i like him he makes me cups of tea

Out of the Blue 02

Rated: M

Warnings: Explicit vulgar hybrid smut, knotting, dirty talk. 

Summary: Jungkook has only ever thought of his breeding clients as just that - clients, and he’s always quite indifferent to them since he only ever knows them for a short period of time. But then you come along, and he starts experiencing feelings that aren’t being manipulated by your heat. Real feelings, that he has never harbored before with anyone else.

Notes: in a world where shower sex is Effortless. LOLLL also plz enjoy the stereotypical dogs love peanut butter thing in this it brought me joy

Words: 5k

01 | 02

It was silent, save for the light clinking of the spoon Seokjin was using to stir his tea. Namjoon sat at the island in the middle of the large kitchen, staring down at his cup of tea which was untouched, worrying about one thing and one thing only.

“So what do you think they’re doing?”

Seokjin promptly stopped stirring his tea at the question and turned around away from the counter to look at Namjoon, his eyebrow raised and a small smile playing at his lips. “Do you really want me to answer that?” He sauntered over to the island where Namjoon was seated, taking a sip of his tea on the way over.

Sheepishly, Namjoon chuckled and ducked his head, cheeks turning red from the slight embarrassment and scratching the back of his neck. What a foolish question he had asked. “Oh- um, yeah, I guess not.”

“Yeah, they’ll be doing that for awhile,” Seokjin explained in amusement, taking a seat at the island across from him. “But later on, they’ll take a break.. Come downstairs, eat and drink something - recharge, perhaps. Don’t get it twisted though, you won’t be able to…. touch her, if you know what I mean. Not even a rub on the arm. Jungkook will be attached at her hip. He’s very territorial and possessive of his clients, I’m afraid. Well, I’m sure you know that well enough.”

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star-anise  asked:

I challenge you to retell any piece of Jack or Bitty's college years as a series of in-universe RPF callout posts

**whispers** dammit this is clever and I’ve never done a real callout post so let’s see how this goes

*clears throat, we’re now in the land of my UBER SUCESSFUL in-universe rpf blog. My character will be one of an ex-Pimms shipper who’s been jaded by the discourse surrounding Jack’s OD.* 

Here’s a brief coverage of Fall Semester of Year Two: 

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EXO REACTION: their best friend says they should date

I really liked your BTS reaction to their bff being single. Could I request a BTS and/or Exo (whichever you have the most inspiration for, or both if you have tons of it) reaction to their bff having been complaining about that and then randomly saying (jokingly or otherwise) that the two of them should date? Up to you if the member likes their bff or not. Sorry if it sucks!!

a/n: these were all done as them all having interest in you bc i can’t bring myself to write rejection ;v;


Minseok sipped at his coffee while you complained about your relationship status. “Enjoy it. When you settle down with somebody you won’t be able to walk around in your underwear,“ he chuckled, settling his mug down. “You don’t care when you come over and I’m in my underwear,” you mumbled, folding your arms over your chest. “I don’t,” he smiled. “Maybe I should date you,” you winked, making him nod. “Maybe you should.”


“What’re you doing?” Junmyeon asked when he saw you laid upside down on the sofa. “Trying to figure out what makes me so undateable,” you grumbled, making him laugh. “Don’t laugh at my misery,” you screwed up your face. He sat next to you and floded his arms over his chest.

 “You’re not undateable…” 

“Date me, then,”



“How’s the filming coming along?” you asked as you handed the mug over to Yixing. “Tomorrow should be the last day,” he informed happily, setting the cup down. “From what you’ve sent me, it looks good,” you praised, making him smile. 

“The pictures you uploaded looked just as good. I hope it went well,” he raised a brow. “It was another fail,” you shrugged, sitting next to him. “I’m coming to the conclusion that I was born to be single forever,” you took a sip of your tea. 

“The right one is out there,”

“He’s sat next to me,”

“What was that?”

“I’d really like to take you on a date… After you’re done filming.”

“I would love that.”


Another spoonful of soup was held up to your mouth, which you happily took. “You look like Rudolf,” Baekhyun laughed before blowing over the soup to cool it. “Stop,” you pouted, leaning your head forward. “The world’s cutest Reindeer,” he held up the spoon again.

 “I bet this is what it’s like to have a partner,” you finished the soup and gave him a thankful smile. “I’m better than anybody you’ve ever been with,” he set the bowl on the floor and flopped next to you. “I should make you my boyfriend,” you giggled as he cupped your cheeks.

“Can I kiss you?”

“You’ll get sick…”

“I don’t care.”


“I’m going to be single forever,” you whined as you leaned back onto the bench. “Was it really that bad?” he asked, glancing to you. “They were impossible to talk to…” your head lolled back. “It’s okay,” he patted your knee. “I’ll be here to keep things exciting in your life,” he promised, making you giggle. “We should date. We’d make a good match,” you hummed, making him gasp. “You can read my mind?”


The sound of the guitar filled Chanyeol’s cozy studio. He’d invited you over to try and cheer up your mood after your rant on being single. When his fingers stopped against the strings of the guitar and you continued to stare at him, he waved his hand in front of your face. “You alright?” he asked. 


“You’re staring.”

“Sorry, I was just thinking what you’d be like as a boyfriend.”

“I’d be okay?”
“Can I test that out? I really want to take you on a date.”

His cheeks tinted red, so he lowered his head “Of course you can.”


Kyungsoo agreed to act as your partner at a family dinner, saving you from another ‘you should be settling down’ lecture. His hand rested on your back as he conversed with your family, speaking of his job, and praising the food. They seemed to believe it, as they all fussed over you. 

As the evening winded down, your family moves to sit around the house to make small talk with eachother. He lead you outside, the cold air felt amazing against your warm skin. “They’re fun. Not bad at cooking either,” he spoke softly. “Be my partner for real, then. Come with me to every dinner,” you chuckled. “I’d be honoured,” he whispered, arm wrapping around your waist.


Jongin has spammed you with texts, informing you that the members were going out, so the two of you could have a movie night. He picked you up and took you to the store, filling up the cart with as many snacks and goodies as possible. “You’re forgetting these. No movie night is complete without these,” he grinned, dropping your favourite sweets into the cart. “Why can’t everyone I go on dates with be like yoou. Why can’t you be my boyfriend?” you groaned, piling the snacks into his arms for him to approve of. “Because you haven’t asked me yet.” 


The room spun as you and Sehun finished the last of your drinks. “We have so much fun together,” he slurred with a grin. “I know…” you laid next to him, trying to cool your blushing cheeks. “We should start dating.”

“You want to date me?” he asked, eyes widening. “Is that a bad thing?” you frowned, only to be cut off by his laughing. “I thought the day would never come!” he exclaimed, pulling you into him.

peach-uyu  asked:

haii!! can you pleasepleaseplease do a friends to lover with I.M?? + i lovE all your monsta x scenarios (actually, all of your scenarios are love) like the way you write them is just so cute, reading them make my heart flutter every time asdfghj thank you in advance! ♡

thank you so much!!! find shownu’s ver (here)

  • you and changkyun work at the same hole in the wall cafe that literally like fifteen people know of at best and you guys are the only two baristas??? and it’s like,,,,,,,,
  • at first it was kind of awkward but it turns out you guys are two goofballs who always play the weirdest music when the boss isn’t around and make faces at each other when the only customers aren’t paying attention
  • and basically you guys click,,,,,like super well,,,,,,,
  • plus you see each other three days a week for nine hours sooo it’s hard not to bond
  • so it’s no shock you guys end up liking each other enough to hangout even when you don’t have shifts,,,,,,and you know get to know more about each other
  • and it’s one morning when you’re coming in to open the cafe and usually changkyun meets you at the door but??? today he’s not around so you just shrug and assume he called off work,,,,but that’s weird because he would have texted you about it
  • and as you walk in you start putting all the chairs down and writing the menu on the chalkboard when suddenly you go behind the register and almost jump so high you hit the ceiling because,,,,,,,,,
  • there’s changkyun,,,,,,curled up into a ball,,,,,,,under the counter
  • and you can tell it’s him by the top of his head and the fact that he’s got what looks like a freaking hello kitty blanket thrown over him 
  • and you’re like uHH CHANGKYUN???? and he wakes up so suddenly he bangs his head on the top of counter and is like OW oh my GOD why did you YELL
  • and you’re like because dummy you’re ??? sleeping under the freaking register????? of the cafe?????? we work at??????
  •  and he finally crawls his long body from underneath and stands up,, rubbing his head
  • and you notice he’s still wearing his apron from work and you’re like???? changkyun what’s going on???? did you drink too much and just pass out here or are you,,,,,,,,
  • and you look up at you friend and can see the dark shadow over his expression and you’re like,,,,oh my god changkyun,,,did you get kicked out????
  • and he just tries to laugh but it’s so obviously strained and he’s like don’t worry!!!! but you’re like changkyun,,,,,you can’t live in here,,,,,,,
  • and he’s like why not,,,,,i have everything!! my bed under the counter and unlimited coffee!!!
  • and you know he’s making a joke but you frown and you’re like “dude,,,,,,you need to shower and sleep not curled up like that ok? you can stay at my place until you figure stuff out.” 
  • and changkyun throws up his hands as if to say he couldn’t do that but you shove one of the muffins from the display case into his mouth and you’re like “don’t argue. eat this, and let’s open up the cafe.”
  • and for the rest of the day you don’t bring it up and neither does changkyun and,,,,,,finally at closing you’re like “do you have to pick something up from your house?” and he’s shaking his head and shows you that he’s already got all his stuff in his duffel bag and as you’re on the subway you’re like seriously changkyun,,,,,you could just tell me you needed somewhere to crash,,,,i thought we were close
  • and changkyun shrugs and mumbles that he couldn’t even tell his other friends,,,,,,not even jooheon or shownu,,,,,,and you wonder what happened but don’t try to pry
  • and when you guys are finally in your apartment you let changkyun borrow some blankets and stuff for the couch and you’re like ill make some tea 
  • and when you hand changkyun the cup you sit down beside him and it’s silent,,,,,,until suddenly changkyun puts the cup down and apologizes out of the blue
  • and you’re like ?????? what are you on now i said it’s fi-
  • but he shakes his head and he’s like “no, im sorry for not telling you i needed help. for not trusting you. you’re important to me, i - i didn’t want to look like something less in your eyes” and you’re like ?????? something less what does that mean we’re friend changk-
  • but when changkyun’s eyes meet yours you stop and changkyun is like “that’s the thing, i don’t want us to be just friends forever and who’d want to date some loser who got kicked out of house?” 
  • the usually gleeful, playful changkyun is gone and now you’re seeing his serious side, his deep voice dropping even lower and,,,,,the words he’s saying,,,,,,,, “date some loser” ,,,,,, it takes you a moment
  • and you set your own cup down that’s began to shake in your hand and you’re like “i didn’t know,,,,,,that’s how you felt.” and changkyun shrugs,,,,,trying to act like he didn’t just drop that on you,,,,,and he’s like “i know,,,,but im sorry. again. you don’t have to feel the same way and i get it if you want me to lea-”
  • but before he gets up, you put your hand on his and changkyun looks back at you and you’re like “let me finish, i didn’t know that’s how you felt but you don’t know how i feel either. you don’t let the people important to you sleep under counters changkyun.” and he,,,,,,,kind of twitches a bit because,,,,,,are you joking around or-
  • and you can see that hesitation so you prove him wrong by pushing him gently down onto the couch and climbing into his lap and letting your mouth find his and changkyun,,,,,
  • changkyun only gasps before you kiss him and then it’s almost like reflex,,,,he pulls you down closer
  • and when’s all said and done,, you find the blanket you’d brought out and throw it over you and changkyun and changkyun is like “oh,,,,are we going to,,,,,,,-” and you’re like “since you’re a guest in my house i need to make sure you’re warm. ill stay here to make sure of just that.”
  • and you cuddle into his chest and changkyun is like legit seeing stars but he’s also like “this is better than under the counter” and you’re like oh my god changkyun go to sleep we work tomorrow you do remember right?
Snowed In // A Shawn Oneshot

(idk where this came from tbh. I was cold earlier today and wanted to share my bed with someone, so probably that haha. Please enjoy!)

Word Count: 2478k

Snow sits on the large wild pine trees lining the drive to the cabin you and your friends rented for a week long getaway and it’s breathtaking. The five of you had been planning this for well over a year and it was finally here. The air was crisp. The view was unbelievable. It was truly perfection. Everyone was in a good mood, excited to ski the slopes, hang out in the hot springs and enjoy being away from work and school. There was only one small problem, that wasn’t really a problem per say, just an unexpected surprise. Andrew showed up at the cafe where you were all meeting in town, and he had a plus one.

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les mis characters as things jules (@enjolra-s) has said
  • enjolras: *apply to shampooed, towel dry hair. After 5 mins rinse thoroughly* me: *mixes shampoo with the hair mask* time is money
  • grantaire: that's how bi people work. we are straight today, and gay tomorrow, and we cry on wednesday
  • combeferre: we need to start a gay mafia because we have some good opinions and ideas
  • courfeyrac: the only good reason to be homophobic is because the gays are attacking you with their beautiful faces
  • eponine: our motto: Mother Nature is single too
  • cosette: *talking about vaginas with teeth* vagina dentata
  • bahorel: me, explaining why you should always sleep in your socks: baba yagas babe. they eat feet.
  • feuilly: *sent a voice message reciting the entire first scene of bee movie in polish*
  • musichetta: me drinking three cups of tea with six tablespoons of sugar: BE HEALTHY
  • bossuet: make memes not discourses
  • joly: do you sometimes just go to tidy your room and twenty minutes later you're wearing a bralette and revolutionary waistcoat with badges and sunglasses
  • gavroche: lol ur like 12, go to school
  • jehan: *talking about their house ghost* i hope they're hot
  • marius: i'm not a bonapartist but i'd fuck napoleon II
  • montparnasse: self care is taking pictures of your face and sending them to your friends
  • claquesous: sell him your kidney, he likes kidneys
  • javert: i've just had a history exam and our teacher only said "remember that cheating is sinning"
  • jean valjean: do you sometimes just. talk to that one person and they do something rly normal, like idk bake bread and you realise how gay you are-
barista! Hoshi

anon asked:  can i request barista!hoshi?? the reader usually visits the cafe every morning and hoshi develops a pretty big crush on them? mutual pining is really cute! thanks, much love. <3

a/n; asfljldskjfk im not okay lol - admin seri

  • works at the coffee shop near your university 
  • the hardest worker there, has the longest shift and takes the shortest lunch breaks 
  • makes the best caramel macchiato ever 
  • the guy who’s trying to crack jokes 
  • and sadly some people just dont understand humor 
  • gets kinda annoyed when girls ask him “where’s mingyu oppa?” or “is joshua oppa working?" 
  • just simply puts on a tight smile before asking them what they want again 
  • but the light of his morning is you
  • you never fail to come in around 10:00 am, dressed in your cute and comfortable outfits 
  • the way you would ponder on whether to try a different drink 
  • or talk about your major 
  • and damn he was so crushing hard 
  • because you never fail to smile, greet him good morning, and have a small conversation before telling him to have a nice day 
  • best of all, you never asked for the other baristas 
  • but obviously you were just a nice person because you talked the exact same way to the others 
  • because on this unlucky day, he was behind making a drink while jun stood at the cashier 
  • and something burns inside him when jun flashes his good looking smile at you 
  • "she probably’s crushing on jun and just to nice to ask for him,” he talks to himself while fiddling around 
  • he’s never able to concentrate on making someone else’s coffee while your here 
  • glancing from the corner of his eye, his gaze narrows in on your hand touching jun’s when handing him the cash 
  • “why am i like this” he groans 
  • when you leave, he stares at your figure leaving the cafe 
  • he jumps slightly when you turn back, making eye contact with him, and form that oh so adorable smile of yours 
  • “if you hold that button down any longer you’ll be giving them black coffee instead of a americano" 
  • jeonghan says, walking by him, smirking 
  • hoshi shakes his head and directs his attention to coffee making 
  • just after he hands the drink off, jeonghan pops up again 
  • "why don’t you ask for her number?" 
  • he whips his head around and aggressively shakes his head 
  • "i’ll never be able to show my face here again of she rejects me!!!" 
  • jeonghan makes a ‘tsk tsk tsk’ sound, "trust me when i say she likes you" 
  • soonyoung flashes a look of disbelief, "what do you know" 
  • jun suddenly appears from no where and swings an arm around his shoulder 
  • "dont worry!!! i’m absolutely positive she does, i have a feeling something will happen soon~" 
  • jun and jeonghan were both right 
  • more than right 
  • because you feel pathetic when you pray soonyoung will be the one at the cashier 
  • and swoon over the cutest smile ever 
  • and laugh at his jokes 
  • this particular day, you enter and find jun 
  • deflating a little because this means you wouldn’t be able to have your morning conversations with hoshi 
  • and the small undetectable amount of flirting where it’s driving you crazy because you dont know if it counts as flirting or not 
  • you go about your order normally and leave the shop, 
  • your heart kind of stops when your eyes meet soonyoung’s when you glance back to look for him 
  • you think of his little doodle he puts at the end of your name 
  • looking down at the drink jun made, your heart leaps when you read the message 
  • "soonyoung works the friday night shift!!! you should come ;)" 
  • and the first time you do and squeal and dance around, not caring if the entire campus is staring 
  • friday comes and your heart is racing 
  • you nervously come in, laptop in hand, because you figured you should at least try to finish your essay 
  • you catch him sitting behind the cashier singing a song playing 
  • his stops and looks up at you in shock when you enter 
  • "you have a really voice” you say, walking up to the cashier 
  • he shakes his head smiling, “i dont think so" 
  • you internally scream when you notice his ears turning red 
  • "what are you doing here?” he asks, because he’s never seem you at night 
  • you giggle nervously, you think to lie to be more casual, but of course you say, 
  • “jun told me you worked friday night so i came" 
  • forcing yourself to not cover you blushing face, you laugh lightly 
  • his mouth forms into a grin showing only his top teeth and your like omg
  • he just dips his head shyly and says, "so what would you like?" 
  • "ummm can i get that pastry and a cup of tea?" 
  • "okay just sit, i’ll bring it to you" 
  • your heart flutters you can deliberately sit facing the him so you could watch him like a stalker over your computer 
  • while your looking, he glances up and make eye contact 
  • immediately, you give an embarrassed smile and duck you head 
  • and hear his quiet giggle 
  • your staring at the essay you’ve barely started until soonyoung sets your order down and slides into the booth beside you 
  • "so whatcha working on?" 
  • "my essay, but i think i’ll do it tomorrow” you laugh sheepishly 
  • he makes a bright 'hehe’ sound thats so adorable 
  • “so you came just because im here?" 
  • you nod shyly and look up at him 
  • his face goes blank and you start to mentally freak out 
  • omg he probably thinks im weird!!!' 
  • "i really like you!!!” he blurts, than immediately covers his mouth, cheeks a flame 
  • your doubts instantly go away 
  • “ah jinja mianhae, i’ll go to the back now!!" 
  • he looks away from you embarrassed and starts rise 
  • until you grab his arm and push him back into the seat with a plop 
  • you make a sound of surprise and nervously giggle, 
  • "was i being too forceful??” you say worried 
  • he shakes his head, grinning 
  • you beam and take a breathe, “i really like you too!" 
  • he begins to shine, brightly showing off his smile 
  • "then can i take you out on a date??" 
  • "i would love too” you say, 
  • he dies a little inside at your twinkling eyes
  • your mouth twitches into a smirk after a thought 
  • "you know jun told me you worked this night" 
  • "ahhhh he was being a good wing man after all” soonyoung chuckles
  • “WELL OF COURSE” * jun yells, 
  • the both of you not seeing him, leap into each others arms 
  • “seee!!! im evening helping now!” as jun happily walks away 
  • the two of you ignore him and look at each other, still embracing one another 
  • “your adorable" 
  • he facial expression after lets you know he blurted it out 
  • laughing, you hug him closer 
  • "you know how to make a person’s heart flutter”

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~ admin seri

braveten  asked:

Yuuri is an electrician / repairman and... oh look.... Victor keeps breaking things... why isn't his lamp working anymore?? His oven, too?

10:00 am. Tuesday, March 14th.

“Katsuki Electrical, Yuuri speaking.”

“Yuuri! It’s Victor!”

Yuuri pinches the bridge of his nose. “Victor. How can I help you this time?”

“What do you mean, this time?”

Yuuri is required to keep track of the house calls he receives, and he doesn’t even need to check his chart to know that this is probably the fourth time Victor Nikiforov of 124 St. Petersburg Lane has called him within the past two weeks. “Absolutely nothing,” replies Yuuri hastily.

“Well, my oven’s not working,” continues Victor, his tone much brighter than it should be for a man whose oven isn’t working. “It’s not heating up.”

“What brand?” asks Yuuri, already half expecting the answer.

“JJ Appliances.”

People honestly have to stop installing JJ appliances in their homes. He receives at least a call a week about one malfunctioning.

“So do you need me to come over there and check it out?”

“Yes, please.”

Yuuri sighs. The first time Victor had called, it had been his kitchen lights flickering incessantly. That had been a more normal request. But then it had been his living room lamp malfunctioning, his microwave not heating up his food–

Because Victor had apparently never changed a lightbulb, nor had he seemed to realize that a microwave needed to be plugged in to work.

The main problem isn’t that Victor is making him come over to his house to fix these bordering-on-ridiculous problems, because Victor still pays him and tips him excessively. No, the problem is that Victor Nikiforov is making him come over to his house, period. Because Victor is terribly attractive, and Yuuri needs to keep it professional, but every time he goes, his neurons snap, and the impulses that should be running toward his brain are instead running wild. And Victor is not subtle.

Yuuri goes to fix the oven anyway.

11:00 am.

Victor Nikiforov is not an idiot. Yuuri knows this because of the bits and pieces that he’s gathered over the past two weeks. Victor likes books, and teaches Russian literature at the local college. Victor knows more about Anton Tchekhov than Yuuri knows about correctly wiring an entire kitchen. Victor knows more about the history of Eastern European art than Yuuri knows about, well, anything. Which is why suspicion has been tickling the back of his neck for a while now.

Yuuri rises up, having fixed the oven (which was actually truly not working), and Victor is standing behind him with a cup of tea.

Victor also knows how to make good tea, with just the right amount of sugar. It smells inviting, like an embrace, and as he takes a sip, the satisfying heat pops and crackles down his throat.

Yuuri thanks him, and Victor nods with a smile.

“I really have to thank you for all the help you’ve given me,” says Victor.

“Oh,” replies Yuuri, and as he looks up, Victor’s eyes are gazing straight into his own, lustrous and warm. “It was nothing.”

“It is something,” says Victor, and he opens his mouth again, a faint smile lining his lips and his cheeks dusted with a pink flush. “Are you busy tomorrow?”

“Got a laundry machine for me to fix?”

“I’ve got something else, if you’ll take it,” says Victor, biting his lip. “Dinner with me?”

“I’ll take it,” says Yuuri.

Christmas Break at Finn’s// Wyatt Oleff x Reader ~ Part 2

Jaeden was already awake when you sat up and stretched. Everyone else was still sleeping soundly. He was on his phone.

“Morning Jaeden,” You whispered
He looked up at you and smiled
“Morning Y/N.”
“Hey, since nobody else is up would you like a cup of tea? I bought my jelly and ice cream blend.”
“You have jelly and ice cream tea? Why does that even exist?”
“Trust me, you’ll love it.”

Being careful not to wake Finn you got up and slipped a hoodie on over your pyjamas. You and Jaeden went downstairs and you put the kettle on. Your tea was in the top cupboard where nobody else would touch it. You always left a box at Finn’s.
You handed Jaeden a cup and he took a sip. 

“Woah.” He grinned, “This is really nice.”
“I know right. You should feel privileged. I don’t let just anyone drink it.”
“Well thank you.”
“You’re welcome. I know, we should make breakfast for the others.”
“I know how to make pancakes and that’s about it.”
“I can do waffles.”
“Okay. Let’s start.”
Wyatt, Finn and Jack came downstairs still dressed in their pyjamas. You and Jaeden had almost finished making breakfast as well as a massive mess and were laughing at a story he was telling you about when they were filming IT.

“Smells good guys. You look like an old married couple though.” Finn plonked himself down at the breakfast bar and smirked. You gave him an eye roll and put the maple syrup on the table.
“While you three were in bed,” Jaeden said while putting a waffle on a plate, “Y/N and I came and made you breakfast because we’re nice like that. And she let me have a cup of her jelly and ice cream tea.”
“A cup of what?” Wyatt looked disgusted
“Shut up Wyatt,” Jaeden said, “It’s actually really nice.”

You dished up the rest of the pancakes and Jaeden the waffles and sat down to eat. Both of your mothers and your little sister came downstairs to eat too.
It seemed as though your sister was quite taken with Wyatt. She was sat on his lap as they ate breakfast and the sight honestly just melted your heart to the point where it hurt. She liked to call him Noodles. You know, because of his hair.

Finn’s mum and yours cleaned up because you cooked. You all decided to get dressed and go out for a snowball fight since there was so much snow. All of you wrapped up warm and ran out into the cold, winter air. Wyatt was holding the hand of your little sister as you went outside. Wyatt, Y/S/N, and Jack went on one team and you, Jaeden and Finn were on the other. Luckily, Finn’s garden was quite large so you had plenty of space to run and lots of places to hide. Your team ran for cover at the very end of the garden. You hid behind the shrubs and began to form a plan.

“Okay Y/N,” Jaeden whispered, “I think you should go after Wyatt because he won’t be expecting it. Finn and I will try and corner Jack. As for Y/S/N…”
“She’ll be with Wyatt.” You interrupted, “I can take them both on but one of you should stay close just in case.”
“Good point,” Jaeden replied

Finn was peeking around the corner of the bush looking for signs of the other team. They were very well hidden apparently. The three of you ran out into the open in the direction Finn was pointing. You collided into Wyatt who was trying to make a break for it with an armful of ready-made snowballs. You both fell over from the impact, Wyatt first and you second. The pair of you ended up in a rather suggestive position. You were practically laying on top of Wyatt. 

“Fuck, Wyatt, I’m so sorry-”
“It’s fine, Y/N,” He laughed, “It’s my fault really…”
“HEY LOOK AT THOSE TWO,” Jack shouted, “FONDLING IN THE SNOW! I BET WYATT IS SOOOOO-” Finn punched Jack pretty hard in the arm and said;
“There’s a child present!”

You looked down at Wyatt who was blushing more than you if that was even possible. Rather hesitantly you stood up, pulling Wyatt with you. After brushing the snow off your clothes you went over to the others.  Finn and Jaeden were smirking at each other.
“Have you all forgotten that we’re in the middle of a snowball war?” Jack wondered aloud. He threw one of his snowballs and it hit Finn squarely in the face. That’s when the war really started. Cold, wet snow was flying through the air. The sound of joyous laughter could be heard along with threats of obliteration. You were having the time of your life and it showed. And you couldn’t stop thinking about what happened with Wyatt. Every time the image of Wyatt’s smiling face came into your head your heartbeat increased rapidly. You were surprised that nobody could hear it.

When the snowball fight concluded you all went inside to warm up. Your little sister went out to lunch with your mum and Finn’s, so once again you were alone in the Wolfhard household. Currently, everyone was arguing over what to watch on Netflix.

You suddenly had a brilliant idea. “Why don’t we binge a season of American Horror Story.”
Wyatt, who was sitting next to you sharing a blanket flinched.
“YEAH!” Finn shouted, “Great idea.”
“Hold up,” Jack’s eyebrows were knitted together, “I swear that’s the really messed up show that Chosen was talking about on set.”
“Yeah, it is,” Jaeden took a sip of his tea, “I watched the first season and it was actually quite good.”
“American Horror Story it is then. I think we should watch Roanoke.” And with that, he pressed play.
“Y/N,” Wyatt whispered, “I’m just forewarning you, I don’t like stuff like this. Ironic, I know, but still.”
“It’s alright Wyatt,” You were talking so nobody else would hear, “I’m here if you need me.”

The notorious theme song of your favourite show filled the room and you settled in to watch. The fact that Wyatt was scared made you smile. Everything you did together unearthed something new about him and that made you very happy.  
About halfway through the second episode, Wyatt grabbed your hand. You tore your eyes away from the screen and looked down at the sight of your interlocked hands and then at Wyatt’s face. He was still watching the TV with wide eyes and a frown on his face. You could tell he was creeped out. Honestly, you found it cute. Like EVERY other thing he did. Wyatt Oleff literally invented being soft.

“How in the hell can you watch this? Especially alone?” Wyatt asked you
“I’m used to it. I’ve binged all of them about four times. It’s definitely one of my favourites, no matter how fucked up it is.”
“Finn and Jaeden are into it.” The both of you looked at the others who were currently screaming at the TV as if the characters could hear them. Finn’s favourite character had just died a rather gruesome death and he wasn’t very happy about it. Jaeden was sharing conspiracy theories about the Roanoke colony and Jack was sharing how he would have gotten out of the situation the characters were currently in. It was quite funny to watch. 

The five of you ended up falling asleep halfway through the season. When you woke up it was a lot later on in the day and the light had gone. You stood up carefully, trying not to wake Wyatt, and stretched. After doing so you ran upstairs to freshen up and change into different pyjamas. At this point, thinking about Wyatt was giving you palpitations. Your feelings for him had grown so much over the past couple of days it was crazy.

When you were changed you made your way down the stairs and back to the living room. The boys were all still sleeping which left you with nothing to do. The blanket had fallen off Wyatt so you went over to him and put it back so that he didn’t freeze. You made a mental note to yourself: Wyatt looks even more adorable when he’s sleeping than in real life. If that’s even possible. He stirred and twisted causing you to stop dead in your tracks. You didn’t want to deal with the repercussions of him waking up and seeing you standing over him having a heart attack because of his cuteness.

With that in mind, you went upstairs and took out your book intending to read a few chapters. After a few pages, you unintentionally fell asleep and dreams filled your mind. Dreams of cosy days in with Wyatt and dates to the movies. Even your unconscious self was going batshit crazy for him.
When you woke you were in bed. Finn was asleep next to you and the boys were sleeping too.  The time on your phone read 2:46 am. Finn must have put you into bed when he came upstairs. It was off-putting to take a nap and wake up hours later in a different place. Before falling back to sleep you slipped one of Finn’s hoodies on and popped downstairs to get some water.

It was then that you had an idea. Of course, you wouldn’t propose it until the morning but it excited you nonetheless. You thought that maybe you could all go into the city, see the Christmas lights, do some shopping and grab something to eat. As you lay back down to sleep you were thinking about your outfit and how great it would be to spend yet another day with Wyatt. You could honestly get used to it.

The winter air was bitter and unforgiving. You, Finn, W yatt, Jaeden and Jack had taken to the city pretty early in the morning and were currently strolling the bookstore: Indigo. You absolutely adored it but you could tell that the others weren’t really feeling it so you decided to be quick. You made a few purchases but tried not to go overboard as you had decided to by Jack, Jaeden and of course, Wyatt a gift since you would be spending Christmas with them. It made sense and you wanted to do it. You had purchased Finn’s gifts weeks ago and wrapped them not long after.

Once you had paid for your books you headed to a little diner for lunch. It was lovely to sit and chat and have some food. To be honest, you didn’t really want to leave.

“Hey Finn, is it okay if we head to Stanley Park so I can take some pictures. I bought my cameras and everything.”
“Sure. We can swing by on the way back and get hot chocolate.”
“Good idea.”
“You take pictures, Y/N?” Jaeden inquired
“Yeah,” You replied, “I love it. I’ve got an old Polaroid camera as well as a new one. Do you like photography?”
“Yeah but I’m not that great at it.”
You smiled.
“Okay then,” Finn announced, “Let’s get going.”
“But I haven’t finished my ice cream,” Jack pouted, “Can’t you just hold your horses for five minutes.”
“Fine Jack,” Finn rolled his eyes, “Just hurry up.”
Stanley Park in the winter was gorgeous. You had both of your cameras out and was taking plenty of photos of the ice-covered lake, the icicles hanging from the trees and just about everything else you laid your eyes on. You decided to take polaroids of all the boys when they weren’t looking and you honestly couldn’t wait to develop them. You were also showing Wyatt how to use your camera and he was really enjoying learning, mainly because you were teaching him. Not that he revealed that. 

Jaeden took his phone out and snapped a shot of you and Wyatt looked at each other laughing. It was a beautiful picture and he decided to upload it to all of his social medias. Before long people were already making fan edits of the pair of you, but you were having too much fun to notice.
At one point you started to shiver with the cold. Wyatt being the perfect gentleman he is, took off his scarf and carefully wrapped it around your neck. Your cheeks were flushed from the cold which you were thankful for because that meant he didn’t notice your blush. Jack was behind you making gagging noises.

“You know what Jack,” Wyatt whipped around and punched Jack hard in the shoulder, “That’s for being a massive dick.”
Jack stuck his middle finger up at Wyatt causing everyone to burst out laughing.

You had all decided to buy each other gifts in the end. You had gotten Wyatt a new scarf because he gave you his (and you intended to keep it) and also a little photo album to put copies of all the photos in of the pair of you that you were taking. You also got him some antique sheet music for his piano and a Fall Out Boy shirt for the concert next week. You realised that you may have gone a little overboard with Wyatt’s gifts. Of course, you got the others gifts too as they had done for you, but you were keeping everything a surprise. For Jaeden you bought the first edition of IT that you managed to find in an antique bookstore you popped into with Finn while the others were buying your presents. You also got him two boxes of your jelly and ice cream tea that he had taken a liking to as well as some stickers for his skateboard from Urban Outfitters because you wanted him to have a piece of you everywhere he went. You got Jack a new beanie with a little Pennywise patch on the front, a photo frame to put a picture of him and Finn you had snapped in (Fack is too cute) and a butt load of candy.

It was safe to say that your trip into the city was amazing and a day you would never, ever forget and that’s what you thought of the whole way home. You all got the train and were sitting together laughing at a picture you had got of Jack messing about in the diner. The adults on the train were looking at you as if you shouldn’t be there but you ignored them. Although, you were pretty sure they were only staring because they recognised the boys from the movies.

“Guys,” You said tentatively, “Fall Out Boy is playing out here next week. I think we should go.”
“Seriously?” Wyatt grinned, “I love Fall Out Boy. We are definitely going. I don’t even care what the others say.”
“Really?” You only asked because you weren’t expecting a very good reaction
“Yeah I’d love to go,” Jaeden said, “Although Finn would rather see Mac Demarco.”
“Well, Finn will have to get over it.” You laughed
“Hey!” Finn protested, “I’ll have you know, I actually quite like Fall Out Boy, mainly because whenever Y/N is at my house she’s playing their music. And Pete Wentz is brilliant on guitar.”

You didn’t have a clue how but you were even happier than you were before. You didn’t even know where the idea for the concert came from but you didn’t regret asking them. Admittedly, you didn’t expect them to want to go, but they did. And you couldn’t wait for next week.

Part three coming soon! This was so bad but I’m supposed to be studying for a chem test I have tomorrow… Oh well. Enjoy!

Part One: https://riverdaletrash–slytherin.tumblr.com/post/165945444677/christmas-break-at-finns-wyatt-oleff-x-reader
Forgotten Moments

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes X Reader

Requested: Yes

Anon: I have a request for Sherlock x Reader if you feel up for it. Maybe like one day Sherlock does an experiment on one of the readers favorite things they own and so the reader gets angry and Sherlock has to make it up to her? I would love it if you wrote this but I understand if you don’t.

A/N: Here it is! Thank you all so much for supporting my first Sherlock fic, I hope this one meets your expectations! I’m sorry if it is not very good… Thank you so much for the request sweet anon! Enjoy!


You open the door to the flat, expecting to see a typing Watson with an observing Holmes looking over his shoulder, but instead, you were greeted by a bloody living room and a pacing Sherlock, drenched head to toe in the red substance.
You spot John in a somewhat clean corner, looking extremely fed up.

“Sherlock!” you say loudly, trying to grab the attention of your boyfriend. “What is going on here? It looks like a crime scene!”

“Experiment.” he simply replies as if it were obvious, tending back to the severed head that was sitting on the floor. The head that you hadn’t noticed before. The head that was sitting right beside a disheveled looking body. It looked freshly dead. How you knew, you weren’t exactly sure, you just picked up a few things after spending enough time around Sherlock.

Your eyes widened and you glanced at John, locking eyes with him. Silent words were exchanged and you both sighed at the same time. This was quite normal behaviour for Sherlock.

“Where did you-” John starts before Sherlock cuts him off.

“Molly let me take it. I call him John.”

It was John’s turn to look at you in shock as his eyes widened.

“Doe.” Sherlock then says, releasing John from his state of terror.

“Ah, alrighty then… you don’t even know who this person is.” John mutters the last part under his breath. “Well, couldn’t you have had the decency to leave it at the morgue?!”

“Relax John, at least he hasn’t blown up the flat again,” you say, maneuvering yourself so that you avoided the blood covering the floor while searching for a mop. You sigh again as you examine the flat drenched in blood. “Though Sherlock, maybe you should consider laying down a towel or a few sheets over the floor and furniture the next time you decide to do a messy experiment-”

You stop in your tracks when you spy something out of the corner of your eye. Your heart sinks when you realize that your favourite jumper underneath the head, soaking up the excess blood.

“Sherlock!” you shout, startling both Sherlock and John. “You used my jumper as a freaking towel?”

“I’m sorry?” Sherlock answers with a look of confusion and your heart breaks a little at the sound of his voice. He really didn’t know what he had wrecked.

“And it’s ripped!”

“I needed to cover more surface area, besides, it’s just a jumper (Y/N), you have plenty. Heck, you could wear one of John’s and people wouldn’t even question whether or not it was yours.”

John nods, before realizing that he had just been insulted and his face contorted into a frown.

“Hey! I am proud of my taste in jumpers!” he exclaims. “But even I am a little confused. What’s so special about this particular jumper?”

You sigh. It was true that you might’ve been overreacting but you held that jumper close to your heart because…

“It was the first gift Sherlock had ever given me,” you whisper, eyeing the stained jumper sadly. “Sure, at that time it was simply an act of kindness, not love. A Christmas gift. But I wanted to keep it as a memory, sort of like a memento that would mark the baby steps of our relationship.”

Sherlock blinks and cocks his head to the side as if he was trying to remember. You look at him sadly when his infamous face of realization remains absent.

“Hmm. I can’t seem to remember ever giving you that jumper. Hell, I don’t even remember buying it.” he says and your sadness turns into anger, your face turning a light shade of red.

“How could you not remember?” you yell, close to tears. “Maybe it is stupid that that jumper meant so much to me, but again, maybe you’re just too inhumane to understand.”

Sherlock looks taken aback but he doesn’t admit that he’s sorry.

“Look, (Y/N), I’ve told you this before. Only useful things go into my mind. You fill your head up with rubbish like memories and feelings, while I delete them because they are not important. That’s the difference between me and everyone else.”

You look at the man in front of you and sigh. You thought that you would then be the one who could fix him. That you were the one that would save him from the monster within. It was a long shot back then, but now, you weren’t sure if there was even anything left to save.

“I’m not sure if you remember, but this isn’t the first time you’ve done something like this,” you say, turning your back to him, your hair flying like a whip. You head towards your room, regardless of blood in your way. At this point, you simply didn’t care.

“If it involved anything to do with feelings then I probably don’t.” he answers and your tears finally start to fall.

“I expect the flat to be free of blood or dead corpses the next time I walk out of this door,” you say before entering your room. “And Sherlock? You’ve just proved my point; you said ‘delete’, as if you are some soulless machine. Is that all you are? Am I dating a robot? Many people have warned me and I refused to believe them but now? Now, I’m starting to think that’s true.”

You slam the door as Mrs. Hudson walks in.

“Hoohoo - oh my. What’s going on here?”


“You just refuse to lose, don’t you?” John groans as he mops the floor. He glares at Sherlock who was sprawled on his chair, his long limbs dangling almost lifelessly, not bothering to help clean up. “Sherlock!”

“She’s just overreacting!” he finally exclaimed. “She can’t expect me to keep track of every single-”

“And she doesn’t expect you to keep track of everything,” Mrs. Hudson interrupts from behind. Sherlock glares at her for interrupting him but he doesn’t say anything. “She’s not angry at you for destroying her sweater, well she is but she’s more hurt from the fact that you don’t care. She knows that you lack some compassion and therefore she is forgiving and willing to let some things go, but you also have to give in to complete your side of the deal, it’s about balance.”

“I’m sorry, but what do you know about relationships? Your last one ended badly and I ensured his execution!”

Mrs. Hudson looked a little hurt by Sherlock’s outburst but she didn’t say a thing for she assumed that this was probably one of the only relationships he had ever had and was still getting used to everything.

“Well, at least Mrs. Hudson doesn’t go around burning gifts like deer stalkers and violins. A freaking violin, Sherlock! She gave you a violin and you loved it, then you just turn around and set it to flames?” John exclaims, letting his mop drop to the floor.

“I forgot she gave them to me, besides, they were experiments.”

“And that one time you put a stray eyeball in her cup of tea. She freaked and dropped her favourite cup!” Mrs. Hudson adds in.

Sherlock scoffs, “That was on her, she broke it.”

John shakes his head and points his finger at Sherlock, making sure he looked him in the eye. “As Mrs. Hudson said, she’s more hurt because you do not bother to remember or empathize or even admit you’re sorry. From now on, the least you could try to do is remember. Moments, and feelings. In the end that’s all we have left in life Sherlock. And she knows that. I know you love her, so go and prove it to her. Show her that you do remember, care and cherish moments-”

“But I don’t-”

“Yes, you do. Somewhere in that thick head of yours are forgotten moments that you’ve decided to lock up. I know you haven’t deleted them, Sherlock. Now let her know too.”

And that’s when Sherlock realized that John was right.

“Possibly for the first time in his life,” Sherlock mutters under his breath.




“Go away.” you mutter from the floor as Sherlock closes the door gently behind him, trapping you inside your room. Great, he was the last person you wanted to spend time with right now.

He walks over and kneels down in front of you. Your try to avoid eye contact but he lifts your head with his hands, forcing you to look at him.

“I don’t want an object to define our relationship. Because objects break, and that is not something I want to see happen to us. I don’t need objects and past moments reminding us of our love because I don’t need to remember that our love is real. Because I know.” he takes a deep breath before continue, his words flowing quickly.

“I may have trouble remembering moments I find silly or unimportant, however it is clear that you don’t think of them the same way I do. And I am willing to do my best to make you happy, even it means remembering every gift given, every moment spent together and giving up an experiment that could’ve been a scientific breakthrough.”

A single tear falls down his cheek and he pressed his forehead to yours.

“I’m a breaker, (Y/N). I wreck almost everything I touch. Every object, every life, but the one thing I will do my damn hardest not to break is your heart.”

Don’t Dream, It’s Over

“Do it again.” Jay says rigidly before rubbing his temples.

Loco nods and repeats the verse he had been spitting for the past seven takes. The beat gets cut again and the rapper looks out the booth window biting his lip in anticipation.

“Still a bit off. One more time.” Jay says again sighing.

The engineer was about to press play for the beat to start when Chacha stopped his hand and pressed the intercom instead.

“Take five, ‘Co.” he tells his younger friend.

Hyukwoo sighs in relief and exits the booth. Chase whispers something to him to which he nods and exits the studio.

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kanekkis  asked:

Otayuri #23 please!

23. things you said [through the bedroom door]

i wanted to tackle otabek’s retirement this time.

“Beka, please.”

Yuri knocks on the door for the third time in ten minutes and pleads, “Please let me in.”

He can hear the soft shifting of bed sheets and the wet gasping of quiet sniffles. Otabek never did like for Yuri to see him crying.

“Beka, baby, I can’t help you if I’m out here. I can’t do anything if I’m out here.”

“Just leave me alone, Yura,” Otabek croaks, “There’s nothing you can do.”

Yuri knows that he’s both correct and incorrect. He can’t fix it – nobody can – but he can be there. He can stay by Otabek’s side and do whatever it takes to see him smile again. Otabek hiccups, but it sounds muffled. He must be wrapped up in the blankets.

Yuri sighs, “Alright, here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna go make us a cup of tea. Then I’m coming back and you’re drinking it with me. Then we’re gonna talk about what you want to do from here. I’m going to let you be sad, but that’s not all you get to be.”

Otabek sighs, which Yuri takes to be as good of a yes as he thinks he’s going to get, so he heads into the kitchen to put on the kettle. While the teabags steep, he thinks of the best way to put his thoughts into words. The x-rays of Otabek’s knee were heartbreaking. They both knew what they would see before the doctor even showed them, but having to face the cold reality of the end of an era was so much more difficult when you couldn’t pretend it wasn’t real anymore.

He grabs the teacups and moves back toward the bedroom, considering the best way to approach this. Bracing himself, he knocks one more time. Yuri loves Otabek, he really does, but he’s getting pretty tired of looking at this door.

“Alright, you don’t have to let me in, but you do have to let this cup of tea in. I made it just how you like. Lemon and honey and everything.”

Otabek doesn’t say anything, but Yuri can hear him trudge across the room and slide down the wall next to the entry. Yuri waits patiently and after a few minutes, the door cracks open and a tan hand just barely slides out. Yuri smiles and presses the cup into the fingers splayed before him before watching the door snap shut in his face.

“So,” he starts.

“So,” Otabek chokes out.

“This sucks, huh?”

“Yeah. It fucking sucks.”

“OTABEK ALTIN,” Yuri clutches his chest for dramatic effect. He knows Otabek can’t see him, but he also knows that Otabek will know exactly what he’s doing. “SUCH LANGUAGE! YOU KISS YOUR MOTHER WITH THAT MOUTH.”

Otabek snorts, “I do worse than that with this mouth, Yura.”

Yuri throws himself against the door, “BEKA. MY SENSITIVE DISPOSITION!”

Otabek chuckles. Good, now he’s getting somewhere.

“Look,” Yuri starts, “I know this is hard. And I know it’s sooner than you wanted it to be. But I’m here. You have me, and you have your family and friends. You have your music. You have your education. You have the stuff to get through this. We just have to get you through it.”

A few more silent minutes slip by while Yuri taps his fingers against his knee to keep himself focused and calm. Eventually, he hears the soft click of the lock and the light creaking of the hinges swinging open. Otabek pushes his hand out once more and Yuri grabs on tight, lacing their fingers. Squeezing lightly, he tries again, “Do you know how much I admire you? I always have. I remember when we first became friends thinking that there was no one else on earth that had the strength you did. I thought there was nothing you couldn’t do with just your grit alone. But you don’t have to do that, ya know? Maybe this time let me be that for you? It’s what I’m here for. So please, please let me in?”

His hand is getting clammy now, but he resolves to let it happen for as long as necessary.

The door swings open and Otabek drags him inside.

send me a ship and a number, and i’ll write a mini fic!

Always Right Here

Highly requested! Part 3 in A Modern Love Story. Part 1, Millennial Love and Part 2, A Week in Montreal.  

Summary: After Tom’s unexpected (but appreciated) kiss, you and him have to figure out what the next best thing to do is. 

“Excuse me? Ma’am?… Ma’am?” the flight attendant said, taking you out of your daze. “Please put on your seat belt. We’re about to take off.” 

“R-right. I’m sorry,” you stuttered, as your seat belt clicked. Your eyes unfocused, the plane ambiance diminished, you placed your fingers on your lips.. Tom Holland just kissed me. Me. Tom Holland. Kiss. You sighed, placing your head back on the head rest. 

“Wow,” you whispered, still in shock.  

“Sorry?” the person next to you asked. 

“Oh, sorry. Just thinking out loud,” you chuckled nervously. 

Throughout the flight, all you could think about was Tom’s soft lips against yours. The urgency. The passion behind it. The longing for more. There was no denying that, as a fan, you had fantasized about Tom being your boyfriend. But, could he really want that? Like… it could have just been in the moment. Maybe he was just being.. friendly? You drove yourself deeper into denial, talking yourself out of the possibility that Tom might want to be with you, as not to get your hopes up. 

Once you got off the plane and put your phone off Airplane Mode, a missed call and voicemail came in from Tom. 

“Oh gosh,” you muttered, pressing play and putting the phone up to your ear. 

“Hi Y/N… So… well I hope you landed safely, first off.. Second off.. I’m sorry,” he started. “That was awful timing. I’m sorry. But, I really, really like you and seeing you leave… I was afraid that I wouldn’t see you in a while. I was thinking about how important you are to me, and how you’re always right there for me. Something came over me…” he momentarily paused, as Harrison shouted in the background: “HEY Y/N! I’M HERE, TOO! THIS IS ALL A LITTLE STRANGE NOW THAT I’LL BE THIRD WHEELING!” 

“Shut up, Haz,” Tom scolded. “So.. yes. I’m sorry again, and I hope you can ring me when you have time. We should talk… Okay.. Thank you, talk to you later, love you— Fuck.” The voicemail abruptly ended. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey could you recommend your some langst fics that Aren't klance


Please read the tags before reading them! 

Boom Crash Series By maychorian

- Lance and Shiro are stranded on a planet, the Galra are attacking and Lance is injured/sick 

-It has BROTP Shance but the langst is soooooooo good, I cried while reading the first part. 

Deep End By Nymphcos

- Lance wants attention but he can’t seem to get it (The Summary Is Better)

- I don’t remember much about this one but it was in my “Keep Reading” folder so it has to be good haha (I think?) 

Honestly By only_mj

- Lance is depressed and doesn’t handle it well 

- Alright this fic is very dark but I read it because I relate to it more than I should. Please read the tags before you read it, it might not be your cup of tea, I just found it when I was in a dark spot and it kinda helped me 

It Wouldn’t Matter By  reptillian_paladin

- Lance doesn’t think that the team will miss him, so why should he bother with a note?

- I enjoyed this one very much (from what I remember), the langst is strong 

The Paladin or the Wheel? By nonna

- Lance doesn’t feel like part of the team, so he tried to make himself needed 

- I LOVE this fic soooooo much, the langst is so strong and he does so much <3 

This is all I really have…for now. I haven’t read anything new in awhile, since I have no time. I hope these will be sufficient! 

Also! If you are an author of one of these fics and you want it taking down or your tumblr tagged please message me! 

by your side

Originally posted by ohitsjustcorina

a/n: this song is beautiful.

pairing: yuto x reader (gender neutral)

rating: angst & fluff

word count: 1,460

  Everyone had their share of bad days. Yuto knew that but he wished that somehow, no one would have to go through that, himself included. That past couple of weeks made Yuto think he was treading a raging sea.

  He felt heavy. He felt as if he was being weighed down by some imaginary weight. His muscles also ached but that was no surprise since tension resided within him. What frustrated Yuto the most was that he couldn’t figure out the reason for his gloomy state.

 Yuto racked his brain for a reason but nothing came up. Maybe it was stress. There was a lot going on at that time and he often caught himself falling behind.

  Yeah, that was it. Except, it wasn’t.

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Field Trip pt. 2-(Derek Hale)

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Characters: Peter Hale, Erica Reyes, Isaac Lahey(mentioned), Derek Hale and (Y/N)

Pairing: Teacher!Derek Hale x Reader

Warnings: swearing, some light smut, and the whole illegal relationship thing

Word count: 3876

Summary: Can (Y/N) and her history teacher Derek Hale keep their relationship on the down-low?

A/N: Here’s the requested second part, if anyone enjoys this then I will be posting a third part :)

Part 1

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Derek Morgan - Figlia

Originally posted by emmazach

Originally posted by koichiidesu

Derek meets a mysterious woman he feels a connection with, but when he sees her again he is surprised that she’s the daughter of someone he works with. Will he able to get to know her better or will her father and work get in the way?

Requested by: @pollaluci

Pairing/s: Derek x Fem!Reader, David x Daughter!Reader

Characters: Fem!Reader, Derek Morgan, David Rossi, Aaron Hotchner, Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, Spencer Reid, Penelope Garcia, Emily Prentiss

Warning: A couple of swear words and mentions of alcohol.

A/N: The title translates to Daughter. Italian is translated (thank you @pollaluci)

A/N/N: Thank you to @mo320 for being my beta!

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