i like hot pockets too much

Okay, so what if

Okay, so I know that Black Hat has already seen Flug eat, but what if before, Flug was the kind of masked dude who could somehow eat really fast in the moments that people weren’t looking. Like, he’d have a pizza in his hand and in the moment BH glances away and looks back half the pizza would be gone but Flug’s bag is still on his head. Thus BH just keeps watching Flug, trying to figure out what the heck is going on but for the longest time he is just not able to catch him because he blinks or zones out and misses his chance. And Flug is just doing business as normal, eating hot pockets in two bites. He seems the type too tho, a skinny nerd who puts away a ton of junk food without gaining a single pound, and Black Hat is just obsessed because he can’t figure it out, and he’s like “there’s no way that’s a human under there”

Girl Next Door

Y/N had grown up next to Harry her whole life, he had only been two years older so they got along like peanut butter and jelly, ever since Y/N and Harry could walk they had been attached at hip. He came over and would have a tea party with her, she would tug at his curls, attempting to put a crown on him, he never minded. She would run over and play soccer with him, kicking the ball around, getting mud all over her.

Harry, and everyone else, thought of her as the perfect girl next door. Her father, a lawyer, her mother a stay at home mom, a helicopter mom. She watched her daughter all the time, making sure she was studying and getting the right marks at school. She pushed Y/N to join everything and anything she could. Y/N, of course, listened. She was active in middle school, she was on student council and drama club, between those two and studying she hardly saw Harry, and the two started to drift apart.

In high school Harry had found his group, a group Y/N did not like, and her parents hated. They made Y/N cut all ties with the Styles boy. Harry had traded in his soccer ball for drinks, he traded in his silly puns for sex, and his clean skin for tattoos and piercings. Y/N at first was upset, but then she found herself too busy to care.

Y/N had started at the bottom, literally. She began as a base for cheering, and by her sophomore year she was a flyer. Her junior year she was voted as caption, which her mother loved, but Y/N, not so much. With being caption, class president, and vice president of drama club she found herself overwhelmed. Her school life began at seven am and didn’t stop till one am, she forced herself to stay awake and study, keeping college in mind at all times.

Every once and a while she would peek out her window, where she could see into Harry window. When they were little they would write notes to each other, holding them up to window. When they reached middle school they would call each other, but sit by the window and watch each other as they spoke into the phone, Harry would watch as she would giggle at a stupid joke, and stick her tongue out at him. She would watch him run a hand through his long brown curls, which he now had chopped off. Now when she looks over the room would be empty, the lights off, or she would catch him smoking out the window, blowing out the toxin into the air. When Harry looked over she was always sat on her bed, studying, or she was at her desk working on another essay. Things weren’t the same anymore.

Before Y/N would tell Harry everything, on her worst nights, when she just couldn’t sleep, Harry would climb into her window and hold her close. They would whisper to each other, coming up with plans for the future. Y/N and Harry would run off to New York, where Y/N could be a dancer on Broadway, and Harry would find his career in music, they would be the best of friends, sharing an apartment and laughing all the time. They would run out and one am and get Chinese food and walk Times Square, they would camp out to watch shows, it seemed so simple, so real, at the time. Now she’s left alone in her room, not being able to sleep, the tears leaving her eyes every night.

“Hey,” Jade places a hand on Y/N’s shoulder, grabbing the girl’s attention.

Y/N hadn’t even noticed how she drifted off, staring at her former best friend. He leaned against his locker, arm draped over a girl’s shoulder, a smirk on his lips as he looked down at her. She was giggling, her cheeks red as she trailed her hand up and down his chest.

“Sorry,” Y/N blushed, closing her locker and turning to the blonde, “what were you saying?”

“The girls and I are going to get our nails done after school if you want join!” Jade smiled, gripping her books.

Y/N smiled softly, “oh I wish,” she pouts, “but I have rehearsals.”

“You’re in need of a break,” Jade says, “how do you live?”

“I’m not sure,” Y/N responds, a breathless chuckle leaving her lips.

The bell rings and she turns, “I’ll see you tonight at the game,” Y/N called, walking down the hall.

She waves to a couple of people as she walks to her class. Once Y/N reaches her room she slips into her seat, pulling her note book and pen out. Harry walks into the room, walking all the way to the back where his friends sat. His eyes land on Y/N, she’s doing what she has done for years when she was stressed, twirling her hair around her finger and then lightly tugging on it.

Harry can’t help but admire her body in the uniform she’s wearing. She had grown up for sure, the blue and white fabric hugged her body, showing off her tiny waist and her nice handful of boobs, Harry was sure if she bent down he would be able to catch a glimpse of her bum. He frowned when Scott pulled up the chair next to her, shrugging off his letterman jacket and kissing her cheek. Just like the perfect caption of the team and girl next door she had the perfect boyfriend.

Harry hated Scott Edelman more than he hated anyone else in the world. The guy seemed to make everyone smile, he was nice, and perfect for her, but Harry never trusted him. Scott’s hand would sometimes slip lower than Y/N wanted, and sometimes his eyes would linger on her chest when she wouldn’t notice, but Harry did, he could see it from down the hall.

“How was your morning?” Scott asked, tapping his fingers on the desk.

“It was good, I went for a run, nothing big, Mr. Brown is killing me though. He just edited my essay and I have to go home and fix it tonight after the game,” Y/N answered, rubbing her forehead, “what about you?”

“It was okay, does this mean you aren’t coming over after the game?” Scott frowned.

“I’m sorry,” Y/N says.

Scott sighed, leaning back. Anytime he invited Y/N over and she knew his parents weren’t home something always came up, and he was getting tired of it.

“Are you actually going to sleep with me or are you going to be a stuck up prude for the rest of your life,” Scott whispered, anger clear in his tone, “if you loved me you would sleep with me.”

“It’s because I love you I’m going to give you this warning,” Y/N says, her voice low, she leans over so her lips are next to his ear, “if you so much as touch me when I say no, or keep pushing me to sleep with you, I will kick you so hard in the dick you won’t ever be able to please yourself again let alone another human being.”

She pulled away, sitting back in her seat, her eyes on the board as the teacher begins to speak. The rest of her day goes by quick, rehearsal dragged on too much for her liking.

Harry hardly attended football games, but tonight was different, and he was thankful his friend dragged him out. He had promised Nina, the girl draped around his arm earlier, that he would take her home after the game, but he couldn’t focus on her. Instead, as always, his eyes drifted to Y/N. She was in the air, two girls gripping her ankles, her right hand on her hip, her other up in the air as she smiled at the fans in the crowd.

“She’s hot, I hear her and Scott are getting it in after the game,” Niall remarked, handing Harry the flask he had hidden in his jacket.

Harry takes it, letting the alcohol fall down his throat, “nah, she’s too much of a prude,” Harry shakes his head, chuckling, “she’s all about waiting for marriage.”

“Boring,” Niall rolled his eyes, everyone around them stood up to cheer, “are you hanging out with Nina afterwards?”

“Maybe, she’s getting a little too clingy for my liking,” Harry sighed.

“She a good fuck?” Niall raised an eyebrow, grabbing the flask and putting it back in his pocket.

“She’s okay, maybe I’ll ring up Stella,” Harry said.

“I’m gonna go smoke,” Harry says as halftime rolled by.

He walks down the stairs and goes down the alley way to head towards the school. He stops, hearing a small sob, a sob he heard too many times in his childhood. He peeks around the corner to see Y/N pressed against the wall, Scott has her arms pinned over her head, kissing her neck.

“Stop,” she pleads.

Harry feels his blood boiling, his fist tightening, but before he can act she does it herself. Her knee bending, and kicking up in between Scotts legs. Scott groans, backing away, and she shoves at him, making him tumble back.

“Don’t ever touch me again,” she yelled, sniffling and wiping her eyes, “or I’ll report you for harassment.”

Harry watches as she walks briskly towards him, she freezes, seeing him in front of her. Her eyes are glossy, her lipstick is smudged, cheeks pink and puffy. She looks scared and her hair is slightly a mess, her arms crossed over her chest, hugging herself. They stand, eyes connected, she can’t help but not look into the same green eyes she used to love, the same eyes that would watch her dance around her room.

She drops her head, walking past Harry, her shoulder bumping into his arm. Harry sucks in a sharp breath, walking towards Scott, he hits his side, a quick and hard kick making Scott groan, “if you so much as look at her, I swear to god, I’ll kill you myself,” Harry says, spitting near his head.

Part Two

Built To Fall.

A/n: You wanna know how long it took me to get this out? Ask God. But, there will also be future chapters of this because I love a good plot build up. Especially for Franky boy. This is for you @atari-writes, get ready for the next chapter, cus I’ve lost all control.

Summary: (Au. Set post season 2) A glimpse into “domestic life” with Frank. He’s still feeling the after shocks of losing his family, and that’s gonna make anyone a bit…reluctant. Or maybe reckless is a better word? OR How Frank Castle let go of the past.

Based on this song!

Word Count: 2.5k

Pairing: Frank Castle x Reader

Rating: M

Warnings: Cursing, talk of sex, Frank is his own warning, blood. (Smut, ANGST in future chapters…like next chapter lmao)

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And if the world don’t break

I’ll be shaking it,

Cause’ I’m a young man after all!

And when the seasons change

will you stand by me? 

Cause’ I’m young man built to fall!

When you and Frank first had sex he cried. He’d had one of your legs thrown over his shoulder, and you had finished five, six, seven thrust ago, but he was still there. Going through the motions, chasing his own, and God just has a thing for flipping the switch, because the next thing you know Franks kissing your leg and moaning a name that’s definitely not yours.

I want you to tell me, right now, what the hell you’re supposed to do when you’ve got your fucking legs over a guy’s shoulders, and he’s still inside you, when he says another woman’s name, opens his eyes, sees who you are, and cries.

Here’s what you did. “Did you cum?”

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Sirius x Muggle!Reader: The Beginning

Warnings: None (exams- as I’m sure thats traumatic enough hehe)

Requested: Yes

A/N: I kind of left this open ended… I feel like it’s a little imagine but still provides some feels! My exams are done now, so I have time to be writing and they’re gonna be getting better as I get back in the swing of things, I’m sure x Enjoy reading my loves!!! 

“PASS IT HERE MOONS!” You heard from outside.

You lifted your head from your post-it note covered textbook and looked outside. Your neighbour, Remus, was outside with his mates again who were playing football. You felt a small smile tug at the corners of your mouth as the black, shaggy haired boy- who seemed to be called Padfoot- looked up to your window, before ‘Prongs’ kicked a ball at him.

You giggled as the boy kicked the ball back at ‘Prongs’ and their football game continued. Slowly, you returned to your revision, listening to the jeers and laughs of the boys below.

‘TAP, TAP, TAP’ You heard, making you jump and accidentally draw a small line of green on your cheek.

“Oh, shit.” You whispered, lifting your head to look outside while simultaneously rubbing your cheek, “hmm” you laughed slightly, seeing what was causing the noise.

Remus was smiling and waving, next to ‘Prongs’ who was throwing pebbles at your window whilst the others laughed.

You waved back, mouthed a ‘hi’ and went back to your work.

The ‘TAP’ started again a few moments later, the one who had been throwing stones was now mouthing ‘open your window’. You looked at Remus who was smiling at you and the dark haired boy next to him that looked somewhat embarrassed.

You leant over your desk and turned the handle, pushing your window open.

“THANKS!” The messy haired boy shouted up.

You laughed, “No problem!”

“Y/N, they want to know if you want come get ice cream?” Remus called.

“Oooh,” You groaned, looking at the textbook in front of you, “I can’t! Maybe next time!”

As the boys turned away, you could’ve sworn you heard ‘Better luck next time Pads’.

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50 Thoughts While Watching BTS Spring Day MV

1. Taehyung and the slight trip he did while stepping off the platform just broke the internet.
2.The sound of the snow crunching is delicious!
3. Where can i get the bracelets on his arm?? Also smart to freeze your hands off and save your ears.
4. Jungkook you look beautiful *sighs*
5. Lol for a split second Kookie looked like Yugyeom istg
6. Who told Rap Monster he could be this soft??? These blue contacts!!!
7. Jimin is cancelling my future goals in life with that smile by the ocean.
8. Even the subs are in color! Ughh so much prettttyyyy.
9. The train dropped him off at the world’s smallest hotel.
10. Then Rap Monster ended back on the train because..um…reasons
11. JUNGKOOK why are you looking so thoughtful?? Is it because you’re thinking about me? *hint hint*
12. I always knew Namjoon was royalty.
13. Lol let’s just throw random things at our leader in slow motion. At least Jin was throwing a pillow.
14. Neverending “Stairs” symbolizing i don’t know do I look like a psychologist to you?
15. There Jin goes always taking pictures.
16. Honestly they are all so beautiful that I’m dying.
18. The vocals are so sweet and pure help me.
19. Yoongi is brushing his teeth and I’m on the edge of my seat.
21. Tae is taking pics too. I hope my eyes weren’t closed.
22. I just want to point out that Jimin is eating Tostitos. THIS IS MARKETING PEOPLE!
23. That birthday cake is depressing.
24. Jin is wearing a sweater and shorts. The purpose of warmth is being defeated.
26. There is way too much to look at i am seriously overwhelmed by this entire MV.
27. My heart is tumbling like the clothes in the dryer.
30. (I should probably stop screaming)
31.Suga in this pink sweater and contacts shall be my ruin.
32. Can you die by aesthetics?? Is that possible??
33. I just want to touch the softness.
34. How do you get a ticket on this train? Is it like the polar express?
35. Jungkook has been at this abandoned fair deal all day in one spot, clearly he needs some milk or something.
36. You can’t sit on a moving train and throw a paper plane forward. It would fly backwards. #PHYSICS
37. Kookie finally left his window view and is now searching for his purpose.
38. Who am I kidding I don’t even care what any of this means.
39. The vocal line is so smooth like butter on the toast of my life.
40. AWH the squad just fell in line. Maknae life must be sweet.
41. *Starts humming Run under breath*
42. Yo did this turn into Inception or something? Did bro really just catch himself on the train??
43. This mountain of clothes is growing clearly wash day isn’t happening anymore.
44. Wait now everybody is on the train?? Darn you BigHit for always messing with my mind!!
45. All this slow motionnnnn gahhh
46. Slay them Hoseok freaking last
47. Where was this shot? It’s so beautiful!
50. Why..is…it..overrrr??


Since I’ve been having so much luck with this account, I decided to make a separate Summoner character for it. This is Narcissus, he’s silent, serious and capable, with teams of brutally deadly overbuffed Heroes (opposite to my other Summoner).

Shoutout to @flamboyant-prince, I like Kravice because he’s v relatable (see: buying too many hot pockets, not being able to cook, failing all classes), and I know I promised Narcissus would play nice but listen I came across this team in arena of a Niles, Frederick and Seliph yesterday (made me think of you) and unfortunately I had my steroid team with me

I swear next time Narcissus will be kinder

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dark tumblr user boyf-riends show us the hidden dance pants headcanons

why am i enjoying this so much

•they probably really like to cuddle. try not to think too much about paul whitty cuddling with another paul whitty

•they have quiet movie dates at home where they cuddle and watch romcoms and eat hot pockets for dinner. when this happens jeremy leaves and goes to michael’s and does not come back until the next day out of consideration and also fear. mostly fear.

•jenna is like super nosey abt their relationship and jeremy’s like woah,, you need to back off

•actually they’re all pretty curious about it but once the initial hype dies down no one really thinks about it much except michael (who always either happens to be visiting the heere household at the same time as mr reyes or is at his house with jeremy, who is venting about how much his dad and mr reyes are together,,,even tho him and michael are together just as much) and people all but forget until some random drama student walks into mr reyes’ classroom and they hear “look, if you’re going to occasionally sleep in my house and use our crappy microwave for your hot pockets that’s fine, but you should at least do some dishes every once in a while.” “i don’t ever see you doing any dishes, jeremy.” “yeah well-this isn’t about me!!!!” “i’m not there that much jeremy, i hardly think you should expect a guest to do dishes.” “your clothes are in our laundry! you have your own key!!” and the student just slowly turns around and leaves

•when they finally decide they want to move in together or smth they both together and separately ask jeremy about 150,000 times if he’s okay with it and he’s always like “yes go ahead” but they just keep asking and as they’re walking into play rehearsal together one day mr reyes is just like “jeremy are u sure it’s okay?? if you’re not comfortable-” and jeremy shouts, in front of the whole cast, “GODDAMMIT YES STOP ASKING ME AND JUST MOVE IN ALREADY YOU SPEND ALL YOUR FREE TIME AT MY HOUSE SO THERE WOULD BE NO DIFFERENCE” and mr reyes just replies “jeremy, watch your profanity” and jeremy mumbles “sorry dad” and takes his seat

•the pants song (reprise) is mr heere and michael trying to support each other and emotionally prepare for their dates with mr reyes and jeremy

•mr heere is mr reyes’ BIGGEST fan. mr reyes does a bunch of community theatre and mr heere goes to EVERY SHOW. jeremy tags along a lot too. hype man heeres.

•speaking of hype men, mr reyes and mr heere are super supportive of jeremy and are rly proud of everything he does??? give jeremy two sweet and totally in love dads who give him all the love and appreciation he deserves

•if you’re paul whitty and you’re reading this i’m so, so sorry

•if you’re anyone and you’re reading this i’m so, so sorry


a list of my future fics so that i can keep track + so that my readers can let me know which ones they’d like to see sooner, etc ! this will be updated frequently !

brown sugar and syrup | hogwarts au | ljh

it doesn’t take much for you to realize that you’re in love with slytherin lee jihoon. oh, no, all it takes is the world’s strongest love potion slapping you in the face with what should have been obvious.

status: 3k, nearly finished

estimated upload: november 22nd

pocketful of posies | flower shop au | xmh

xu minghao shouldn’t mean anything to you. he’s brash, hot-tempered, makes too many mistakes for you to count, and has no respect for what you do - but in spite of all that, he somehow means everything.

status: 3k, but plotted

estimated upload: x

end of april | badboy/hs au | csc

your life is simple and organized until one bad grade and a stroke of fate has you bumping into choi seungcheol at every corner. as it happens, it doesn’t take much to learn that there’s more to the so-called delinquent than meets the eye.

status: 5k

estimated upload: x

cigarette sundaes | high school (?) au | lsm

the “trouble-making, heinous bitch” image you seem to have labeled on your forehead has never quite suited you until you try to save sweet lee seokmin from being beaten black and blue. the key word being: try. he gets beat up anyways, and so do you, but that’s okay.

status: 1k, plotting

estimated upload: x

lover without the “l” | ljh + yjh

your life was perfect, until it wasn’t. two broken hearts and a night in a strange city brings you so much more heartache than you feel one person should be allowed to have.

status: 2.5k, plotting

estimated upload: x

future works may include: 

chinaline + pirates au

love triangle + soulmate + hanahaki au

seungcheol + your lie in april au

bnha au

+ more to be added


Ok so I cant eat hot pockets anymore cause I noticed they really upset my stomach, but i needed like, a small snacky meal thing cause im pretty much hungry every couple hours, but only for small portions. (and if I dont listen to that hunger I get the shakes really bad)

So I got myself some lean pockets, thinking maaaybe slightly better ingredients might help.

omg i will be really sad if these make me sick too cause this garlic chicken white pizza is so gooood. Glad they didnt skimp out on the garlic.

Packing List for 2 Weeks in the Yucatan Peninsula

I leave for the Yucatan Peninsula in less than a month! 

I’m only traveling with a carry on, and this is what I plan on taking with me.

  1. Herschel Supply Co. “Retreat” Backpack
    I chose this backpack because it should be small enough to be able to be considered a “personal” item on Spirit Airlines (It’s like an inch too tall but hopefully I can squish it down and they’ll let me through, fingers crossed), which means I don’t have to pay any baggage fees. The straps are comfy. The bag closes with a drawstring and has a flap that goes over and buckles in the front, which will keep my stuff more safe as opposed to a bag that just zips.
  2. Bathing Suits
    1-3 is sufficient
  3. Lace Underwear
    You may have seen or heard of special “travel underwear”. They’re super expensive and just silly. Lace is extremely quick drying. So you can wash it in the sink, leave it up to dry, and in a little while later it will be dry and ready to put back in your bag or wear. And guys, I’m sure there are some quick drying varieties of underwear for you out there too. 
  4. Shirts
    I’m going to bring quick drying materials. I like Nike Dri-Fit because they’re comfortable, light, and they dry quick. But pretty much any synthetic material will usually be quick-drying. 
  5. North Face Venture Rain Jacket
    I like this jacket because it’s super light and can be stuffed inside one of it’s pockets so you can save space in your bag when you’re not using it. It also has pit zips so you can air it out so you don’t get too hot. 
  6. Shorts
    I’m going to bring 1 denim pair, 1 nice pair (like colored twill shorts), and 1 pair of athletic shorts for sleeping.
  7. Linen Shirt
    Linen is lightweight and breathable so you stay cool. I’m bringing a white button up one to wear as a cover up for the beach, and to wear on cold buses.
  8. Crocs “Duet Busy Day Skimmer”
    Unfollow me if you want, but I’m a Crocs fan. These shoes weigh next to nothing and they’re super comfortable. And if they get wet, the kind of material that they’re made of will dry fairly quickly. 
  9. Crocs Cleo II
    Well, I was going to get a pair of Chacos, but they just didn’t fit my feet right, unfortunately. So I got these. I like that the strap is convertible. You can wear it behind your ankle for a secure fit, or you can wear you can wear it on the top of your foot so it’s a slip on. I wanted sandals that had an ankle strap so I can wear them in the water if I want, or while I’m water tubing, without having to worry about losing them in the water. Also, flip flops are bad for your feet and ankles…look it up.
  10. Travel sized brush
    Why bring a big one when you could bring a lighter, smaller one. Either way, they get the job done. And I like to wrap my hair ties around the handle so they don’t get lost. 
  11. Frogg Togg Chilly Pad
    I personally hate the heat so I’m kind of dreading the heat I’m going to encounter in August. But this little towel is really nifty. You make it wet with warm water, and then wring it out and as the remaining water evaporates it somehow cools the towel and it’ll feel cold. It’s pretty much magic. I’ll probably sleep with it around my neck, and wear it on buses that don’t have A/C.
  12. Head and Shoulders 2 in 1 Shampoo
    I started using Head and Shoulders 2 in 1 when I was in Europe last summer. Since it’s 2 in 1 you only have to carry one bottle into the shower. You can use it as a body or face wash if you want, too. Also, in Europe, I stopped using face soap, and my skin got so much better. I haven’t washed my face with soap in over a year, I just use water, and it’s seriously never been better. So that’s one less thing that I have to bring with me. Also, I might try to sneak a full sized bottle of shampoo onto the plane and not worry about putting it in travel sized bottles. In Europe, I snuck on full sized bottles of shampoo in my carry-on onto 5 flights. It’s worth a shot. If you get caught, just throw it away and buy a bottle when you land.
  13. Collapsible Travel Toothbrush
    I got this tooth brush at Walmart or Target. It folds down into itself and keeps it clean, and it’s small. I like it.
  14. Turkish Towel
    I found this towel on Amazon. Turkish towels are soft, super lightweight, quick drying and versatile. I’m going to use it as a blanket, a beach towel, and a bath towel. It’s pretty large, and it can be rolled/folded down very small. And it’s even pretty stylish. I’m excited to use it. I might even use Turkish towels for in my future home for the rest of my life. They’re awesome.
  15. All Natural, Biodegradable Sunscreen
    If you want to go into cenotes or snorkel in the reefs, you’re going to need biodegradable sunscreen. Regular sunscreen is really bad for the environment and kills the reefs. So please, don’t use regular kind.
  16. Small Travel Case
    I got this small pill case thing at Walmart in the travel size item section and it’s actually really useful. It snaps together. And when you open it up there’s different sized compartments that lock shut. So last year I kept different pills in there, you can put some q-tips, and I also used it to keep my SIM card and SD cards safe. I highly recommend this little thing. 
  17. Canon Rebel T3 with 40mm “pancake” lens
    I was going back and forth between whether or not I wanted to bring my DSLR with me, now that I have an iPhone 5s, which takes incredible pictures. But I think I’m going to bring it, because it’s better to bring it and not use it than to not bring it and regret it. And I have a 40mm pancake lens which takes great photos, and is super small and unobtrusive.
  18. Speck SmartFlex Card Case
    I got this case for my phone for my Europe trip and loved it. I still use it everyday. The back of the case holds up to 3 credit cards and/or cash. And it protects the phone well. I love that I can always have my phone and cards on me. And it makes the thought of losing it even worse, so I always make sure I’m mindful of it. So if I’m out and about all I need is my phone in my pocket, and I don’t have to fumble through a money belt, or fumble through my backpack to find my wallet and put myself at risk to be pickpocketed. I just grab my phone, pull my card out and I can just pay and go. It’s super, super convenient. 
  19. Waterproof Phone Case
    I got this just in case I wanted to take my phone in the water. It only cost $10. I was going to get a Lifeproof case, but they’re so expensive and cost almost as much as I paid for my phone, so I didn’t think it would be worth it. This case had good reviews on amazon, so we’ll see how it goes. Even if I don’t put it in the water, I’ll still use it at the beach so sand doesn’t ruin my phone.
  20. Passport
    No visas required for US citizens to go to Mexico, Belize, or Guatemala. Vaccinations aren’t required either, but it can’t hurt to get them.
  21. Journal
    Your memory will fade, so journal. And save all your ticket stubs and receipts, they make for great little souvenirs to bring home and keep in a jar.
  22. Credit Card
    Transaction fees can add up, so if you plan on using a credit card, get a card with no foreign transaction fees

I’m going to make a packing video when I get back to let you all know how I fared with these 20 items in my small, carry on. :)

🌸 I Was Tagged-10 Random Things About Me 🌸

Thanks to @icanwritethethings for tagging me in this fun little guy!

1.) I really love retro toys from the 80s and I always have to resist the urge to buy them when I go thrifting. That doesn’t mean I don’t pick a couple up!

2.) I collect Care Bears things! In total, I have 7 bears, two cpusins, a blanket, a vintage picture book, and wrapping paper (For Christmas)

3.) My biases in anime/otome games range from cuties like Heisuke, sadistic characters like Laito, and characters like Ryunosuke.

4.) I love Naruto so much!

5.) My college serves super healthy food and a lot of tofu, curry, and rice. I enjoy it half of the time but when food is too gross (KALE. I HATE KALE.) I eat pizza hot pockets and ramen. Because of this, I crave junk food. Currently I am craving:

Hot Cheetos

Hot Head Spicy Chicken burrito/bowl

Chicken nachos

Boneless wings from Buffolo Wild Wings with the Hot BBQ sauce (also their Mac n cheese bites)



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Who’s shy about their first kiss? Sirius. And it’s weird because he’s not really used to being shy, but James often makes him feel all sorts of new things. James is nervous about it at first, but I wouldn’t quite say shy.
Who would have to call the other, because they know that the other is bad at getting out of bed in the morning? James, definitely. Sirius likes his sleep and would probably nap for days if he could. James prefers more mischievous ways of getting him awake in the mornings than a simple call, though, like scaring the shit out of him or splashing him with cold water. They’re giant children.
Who has to force the other to eat breakfast? They both like their food, but James sometimes gets anxious before a big Quidditch game or something and has to be coaxed by Sirius into eating a bit.
If one would want a dog and the other would want a cat, who would get what they wanted? Um, this is interesting for this ship. Hah. Ah, well Sirius is kind of already a dog. I’d imagine he wouldn’t want another around, but he’s not particularly fond of the idea of a cat either. James just wants a pet but Sirius is like, “What, am I not a good enough dog for you, you prick?” Sirius wins out and they never get a pet. 
Who hangs up first late at night? It varies. They like to talk a lot, especially during the summer with their enchanted mirrors. So it’s not really who hangs up first, it’s more who falls asleep in the middle of their conversation, heh. 
Who reads fanfiction about them? If it were written about them, I’m 100% positive they’d read it out loud in the common room and playfully act it out all dramatic like for everyone to see. Peter secretly enjoys it, but everyone else is annoyed.
Who writes fanfiction about them? Obviously neither would write it about themselves, but I feel Peter would be a little fangirl of their relationship. Along with some other girls at Hogwarts who just think they’re a hot couple.
Who catches the other when they fall? Both, really. They’re there for each other always and loyal. No way would they ever let the other go through something alone.
Who makes hearts of the dough when they make bread? xD I’ve never heard of a couple making bread together. Is this a thing? Well. James because he’s a big cheeseball. Then Sirius ruins it by making a penis out of the dough and they both laugh. Again, giant children.
Who eats their food cold, because the other was too impatient for the microwave oven to be done? Sirius. And it really annoys him, too, but he loves James too much to actually fight over it. He’s kind of become used to his Hot Pockets being frozen in the middle still when he eats them.
Who drags the other to watch their favourite band? Oh this is a hard one. I feel like they’d have pretty similar music taste and would just eagerly skip off to a concert together and go crazy.
Who gets jealous of the other liking the band too much? James. He’s so jealous, wow. Like, Sirius comments on how great the singer’s voice is and suddenly James is like, “Nah, he sounds like his vocal chords are made of sandpaper. ….I could actually make that happen.” And Sirius is just like, “You idiot, I love you.” And smooches to make the jealousy go away.
Who gets mad at the other the easiest? Sirius. He takes after his mother and has a relatively short temper (though it has gotten better over the years). With James, he’s actually pretty good at not snapping, but there are certain subjects that will have him screaming in seconds. They always make up quickly, though.
Who kisses the other’s cheek to cheer them up? James, ugh, he’s such a sweetie. Like, it started before they were even involved like that. Sirius had gotten a letter from his parents, not a very nice one, and it brought his mood down the whole day, so every chance James got, he would give a quick little peck to his cheek and a ruffle to his hair without saying anything. He still does it to this day.
When eating out, who wants to stay just a little bit longer though they’re done eating? James, again, I think. He’s friendly and really social, so he wants to hang back and wait for the server to pick up the check and all. They talk for a good while until Sirius makes up some ridiculous excuse, annoyed with having to wait to leave for so long. Plus, was the waiter flirting with James? (jealous Sirius noises)
Who listens to the same song over and over, and annoys the other with it? Sirius. He gets fixed on a single band or song and every once in a while and during those phases, that’s all he’ll listen to. James didn’t know the song before it started, but now he can sing it word for word and he’s so tired of it.
Who has a hard time opening the jam-glass? Oh my gosh, both of them. Like, imagine them at breakfast one morning and they’re both struggling to open the damn thing, even Peter has given it a try and Remus would have if he wasn’t so tired from the full moon, when Lily just casually snatches it and opens it with ease. Their excuse is they loosened it up for her.
Who doesn’t tell the other that they love them often, but shows it with small gestures instead? Sirius. His childhood left him to kind of struggle with being vocal about his feelings, but he’ll obviously return the words to James with a murmured (”You too”). He prefers to just show his love in his actions, though, yes, and Prongs understands.

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shikatema week | day 5 - courage

I’m so so soon sorry that this is a day late, but hectic life calls. I still managed to finish this, one ‘courage’ and I hope you like it.

I liked writing it so yeah :) enjoy

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

For a man who’d fought in war, stared death in the face and seen his gruesome hand take his friends, father and teacher from him, it shouldn’t have bothered him. For a man who’s life involved very little struggle these days, it shouldn’t have felt to him as such. For a man who’d fallen in love with the scariest woman he knew, spending every moment with her he could scrounge, this was absolutely nothing.

But no matter what he’d previously faced or what his life was like, Shikamaru just wasn’t ready for such a drastic change - not for such an incredible responsibility to be thrown into his hands. As much as he wanted to be, the worry outweighed the excitement, and whenever he looked at her all colour drained from his face as well as all the courage that soared through his body.

I am a coward, he thought every single time. I always have been and I wish I wasn’t.

What made matters even worse was that he was the first of his friends to experience such a situation. All of his old classmates and associates all seemed to be careful enough to avoid the predicament Shikamaru had thrown himself into, which, whilst being fine for them, meant he had nowhere to turn to.

Both his father and his greatest role model had passed, leaving behind them no guidance from such situations - the sort of words of wisdom one can only begin to receive and accept when told them by one’s father.

Chouji knew nothing, Naruto knew nothing, even Temari’s brothers who he now saw weekly knew absolutely nothing. They hadn’t had this experience he was going through. They hadn’t felt his fear, his worry and his doubt in his every action, thought, feeling…

He just wanted to be the best he could be, but doing so was so hard without any idea how to go about it.

“Shikamaru?” sounded a soft voice from behind him, full of sleep and croaky. “Shikamaru, come back to bed. Please.”

The young man stared aimlessly out of the window to the room he and his wife shared at the dull lights that peered through the fog rolling through the village. The grey coated all it touched, and masked the world, choking those outside and confining those within. He felt himself uneasy looking out over the compound, like the fog was keeping him stuck there and all hope for his life was fading with the light of the surrounding homes.


Slowly, he turned his head, fingers shaking as he stared at the shape beneath the bed sheets. His hands were deep in his pockets, masking his shivers from his wife who looked at him with such care and a glare he knew so well to mean she was worried.

“I need a smoke,” was all he said in reply, reaching to the chest of drawers beside the window sill and sighing as he began is search. “Just go back to sleep, Tem. I’ll be back soon.”

“No, you’ve quit.”

“I can’t quit, not now,” sighed Shikamaru, pulling out his emergency cigarette packet from under the old Chunin jacket he hadn’t worn in what felt like a lifetime. “I’m too stressed out. I need one.”

As much as Temari protested, the young man did what he was best at and ignored the issues at hand, slipping out of the room and out onto the balcony to fulfil his current most important desire. Fishing his lighter out of his trouser pocket, he put the stick to his lips and set it alight. He could feel the warmth enter his system as he breathed in - the smoke pouring through him like a hot drink of coffee; a wake up call.

But no energy came from the consumption, and he let out the first lungful into the surrounding air. So grey and dank was the fog that it masked the smoke in all ways but it’s strong odour which Shikamaru had come to love. However he hated how his vision was blurring from the masking fog, and although he knew his smoke clouds were not helping clear the air, he couldn’t stop himself taking drag after drag until he felt eyes on the back of his neck.

He let out a long drag and stepped further away from the doorway. “You shouldn’t be with me while I’m smoking. It’s bad for you.”

“It’s bad for you more than anyone,” laughed Temari humourlessly from behind him, her face dull but a very small smile still firmly stuck there. “I’m sure I’ll get over it.”

Shikamaru spun on the spot. His eyes were red from the smoke that had wafted it’s way into his eyes - or at least she thought it was that. Only once had she seen her husband cry and that was back when he was merely thirteen, and considered himself a cowardly failure - something he most certainly wasn’t now or ever.

He shook his head and forced a chuckle as he looked her up and down. “No offence, but I wasn’t talking about you.”

He watched as he face flushed, and followed the movement of her hand from her hair with his eyes, all the way down to the protruding stomach that the other hand cradled naturally.

Once you knew, it was so painstakingly obvious. Her entire demeanour had grown less fierce and more gentle as the months had gone on, and six months down the line it was at the point where - although he still adored her with everything in him - Shikamaru was starting to miss the devilish ways of his lover from before.

“I’m sure he’ll be fine, Shika,” soothed her voice as she took a few careful steps towards him. “It’s our only slip up. Otherwise, we’re perfect.”

As he spoke, he could feel his eyes filling with tears, and his heart growing fuller, heavier… “You really are, but…”

Scared she’d see him cry and the look of sheer fear in his eyes, he bowed his head, focusing on the cigarette between his fingers once again.

“But what?”

He spun around before her fingertips could do more than graze his palm, staring back out into the grey nothingness that cloaked the Nara compound. “But I’m…” Raising the tobacco to his lips he squeezed his eyes tight shut to ward away the tears, but stubbornly they remained as he took a final drag, which he made sure to let out when much further away from her.

“You’re what?” Temari’s hands grabbed his waist and torso, spinning him round and holding him tight to her. “We don’t have secrets, remember?”

Reluctantly he opened his eyes, and let himself down in the teal orbs that stared at him. She looked so tired, so confused, and it made him wish he’d never got up; never woken her up. The more he stared at her, the more awful he felt that he’d been hiding his cowardice for six months, putting on this abnormally courageous face for the sake of her peace of mind.

No, it was wrong. She was his wife. As much as he didn’t want to admit defeat to her, or have a replay of that day many years ago in the hospital, he knew it was inevitable. Shikamaru just had to suck it up, and accept that she was most certainly going to rip him to bits.

“I’m terrifed,” he replied, with a surprising sense of certainty in his voice. He opened his eyes, letting the few persistent tears flood the corners of his eyes as he looked down at her. “Tem, I don’t know if I can be a father. I have no idea how to be and there’s no-one I can turn to for help.”

Temari’s expression shifted from worry to disbelief. But not irritated disbelief. No, it was much more comical than that. “You think I didn’t know you were terrified?”

He gulped. “You did?”

“Of course I knew, you ass - I can read you like a book no matter what.” Her hands looped tightly around his neck, and she shifted her weight to stand on tip-toe, eyes mere inches from his. “And, genius, if you think I’m not scared out of my mind, too then one, you’ve got another thing coming, and two, you’re no way near as smart as we think you are.”

The frown on Shikamaru’s face remained, only intensifying at her words. “But how is it safe if we’re both scared and have no idea what we’re doing?” he whispered, dropping the cigarette so he could rest his hands on her waist.

“You don’t need to know what you’re doing or have heaps of courage, Shikamaru. You just need to have faith in yourself,” she smiled. Her hands nestled deep in his thick black hair. “Just look at you with little Mirai.”

“But she’s my god-daughter, not my-”

“And you care for her with all you can, right?”

He huffed in response, rolling his eyes, and Temari didn’t feel the need to retort. She knew she’d won, and received her prize for her discussion victory - a gentle kiss on the forehead.

As if to rub it in, as their bodies pressed together in a tight embrace, Shikamaru felt a gentle tap against the base of his abdomen, causing his body to solidify. Temari shushed him, giving him multiple, ‘gentle’ slaps across the cheek as he looked at her in shock.

“I’ve…I’ve never felt that before.”

She couldn’t help but smile at his words and his tone. For once, and this really was rare, her husband sounded excited about something, and more uncommonly, they both were. Her heart leaped as their son kicked again and Shikamaru began to break out into a smile. She wished that maybe he’d have felt this sooner. Then maybe he would’ve calmed down a little.

Shikamaru stood there, grin spreading further with every little tap or nudge he felt. His eyes flickered constantly between the face of his girl and the spot in which his little boy was growing, in awe of what he was feeling.

It was sudden and it was surprising, but somehow feeling what seemed like a miracle - the tiniest of punches from who would soon be his son - spurred something inside him, and his emotions grew stronger and stronger.

The cowardice that flooded his system drained away, and in an instant, as he stamped out the final embers of the cigarette-butt at his feet, the fog lifted slightly. He had to strong and brave for her and for their son. However hard he thought it might be, it was a necessity.

Temari was wrong; courage was essential. Without it they wouldn’t have been where they were today, and without them - his wife and his beautiful unborn son - life would be dull, empty and easy.

Easy might be nice, he thought, but this kind of trouble is nicer.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

I hope you enjoyed this. I’ve been thinking hard about Day 6 and I’m struggling but I promise I’ll try.

Let me know what you thought of this fic :) have a lovely day/night


I sat at a table in the study room in Flourish and Blotts, surrounded by piles of books. I ran my finger along the tiny text of the book, not wanting to lose my place in the millions of words lining the page. 

A man with tousled hair and blue coat sat down in front of me. I looked up and smiled a friendly smile, but averted my eyes quickly back down to the book partly because I didn’t want to lose my place and partly because I felt my cheeks getting red. He was certainly a good looking one, with freckles that spotted his nose and eyes with smile lines around them.

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First Date - Matthew Espinosa Imagine

[Y/n - ‘your name’ Y/f/n - ‘your full name’ B/f/n - 'your best friends name’]


Y/n’s POV

I can’t believe that one of the most popular boys in my grade, asked me to go on a date with him. Matthew Lee Espinosa, asked me, Y/f/n, to go out with him. He told me he’ll pick me up at my house at 1pm and we’ll go to the park where he’ll, hopefully, teach me how to skateboard. I’ve always wanted to learn, but never had the guts to teach myself.

I lay out my outfit on my bed ahead of time, blue high-waisted shorts, a black and white baseball crop top, white chuck taylors and a navy jacket, since it seems to be a little cold out.

I shower at 11, get out of the shower at 11:30, I then get dressed, I brushed my hair, wanting it to be natural but ended up straightening it anyway, and now I’m doing my finishing touches of my makeup. A natural eye with a coat of mascara, concealer to hide all the acne and some lip balm, I don’t like going all out with my makeup. I twirl around in my outfit deciding to take the navy jacket off and put on a red and black plaid flannel instead.

“Okay Y/n, you are not going to freak out, you will be calm, cool and collected. No need to freak out. It’s not like the most popular guy at school asked you out or anything. Pfft you’ll be fine,” I nodded at my speech only to realize that it didn’t help, at all. I took a picture in my full-length mirror and sent it to B/f/n with the caption 'like or nah?’. She replied almost instantly with a '😍🔥 Matty boys in for a real treat!’ I just laughed at her craziness and placed my phone back into the pocket of my shorts.

*ding dong* 

I hear the bell go off downstairs, thankfully my parents are at dinner and my older brother’s with his friends. I casually walk down the stairs trying not to psych myself out too much. I reach the door and have the handle in my grasp. I take a much needed deep breath and pull the door open to reveal Matthew Espinosa’s back. A very hot back might I add. He turned around upon hearing the door open. He looks me up and down and his jaw nearly hits the floor. I blush and giggle like a little schoolgirl oh god how embarrassing, I cuss myself out.

“Y-Y/n, hey. You look g-gorgeous,” he stutters out a compliment blushing like crazy after realizing how nervous he sounded.

“Why thank you Mr.Espinosa, you don’t look too shabby either,” he chuckled and held out his hand.

“Come one, let’s go have some fun,” I grab his hand and he pulls me closer to his side and we walk down the front path and across the street.

“I hope you don’t mind, but we’re walking there. The park just so happens to be close by.”

“I don’t mind at all, I think it’s comforting, so just in case you try to murder me, I can just scream bloody murder all the way home without getting tired,” I shrugged like it was a casual thing, but broke out into laughter as Matt started laughing so hard he had to stop walking.

The rest of the way was silent, not awkward but comfortable. I like that about Matt, he makes everything lighthearted and comfortable. I glance over at him and notice how he has a small but genuine smile across his face as he looks at all the surroundings of the neighborhood. I take this time to take him all in, he’s wearing a blue top with an acid affect, a simple necklace around his neck and black jeans that hung slightly loose on his hips. I took in all his features, his jawline, his earrings, his cute pointed nose, kissable lips and beautiful brown almond eyes.

We reach the park and Matt puts the skateboard, which I didn’t notice he was holding, down on the ground and puts his foot on it to stop it from moving.

“So do you wanna learn now or later?”

“I wanna learn now so then I can have more time to spend with you,” he returned my smile with an equally big one. I also noticed the pinkness off his cheeks. I love having this effect on him.

“Okay, so I want you to put your foot there and keep this foot on the ground. You can hold onto me if you need help keeping your balance.”

“Trust me, knowing me I’ll need all the help I can get,” he chuckles at this. I place my foot exactly where he told me to and kept my right foot on the ground, as soon as I step on the board it moves slightly forward, causing my to tightly grab onto Matt’s shoulders.

“Oh god, I’m going to die aren’t I, this is why you brought me here, you knew I was going to die, you just have a psychotic mind and figured the cops will never find out it’s actually you who killed me!” I was far too scared, so if I got hurt I’ll just blame his lack of teaching, even though he’s doing a good job.

“Why do you think I’m going to kill you? Just trust me. Put your hand here-” he placed my right hand in his left, “-and put this hand right here,” he placed my left hand on his shoulder, patting it slightly. “Okay now just put both feet on the board,” I looked at him horrified shaking my head.

“No, no, I’m going to die if I do that!” I said whilst holding a little tighter onto his arms, I noticed his hands were huge compared to mine and liked how they fit together.

“No you won’t just hold onto me and place your foot on the board, I won’t let you go,” I looked into his eyes and saw how kind they were. They made me visibly relax and I place my foot carefully on the board. I looked at Matt with a successful expression on my face only to notice a goofy expression take over his own.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that?” I blushed under his intense gaze and looked down.

“Because I can’t get over the fact a beautiful girl like you, said yes to go out on a date me someone like me. I still don’t get it and I most likely never will,” he chuckled under his breath at his own cheesiness but all I saw was sincerity in his eyes. He started to lean in.

I leaned in and completely forgot I was on a board, so when I leaned in a little bit further, the board went flying underneath me. I fell straight into Matt’s chest, the board flying in the other direction.

“Oh my god, y/n are you okay? I’m so sorry, that wasn’t a good time to kiss you, I’m sorry I told you you wouldn’t fall. I’m sorr-” I cut him off by connecting my lips with his in a gentle kiss. He almost immediately started kissing back. He placed his hands on the small of my back and mine found their place on his chest.

We eventually pulled away, only for Matt to stare at me with a loving gaze, that I couldn’t help but return. He pecked my lips again ever so softly and touched foreheads.

“I really like you Y/n, I don’t want to mess this up so, Y/n will you be my official girlfriend?” He asked with a hopeful gleam in his eyes.

“I really like you too Matt and of course I’ll be your girlfriend,” he smiled at me and locked our lips in a passion-filled kiss.

“I can’t believe your mine,” he whispered in-between the kiss.

“Neither can I.”

A/N: This is dedicated to all the Matt girls because who wouldn’t love a cutie like him!