i like his purple and leopard one the best

cheetoswithchopstiks  asked:

Imagine after the serum, Steve secretly falls in love with wearing a lot of bright colors after being colorblind his whole life

There was never much chance to dress up during the war but the twenty-first century is apparently the world of opportunity, so Steve lets Natasha introduce him to online shopping a few months after the Chitauri invasion. They haven’t been working together long and Steve doesn’t trust spies, but Natasha is friendly enough. And very disapproving of Steve’s wardrobe. He’s fine with that. He disapproves of the cost of everything. The sale section is still expensive, if you ask him, but it’s where he buys everything anyway. Being frugal never hurt.

He’s not entirely pleased to find Natasha on his living room floor the day his clothes arrive. He’s also not exactly surprised to find she’s already opened the packages and now there are articles of clothing all over the place.

“These are kind of garish,” Natasha says, in lieu of a greeting. She holds up a rainbow of identical shirts. “I didn’t picture you as a neon sort of man. Did you dress like this before the war?”

“I don’t know,” Steve says honestly. He has to admit the lime green shirt was maybe not his best investment but he picks up a rosy pink one, admiring the feel of it between his fingers. “I was colourblind.”

“That was in the file. I forgot,” Natasha says absently, lifting a pair of blue leopard print socks out of the piles of clothes strewn around her. “Nice socks.”

Steve pulls up the leg of his pants so she can see the purple and green striped ones he’s already wearing.

Natasha snorts. “Well it’s a start. Now you just need to stop wearing khakis and embrace lower waistbands.”

Steve looks at his khakis, belted across his stomach. “What’s wrong with my waistband?”

“So much,” she sighs. “Did you know there are coloured jeans now? Denim isn’t just blue.”

Steve looks at her suspiciously and she grins, already pulling something up on her smartphone to show him. He has the feeling he’s not done spending money on this yet.