i like his face so much

The Younger Marner Part Three - Auston Matthews Imagine

People asked for part three of this imagine which is now a fic ??? idk. I’m just putting this here so I don’t break my aesthetic. Thaaankkksssss.

It isn’t long, we warned lol. Also people asked for part three but this is being posted with 0 warning but eh, can only do so much lol. Anyway, love you all, I hope you like it! Also don’t be afraid to give feedback! -Accius

Part One  Part Two

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((Message to thy artist: You seem to have too many compliments! But here's another, I really do like your art and your personal character. (Not referring to Bendy) They look so gosh darn cute!)) Hi. Its me again. Found some markers on my own no thanks to you. Anyways! What do you think about Betty Boop? Have you ever heard of her? This is the only time I'll bother you again.

(( Thank you so much!! ;w; If anyone wants to they can follow my personal/art blog @pippop-art ))

Betty? Oh gosh, she’s a doll face. I adore her~.

I haven’t seen her in ages.


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I ship Tord and Tom

Tord: Wh-…. You guys are turning us into boats?

Tom: That would be so funny! I mean, How would we look Like as boats? I mean we can float on water and navigate and stuff! And-

Edd: *slowly places his hand on tom’s face* …..shush, too much words

gundam ibo s02e24 what is a mcgillis fareed, what is ibo anyway

Short answer: a total failure of a villain wannabe character.

I’ve remarked time and time again there’s a discrepancy on who McGillis is supposed to be, and how he actually comes off in the show. I thought by the time S2 starts, his writing would get fixed somehow, but nada. As a villain, he comes off so one dimensional that I feel *Todo* has more substance than he does, which totally says something about just how bad McG’s writing is. As a character, he’s so all over the place it infuriates me to no end bcs gdi what a waste of such great potential.

He is supposed to be GREAT. The show certainly thinks he’s PRETTY GREAT, considering how much they invest in animating his scenes and faces, for all the good it does him (no rly gaelio’s scenes would like a word w/ the budget allocation).

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something to do with the wizard and abigail 'supposedly' being his illegitimate kid?

“So, like, how many bottles of hair dye do you go through?”

Abigail looked up, raising an eyebrow.

“Ugh, like, seven a week.” Sebastian replied. Sam threw a pillow at him.

“I mean for the purple! Doesn’t purple fade really fast?” Sam looked at her, laying on his stomach on his bed.

Abigail thought for a second, unsure. “Uh, I haven’t dyed my hair in about 2 months.”

Both Sebastian and Sam looked at her. “You’re kidding.” It wasn’t even a question. Sebastian had a serious look on his face. 

“I started dying my hair when I noticed purple undertones, and then I just… stopped. It’s so much work.”

“Dude, nobody’s hair is naturally purple,” Sam said.

Abigail shrugged, just as clueless as them. “I mean… I’ve heard rumors, but… never mind.”

“What?” Seb exclaimed, “You can’t just say you heard a rumor and then not tell us.”

Abby looked concerned, but leaned in closer to them. “You know that wizard guy in the Forest?” The boys nodded. “Well, apparently Marnie used to see my mom always go visit him.”

Both Sam and Seb gasped, far too loudly. “It’s just a rumor, though! I love my dad, even if he is a bit overbearing. It would hurt him so much. It’s why I haven’t done that genetic test Harvey just got.”

“Damn,” Seb said, “That’s crazy.”

“Do you wanna find out?” Sam asked.

“… I don’t think so.”

I stole Chris Evan’s hat and put it on my head. I watched in amazement as my face became a replica of of his, my body growing with muscle and my voice deepening. Suddenly I was filled with energy and excitement, so much so I couldn’t contain it. I began to jump around like an idiot. I could feel aspects of Evans’ mind merge with my own. Soon I was just like him, no I was Chris.

The real Chris Evans had become the old me, somehow his mind completely rewritten, he had no idea he was ever the gorgeous actor.

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ok but just picture this. nell wakes up in eric's bed, on her own, she's a bit confused of course but then he comes in with coffee and some cereal and they snuggle until it's time for work <3 or even imagine her waking up first when she's the little spoon so she turns to face him and nuzzles him until he wakes up and aaaaaa

thank u for killing me anon

because i sure am dead

She just like, wakes up and twists and gently and lightly kisses his jaw to wake him up and puts her hands in his hair like she did with that hug a while ago and burrows deeper in his arms. 

Eric Beale suddenly feels like luckiest man alive just for that little moment. 

it’s already canon that Neric eat breakfast together a lot, but it’s so much more fun nowadays because it can happen with him wearing only pyjama pants and her only wearing his pyjama shirt.

I’m still in shock. 

When people talk about their favorite deaths in LotGH, I always see them bring up the deaths of Reuenthal and Yang. There will also be the ones that bring up Reinhard, Schenkopf, and Oberstein. It’s a real shame that no one seems to mention Bucock’s death, at least from the what I’ve seen. 

The guy sacrifices himself to preserve the future generation of democracy and even toasts to democracy right in the Kaiser’s face. He earns so much respect from Reinhard that he orders all of his subordinates to salute as they pass the wreckage of his ship. I’d give the guy a medal if I could, but at that point it wouldn’t really matter.

I just love the way he simply explains his worldview at the end. The man just wants the friendship based on mutual respect between equal parties that he connects to democracy, not the master-servant relationship that he connects to totalitarianism. I had never made those particular comparisons, but I really like them because they are very down-to-earth comparisons to me. 

Anyways, Bucock’s death was definitely my favorite in the series. I just wish others would appreciate it as much as I do. This awesome, eccentric, grumpy old man deserves more appreciation in general actually.

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at the very end of last week's episode, oliver glimpses very briefly at felicity. what his look reminded me of, were his words of 1.04 (to l): if you knew, you would see me differently, you would see me as damaged. he is so afraid she will pull away from him because of what he supposdly is/has become. this is kind of echoed in the newest sneak preview released. what do you think?

I think you’re right on, Nonnie! Chase successfully broke Oliver last episode, making him face the monster Oliver had tried so hard to run from. In the short term, Oliver won’t want any of his team around. And I think he very much believes that he is that monster. But the good news is that he’s been broken down so he can rebuild. It’s like rebreaking a bone that was set incorrectly so it can heal properly this time around. That’s ultimately what happened for Oliver. We’ve always known he couldn’t go on splitting himself in two–he finally has the chance to make himself a whole person, one that’s parts Oliver Queen and parts Green Arrow but ultimately a hero.

While Oliver is going through all of this, Felicity is going through her own crucible and transformation where she has to ultimately face if the ends justify the means. Helix is not what it seems, and Felicity will be facing that head on down the line. It may not be as dramatically dark as Oliver getting broken–but in the end, they’re both going to become stronger people–not because they’re perfect, but because they’ve both been touched by darkness and come out the other side better for it.

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I read this on a twitter page a while ago where this girl met H and she hugged him and when she pulled away he said, "heeeyy I wasn't ready to let go" or something like that. I could imagine Harry doing that to his girlfriend. Like you go visit him on tour and you haven't seen him in a while. His whine and pout when you pull away from the hug would be so cute, he'd take your arms and put them around his neck again, whispering "that's so much better love".

STOP. He’s so dang cute. He just looks like he gives the most snuggly and warm and comforting hugs ever. He’d probably give you the most crushing hug ever, pretty much throwing himself around you and snuggling his face right into your neck. And when you go to pull away he’ll all pouty and a sad: “Hang on a minute, love. Haven’t seen ya in a while. Need a long’ah cuddle then that.” And then at any point you were lounging on a sofa somewhere, he settle down pretty much on top of you so he can lay his head on your chest and hug you tight and you massage your fingers through his hair, just like he likes. xx.

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hi yes your voltron headcanons are beautiful and i love them thank you

hi yes thank you i love you

  • pidge, answering her comms: “what’s the sitch”
  • i feel like most people look at lance and hunk and assume that lance is the one with no respect for personal boundaries but no. it’s hunk
    • lance: will maybe get up in your face once or twice
    • hunk: will go through your personal belongings, read your diary, take your treasured pictures of MIA family members, and tell everyone about your secret girlfriend
  • coran’s current personality is 70% him compensating for that emo phase he had
  • one time lance talks shiro into letting them use codenames on a mission for the express purpose of being able to unironically call hunk “hunkules” for three hours
  • [someone pisses allura off] “oh shit you’ve done it now buddy… you’ve angered the lion goddess”
  • keith’s jacket is absolutely an aesthetic choice
    • because like. it has no other functional purpose? at most it’ll keep his arms warm?? maybe his neck a little??? he only wears it because he thinks it looks neat
    • “keith dude are you cold” keith, who can no longer feel his belly button: “no”
  • shiro: “from now on no one’s allowed to start their mission debriefings with ‘okay so in my defense’”

i love that the promo pikachus sort of reflect ash’s personality in the specific series?

os hat pikachu is happy!! excited for adventure!! look at him jumping giddily, he’s having so much fun!!

ag hat is still happy o: but he’s calmed down a bit! not so jumpy anymore, but still a happy go lucky smile on his face~

ohh in sinnoh we’re getting more Serious™, he’s ready and determined to put on a fight. but still has that mischievous smirk going on to show a playful personality!!!

a relaxed bw hat pikapal! he looks like he’s having a good time after a pretty eventful journey

things are getting serious again!! this pikachu is ready for some action, look at that dynamic pose!! a strong boy

yayy we’re back to being super excited!! new hot region, new friends, this pikachu is ready for fun and adventure!! 

Professor Lupin


Level of fluffyness and scruffyness 200%


Gongmyung always being supportive of NCT 127 and his small brother

I like the idea of long distance relationship seungchuchu. Based on this one text post that I can’t seem to find orz…