i like his tan too

Translator: Mingyu, why are you so tan? Why is your skin so dark?
Mingyu: Yesterday… I go to… swimming pool and I’m so happy

Tbh, I was really disappointed with the question. I’m just thankful that Mingyu was able to turn that awful question the other way around with his positivity and cuteness. I mean why would you ask a person why he has tan skin? So what if he has tan skin? HE SLAYS IT. Each one of us have different skin colors and it doesn’t define who we are and what we can do. I MEAN CMON HE’S KIM EFFING MINGYU. He’s the tall, tan, handsome, funny, kind-hearted boy that every seventeen fan loves and he’s perfect just the way he is 💖 160815 Seventeen Fan Meeting in Manila Day 2

Here, have one second of urata cutely saying sakatan

BTS - As Lifeguards
  • Jin: *his broad shoulder can't fit in the pool*
  • Tae: Oh you're drowning? *puts on sunglasses* *puts on sunscreen* *adjusts swim cap* *reaches for goggles* *packs lunch* *finishes new episode of drama* Okay I'm coming- where'd they go???
  • Namjoon: *drowns with them*
  • Jimin: *"falls" in pool* uh- Yoongi save me!
  • Yoongi: I mean I would help, but like, Kumamon wants me to rub some sunscreen on his back. He's been geting a little too tan for his liking. I tried to tell him he looks great darker but noooo I'm the wrong one. Can I also tell you about how he-
  • Hobi: I've saved her and her friends like six times now, why do they keep asking for cpr?
  • Jungkook: *girl drowning* uh yeah okay i guess i can save you. Yeah totally thats uh thats why uh i'm a lifeguard. uh yes, oh I need to touch you uh yes okay lemme just *pulls out gloves*