i like hot pockets too much

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ayy im not saying my name bc you know me too well cx RED IS THE BEST COLOR i have no fucking clue i ship so much to be honest,, but i've kinda been obsessed with asanoya lately lmao my fav ice cream flavour is cookie dough from ben and jerry's!!!it's the best its so freakin good oml Yes i have one (1) cat and i love him so much hes like so cute i lo v e h i m >w>

eyy ((i like red but not like bright red haha i like dark red tho) lmao same that fic tho haha hot pockets oh whoa dude i love ben and jerry’s – my friend once bought like two cartons and we literally just watched anime with ice cream (this was like…four days ago )) BUT WHAT ABOUT THE BIRD THAT SLAMMED INTO YOUR WINDOW

We all say in the asanoya dynamic that Asahi would be put together and Noya wouldn’t be really like all he’d eat are hot pockets and frozen shit but like.

Look at Asahi.

He can’t even bring himself to get up early while Nishinoya got up and did his hair even.

Asahi eats too much on accident.

He sleeps in.

He gets exasperated easily.

Think about it.

What if Asahi was the one living off freezer food bc he’s too lazy to make something in the morning.

He talks to himself in his head a lot too so I mean, why not?

What if Noya yells at him bc he needs to fix his eating habits and he just makes a face bc that requires getting up earlier than usual and he doesn’t like the sound of that.

I just want stupid antics that don’t always involve Noya because Asahi is a teenager too and he’s a giant fucking baby


- probably has a rock collection. Exclusively igneous rocks tho
- terribly driver
- kinda guy who interrupts the current conversation to talk ab smthn completely unrelated
- could probably smell him a mile away
- drinks more hot tea than he does water
- keeps the little onion shaped popper things in his pockets. Probs in his shoes too
- likes spicy food predictably, but has a very low salt tolerance
- can’t hear very well, you have to p much scream at him to have him hear you
- that being said he’s p much memorized roadhog’s a body language, and can tell what he means when he mumbles something
- looks up to roadhog to an almost an unhealthy extent
- platonic roadrat kisses cause y not

In conclusion he is a horrible trash goblin and I love him

The entire wall pushing scene is gold. The way Aaron looks over his shoulder when he sees Robert, like he’s half thinking ‘we probably shouldn’t be seen together too much’ mixed with ‘shit, he’s seen me, I can’t very well dodge him now.’.

The way Aaron tries to blow past Robert (looking super hot swaggering by with his hands in his pockets btw) but he follows after him and grabs Aaron’s arm to stop him, the way that Aaron looks down at Robert’s hand like he doesn’t understand why Robert is touching him. Aaron got so pissed when Robert tried to give him money! Which probably had something to do with Ross making him question whether he had the hots for Robert.

Omfg and then that look that Robert gets once Aaron threatens him then walks away! He is so turned on it is unreal. It’s obvious by the expression on his face, the way the confusion melts away and then he smiles and he looks so excited, you can even see his tongue peeking out just a smidge as it touches his bottom lip. He was so freaking attracted to Aaron, even then. 

And surprised, I know at some point I did a meta about Robert putting people in mental boxes so that it’s easier for him to compartmentalize them and feel more in control. But Aaron always seems to throw him off balance. Aaron’s honor and loyalty and moral code catch him off guard. I think he really enjoyed how much of a contradiction Aaron was. 

A car thief that not only refuses to steal from the house but actually goes out his way to return something that he didn’t even take. And then gets offended when Robert tries to pay him for it. I think it definitely sparked Robert’s curiosity and helped keep his interest long enough for him to start to get to know Aaron and once he got to know him, he liked him. Once Robert liked Aaron enough to want to know him in a much deeper way he was a goner. 

It’s kinda poetic actually. Robert was curious enough about who Aaron really is (plus the set-the-sheets-on-fire sex and the unbelievable sexual tension) to work at getting beyond his walls. Aaron is a tough nut to crack and I think Robert saw it as a challenge. But the more he learned, the more he wanted to know. It was a slippery slope and once he started down that path it was only matter of time until he fell in love.

Wow, that really makes them sound like a teen romcom. If it were, Robert would be the jock with the heart of gold dared to ask out the gorgeous mechanic that we would all pretend wasn’t hot so that when he took off his glasses and gelled his hair for his dramatic walk down a flight of stairs it would be believable that Robert would suddenly be so fuckstruck that all of his growing feelings would come together and he would realize that he was hopelessly in love. 

Instead we got accidental deaths and deadly starches. Verbal smack downs that made us wince, dramatic affair reveals and people getting shot. A few mild beatings. Some heart melting kisses, hotel visits, small secret smiles, thousands of dollars spent to make Aaron happy. More break ups than I could keep track of. Tearful confessions of love, swaying, lip licking, barn bonings. An unusual amount of gun play by most relationship standards. One unexpected but wonderful hug. Some sexy groaning and jealous glaring. Borderline stalkish levels of staring and the jaw clenching

Ya know with all the good, and even all the bad, I don’t think I would change anything about them. Everything that they have been through was a piece that brought them to exactly where they were last week. It was made so much better for every moment that they hated (or thought/said that they hated) each other. 

Every bit of pain was a part of the process. Without all the ups and downs they wouldn’t be Robron. Without all of the suffering the wonderful moments that make us love them just as much as they love each other wouldn’t mean nearly as much. It all worked to make them the couple that they are. It brought us right here, and I can’t imagine being anywhere else.