i like his face so much

So Seán said in the Shadow Of The Colossus video today that he thought Wander and Mono’s faces look kind of weird in the PS4 remastered version. But honestly I kind of like their faces better in the remastered version they look much more natural and realistic. So I made some comparison pictures comparing Wander’s and Mono’s faces in the PS2 original version, the PS3 HD remake and the new PS4 Remastered version. 

Mono I think looks the same but just slightly better in the PS4 version. xD

Yeah it’s a little weird seeing Wander’s face look more rounder but his face is also kind of rounder in the PS3 version too. Plus personally I love seeing how much more emotion he shows in the PS4 version. 

In the original game his actions and body language spoke his emotions more then his face ever did and it seemed like Wander never showed that much emotion in the original or even in the PS3 remake either. Which I think is fine and extremely fitting for his character. But he constantly had this same look on his face throughout the game unless he was in extreme physical pain. So I’m extremely happy that in the PS4 version they’re showing him having way more emotion on his face. 

But yeah this was just my thoughts on how their faces look in the remastered version. I think it feels a little off for some people because the visuals are so much different then the original but I think we just need time to get used to these changes more. :) 

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can u please just write me the angstiest thing u could possibly ever throw up i just dont care i want angst in its purest form

Player - Richie Tozier

   “I don’t know what you ever expected from me.” Richie yelled as he slammed his hands down on the table. He was tired of her constant nagging.

The sound made her jump in her seat as she looked up at him startled, fear lacing her emotions before anger over powered it. 

“I expected something. Maybe not love, but loyalty at the very least. Is that too hard for you, Richie?” She yelled back at him, her face growing hot as the feeling of anger and betrayal set in.

It wasn’t so much that she had seen Richie with another girl, it was the fact he didn’t care that (y/n) had seen him. The trashmouth just paraded the newest addition to his collection around the losers club as if it had been no big deal.

He’d made her look like a fool.

Richie scoffed at her, pulling a pack of cigarettes out. “Oh please, we both know this didn’t mean anything to either of us. You’re just trying to spare your reputation.”

“Maybe you’re right. But you’re the one who’s had the nickname trashmouth since we were in elementary” He flinched at her words, recoiling and pointing a glare at her.

“It’s not my fault that you just want attention, maybe it’s time for you to look for it somewhere else.” They threw insults back and forth at each other in attempts to hit a soft spot. Their walls built up too high for either one to breach. 

Maybe that was where they went wrong. Just two people who were too afraid of love to notice what was right in front of them.

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Imagine Dark's bones cracking keeps Wil up at night. Dark isn't even aware that it's a problem, and Wil never brings it up. What makes it worse is that Dark always curls up against the other ego's side in his sleep, presses his face against his chest, and Wil jolts awake from the sickening noise. He's too worried to drag his fingers down his spine, too afraid to smooth the cracks in his vertebrae, so he just lays there staring at the ceiling, listening to Dark's rhythmic breathing - V

Aw, poor Wilford ;; Not only is he not getting sleep but he probably contemplates about Dark’s physical condition as he stays awake. He knows he can’t do too much because Dark’s, well, dead and he’s kinda just stuck in that corpse body and I like to think that it makes Wilford sad sometimes lol
But hey! at least he gets to fall asleep to Dark’s breathing!
…that sounded a lot more romantic in my head

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How would you rate Kaneki’s swimming technique?

I would say it’s not that great! (I used to be a really fast swimmer when I was younger so I know about good freestyle technique) but the waves seemed to be really strong so I can’t judge him too much! He swims like a waterpolo player with his head up 😂 when he could go much faster with his face in the water lol. It’s interesting that he noticed the water was deep and seemed almost fearful about that. I wonder if kaneki is afraid of deep water?

BTS Imagine / Jimin Visits His S/O Family

Requested: “Hii! I love your writing! Could I maybe request a text with Jimin, where he joins his foreign S/O, who now lives in Korea, to visit her home country for the first time? Maybe being introduced to her parents/childhood friends or something like that? Completely up to you if you decide to do it, thank you”

a/n:Of course, love! I had so much fun writing this since it’s so different and sweet. I made it extra fluffy because Jimin is such a cutie. I hope you like it!

wc: 1.3k

Originally posted by jiminiminii

“I’m so excited!” Jimin exclaimed as he grabbed his bag from the baggage carousel and rolled it next to yours. You beamed, kissing cheek. “I’m glad you are. My family is going to love you!” He smiled at you before pulling up his face mask.

“My managers already called ahead for a vehicle to meet us out front.” He said, his voice slightly muffled through the mask. He grabbed your hand as you both walked through the airport, swinging your arm playfully.

“I’ve never been to the UK before.” He continued, glancing around at the crowds of people walking around them as if they might look different. “Are we going to London?” He asked, peering down at you as you pushed past the streams of people.

You laughed, squeezing his hand. “No baby, not everyone in the UK lives in London. We’re in Norfolk which is a few hours away from London. Don’t worry though, it’s still really great here. We have awesome crab meat, my Mum is great at cooking it.”

You both stepped out of the airport, hand in hand while dragging your luggage behind you. It was chilly outside and you could feel Jimin shivering. You rubbed his arm as you both waited for your vehicle to arrive.

You both received a few stairs, some curious because of Jimin’s mysterious and important demore, but also some that looked like they might recognize him. After a few minutes, a black car arrived to pick you both up and drive you to the countryside.

“Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Jimin.” He said to your driver once he stepped out to help you with your luggage. The driver smiled warmly shaking his hand before opening the car trunk. “Nice to meet you too.”

You couldn’t hide the huge grin on your face. Jimin was being so adorable. While both of you sat in the back of the car, he pulled out his phone and took a short video for his twitter. He gave a heart with his fingers and you did as well, both of you smiling happily. Both of your Twitters exploded with comments, people wondering where you both were and wishing you well on your trip.

You leaned your head on his shoulder while he stroked your knuckles with his thumb. He couldn’t stop looking out the window as buildings passed. Soon, the buildings became farther and farther apart, more widespread landscape stealing the view instead. Jimin pointed excitedly when he saw the ocean, having never seen it from this side of the world.

“I’m going to take so many pictures for my members. Oh! I need to facetime with Taehyung tonight and show him your family’s house. He really wants to see.” Jimin continued for a few minutes, bouncing his leg in excitement.

After a good hour of driving, you reached the small town you had once called home. You’d moved to Korea as an exchange student when you were seventeen, meeting Jungkook at his school. Eventually, you became good friends and got to know all the members. You fell in love with them all, Jimin especially, loving the way he cared for everyone and worked so hard.

Long story short, you both ended up together after a few years of avoiding each other’s feeling and being friendzoned. It was the best decision you had ever made. Your life was pretty awesome now. You your in college studying fine arts and hoping to one day travel the world as a journalist and document everything you see in writing and drawings.

It was too bad your parents weren’t extremely proud of your decision to move so far away and not want a more important job, like becoming a doctor like your Father had. Since he became such a well known surgeon, he could afford the gorgeous house by the ocean you were on your way to visit. But, that wasn’t who you were. It was part of the reason you loved Jimin so much. He accepted you for you. He loved your passion for creating art and writing and how you let nothing stop you.

You both were passionate, hard working people who wanted to leave your mark on the world. You rubbed Jimin’s thigh, feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Finally, the driver stopped in front of a expensive house close to a cliff that dropped off to a beach and the ocean.

“Thank you,” Jimin said to the driver once he had helped take out your luggage. He bowed slightly and the driver just nodded his head with a smile. “Don’t worry about the payment, your manager took care of it.”

You both walked hand in hand up the stairs to the front porch and the large door. You didn’t even have to knock before it was opened by your Mom. She was smiling sweetly, her graying hair in a ponytail and silver earrings dangling from her ears.

“Hey guys! Oh my gosh, come inside. It’s freezing out here.” She said quickly, rushing you both inside the home. It was well lit and expansive, smelling on apple crisps, just as you remembered.

Your Dad and younger brothers came in the entryway when they heard you had come in. “Mom, Dad, boys, this is Jimin.” You smiled, suddenly feeling shy as you latched onto Jimin’s arm. “My boyfriend.”

“It’s so nice to meet you!” You Mom smiled, shaking his hands, everyone followed suit except your youngest brother who gave him a fist bump. “Nice to meet you too. I’m happy to be here.” He replied in English, his cheeks pink.

After a few minutes of introductions and small talk, you Mom told your two younger brothers to show you your bedroom. Of course your brothers snorted and elbowed each other the whole time they lead you up the stairs and down the hall.

“Don’t make too much noise tonight. My bedroom is right next to yours.” The youngest grinned, while the older made moaning and gasping sounds. You hit both their shoulders, grinning and telling them to get out. Jimin was smiling innocently, having no idea what he had just said.

“They are nice.” He decided, placing his suitcase on the bed. You rolled your eyes. “They were saying not to make too much noise tonight in bed. My brothers are just dumb like that, don’t mind it.” You said in Korean, putting your own suitcase on the bed as well and unzipping it.

“Oh,” Jimin’s cheeks went crimson, but he was trying to hide a mischievous grin. “Knowing my family, they probably have a schedule all planned out for our visit. We’ll definitely be visiting the beach a lot, and my Mom will be cooking for you. My friends from high school will want to hangout with me too. I will warn you, a few of them are fans of BTS so they might be a little crazy.” You said, taking out some comfy loose jeans and a sweatshirt.

“It’s fine. Just as long as they’re not using you to be able to see me.” He replied, taking off his scarf and jacket. You dressed in the jeans and pulled the sweatshirt over you head. “No, it’s fine. I only have a few real friends from high school that still talked to me while I was in Korea. There’s a ton that only started talking to me again only after they figured out I knew BTS.”

Once you both were dressed in fresh clothes and had washed your faces and brushed your teeth, you headed back downstairs to be with your family for dinner. Even though Jimin’s english was still very basic and your family didn’t know any Korean, you all ended up having an amazing time laughing together over dinner, you hands entwined under the table.

It was one of the best two weeks of your life. You didn’t expect to enjoy yourself that much since your parents had such different views than you. But, they must have finally realized you were a grown woman who could make her own decisions and they put aside their differences to make sure you both had a good time. You walked along the beach a dozen times with Jimin, ate amazing food, visited a castle, spent time with your friends, took hundreds of beautiful pictures, and spent every night cuddling by his side.

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Happy hc for Chase. I bet when he does manage to be with his kids. His daughter will sit him down and throw a tea party with Chase and her stuffed animals. He'll get dressed up in a tiara and tutu, all of that. He'll even play along and sip from the empty teacups. Then either before or after that, she'll give him a complete makeover with all the messy lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, etc. And the whole time he'll just be smiling and laughing along because he knows she's happy.

Oh my heart. He’s such a good dad.
I love him so much… and my love to him only grows stronger.
Chase goes home and doesn’t take the makeup off
One of the egos goes to his home and sees that on him and just huffs and smiles
He looks like a rainbow threw up on his face.

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"I honestly thought you just didn't want to be my friend anymore" - killugon

Killua faced the shop window, leaning so close his breath fogged it up, trying to smooth one of the longer strands into place. How long had it been since he’d gotten his hair cut? Six months? Longer?

The spikes were untamed, wild and free-thinking. Even beyond the distorted reflection, he thought his hair had grown too much. As he’d traveled to the town square that morning, moving so quickly he arrived unnecessarily early, the fears began to pile up. Among the first was: What if Gon doesn’t recognize me?

Gon. By some miracle, the two of them had determined they’d be in the same town during the week. A year had passed since they’d parted ways. Killua had taken Alluka to see the world, explore, and reclaim her childhood.

Gon had… vanished. Seldom did Killua hear from Gon on his travels. Every once in a while, Killua’s phone would light up, bearing a message from Gon. Blurred selfies of Gon riding atop strange creatures, pictures of food with ingredients Killua had never heard of. The messages rarely contained text, aside from an occasional “Hey, check this out!” or “Isn’t this cool?” or “Look how big his teeth are!” The insincere comments and lax remarks stung.

There was never a “Killua, how are you?” or an “I miss you, Killua.” The avoidance of Killua’s name was what hurt the most. When Killua thought about the distance between them, his stomach ached, and he often found himself scrolling through his message logs, back as far as the records went, to find some sliver of reassurance.

After a while, Killua had stopped responding. He’d tried to carry on a conversation, but Gon only started them, never continued. Killua collected the pictures he received, printed them and saved them in a book, but didn’t look at them.

When Gon contacted Killua with news of their shared location, Killua wasn’t sure what to think. Gon’s message was clipped, formal. “Let’s meet up.” He couldn’t bring himself to refuse, the desire to see Gon—to touch him and confirm he was alive and real—was too strong. He responded, “Sure. Pick a time, and I’ll be there.

The morning was mild. Alluka stayed in the hotel room, having puffed out her cheeks and pushed him out the door. “Go see Gon already,” she said, shutting the door behind him. Though he had his doubts, he still went, without complaint, hands stuffed in his pockets as he numbly navigated the streets.

Still staring at the shop window, Killua continued fretting over his hair, then paused to press his palms to his cheeks. Had he lost weight? Had he grown taller? Had his style changed? He held out the bottom hem of his shirt, frantic.


The tentative voice behind him froze his hands, dropped the fabric from his fingers. Killua looked up, at the window, to see a painfully familiar face—brown eyes wet with tears.

Killua whipped around, his throat tight and chest aching. “Gon.”

As soon as Killua spoke his name, Gon flung himself forward, and Killua caught him, holding him close, pressing Gon into his chest as tightly as he could. He buried his face into Gon’s shoulder, hands clinging to Gon’s shirt, and stayed as quiet as he could, even as tears trailed down his cheeks and dripped from his chin.

“Killua,” Gon said, his hands toying with the white locks at the base of Killua’s neck. “You let your hair grow out.” He laughed, the sound soft but genuine, but achingly familiar.

“Do you like it?” Killua managed, steadying his breathing. He inhaled deeply, gathering the scent of firewood, of ash and moss and sap and long nights spent in the rain.

Gon giggled, playing with it. “It’s a lot fluffier now,” he said. He dropped down, pulling back a few inches to look at Killua’s face, his hands moving to Killua’s upper arms to ground them both. “I’ve missed you, Killua.”

Killua felt the fresh tears falling, saw his vision blur, and hiccuped, wiping at his eyes with his shirt sleeve, unable to speak.


“Gon, you idiot,” Killua said, stumbling over syllables through gasping breaths. “You hardly send messages. You never respond. I haven’t heard from you in—in months. I honestly thought you didn’t want to be my friend anymore. That you hated me. I even considered you might be d-dead. You could have told me you missed me at any point. You could have just—said my name!”

Gon reached up to wipe the tears from Killua’s cheeks, smiling as gently as he could. “I’m sorry, Killua,” he said, his lip quivering. “I’m sorry. I thought that if I’d say anything like that, if I talked to you too much, if I missed you any more—” He paused, grinning even as more tears formed at the corners of his eyes, spilling over. “I was afraid my heart would break.”

Killua wanted to smirk, laugh to dismiss the comment, and say it was embarrassing. But his throat tightened, and he could only nod, agreeing from the depths of his heart.

Staring at Killua’s face, Gon felt himself relax, drawn in by the crystal blue eyes, the pink flush spread across his cheeks and nose. He released his hold on Killua but reached for his hand, the warmth from his palm spreading to Killua’s.

Meeting Killua’s eyes, Gon grinned, closing his eyes and tugging Killua forward. “Come on, Killua,” he said softly, drawing him in. “Let’s go. We have lots to talk about.”

Killua, lightheaded and still sniffling, nodded enthusiastically, wrapping his fingers tighter around the hand he never wanted to release.

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Lol about Bill not knowing where to put his hands.. He always takes the women’s face in his hands when he kisses them. It makes me weak af. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him do a kissing or sex scene where he didn’t touch the woman’s face. And when the pic surfaced of him kissing Alida at the IT premiere, he had her face in his hands. It’s like his go to move. 😍

i love that so much like that bitch would make me feel so safe in his arms lmao

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i thought about it for some time where i was kinda like: why do i like your blog so much? why do i like pete so much? and i think i've got it. there's just something about seeing him smile that makes me feel really good about simply existing. i cherish that feeling some days especially. i'm really happy you have this blog, too, if that wasn't obvious.

I always compare Pete’s smile to the sun coming out and I really think that’s the best way to describe it. He’s got such a serious, broody looking natural expression - he says himself he has rbf (“resting bitch face”) - so then when he smiles and it spreads across his face and his eyes light up and crinkle at the corners it’s just like the sun coming out of a stormy sky. Looking at Pete smiling always makes me want to smile. I’m glad I can share in that with so many other people - and I’m glad you enjoy my blog! 💜

The face of someone who played out in the mud and then jumped on the bed when I wasn’t looking. He looks like he regrets his decision, doesn’t he? Yeah. Nope. Sorry, not sorry.

He’s lucky I love him so much. Sheets are washable. My puppies…irreplaceable.

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Ask Robo For the BMC girl/boys with a acne prone reader?? -👌

Jeremy: He has acne all over his back so he understands. He’ll always tell you he doesn’t care but sometimes you two have little spa days together 

Michael: When you feel bad about your skin he’ll hold you close and tell you just how much he loves you “I don’t care about your skin… It’s you I love”

Rich: He has acne scars on his cheeks and nose so he understands. If you want he’ll lend you some of his creams and scrubs that he’s used in the past

Jake: He’ll kiss you softly, Cupping your face as he leans his forehead against yours. “I love you Y/N, I will always love you”

Christine: she gets acne on her chest and cheeks, it’s not a lot but she understands what it’s like. Always there to comfort you and smother you in love 

Brooke: In middle school, she had the WORST acne alive so you damn well know she is there to cheer you up and remind you how beautiful you are 

Chloe: If you want to cover it up Chloe is there to help with makeup, if not she will just constantly tell you how perfect you are 

Jenna: She actually has perfect skin but that doesn’t matter she will always be there to smother you in support

Voltron Legendary Defenders

Review for season 4 episode 1

Fuck. I LITERALLY CRIED MY EYES OUT LIKE WTF MAN KEITH IS GOING TO JOIN THE BLADES OF MARMORA UGH OMG . DID U SEE THE LAST SCENE ? THE GROUP HUG? “WHO AM I GOING TO MAKE FUN OF?” WTF LANCE JUST SAY IT OUT LOUD THAT YOU’RE GOING TO MISS HIM . AND KEITH ’S SAD FACE BEFORE HE LEFT. MADE ME WANNA PROTECT THE CHILD T.T . Honestly , i knew somehow one of them were going to back off . Srsly ,like lance and shiro both of them were important in keith’s life . Besides , he also had the blade of Marmora . So , he pretty much feel bad taking the black lions and he also understand lance’s feeling so even though he doesn’t show that he loves his team ,his actions speak otherwise.

I saw a man in the grocery store who is going to haunt me forever. He was handsome but in a humble way, dressed in Carharts and work wear, and he had a magnificent mustache. Not one of those twirly hipster mustache either, it was like a “I get shit done” mustache. I don’t see people who can pull off that look at his age (probably not old than 30) very often. He was really quiet and his body language was so interesting. I wanted to introduce myself and say hello but I just couldn’t. It very much seemed like he didn’t want to interact with anyone. He was very quiet and avoided eye contact and he almost seemed like being in the open was uncomfortable for him. I’ve lived in this town my whole life and he’s got a face I’d remember, and he was so eye catching. I just am so curious and it’s gunna bug me that I didn’t get his name. I hope I see him again so that I can introduce myself.

Thank you so much!! I’ve been learning a lot while doing this so Im glad to pass on some tips!

So first I usually figures of the skin tone, while doing this I keep in mind if the hair is darker or lighter than the skin. Like so, I knew that Krav had pretty dark skin but his hair is darker!

The featers in the face are pretty easy to do, for the eyes and the teeth though usually choose the lightest/Dullest color. Up to here is pretty easy to pick colors. Getting into the clothes is a lot harder though.

I try to have the same colors touch as little as possible. It will make them stand or from each other. Kravs look is pretty dark but I don’t want his coat to be the same file as his dreads so I make his pants black

I want to make sure that I’m using all of the colors so I choose to make his coat the third darkest color, trying to save the really light colors for smaller patches of space.

I’ll be honest doing these is a lot of choosing a color and changing it. One thing to keep in mind is to try and keep a balance of lights and darks/intensities. If you have a lot of dark colors all by each other try switching one or for a lighter color.

This is the finished product, I tried to Use each color more than once but to make sure they were still spread out.

I hope this helped!! Is love to see your pallet challenges of you do any!!

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Ok, I think I've spent too much time reading your stories. 😏 Last night I dreamed that I was out on a mission with Loki. Then we ran into Captain Boomerang! And since we knew each other he hugged me and before I could introduce them, Loki was like "Who is this filthy creature... And... And what's that fluffy pink thing he's carrying?" You should’ve seen the look on his face. He was so repulsed by Boomer! 😂

OMG, I am influencing people’s dreams! I absolutely adore it. Maybe I should write a crossover Imagine with this, it would indeed be hilarious. 🤣

Feels Like Home - Chapter Two

Here goes chapter two! Yikes!

Pairing: Taron Egerton x Reader
Word Count: 1561
Warnings: None that I can think of for this chapter!

“Gosh you two have got SO HEAVY!” The girls were all over him like a climbing frame as he sat on the sofa. Him. Taron. He was home. After they had calmed down, all be it very slightly, he eventually stood, dropping his smaller siblings from a small height back onto the soft surface, which earned him a delighted squeal from them both. “Hello you”  He grinned, wandering towards you until there was a small gap between you. 
“Hello you” You repeated, struggling to keep the biggest smile from taking over your entire face. He stepped forward and pulled you into a massive hug, squeezing you tightly. Your hands wrapped around his back, holding onto his jacket like it was for dear life. “I missed you so much” you whispered into his shoulder. 
“I missed you too, kid” He turned his head and pressed a long kiss to your temple. He pulled back, holding onto your shoulders and kept you at arms length. “Look at you.” 
“Look at you!” You laughed, squeezing his arm. “Someone’s been hammering the gym again” 
“Not by choice! I’m so glad I’m at home so I can eat some cake and not get told off for it!” He spoke so over-dramatically about cake which sent the girls into fits of excitable giggles again. “Although not their ones mind you; I heard about the extra special ingredient of egg shell” He quipped under his breath out of the girls earshot, giving you wide eyes. You pursed your lips together trying to stifle a laugh and quickly changed the subject. 
“What are you doing home? I thought you were doing promo until the movie’s out?” 
“Got a couple of days break, thought I’d come and see my best girls” He grinned “And, also you I suppose.” 
“You cheeky-“ You started and he let out a loud laugh, dragging you back into a big hug. 
“It’s so good to be home”

“Listen, there’s something I need to ask you” Taron said as he followed you into the kitchen with the dishes. The girls were in bed long ago and it wasn’t until Taron’s mum arrived home at about 8pm that you’d realised you hadn’t sorted yourselves something to eat (You didn’t really fancy chicken nuggets for the 5th Friday in a row so passed on dinnertime with the kids). You had ordered a takeaway and had sat around listening to Taron’s tales of the press tour that before you all knew where you were it was nearly midnight. 
“Oh yeah?” You replied, starting to fill up the dishwasher. “Fire away” 
“Well, uh, I have to go back to London in a few weeks for the premiere, and I was wondering…if you wanted to come with me?” You stood up straight and turned to look at him as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously. 
“Uh…well, I mean why would you want me to go?” You asked, wiping your hands on your jeans. “Don’t you have someone else?” A disappointed look flashed in his eyes and he shoved his hands into his pockets, shrugging. 
“Not really no, I thought it would be really cool for you to come, that’s all…if you don’t want to, it’s fine.” You instantly felt the pang of guilt, seeing that look on his face. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to go with him, because you did more than anything it was just that…well, you didn’t really know. Taron had such a different life now, glamorous parties, people knowing who he was. In comparison, you were just…plain. 
“Taron, it’s just… I’m boring. You don’t want me there cramping your style”
“What? Y/N stop it” He sighed with a small smile “You’re not boring, not to me anyway. And what style?!” He stepped forward and took hold of your hands, his thumbs stroking your skin. “You’re my best girl, I would love it if you would please, please join me in London” He looked at you with expectant eyes and that half smirk that it was very difficult to say no to. You let out a deep breath, shaking your head and looking down at the floor. 
“Alright, you wore me down Egerton. I’ll come with you. Just keep me away from those cameras” 
“I’ll protect you babe, I promise” He gave you his signature closed-mouthed smile, the one that always made him look like he was up to no good and pulling you into a tight hug “Thank you so much.” You looked over his shoulder as he squeezed you, seeing his mum standing there watching from the doorway. She caught your eye and raised her eyebrows, giving you a small smile before walking away.

Taron had to go to London a couple of days earlier for some promotion stuff, but promised to meet you at the hotel. It was only a short walk from the train station, so you took the opportunity to stroll through the city. The summer evening breeze blew softly, it wasn’t cold out but it made you glad you had put on your denim jacket over your summer dress. You loved summer in this city, there was just something about the atmosphere, people sitting outside the bars and pubs, kids playing in the park although it was late evening. The sun was long gone but night hadn’t fallen just yet, the lights from buildings and attractions glittering softly in the twilight. Everyone just seemed happy and it was infectious.
Taron: Have you stood me up? :( xx
Taron: Shit, have you been kidnapped? xx
Y/N: I’m literally outside you lunatic, see you in a second xx

You felt like a fish out of water walking through the grand entrance of the hotel, the concierge dressed in long coat and top hat nodding politely as he opened the door for you. Taron was stood just inside, grinning as he spotted you. In your favourite outfit of his striped jumper and jeans, with his little round glasses sitting perfectly on his face, he rushed across scooping you into a hug. The scent of his aftershave hit you and it felt like you hadn’t seen him in forever, a sudden wave of emotion hit you and you never wanted to let him go. He noticed you gripping onto him and laughed lightly, rubbing your back as his arms stayed around you.
“Hey, are you alright babe?” He soothed into your ear.
“I just missed you”
“Don’t get all emotional on me now you, we’re going to have a great weekend, just the two of us” He pulled back and brushed his knuckle along your jaw. “Let’s go get your key” Picking up your case with ease, he lead you over to the reception desk and the receptionist smiled brightly.
“Mr Egerton, how can I help?”
“Could I get that extra key for my room now please, my guest has arrived” He gestured towards you and she nodded, passing you a key card.
“Not a problem at all, there’s the extra key for you there. Have a lovely stay, congratulations on your engagement” The suggestion alone made your eyes almost pop out of your head
“Oh we’re n-“
“Thanks!” Taron interrupted quickly taking your hand and leading you away.
“What did you do?” You asked, narrowing your eyes at him as you got into the lift.
“Nothing!” He feigned shock at the mere idea of him misbehaving. “I saw just this couple checking-in in front of me and they were on their honeymoon and the lady was super nice to them sooo I may have got a bit carried away and told them we got engaged, ended up getting loads of free booze!”
“TARON!” He broke into a fit of giggles as you glared at him. “It’s not funny! What if she goes to the press?! And you’re famous, you can get all the free booze you want!”  
“She won’t and she can’t anyways cause it’s guest confidentiality!” You gave him your best side-eye glare as the lift pinged, telling you you’d reached your floor. “You won’t be wanting any of that expensive champagne they sent up to us then, I’ll just send it back”
“Well, no…don’t do that” You backtracked “I’m on my holidays” He laughed loudly as you followed him out of the lift, noticing there were no other doors near his.
“That’s my girl” He unlocked his room door and flung it open, letting you in first. Your jaw almost dropped to the floor as you stepped in, astounded at the sheer size of the place. A small hallway lead to an open plan living area complete with a huge tv on the wall and large kitchen with breakfast bar. The back wall was pretty much floor to ceiling windows which curved round to give a panoramic view of the city skyline, a balcony following the windows the whole way round. You wandered in further and looked through a doorway to see the bedroom separately, a bed bigger than you’d ever seen in your life sitting proudly against the wall. You turned to look at Taron in disbelief and he just grinned at you. “Welcome to the Penthouse Suite, madam”


anonymous asked:

My favorite member is Till. He’s such an interesting person. He seems so sad, troubled and unsure which breaks my heart but at the same time it’s beautiful how he turn it into poems and music. The more I get to know about him (mainly through your blog, thank you!) the more he interest me. Then his looks of course, I mean come on, look at that face and those eyes. (Not a fan of big muscles and hairy chests though) He’s like a tragic but yet so beautiful poem himself

I love that description. It’s so beautiful. He is like poetry in human form. 
I’m a big fan of his muscles and chest myself but even if not there’s so much more to love about him.
Ty for sharing, dear Anon.