i like his name okay


camisado // panic! at the disco

The One Where Jack Collects Cats

Happy (Belated) Birthday @50-points-for-ravenclaw!!! This is pretty silly but well, I obviously can’t write anything else. 

“Hey honey.”

Jack can’t help but smile at the sound of Bitty’s voice and the sight of his smiling face, even though his heart aches to reach through the computer screen and touch him. This is enough though, for now, and he can just imagine the feel of flushed skin beneath his palms, soft hair and lithe muscles.

“Hey, how was your day?”

“Oh,” Bitty sighs, and Jack can see the heaviness to his eyes that means he needs sleep. It’s midterms, and if Jack wasn’t so selfish, he’d insist that Bitty get some rest or study instead of spending an hour talking to him. But god, he needs this. “It was long, you know, we had practice this morning - Ransom seems to have decided that good captains force us to practice at ungodly hours of the morning.” Jack smirks in the face of Bitty’s glare, pleased when his skin starts to light up a bit. “And then, oh lord, I can’t believe I forgot about this! Nursey was singing to Dex in the showers, I wasn’t really paying attention to be quite honest, and then Chowder starting yelling and came running out of there, the poor child’s face was so red, he couldn’t even string a sentence together, but when me and Holster ran back there everything seemed to be normal. Dex was bright red, but well now, that one is always blushing about something, and Nursey was just doing his usual thing. I don’t know what’s going on with those boys but I am really starting to get sick of this tension.”

“Dex has a crush on Nurse,” Jack says, freezing when he catches movement out of the corner of his eye. Uh oh. Act natural Zimmermann.

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I totally forgot about Jarett and then suddenly he appears again and damn, I think Gilmore and Jarett would be an awesome pair …?

a few days ago at work i had to cut this man’s hair and like… he was easily in his 50s and talking abt “what’s that word they use for people who are sensitive abt everything? oh. right. special snowflakes.”

i could barely process the amount of secondhand embarrassment i felt. it must be pretty depressing to be that old and get most of your news from reactionary subreddits

listen i came out of hiding to let you all know watch dogs 2 is the best game forever and there needs to be more fanart for josh

I saw a post in the jjba tag about a week or so ago, that said something like 

“Why do most people hate Anasui but like Yukako? they’re basically the same character! If Anasui was a lesbian I bet everyone would like him then uwu" 

I’ve been thinking about it lately and it’s like… honey… Yukako actually becomes a better person after the incident (or at least, she stops being a destructive asshole towards Koichi), Koichi accepts her and returns her feelings, and they become a cute and happy couple. 

Anasui on the other hand never gets over his obsession with Jolyne, or his hostility at anyone that tries to get close to her, and Jolyne never returns his feelings so their relationship goes nowhere… 

And there’s the fact that Anasui’s a murderer and is fairly older than Jolyne; the latter doesn’t REALLY matter since Jolyne is of legal age, but still: his situation with Jolyne is very obviously different from Yukako’s. 

…This doesn’t have anything to do with gender either? I’ve seen plenty of people who dislike Yukako because of how her kidnapping thing was never properly resolved, and plenty of people still love Anasui anyway, just like how terrible characters like all of the villains are adored in the fandom.


Ahh yes, let me get mad about something that’s going to be my thief codename but shorter


couldn’t decide which one i liked better so y’all can have both

might post a close-up of vax’s armor later ( ᐛ)

mmmmmhMMM SO I drew fell ara well tried to design and here it isss

he is not a happy kid, you can guess who most those cracks and such came from, yup yup fell bear kid-

this poor kid has so much wrong with him-