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Once you wake - it’s difficult to remember what you dream about

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i’m getting used to drawing these kids

also i’m practicing expressions with them

and also trying to paint but i don’t know hOW

that’s why the lines are still there….. and probably will be there forever

oh aND i finally got to draw deku’s hair kinda good

yay me :’D

Fulcrum X Fulcrum (With Spoilers for Season Three of Rebels if that wasn't Obvious. We good? Okay~)

Okay look. I know a few things after this year’s double punch of Rebels and Rogue One:

–Cassian Andor is a former Separatist and a former Fulcrum agent apparently involved with recruiting

–Agent Kallus is apparently really good at reprogramming droids.

–Even parts of the fandom that LIKE Kallus want to see him punched.

–That jacket and hair combo’s gotta come from somewhere

–I need these assholes to meet.

–The timeline technically meshes so it could happen.

And so I ended up writing Cassian/Kallus (Cassius?) pre-slash fic snippet I might never go further with over Clone Wars Politics, Kaytoo’s Sass, Namedropping, and my old favorite: “Sad Pan Kallus is Pan As Hell.”

For the record I blame Moon for not stopping me.



“I’d heard a rumor some of the members of the rebellion held separatist leanings during the Clone War.”

It isn’t much in the way of conversation when you’ve been paired off with a strange man to fix an imperial droid. But it’s something considering theirs had been a conversation of false starts:

The information in this unit must be valuable.

The withering scowl back.

Kay has no information.


I didn’t catch your name.

It’s the same as yours. Fulcrum.

And his look.

That isn’t an answer.

Cassian. Cassian Andor, Rebel Intelligence.

Now Kallus is hunting for another thread, picking at the man’s accent. Rim world. Beta quadrant. Separatist territory–in Kallus’s youth anyway.

“We take what we’re given,” Cassian replies stiffly, not looking up. There’s a ways to look up for Kallus no matter what. “Wanting a droid to take the place of a man does not make a lesser rebel.”

He’s fiddling with the insides of his droid, brows knit deep and hard.

“We don’t choose where we’re born, I suppose,” Kallus defers.

“You’re from Coruscant,” there’s a scoff to the name of his homeworld, “Tell me, Captain Kallus, do they still teach the Separatists were terrorists and radicals, railing against democracy?”

He’s never told Captain Andor his name.

“It’s hard to argue with the image of a temple burning,” Kallus replies quietly.

To say the least of the horrific, withered countenance of the Emperor that had given Kallus nightmares as a child, a fear of Jedi that lasted long into his adult life.

I don’t have to.” Cassian growls, face going hard and pinched before he’s leaning. Back down, fiddling with something in the back of his droid’s head, the lump of metal cradled in his lap like it’s the face of a child.

It’s personal, Kallus notices. This droid, this one droid matters to him or he never would have asked for the help in the first place. And it’s Imperial or any number of people probably would have helped, not just Kallus.

Kallus goes back to reattaching the droid’s right arm, to balancing the servos. He tests the motion in the metal fingers, letting the silence linger between them. He sneaks glances at the other man with the right afforded a tall, well-muscled person. No one wanted to upset him on first look, so often he could look where he pleased without issue.

Captain Andor knows he’s looking but seems bent on willfully ignoring him instead. He is a handsome man beneath the perpetual scowl, Kallus notes. Though he thinks many beings are handsome and he has no reason to believe the life of a rebel is an easy one though he’s barely begun his own.

Kallus wants to ask how he became a Fulcrum agent if he’s traveling in the company of an Imperial KX, but talks with the lilting accent of a rim-worlder.


He lets his eyes slip away, bending so his head is lower than Cassian’s. The subtle quirks of body language worked into him in Imperial Intelligence. The unspoken cues that told a person to trust. To expect authority. To yield.

Cassian doesn’t look up, adding, “You should talk to Rex. About the Clone Wars. About being a clone.”

“I’ve already spoken to Captain Rex in gratitude for his service.”

“And in your texts on history was there ever a mention of his name? Of the names of any of the clones serving the Jedi?” Cassian’s accent apparently gets more pronounced when he’s riled. A dangerous trait in an agent, perhaps.

Kallus is quiet.

“…Did he really serve under General Skywalker?” He asks finally.

“So you think he’s lying?” Cassian shoots back.

“I- No,” Kallus pushes at his hair, flattening it back, “My mentor, Colonel Yularen always…spoke highly of General Skywalker. Nothing more.”

The unspoken unease that two men who once fought for the same side so closely might face off again as enemies lingers with him.

He wonders how many times he undid the work of Cassian Andor’s hands while serving the empire.

Cassian glances at him for a moment then goes back to tightening screws with angry little jerks of his arm.

“Would you still have thanked Captain Rex if he had killed General Skywalker on command?” The Rebel snaps.

Kallus grimaces.

“I don’t know what I would have done.”

The honest answer.

Perhaps not the best one because Cassian levels a look at him, seems to peer at him.

He’s a sharp man, Kallus notes. Easily his equal and should be treated as such. Stubble and bags under the eyes like he’s been camped out in a jungle on his own, and not in the great ruins of Yavin with a company of rebels. Rough edges and hard choices.

Kallus looks back at him and is sure it shows in his face that he isn’t sure if Captain Cassian Andor, Fulcrum, is what he wants to become.

He looks at the way Cassian’s hands rest almost tenderly on the dome of the droid’s head, a throwaway pile of scrap with an Imperial logo still prominently on its arm, and thinks maybe he’s precisely what he should like to become.

Cassian’s hard eyes pinch.

“You should think carefully about programming, Captain Kallus,” his voice is very soft, a handkerchief hiding a vibroblade in a dark alley, “Not all of it is done to droids.”

“It has been thoroughly brought to my attention I ought to ask more questions. Do let me know if I bore you,” Kallus replies, keeping his tone as bland as if he’s at a core dinner dressed in gold braid.

The corner of Cassian’s mouth goes up in a humorless smile, a noiseless chuff of laughter.

He toggles a switch and the KX unit’s white eyes flick back to life.

A metal hand clamps almost immediately around Kallus’s neck.

Kallus chokes, instincts leaping hard. A second metal hand bats away his blows, unfolding limb by limb.

KAY!” Cassian shouts.

The droid’s head swiveled to him immediately.

It paused a moment, then unclamped his metal fingers from Kallus’s throat.

“…Clear of Hostiles.” A male voice intoned, a little primly.

Kallus coughed, slumped on the stones of the temple floor.

“Are you alright?” Cassian snaps, dropping to his knees with a curse.

To his surprise, Kallus laughs under his breath, rubbing his throat and jaw.

He pulls himself to his feet, waving off the other man’s hands

“Now there’s the rebel welcome I’d expected.”

Cassian’s startled into cracking a smile, quickly trying to cover it. A quiet thing.

Kallus covers his staring by patting the droid’s metal arm.

“That’s quite a loyalty subroutine your KX has.”

“I am seventy percent certain I should find that response insulting,” the droid replied pausing and flicking its white eyes to him, “I’m K2-SO. I’m a reprogrammed Imperial Droid.”

“Kallus,” Kallus intones, “Formerly ISB-021, an agent of the Imperial Security Bureau, and formerly a Fulcrum Agent in service of the Rebellion.” He pats the droid’s arm again. “You could probably consider us kindred spirits.”

Cassian’s mouth widens.

“I will not,” the droid says, once again sounding smug, “My programming is far superior to a defective Imperial Agent’s, Cassian’s seen to it.”


“Fine by me,” Kallus says, ruefully rubbing his neck, “Good Men like Captain Andor should be in good hands. Yours seem to serve more than well enough.”

Something passes into Cassian’s face that he can’t quite read.

Kallus quickly removes his hand from the droid’s arm.

“Everything seems in order.” He inclined his head in a formal bow, “Fulcrum.”

Cassian’s eyes flick over him before he nods back.


“Let me know if you need help with Imperial equipment. I’m here to do whatever good I can.”

Cassian considers this, dark eyes briefly flicking down to Kallus’s hands, then up again to his eyes. There’s fur in the lining of his coat even in the heat of Yavin, framing his face. He nods after a moment.

“I will.”

The droid turns to him.

“You will?” It repeats.

Cassian shushes Kaytoo, eyes still on Kallus. He says nothing.

Kallus smiles.

“Thank you,” he says, meaning it.

“You actually like him?” He can hear the droid say too loudly as he leaves.

Cassian’s response is murmured too low for his to hear but Kallus’ smile broadens into a grin.

“Do you want to know how I feel about strange men touching me?” the droid’s offended voice is gradually lost to the ruckus of the cargo bay.

Inktober Day #21: Big

Inspired by this lovely art, as I totally agree with it and I love the idea of Mob hitting a growth spurt and growing quite a bit taller than Reigen someday :’) He’s mostly still a string bean (like my brother) but he does have some lean muscle now, so his time in the Body Improvement Club paid off! Reigen is proud…a proud dad indeed.

Ritsu is still the taller brother though, and he’s got the sleep deprived college freshman look down pat (gotta keep those stellar grades up), which is frankly terrifying to everyone BUT Mob X’’D 

Today on: “Homeboy Did Not See That Coming”

You thought wrong

Originally posted by perfectfeelings

Request: Can you make an imagine where y/n is a new character on the set of Riverdale and she and cole flirt all the time because she likes him but she thinks he’s with lili but he isn’t and yea maybe a cute ending? Ps: y/n was shy at first Thanks

 I had been cast to play a new character on Riverdale called Harriett Holmes. Harriett is a very bubbly and confident character the complete opposite to how I was acting now. It’s not that I’m not like that, but when I don’t know people I tend to be very shy. It was my first day and I being shown to my trailer when I see Cole Sprouse approaching me. “Just stay calm…calm and collected” I whisper to myself trying to make it seem like I was star struck by the man who was now within two feet of me. “Hey nice to me I’m Cole” he says extending a hand out to me. I awkwardly reach out to shake it “I-I’m Y/n Y/l/n… um I’m playing Harriett”. He laughs and shakes my hand “ Yeah I know just thought I’d come over and introduce myself , once you’re finished here knock on that door over there” he says pointing to a trailer just a little ways down from mine. “I’ll show you around and you and introduce you to the rest of the gang” he smiles “O-okay that would be nice “I stutter looking at the ground then back up at him. How am I going to concentrate when someone this handsome is going to be there most all the time?.

After getting settled into my trailer I go to knock on Cole’s trailer door like he told me to. I try to calm myself down during my very short walk to his trailer. “This is fine Y/n; you are professional and can handle having a really cute guy around you for the next couple of months” I think to myself. As I raise my fist to knock at the door it swings open to reveal a very topless Cole. “Oh I’m so sorry” I say looking anywhere but at him “I thought you were Kj he told me he wanted to come over and meet you” he says as he steps aside motioning me into the trailer. I still don’t look at him as I walk past hoping he doesn’t see the blush that has formed on my face. He shuts the door and turns to the table beside him where a t-shirt is resting on it; he grabs it and puts in on. “So Y/n been acting long?” he asks sitting down on seat opposite to mine. I shift a little under his gaze “Four years” I answer quickly. “So you not that new then” he says leaning into the seat he is sat on “No but this is the biggest role I’ve ever been given” I say feeling my shyness become less and less every minute. He stands up “Well you must be very good then, they don’t just cast anybody on this show” “I can tell” I say laughing looking up at him. “That is not what I meant” he says laughing back at me. “You ready for you Riverdale tour” he asks opening the door “Ready as I’ll ever be” I reply.

As he shows me around he asks me questions about myself “So Y/n what did you do before acting” he questions looking down at me “Nothing special I worked at a restaurant waitressing” I answer. “So you weren’t a model then?” he says “No why?” I ask looking at him confused. “You’re just really pretty and totally look like you could be a model” he says confidently. “Thank you” I say blushing looking down at my shoes. Cole spouse just called me pretty I repeat Cole Sprouse just called me pretty. The walk continues like this with us complimenting each other.

We round the corner to see a group of people talking to each other who I instantly recognize to be the rest of the cast. “Guys meet Y/n” Cole calls making them all turn to face me. One by one they all come up to me to introduce themselves some hugging while others just stick to the handshake. After twenty minutes of getting to know everybody I start to feel more comfortable. “I’m going to be fine” I think to myself.

Two months later

It had been two months since I joined the cast and now I consider the rest of the cast my best friends. Cole and I had been flirting a lot since he first day but I’m pretty sure he’s with Lili , and I’m not going to lie I’m kind of sad about it. He flirts with me all the time but they way he looks at her says something else. The last couple of days I’ve tried to stay as far away from them as possible because I can’t look at them being so coupley anymore. I really like Cole but if he is with Lili I have to accept it and move on.

I had just finished filming a scene with Kj and Camila so I was going back to my trailer to relax for awhile. I walked up the steps to the door slowly and when I open I see Cole sitting on the small couch looking at his phone. When he hears the door open he looks up at me. “Cole what are you doing here?” I ask talking off my jacket and leaving it hanging on the back of the door. “I came here to ask you why you haven’t talked to me in the last couple of days?” he says standing up walking closer to me. I bend down to where the mini fridge is and take a water out of it “ I haven’t been ignoring you Cole I’ve been busy” I say opening the bottle and taking a sip. “That’s bullshit Y/n and you know it, I have tried to talk to you and you just blanked me” he says with an angry look on his face. “Cole I like you and it’s so obvious, but you’re with Lili so I’m allowed to be a little upset so if you could just leave because I came in here to relax and you’re kinda ruining my plan” I say in all one breath. He just walks even closer to me with his eyebrow raised “I’m with Lili?” “Yeah Cole we’ve already established that” I say with a huff “Who said I was with Lili” he asks. I  laugh at him “ Oh my god Cole it’s so obvious you guys are all over each other-” he cuts me off “ Y/n Lili and I are just friends” he says now standing face to face with me. I can’t believe what I’m hearing “B-but I thought” “You thought wrong” he says smiling. Before I know it he is kissing me pushing me up against the door and grabbing onto to my waist. After making out for a while we pull apart for some air “Y/n I like you” he says out of breath leaning in to kiss me again. Let’s just say it’s no longer awkward between us.      

Word Count: 1′166

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Hi !!! Can I get one where bakugou hears a rumor where his s/o is gonna break up with him n he gets a nervous FLUFF PLS AAHH THANK U

Hello lovely! And surely you can! =) I very much hope I could write this well enough and add enough fluff and everything =) I hope you like it!

He stalks towards the dorms, his face angry and pissed off and students quickly get out of his way when he steps into the building and takes the stairs two steps at a time. His heart beats way too fast and he hates the fucking nervous feeling that makes his hands feel jittery and fills him with restlessness.

As soon as he reaches his partner’s room, he knocks and throws their door open when he realizes it’s not locked.

“Are you going to fucking break the fuck up with me?” He half growls, half yells as soon as he throws the door closed again, ignoring the way his hands feel sweaty and his shoulders are tense.

His partner looks startled, then dumbfounded and then confused. “No?” They say. “Are you?”

“Fucking hell shit no!”

They slowly set down their phone and stand up; looking relieved and worried at the same time. “Good, though why are you asking me that?”

Bakugou curses and growls under his breath and moves forward to draw them into a tight hug, pulling them off-balance for a moment and causing them to lean heavily against him. A moment later, they hug him back.

“Not going anywhere.” They mumble and he huffs, feeling his heart slow down and the nervous restlessness finally seeps out of him, his shoulders relaxing.

“You better not.” He grumbles and rests his forehead on their shoulder. “Shit fucking heck.”

He feels them chuckle. “Love you too.”

Instead of answering, he draws back to give them a long kiss, his hands framing their face, before he returns to hugging them tightly.

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The hc of sharing a place is amazing! I love it. Can you write something like that with mihawk, smoker and shanks? Pretty please

Sure thing anon, enjoy and you know what to do if you’d like some more ~

Originally posted by tenshi-chan


  • No visitors, you are all not welcome.
  • He barely sleeps, so his s/o will rarely know if he’s ever actually came to bed.
  • “Mihawk?” “Yes, dear?” “You’re in the same spot you were in when I went to bed… have you even moved?” “…”
  • He calls his s/o dear, okay? I’m a firm believer when he gets all domesticy he’s full of private darlings and dears.
  • Meals are ate together at the dining room table because sitting on the couch with a plate in your lap is a big no no.
  • Wine EVERY night. The neighbours are convinced Mihawk and his s/o are closet alcoholics when they see 7+ bottles of wine getting delivered by Tesco every week. They even post self help stuff through the couples front door anonymously which just confuse both of them.
  • Lying/sitting on the couch, sipping wine and reading books is their most common and favourite pastime together. If his s/o is lucky he’ll even ready out loud to them.  
  • If friends want to come over it’s forbidden and instead Mihawk and his s/o will go to their house instead. He refuses to be trapped by guests in his own home. This includes Shanks because that damn man never knows when to leave.
  • Their home in nice and neat but a lot of things seem to have a fine layer of dust over them. Books, mantelpieces, ornaments, it just escapes their mind that those things need cleaning too.
  • They have a TV but Mihawk never watches it so it’s up to his s/o to put it on if they want to. It startles Mihawk every time they do because he forgets they even have it.
  • He gets three different newspapers delivered because he can’t trust one to give him the full story. Their recycling bin is always stupidly full.
  • Do light tidying together every day, there’s no set day when things have to be done. It’s just when it needs to be.
  • Chores aren’t split between them either. Though his s/o will never see him do any of them he does pull his own weight.
  • Don’t leave the house unless they absolutely have to. And then even then it’s begrudgingly.
  • On the odd occasion he will take his s/o out of the house for date night, but it’s in secluded or high end restaurants and only if they sell wine they both like.
  • Alcohol is the drink this couple gift to other friends. Birthdays? Get them drink! Christmas? Drink! Anniversaries? More alcoholic beverages! Can’t go wrong. They’re also rather happy to get the same in return.
  • Run baths for each other because Mihawk is a romantic soul deep down. This is also why his date nights in are the absolute best.
  • He likes to cook for his s/o so he’s often in charge of dinners. His s/o does breakfast and lunch though.
  • He’s not very festive or up for obvious couple things, but, they do dress up together for Halloween and scare the local kids. They’re all convinced he’s the real life Dracula because of his last name being too similar and because his s/o talks shit to them when he’s not there. Mihawk knows but doesn’t mind because it usually keeps the kids away from his house.  
  • When the tele has been turned on and his s/o has left it and Mihawk decides to watch it it turns into a bit of a disaster. He’ll stumble across the seller channels and you bet he’s gonna buy shit off there. (My granddad is like this and I don’t even know why he buys half the stuff he buys God bless him <3)
  • Got a portrait painted of them together that hands in the sitting room. His s/o is half trying to convince him to update it to a regular digital photo but he’s not having that.
  • He collects records and he’ll play them so him and his s/o can have a spontaneous romantic dance once in a while.

Originally posted by sithisis


  • Has accidentally intimidated all of the children (and some adults) in the neighbourhood. His s/o has had to make the rounds a few times to apologise to angry parents.
  • “I promise you he didn’t mean to scare your little girl. I know he looks angry but his face is just always like that.”
  • Tends to use the bathroom and get ready before his s/o because he’s always up and out of the house for work before they’ve even woken up.
  • Calls in periodically throughout the day to make sure his s/o is doing okay at home. Or if they’ve gone out somewhere he’d like to know where just to make sure they’re not in any trouble.
  • His s/o sends him outside to smoke, so he’s out there a lot and he hates it. It means he usually has to engage in small talk with his neighbours and as much as he’s tried he’s just not that great at it.
  • Tends to go to bed at the same time as his s/o, after checking the house is secure a million times over. He prefers it because it’s a chance to unwind and spend some relaxation time with them.
  • This is where they’ll often talk the most so they’ll usually not go to sleep for at least an hour after going to bed.
  • Smoker believes in a strict routine and schedule. He goes to work, comes home, eats, spends time with his s/o and goes to bed and that’s his day. His s/o is free to do what they want so long as they do tend to certain chores that he just can’t do while he’s at work.
  • He will contribute on his days off by helping around the house or doing the groceries run.
  • Has written up day to day schedules for chores, activities together and meal plans. If his s/o wants to go against them he needs a good reason, though he always buckles and agrees to what they want.
  • Likes a peaceful household so does let his s/o get their way a lot, even if it’s about something he doesn’t agree with. Like guests.
  • He does not like having guests into his home when he’s off work. He likes having being able to relax after work so when he had to entertain guests after a long day it just makes him irritable.
  • Do fitness regimes and workouts together on his days off. It’s one of the only times he’ll wake his s/o up on purpose. 6am on the dot their ass is his to boss about. They’re currently doing insanity workouts.
  • They do events such as the Great North Run (I’m sorry it’s my local one so I gotta go off what I know T_T) and other marathon/triathlon type of activities.  

Originally posted by stay-outta-hells-kitchen-blog


  • Routine? What is this routine you speak of?
  • Things are done as and when is needed and not a moment before hand. In fact, not even then sometimes.
  • “Shanks, when was the last time you cleaned this?” “Hmm…I remember using it when we did our Game of Thrones marathon.” “Shanks, that was months ago.” “Then months ago.”
  • It is inevitably up to his s/o to keep the house tidy and in order which he will apologise for profusely and will offer to make it up to them.
  • Parties all the time! If this man has an excuse to party him and his s/o are definitely hosting it. And it will be GLORIOUS!
  • Will use the bathroom at the same time as his s/o and will deliberately be awkward about it. He had no qualms about pooping while his s/o is having a bath or something. In fact he’ll chat and maintain eye contact.
  • Is a big believer in playing weird games with his s/o. Drinking and stripping ones are his personal favourite, but sometimes he just enjoys stupid made up ones that are good for laughs.
  • He’ll take silly games from random TV series and will play them with his s/o too. They have definitely played Chardee MacDennis from Always Sunny in Philadelphia a few times.
  • They watch comedies together in their free time. The household favourites are Always Sunny, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Inbetweeners, Brooklyn Nine Nine, The Office and Fresh Prince.
  • Pyjama days are a thing – although it’s more walk around the house in your underwear days rather than pjs.
  • Naps throughout the day together so their sleeping schedule is way way off. Sometimes they go to bed together on a night, other times there’s all nighters or Shanks stays up until 4.30am before he can drop.
  • Buy in video games to play together, or if they aren’t 2 player they sit and do the story play through together. Games of all description are just their thing.
  • Forgets to lock up the house quite often but isn’t too bothered about it. He’s pretty sure he’ll hear if someone tries to break in.
  • Surprise date nights in and out, but usually out and they’re nearly always quirky or extreme. He will do the odd movie and dinner shtick but he’s known for impromptu monster truck driving and cage diving with sharks kinda dates.
  • Don’t visit this household unless you’re going for a massive drunken party because he’ll never let you leave.
  • Also don’t sit down anywhere because Shanks is a big believer on ‘Christening every room’ with his s/o.
  • Silly sing alongs while they do chores, it makes them less tedious. The radio goes on and they just have at it.
  • Neither can cook very well so ready meals and take outs are usually their base diet.
  • They get out of bed when they want to get out of bed a not a moment sooner.
  • If he’s not the king he’s the prince of couple activities. You bet Mihawk gets sent a couple themed party invite, Christmas and birthday card every year. The only thing he hasn’t done is tattoo his s/o’s name on himself. Yet.
Only You

Fandom: Marvel
Request: “If your down to write about Bucky being angry jealous I’d love to read that ! Lol I enjoy love triangles and jealousy 💋” - @keepcalm-and-beyou
Word Count: 1068

“Booyah!” You yelled out in victory as you scored the winning shot of beer pong. You were high-fived by countless people as you walked away to the empty balcony. You leaned on the barrier and sighed.

The cool air brushing over your skin felt relaxing. You started to unwind from the intense party.

“Nice win” Sam congratulated you. You jumped from fright.

“Thanks” You chuckled. Sam laughed and entwined his hands with yours, making your heart race. You looked at him and saw him smiling.

“Why don’t we get out of here?” He said slyly. You giggled at his question. The booze was making its way to your head. You considered him a friend and not really more than that. You almost agreed to go with him but something held you back. 

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(whispering) tell me a secret! :3c

[whispers back] i’m house-sitting for some relatives and i “accidentally” dismembered and “lost” their tr*mp bobblehead.

Darkiplier Theory Time!!

💚Ok so this has been itching at my brain for a while now, but what if Darkiplier has been with Mark way before his YouTube career, I mean all the way back to Marks childhood.

Because recently in Marks new video (Five Nights At Candies3) everything seemed completely fine the game started off great. Of course it had its jump scares and Mark made his hilarious cursing comebacks. But then Mark started talking about nightmares he had as a child. It was kinda strange of Mark just to bring it up out of the blue so suddenly.

(Mark: “I had nightmares all the time as a child. I still do. I do have nightmares”.)

Of course it seems like nothing wrong it’s just Mark talking to us about a past memory to go along with the game but he then goes more into depth with it.

(Mark: “I would have nightmares pretty much every other night to the point where I’ve just gotten used to it so much. It doesn’t phase me, I had nightmares all the time and they were vivid with vividly real like. Incredibly real every single night I would wake up from something scaring me into dreams”)

At first it doesn’t really seem like anything to look into, but why would Mark share his personal memory with us….one word “Darkiplier” We all know that Dark and Anti both thrive off of the energy we bring to the channel. But Dark needed energy and since the channel didn’t exist at the time. Marks happy energy was the only thing keeping him afloat. The Nightmares Mark was having was caused by Dark taking away his happy energy.

Mark then continues on: “I remember one more distinctly than any other it was a pretty typical nightmare. I was being chased by someone with a chainsaw. I must have been like seven or eight at the time. And I was running, but I could see his face very clearly like just a huge angry face just burned into my mind then I woke up”

I did some digging and found that a chainsaw in a general (Dream state) can suggest Saddness in ones life and shows that great change is about to happen . Was this maybe…Darkiplier trying to show Mark in a (Dream) that big change was gonna happen in his life. That Dark would soon take over Marks Body, Mind and Soul?

Mark continues “Could still see that face…that face was literally burned into my eyes. When I looked into the door way in front of my bed…at the foot of my bed. I saw his face”

Was this Dark showing himself for the first time to Marks childhood self. Was Dark just hiding in the shadows just leaving only his face visible so that Mark could never forget him.

And remember what Darkiplier said “I can take you to the places you want to go….and especially the places you don’t want to go”

Have us Fans ever questioned was Dark speaking on a psychical level or a mental? What I mean is did Dark mean he could bring our worst nightmares true and this case Mark could have so easily as a child been open to mental attacks that Dark could have done to him without Mark even knowing it was him.

As the video plays out Mark say “ What’s even weirder is that my nightmares are sometimes recurring. Like I will I’ll have nightmares in the exact same place and when I’m in a dream. I will remember the nightmares but not the fact that it’s a dream. Even if it’s day, I’ll have nightmares in the exact same places that I’ve been to multiple times”

And who do we all know that has the power of time looping “Darkiplier he can repeat a scene as many times as he likes, like in the “Date with Markiplier” video we see Darkiplier looping us back once when we failed to make the decision Dark deemed worthy.

Mark: “I was hesitant to play horror games because they scared me, but in a way they helped me conquer my fear. But there still there all the time.

So Mark has found a way to deal with his fears by playing more horror games, but he says that the Nightmares are still their all the time. Is this maybe Darkiplier waiting for another chance to get out again. Did Darkiplier manipulate Marks childhood self into forming a contracted with him? Has Dark literally been here since the beginning sitting quietly and patiently like a shadow just waiting for Mark to slip up?.

Sorry it’s so long but I hope it was worth it and I didn’t just wast any of your guys time on this, I never did a theory on Darkiplier before so hope u peeps like it. ;) Also if you peeps have your own theory’s about this then plz comment I would love to hear yours. 💚


I got into a fight.

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i love way when baby trunks put angry face just like vegeta


I LOVE his little scowl! I think part of it was natural, and I can also picture him trying to imitate his dad’s fierce scowl growing up while he was training with him and failing miserably because he was just too cute!

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