i like how everyone is just going along with him

NCT Reaction:His fans shipping you guys (You’re his gf) (Hyung Line)

A/N:I love it so much to make cute reactions like these omg


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He would always be smiley and blushy (is that a word) about it when they mention your relationship on shows.But he’ll always gladly tell them about how sweet you are and how he hopes that you guys’ll stay together for along time and the shippers just go’!!!!!!!!!!!’


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(ignore the caption lol)

So proud.Like whenever someone asks him if he has a girfrined,he’ll proudly say your name and he’s not the biggest talker ok but whenever it’s about you,his buble just bursts.


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He will post weird selfies of you two together and tell everyone weird stories about you.Some people who read them are like ‘??wtf?’ but I assure that the shippers love it because it’s like Johnny and you are their friends and they really get that feeling from you guys of ‘hey we’re humans too we love others too’.


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He giggles whenever someone mentions it.But he loves the fact that his fans ship you guys so much that they even make art,merchandise,etc. of you guys and I guess it makes him feel happy that people really accept him even more.


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Yuta looooooves it.He brags about it all the time.He also brags about it in their group chat and everyone just stays silent ‘till he stops talking when he’s busy bragging about you.Don’t worry about it though,the fans and rest of the boys love you as much as Yuta does.


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He hasn’t been in the group for long,so at first he was really scared about announcing you guys’ relationship.But when the fans immediatly started shipping you guys,the smile one his face was just so beautiful and he just looked so happy about it.


(Credits to owner of this gif!)

Would probably bring you along to mc on shows.And the shippers just looooooove it.Your interactions with each other makes them wanna have a relationship like you guys have.You also sometimes appear in the Vroom Vroom show of his and it’s hilarious.


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Will ask the fans for help whenever he’s planning something for you.The fans help with no doubt and they always have the best ideas for Ten.He’s really thankful that the fans love your relationship and he hopes you guys stay forever to annoy the haters and make the shippers happy.


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Just like TY,he would giggle a lot when someone mentions it.But he would be a bit shy to talk about you guys on shows,he likes it more to post about it online.He posts pics,stories and vids that make shippers their hearts just go ‘!!!!!!!!’ (i don’t think that’s healthy tho…)


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He’s fascinated by how one can ship one couple so hard.When asked about it,he’ll say a lot of sweet things about you and the shippers just go ‘Awwwwwww I feel ded inside’.

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the moment i really love in the finale when dennis leaves is how he’s like “the bar is over” as if he is the bar (lololol) and everyone is just like uh no it’s still gonna be here. like it feels very meta and makes me laugh the more i think about it as if rob charlie and kaitlin were like nuts to the idea that the show couldn’t go on if one of the main cast left, and dennis/glenn thinking that without him the show basically doesn’t exist

Video chatting with JB but SOMEONE *cough, Got7 cough* keeps interrupting.

“I miss you way more then I should.” You say to your boyfriend of 2 years while he’s off doing stuffy stuff with his group.

“Yeah I know, but when I get back we are going to have a wild movie night and we are going to do fun stuff and go ou-”

“Or we could just lay in bed and enjoy each others company, dont need you moving around too much” you said laughing at his plan.

He nods. “Sounds like a date” he gives you a adorable smile and laughs.

As you too were just talking and enjoying life, a disturbance in the force comes along: the rest of Got7.

How did you know?

Jackson yelling.

“BUT ANYWAY I WON THAT ROUND AND YOU CAN’T TELL ME OTHERWI- guys he’s talking to her again, quick get him so we can meet her!”

Everyone ran but your boyfriend was quicker and found an empty room were you guys could be alone…..until.

“HYUNG” Junior yells and hugs JB from the back.

All three of you laugh. “How long have you been in here? You didn’t leave with the guys?”

“Since this morning and nope because I was still sleeping” he says looking at you. “She’s pretty. Is this your mystery girlfriend?”

JB looks at you and smiles.

“Yeah (y/n) this is Junior, Junior this is (y/n).”

You both wave and share hellos.

“I CAN SMELL YOU IN THERE!” you hear Jackson yell. *dramatic music for dramatic person*

“Wait a sec.” You hear Juinor whisper to you guys.

He goes to the door, opens it and leaves you both.

“Well I finally met one” you say smiling.

“Yeah I just want to wait until we are all face to face to introduce you more better” you says winking at you

You look at the clock and see you have to go to work in 15 minutes.

“I have to go my love” you say causing him to pout at you.

“Why baby”

“That dreaded thing called work” you say and pout causing him to laugh at your cuteness and give you a kissy face.

“Awee okay jagi, I have to calm these losers down anyway.” He laughs and you can hear Yugyeom and Jackson screaming in the distance and them demanding entry.

“Yep that’s my que by-”

“Wait a sec Jagi”

You stop what you were doing

“What’s wrong?”

JB pulls out a little purple box.
“I wanted to give it to you when I got back but I can’t wait.” He says scratching the back of his head.

He sighs

“Jagi I-”

“THEY ARE COMINGGG” you hear Juinor scream and see you both in a moment.

“Oh…was….did…I…just…gonna…bye” he goes back to the door.

Your boyfriend sighs again and as soon as he opens his mouth again.

“You might want to hurry up though” Juinor says once again.

“OKAY BYE!” JB yells to get privacy with you.

Once again *sigh*

“Jagi the past two years have been amazing and I love you so much and you have never let me down in anyway and you have made me so happy and I hope I have done the same for you and you mean so much to m-”

“AWEEE” Juinor screams around the corner.

JB looks at you then at Junior annoyed


“…..sorry continue”

“Since I love you so much I decided to get you this” he pulls out a silver promise ring with a small lavender butterfly crystal on it.

You cover your mouth, tears forming in your eyes.

“Baby you didn’t-”

“Yes I did, just to remind you that I’m always going to love you an-”

“WE’RE IN!” you hear the rest of Got7 yell.

JB looks back at them then at you.


You both kiss the camera quickly and before the rest of them come you end the call.

Staring at a blank screen trying to process everything that just happened, you get a text from your boyfriend.




You put your phone down and hear another ring.

JB: This is Jackson. I will find out who you are and I will meet you Jb’s mystery girlfriend mwhahahaha

Then you get a call…..from JB…

Or is it…


*le Got7 at dinner*

“Soooooo what’s her name?” Youngjae
asks causing the rest of Got7 ( Except Jackson hmmmm I wonder) and Coco to look at JB.

He looks up to see him being stared at by 12 eyes. Then Jackson walks in on the phone apparently waiting for someone to answer it.

“Fine I’ll tell you that much” he swallows his food.“

“It’s (y/n)” he says smiling at the thought of you.

“You guys have been dating for … what 2 years and we never got to even hear her name until now?!?!”


“WHY” Yugyeom asks.

JB shruggs and the everyone’s attention is on Jackson.

“Hi, hello is this (y/n)?”

JB looks at him confused. “What are yo-”

“Shhhhhh he’s on the phone” Mark says.

Youngjae moves to Jackson to over hear the conversation.

“Hi I’m Jackson Wang rapper for Got7, no big deal, kind of is, BUT ANYWAY I hear from a little birdie that you and JB have been together for 2 years, and surprisingly we never even knew you existed, my feelings are quite hurt since I will be the best man at the wedding……….yes I’ll hold” he taps his foot and waits and puts you on speaker and sets the phone on the table.

“Hello?” JB can hear you say on his phone that Jackson clearly took.

Before he could say anything BamBam came up.

“Hi this is BamBam also from Got7” he says laughing.

“Yes, yes the one that can dab and whip” you say and they all laugh.

“ YES THAT ONE” he screams.

“How are you?” He asks.

“I’m good and you”

“Great, just peachy”

JB gets up to grab his phone but Junior grabs it.


“Yes, yes my competition”

“……yes, I absolutely am your competition.”

JB grabs the phone and runs into his room and locks the door,all the guys run and bang on the door.

“Hey baby girl it’s me” he whispers and goes to his bed.

You laugh “Hey, that was…. something. ”

“I’m sor-”

“No don’t apologize, its okay trust me, best phone call ever.” You say laughing.

“LET US IN” you hear the rest of the guys yell and Coco scratching at the door.

“I got to let you go baby but I love you, soo much” he says and kisses you through the phone.

“Love you too babe bye” you say and hang up and place the phone on the bed and smile at how lucky you were to have Jb in your life, and how unlucky he is at the moment probably being attacked by 6 people and 1 dog.

AN: The ending was pretty bad because I don’t know how to end such chaos but….ANYWHALES. I hope you guys like it.


matsukawa has a younger brother who’s like around the age of 6/7, but bcos of how small and adorably chubby he is (in contrast to his super tall bro) as well as how similar he looks to issei (i imagine mini mattsun has longer hair + a fringe, but it’s still messy + the same colour as issei’s) everyone thinks that he’s issei’s son. mattsun just rolls with this. 

sometimes after practice he’ll just turn to makki and say “hey we need to go pick up our son” and makki plays along like “i’ll get him, you make a start on dinner” or something idk i just love big bro issei ok

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You can be critical of his actions without being a hater. No not everyone thinks its cute for him to joke and be cheemy about the lack of confirmation from his part. Because it makes him look like its been his request all along when we've been here going on like idiots about how he isnt free and theyre not letting him talk. But u will just block me and call me a mindless hater like everyone else lol like he needs coddling from having everything he could possibly want.

I don’t CARE whether you found one comment to be funny or to be in poor taste.

If you are the original anon, what I care is that you were fucking rude and nasty about him and made a million assumptions about him as a person and an artist based on that comment and acted like ***I*** had to follow suit or be an idiot myself.

Is it that hard to get???

Just a random little thing

Imagine at a world meeting, everyone’s bickering (that’s not really the farthest stretch of the imagination is it?) and at one point, Prussia just interrupts with “Why spend your time arguing about world problems when you could all spend your time worshipping how awesome I am. ”
And everyone’s just like “No.”

Or there’ll be a really important discussion and he’ll just go
“The solution is my awesomeness. ” or something along those lines. Like “Why don’t we all just pay attention to how fantastically sexy I am” or “sometimes I think I’m better than all of you but then I remember I am.”

Sorry I just love the idea of him randomly interrupting any conversation, meeting, ect, with egotistical comments and just smirking as everyone disapproves.
(tbh I just love Prussia so when the idea popped into my head I just had to. Also, it’s really late over where I am so I’m sorry if this sucks. This could probably also apply to America but he’d probably be going on about him being the hero instead. Please can we call those to the interrupting duo? No? Ok.)

~ Admin Wolfidy 🐦

Feeling and hearing the note becoming more and more crumbled as she searched for Draco, she grew more determined to find him. She had already tried the Quidditch Pitch, Great Hall, library, courtyard, everywhere she could possible have thought of, and he wasn’t there. Maybe the Great Lake? If not, she’d just have to wait until after dinner (or during, depending on how much she didn’t give a shit about going to the Slytherin table to sit by him). Honestly, sitting by Slytherin table was probably looking like the best option at this point. Obviously she couldn’t just whip out the note in front of everyone; she’d have to tell him something along the lines of ‘I have to talk to you’. Something

Ears perked up when hearing something snap behind her. “Hello?” she replied, quickly turning around, wand already in hand and waiting for an answer, “I swear to God, Ronald, if that’s you.. I’m really not in the mood.” Her voice was full of annoyance, just wanting to find the one person that could give her answers. Maybe not the answers that she would prefer, like who wrote the blasted note or what this all meant, but some kind of reaction that would help calm her down. 

Another unsettling sound came from behind her, but this time of someone matching her footsteps which caused her to immediately turn around once more, but as she was mid-turn with a hex ready to be cast, when blinding pain hit her on the side of the head. Her vision went black, and she was unconscious before she even hit the ground.



“ Vocal Unit Reacting to when they find out your a 95-00 liner “ 


For this sweet angel, he wouldn’t be too surprised if you were a 95-98′line. He assumed that you were already around that age, so of course it doesn’t surprise him but anything above 99′line will surprise him a bit because that pretty young. A three year age gap between him and a 98′line is already pretty big. Now if you guys want to get into the dating subject, I can definitely do that! Our pretty boy would most likely stay dating someone more around his age, so about 95-97′line. But depending on how much you guys have in common and get along he might go for a 98′line. Now for just being friends he’s willing to be friends with everyone!! 


No matter how old or how young you are, Joshua will always be there to support you and be your friend! He’d be surprised if you were anything younger than a 96′line to be completely honest. This entire time he thought you were at least his age or a year younger at most. Now if you were anything above a 98′line he’d be blown out of this world because he’s just curious on how someone so young can act so mature and funny around him. For dating wise he would probably not date anyone above the 98′line because a 98′line is already pretty young. And of course friend wise, he’s willing to be best friends with anyone who he gets along with and has fun with~


This kid isn’t surprised to hear that your a 95′ or 96′ or even a 97′ line. Since you were so smoll he knew you’d be either the same age or younger than him. Though if you were a 95′line meaning you were older than him then he would be a little bit surprised because of the way you act. He would probably give you a hard time if you were a 95′line and tease you about being older than him. He would always coo “Nooooona~” when your around! Now if you were younger he would still tease you and pinch your cheek since you were younger than him. 


It would take him a bit of time to let the fact that you are a 95′ or 96′ line sink into his brain. This entire time he’s thought you were the same age as him! He would mind you being older, it just gives him a chance to tease you a bit every time it’s your birthday like “ Keke, noona your getting older and older each year~” Now if you were anything above the 97′, 98′, and 99′ line then he wouldn’t be too surprised because he originally thought you were around that age anyways! Now that your almost the same age as him, he can’t really tease you about getting older cause he’s getting older himself. ;; 


Let’s all be honest here no matter how young or old you are Seungkwan will be there to tease you till you punch him. He’s not, I repeat not surprised that you are a 95′, 96′, 97′, or 98′ line. He’s used to everyone being older than him because he’s around 10 other boys that are older than him 24/7. Hearing that you are either a 99′ or 00′ line will definitely shock the hairs off his legs because this never happens. He never gets to be older than people unless it’s Vernon and Dino, but they don’t count! You’ll honestly never hear the end of how young you are from Seungkwan, he’s going to bother you everyday about it. 

Waah hello babies!!! ヾ(0∀0*★)゚*・.。Tis Bubbles with a short Vocal Unit Reaction!!!ヽ(;▽;)ノ Sorry it’s so short, I’m honestly just so tired from taking mid-terms from yesterday and just tired overall..( ̵˃﹏˂̵ ) I really hope you guys don’t mind it being so short!(。’▽’。) But holy cow I can’t believe over four people requested almost the same thing?(。・o・。) So I just put it all in one reaction! keke sorry for being so lazy~ (๑•́u•̀๑)On another note, how have you all been this past week? I hope you all have been having a good week, and aced any test or assignments you had~♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) This week was my mom’s birthday and I got her a present she really enjoyed.(●´□`)♡ Happy birthday to anyone who’s had their birthday this week as well!!(๑・ω-)~♥” Well that’s all I have to say today, so please keep taking good care of yourself bbies, and enjoy this short vocal unit reaction!! Please give it and me lots of love like always!!~٩(๑•◡-๑)۶ⒽⓤⒼ 

**Gifs are not mine! All Credit goes to the original makers, thank you!!**


So there’s this guy called Dave who comes into my office sometimes, mostly just to visit. Sweet guy, mentally handicapped, super friendly, everyone in town knows him cuz he bikes around and visits with all the local businesses. He’s like the city’s most well-known resident.

Anyway he came in yesterday to visit; we were really slow so I didn’t mind. He’s chattin’ us up and saying how he and his housemates are going to the Dells on Sunday, and then says how nice we ladies are and he should have Deb swing by and pick us up so we can come along! (Just joshing of course)

My co-worker A says “I don’t think I’d fit in the car!” (She’s a real petite gal, just for context.)

Dave says, “Yeah I’d have trouble fitting you in my duffel bag!“ 

I was helping a customer at the front desk and we BOTH just about lose it at this, holding in gales of laughter, cuz he has NO IDEA just how WRONG that sounds!

LOL I still chuckle at the mental picture of poor little A with her legs stickin’ out of a duffel bag. Hahah, good times!

Remember how in Season 1 Oswald went around convincing everyone he is not the Penguin? Literally every episode went by with him going along the lines of, “I’m not the Penguin, I’m not the Penguin, I AM NOT THE PENGUIN!”

Then Ed shows up and is like, “I know who you are.”

Oswald is all, “I don’t care. Just move out of my way,” and doesn’t want to do shit with Nygma.

Nygma being the little shit that he is cracks a penguin joke as if to say, “ha! try forgetting me now bitch.”

oh, Tkun!

syounen_t: Oh?

syounen_t: @komankoman @miso_mnmm:Oh? Ohhhh?

syounen_t: Ooooooh…. Oh?

syounen_t: Saying ‘Oh?’ has become my new craze 

syounen_t: Oh? Ooooh? 

syounen_t: Ohhhh? RT @Soraruru:  ( ^ω^)  Oh? 

syounen_t: Oh! On…Oooon! 

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If you had to describe Michael, Calum, Luke, and Ashton girls separately how would you describe them?

disclaimer - y’all would be perfect for your fav, this is just one persons opinion x


i feel like michael could go either way, like a super tomboy chill girl who would love playing videogames with him but also is jokey and flirty with him and they would be double trouble like playing pranks on everyone they come across. OR i feel like he might go for the complete opposite girl; girly and feminine. and even though they may not share every interest, they would still get along super super well, and this girl could bring out the best in him and have hella deep chats at 2am. oh gosh he would miss his girl when he was on tour like i swear he would be close to tears on skype ANWAY MOVING ON


so at a first glance calum seems kinda shy but it would take his girl to look behind that and see him for who he really is. he would sometimes feel lonely, but his girl would make sure that whenever she was around he was smiling or content. and he would be. his girl would be super into music, but also i feel like she could be some sort of mix of music/art/book hoe ya know. and they would go on amazing dates, not necessarily expensive but maybe just to a small art gallery where they hold hands the whole time and theorize about abstract pieces and they would try to find time to get to some remote location on a lake and spend a weekend writing poetry and songs (about each other) and exploring caves lord im making myself sad i want this


so i think lukes girl would be really outgoing/confident. because sometimes luke isnt and i feel like he would fall for someone who would make him feel 100% comfortable in his own skin, like he could tell them his darkest secrets n stuff. and even though his girl would be really independent i feel like their relationship would be kinda needy, like they’d be all over each other when theyre together (but not pda, just kind of holding hands and sitting on laps) and they would just be the cutest thing together, like no one could deny that they are frickin adorable


so ashton would fall for someone whos sweet as anything, and kinda girly, because i feel like hes a traditional guy, and hes the oldest out of 5sos so i feel like he would want to set a good example for the other boys.

Realest OTP: Jinmin

welllllll…. i dont see many talking about this but they’re a special pair too!!

even if i dont feel them too much someone will ;; (sorreh guys)

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omg i didn’t expect that one to pop up first… let’s move on

we all know Jin is a cute mommy trying to take care of his troublesome kids along with the help of joon and suga uncle (lol just go along with me suga is an uncle in the group)

and look at him being all like: “that heart is not for showing to everyone” and throwing the pillow at his face -.- and kookie is there like “… wtf?”

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he doesn’t want jimin to fall off ;; why do i find this cute??

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omg i really cannot focus on jinmin i just keep looking at jimin’s derpiness love this bby

gdi i should really focus here

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disgustingly cute jimin + curious jin= CUTESY CUROSITY (kill me otl)

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come on not in the MV!! (how come i never noticed this??)

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seokjin is the cutest fluff i say (btw watch this bomb if you love or want jinmin)

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jimin is really a filial brother to all of bts ;; (me @ me: FOCUS YOU PIECE OF FANGIRLING SHIT) watch this bomb too!

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b-but this is cute…. ;; le crying

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JIN YOU’RE A GOOD BRO OKAYYY tuT WE LOVE YOUUUUU and look how happy jiminie is while j]in suffers and is almost red lolol

that’s how their relationship is

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leave them, i think BTS doesn’t even have the thinnest line of privacy like THEY DO PDA WITHOUT HESITATION

“two hand some guys” WE KNOW JIMIN WE KNOW HOW HANDSOME YOU TWO PEOPLE ARE and look at Jin bro smiling cutely for his bro

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btw that’s a pretty lip balm container

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oho~ not the height, seokjin ;; jimin’s gonna be angryyyy (btw im almost jimin’s height o.o)

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honestly i feel like this pair is a mommy with a proud son or a proud elder bro with his cutesy little bRO <33

hope you all know about jinmin now… but do i ackowledge them> YAS.

i can write a bro fic with them… ^^

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this is like the cutest gif of this whole thread idk what to d anymore ;; LOOK AT THEM

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this is me pulling you into the world of BTS OTPs lmao