caught in my chest and squeezed painfully. I knew people’s opinion shouldn’t matter to me, and it didn’t, but I couldn’t stand the whispers. It reminded me too much of sophomore year when hushed words would follow me wherever I turned. They thought I couldn’t hear them, but they were wrong. Look, it’s the troubled girl who spray painted the principals car, one person would whisper, and another would accompany it. I heard she did it on purpose. Why would someone do that on purpose? Someone would snort. Because they’re stupid and lack a brain, another responded.

“Then I saw you, and I recognized you. You were sitting there and I thought that whoever didn’t show up was a total ass,” he scoffs. “That ass is my ex, by the way,” I say, tilting my head at him. He flushes. “Sorry for the language.” His brow furrows slightly. “You were meeting your ex?” he asks, confused as to why someone would even do such a thing. “No, but he is now,” I clarify, shrugging. He laughs and that same heart-wrenching grin returned.

“So, I’ve answered your questions. Now it’s your turn to answer mine.”

I nod. Fair enough.

“I did it because for some idiotic reason I wanted to get suspended. Teenage rebellion, I guess,” I joke halfheartedly. The truth was I did know why I did it. That was around the time Tramy had been leaving to follow in Bree’s footsteps and join the military. I had been so angry at everything and everyone. My parents tried to console me at first, but then they would get exasperated, my mother most of all. And that hurt. Everything had come crashing back, my bitterness of being the shadow to my sister, the pretty, sweet talented sister that I could never live up to, the anger of never being seen by my parents as nothing more than nuisance though I knew deep down that it wasn’t true. They loved me in their own way. Only Shade could put up with me, and he was my first friend as well as my older brother.

I’d poured all of that emotion into that stupid action, hoping to get back at my parents somehow, show them that they were right. I was the only the bitter shadow they thought me to be. I struggle to keep the tears in as I explain this all to Cal who patiently listens to me without interrupting. When I finish, he stands up and my heart sinks. He was going to leave, my story had scared him off.

Instead of running off as I expect him to, Cal slowly reaches out to touch my shoulder, his eyes holding a silent question. I nod once and he comes to sit beside me. Cal wraps his arms around me, and I lean on his shoulder, pressing my face into his broad arm. He brushes my hair back from my face and I bite my lip. We stay like that for a while in comfortable silence. I even spot Theresa giving me a wink from across the room, and I try to stifle my laugh.

“I should go now,” I say quietly at last, shattering the silence that had wrapped us both. “What time is it?” He takes out his phone from his pocket and I note that it’s the newest model. Thank goodness I’d asked him first so he wouldn’t see my flip phone that dated back to prehistoric times. “It’s 8:51, he informs me.” I jolt and jump of my seat. Cal’s face contorts in worry. “What is it?” “I was supposed to be home by seven, or at least call my parents,” I explain breathlessly, quickly gathering my things. Don’t panic, don’t panic, I chide myself. I scrambled through my purse for my bus pass, letting out a cry of frustration when I come up empty handed.

“Hey, calm down,” Cal urged. “I’ll give you a ride back, no big deal.” That stills me. “You…you’d drive me home?” He smiles softly. “Of course.” The words sooth me, but only slightly. I didn’t want him to see where I lived. Our sorry excuse of an apartment flashed through my mind. I would have to get him to drop me a couple of blocks ahead then walk the rest of the way. “Thanks, again.” He shrugs. “No problem.”

We head out together. I shiver when a cold gust of wind sweeps across me, and I wrap my arms around myself in an attempt to keep my teeth from chattering. Cal shrugs of his jacket and hands it to me. I stare at it then him. “Aren’t you cold?” I inquire. He shakes his head. “I don’t get cold often strangely enough.” I accept the jacket and put it on.Thankfully it was lined to keep out the cold but thee fit was much too big. I looked like child playing dress up. Cal’s eyes widen when he looks down at me and I suddenly feel self-conscious. “What, what is it?”

He looked slightly dazed. “Nothing’s wrong.” I struggle to cross my arms due to the bulky jacket. “Tell me the truth.” Cal sighs. “You don’t let anything go, do you?” “Nope,” I said, popping the p. "Alright, I was thinking that the jacket looks better on you than it does on me,“ he confesses. Stunned, I don’t say a word. I can only follow him to his car hoping that the darkness would conceal my blush. It was unfair really how flustered he often made me.

My jaw almost drops at the sight of his car. It was gorgeous. Like I’d date it kind of gorgeous. It was a shiny red Volvo trimmed and plated with chrome, shined to perfection. I would bet that it looked even better in daylight. Cal glances at me, enjoying my look of awe. "What are you thinking right now?” he asks. Fine. It was a fair question after all. “I’m thinking that like to date your car,” I tell him. He huffs, amused. “Sorry, but she’s mine.”

 "Who said it was a she?“ I counter playfully. "I fixed her myself. I think I would know,” he responds with a wide smile. “Ugh, gross!” I exclaim, smacking him in the chest. I can feel his laugh reverberate in his chest, and I pull my hand away after I realize that it’s been there too long. He catches it deftly and links his fingers with mine. I inhale sharply. He doesn’t pull away once we settle into our seats and neither do I. He asks for my address and I instruct him where to go seeing as he wasn’t familiar with the area. We pass through the tall buildings which slowly level out to townhouses. I knew that they formed the border that separated my side of town from the nice part of the city

“Turn here,” I point. He obliges and we pass through the neat row of houses. 227, one of them reads. “This is it,” I say, hoping he won’t notice the lie. The house was close enough to the edge that it wouldn’t be a long walk on this chilly night. I begin to shrug off the jacket when Cal stops me. “Keep it. As I said, it looks much better on you anyway.” I stare at him in disbelief, the jacket still hanging loosely around my elbows. He fixes it so that it rests on my shoulders and fastens a few of the buttons. I sit there and study him as he works.

“It was nice talking with you,” I say, slightly breathless at his proximity. He looks up and stills as well, suddenly realizing the same thing. The moment felt suspended as if hanging by thread that could fray and snap at any time. I couldn’t think of anything except how beautiful his eyes were. They reminded me of warmth, of autumn. I wasn’t entirely sure he was breathing anymore as he touched my cheek lightly. With his other hand, he raises my own to his lips and presses a kiss to the back. “It was nice talking to you too,” he whispers.

As I start to pull away, he keeps a gentle grip on my hand and I turn back around. “Yes?” I ask him, just as unwilling to let go. “I–” he stutters. “I have one more question for you that I forgot to ask earlier.”

“What is it?”

“I was wondering,” he says softly,  "if you would like to go on a real, actually planned date with me.“

I knew I didn’t even need to think about it. I was sure of my answer.

I smile at him, broad and without restraint. "Yes, I would love to go on a planned date with you.”

He lets out a relieved laugh. “Good.” Cal looks at me almost shyly. “I’ve never been on an actual date.” I pat his hand reassuringly. “You’ll do great, I’m sure of it.” “I hope so,” he replies.

“Just show up in that car and you’re set.”

He laughs again. “Noted.”

We exchange our numbers and I’m careful to keep my phone hidden but he spots it anyway. "Don’t be embarrassed. If it’s any consolation, I think it’s pretty cool. They don’t even make them like that anymore.” I roll my eyes fondly. “Of course. Only a dork like you would notice that.”

“I confess, I am a bit of a nerd,” he smiles teasingly and my heart flutters.

“Goodbye, Mare.“

"Goodbye, Cal.”

As I walk the rest of the way home I can’t stop the infectious grin that worms its way onto my face. My heart felt light like I would float away at any moment. Is this what you were supposed to feel like after a date? I’d never felt that way with my ex. Internally I sigh at the thought of having to break up with him. I’d do it in person. I could do that much.

 When I finally get home, mom and dad sigh in relief when I find them at the kitchen table with Gisa. “Where have you been?” She demands. Sometimes I felt like she was more like a mother than my actual mom was. “Calm down. My date wasn’t showing up and I bumped into an old friend from high school and we lost track of time–”

“What do you mean lost track of time,” my dad growls. I sigh heavily. “Calm down dad it wasn’t like that. We just talked.” “That’s what they all say,” he mutters under his breath

.“We’re glad you’re home, darling. Next time, please give us a warning,” mom says tiredly.“I know, I know. Sorry mom,” I sigh again.“Next time?” Gisa huffs. “There will be no next time young lady. Now go to your room.” I crack a small smile at her adult behavior. “Alright, fine,” I concede. 

“Wait, where’s Shade?” I ask them. Mom and dad glance at each other while Gisa plays with her hair. “He went out to look for you,” she explains. “We– we thought that something had happened and–” I hold up a hand and she stops speaking. “I got it. Seeing as I’m not dead, you should probably call him and tell him that I’m home.”

Mom jumps to her feet. “Of course, how could I forget.” She practically trips over himself to get to our old home phone. I leave them to it and go to my room. Once I shut the door, I climb into my bed, inhaling the smoky scent of the jacket. It smelled just like him, and I lie there with a stupid grin at the thought of seeing him again.

It was only a matter of time.


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Based on this prompt

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What would Jazz's kinks be?

Originally posted by jacksonrathbons

  • Soft dom until he is/you’re angry, frustrate, or irritated
  • I can’t see him being into biting w his past
  • esp when he wants to show you that he is in charge
  • I can’t see him ever wanting you to ride him
  • I can see him as a bit of a tease tho
  • like, i bet you that he love how you react to him and he just cant help himself
  • i bet you the guy has a princess/babygirl/kitten kink that goes along with the teasing
  • like if you beg him to do something or go faster while he’s fingering you or eating you out, this fucking tease would say, “What was that Princess, I couldn’t hear you?” when you knew damn well that hE FUCKING COULD HEAR YOU

Thats about it for jazz

Our anthem

How would BTS react if thier s/o (also an Idol) wrote a song a bout them (everyone knows that it is about them) and their s/o would perform this song at an award show?

[Gifs do not belong to me, all credit goes to the rightful owners]


Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Joonie would be really touched by the fact that you chose a song you’ve written meant for you and him to a whole crowd of people, and at an award show! like he’d seriously be a proud and happy boyfriend. As you sang you’re heart out to the song about you and him he becomes all shy but would have the biggest grin on his face while he watched you perform. Once the song was over there is a small break so he rushes backstage to see you. “Baby you did amazing!” he embraces you in a great bear hug. “You really liked my performance?” you look up at him smiling. “All of it,” “that’s good this song is already special but I wanted to make it memorable for you.” You nuzzle your head onto his chest hugging him a bit tighter. He can’t help but smile and kisses the top of your head. “I love you y/n.”


Originally posted by myloveseokjin

When he sees you on stage and hears the familiar tune he would be a little caught off guard and laugh away his shyness. But as you began to sing the song jin would stare up at you with so much love and sing along with you. After you’re performance he heads over backstage to tell you how well you did and how it surprised him a bit. “Y/n I can’t believe you sang our song,” he hugs you. “Was it too much, I just wanted to sing it for you and I thou-” he cuts you off by capturing your lips with his in a quick kiss. “You did great and I loved every minute of it.” You blush and hid your face a little “You liked it that much?” “How could I not it’s our song y/n you made my heart jump and every thing!” You laugh at his reaction and kiss him again. “I’m happy you enjoyed it.”


Originally posted by daeguboy

Personally I don’t think yoongi would be able to hide that gummy smiles of his because he’d be so freaking flustered the moment the music began to play and realizing it was the song you wrote about your relationship. Like he tries to be chill about but he can’t because he’s kinda low-key fanboying over you. He would see the way you poured your heart into singing the song and how much passion you were showing in front of the crowd would make him all giddy inside and he wouldn’t know what to do with himself. When your stage was over he sneaks away to find you. “Interesting choice of song babe,” “Did I surprise you?” you grinned at your boyfriend and gave him a playful hit to the arm. “maybe a little, but you did great up there?” he puts his arms around you and pulls you closer to him. “A little?” you raised a brow. “Look I really liked that you decided to sing it ok, you can tease me later about it just let me hug you.”


Originally posted by joeguk

Hobi gets emotional at certain times and this would probably be one of those times. The fact that you’re singing your guy’s song at this time in front of all these people, with him there would take him over the flipping moon. He would smile and sing along and then at some point just cry a little because his heart just hurts from all the love he’s feeling. When you finish he wastes no time to get to you and hugs you like it’s his last day on earth. “Hobi did you cry?” you held his face in your hands and tried not to laugh. “Psh no,” he sniffles a bit. “I had something in my eye,” “both your eyes?” Hoseok smiles widely and kisses  the top of you’re head. “Don’t judge me I was bound to with you singing our song.”


Originally posted by jitaeme

First things first, he would have the biggest smile the second you came up on stage. He claps and cheers along the crowd and the other boys to just feeling so proud to see you up there. Although he’s already seen you perform multiple times. And the second he hears the beginning of the song he’d instantly become shy and hide his face a bit as the members teased him a bit. He’ll see you singing to him and just kinda wave at you not really knowing what to do with himself. “Y/n!” you turn to see him calling you over to him. “So our song huh?” he smiles shyly.  “Yep I thought It was the perfect time to sing it,” ‘’Ah, good thing too now everyone knows how much you love me,” he smirks and slings his arm around you. “But they already knew mi-” “shh I know I’m just happy. let me have this moment.”


Originally posted by beui

Tae would be a happy puppy singing along with you with just as much passion as you showed on stage. He’d be cheering for you and sometimes look at the crown behind him to point at you like yeah that’s my girl up there. Tae would have that boxy grin that you love so much plastered onto his face the whole entire time and even after when he went to go see you. “JAGI, Y/N,” he was basically speed walking to you. “Hi tae,” you kissed his cheek. “I saw you down there you were really excited,” you laughed. “Of course I was you sang my favorite song,” he did some cute little dance while singing a line or two from the song. “So it’s your favorite song?” “Well why wouldn’t be?”


Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

You walk on stage, the crowd is cheering and with jungkook as well. The music starts and he freezes mid clap because he’s like wait a hot second. He’ll listen for a moment hearing you sing and trying to comprehend what your saying before he realizes and is like oh wait it’s our song. He’ll become shy because one, your up there singing to him, and two, his hyungs would tease him a bit but would think it’s really freaking cute. “Kookie did you like my performance?” you look up at him and smile waiting for his response. “Yeah I really liked it,” he chews his lip a little “I was a little surprised though I didn’t think you were going to sing it.” he laughs a little. “Thank you?”  “For what?” he shrugs his shoulders a  bit. “For singing it, I don’t know what else to say,” he chuckles nervously. “You’re happy, and you love me?” “Yes, very much.”

Hope you like it 😊
Much love~💖

The Family Dinner

Jughead x Reader

Summary: In which Jughead doesn’t want to go the reader’s annual family dinner.

Word Count: 1,928

Sighing, for the thousandth time, you waved your arms in front of your boyfriend’s face. “Look, I’m just asking for one family dinner. One! God forbid. It’s not like I’m marrying you into the family.” You said, snark radiating from your voice.

You watched as his facial expression changed from distracted to disgusted. Hearing the word ‘marriage’, he looked up at you and shook his head. “Gross, Y/N, you know how I feel about that word.”

Rolling your eyes, you sighed once more. “Wow, show a little more repulsion why don’t you? I don’t think you looked sickened enough at the thought of marrying me. Maybe if you bring your nose up a little more.” You told him and proceeded to reach over to his face and push up his nose.

“What are you- God stop. I’m sorry.” He said, finally giving in and acknowledging you. After he finished speaking, however, his attention diverted back to his laptop. Annoyed at the sound of his fingers rapidly hitting the keys, and him ignoring you, you promptly took his hand and then shut the laptop.

“This is ridiculous.” He said, falling back into the booth at Pop’s and sighing.

“No, it isn’t. Jughead why do you have to be so difficult about everything?” You snapped and looked at him expectantly.

“I’m not difficult about everything. Your family is literally crazy, and they don’t like me very much. Why would I be happy about going over there?” Jughead asked, like it was obvious why he didn’t like to be around your family.

This made you laugh and shake your head. “You say that like I like them. Like I don’t know they are crazy. I want you to be there because yes, I’m selfish, and I don’t want to have to go through the annual Y/L/N dinner alone. Okay? Juggie I need you.”

The idea of someone needing Jughead always made him feel special, and you knew this. Unfortunately, he also knew that you knew this.

“You don’t, actually. You’ve handled those by yourself for how many years? Right, let me count.” Jughead began to count on his fingers to emphasize his point, but you stopped him by grabbing his hands and holding them on the table.

“Okay fine, you’re right. But I want you there. More than anything. I love you and I know that you hate the conventional family, couple stuff but I hate these dinners and this one might at least be a little more bearable with you there. You don’t have to go if it’s that revolting but I know that there will be a lot of good food. So much food actually.” You told him, knowing that food would tempt him, if nothing else.

Cracking a smile, Jughead leaned forward. “Fine. I’ll go. But don’t think that this is going to be a regular thing. I’m not going next year.”

Nodding ferociously at Jughead to accept the compromise, you smiled to yourself at the idea that Jughead knew that you would be together in a year. Granted, you had already been together for two, but his hatred of marriage made you question where he saw the relationship going.

“Thank you so much. And it won’t be too bad. I mean, we could always sneak off and-” Jughead cut you off mid sentence.

“And risk any member of your family finding us together and hating me even more? Yeah, no thank you.” Jughead scoffed at your proposal and started packing his laptop into his backpack.

“Jesus, I’m not saying that we would get blackout drunk or have hot and heavy sex. I’m just telling you that if you, or I, get too overwhelmed, we could go up to my bedroom and chill out for a bit. Maybe kiss a little but-” You are cut off once again by Jughead, who had made himself comfortable, sitting on the table at Pop’s.

“You don’t get it, Y/N. They already think I’m some low life who’s using you for sex. Your father legitimately cornered me one day and told me that he wasn’t going to let you ‘be one of my conquests’. They genuinely think that I’m trailer trash.”

When you started laughing, Jughead just squinted his eyes at you in annoyance.

“Sorry” You started “It’s just that we have like, little to no sex life, so it’s really funny to think of my dad thinking that you’ve managed to get enough girls for me to be considered another conquest.”

“Gee thanks. I’d love to stay but my self esteem and overall mood is really plummeting so it’s probably best that I go.” Jughead said, hopping off of the table and swinging his backpack over one shoulder. As he started to walk past you, you jumped up and grabbed his hand.

“Jughead wait.” You pleaded, suddenly realizing how irritated and upset Jughead had become.

Jughead turned to look at you, his demeanor still radiating displeasure. He raised an eyebrow, as if to ask you what else you could possibly want. Frowning at him, you used his hand to pull his body closer to yours.

“I’m sorry for being so pushy and mean. I’m really stressed about the dinner and you are the only person that can calm me down.” You said, playing with the cuff of his coat. Jughead had only really been mad at you a few other times and it always made you especially anxious.

Exhaling, he brought his hand to your hair, and brushed it out of your face before leaning over and kissing the top of your head. “I know how much you hate these, and that’s why I am agreeing to go. But you don’t know what it’s like to have everyone always look at you like you are worthless, like you’re just filling up space in their precious world until you die or get thrown in jail or something along those lines.”

Pushing yourself away from comfort of his chest, you looked up at him with sadness. “Juggie, you know that I don’t think of you like that, right? That I haven’t ever thought of you like that.”

Giving you a half hearted smile, he traced his fingers along your palm and nodded. “That’s because you are the most compassionate, non judgemental, and loving person I know. You never look at anyone like that.”

His words melted your heart, and you couldn’t understand how anyone could view Jughead in a negative light. “But I don’t fall in love with just anyone either. I love you because of who you are, not just because I am a nice person. Trust me, if I was just being nice, I wouldn’t have listened to you talk about In Cold Blood and whether or not Truman Capote was in love with one of the killers the dozens of times that I did.”

Squinting his eyes once more, he looked shocked. “I thought you were interested in my analysis! That is a time honored book. I don’t think it’s a crime for me to talk about it.”

“Jughead, I was interested, the first time, maybe even the second time, but by the third time I was really starting to contemplate whether you were in love with one of them too. Anyway, that isn’t the point.” Noticing just how far off topic you had gotten, you shook your head at your boyfriend. “Look, I understand why you don’t want to be around judgemental people. But you handle people like them everyday. I don’t understand why this is any different.”

“Y/N, this isn’t just anyone. This is your family. What do you think is going to happen to us, long term, if they don’t like me?” Jughead sat back on top of the diner table as you stood in front of him, hands intertwined with his.

“L-long term?” You asked, daring to question what exactly constituted long term in his mind.

“Yeah, like 5, 10 years down the road. I want to be able to have a life with you, without your family thinking that I’ve tarnished their precious daughter. I don’t want our kids to grow up, with their grandparents looking at them like they’re one half of a whole. I don’t want you to regret choosing me over some jock that they would approve of because it would’ve been easier.” Jughead looked so concerned, so distressed of the thought of your future, your children’s future. He wasn’t a romantic, and up until this point, you’ve never heard him even mention your future. You both had taken your entire relationship day by day, and honestly, you’d never felt like you look at anything beyond that.

“But you hate marriage. Anytime I bring the future up, you tell me to focus on right now and you’ve always said that you don’t like kids. I don’t get it.” You took deep breaths, both in confusion and fear that everything that you had just heard him say about your future together was a dream.

“I hate the idea of marriage. It’s just a product of what I saw when I was growing up. I don’t want you to think that I don’t want to be with you forever, because I do, and if marriage is what it would take to prove that to you, then I would marry you in an instant. And of course I think about our future, but I’m scared. I’m scared that talking about it will make it disappear. Or that we will get too caught up in what the future could be like that we fall out of love in the present.” Jughead stopped for a minute, bringing his hands around your neck and brushing his thumb along your collarbone. “As for kids, I don’t like kids. But our kid wouldn’t just be any kid, it would be a someone with your heart running around, a mini you. You’re the best person in my life and I don’t think anything could be better than having two of you.”

You didn’t even bother to hide how big your smile was. Jughead’s words sent you over the moon and cemented your relationship as a permanent fixture in your life.

“Is Jughead Jones talking about marriage? Kids even? Who are you and what have you done with my boyfriend?” You joked.

Lightly pushing against your chest he smiled and shook his head. “Shut up, okay, or I won’t bring it up again.”

Laughing you took your hands and squished his cheeks together. “Aw, is someone embarrassed?” You watched as his face turned red and he detached your hands from his face.

“No but seriously, I will never regret a moment with you. Screw my family. They have horrible taste anyway. I mean have you seen the throw rug that my mom and grandma picked out for the living room? Honestly I would be kind of concerned if they did like you.” You told him.

“That is one godawful rug.” Jughead said, smirking at you.

Pulling his arm to get him to stand up again, you wrapped your arms around him and listened to the sounds of his breathing. “Thank you for being the absolute best person I have ever met.” You tilted your head up and placed a quick kiss on his lips. “I love you.” You said, looking up at at his eyes that were framed with dark thick eyelashes.

“I love you too.” He responded. Grabbing your hand, he walked you home, saying goodbye for the last time you would see each other until the family dinner the next day.

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omg how could i forget Is she still?

probably!!! yanteru and inkyu were just the ultimate power couple. for everyone who didn’t see – see yourself; 

when they wanted to go to the beach but inkyu leaves yanteru’s body like this;

not to forget how comfortable they are with each other. yan knows inkyu from his childhood on. they were dating since middle school;

and how inkyu actually calls yanteru out on his bullshit;

that one time yanteru was turned into a neko and inkyu played along, making it seem like it was a cute couple thing;

they are a good couple. not 100% healthy per se, they are using eachother. Inkyu uses him for blood ( yeah in our headcanon she is a real vampire ) and yanteru uses her for his social image/ getting information from the girls. 

it will always stay my number one otp tbh. i like senpai and yanteru together, too but what inkyu and yanteru have is so good…. they are good for each other,, and inkyu ( if she would want to ) could always save him in the end.

this got long and emotional oops

DC: You know what would be awesome in Batman Beyond?

Me: Damian Wayne having become a cool retired crimefighter as an adult and Terry being like “?????how???”

Me: Damian trolling the heck out of everyone by pretending he has no clue what’s going on? Taking that Wayne Obfuscating Stupidity to new and untold heights of sheer unbelievable trolling?

Me: Just Damian sitting there, sipping his tea, going “oh that’s my clone, don’t worry about him, I have dozens” like that’s perfectly normal, while Terry tries not to twitch and Bruce is just internally screaming?

Me: Damian letting his clones troll everyone, but dropping the act in a hot minute the second Bruce is Too Extra™???

DC: actually we were thinking more along the lines of making him the new demon’s head and evil and crazy after another fall out with his father but you know


Yamato “I expect too much of him”, analysis of Yamato and Taichi’s relationship in Tri Part 2

This is a follow up to my previous thoughts on this scene between Agumon, Yamato and Koushiro. Previously I analyzed the “No, we don’t” line in detail, here I will analyze the “I expect too much of him” line. 

Conversation recap for reference, taken from Crunchyroll Subs:

Agumon: Yamato doesn’t talk about Taichi at all. You guys don’t get along?

Yamato: Well

Koushiro: Actually, they get along well

Yamato: No, we don’t

Agumon: You don’t like him?

Yamato: I don’t hate him. It’s just I expect too much of him.

Okay here I will specifically be focusing on Yamato’s comment of “I expect too much of him” and also, I will be going a little into how I feel about their relationship in Tri in general.

So, to recap I said earlier that Yamato’s primary dilemma is that he is not used to Taichi being hesitant in his actions. He expects Taichi to be the leader, constantly rushing in and protecting everyone or at the bare minimum using himself as a distraction but in Reunion he was either hesitating to contemplate the consequences or freezing up all together. The interesting thing is that Taichi almost needs to be this person now because Yamato isn’t being his normal self.

I like to think of the fight between Yamato and Taichi in episode 7 when they argue over whether to climb the mountain as the perfect highlight of their relationship, characters, viewpoints and how they play off each other. Taichi is the one who understands that to get anywhere they need to move and take risks while Yamato is the one pointing out any potential consequences and making sure their decisions have been thoroughly thought through. This relationship is very important as it stabilizes the team.

Now, like I said before, it’s as if they have switched places with Taichi now being the one thinking about potential negative outcomes and Yamato being the one to say that if they want to move forward they need to move regardless of the consequences. Now this would be fine, it keeps the concept of their equalization in check so one would think the team would remain stabilized except it wouldn’t because as has been shown before Yamato is not a capable leader and so cannot fill the void left by Taichi. One of the primary reason for this I think is that Yamato, unlike Taichi, is not a very personable person. He has difficulty getting along with others and is constantly off sulking, dealing with his issues on his own. Even in Reunion when Taichi isn’t his usual self he still goes to Koushiro’s office for updates and is with the others to search for distortions in the digital field while Yamato is literally sulking at home. Or when he leaves the group in episode 45 of 01 to find himself, or when he leaves Takeru alone at the amusement park to look around (like for the life of me I will never understand that. I would argue it’s just put in their for plot convenience because they needed to separate the brothers but since it’s canon I’m going to use it to further my point). Yamato, not the best team player ever.

Now Taichi, as of the end of Confession, has stopped being hesitant. He is the first to show up to the fight with meicoomon, leads the others back into the digital world, runs after meicoomon in Loss and yet Yamato still gets mad at him in the first episode of Loss. This happens when Taichi questioned whether they could save meicoomon. Upon the first viewing I felt like maybe something had been lost in translation (I still feel like that might be the case) and then I was just thinking that Yamato needed to like calm his s***. But then I started to really think about it and I realized that Taichi saying that means that he has lost something else very important to his role in the group, and that is his positivity. Taichi is always the one that no matter what had faith that everything would be okay, it’s part of the reason he always rushed forward into battle. But now he is doubting whether they can save people. And of course, Yamato is angry that Taichi is having doubts (I still think he needs to like calm his s***). But it makes sense that Yamato would be disturbed by this, Taichi was always the one that no matter how down the group was would always be in high spirits and pushing them forward and again if he isn’t there to fill that position then a void will be left and there could be serious consequences (like the group giving up entirely which is simply not an option). This is why Yamato is so happy when Taichi says he is going after meicoomon because in that moment not only is he filing the leadership position by making an executive decision about their next move but he is also filing the optimist position by believing it’s possible.

Now Yamato has always expected a lot from Taichi. But in Tri I feel it’s even more in the forefront. Although I think that Yamato has cause to be upset because they really do need Taichi to be the leader and optimist I also think it’s really unhealthy for him to get mad at Taichi all the time for having hesitations. Seriously he needs to have these doubts, he needs to work through them and come out stronger and Yamato freaking out all the time is not helping. Honestly I sorta want the story to head in the direction of Taichi snapping from all the pressure cause it’s getting out of control and you can really see it affecting him. The scene where he is talking to Hikari in front of the TV screens is an example, he is really upset that he wasn’t able to digivolve Agumon and I would argue it’s partially because he feels like he can’t protect people anymore.

But Yamato saying that he expects to much of Taichi at least shows that he is self-aware of the fact that he places to much pressure on Taichi (also sorta places Taichi up on a pedestal a little I think, which is cute but not healthy). It was recently brought to my attention by Rainbow09 that we have seen the results of this self-awareness before when Yamato told Taichi they didn’t need Omegamon, which means some of the pressure to be the protectors has been taken off of them.

Anyway, this was really long but that’s basically the end of my analysis of that scene… pshh who am I kidding I’m sure something new will come to me in the next few days.

If you made it to the end awesome. Let me know what you think. I love talking about digimon and unfortunately don’t have many people in my real-world life who enjoy analyzing as much as I do.

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I imagine that once Yuuri moves to St. Petersburg in canon (or in your AU? ), he'll surprise the Russian team with how fast he can run + his stamina. Like all of them are doing their morning run together, and Viktor is ahead of everyone by a few paces, but then Yuuri just bolts right past him easily, leaving Viktor to stumble a bit as he sees Yuuri fly past. Poor Viktor is used to being the fastest of the group until Yuuri came along. Oh well, he can just watch Yuuri's ass from second place.

I always imagine that Yuuri isn’t a fast sprinter but his stamina means that he can just keep going, even after everyone else has collapsed! 

In trying to come to terms with the writing for 6x15, I thought I’d try to rework some detail aspects of it. This has been turning around in my head for the past couple of days, of a way to keep the same basic premise of the last episode but just adjusting some plot points and character beats that would’ve improved it’s overall reception and retain Emma’s character progression.

More than anything I just needed to get this out of my system. If you’re tired of reading my thoughts on this, feel free to skip it. This is lengthier than I had intended, and as expected has some salt sprinkled throughout, so yeah, here goes:

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Lance Tucker

Warnings: swearing, indirect mentions of sex

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Part two

Part three

Part four

“Well fuck, she’s good.” Hope sighs from the office, her eyes scouring the new America’s Sweetheart. It’s not that Hope didn’t like Y/N, she actually adored the girl and how open-minded she was. What Hope didn’t like was the extreme attention the short girl was receiving from the country.

Hope thought it was a rumor when she heard about what this girl could do. But, when she saw Y/N doing the entire Olga Korbut bar routine without so much as blinking an eye, she knew this girl was the real deal.

“She fuckin’ better be, I argued with her old coach for over three hours on the phone last week until he finally let me have her.” Lance smirks, walking up to the window to watch Y/N clapping some chalk on her hands.

“Think she’ll win gold?” Hope asks, her eyes trailing along Lance’s form when he’s not looking. 

“She’s going to win a lot of gold by the looks of it. Just gotta make sure she doesn’t get cocky is all.” Lance responds, moving to the door and opening it. “You coming or are you just going to stalk my protege?”

Hope rolls her eyes, trudging behind him. “I’m not stalking. I’m just watching to see how good she actually is. There’s no way she’s as good as everyone says.”

“Oh shut up,” Lance rolls his eyes, walking over to the uneven bars. “She’s a hell of a lot better than you. I bet she won’t bring a single bronze home, all gold and silver - just like her coach.”

They stand along the mats, watching one of the trainers spot her from below as Y/N jumps onto the upper bar. “Atta girl.” The trainer mumbles, his eyes locked on her form as she lifts her body up.

Lance can’t say he wasn’t impressed when he saw her during the USAG Championship. He was only there to watch, not to scout, but ended up tracking down Y/N after her performances. 

She had moved with such grace and fluidity that he was sure she was the girl who would bring home the gold during the olympics. So, naturally, he threatened his way into getting her on his team.

“Her arms are sloppy.” Hope chides, crossing her own across her chest. Lance smirks at her jealousy, finding it almost as amusing as the time she tried to out-sass him.

“Her arms are exactly where they should be.” Lance snickers, watching as his gymnast flings along the bars with ease, her body twisting and releasing along them.

Chalk flies from Y/N’s hands as she transitions from bar to bar, keeping her balance and speed. The trainer steps in to spot her as she performs a 2.5 twirl along the bars. 

“Legs!” Lance yells, watching as her feet near the lower bar. She tightens her core, keeping her legs loose and pliable. Lance watches, knowing very well her new move was about to happen.

Lance hadn’t seen her accomplish this task yet, or even had seen her attempt it. He simply told her what he wanted her add into her routine this morning and assumed she’d know exactly what to do.

In hindsight, it was a stupid ass idea on Lance’s part.

He watches as she releases her hands from the bar, flying up in the air to do a 4.5 twist. Y/N makes it around twice, nearing her third time when her foot smacks off the bar, disorienting her gravity.

The trainer misses her by an inch, her body falling into the mats from over eight feet. She coughs, her body taking a hard hit from the sound of the impact, her head laying against the mat.

“What the fuck was that?” Lance scowls, crouching down over Y/N to pull her up by her arms. She groans, her breath still knocked out of her beyond belief.

“My fucking foot hit it.” Y/N sighs, looking at the red, angry mark on her foot. “I can’t get that move down unless I release earlier, and if I release earlier then I won’t be able to grab the bar on my way down.”

“Tough shit, you’re gonna learn the move. Get back up there.” Lance pats some chalk off her back, his eyebrow cocking when she shakes her head. He can’t help but sneak a peak at her chest, rising and falling quickly.

“I can’t fucking breathe Coach, give me a minute.”

“Did I ask for your input? I said get the fuck back up there and do it again.” 

Y/N throws a look up at Lance, her eyes narrowing. “And I said I can’t breathe, so give me a damn minute or else I won’t do this at all.”

Lance chuckles, chewing on the gum against his molars. “C’mere. Hope, get her some water.” 

“I’m an olympic medalist, I’m not a water-boy.” Hope snarls, clenching her fists along her USA jacket. Lance gives her a look, sending the blonde off to get refreshments.

Y/N trudges over to Lance, her breaths shallow. He turns her, placing his hands on her shoulders. “You’re too tense, you need to relax. When’s the last time you got fucked?”

“Oh shut up.” Y/N snaps, groaning when Lance starts digging his fingers into her muscles, massaging out any kinks.

“I’m actually being serious right now. Sex helps loosen you up, it was my secret weapon during the Olympics.” He hums, remembering those long nights he spent with members of the Women’s US team.

“It’s none of your damn business, Coach Tucker.” She whines when he drags his fingers across a particularly large knot, kneading it away with his thumbs.

Tucker shrugs, feeling her hip shift. “I’m your coach now, everything in your life is my business. From what you eat and drink to exactly what positions you’re in when you’re having sex. So, when was the last time you had sex?”

He smirks when she rolls her eyes, a grin on her lips. He liked how she could take his attitude whereas many people found it repulsive. He was cocky because he could be, he saw no issue with it what-so-ever.

“Sunday.” She sighs, backing into his touch as he grinds his palm along her lower back. 

He nods, realizing that was only two days ago. “Well you clearly have to have sex more often if you’re already so tense after only two days. Did you take an ice bath like I told you?”

She nods, lulling her head to the side. “Yeah, last night. It fuckin’ sucked.” She says, causing Lance to chuckle. “How many times do I have to do it?”

“I want you to have one at least every night after practice, helps keep you from tearing anything. I could always join you, make the water a bit warmer.” He winks, watching her raise an eyebrow at him.

“I think I’m all set by myself but I’ll let you know.” She hums as Lance runs his fingers back up to her shoulders, pressing hard. 

He shrugs, liking the noises she makes when he hits a particularly achy part. “Did you stop eating those damn Cheetos like I told you to?”

“I did for like a day but they’re so good. I eat great otherwise, I don’t see why i can’t have some Cheetos once in a while.” She mutters, arching her back to allow him easier access to her muscles.

“You can’t have Cheetos because clearly they go straight to your ass.” Lance scolds, looking down at her bum. “I don’t even know how you fit it in your leotard.”

“Is that why you stare at it all the time?” She rolls her eyes, smirking. “Plus, it’s not like it’s hurting my routines. Hope has a huge rack and she medaled.”

“Hope also got bronze. We’re shooting for gold.” Lance pulls his hands away from her, tugging her wrists behind her back to stretch her shoulders. He peers down and see’s a bruise forming across her foot already. “And sweetheart, any guy with eyes would stare at it.”

“What if I only have Cheetos twice a week?” Y/N tries, throwing an award-winning smile over her shoulder.

It’s Lances turn to roll his eyes at the girl. “No more Cheetos. I set you on a strict diet and those carb-loaders are ruining it. I don’t need your ass to grow anymore than it already has.”

“If I give up Cheetos can I not do this routine until tomorrow when my ribs don’t feel like they’re cracked?” 

“This isn’t up for debate. You’re giving up junk food for good and you’re getting your ass back on those bars right now.” Lance orders, looking around. “Where the fuck is Hope with your water?”

Lance knows exactly why Hope’s taking so long to get Y/N water - she’s jealous. He figured she’d get a little jealous from all the attention he was going to shower Y/N with, but he didn’t think it’d be this bad.

“Probably poisoning it.” Y/N shrugs, lifting her leg up next to her head to stretch. Lance nods, not fully ruling out the idea. “So I heard a rumor about you.”

He cocks his head, beckoning for her to continue. “I heard you got your medal tattooed around your dick. Not that I want to see it, I’m just wondering if it’s true.” Y/N putters.

“Do you fantasize about my dick a lot?” Lance prods, a teasing smirk crossing his features. She shakes her head, not phased by his commentary by any means.

“No, more or less I wonder how much of an arrogant asshole you are. You dick doesn’t cross my mind.” She hums, pulling her leg higher up until a distinct pop comes from her hip. “Do you fantasize about my tits a lot? You seem to always be looking at them.”

He grins, liking her attitude. “Sometimes, usually when my flavor of the week leaves and I’m still horny.” He watches her cork an eyebrow, chuckling. “And the rumors are true, you can see it if you want.” Lance grins, griping the bottom of his shirt encouragingly.

She shrugs, lifting her other leg. “I think I’ll pass, but thanks for the offer. I mean, I guess it’s only fair that I know everything about you since you’re going to be digging into my personal life for the next few months.”

“Do you have any tattoos?” He asks, reaching out to grip her ankle so she can lift her arms above her head and complete the stretch.

She shakes her head, lowering her leg from Lance’s grasp. Hope walks up, a cup of water in her hands and a scowl on her thin lips. “Here’s your protege’s water.”

“Took you long enough.” Lance mutters, looking at the cup. “You can drink that, I’m gonna call it a night. Y/N, you’re free to go as long as you promise to do the routine first thing tomorrow.”

“Are you shitting me? It’s only eight!” Hope throws her arms outwards, nearly sending water from the cup.

“I don’t know who the fuck died and made you her coach, but I sure as hell didn’t. And as her coach, I say she can go home now.” He snaps down at the blonde, eyebrows raised in mock-confusion.

“What the fuck?” Megan snaps from her bed, shielding her eyes from the lights turning on. She sees Coach Tucker’s figure, her eyebrows cocking as she watches.

He turns and points at her, continuing his stroll through the hall. “Shut the fuck up and go back to bed, Megan.” 

Lance walks by the girls doors, their whines emitting through the walls from being woken up at three in the morning. He reaches his desired door, pulling it open and turning the light on.

Y/N doesn’t even budge, her body sprawled out across the mattress. “Wake up.” Lance says, pulling her blanket off her body. He wipes his eyes, looking at her bed attire.

A loose tee-shirt covers her body and a pair of tiny panties that don’t cover a damn thing. 

She groans into her pillow, curling up into herself. “Don’t fuck with me Y/N, we have to train. Let’s go.” He slaps at her legs, smirking as she starts kicking her feet out towards him.

“S’okay, you can go without me.” She slurs, her eyes clenched shut. Lance quirks a brow, nearly laughing at her words. 

“I don’t have to train, I already won silver and gold. You have to train because, oh, that’s right, you haven’t won a medal yet.” Lance snickers, pulling at her ankle.

She reaches a hand up, holding onto her headboard. “I haven’t even gotten to the olympics yet, let me sleep.”

She holds tighter to the headboard as Lance pulls her foot harder, shifting her body to lay out. She lays on her stomach, one of her legs extended into his hands.

“Get some clothes on and let’s go.” He snaps at her, barking orders. She doesn’t respond, settling into her pillow. “If I have to carry you out of this bed then so fucking be it.”

She groans as he lets go of her leg, placing his hands on her waist and tugging her even harder. “Let go, let me sleep.” 

He pulls harder at her, shocked at her pure desire to stay in bed after being manhandled. “Just get the fuck up, holy shit.” He seethes, clenching his hands on her waist and lifting her.

She releases the bed frame, dead-weighting herself in his arms. He catches her easily, shooting a warning glare at her only to see her eyes closed. She curls into his chest, trying to fall back asleep.

“Y/N, wake the fuck up.”

“You said you’d carry me, so no.”

“For fucks sake.” He grimaces, hiking her up his chest so he can look around her room. “Where are your clothes, you can’t work out in this shit.”

She mumbles into his jacket, pointing over his shoulder. He turns opening the closet doors and scanning through the neatly hung clothing. He grabs some shorts, looking for a top.

“You wearing a bra?” He hums, looking down at her chest for a minute.

She snorts, shaking her head. “Nobody sleeps with a bra on, makes your tits small.”

“Maybe that’s what you need. I’ve never seen a gymnast with a body like yours.” He snidely smirks, pulling a sports bra from the closet and assumes that was fine.

He grabs her bag in the corner of the room, tossing it over his shoulder while holding her with one arm. Kicking her door closed behind him, he moves down the hall. 

Most of the girls are still awake, looking at Y/N’s body in his arms. “Go the fuck back to sleep.” He nearly yells at them all, his hand curling around Y/N’s legs.

“Don’t mind if I do.” Y/N smirks into his chest, humming.

“No,” He snaps, “Not you. We’re going to train - I said first thing in the morning and I sure as hell meant it.”

He jogs down the small flight of stairs, reaching the foyer of the rented house for the gymnasts. “Happy to know you don’t stray from your word.” She snickers, nuzzling into him. “But it’s too early for this, take me back to bed.”

“I’m your coach, you listen to me. I’m not here to make you comfortable, I’m here to get you the gold. So shut the fuck up and keep your eyes open. You have to train.” Lance snaps, unlocking his car door.

She just hums, releasing her hold on him. “I think you just came over to see how cute I look when I sleep.” She teases, smiling lazily up at him.

“No, but good guess.” Lance smirks, placing her in the car.

She shrugs, watching as he moves around and gets into the front seat. “Lies, you totally just wanted to see me. You missed me, huh?”

“Shut up and start wrapping your hands.” Lance tosses, watching a grin form on her lips. 

He liked her, liked the realness and confidence she exuded. He hadn’t met anyone like her before and damn, she was a force to be reckoned with.

Sexy times to come..How do you guys feel about an equally as cocky reader? I feel like theres so many sub!readers for Lance and I figured i’d switch it up a bit?

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How would Qrow, Ozpin, Cinder and Ironwood deal with a s/o that fits the cloudcuckoolander trope (someone with a seemingly bizarre logic, difficult to follow trail of thought, eventually strange mannerism, etc. but in case somebody understand 1/2

them, their ramblings may reveal themself to include some very fascinating/wise insights)? 2/2

This was an interesting one, hope I did your request justice!



  • Crap, it’s like another Ozpin, spouting weird, deep nonsense.
  • Seriously though, he’ll try and follow his s/o’s train of thought, and he’ll be mildly successful but some times he’s just left like ‘yeah, okay babe.’
  • He never patronize them or dismiss them because of their ramblings, though.
  • Real smug whenever someone doubts them but then something they said is revealed to be real wise and important and that person is just left like ‘oh…’
  • I’ve heard crows are smart creatures, yet why am I always scraping them off my windows after I just washed them?
  • ‘… was that an insult?’


  • ‘s/o, you are so insightful.’
  • He listens to everything they say.
  • Tries and decodes all of it.
  • He’s actually pretty good at following along.
  • They suggest something seemingly insane that just leaves everyone else like ‘???????’ but Oz is nodding along like ‘yes, go on.’
  • He hates how everyone dismisses them when in actuality they have a very good understanding of how the world works and is very wise with great ideas. It’s probably one of the few things that could actually make him mad, someone openly disrespecting them repeatedly.


  • This girl as been spoiling your plans? Why, we should dress her up like a steak and wait for the beowolves to get her!
  • ‘… what?’
  • Humors her s/o, but doesn’t quite understand them. 
  • She tries, really she does, but she just can’t quite wrap her head around what they’re trying to say.
  • They’ll start spouting nonsense and she’ll just kinda put her hand on their head and pull them to her side like ‘ssshhhh’.
  • But anyone who calls them crazy or disrespects them gets fucking burnt immediately.


  • ‘No, dear, I will not paint the entire Atlesian air fleet like a flock of parrots. Yes, I have no doubt it would distract the enemy but i’m not sure it’s practical.’
  • He’s used to Oz saying weird, deep metaphors but this is on a different level and it kinda throws him off.
  • Like before their dating he’ll be in a room with them and he’d be internally blushing looking at them, but when they turn and say something odd he’s just… confused.
  • He is kinda dismissive of them for a while, honestly. 
  • After a while of knowing them, though, he really starts to listen and realizes ‘oh, they have weird logic but if you take a minute they actually know what they’re talking about’.
  • He’s embarrassed he dismissed them so easily and actually apologizes (even though he never outwardly said anything disrespectful, not even behind their back) before ever asking them out. 

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your bitter tim headcanons make me so happy. i just live for tim silently giving off the vibe "i told you so". And the tim and dick part? please i need all the tim giving a hard time to dick about it. all the bitter tim tbh

I’m so glad I’m not the only one that feels this… like, believe me, I want nothing more than for everyone to get along and forgive each other and move on from the past, and I think Tim ultimately decides to do this with any anger and bitterness - to just move on from it. Which if we are being perfectly honest is the most mature and difficult response to how everyone treated him?

But I also think that any hurt that was caused would be internalised by Tim. Realistically, he would get along with everyone for the sake of Gotham, but it would also take longer for him to let go of the fact that literally no one in the superhero community gave him the benefit of the doubt. Even those closest to him who knew him the best were questioning his sanity and thought that he was delusional in his grief.

Why Dick didn’t send Tim off with his blessing to search for clues and evidence to support his conviction, really comes down to the fact that Dick probably couldn’t stand to prolong his own grief. He felt the evidence all pointed to Bruce being well and truly dead, and he couldn’t handle considering Tim’s conviction with so little to go on… even if it meant questioning his brother’s emotional and mental sanity.

It’s hard to blame him, but it doesn’t make sense that Dick and the others wouldn’t just come out and apologise to Tim either. It was hard on everyone, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that Tim was family, and Dick really dropped the ball with him by taking away his role as Robin without talking to him, AND by not trusting him to take care of himself, deal with grief in his own way and forge his own path through his pain.

At the end of the day, Tim didn’t need everyone to believe that Bruce was alive. He didn’t even completely believe it for himself at the start until he had physical evidence. What Tim needed was his family and friends’ love and support and care. And while they thought they were giving that to him by trying to stage interventions and telling him he was being deluded by grief, it would have been much better if someone had sat down with him, listened to him explain his convictions and then said: “Okay. Let’s go look into this together. I’ve got your back.” Or at the very least, let him go with the understanding that he would come back when he was ready.

All this to say… I am still bitter on Tim’s behalf.

Things that always bother me in fiction

No one ever seems to consider the logistics of certain changes in how people’s bodies would respond to certain changes that should really be addressed.

For example, certain characters tend to have something permanently grafted to their bodies or certain anatomical features are removed in favor of allowing a monstrous character to be able to burst of their clothes and have nothing show.

But these leads to all sorts of problems, So Baron Zemo, who had his mask permanently grafted to his face and, in some versions such as Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest heroes it seems like his entire outfit is grafted to him. So how does he eat?

And follow up question, how does he produce waste if it is the versions with the fullbody version?

I bring this up because I’m watching The Batman (Okay cartoon series, mostly fun action show, does not have as much villain pathos as B:TAS but does alright when it does it.) And there’s this character, Black Mask, a crime boss, big organizer. My experience with him in the Batman Arkham games is that the mask is exactly what it says on the tin, a mask he puts on and off, seeming to only be there as a sort of mark of authority or fear tactic, we see Roman Sionis without the mask plenty.

But in The Batman the mask may not be permanently grafted, but it’s so well on there no one seems to be able to take it off except for him who probably knows the secret to it.

Black Mask has been in jail. He wasn’t just allowed to sit and starve. And it seems as though he’s never taken off the mask, so how on earth are they feeding him?

I don’t have specific examples I can think of for characters who have now lost the ability to dispense with waste matter due to transformation or sudden onset of grafted body parts, but it’s gotta be something people think about, right? I mean it’s sort of why I go out of my way to avoid it, because it just doesn’t make sense and I gotta think of characters as living breathing people that gotta get along in the world that eat, sleep, love, and poop like everyone else regardless of whether they’re good or bad.

I mean, does anyone else think about this and how messed up it is?

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Clarke left Kane to die in this episode! Oh please tell me you have faith Abby gives her lying little brat a serious dressing down!

Fortunately, he’s in the background behind Jaha in one of the shots from next week’s preview, so we know he makes it in somehow, but yeah I feel like we’re going to see a next-level team-up of Abby and Bellamy just LETTING CLARKE HAVE IT which I think will be cathartic and amazing. I am ready for all the angst. I know this is going to be a REALLY divisive episode, but I actually was a huge fan of that twist ending. I mean, I want to throttle Clarke and scream in her face, but I feel like this all tracks PERFECTLY with the little hints we’ve been getting all season long about Clarke slowly becoming more and more Jaha-esque in her thinking, and it makes a lot of things fit now that we know this is where their arcs were headed. I’ve been wondering a lot about the season-long pattern of us seeing Jaha suddenly be like persuasive and helpful and back among his people and acting like a good leader, with occasional flashes of the old Jaha mixed in (like his fanatical obsession with Second Dawn), but I couldn’t figure out why the show was trying to suddenly make me like Jaha. And after tonight’s episode, what I realized is that the point of all of that was to show us that Jaha hasn’t changed at all. Jaha has been running a long con on both Clarke and us, and what we got this season was an up-close look at how his persuasiveness works.  This is how season 1 Kane became season 1 Kane, who was willing to take all of humanity down to a “cosmic Adam and Eve” (i.e. kill literally everyone except two people who can make babies).  Because Jaha got into his head, just like we watched him do all season long with Clarke.  Jaha has always been the kind of leader who cares more about abstractions than people, and all through season 1 we watched Abby fight back and fight back and fight back against both him and Kane for that kind of leadership.  So FUCK YES I think we’re going to see Abby - along with Bellamy, who has such a similar mindset to her in terms of always wanting to save the lives in front of them and never wanting to let anyone else die if they can stop it, as well as Kane, who used to think like Clarke/Jaha and has since evolved away from that and learned a better way - pushing Clarke to see how far gone she is.  This makes sense for Clarke as a character choice, to me; it’s really ugly, because it pretty definitively states that she didn’t believe Octavia was going to win the conclave and that all her “transcending tribalism”/“I want to save everybody” stuff is now over and done with; but in a way it feels like the natural, organic culmination of the arc she’s been on where she’s become increasingly dictatorial and ruthless.  She’s deceitful, doesn’t play by the rules, makes unilateral decisions without consulting anyone else, and doesn’t put much faith in people.  I think Abby is going to be glad that all of Skaikru is in the bunker, but she’s going to be pissed as hell that Kane and Octavia got locked out, and I suspect she’s also going to remind Clarke that there are 1200 bunker spots and only like 400 Skaikru so it’s unbelievably cruel not to share if they have the resources to do so. 

I’m really excited for next episode.  I feel like we’re going to get an awesome reversal of that classic Season 1 Kane/Abby/Jaha power struggle except this time with Kane and Abby on the same team with Bellamy against Jaha and Clarke, which has got to be excruciating for everyone concerned because they all care about each other so much. Personally what I’m looking forward to the most is Abby giving Clarke hell, and Kane finally calling Jaha out for the kind of person Jaha turned him into before Abby showed him a better way.  THE ANGST IS GONNA BE LIT. 

lefou moments™
  • “she’s so well read and ur so fucking hot athletically inclined”
  • "why do you need her when you have us?” translation: “u and me are practically married already why r u never happy goddamnit gaston”
  • “i’m not done with you yet” “me neither” ;-;
  • “it’s never gonna happen ladies” *prances off after his actual bf*
  • lefou copying gaston’s mannerisms ;-;
  • lefou biting his lip as gaston’s describing married life…and then looking annoyed once gaston mentions belle
  • gaston: “while my love massages my tired feet” lefou: *starts to massage gaston’s back*
  • when he got the dirty old drunk guy to rub gaston’s ears ahahah i was laughin
  • i s2g i thought he broke that dude’s neck jfc
  • lefou, laying across a table in draw-me-like-one-of-ur-french-girls position & singing about gaston’s manliness,
  • “they’ll tell you which team they prefer to be on”
  • tom dick & stanley’s faces say it all
  • the wink
  • when he smacked stanley on the head… & then when he grabs tom by the face to get up onto the table ahaha
  • hes just rlly adorable during the “who breaks hearts like gaston”. happy clappy boi
  • lefou turning a bro handshake into a gay ass cuddle sesh & looking like it was his favorite place in the world to be (“too much?” “yyyyyep”)
  • him paying everybody to go along with it. him perfectly orchestrating & choreographing everything. my what a guy that lefou
  • when he couldnt get on the table i laughd so hard man
  • gaston: “i shoot from behind” lefou: bent over the table, now on top of the table, now on his hands & knees, now flat on his back staring up at gaston…
  • clearly everyone was choreographed except josh gad. they just told him “prance around & act gay. stand on tables a lot. u can improv the rest. just make it rlly homoerotic” & he was like “k”
  • the…noises as gaston’s describing how he hunts. those r. questionable noises..
  • gaston picking lefou up with one arm & lefou swooning..his faceeee lmfao
  • him dancing while gaston’s on the table aww i luv him
  • gaston dropping his drink down for lefou to catch & drink ;-;
  • the graceful jump from one table to the next ahah
  • how happy they both were when they were dancing on the table, even if gaston shoved lefou out of the way so he could have the spotlight. like those were genuine smiles. the actors were havin a damn blast.
  • my illiterate son,,
  • how he modestly looks down at his feet when gaston says he’s the best
  • “how has no girl snatched you up yet?” 
  • “i’ve been told im clingy” he says, practically sitting on gaston’s lap, his arm around him, “but i really dont get it.”
  • awkward moment of silence. awkward gaston coughs awkwardly. lefou stares at gaston, clearly thinking, “why hasnt a lady snatched me up yet? did ur dumbass srsly just ask me that? r u fuckin serious?? u dumb motherfucker??”
  • lefou’s bitch face….
  • like his arms r crossed & he looks pissy as hell when maurice walks in. hes rolling his eyes. what a little bitch. i fuckin luv him
  • “ohhh”
  • “do u really wanna marry into this family?”
  • how he like. slowly & gingerly cimbs out of the carriage. i thought that was sweet. he’s slow & calculating, in comparison to gaston’s fast & impulsive. 
  • "deep breaths, gaston. deep breaths. think of the war! think of the widows!”
  • ofc gaston’s “…the widows :)”
  • the nose boop. the booping of the nose. pls.
  • lefou’s face after maurice says "u will never marry my daughter” “i saw that coming”
  • lefou’s face when they leave maurice
  • lefou’s face when he sees maurice is alive
  • hes so precious he was so worried augh 
  • i like how he’s talking abt maurice but then gaston looks at him & he shuts up instantly. poor lefou. my poor boi
  • gaston practically seducing lefou by grabbing his chin and staring deeply into his eyes, their faces like barely an inch apart,,, fuk,,,,
  • it was in order to manipulate him by disorientating him in an intimate way…but it was still p fukin hot & def p fuckin gay
  • lefou’s face during that…poor thing
  • also maurice’s face during that says a lot too i think
  • also josh gad has nice eyelashes lmao
  • lefou protesting that they should storm the castle. gaston threatening him. lefou glaring at his back the rest of the mob song. poor bb
  • “are u not the least bit concerned this castle is haunted?” “dont lose ur nerve, le fou”
  • “oh hello! u must be the talking tea cup! & u must be his grandmother!”
  • “gaston!” le fou shrieks as a piano falls on him, which gaston purposely allowed to fall on him,
  • “gaston, help me!” “sorry old friend. it’s hero time” “ouch” defeated sad le fou gives a defeated sad le sigh
  • plumette harassing le fou,,poor le fou. hes having a bad day already
  • le fou & mrs potts teaming up
  • “well ur too good for him anyway” *gay nodding*
  • he was disinterested in the dance & then stanley showed up & he was like ‘omgomg ok cool yes i cant live w this’