i like his jacket too :)


Mystic Messenger x Cheese in the Trap Crossover

I (horribly) attempted to try and draw MM characters in one of my favorite art styles, which is Soonkki’s, who created the webtoon: Cheese in the Trap. I’m very influenced by their style, especially with how I draw eyes and expressions. So yeah, when I was playing through Zen and Jumin’s route, I can’t help but see some parallels between some MM characters and CiTT, so I’ve been wanting to try and draw them in Soonkki’s style for a while… but I kind of… butchered it lmao.

So once upon a time I drew this drawing of Fili that I thought I’d paint with watercolours because at the time it was a really good idea. Then I realized it was a bad idea and I ruined the picture THE END ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

…Anyhoo, just that one drawing of Fili I put up a few weeks or so back that I decided I’d paint. It didn’t come out how I wanted at all, altho I don’t think it’s as bad as I originally thought.  The shading on his hair did NOT come out how I wanted and the colour was a lot darker then I had expected it to be. This was done rather quickly when I decided it wasn’t turning out. ( ≧Д≦)

I sorta like how the colours on his face came out, tho. But, meh. Oh, and terrible scan, too.

Character design for BD STANDSWAP Event  –   Raffaello Capitani and their stand 「Golden Liar」

Mainly goes by they/them/their or he/him/his.

Raffaello is a very charming, intelligent, charismatic, and cunning person, that’s known to be polite and good with words. Most people besides close friends don’t know that they’re a real jokester, prankster, and a scheme-er that totally gets a kick out of casually/secretly messing with and manipulating people, especially close friends, and can get pretty sarcastic if they feel like it. (Sometimes their sarcasm can get so realistic to the point that it doesn’t sound sarcasm and you actually start taking them seriously) 

Raffaello is currently around their early/mid-twenties and is graduating from a prestigious university, mastering in business & economics. Their aspiration is to tear down Passione from the inside-out and rebuild it. If you’ve ever seen 91 Days, think Angelo but less destructive/vengeful and with a desire for power. They are currently low ranking in Passione but working their way up.

Raffaello is always interested in finding recruits to join him in taking over Passione, especially with all of the oddly familiar people floating around recently.

Feel free to send him or his stand questions!

Stand info under the cut.

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Professor Evans (8/?)

Summary: Chris and Y/N finally go on their first date and it’s the cutest thing ever. 

Pairings: Professor!Chris x Student!Reader 

Word Count: 2,600 

Warnings: None Too much fluff? Probably

A/N: Thank you guys for being so patient with me, I love you all! A shoutout out to @jennylovelyheart for helping me out with some ideas, you da best. If you guys have any drabble requests for these two just send them in and I’ll get to them. 

*Y/F/N= Your Friends Name

Professor Evans Masterlist 

Feedback is welcome and is much appreciated ♡

Originally posted by cevansnews

The two stuck to their plan of letting Y/N take charge of making plans and it was she who planned their first date. She made sure it wasn’t anything that was extreme but something simple and something special; so she decided on a restaurant that was popular but wasn’t too expensive. After she texted him with all the details of the date and agreeing with him coming to pick her her up, she started to panic as she stood in her closet that seemed to have nothing for her to wear. Each time she would go for a dress it would be either too simple or too fancy making her want to throw all her clothes and buy all new clothes. She sighed staring down at the mess she made, wishing she could call her friend for help but knew she would have to tell her who the date was. Or maybe she didn’t.

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I’ll Make It Up To You

Pairing: Luke x Female Reader

Word Count: 844

Warning: Cursing? I mean I literally wrote “fuck” once…

Requested: Yes!

Masterlist x Requests

I had SO MUCH FUN writing this. I may or may not have done the work I was supposed to do today but I regret nothing. Sorry if it sucks. Thank you to the Anon who requested, and feel free to shoot me some requests! Hope you like it!

I love my best friend, I really do, but I am feeling increasingly less affectionate towards him as today progresses. I get that he’s Luke Hemmings, ooh aah, but I don’t think requesting one day of his time is too much. We were supposed to meet up at 11, and its currently 2 pm and there’s no sign of Luke. Now I’m little mad, because I remember him mentioning that we were supposed to head to the venue around 3, which means he has officially blown off our entire day together. I grab a cab and head for the venue, because I’ll honestly take whatever time I can get with him. I walk up to the ticket counter and flash my backstage pass. I make my way to the backstage and pull on the handle…but its locked? I try it again, but to no avail. I’m officially mad. First he blows me off, and then he clearly forgets to tell the guards that I’m coming. Great. I sit on the edge of the sidewalk outside the door, even though its cold, wet, and windy as hell. I’m so angry that my entire face is hot. After an hour of freezing my ass off outside, I’m about to leave, but I hear a familiar voice call my name. “Y/N? Y/N is that you?” I look up to see Luke and Calum walking towards me, and I feel my anger build all over again. Luke goes in for a hug but I duck under his outstretched arm and go for Calum instead. I hug Calum tightly, burying my face into his chest and squeezing my eyes shut. I feel him hug me back after a second, and his body vibrates with an awkward chuckle. “Uh, okay. Hey there Y/N.” He says. “Hi Calum,” I reply softly, my voice muffled by his jacket. I stand like that for way too long, and I don’t bother to move until I hear Luke clear his throat loudly. “When you’re done smothering Calum, we can go in.” I raise my head and give Luke a dirty look before turning back to Calum. “Yeah, it’s cold. Let’s go.” I grab Calum’s hand and pull him towards the door, snatching the keys from Luke on my way. “Oh. Oh okay.” Calum says softly, allowing me to pull him along. I grip Calum tightly as we walk down the long hallway, asking him questions to keep him talking and keep Luke quiet. I glance back, and Luke looks angrier than I’ve ever seen him before. I hear Michael and Ashton’s voices coming from an open door, but I feel a hand grab me before I can follow Calum into the room. I turn and face Luke, and his blue eyes are full of fire. “What the fuck was that?” Luke growls. “Since when are you so excited to see Calum?” I glare at him, not saying a word. “Really? Not going to say anything, huh?” he prompts, but I still stay quiet. Luke scoffs and paces back and forth, running his hand through his hair. “You know what? I’m kind of offended, Y/N. I haven’t seen you in months and your way of greeting me was clinging to my best mate like a magnet. It was like I didn’t even exist. I had no idea that you liked Calum that much. Honestly I thought you’d be a little bit excited to see me.” He says angrily. My nostrils flare and I feel my ears heat up from my built-up anger. “You’re mad? Seriously? We were supposed to meet up today at fucking 11 am and you forgot!” I yell back. “Not only did you forget, but you didn’t bother to text me back or return my calls! What, is it so hard to send a fucking text message Luke? Really??” I’m so angry that my hands are shaking. “And to top it all off, I had sit outside freezing my ass off because you forgot to tell the guards I was coming! So please tell me again how angry you are that I was more excited to see Calum than I was to see you.” Luke’s eyes are wide now, and I’m guessing he only just realized that we had made plans. “Yeah, yup. We had plans buddy!” I scoff and laugh humorlessly. I wait for him to say something, but he’s silent, simply staring at his feet. “Do you like him?” he asks softly. I think I must’ve misheard him. “What?” I ask. “Do you like Calum?” he asks again. “Oh my god Luke! This isn’t even about Calum! This is about you and your obvious lack of consideration! Did it even occur to you as to why I’m so mad about this? I don’t remember making plans to spend my day with Calum today, I made the plans with you goddammit! I c-“ Luke grabs my face and smashes his lips onto mine, shutting me up. “I’m sorry.” He whispers. I swallow hard and take a deep breath. He surprised me, and I wasn’t sure how to react. “I’ll make it up to you, I promise.” He says, kissing my cheek and grinning widely. I grin back, and suddenly realize how beautiful his smile is. "Yeah? Well you’ve got a lot of making up to do, Hemmings.”

prompt: hellooo!!! im sorry i keep drOPPING REQUESTS ON U could i pls request clingy and hella protective jaehyun this time? - male nonnie

jsdkfajsl i love this omg
[1,179 words] [fluff]

Jaehyun wasn’t usually a clingy person.

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im finishing some MEP parts and i just stopped and cried because of how horrid i noticed seto is dressed here


and secondly YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO WEAR BLACK WITH BROWN THAT IS JUST THE BASICS OF FASHION ive had enough. like i guess i was just too focused on his big purple jacket to have noticed how BAD his pants are

Just Another Tuesday on Camp Half-Blood (or, Nico’s Sugar-Induced-Extravaganza)

I know most of you probably think of Brazil as Christ the Redeemer, beautiful forests, Girl From Ipanema and samba/carnival, but do you even know what brigadeiro is? Lmao

Paolo can speak English here for plot reasons. Constructive criticism is welcome!

(Nico di Angelo/Will Solace, humor/fluff, general audiences, 1,351 words.)

Will knew something was wrong the moment he saw Nico bouncing to meet him in the infirmary, where he’d been taking care of boring paperwork with only his siblings making him company.

Nico didn’t bounce. He certainly did not jump around the camp with a content smile plastered on his face, as he was doing now.

He most definitely did not run and hug Will without a reason, much less this publicly. 

Will was frightened.

“Hi!” Nico shouted happily. “I ate brigadeiro!”

Will dimly noted that Paolo entered the infirmary and was running toward them, frowning. He also noticed how fast Nico’s heart was beating, but that could be from the running sprint. Still…

“Is that a drug?”

“No, it’s a dessert!” Nico explained, then got out the hug so he could look at Will. His eyes were huge, pupils slightly dilated, and he had a firm grip on Will’s shoulders. “Will, it’s wonderful! And it’s so easy to make! We could eat that everyday!”

“Hm. I doubt that, honey.”

Nico frowned as Paolo reached them.

“I don’t like honey. Or corn.” He mumbled, but by now Will was looking at Paolo, silently demanding an explanation.

“Will, hey. Listen, I think your boyfriend might have had way too much sugar? He ate, like, half a can of condensed milk, and ate almost all the brigadeiro.”

“The dessert.” Will said, dubious that a food could turn Nico into this.

“Yeah, man. It’s harmless, I swear. I just wanted to introduce a little bit of Brazilian culture to camp.”

Nico’s eyes widened and he gasped, shaking Will by the shoulders.

“Will! If we move to Brazil we can eat that everyday!”

“We can’t speak Portuguese, Nico.” Will reminded him, very patient.

“We don’t need Portuguese to eat.” Nico complained, and Will chose not to reply. He just breathed in very deeply, weighing his options.

“…Okay. Okay. I’m gonna put some water in your organism, and then–”

“No!” Nico whined, and it shut Will up. Nico didn’t whine. Or… pout like this. What was even happening? “I’m so full, I can’t drink anything right now.” 

A second later, Nico straightened his back, his eyes wide and bright at whatever idea he’d just had.

“Will!” Nico whispered, then kissed him, his eyes only half-closed. He tasted like milk chocolate.

Will could hear his siblings yelling “woohoo!” and wolf-whistling in the background; undoubtedly, Nico could hear them too, but his boyfriend didn’t seem to mind for once.

This was it. Nico had to be stopped; Will pushed his boyfriend away.

“Hm, lo– Neeks.” He cleared his throat, rummaging his mind for any good ideas. “Uh, let’s… Let’s go to the Hades cabin, yeah? I’ve been meaning to, uh–”

Nico giggled.

Will.” He drawled out. “I know what you’ve been meaning to do.”



Nico hadn’t said it in a quiet voice either, no. He had said it loud enough that Austin and Kayla stopped whatever they were doing and an uncomfortable silence followed.

Shit shit shit.

Rationally speaking, Will knew no one actually thought they were going to do anything other than a kiss on the lips, at most. The entire camp was aware they were probably the chastest couple in history (they were fifteen, for Apollo’s sake!), and that Nico would murder anyone who dared spread false rumors.

But, well, Nico wasn’t exactly himself right now, was he?

And if any rumor reached either Jason or Reyna (or Hazel), Will could start saying farewell to life and deciding what would be engraved on his tombstone.

“Hm–” Will was torn between trying to explain that that was not what Nico meant or throwing his boyfriend over his shoulder and running away from camp forever.

The second option sounded more and more tempting by the minute.

And then Nico threw his hands in the air and yelled:


Okay, Will had to take him out of here before any more of his nerdiness was revealed or Nico would kill him later. He gave a pointed glare toward Kayla and Austin, who promptly tried to pretend their laughter were coughing fits instead. 

Only Nico was fooled.

“Are you okay?” He asked them, frowning. “Maybe you should go see a doctor.”

“They’re fine, Neeks.” Will mumbled, scowling at them one last time before turning back to his boyfriend. “Let’s go.”

“Hey, ho. Let’s go!” Nico started singing, and Will gently dragged him by the arm toward the door. Paolo, who’d been fidgeting, moved out of their way and shot them an apologetic look, but Will would only be able to forgive him after Nico was fine, so he didn’t bother responding.

In one hour, Nico did more than he usually did in a day.

He decided he wanted to climb the lava wall (”I’m gonna fight it, Will. I’m gonna win.”), so he did just that and did a victory dance afterward. Will had never want to record something so badly in his life, but the moment he saw Sherman lifting a camera, he ran and literally kicked the bastard’s ass, confiscating the object.

Sherman, in a rare wise moment, decided not to argue against the person who patched him up almost daily.

Nico kissed him a lot, as well. It felt as good as it was worrying, because Nico usually wasn’t prone public displays of affection. His eyes started watering when Will pushed him away, though, and it was as if all his energy had been sucked away all of sudden, so Will proposed kisses on the cheek for now and it appeased them both.

Nico also had the sudden desire to listen to music out loud, so they went to the thankfully empty Apollo cabin and put Ramones on the speakers. Nico danced (or simply bounced) until he fell face first on the bed, right beside where Will was sitting, promptly giggling and mumbling it was a comfortable place.

He was asleep within a minute, and Will finally allowed himself to sigh and chuckle a little. He knew Nico was adorable, but today had simply been too much.

In a few minutes, he had Nico under a blanket and was caressing his silky hair. The doctor side of him told him to get up and get some water for when his boyfriend woke up. The rest of him ignored that.

Now, Will would never say this out loud (mostly because it would always sound creepy, no matter what words he used), but he loved feeling Nico sleep (…see? Creepy.), in the sense that he could feel his heart beating and the way all his muscles relaxed.

Nico was peaceful, whole, alive, and getting well-deserved rest when he was sleeping. What was there not to love?

Will only wished it was nighttime already so he could sleep until morning. If he took a long nap in the afternoon, he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep later and would risk staying up all night.

So after an hour and a half of wishing he could take a nap even with the sun up, Will gently poked him awake.

“Neeks? Neeks, it’s time to wake up, man.”

Nico hummed.

“Hey, sweetheart. You awake yet?”

“Don’t call me sweetheart.” Nico mumbled without opening his eyes.

Ah, he was awake alright, and back to being annoyed at and inconvenienced by most things. Will smiled.

“You know, I was thinking. Okay, we can’t move to Brazil, maybe we can have our honeymoon there. What do you think?” Will said, seemingly nonchalant, and watched, delighted, as Nico’s face shifted into poorly concealed confusion and panic (mostly panic), then realization.

Will could see the faintest hint of a blush in his boyfriend’s face before he hid it in the mattress and groaned out loud, the sound pained. He knew Will would never let go of his sugar-induced-extravaganza. Good.

Will just laughed.

Needless to say, Nico’s sugar rush was the perfect advertisement for the Brazilian dessert, which ended up being a success in both Camps, even though Will never let anyone (especially his boyfriend) eat too much of it again.

It was for the best.

Way hey, I was going through some drafts and stumbled on this ficlet. I’d been thinking a lot about Carl Sagan at the time – which I feel is something everyone can relate to. 

Title: Wondering About The Stars

Summary: Stan and Ford go star gazing at the end of summer. (summaries are hard)

Notes: It’s a G-rated, old dude first kiss ficlet set at the end of the series. i love first kiss fics so dang much

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  “Dean,” you whispered. He looked up at you from the lore book in front of him, his green eyes boring into yours.

  “What’s up sweetheart?” he asked, reaching for his glass of whiskey on the table. You watched him swirl the amber liquid in his glass before downing the rest, his adams apple bobbing as he swallowed. 

  “Can we take a break?” you inquired. Your eyes were tired, your were starving and you had the worse headache from reading for the last five hours. You wanted nothing more than to eat a good juicy burger and to curl up on the couch watching Dean’s favourite western. Who cared about research?

  “What kind of break are we talking?” he winked, implying just that. You shook your head and for the first time a smile rose on your lips.

  “Food, and maybe a movie?” you grinned.

  “You want me to make you dinner and then cuddle with me afterwards?” He smirked and you shook your head. You wanted nothing more than to be in his arms.

  “I need a hug, Dean,” you frowned, giving him your best puppy dog eyes. 

  “Do you now?” he raised his eye brow. “You want to feel my arms wrapped around you, holding you to my body nice and snuggly?” You nodded your head. You felt kind of stupid. You were a badass hunter who could knock anything on the ground with ease and here you were practically seconds away from begging  him to put his arms around you. You looked down on the table, slightly ashamed of yourself right now. “Sweetheart?” You looked up to see Dean standing next to you, a small smile on his lips as he held his hand out for you to take.

  The second your hand touched his, he pulled you up to a stand position before immediately wrapping his strong arms around you. You practically melted into his arms, burying your face in the crook of his neck. You could smell the strong scent of his cologne, mixed with gunpowder and his leather jacket. He smelled like home.

  “Sometimes I need a hug too,” he assured you, kissing the top of your head.