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mermaid AU instalment 4 aYo

  • oh my god i’m so sorry i’m taking this long 
  • me: i need to finish this and start drabbles (?)
  • also me: literally takes three years to figure out laws of physics in an AU
  • MJ being Sanwoo’s cousin
  • Hangs around Sanwoo all the time
  • Except when Eunwoo started going up to the surface all the time
  • MJ: “ok but where are you going :(”
  • Sanha: “don’t leave us :(”
  • Eunwoo: “you guys play w each other all the time anyway ????? I’m just going up to collect sea glass”
  • Sanha: “ur leaving me alone???? with (whispers) the old one?????”
  • Sanha: talk shit get hit
  • Sanha, rubbing his arm: “ok no but are u going up agAIn to see-”
  • Eunwoo, glaring at Sanha bc he’s about to expOSE EUNWOO
  • Sanha, faltering: “if there’s anymore sea glass left?”
  • MJ: “we can help you look!!!”
  • Eunwoo: “nO”
  • MJ:
  • MJ:
  • MJ, squinting at Eunwoo: “…okAyyyyy”
  • Cue Eunwoo going up to the surface
  • Cue a not-subtle Sanha grabbing onto Eunwoo’s tail and wiggling around and singing in excitement because today Rocko’s going to teach him about what he calls a “guitar”
    • Sanha: “is it the same as a (insert blubbery noise)”
    • Rocko:
    • Rocko:
    • Rocko: “uh I guess ??”
    • Rocko: “ok but how does stuff sound underwater how do sound waves travel do you sound the same underwater as above water how do you record music underwater do you even have recorded music”
    • Sanha:
    • Sanha: “bro
    • Me: “ok you know what this is an au fuck physics”
    • @binsmoon: “LMAO I WAS JUST GONNA SAY”
  • Eunwoo laughing because his brother is so ridiculously excited
  • Cue a slightly subtler MJ ducking behind rocks and peeking suspiciously at Eunwoo & Sanha talking about a rock and a bin (???????)
  • Wtf they have plenty of rocks down there
  • Eunwoo’s entire ceiling is a huge slab of rock
  • Also they don’t exactly have trashbins but like
  • Why go up to the beach
  • To see a bin
  • ?????????????
  • MJ, a poor confused bean,

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14 for those song asks??? (hey hi i like your blog ok bye)

YOU like MY blog??
what a coincidence because I like YOUR blog too ^^

14. a song with a great music video
This is tough because I really like music videos but I struggled trying to think of one that really sticks out to me. Now I could think of LYRIC videos I love for days, but I can’t think of music videos right now…..

“Rust” by Kimberly Freeman. I find that video really pretty and I’m a sucker for Kimberly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I also enjoy just about every Motionless In White video but I talk about them all the time I’m sure everyone is sick of it (and those videos may have offensive stuff in them sometimes ^^;;)


Because every Samifer fan wants Lucifer in the bunker. My general Samifer headcanons can be found here. These can be taken as normal archangel!Lucifer, or human!Lucifer if you wish :3

  • Lucifer sleeps in Sam’s room, obviously. Sam insists it’s both their room and lets Lucifer reorganise/redecorate as he wishes.
  • Lucifer insists on having at least three blankets on the bed because he likes how warm it is (imagine a Lucifer blanket burrito. Go on, just picture it.)
  • Dean was obviously not pleased at first and only allowed it because Sam threatened to leave with Lucifer otherwise. He is slowly getting used to the idea. Slowly.
  • Lucifer likes to sneak into Dean’s room and move everything exactly one inch to the left just to see if he notices.
  • After three days, Dean noticed and put a line of holy fire outside his door until Sam made him put it out before he burnt the place down.
  • Dean accidentally drugged Lucifer, who then thought Dean was Michael and forced kind-of bonding ensued. (yes I wrote a fic)
  • Upon hearing from Sam the full story of how Michael- with the same decision he had- chose to the option to kill Lucifer rather than try to save him, Dean feels Michael failed to look out for his little brother like he should. Dean hasn’t quite got round to saying this to Lucifer yet.
  • Lucifer spends a lot of time in the observatory. Sam recognises he wants to be left alone when he goes in there and respects that.
  • After… an incident, Sam and Lucifer have been confined to having sex in their own room. Only.
  • Lucifer has made several valiant attempt to coax Sam into breaking this rule.
  • Dean likes TV shows like rock music documentaries and stuff like ‘Top Gear’. Lucifer likes them too, but pretends to just be coincidentally in the same room and totally not watching.
  • Lucifer does sleep. Occasionally. He won’t talk to Sam about the nightmares, though he doesn’t argue when Sam snuggles up close to try and comfort him.
  • Being the ex-Angel of Music, Sam has noticed Lucifer relaxes more if he leaves the radio on softly in the background. Sam uses this tactically.
  • Sam likes playing chess with Lucifer. On the other hand, Lucifer’s favourite game is 'hide the Impala keys from Dean’.
  • Lucifer has declared Sam the world’s best wing groomer and takes advantage of this liberally.
  • Sam likes to sit with Lucifer close by while he does research. Often he rests his head on his shoulder, or holds his hand, or hooks his ankle over Lucifer’s under the table.
  • Sam enjoys choosing clothes for Lucifer far too much.
  • Everyone has unofficial seats at the table. Sam told Lucifer the seat next to him was his. Lucifer secretly loves having his own seat cause it’s the first time he’s been included as part of any kind of group since falling.
  • Lucifer makes attempts to talk to Castiel, who remains wary of him, knowing what he did to Heaven. Lucifer tries to act like he doesn’t care about this reaction, but Sam always makes sure to pay extra attention to him afterwards.
  • Lucifer sleeps on the left of the bed, Sam on the right.
  • Dean brought a games console and is currently mad that Lucifer somehow has the high score on it.
  • Sam found a load of “why do humans…” searches in his web history and read through them with a massive smile.
  • Lucifer used to sing to Sam in the cage and hasn’t since, though Sam has caught him humming along to the record player a few times.
  • Lucifer likes to insult the bunker and all its 'humanness’ whenever Dean is in earshot. But really, he rather loves it. Not that he’ll ever admit that.

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What happened to your art that Phil retweeted

He was playing with my feelings 💔 

I find it really funny tho~
just like Dan who changed his header one day after he selected mine.

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hi i like your header image is there a story behind it

I’m glad you like it.

I drew it one night when I couldn’t sleep.

Can’t quite remember what I was thinkin’ about when I drew it up. I suppose it could be up for interpretation. 

✿ ✿ ✿  

@nekonekton  ► POR QUÉ LLEVO TANTO TIEMPO SIN HABLARTE OMG. lo siento ; - ; y tenemos que hablar muy seriamente sobre el episodio en el que mika le chupa la sangre a yuu :‘DDDD  / ► Por cierto, tu pelo real está tintado? :o Sería la leche ahdhsjadj, yo no me atrevo a tintármelo ; w ; 

¡Hey! Me tenias abandonado *llora* No importa ;v;  ¡Oh, tienes razón!  Ese capitulo es oro y tenemos que hablar de el. 

¿Mí pelo? Lamentablemente no, al que siempre dibujo es a mi Oc Pocky, ¡Es un nombre bastante original! Mi pelo es castaño y no tiene ningún retoque <//3 


@kingcarota  ► Hola, realmente dibujas hermoso, eres el creador de un comic que realmente amo de mikayuu/yuumika (?) *u* mas encima’ eri’ chileno xD, eso po’ estare esperando mas dibujos <3

¡¡MUCHAS GRACIAS!! ;///H///;  OOOh eso es genial *inserte corazón gay* ¿También lo eres? ¡Wena! Gracias por el apoyo lindura   ♥ ♥ ♥


Anonymous  ►  Por dios me encanto el dibujo!!! (soy la del Mika uke XD) Y te debo un fic… Tranquila estoy en ello, ya lo tengo pensado XD Y lo dibujaste genial!!! Me emocione hasta todo… VIVA EL YUUMIKA!!! (Se va corriendo) Te pasare el link cuando acabe ewe

Me alegro mucho que te gustara  ♥ Lamento que este todo desordenado y pos kasjhdak Sigo esperando mi fic ; v ; Oh yo también quiero, ¡¡Que viva el YuuMika!! 


@fridasabina97  ► WAA!!~ Chico y fan de MikaYuu y hablas español eso no se ve seguiido… me encantas chico *0* por cierto tu estilo esta hermoso <3 vengo desde Deviantart y aquii tienes mas cosas hermosas ;A; tu estilo es super lindo ademas que tienes un estilo propio que le da ese toque unico, sigue asi, ya soy tu fan *0* 

¡¡MUCHAS GRACIAS!! Voy a morir de tanta ternura  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ¿De mí DevianArt? Mi pobre cuenta esta toda abandonada ahí u.u No sé porque nunca subo nada  o casi nada, plox.  Gracias cosita linda  ♥  OMG SHFIUSRHUIWURHHWIUR *chilla* 


@ayamiuniverse ► Dios mio como amo tus dibujos!!! Son tan perfectos!;! Estoy definitivamente enamorada de tus dibujos nunca habia visto algo tan lindo!!!!! Y para hacerlo mejor te gusta el yuumika Y HABLAS ESPAÑOL DIOS ERES PERFECTO!!! /se desmaya/ 



@c-r-i-m-s-o-n-s-i-l-e-n-c-e ► AHHH VINE A DECIRTE QUE ME ENCANTA TU ARTE!~ 

¡¡Gracias corazón!!  ♥ ♥


Anonymous  ► hi! i really like the art in your header (what appears to be mika and demon yuu) and wanted to ask if I can reblog it somewhere? i searched in your blog and couldn’t find it x_x

Never not go up and do not remember the reason. But here !!


@chibichibisha ► Una artista que habla español y le encanta el Mikayuu? *Le sigue inmediatamente y le manda saudos de paso* ♡

¡Gracias! Oh y saluditos también  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Por cierto, ¡¡Tus dibujos son geniales!! 


@someoneoverthere-fan ► Hola…( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)✧ que app usas para tus dibujos?? Es que realmente son mxnwñaksnsbbend hermosos…….. *whispers* -I know more about you than you know about me- HAHAHHAHAHA *maniac laughter* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)✧ lots o’ love

Buenas~~. ♥ Pues, siempre he usado el Paint tool sai y nunca he probado ningún otro ; v ; ¡Gracias! 

Omg… *huye gaymente* 


Anonymous  ► Ne ne, yukio-sama usted tiene un uke? O quizá tiene su propio seme???? Pregunta random, no se enoje XD

¿Yukio-sama? *llora y chilla* Podría decirse que sí @letsaleksworld Es mí ukesito… O eso creo,  aun discutimos sobre ello(?

Y no te preocupes~~. 


@jazmencastillo ► Como no quisiste decir tu edad solo dime, TE LO PIDO. ¿Legal, o ilegal? -tú me entiendes, i think- Es de vital importancia para la tarea de mi colegio el cual no existe ya que estamos en plenas vacaciones de verano, u know :D besoh washoh😘sos cute♡

No sé a lo que te refieres o tal vez sí, soy legas uvu o tal vez… Ilegal~~. Pero como eres una personita adorable diré mí edad, tengo (…) ¡No me recuerdes la escuela! AHHHHHHHHH *sigue llorando* 

Lo siento por mí edad *huye* Y gracias <3 


Anonymous ► Your art gives me so many feels, I can’t!!! (*A*)

THANK YOU VERY MUCH ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


@evenica  ► Your art is so adorable I want to eat you! Post more~ <3

O M G, OMG¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ EVENICA-SENPAI *exploits of happiness* ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


@blueerrantknigh  ► Eres tú!! No puedo creer que al fin te haya encontrado!!, siempre veía tu dibujos en fb y me sorprendía por lo maravillosos que eran, te busqué y después de tanto tiempo te encontré :’D Bueno, solo quería decirte que te admiro demasiado y que eres mi meta a seguir.

Oh este mensaje me alegro mucho♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Muchas gracias por todo el apoyo que me has dado y en verdad me siento alagado al ser admirado por usted ;//v//; Es una hermosura encontrar personitas así, ¡Gracias por todo!  


@chocoletoart  ► corazoncitooo!! al fin me hice un tumblr <( ̄︶ ̄)> aun no entiendo como funciona, pero (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) (aun la estoy arreglando :p), ahora eres mi sempai de tumblr xD, a todo esto… tu tumblr es hermosooo!!!! me encantan tus dibujitos y siempre me das animos para dibujar ☆ ~('▽^人). Beshitosh y abashosh

SENPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAI~~. Upsi, perdón, ataque de estupidez.  Me alegro de que te hayas hecho un Tumblr, ahora podre ver más de tus dibujos >//v//> Oh no te preocupes, te acostumbraras y luego seras genial con el uvu 

¿¡EH!? ¿¡TÚ SENPAI!? ¡¡PERO QUE DICES!! SÍ TÚ ERES MÍ SENPAI EN TODITO ;////A////; Es que tus dibujos son bellos, por eso 



@sonora-chan  ► Oh my gosh your art is so cute!! I love your MikaYuu fanart its my favorite! ^-^



@jazmencastillo ► NOOOO TU CUMPLE FUE EL 7 Y YO ANDABA EN CHILOÉ NO ES JUSTOOO ; - ; Feliz cumpleaños querido ♡ ojalá la hayas pasado bien, perdón la demora :3

Me siento mal porque esto fue hace mucho y yo de idiota no respondí…Además de demorar un buen resto. Oh~~. Espero que la hayas pasado bien haya, ¿Me trajiste regalos? Bueno no ;v; Muchas gracias querida ♥ ♥ Oh y no te preocupes por la demora uvu 


@johnlock-in-mindpalace ► Hola soy Daniela y hace muy poquito descubrí tus dibujos y son hermosos!! :D muy muy lindos <3 <3 saludos!! :)

Hola Daniela  ♥ ♥ ¡Gracias! Me alegro muchísimo que te gusten, saluditos~~


Anonymous ►  ¡hola! me encanta los dibujos q haces.. especialmente las de owari no seraph mikayuu y miraculous ladybug!!!! saludos desde california c:

Gracias, sdkfjhjskfsds Me hace muy feliz de que te gusten, saludos también y mucho amor para usted.

@suckmymika ► I love your art style its so adorable *^*

Thank you ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Thank you very much to all for your support and please excuse the delay in answering all this, are a love, Thank you! I adore each one of you.


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john didn't know what the starblaster looked like.. Among other key details that might suggest he can't. Tell what the hunger is doing anymore. Perhaps he has a vague vision, but what if it's not what he wanted? What if john, who probably can't control the hunger completely, never stops.. ? Like, I feel john is missing something here and I don't think he knows entirely what he's become or what the hunger even is anymore.

this was pretty compounded on by him mentioning to merle that he ‘must look beautiful’, describing stuff like bonds and worlds streaming off of him instead of the. yknow. horrible black multi-eyed hell being he/they actually are

before anyone says anything im not tryin to defend him or his actions (i feel like i should put that in the header or smth with how much i feel like i repeat it), he’s not absolved of anything by a longshot even if he doesnt get the full extent since he knows to an extent what he’s doing (absorbing the other planes) and is too absorbed in his own goals to consider the greater damning effects, but

he does at least seem to have a pretty damn warped view of his actions and what he/the hunger is and what he/the hunger is doing, which makes me curious

like, what if merle had attempted to explain the reality? john clearly seems to consider his actions as Needed and Right, would he have accepted it as a natural consequence, or LIKED it, or thought merle a liar or killed him out of a need to keep his proper image of what the hunger is??

like im just really curious as to whether the reality of the hunger is something that john would embrace or something that he’d hate or fear, and what he’d do with that information


Kako Kara Todoita Hikari no Tegami by Usotsuki (aka Tekebakitsu Sou)

i’m so in love with SB69′s newest band, i couldn’t resist buying their music  _(:3 」∠)_ here’s my favorite song of theirs! please consider supporting them by buying their music!