i like how 100 is an achievement

I HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT THIS A LOT and I am actually legit excited at the prospect of a Gen 2

Think about it:

- How cool would it be for Travis to play an intelligent character?? I love INT 6 Grog but Travis is very clever (like check him out in the Heist oneshot holy shit) and can you imagine what an incredible strategist he’d be if his character permitted it? I have a feeling a Travis high-Int character could run the damn party.

-Also like. 80-90% chance he’d be a werewolf or one of those werewolf blood hunters, and 90-100% chance we would all be thirsty for him.


-On that note I wonder if someone will ever play someone of a different gender? Literally the only person to do that on the show (besides Matt) was Chris Perkins. That’d be really exciting. I nominate Sam.

-Also Laura kind of got screwed by the 5e Ranger rules, which are terrible, but I would actually die to see her play a class with legit firepower. Also, also, hear me out here. Laura’s got the highest charisma stat at the table in real life, in my honest opinion. She wrote that kickass limerick too. Hear me out. 

Laura Bard-ley.

- (Or at least a CHA-based sorcerer or warlock. Just let her full-on 20 Charisma straight to my heart.)

- Also we keep hearing that Marisha and Keyleth are very different people and I just wanna see how much variety that actually implies. It would be so cool for her to play somebody morally sketchy. And on the one hand I think she’s a great caster so maybe she could be a Warlock, but on the other I have the image of her being a Rogue or Monk in my head and being sad she doesn’t have spells anymore and it’s a funny image. Funnier than that? Barbarian!Marisha.


-On that note, Liam constantly says he’s magic-stupid so I have a feeling he’d be a physical class, but not a rogue. Maybe he’d want to go full paladin with a lil handful of spells, and see what that would have been like? Or maybe Monk? (I really want a monk in the party. Basically the only class we haven’t seen used to its full potential on CR). I also really want Liam to get to have fun because he has a great sense of humour and Vax is a teeeeeny bit limiting in that regard. Sometimes. Not always.

- SAM AND TALIESIN. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH YOURSELVES. For everyone else I kind of see what parts of their characters they’re pushing against, and where I think they’d have fun experimenting more, but Sam and Taliesin just seem to be Scanlan and Percy incarnate.  I don’t even want to guess for those two, because I know anything they’ll pick will be a surprise.

- Except yeah I really do want Sam to play a girl.

- And I am very amused by the idea of Taliesin as a cleric or paladin of any kind. Just. Go as far anti-Percy as possible. Also I want him to have spells so Marisha can constantly pester him about how hard it is to be a caster

- P.S. It will be weird for Liam and Laura’s characters not to be related? Maybe they will be.

- P.P.S. I am desperately hoping at least one character is a Secret Vox Machina Baby. I highly, highly recommend this plot twist and can vouch for its effectiveness ( @maddmurdock they say I look just like my mother). The obvious choice atm would be a bb half-elf gunslinger de Rolo and wouldn’t that just be the cat’s buttflap pyjamas. 


- All of these will be 100% disproven whenever Gen 2 starts and I don’t care I’m having fun speculation is my drug of choice after fusaka

I really don’t get this whole attitude the older generations have where it’s like “oh back in my day we didn’t have that, I had to do everything myself!!”. it’s so common when it comes to like, help with university and things. people getting loans or people getting tuition if they’re worried they won’t make the grade, and the older generations make such a big deal about how they did it all themselves, and why do we need those handouts?

like, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should have to. I was a poor, regularly homeless orphan who had to struggle to make the grades I needed and suffered untold amounts of mental and physical stress to get my achievements, and I am 100% proud of myself for managing it, but if I’d had the opportunity to get assistance and help like what’s available to the younger generations now I would have grabbed it with both hands and been thoroughly grateful for it. I’m happy for the fact younger generations have that choice, and I can’t understand the superiority complex some older generations have over this.

the duty of each generation is to improve society for the generations to come. expecting everyone else to struggle because you did and why should things be easier for people who aren’t you is selfish and typical of generations who grew up in a hyper-capitalistic time. I’m proud to be part of a generation that struggled and came out of it not with selfish dog-eat-dog attitudes but rather with compassion and an acknowledgement of this duty.


#okay i don’t think we talk enough about this  #we talk a lot about how much Punk loves AJ which is absolutely and incredibly adorable and heartwarming  # but can we just take a second to talk about how much AJ LOVES PUNK # Punk always mentioned that AJ wasn’t a huge fan of mma but she had his back and supported him at 100% # but this documentary shows exactly HOW HARD this can be for her  # I mean she wants to support him SO HARD cause she loves her husband very very much and wants him to achieve his dream  # BUT SHE JUST DOESN’T HIM TO GET HURT CAUSE SHE ALREADY SAW HIM BEING INJURED AND MISERABLE IN WWE THAT THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL SHE WILL BE ABLE TO SEE HIM LIKE AGAIN # just look at this progression # in the first gif she already knew it will be very difficult for her to watch Punk in action and in the second gif she tried to find a way to get comfortable with this situation  # then in the third gif she wants to show her full support to him but tells him it won’t be right now cause she is not completely prepared for this # and finally in the last gif she’s probably thinking “OH CRAP THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING ! MY BABY CAN GET HURT AGAIN ! I CAN NOT SEE IT ! I CAN NOT SEE THIS AGAIN” # and she is FREAKING CRYING # this, ladies and gentlemen, is how much AJ LOVES PUNK  # we don’t see this side of AJ very often # this is why i love this documentary so much

how to be infj 101
  • _infj: i really want to have a gorgeous body, being tall and all that, and read 10000 books, and write 100 novels, and draw like chiara bautista.
  • _infj: *writes down her goals in her journal, boasting about how great she will be* this day! today is the day for a fresh start! the day that i will change and do something for me
  • a few months later
  • _infj: *didn't lift a finger to achieve her goals because procrastination at its finest* why me? is it that hard to have something that i really want? why is life betraying me? why?
  • _infj: *takes out her journal* ok! this is the day! i have my to-do list! today! yeah! let's go! FIGHTING!
  • one year later
  • _infj: *whining while watching some tv show about the power of hard working and stuffing her face with popcorn. in other words, still doing nothing*
  • _infj: why meee? why is it so hard to achieve something I want? why? am i not good enough? why others can do shit and not me?
  • _intp: because...hard work?
  • _infj: but i work just as hard
  • _intp: i hate you
Okay, this is bugging me.

I’ve seen far too many amazing Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V posts on this website, like beautiful fanart, amazing theories, and incredible dedication to this show and its characters,

yet the posts achieve only a few dozen notes, maybe a little over 100.

I want to see how many Arc-V fans there really are here. I know there has to be more than this. This show can’t be so popular but have such a small fanbase on fandom central ™. SO PLEASE. REBLOG THIS IF YOU ARE A FAN OF YU-GI-OH ARC-V. GET THIS POST A LOT OF NOTES. I WANT TO SEE THAT ARC-V ISN’T AS SMALL AS IT SEEMS!

After 4CC SP me scrolling down the tumblr home page... after reading the fans angery and whatnot...

I like how fans are going crazy (let’s go crazy right?) and commenting/complaining Over nathan’s score, pretty smooth sp, shoma first’s 100 score, yuzuru’s POPPED 4s to 2s, getting disappointed or having faith in him once more, or having mental breakdown at the moment… talking back about his achievements again (though I would rather focus on what HE can do now…) And patrick being himself lulz, boyang going SPIDERMANNNN, Misha Ge tried…. Brown not bad, Tanaka tried too, and some being “wtf are u doing on the ice?!"…*cringe*(those on low rankings)

And I’m here chilling and saving yuzu’s pictures again..:^ the after stage of a popped heart :’D

Fans y'all need to chill too😂

coming soon FS when we all gonna go heart attack again…

I was tagged by @radical-rad1986 THANK YOU DEAR, I LOVE MEMES

How old are you? 36 years old. 

Current Job/Dream Job? I work at a big NGO doing a bit of everything: graphic designer, webmaster, comm manager sometimes, fundraising, etc etc. I love my job because I strongly believe in what we do. My dream job would be 100% drawing, Photoshopping or dedicated to video edition. 

What are you talented at? Well, people say I draw well. I’m still flabbergasted at the fact that people actually like my drawings. 

What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)? I’m working as being recognized as a graphic designer. I’m working on it yet…Somehow people don’t take me seriously as a first impression (I’ve been told I’m “not serious” wtf dude just because I wear videogames tshirts doesn’t make me less than you I almost have two careers -currently finishing the second- and years of experience in my areas) 

What are your aesthetics? I love way too many things to try to define just one aesthetic. 

Do you collect anything? mmm only good memories. In WoW I try to collect mounts and transmogs xD

What is a topic you are always up for talking about? Escaflowne as Rad said is a good topic, but also I love babbling about philosophy and sense of life, psychology related to innovation, social media and its relevance in our culture nowadays, Spanish history…

What’s a pet peeve of yours?  I despise people who don’t respect driving rules, for instance. Just to say one thing. The older I get, the more bitchy I am about little stupid stuff: I have a lot to say about people who don’t give their seats to older people in public transport, or to younglings that listen music from their mobiles without earphones. 

Good advice to give? Keep calm, breath and smile. 

Recommend three songs: Right now? Some random songs from my playlist are Empire Ants by Gorillaz, I will survive by Cake and Monument by Royksoop

I tag nine people: Only two, if they want to @margstyrell and @titchet



Every couple years or so I am impelled by inner…

This is all 100% true. Although I see Treeflower as being one of those annoying ‘activist hippie types’ who’s all about bettering a neighbourhood with all these bright ideas that only give the false sense of achievement for her and at the end of the day she goes home to her yuppie house in a nice neighbourhood and brag to her friends about how fulfilling her life is unlike them because she’s ~*uplifting lives*~ when in reality it’s just a big ego booster for her.

Yessss, like, Human Treeflower is not a bad person but she is very privileged and doesn’t really understand that what she’s doing isn’t…really helping solve any of the problems of a poor neighborhood.  She’s a sweet girl but despite being otherwise pretty smart she is clueless about this stuff (episodes featuring her absolutely play this for comedy).  Her parents were old school hippies in their youth and that’s why she’s named ‘Treeflower’ but when the chance came to get jobs with money they took it and now the family is very comfortably ‘upper middle class.’  She has her own home now but daddy bankrolls her so that’s why she can change jobs a lot and do whatever else she pleases.

She and Norbert met at a local music festival because her latest idea was to form a band and sing folk songs about Free Love and the Oppression of The Man for the Sad Downtrodden People in the Poor Part of Town.  He thought she really was a cool hippie chick (and also that she wanted to date him, Treeflower does tend to either unknowingly flirt or very knowingly use feminine wiles to persuade people) but she was kind of just slumming and dropped the band pretty quick to do something else.  Every time she shows up to like, yarnbomb benches in rainbow stripes or spread leaflets about causes, she has a different hairstyle and job (I think she volunteers a lot? like in canon at one point she showed up wearing a fireman coat and hat, maybe she tries to be a volunteer firefighter for example?).

Norbert is the epitome of Nice Guy at her and is alternately dramatically mopey about being ‘friendzoned,’ and just over the moon whenever she comes around.  Daggett likes Treeflower most of the time (hey she humored him and tried to keep him from hurting himself in Muscular Beaver 3) but he MOSTLY likes reminding Norbert that she ‘dumped him’ and laughing about it.

anonymous asked:

hey! i saw your post inviting people to ask for readings from your Welcome to Night Vale deck, so i thought i could request one! could i please have a reading for how the rest of 2017 will go for me? ty!!

Hey there, anon!^.^ Here’s your reading!

Textbook definition - control, will power, victory, determination

The Chariot is depicted by Hiram McDaniels - literal five headed dragon, former mayoral candidate, and attempted assassin of Mayor Dana Cardinal. There are several different insights that can be pulled out of this card for a general reading on how the year is to go, and I think they all fit together very nicely. Firstly, there’s the textbook definition -  With control and will power, you can achieve your goals this year. But the portrayal of Hiram as this card also serves as a warning - If you are not 100% about your decisions, you are more likely to fail. 1/5th of Hiram was not on-board with the assassination, and that caused the entire operation to fail. Really listen to yourself this year and determine what it is you truly want out of the year, then just go for it! Stay determined and stay strong, anon!

Thanks for letting me read for you!^.^


Hey guys I made a very quick tutorial for a friend about how I do the Steven Universe background effect thing a while ago so I decided that I’d share it on here too! :D

Of course it may not look 100% like how it worked in the show but I’m sure if you play around with it you’ll be able to achieve a very similar effect! Cheers!

I’m being 100% serious tho like? If someone who cared about me gave me a colourful little sticker just for being able to pull myself out of bed and face the day at a time I was feeling miserable and down and lethargic about life??? in a genuine effort to encourage and cheer me up??? because they love me?? I would be exponentially more ready to get out of bed in the morning.

It’s a gentle and loving and sympathetic way of acknowledging how difficult it must have been for the person to wake up and face the grossness of the day (whatever their reason for being miserable) while also trying to cheer them up (because tbh who doesn’t love stickers) and? That’s super insightful and thoughtful and important and will probably make the sad person feel really encouraged

In conclusion that’s literally the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard Amy Santiago is an adorably precious genius and #1 girlfriend please protect her at all costs

i’ve been thinking about how hectic her schedule and just how much pressure she must be under on a regular basis. we already know from the game and comics that she’s a soldier for the south korean government, a professional gamer and streamer, and actress and tv personality. i think it’s reasonable to assume that she’s achieved idol status and has the title of nation’s little sister. 

since she’s an actress, she’s got to be signed to an entertainment agency to handle that aspect of her career. if she happened to sign up for a company like the big three, i’d imagine they’d have her dabble in singing and dancing as well in case they ever need to rebrand her in the future.

so when she’s not fighting against the kaiju omnic, working with overwatch, or participating in competitions, she’s training for all three, reading scripts, attending rehearsals, and filming for movies, televisions shows and programs, or ad campaigns, modeling for ad campaigns, discussing brand deals through and with her managers in order to help fund the MEKA program (i have another headcanon that those companies on her jumpsuit don’t just line her pockets and help taking the burden off tax payers bc MEKAs are expensive af), taking singing and dancing lessons (which she’s only okay at at best), and attending fan events or events in general which usually require some form of travel.

as a result, hana’s a very organized person. her phone and tablet are very literally her life since they keep her in the loop for what’s on today’s schedule. she’s on her phone a lot, but it’s never to be purposefully rude; it’s usually for business of some sort whether it’s responding to e-mails, discussing events and potential advertisers with her management teams, discussing strats with her team, etc.

essentially this girl is the physical embodiment of ‘i’ll sleep when i’m dead’.

after 7 grueling hours,,,,i have finally been able to semi achieve the manga style

also can you tell i used this pic as ref hahahaaa 

Let's Play Minecraft - Top Chef (Part 1)
  • Lindsay: I want you to spell attic right now.
  • Ryan: I don't think he knows how.
  • Gavin: I feel like I'll get it eventually if I write it down or something.
  • Ray: How do you operate a fucking camera that's worth over $100,000.
  • Gavin: Just press a button.
  • Michael: He presses a button real well.

What I just love about that finale is that clarke could not have achieved all of this is it weren’t for everyone as well. Like clarke was the main player is how it all had to go down, but she:

- needed abby and murphy for the nightblood and to make sure she didn’t die
- needed octavia and bellamy to hold off the chipped people
- needed lexa to get to the kill switch, and then safely get inside because lexa was, again, holding off the chipped people
- needed raven to bloody find the kill switch and show her the way

I’m so so happy that it was everyone saving the day in their own ways

It’s been real, y'all

I secretly hate how people in guilds say “grats” every time someone earns an achievement. I don’t say grats ever cause it seems forced and I never respond to anyone who says it to me so they learn to just ignore me.

Syn (Admin) - I say grats whenever someone achieves something significant, a rare mount, level 100, etc. But in large guilds like mine if we had a wave of people shouting grats everytime an achieve proc’d it would be super annoying.

I had a dream that I was in a cooking competition, and Michael Jones and Gavin Free were on my team. Our first challenge was breakfast, so Michael and Gavin threw eggs into a blender with a bunch of other stuff and turned it on.

Just… entire eggs. With the shells, without cracking them.

I was like “What’re you doing?!”

And Michael turned to me, leaned in close to my face, and whispered “That’s how you make 100% eggs. It has added calcium.”