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SKAM S04E05 Clip 5 - Imagine all the people living life in peace

ESKILD: “You’re the one called Elias, right?”
EVA: Elias is your brother?
ESKILD: Then I go up to him and then I stroke him, just a little bit on his side at first, then I feel like a shiver going up his spine. *Gag noises* Then he left pretty quickly, but he seemed open for more fun.
CHRIS: Are you crazy?
EVA: Stop! I can send you the money.
CHRIS: Send me the money? What?
EVA: I can send it! How much is it? Hello!
CHRIS: 112.
EVA: It doesn’t!
CHRIS: 112 for a beer.
EVA: I can give you..
CHRIS: 112,50. 112,40..
[Are you coming?]
EVA: 112,40?
CHRIS: Point 40.
[John Lennon - Imagine]
EVEN: Thank you!
CHRIS: Oh my God
SANA: Yeah..
CHRIS: Yeah..
SANA: Oh, I love you so much.

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About Sleep Paralysis

It’s been so long since the last post regarding my recurrent nightmares and dreams, and I wish I could have continued without writing another post about it but unfortunately last night I had another weird dream plus sleep paralysis in the morning. I want to keep track of every hallucination I’ve experienced here, so, here it goes:

The first time it happened I was 14 years old, my grandma had just passed away and I was very stressed between school and shit going on with my life. I remember one night that I was sleeping and suddenly I woke up, but I couldn’t move. I opened my eyes only to see the darkness of my room and the wall in front of me. I was very scared and couldn’t move a single muscle. After trying everything else, I decided to scream but no sound would come out of my mouth. Then I heard a voice saying repeatedly saying: “Come with me. I’m here. Come with me”. I panicked and I don’t remember anything else, I think I probably passed out until the next day.

After that, at least two times a week my sleep paralysis would get worse. I would wake up in the middle of the night not moving at all. I could hear voices outside my house and inside my bedroom. I remember being so scared of sleeping, not knowing what was going on. Things moved on like that for a while. 

Everything continued like that until the hallucinations became worse. One night, after graduating high school I had some sort of “astral projection” “lucid dreaming” stuff going on. I remember dreaming of this place with high grass and watching two skinny dying horses. After walking trough a train rail I got to be in some sort of cave formed by green trees with giant roots stepping out of the ground. I saw snakes everywhere, tiny and big, in all sort of shapes and colours. I finally caught a snake with my hands and saw in its eyes. Then I heard a voice saying “We’ll see again”. When the dream was over I woke up in my room, and again, couldn’t move. This time I felt something under my bed crawling and heard another time: “We’ll see again, find me” repeatedly. 

The worst attack of sleep paralysis and hallucinations I can remember came after that. Maybe half a year later after that weird dream. My room was dark and a little bit cold (it was autumn I think). At the time, I was depressed (I suffer from depression since I was 15). The last thing I did conscious was getting in my bed and trying to sleep on my back. After a few moments I remember waking up very fast, like, something hit me and I woke up suddenly. My body was not responding. I could see my hands, my knees, my feet but couldn’t move at all. Then I started “moving”; everything was heavier and that’s when I started hallucinating. I tried to move my legs and I could feel them moving, but I couldn’t see the movement of them. Weirdly though, I could move my head a little, I could see my room and my wall. And then it came, I don’t know from where, but, at the end of my bed I saw a pair of hands, with three large, large and skinny fingers. Something crawled from under my bed and started climbing it. It was a weird, dark creature. It was skinny, like, very, very skinny, you could see his ribs and spine. I could see his arms, like sticks, and then I saw his face. Whatever it was, it was very dark, like a profound black, and had a weird face, like an oval. The thing had no mouth, no fur, no hair nor nose, just two yellow eyes. The eyes were round shaped, like two glowing perfect circles. The creature was crawling and making weird noises, like a voice mixed with a scream and nails passing trough a chalk board. After it crawled onto my bed, he started laughing, quietly, like, when you laugh with your mouth closed. I just remember trying to move, and scream, and then I felt his arms touching my legs. I don’t know why but I started thinking in weird stuff and trying to scream in my mind: “i’m not going with you, you’re not real, you’re not real”.  I must have passed out or something, cause I can’t remember anything after all. I woke up in the morning, sweating and very scared. 

After receiving the visit of that thing fro at least two or three times more I decided to draw it on my notebooks with everything I could remember.

This has been going on with me for at least 6 years now, and time after time it’s getting worse. However, I think i’ll continue writing everything here, after all, I know i’m not alone, although sometimes it feels like that…

P.S: Dear @sixpenceee, hope you reblog this, cause I want to find if more people are suffering the exact same thing with the exact same creatures.

“Hi, my name is Sonic, and I like chili dogs, sunsets, long walks on the beach, and destroying cities.”
*Please do not use this art or image without my given permission-thank you!*

Keets (Reddie Drabble)

It’s a stupid idea, frankly.

Eddie doesn’t know why this is happening. Or why he’s the one this is happening to. Nevertheless, here he is, his back against his closet door, trying to muffle the mewling erupting from the wooden slats.

“Please, please be quiet.” He whispered to the kitten. He could hear the TV running, thankfully, so he at least had a little bit of time to calm the tabby, but it was only a matter of time until she came up to check on him.

The kitten responded with a sharp yowl. Eddie groaned into his hands.

“I can’t help you if you won’t be quiet,” He said. “My mom will kick you out - you’re filthy.”

The kitten began clawing at the door.

Eddie grimaced at the popping resonating through his too-silent room. He could just imagine the wood splinters on his floor…

He jumped at a thud by his window.

Eddie struggled to his feet, his head a little light after sitting for so long, and went over to the window, looking at the green of his backyard. Outside, the sky was grey and lifeless, devoid of the birds that usually soared through the air.

“Eddiiiiiiiiie!” Richie Tozier whined. “Let me iiiiiiin!!”

Eddie scowled, and stuck his head out the window, glaring down at the curly-haired bastard. “No! Go bother someone else!”

“Well, I guess I could go bother your mom,” Richie accented his statement with an eyebrow wiggle.

Eddie frowned at him. “Take off your shoes before you come in.”

It wasn’t as if Richie needed to be told to do so. He came around enough that he knew the rules and way up by heart. And he always asked permission, which was nice. Eddie never really said no, but he did appreciate the option.

Richie left his shoes upside down on the window sill, thudding softly onto Eddie’s floor with his grey socks. His glasses were foggy from humidity, and his hair was frizzed up like crazy. It was annoyingly endearing.

“What are you doing, anyway?” Richie asked.

“Nothing,” Eddie replied. He was suddenly reminded of the little kitten in his closet, working away at his shirts and door.

“Are you sure?” Richie grinned, “Because ‘nothing’ is making a bit of a ruckus.”

Richie moved towards the closet door, and Eddie jumped to stand in front of him, grinning nervously.

“Are you hiding a girl in there?” Richie asked, mock serious. Eddie rolled his eyes.


“You’re right, I should have known better.”

Eddie glared at him.

“C’mon, Eds-”


“Just let me see!” He even stuck out his bottom lip. Eddie’s hold on the door softened.

“Fine… just… don’t tell my mom.” He said, softly.

“We don’t do much talking anyway.” Richie grinned. “It’s all the-”

Eddie pinched his arm. “Shut up for like two seconds, alright?”

He yanked open the door.

It was the size of Eddie’s hand, with huge doe eyes that had Eddie’s heart breaking. The picture was ruined by the pile of wood around it and the clawed up peach shirt that had somehow been pulled to the floor.

Richie grins at the sight, at the little tabby rolling around on the hardwood floor. “He’s so cute!”

Before Eddie can stop him, Richie is scooping up the kitten, cradling it in his arms with a dorky, too-wide grin on his face.

“Richie! That thing is filthy!” Eddie says, but Richie has already sat on Eddie’s bed, cooing. The kitten curls its head against the crook of Richie’s elbow, yawning.

Richie tucks his legs into a criss-cross, settling the animal into the warmth of his lap.

“She needs a name.” He grins,

“That implies that I am keeping this cat, which I am not.” Eddie crosses his arms, his lips twitching as the kitten stretches over the fabric of Richie’s shorts.

“I can, then.” Richie offered. “I’ve always wanted a cat.”

“Can you even take care of one?” Eddie grumbled.

Richie twisted his lips, “Good point….”

“We’ll have to take dual custody.” Richie nods, as if the deal is done. “You can be the mom, and you’ll take her for holidays!”

“Why am I the mom?” Eddie complains, but Richie just keeps going.

“I’ll be the piss poor dad who takes her to the park and arrives late for conferences.”

“If you do that, I’m taking full custody.” Eddie says.

Richie gasps, and clutches the kitten to his chest. “How could you! This is our child! I thought you loved me!”

Eddie, despite himself, lets out a chuckle. Richie lays back and lets her crawl up his chest.

“I like Olivia.” He says, staring down at his chest. “For a name, I mean.”

Eddie walks forward, and reaches a hand out to rest on Olivia’s spine. “I like that.” He runs his fingers over the curve of her back, and watches her arch into it, purring. “And… maybe I’ll help you take care of her.” He flicks his eyes up at Richie, who’s watching him with a soft smile.

“What?” Eddie grumbles.

“Nothing,” Richie says, wrenching his eyes away. He scratches Olivia behind the ears.

“Just… you look happy.”


Zoe: … and at one point, I asked, I was like, ‘do you have the guard?’ and he was like, ‘no, I don’t have it, but don’t worry!’ … I won’t kick you hard, but I forget! Because you’re like, in the moment, and I whacked him! … Oh! And – And I just, I just felt his – his chest cavity, like –

Chris: She felt my spine – through my stomach!!

Manga: Date says Amuro was as nice as Takagi.

My brain: you know what I’m thinking…

Me: Please don’t.



It Started With A Treehouse (G.D.)

I havent written any Grayson smut in forever soooooo here take this garbage lmao

@scuteedolans @dangly-feather-earring-dolan @pinksnapbackbullshit

              Ethan, Grayson, and I had been inseparable for our entire lives. We grew up as neighbors, the twins ran into my backyard and climbed into my tree house scaring the hell out of me when we were five years old and the rest is pretty much history. Our parents became friends, we went on vacations together, we were babysat together, and we got along great so we basically grew up in each other’s pockets. As we got older the twins grew like weeds and bulked up quite a bit. There was no denying that they were handsome young men, I just wasn’t attracted to either of them. Or so I thought.

                As time went on, I realized a little part of me always loved Grayson a little bit more than Ethan. I always gave in to him, whether it be where we went to eat or what game we played. All he had to do was look up at me through the thick fringe of his eyelashes with those big hazel puppy dog eyes and my resolve would crumble in an instant. His face would split into a beautiful grin, flashing his brilliant white teeth, and I’d melt. Of course, to his face I would scoff and pretend to be irritated but I was never really upset. I don’t think I ever could be.

               It was late on Saturday night, and my phone rang with a text message.

*Group Chat*

G: hey sluts, movie night?

E: first off, rude. second, no.

Me: why not E? hot date tonight?! Lmaooooo

G: yeah right, Y/N. maybe with his left hand.

Me: EW


G: suuuuuure ya could buddy.

E: I don’t see you on many dates dear brother so….


G: you two are the worst

E: aww ya sad now?

Me: yeah gray, ya gonna cry?

G: fuck offfffff. Is anyone coming to watch this fucking movie with me or what????

E: I already said no, dingus. I’m sleeping at Aaron’s house tonight

G: so you DO have a hot date!

Me: don’t let things get too sexy tonight E!

E: you are both monsters.

Me: gray I’m in for a movie if you want. As long as its nothing that sucks.

G: do my choices ever suck?????

Me: um remember the 4th of july with the twizzlers and half a bottle of fireball???


Me: mhmmmmmm

G: I came out to have a good time and im honestly feeling so attacked right now.

E: gray that was lame

Me: you are LITERALLY a living meme

G: yeah but you love me baby!

E: I don’t!

Me: yeah yeah whatever I’ll be over in 5


               I put my phone in my pocket before I slipped my shoes on. I called out to my mother to let her know where I was going on my way out the door. I walked across the driveway and into the Dolan’s front yard. I didn’t bother knocking and I just walked inside. I knew everyone else was gone because the only car in the driveway was Grayson’s. That’s when reality hit. I was alone with him in this big house. Why the fuck was it so hard to breathe all of a sudden? I needed to relax and act normal. I could not let my minor crush come bubbling to the surface right this very second.

               “GRAYSON BAILEY DOLAN WHERE YOU AT?!” I shouted from the front hallway. “I’M IN HERE!” I heard him yell in response from the living room. I grinned and started running. When I hit the living room I dove over the arm of the couch and tackled Grayson onto the cushions. “Y/N what the hell girl?! Are you tryin to kill me?” He said while laughing. His laughter shook my body as I was still on top of him. “You know I like to make an entrance.” I said while climbing off of him. I flopped onto the couch next to him with my feet in his lap. “Go ahead G, fire it up!” He chuckled while pressing play on the remote.

               About an hour into the movie, I started to get tired and uncomfortable because of the way I was sitting. Grayson’s large hand wrapped around my ankle. Still staring at the screen, he said “Stop squirming.” My heartbeat quickened just a little and I let out a fake irritated sigh. He patted his thigh and said “Come on.” I smiled a little and rearranged myself so my head was resting in his lap. Grayson knew this was my favorite way to lay but he also knew I always fell asleep like this too. Sure enough he started stroking my hair and in a matter of minutes I was asleep.

               About an hour later I started to wake up but Grayson was still stroking my hair so I didn’t open my eyes. Call me selfish but it was soothing and I didn’t want him to stop. I cracked one eye open and his phone was close enough to my face that I could read his texts. Now I didn’t want to spy but teasing Gray was kinda my favorite thing and if there was something funny in his texts I could use against him, you can bet your ass I would. He was texting Ethan and the hand that wasn’t stroking my hair, was flying over his keyboard.  It took all of my strength not to shiver while reading his conversation.

G: e I need help

E: whats up bro?

G: im freaking out. Y/N’s head is in my lap

E: dude this isn’t new. she does that all the time

G: e you KNOW this is different. You know how I feel about her!

E: yeah and that’s why I went to Aarons! Man up!

G: I don’t know what to do! God damn it I want to touch her so bad

E: okay well don’t be weird about it. Just like touch her arm or something idk man!

G: ethan you have no idea what she does to me I cant fucking breathe rn

E: well im going to leave you to it FIGURE IT OUT BUD!




               He clicked the power button on his phone and threw it onto the other side of the couch, and his head dropped back, a sigh escaping his lips. Now that I knew he wanted me just as bad as I wanted him, I pulled the courage from inside of me and decided that I was going to make the move to go further. I pretended to still be asleep and I rolled over so my face was inches from his toned stomach. I could hear him gasp above me and I bit back a grin. I stretched out like a cat as his hand ran down my spine. I slowly dragged my hand over the growing bulge in Grayson’s jeans. A groan spilled from his lips and I could feel his body tense up. I slowly blinked my eyes open and grinned up at him. “Are you sure sweetheart? Because if we do this, you gotta be sure.” He asked quietly. I could see the hope shining in his eyes and a shy grin appeared on his face as I nodded.

               As soon as he had confirmation that I was okay with this, a fire ignited in his eyes and his hand traveled down between my thighs. He began rubbing small tight circles over my clit through my leggings. All reasonable thought flew out of my head at the feeling of his fingers on my most sensitive area. My hips bucked against his hand and moans spilled from my lips. “These need to come off.” Grayson said, pulling at my pants. I stood up and removed my leggings, feeling exposed. “C’mere baby.” He said, grabbing my hips and pulling me into his lap.

               Grayson tucked his head into my neck and nipped at the sensitive skin. My hips began to grind down onto his thick thigh and I couldn’t control my sighs as my clit rubbed against the denim of his jeans. At this point I was so turned on I couldn’t see straight. “Fuck baby. You like riding my thigh? Does that feel good?” Grayson growled, his hands guiding my hips back and forth on his leg. “Yes! Hngg-oh my god Grayson!” I whined out. One of his hands left my hip and snaked down to rub me through my panties. He pushed them to the side and sank 2 thick fingers into me. I gasped at the intrusion and he grinned me, knowing exactly what he was doing to me. I tipped my head down and sealed my lips with his. He pumped his fingers in and out of my dripping center and my mouth fell open. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and I could feel that heat coiling in my belly.

               Grayson withdrew his fingers from my pussy and brought them up to my mouth. I sucked his index finger into my mouth, wrapping my tongue around the thick digits. I looked into his eyes as I continued sucking and he let out a low hiss.

               “That’s it. Enough fucking around.” He growled as he flipped me onto my back. Grayson stood up and unbuckled his pants, yanking them down along with his boxers. He pushed my knees apart and settled between my thighs. “Please Grayson. I need you.” I whined, on the brink of tears. “Shh don’t cry baby. Daddy knows what you need.” He whispered, lining his length up with my entrance. He pushed into me slowly, giving me time to adjust to his size.

               Grayson pulled out almost all the way and slammed back in, an animalistic sound ripping out of my throat. He began thrusting into me at a near punishing pace and I couldn’t contain the sounds spilling from my lips. “Please Daddy! God you feel so good! I can’t hold on!” I screamed. “Yeah that’s right baby. Tell me how good you feel. Tell me how much you need my cock.” Grayson grunted into my ear, his warm breathe fanning over my heated skin. “Ugh-Gray you feel so good inside me. Your cock is the best I’ve ever had! I’m gonna come!” I whimpered in response.

               His hand gently tightened around my throat, beginning to cut off my air supply. He kept thrusting quickly, his face twisting and contorting as he chased his release. His hand kept tightening around my throat and the air was getting thinner and thinner. The lack of oxygen made my blood feel like it was boiling and my clit was throbbing. Just as my vision started to darken Grayson removed his hand and used it to rub my clit in tight circles as I sucked in a huge breath. The sudden intake of oxygen mixed with his touches threw me right over the edge as I exploded around him. “FUCK!” Grayson shouted into the empty room as my pussy continued to flutter around him. After another half dozen powerful thrusts he stilled inside me as his orgasm washed over him. After he spilled his seed inside me, he collapsed on top of me, his head on my chest.

               “Wow. Y/N do you know how I’ve wanted this? How long I’ve wanted you?” He whispered into my damp skin. I ran my fingers through his messy hair and whispered back “I’m guessing, as long as I’ve wanted you?” He was quiet before responding. “Y/N please don’t tell me this was a one time thing? I want you to be mine. Like, forever ya know?” Grayson said, lifting his head to look me in the eyes. I cradled his face in my hand. “I’ve been yours since you and your idiot brother stormed my treehouse when we were five years old Grayson Bailey Dolan. I’m not going anywhere.”


Author: dr_girlfriend

Summary: It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single alpha in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a mate.

Whether or not Derek Hale felt that way was hardly a concern to the neighborhood — the very fact of his arrival was enough that the surrounding families seemed to consider him the rightful property of one or another of their eligible sons and daughters. That was, of course, before they met the man.

Info: 16k | Teen | Pride and Prejudice AU

Notes: YEEEEEEEEEES, A P&P AU! I’m a sucker for everything Pride and Prejudice and when I find a Sterek AU, it’s an immediate read! This one is the perfect balance between an original story and the book/movie I love. If you’re a fan, you’ll certainly identify some lines by heart but the plot isn’t exactly the same and all the changes that were made just fit perfectly. Also, it’s pretty great to rec one of our most present followers, that helps us find your favorite fics. -C

Sneak Peek:

Lydia flicked her hair back, preening.  “All three of them are filthy rich and unmarried, and every eligible man and woman in the neighborhood is determined to land at least one of them, sight unseen.”

“Present company excluded, of course,” Stiles snarked.

“Well, I don’t know about you, Stiles,” Lydia sniffed.  “Maybe you’ve been spending every night since you heard, dreaming about a virile alpha werewolf sweeping you off your feet…”  

Stiles shoved her, ignoring the frisson of heat that raced up his spine at her words.  “I like my feet firmly on the ground, thank you Lyds,” he sniped.  “And if I’m excited at anything, it’s the thought of what information they might be able to give us to help Scott.  You know he still has trouble some moons, and the few books on lycanthropy I’ve managed to get my hands on are probably nothing compared to the kind of stuff an ancient werewolf pack might have.”

It’s probably one of the cheesiest things he’s ever heard but it doesn’t stop Yuuri from blushing head to toe as Victor whispers a love poem to him during one of their free afternoons.

They’re supposed to be watching TV, some sort of Russian telenovela that Yuuri can only understand because Victor keeps murmuring English translations in his ear, but somewhere along the part where the main actress has pushed someone down the stairs, the translations turned poetic and tender and Victor comes to a stop punctuated by a butterfly-soft kiss on his jaw.

Yuuri whirls around, wide-eyed and red-faced, slapping a hand over his ear.

“W-What was that?” He stammers, gesturing at…whatever Victor just did. The remote slips from his grip and Yuuri yelps, fumbles to catch it but it thuds dully against the carpeted floor and startles Makkachin who was sleeping at their feet.

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anonymous asked:

You've written quite a lot about Shiro's flexibility - do you think he could do the splits? How would the other paladins react to this? <3

Man, they’d find that out almost immediately.

‘Cause Shiro is So Damn Serious about stretching before exercise.  He’s not going to let them hurt themselves at training because they didn’t properly prepare themselves.  If they try and skimp out, he will literally stand over them and watch until they’re stretched to his satisfaction.  Do not test him on this.

But that also means Shiro participates and gets himself warmed up too.  Since Shiro is already a pretty bendy guy, for him to get actually loose, and can get a bit… more.

The first time it became a Topic was when Shiro bent his leg back until his heel touched the back of his head.

“I didn’t know spines could move like that in real life,” Pidge noted, looking up from trying to touch her toes.  Her fingers were still hanging a stubborn inch above.  “I thought it was only in movies.”

Lance’s brows rose in interest.  “Can you teach me to do that?  Seems like a desirable trait, if you know what I mean.”

“I don’t want to know what you mean,” Keith replied flatly.

“We’re not gunna have to do that, right?” Hunk asked, eyes narrowed. “I know this is training, but it’s gunna take a lot more than a day’s practice to get me doing that.”

Shiro shrugged smoothly, as if he wasn’t folding his body nearly in half.  “No, no one has to learn to do this.  If you really want to, Lance, I can show you some stretches to help.  But this isn’t something I expect you to pick up in a week.”  He dropped his leg, then leaned backwards until his spine cracked.

Lance considered.  “Can you do a split?”

For a moment, Shiro tilted his head.  Then he moved his left leg forward and his right leg back, his arms folded at the small of his back.  He continued at a steady pace until his thighs were flush to the floor, still without so much as touching down with his hands for balance.  Then he shrugged.

“Yeah, definitely not doing that,” Hunk snorted.  “If I pushed you, would you fall over?”

Shiro stared back flatly.  “You’re welcome to try it.  I don’t recommend it.”

“Hmm, pass,” Hunk decided.

Pidge grinned and stepped forward.  “Can you get up without using your hands?”

Considering, Shiro nodded.  “I should be able to.  I could before.”  

“How about now?”  With that, Pidge wrapped an arm around his shoulders and clung to his back like a backpack.  For a moment, Shiro grasped at the air, struggling to regain his balance.  But then he caught himself, and with only a few moments of hesitation, managed to get on his toes and push himself up.

From her position four feet off the ground, Pidge whooped.  “Useful information.  If we ever need to, you can just carry me around.”

“How about no,” Shiro replied.  “You can use your own legs.  Down, now?”  When Pidge nodded, he bent at the knees so she could climb back off.

Keith snorted.  “Does that mean it’s time to start, if you’re done showing off?”

“Shiro’s not showing off!”  Lance defended loyally, scowling at Keith.  “He’s just-”  Then he paused, looking Shiro over.  “You were totally showing off, weren’t you?”

Shiro only grinned back.

The First Date. {Charene}

Part 1 of my new mini-series, which will cover the milestones of Chaol and Yrene’s happily ever after, starting with their first date. I love this couple, and I cannot wait to read more about them! So, naturally, I had to write about them, first.

I hope you all enjoy. Let me know what you think! :)

Originally posted by lifeismymiracle

Chaol’s hand trembled as it reached for the doorbell.

She was too good for him, that much he knew with what little he knew of Yrene Towers. She was beautiful, with her curly, brown hair and tanned, slender frame. She walked with a confidence Chaol had never seen, even with the scar that draped across her neck.

So, naturally, he was nervous as he stood on her threshold.

He had worn his best jeans, the only pair he owned without any rips or stains, and a fitted button-down shirt that he had purchased only hours before, along with some cologne he was hoping he didn’t put too much of on.

He thought he smelled pretty good. As for his appearance? Well, at least he’d brushed his hair.

With a deep breath, he pressed the doorbell, sending a buzzzzzzz into the air around him.

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Give us all the angst. Wait- no that's too much angst. Put some of that back. Please we're begging you give us some fluff. Please, my queen, have mercy.

Wellllll… I DID just graduate. I guess you can have a little fluff. Just while I’m celebrating ;)

The problem with “I love you”

     There were a lot of things Keith didn’t get about Lance. He didn’t get how one person could have so many words that seemed to bubble out of him constantly, like froth on a beer glass overflowing. He didn’t get how the guy could almost die and ten minutes later be making a joke about mice. He didn’t get why he flirted so easily and openly with people everywhere they went, alien species or no. He really didn’t get why he was so hell bent on insisting he was Keith’s rival. But the thing that drove him insane was how often Lance said “I love you.”

     Keith had a distant memory of his father, tucking him into bed late at night, giving him a kiss on forehead, and murmuring, “I love you, big guy.” There had been no “I love you”s from his foster families throughout the years. There certainly hadn’t been one from the boy with the clumsy hands who’d stuck his fat, wet tongue in Keith’s mouth in an alley behind the school when they were barely thirteen. There had not even been one from Shiro when Keith had hugged him tight before the Kerberos mission, the careful wall he’d built up across the years crumbling in the face of losing his mentor and his brother, the one person he’d learned to trust, for almost twenty months.

     He had gotten exactly three “I love you”s from Lance since Blue had hurled them through a wormhole, and it was driving him up the wall.

    The first one had come when Lance had slipped and fallen while training solo with the gladiator and nearly been sliced in half. He’d been so busy dodging away from the gladiator’s sword that he hadn’t been able to catch his breath enough to shout the command to end the training session. Keith had walked in, saw what was happening, and called out the command for him. Lance collapsed back in relief and a puddle of sweat, and said, “Oh my God, Keith, you are my savior, I love you.”

     It had gone up his spine like a jolt of electricity and left him hanging speechless in the doorway, because just two days ago, Hunk had made the first meal they’d had since coming to space that wasn’t food goo by scrounging Arusian ingredients. Lance had taken one bite, groaned in pleasure, and declared his love for Hunk to the world. So why the hell was he now saying it to Keith? To cover his confusion, he backed out of the room before Lance could sit up, and then turned tail and ran.

     He quickly realized that Lance lavished “I love you”s on anyone and everyone that made him happy. The words held no special weight to him. He never saved them or cherished them, but dropped them freely and enthusiastically – which was, in fairness, how he behaved with everything. Pidge figured out how to hook up that game she and Lance had bought at the space mall so they could play it? “Pidge, you absolute beauty, I love you.” Shiro told them his plan for attacking a Galra ship? “Shiro, you’re my hero and I love you, but we are all going to die.” Hunk fixed that odd, aggravating squeaking in Blue’s back left leg? “Hunk, you genius, you paragon of kindness, I love you.” Keith got Lance away from a weird little alien with too many arms and legs that was so excited to meet an actual Paladin of Voltron that it had literally latched onto his leg and would not let go? “Keith, thank God, I love you.”

     That second time, Keith had just gritted his teeth and hadn’t responded, but as soon as they were back to the Castle he’d made some hurried, garbled excuse and dashed away. It didn’t seem to bother any of the others, and Keith hated how it got to him. It was just that he didn’t know what the hell he was supposed to do when Lance said it. Was he supposed to say it back? Did he just ignore it? Did it mean anything to him at all? Did the way Keith’s heart flapped like a hummingbird inside his chest when he heard Lance say those words matter to him? How was he supposed to know if it did?

     The third time, Keith snapped.

     “Don’t say that!”

      Lance jumped, splashing water everywhere, his head dunking briefly under, and he reemerged gasping and blinking in confusion, snorting out the water that had gone up his nose. Keith, swallowing all semblance of pride and rivalry, had muttered to Lance that they never had gotten their swim in, and he’d asked Allura how to flip the room so it would function like an Earth pool. Lance had been in the elevator in a swimsuit so fast Keith didn’t have any time to prepare or get there before him. The sight of his bare back brought back an uncomfortably visceral memory of its warmth pressed against his own. Keith choked on the regret of every decision he had ever made that had brought him to this point. They’d gotten to the pool in awkward silence, and the cool stillness of the water had drained the tension from the room. Lance had been floating on his back, looking utterly at peace, his eyes fluttering closed, when he had said it, sounding almost half asleep: “Keith, this was the best idea. I love you.”

     Now he was staring at him, dark blue eyes wide and upset, and Keith had to fight the urge to sink below the surface of the water and never come back up again.

     “What did I say?” he asked, sounding small. Shame burned Keith’s lungs like acid, but he couldn’t stand it anymore.

     “‘I love you’! You’re always goddamn saying ‘I love you.’ How the hell can you just— how can you just throw that around like it means nothing at all? What am I supposed to do when you say it?” Lance had dipped down so low in the water that only his nose, his eyes, and his forehead were still visible. “Don’t just say ‘I love you’ and act like nothing’s happened. It might not mean anything to you but it means something to me.” He snapped his mouth shut, feeling the corner of his wall crumbling, and started to scramble for the edge of the pool. Lance shot up out of the water, reached out, and caught his arm.

     “Wait, Keith, wait, please, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize it… that it was that important to you.” Keith stood still, the arm Lance was holding arched behind him, water dripping off his bangs and into his eyes. He refused to turn and look at Lance. “My family says it a lot. We say it to each other all the time. It’s not a momentous occasion for us, it’s just a way of reminding each other that we really care about each other a lot. And, I mean, you guys are kind of my family too, so I just thought…” He trailed off. When he spoke again, it was so quiet Keith barely heard him over the water lapping against the sides of the pool. “I can quit saying it to you, if it upsets you.”

     Keith whipped around, sending little waves rippling out toward Lance, and returned Lance’s grip on his forearm so they were both clutching each other. His eyes locked onto Lance’s and he couldn’t disguise the fear in them. “That’s… not exactly what I want,” Keith said. They stared at each other, the little strip of water an ocean between them. “I just never know what you mean when you say it. How do I know if you’re serious?” Lance chewed the inside of his cheek, considering. He guided Keith over to the edge of the pool and pulled them up so they were sitting with their legs dangling in the water.

     “What if I just… tell you?” he asked.

     “That works,” Keith said breathlessly. They were much too close, his right arm brushing Lance’s left, their knees less than a hair’s breadth from touching.

     “When I said ‘I love you’ I meant that you’ve made my day by suggesting this trip to the pool. I meant that you’ve made me so much happier and relaxed than I’ve been in weeks and thank you so much for that. I meant that when you’re not being an ass, I actually really enjoy your company, so I’m really happy you’re here with me.” Was it Keith’s imagination, or was Lance pressing against his arm more strongly than before? “When else did I say it?” he asked.

     “That time with—” Keith cleared his throat “—that time with the gladiator.” Lance looked up, remembering, and then nodded.

     “Right. That time I meant, Keith knows what to do, thank God he’s here, thank God he’s not just going to stand there and laugh at me for getting my ass beat, thank God you really do care about me, somewhere in there.” He gave a self-deprecating smile, and paused. “Is that why you ran out of the training room after that happened?” Their knees were touching. Keith didn’t know whether he or Lance had initiated it but neither of them were moving away, despite Keith’s best instincts.

     “Yeah,” he said. He swallowed. “Sorry about that.” Lance shook his head.

     “I should have asked. Was there another time?”

     “Just one. With that alien in the mall.” Lance laughed, and Keith tried not to notice the way his laugh vibrated through him.

     “That time I meant, I’m not sure I’ve ever been happier to see that stupid mullet. I meant, I thought I was never getting out of there, and I feel like a damsel who’s been rescued by his knight in shining armor.” They were looking at each other now, their faces much too close for comfort. The whites of Lance’s eyes shimmered with the reflected light of the pool. “Can I say it again?”

     “Say…” Keith couldn’t find the breath to finish the sentence, but Lance seemed to take it as confirmation.

     “I love you, and I mean, I care about you and I’m pretty sure at this point that you care about me, and that means the world to me. And I mean, having you on this team has turned out to be incredible and we never could have gotten this far without you. And I mean, I love that stupid mullet and your stupidly beautiful eyes and… and I…” Lance faltered, starting to pull away. “Sorry, that was dumb, I’ve— I’m— Um…” Keith dropped his hand over Lance’s, and with the other, grabbed his cheek, pulled his face back close, and kissed him hard. Drops of water from Lance’s upper lip pressed onto his own skin, sending a delicious shiver down his spine as his eyes drifted closed. Lance freed his captured hand and shoved his fingers through Keith’s mullet, pushing his head down and closer, while his other hand found Keith’s thigh and squeezed. Keith brought his hand up and ran it across the warm, smooth expanse of Lance’s back, pulling his whole body closer until they were pressing into one another over their legs. Lance’s tongue slipped inside Keith’s mouth, running along the inside of his cheek.

     A shudder from the castle broke their embrace by knocking them both off the edge back into the water to rise sputtering and red in the face. Keith sank down so only his eyes were above the water, staring at Lance uncertainly. Lance grinned sheepishly, running a hand through his hair, and Keith felt a smile stretching his cheeks underwater. Lance reached down, grabbed his hands, and pulled him to his feet. He pressed his lips briefly to Keith’s once more. They stood for a moment, waist-deep in water, hands clasped between them, foreheads touching, both their faces hot with embarrassment and pleasure, half laughing at the absurdity of it all.

     “We’ll talk later,” Lance said finally. “Right now they probably need their expert defense drones on the bridge.” Keith gasped out a laugh, trying to think about walking down in front of everyone without saying a word about what had just happened.

     “Is talking the only thing we’ll do later?” he asked. Lance squeezed his hands so tight it was almost painful.

     “Not if it’s up to me,” he promised.

     “Then let’s go,” Keith said. He turned to climb out of the pool, but Lance kept hold of one of his hands, yanking him back. Keith looked at him.

     “Hey Keith, you don’t have to say it back anytime soon, but you should know: I love you. And if you’re still worried about how to react—” Keith didn’t let him finish, but instead kissed him fiercely and briefly. When he pulled back, Lance looked dazed. “…That option is fine by me,” he said. Keith chuckled, and then pulled Lance out.

     “Let’s go carry the team,” he said. Lance grinned at him.

     “You got it.”